Newspaper of The Washington Standard, 15 Aralık 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated 15 Aralık 1866 Page 2
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■C— - P mi •* ■ • » MmC «. i* ! "• * » ft»e %. *i - , • , I I • i fcr c :. _ ■ |i»., «Tuc wl J. ■ » Met 4" —.«*•:• r •t i iil t« .1 ■«" 1 •■ - rit r. sad * r t t »f ' l I ' 1 •'••• j.f- >4 tr .t- . u »|»|»r • » • •■■ Ol K *1 »>!*»• IVI l.l< AN At I \II « 1h ■ llxt,',. iu U> b' •II VIIU< li "I U a'ti-aiti! l>\ c> rt i n >!• >i»i !;-A • ; in .»i • f J vcntiir* rt to in u>* n» t Ir • • imn ot ti.€• I i it* (1 >? »tt'> to *i !• country. He pot. ste! wr.ins? the pr - ject as one u hicii, it cntisnmmaUd, w >'.t!d reduce them to bonil'ip. l nioic <p; rcss.w than that trom which tlicy had just 11 en released. Assurances have b.'cn rccc.ved fr. m tin l government o! the .State in which tlie plau was matured that the procce lings will not meet with its encouragement or approval. It is a question worthy ot your considi ration whether our laws upon this subject are adequate to the previ nti.m or puni.huunt of the crime thus meditated. MEXICO. lii the month of April, as Congress is aware, a • fiiendlj arrangement was mad# between the Emperor of France and the President of tin; United States, for the withdrawal (roin Mexico <>f the Krench ex peditionary military forces. The with drawal was to be efl" cted ill three detach ments. The first it was understood would leave Mexico in November, the second in March, and the third and la-t in Novem ber 1807. Immediately upon the comple tion of the evaeuntion, the French Govern ment wns> to assume the same attitude of in regard t>» Mexico as is lrcld by the Government of tho United States. Repeated assurances have been given by the Empctor since that agree ment, that he would complete the promised evacuation within the period mentioned, or sooner. It was rcasouably expected that the procee. iugs thus contemp'atcd would produce a c i.-is of great political interest in the Republic of Mexico. The newly appointed Minister of tho United States, Mr. Campbell, was therefore sent forward on the 9th day of November last to resume his proper functions as Minister I'lenipo tentiary of the United States to that Re public. It was also lhought expedient that(he should be attended iu the city of Mexico by the Lt. General of the Army efthe United States* with a view of ob taining such information as might be im portant to determine the course to be pur sued by the United States, in re-estab lishing and maintaining necessary and proper intercourse with the Itepubli. e of Mexico. Deeply in teie-ted in the cause of liberty and humanity, it seemed nn ob vious duty on our part to exercise what ever influence we possessed fur the restor ation and permanent establishment in that country of a democratic and republican form of government, Such was the to id", tion of affairs iu regard to Mexico, when on the 2'2d of November official informa tion was received from l'aris that the Kni p»ror of France had some time before de rided not to withdraw a detachment of his forces in November according to his promise, but that thU drri»i<m was made with tbe |mrp"*e of withdraw ing th? whole of the f>rc«« in th- en*uin? *prin~. <if this detrrmiaatiaa. br.wn .-r.tb" I nit>-d SiatcH had do* rfffiT>j »»} t-rtie- or intima'ijii, and »* woum M' br • -nr. ••ion »»> rrrr vrd Vr tie o"Trr;wnf. cat* *s< tikti !•> Mil' k» «*•«»> r-S t". •*:' } np»r * *4 Fr*r-. 1 nm» Uf> ti' f-w r-»at ri ■!' »•¥ I*4 at-r* mb t ■ ifc-t m «• *•■ x~~' ft t|»» •VatWf <M f 1 ? m:, m. ■ wviipMii w I rt --ri'r *r *w «#*» » < »•»-- T 1 - : ? ■ i.f,» %» *W «* Smm ■— f{ it V « *OB if » * 4 • . - m I*-m A m %* "+r *•— t t*■~ •* —* 4M» « • ■MO T4T M 4Mf *Moflba«w ♦ - -M*. «M> «P • f * ONfeMMMM* ftap JpM&witft***!* * 4 « !v 4MNM» -.—in": IP Hi ntt -4Mw MM ,*. stP»" <p- ♦ «» «» f «p> fe * Ik * • w ■■ t f « «4 tLf I v t » t* • • til I .;»* ft -■ • ► \ t . * » t " -I«. • ia t•. t . !,♦ .. • «!!»( M Li P* .4 : t» i-t t.L , jn: a in* c \ > *4*4 li 4 « . :* v «.|f i i : k al iu ' »*»r; «•<«!•» 1 r tb«* f] r. . ; i.I *, iaw* 1 ' " j- i.' *il 1 ii'. j .ut it It * il«t 0. -n w. It .u' it» I jr -I'l I It-. ; it'l*. i v S■ ; i . I O.if c;'!/ I « v timii i' was a... g,-d w. ;e i nsr £ «l i t t ,\i-.!itin:i. w.-rc captured and l ave b'til In o !. tto lr .tl tor a i api ti! t llf.rc in tit*' pr<i\iuce ot' Canada. Judgment and sentence ot death have b en pronounced against some, while others have been nc quitvd. l'ully believing in the maxim of government tint severity of civil punish ment tor misguided persons who have disastrously tailed is unsound and unwise, such representations have been made to th ' British Oovernment in bel.alt of the convicted peisons, as being sustained by an enlightened' and humane judgment, will it is hoped, induce iu their cas san exer cise of clemency and a judicious amnesty to nil who were engaged in tl e movement. Counsel have been employed by the j:ov eminent to defeud the citizens of the l.'ni ed .States, on tii.-.l lor capital offences in Canada, and a discontinucnce of the pros ecutions' which were established in the couits of the United States against those took part in the expedition, as not only political in its nature, but foreign from the United Slates in its causes and object.*. Ti.o attempt was understood to be made i:i sympathy with nn insurgent parly iu Ireland, and by s tilting nt a lSritish province on this continent, it was designed to aid in obtaining redress for pol i ical grievances which it was assumed the people of Ireland had sufl'ere I at the hands of the British Government during a pi ri d of several countries. The persons engag ed in it were chiefly natives of that coun - try. Some of thein had, while others had not, become citizens of the United States under our general laws of naturalization. Complaints of misgovcrnmeut in Ireland cntinualy engage the aiteiitiou of the British nation, and so great an agitation is now prevailing iu Ireland that the British Government has deemed it neeesssary to suspend the writ of habeas corpus in that countr}. Tiles.' circumstances must nec essarily modify the opinions which might otherwise have been entertained in regard to an bxpedi ion expressly prohibited by our neutrality laws. So long as these laws r.'inaiu upon our statute books they should he faithfully executed. If they op erate harshly, unjn.-tly, or oppressively, Congress alone can apply the remedy by their modification or repeal. The political and commercial interests of the United Sla'.cs are not unlikely to be afl'ected in some degree by events which are transpiring in the Eastern re gions of Europe, and the time seems to have come upon out Government when it I ought to have a proper diplomatic repre sentative in Greece. This (ioveriinieut has claimed for all persons not convicted, or r>ccu«t-d, or fua peit- d til' dime, an absolute political of kelt-? < jutrmtiou, or a choice <>f a new national aiit uimcf. M >«! of the Kur p> an State* Lar< Iji tin* print ipk, anil pomcr». ami thru ifiioa cMwq'irat upon tbr failure to ►. tL»- 'ju itn u .nrr wril uur.i.; |L> «« .a Kvmu.lulj and .■« f**i. UiulrtiMt brr ».«• 4. if T COt U y»* j »'« * •-*» it >' «* - lluo ur» hr--B mm! it'll "in l ft !"»■;■» i» i# •O'OiX - fc-Tater» . tea* In r ftw « ?*r 1 m 4k ( *"" f * •*► • p»" <■ i • ♦«" " <* !-» ft&- • .■** m- fc UV«# • *.«*»- jbm> It « mi mmmm mm s/ » «to -..-4|g| flM*-. -i.. .SW-%. t» tr ip *W **«* m* ' -<*wrt '' • •£ :r -4fc r g» «» - •* Wttt £ %« ta* '■MMi' " V * fikaP- 9 W -I ft # * •* mv -«• -oi» «r m«* -* <# i <m*» **fc. •* *»• 4NMI MflMi - ffTSS »" • * **» «Nt «r -* *« IT -**•»«* #«■»- m *u* --vatffeM* •■••' m*r *> *■»- m*- Qtm ilMfeM** l *? -** "%■ '*w. . wm ■* m p»'"y' * *^7: M. • % «*rt *—% % * • •» W om'* I * J * • *• VLa4mt*~m > k % « •■» l * *«*- * WrUI fc- »* *»W-4. v ik r%*«* » f # 1 ijw*. 4 I Ik »»»** « «U«il» a * %»•»%•▼»' r«mmi. « »' T « f * ■>* ■<*■ < , J I. | lit >!«♦ » * * % V.. .• ■ * *•>— "** **+.. II * % J *» v < ••» •/> . v ir«>\ J *• . V m fi» r I Ikro-jsh tie Mil* lit »t.r r.-k s\ i I Kl>\\ MuKMV;. l»!j . I.i. lN4i. "•=f^= The President • Message. » Our spnce will not pirmitn rc\iewof this important Statu paper in tc-da\'s is sue. liver believing Andrew Johnson lo he the buhl, consistent friend ot the Union and tlu' Const it IT inn lie is, it is the Message wo expected to read. Theargn guaients eiied in favor of his policy of res ti raiion, arc copious and conclusive, and an> unanswerable even by the specious sophistry of fanaticism. Its mild, digni fied, statesman-like, but firm language", is in striking contrast with that of the fren zied enemies of the nation, who have al ready inaugurated in Congress, each nod every measure they conceive will place them iu full control of the reins of power. Already have movements been made to add to the legitimate powers of Congress, those likewise of the Executive, to take them away by gross usurpation from the man they lot he for standing between them and snpreine power. The final result no man can predict. Indeed we have fullcn upon evil times. Flushed wl'li the effects of u victory won by a misrepresentation of the real issues involved, we will not be surprised if the nation should again lie plunged into the vortex of ruin. Let ev ery thinking man give the Message a care ful perusal, and aid as far may be in sell ing the tempest of popular discord. A VALUABLE BOOK. —Wc aro indebted to Messrs. H. 11. Bancroft & Co., of Sail Francisco, for a copy of •' The Government ami; Laws of the United Slates,' by \\ m. B. Wedge wood, LL.D. It is a valuab'e acquisition to the gcnsrallibraty, being a comprehensive view of the rise, progress and present organization of the State and national Governments. It treats of the the ory of law in detail, is written in plain language for the general reader and is thcrcforo of interest to everybody. .The volume comprises 477, royal octavo pages, in durable leather binding. Send orders as above. * APOLOGETIC.—We aro compelled to yield much of our spice this wock to the most important Message it has ever de volved upon the Chief Executive of the na tion to issue. It is the voice of reason, amidst the factious breakers of discord. The space it occupies in our columns is well best owed. We have been compelled to coniitAM our Legislative rvportw, deter Friday's p-oceriugs, iDtOU«fi)ttrDCt, ot (M'.r JTT-«t Nilt Wrfk «r *T«il ruLtiut Otioii txui to ;ku »,» ciaht * S*«H>«TOw* v» TMt ClIBtlH M JH tt» < «ft M .«# irv H' »■ ♦ taak tar «W mA-• «W t«a< »Wi fciKl xa» (_«*■. 11-<«* a rnmnmv*. •» •»mML »■«- t T—■ ~ - • * »MM *

Mb <M». ih>mii in.. »«*••» •«(•< »« •»* • „ „ .. <■■ -■* msh fnv*> **► ■ - *• 4lh»- ■VMMHNV* BP" Utt* Wt- * -**»-«• ■II Ml ■ * • - • Mi"-• *» fpflb «a MM KM*: %hjw •• mwmM -i«4k at V ***** +» m % «■«* M> 'mmm mm •** m w «».>» «tt < 4 4»**. li it- «—fc*. %. „_£• «■» Hwr Xn» w «k «f '**» •*#« • • *«* mj» hry«»m Mwi • n <4 !«*»*. j**mt r t '•• vC uf- • 'W !| J!. N }. r >»*.«r »•« k.t t 4 l-UI L-njt 1 < •« '»^f» r «.t-*-r. d la. "»'U . tt iL I l. •• .i« id tkr lu4 * '"g 1.1. : •|(No I. itii'bdii r} ■ (act frl»Jii»lt to tui * on toiupi j ulyiKlit*. (' li N»> J. r.-pula iiitf ihr of Icatl. copjier ;.iiil <'thi 4 i niiniuft c aims. CliNo 3, amending act un op .rating city ot Walln \V«lla. Hill read s. concl and tliird litni». under a suspension "I I lie rule*, and |Wii'(i. C 1$ Nu 4. lo provide tor the acknowl* edgenii-nt ami i-xecution of di ed* out of iliis Territory. Mr Noyes, an act lo repeal an act to re peal an act relating to elcilions, approved Jan. US, 18f>6. Several bills were referred lo appropri ate committees, when, Ou motion, adjourn, d. TUESDAY, Dec. 11, 1800 Council met iu din; form. Preient—Messrs. Farnsw orih, Fer guson, Ilines Mitchell, Noyes and Shaip stein. Mr. Mitchell introduced CH No 7, an act to ainei dan act entitled an act to cs trhlish a common school system for W. T. Head twice, and refcred lo committee on Education. (>n motion, Council proceeded to the Hall of Kepreieiitative to meet the House in j 'ilit Convention, to receive the Gov ernor's mcssgi'. Upon On motion of Mr. Hines, /iOO, copies of ihc Governor's Mes sage were ordered piintcd. Air. Noyes introduced C 11 No 2, rela tion to election law. Mr. Noyes introduced C B No 8, an act to amend an act entitled, An net fir the better observance of of Sunday. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr. Ferguson introduced C 1$ No 9, an act to amend an net to regulate marriages, Hill read twice aed referred to Judiciary Committee. On motion, adjourned. WEDNESDAY, Dec. 12, 1806. Council met pursuant to adjournment. , Present —Messrs. Farnsworth, Fergu son, llines, Lnngford, Mitchell, Noyes and Sharpsiein. Prayer by the Chaplain. On motion of Mr. llines, Serjeant-at- Arms was instructed to procure a map of Washington Territory for the ust of the Council. C.B. No. 6, an art fixing the time of meeting of the Legislative A»»enil)ly, read third time and p.iss. d. [l"'xes time of holding biennial sessions on first Monday in September.] Mr. Mitchell introduced C B. No. 10, an net to vacate certain alleys in Swan town. Head twice and referred to Judi ciary committee. [Proposes to vacaie the streets anil alleys running N. and S. through Blocks 36, 41, 54, 37, 40, 5.0, 9 and 17.| On motion of Mr. llines, rules were suspended, and C. B. No. 1, an act to •m>-nd un act mtiiied. "An act relating to suits on foreign judgments." approved Jan IS I*6*. read ti.ird tune and raM-il. Mr Mi ch-H pfsmtfl C. J. R X«. J, trtolire T* (tor dr«tk «* Hu% >MIUC\ » J V« A*<f r4 a«d KISI as Mr llws. ss s fw«W !.« -• M Hif d f tk> l««ysr»i (Mkcd siyi'il. Ti'v»«i fkt II l"» 4 r ■ Mt 1 * A* W« C t \ 4 •» p— ■ W arte-* - •* mi . 4HMMNMHMMM- 4NnpM» 'MMHflMli Jtmt|fcj---«P it i n it, flhm» fc» *■« i< » '• —n I y»< a I apii-- ** Turr {fcriaWr** ••BMP* flfc«M*4Kt *** • * ■• H»*#« t m. %—i >wm —« i-ff ft«we» ■> H»« II I'f; H— || ftTll &«•*.. •Wt *4l I*— - f> . (Uk/. P*A. Tt» p* *•* nxj, p Hi •r» *»>4 Tlairin fS*4r Mil Or 4 K«!i. Hr***-. CTj *rr, Hans * •»: I ■ mrtrr t B«*«o»rvx. Hfllf. !l»n <vk tad T ®jlc KnrtJi d IWU—H»»cork, R.t«. S® !h. K. ll»-T. and Vwnf. Kngro-aed Kill*—McGilvra. Morgan, Siinnv>n*. onnj;. and l.onyroire. Education —Kelly, Polio.k. Clym*r, Claike at d Robinson. Agriculture—Pollock, Ruth. O'Bivant, Clarke, J-nd llobin-on. Counties—Hancock, Young, Temple, Ruth, and Kelly. Elections—Rec», Morgan, Young. Pol lock' and llrazec. Military Affairs —Van Bokkclcn, Mc- Gilvra, Eldridge, Kuapp, and Simmons. Mines and Mining Interests—Longmire, Pollock, ()'Bryant, Clymer and Harmon. Mr. Van Bokkclen i itrodue d H. B. No. —, an act to amend an net entitled "an act to license and restrain dance house* in Kiti>np, Jefferson and King counties." Read second time and referred to Judiciary committee. (Extends provis ions ol said act to Stevens county.) Also iin act to repeal an act to protect fret? white labor ngahist Chinese Coolie labor Referred. Mr. Smith introduced 11. J. 11. No. 3, ap| ortioning case oftcrr torial arms to SuohomMi county. C. J. R. No. 1, relative to joint conven tion Tue.-day noon to rectivc Governor's message was adopted. On motion, House adjourned. TUESDAY, Dec. 11, 1806. House met and opened in due form. Absent —Messrs. Httrstow, ('lark, Kld ridpe, Ford, Huntington, Jesse, .Jacobs. Mcliilvra, Pollock, Pago and Van Bok kclrn. Mr. Morgan in'roduccd 11. M. No. 4, nsking for appropriation to build Custom House nt Port Toxvnsend. Mr R' II. M. No. 1, relative to n dry dock on Pnget Sound. Mr. Rets, H. M. No. 2, relative to the Mnllan road. Mr. Harmon presented a petition of cit izens of Islmid county relative to road from Skagit Ili'ud to Deception l'nss. Mr. Rees introduced H. R. No. 4, an act to authorize J. D. Schncbly to con struct a bridge arross Spokane river. Mr. Vanßokkelcn. H. M. No. 3, relating to public ro ids in Stevens county. Mr. Rccs, H B No 5, to fill vacancies in county offices. Mr. Robinson, H J RNo 4, relative to fort ificat ions on Puget Sound. Also a resolution calling upon the com mittee on Klections to enquire into thrf expediency of establishing biennial elec tions, and report by bill or otherwise. Mr. Ktiapp introduced II B No 6, rela ting to fences and fence viewers. Mr. Young, H B No 7, an act regulat ing licenses in Kitsnp county. (Appro priates moneys thus accruing to common school fund ) Mr. Hat mnn, II BNo 8, an act to repeal an act entitled, "An act to repeal an act ' entitled an act to locate and establish a Territorial road from Skagit Head to De- ( redtion Pass, in Island county. Mr. Kldridge introduced a memorial for , the rvlirl of John CVgova. C. B No. 3. amending aa act iswrpor-, ting t't; of Walla Walla, read tkrer tim»« a»d Oi iMtM*, Homf 'ook a rwfas mt balf Mi Oa twwe*U*-g. rW « Vrk traa im » 4 «• »■ tW Csmmri te «»r \ * (W (VI «f mm " tMMfa »■>» a* mm 4 inar mm mmmmtm • mm«*mm*m*m % mtttmmmmm ******* m ""L* W timTTT • • *• • O ■ IF—lf •» 'I » ■"* » f —«* H ■ ju'l Kte < *«*■' MM •«• kW t W i» «*rf LtTEK TUt ITLLXfr SIC kEICRIL l'*M ao«». V* 29—fccjort» ar- foc tradie-orv iartfiJ :< tW are»»p*t»a«i of Ma'amora* l<y «wir rroc(<« A Nr* \-<k -peoal M p>irt» that the Pr recened a tclr-ram fr »n li n> ril Slictid i.'. c •»!- tir.i iivir the occupation, while ihc Put' t ►peiia! is equally poe tive that the Gv oniment received no such information. A dispatch from G-neral Sb-rtnan, r ci-ivcii to-day. mentions that such a rumor is current in the North-east, l>ui lie dis. it. Exaggerated reports on this. subject nru feet afloat. HALIFAX, Nov. 29.—Governor Ford, of Beriruda, has been appoiutcd Governor of East India with headquarters at Singapore. He leaves here for England by the steam er Africa. ' TORONTO, Nov. 29, —Montreal papers s iy th >t a mass of Fenians are concentrat ing on the Vermont border opp isitn Stan ton county, and troops have been sent there. WASHINGTON, Nov. 29.- Hannibal Hamlin declines to deliver, an address of welcome to Congress, owing to previous en gagements, and the reception will proba bly be pottpon d to Monday, Dec. 3d, be cause but few members hav* arrived. Orders have l.ccn sent to Sheridan that if any crossir.g into Mexico has been nab*, he must di-avow and court martial t!.e offic *r engaged in it. No reliable ad \ices from Mataiuoras have been n coived. WASHINGTON, Nov. 29.—0n Thursday, the 2'ith, Secretary Seward communica ted to a special cabinet meeting, a draft of his dispatch to Ministel Big-low, Com menting upon Napoleon's breach of the agreement to withdraw the French from Me cico durifg this month. After it was road, the cabinet unanimously voted that it be made stronger iu insisting that the French troops shall be withdrawn accord ing to the programme agreed on in June last. The cable news to-day shows that the dispatch hud its effect, The French Minister read a dispatch to-day by cable ftoin Mousiier, French Minister ot State, announcing that fourteen vessel would sa.l i mmediately from Brest for Vera Cruz, where the French toops in Mexico were required to rendezvous for their embark ation. Ten additional vessels will leave by the middle of December. By the Jjoth of January all the French troops will probably be out of Mexico. This solves authoritatively the finally of tho French Mexican muudle. BUFFALO, Nov. 30.—Tho following important items of Nov. 28th, have en delayed by the bad condition of the wires. In regard to the removal of troops from Mexico it is a military necessity to remove all at once. There is doubt that tjifa will be done. Much speculation has been in dulged in as to design of Lieut. Gen. Sher man in accompanying Minister Campbell to Mexico. The truth is, however, he was designated as adviser to that gentle man, though as to diplomatic affairs in > Mexico, and the military movcin«pU on tho frontier, should an emergency arise, would require a new disposition of thu troops, but aince the reception of the Em peror's iateatioaa with regard to tks re moval of liia army, it ia thought such ne asaaity will not or cor. TW latat m-wa by the G«fr - MM MI F Maiimd aa m, 'hat &»- ■aastOnsaka.thtFMck sftnal«rrfu iig i« pi i air hm '« l«>« aaW-n he ima %mm I—a. *a—h »Whin<iaM»