Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 15, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 15, 1866 Page 3
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<i >• "*■ ■ M" t . * 9 ' Jl .. . . »\ I I » *♦ >*e t , i bk 'i. t If «'• • '! i. 1 Ik >] .J. t' ■»J • :i.t Il!i Mr. 1.1 .of ' 1 ». v- « •! -v of f. f. Lan» •u: n. « ■' i« - s •' i>; t. . in •'ru>'iii4 tli r» » .ni.ittie in in quire into tl.c <vp ;i :. y . 1' •> oiidiiig a nt j>iot-X'tdi 114 in cm- ul impeach menf. Mr. Went wort!), of Il's., offend the fol lowing r solution in rep use to that por tion of 'h ■ l'icsid nt's liies-Mgi- that re lates to those toiinnuniti s which claimed to he the Confederate States of America : Jlisnlrril, That this House finds the manv a'.'ts ot t!i>l yalty whieh have trans pired in these ('immunities since its last ;idj iiiniiucnt, as well as hi ill'.' it cent i loc tiou in the the loyal States, additional re is ill for insisting on tl.c adoption of the Constitutional aim iolni< nt, before it will consider Ihe | ropiety *f jiving them C >n stirlitiotl-il rt presentation. Til.- II UK" debuted tin! bill 1; t session regulating tipp iutuients to oHire. The bill was amend- tl nn.l ordered printed ami made the special order for to-morrow. Mr. Droiiiii ill o! I'. nsylv tiiia cllercr the following : Ju'-i'tfrcii, That lite Committee oil ter ritories bo in-truct tl to enquire into the ix c Henry of rep iriing bill ter ritorial government fa' several di-tiicts of i-o'intry within tlio jurisdiction of the Un ited States, formerly occupied l y ihe oueo existing States ol Virginia, N. Carolina, 8 >t:ill Carolina, (Je ivgi i, l'lori la, Missis nipp, Al ibmia, Loui-.ia'a Arkansas, ami Texas, and giving to till adult male inhabitants born within tin- limits i f the United States, d 1 1y naturalized, and who did not participate iu tlm la!e rebellion, full anil equal political rieh:» in such Ter ritorial governments. Adopted; aye.=, 107 ; nays, M. St 1 veils of lYnsylvarria, offered a reso lution for the r '-ipp >i:itnent of a joint Committee of re '(instruction, slid that doc uments and resolutions that were referred to it last session b.> considered ns referred to it anew. Adorned in tilt) House. WiU'tni, <1 l'ctiusylvunia, moved to reconsider tlic bill regulating ap pointments to office, which was reported by him but season, an 1 proceeded to oc cupy tbe ir.orning hour with an elaborate spijixli on tlic.l'icsideiit power to remove office-holders. A joint resolution for amending Consti tution, so as to inaku the President in eligible for a see.>iid term, was offered. Sonator Wade thought flic present thn most favorable opportunity for I iii.-> change since the foundation of iho Uoverument. Tlie resolution was referred. f . Washburnc of lll:u< ii. (rotll the Com ' Mit*« on rnlcs, rep rtcl a new rule for the appointment, at tbo coniiiienceini nt of i ii;h sc.isiini, o| u stauJiug cotniiiittee of nine ineiiilie;s ou Fu-cdiiicu'.s Agre -d to In the S nitc, Sn'iv er, "f M i*Mrhu- Mt«. tivpn ?.pi nf |ii« iftcntio • < f intro ducing to nmiww a n i - <>( revolution* I'uiuc * o .tr h of ( ».i gr. -- *»krr tiiv »u j--rt r r'm.tftft -n «t»l a r.fiil to mtM- from f'f • » it '' a\«2 fun. luting Ox 3, fik U fit - • .**.£ r. 4 V . r JWL tf tW - i"*— «» - ii. %. imi.l vr • « j «•** *» fV 4 - ■ T * - n* ■mi' *m* *--4. 's, w m 1 m-.m - T * -T\ VW<*. H •- L t~ 4UyW «» «d» mm. me**** vfe * —ini i—rm iii ■ mm- Mn IPt *fci ii -■ * - - %*%■■»- Lwm %p Hm# ® r" m * •» r .lilh.i i» * iten # Mi 0 %*■ tw —ii" 1 ' • i<— m iiilll ** .l<Mti''.-4«m MM*- ; $ Mi «•***■* m I—w* 4 Ad - rtivr —i< *-. Tl* M'" 4* lM- IJTJF '<M€ ** ,4fc»ii» fi Am » «a> Cfc* i i 1* . 't • »j »r m r* - l« v«i *< ?k»- flp e # * -4 >%■■ *« * m hi v • ■. 4 Jfc i« I t Shi —lf irn V V-4«ii ... \»- -v 'I la'<mil it tr..u fur iLii I'i-tn '. uw » u • * lull I r iilvrr. i>upd-m* - t rrsl v.-ar* ;;g \ » huh «c * ill >■• -I •! » vtn lib-ral discount. "if The t1..-ii,g cicrcist * <-l'the Olyni j'ii I'utilio School will take place at Olympic llall mi Thursday evening I)cc. 20, at ti£ o'clock, precisely. Everybody inviti d. • - Postal Agent lirooks lias made arangcnicntsfor ocean mail service between .San Francisco and l'o.tland. • • • Tableau party at Washington II all this evening, SPECIAL NOTICES. 'i'lir lli'Ml l(rnirtl)- for Purifying Jilooil, strengthening the Nerves, Restoring the Loss Of n i,p r tit,. j s FKKSK'S HAMBURG TEA. It is t |lc | H , ht pri'scrvativo against almost nny sick tss > if tised timely. Composed of lierlis only, it can lie safely given to infants. Full directions iu i'uglish, French, Spauish and German, with every package. THY 11 ! l-'or sale at all the wholc3ale ami retail drug stores and groceries. KMII, FHESK, Wholesale Druggist, Sole Agent, lit) ("lav street, Jftly San Francisco. m irikuji: i\n dii.m icv, an Essay of Warning and Instruction for Young Men. Also, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free of charge in .ealcd letter envelopes. Address lIIi.SKII.MN F.)L'GHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, IV Notice. "ITTIIERKAS, official information lias tliis y\ il.iy been received from tliv Treasury Depart incut, that liy an act of the congress of of tlio I : tiiti'<l Slates, approved July 23, lsr.ii, tin' l'ort of Kntry for Puget Sound District was removed from Port Angeles to Port Town send on the first of October 18Gi>, notice is hereby given that all business of Puget Sound collection District will be transacted nt Port Towusend, \V. T., on atid after the 28th in stant. V. A. WILSON, Culloctor. Fori Angeles, Nov. 20. 18(10. 5:w4 Notice. IN the mater of the estutc of M. I«. Ileffron, deceased. Pursuant to an order of the Probate Court of Thurston County, made at the last October term thereof, I will sell at public auction, to tlie highest bidder for cash, the estate of the said deceased, situate at Tumwater, in the County of Thurston, \V. T., consisting of the South half of l.ot No two [2] in lijock No three [a], with the buildings there on. The above sale will take place ou Saturday, January 5, 18iiV. CIIAS. BPRMISTER, Exccuter oftlie estate of M. L. Heffron, dee'd Olviapia, Nov. 28. 180(1. B:v4 Dr. Canaran, FORVIiIUiY of theKmigrant Refuge Hospi tal, New York city, would respectifully inform the citizens of Olvmpiii and its veeen ity that he can be consulted daily at the Washington Hotel, on at Dr. Turner's Drug .Store, ou all matters pertaining to his pro- Iciinn. <Mvmpi» \«v. ?'i. 1 Krtf',, f, ILA YOKING EXTItACTS. •rr m*4' fr» *r f'rftli Trm it# b I-t*i» '4« ?■ i f II Btfk •» u« is airfcr' ' ttm+* • ▼ mi" tW rfct mf* nt mm-*, b**- I V*» tiTNii 4 «V \f*mu Imt «%M r» *r « X tm* *; «i wm. aMT, war mi "Kli/a \D»l» L ' .'St.ri— V « X ft* % ft- m, 4 S «ii»aM^ a rwati m ~ mm» A MM 4**N|pMlMi ■•MM' Hl*- *&• nimoj m»M»> CU'TIIW i tvi m»»> ixifr * itih ic®. «! uma ww y im rMUr«at « < Hrm a . i ItoWvt M Pafit 1 n< ( Tot 4rarr-,Wd ■ i*M<iai Utitf U«t lor a *i atfwa ml tW I;, i,abL» a, U lite I b «t>4 Scat**. puMsr t.<>' ice vt «ai'i ariiur -a k*TM| kiia |im. ami i.o claim to »a d pomdt kttitf km made, they w ill be mld at public autcioa. at Port 'l ownvnd, W. T., on Hr4MWa|. Iter IMb 4ajr mt Dmrtw, MM at 10 o'clock A. M. 2 i Ca«es Gin, 2 Casks, HO galls Oin, 7 Cases Henuesey Brandy, 4 do Mart el do 2 do Worthington do 9 Kegs, 100 galls do 2 Casks, 60 galls, Wine Growers' do 4 Bam*!*, 101J gall* Brandy, 1 Jug and 1 Demijdte 10 galls, do 3 Casks, 90 gulls, l'ort Win#, 1 do. 30 gulls, Sherry do 2 Kegs, 25 galls, do do 1 Dimijolin, 5 galls, do do 7A Boxes do do 0 Baskets Champugne, do 5j Boxes do do si} Boxes Claret do 2 Cases Orange Bitters, 2 do Schnapps, 9 Boxes Ale and I'orter, 2 Casks, CO galls, Kutn, 5 Kegs, 70 do Whisky, 50 Cases Old Ton, 3 Tins, 15 galls, Old Tom, 1 Cask, 40 do do 1 Keg, 10 do do 2 Kuipty Casks, 1 While Hull Boat, Oars and Sails, 1 Large Canoe, 6 Morocco Skins, 12 Cans Powder, 39£ Yards Twilled Cotton, 54 do Brown do 2 Bbls Sugar, 13 l'airs Woolen Pants, 12 do Moleskin do 2G Cnlico Shirts, 18 Woolen Shuwls, 6 Worsted Jackets, 4 Ladies' Clolh Coats, 4 l)o/. Woolen Socks, 10} Yds Plaid. 1 Giro Spool Thread, 1 do Crochet do 1 Ps Silk Belt Ribbon, _ 3 llxs Wash Blue, 3 Bxs 150 Cigars, 2 Dor. Tea and Table Spoons, 3 Linen Table Cloths, 6 Towels, 66 Pipes, 4 Flasks, 3 Mirrors, 1 Ps Edging,

10 Yds Blk Atapaca, 1 Pr Ladies' Stays, 6 Woolen Hoods, 11 Prs Ladies' Hose, 8 do Ctiildrn's do 1 IV Worsted Binding, Lot of Thread, 3 Yds Damaak, 2 Yds Trimming, 2 Quarts Shoe Pegs, 48 Yds Ticking, S3 Yd* Bleached Cotton, 42 Yds Winer. F. A. WILSON. Cutbctor Custom House. Port Tuassssd, NOTMWI 30, IMS. S:wi C'eitainljr and Celerity ! f* - MAIL ASD9TMI LDtX | » * t»T %> wtm mm «i mi " mm *» <*» IS> rtrmmji ■■ ■■ «■ nam w rr. ** tM BKNNCTT MOUSE, SALEM. OREGON*. 1.1.1 TtBSCT. HA V 1 N<i Uan-.t ilh tlwii hotel, u pfTparr J to »r. omanattlr ihr i put-lir. M<i <>■» kagirnl rrfaUr boarder*. in (food sly le at tuv llouw un tbe I'oul lie bat determined to make the "Benueti" •• good at the lied and btttrr than any publir bouse in Salem. lie will sooa complete tone important improvement*, which will add greatly to ita appearance and a comfort, and intending* to merit and hope* to receive hi* ihare of patronage. lie ha* secured the service* of " Charley" (known to be the belt cook in. Salem, and one of the be*t in the whole country) and other competent person* to manage the culin ary department, and is resolved to set a* good a table as can be found anywhere— not in clap-trap, pomp and show, flummery and fine furniture, but in an abundant supply of the very best the market affords. His Bar-room will be kept warmed and lighted, and well supplied with newspapers, periodicals and other suitable reading matter, and kept in a manner which will make it an agreeable resort. In short he intends makinganelfort to please all who step at the Hennet House. And be most respectfully requests his friends every where to the give the old and well known stand at least one more trial before concluding they can do as well elsewhere, and promises if they are not well treated, and properly cared for, and at rea»onablt figure*, it will sot be the fault of the public's most obedient and most humble serv't. L. JAY S. TURNEY. N. B.—Furnished rooms, with oi without board, by the day,week or month, at the Ben nett, charges moderate. L. J. S. T. .Siilem, Oregon, Nov, 12, lf»f>6. 4tf A CARD FOR TOE FALL £ MER MING TRADE. Oi' San Francisco. BADGER & LHTDEHBEBGEB. Aos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery Street, corner Merchant, San Francisco. Importers It Wholesale Dealers. ENTIRE NEW AND FRESH STOCK! WE would call the attention of COUN TRY MERCHANTS to our usually large stock of goods. Our stock comprises every article in the Clothing and Furnishing line. We have constantly on hand the largest stock and greatest variety of Cassimere and Wool HATS of any house in San Francisco, and our prices for these Goods are less than those of any house, as we receive them di rect from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of FALL AND WINTER Goods is particularly attractive, and the great feature to the country merchant is the un usually low prices Lass Than the Cost of Importation We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry Ooods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are offering them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and iaduce. those who have not heretofore purchased of as, to call aad examine oar stock. flood Articles nnd Low Price*! Are the great inducements toall who purchase hi seli again. Merchants who bay of as, caa make a good profit, aad sell to their eastern ers a! a low figure. We rwtis. rnyr . Year OMml Servants. BADGER • LISIXWBKRGKft. Whelsaate I'latkwf end Hal VtrrWaw. Jlaa. Oil. 413 aad 41} Sam tf m*ti. Saa fnansr* Art S. tOOS W >m TUB mm* nmiiai rn «*■* '4«faM» WW • #■» # • fill MMM *» pMWn t* «fev fSMMMR J 4l flft- t sap2m. Ml tn to cw a* wemt mm mmma mm* «<«r M to hM wtw •• •fm i i mm* tw< i»4 I ■ l tmpjmrt ha yanm wW 4a mmt rmrr «ktl tto' art h«• ■ war fuN N» mmf pniata atAMtf »' rr the r«rk T H DftAKF. * CO.. New Y*4 Cstr. rreprieeers. Sold by all I'ragriM. (irwrn,»uaatrt »u>rr« aad dealers Mir»ag boat the world Maail deal er* ran obtain supplies of an' wholesale agent in ant tariff city or town in the t'aioii. Barnes' Magnolia Water. A toilet delight! The ladies' treasure and gentlemen*' boon I The "sweetest thing" and largest quantity. Menufactured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used for bathingthe fare and person, and to render the skin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, 4c. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespiration. It removes reducus, tan, blotches, Ac. It cures nervous headache aad allays inflamma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to tbe skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It coataias no material injurious t» the skin. It is what every lady should have. Bold everywhere. Try tbe Magnolia Water once und you will use no other Cologne, Perfu« mery, or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere. DEMAS BAKNF.S & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. LJOHH' Kathalron. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dandn.lT. It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and gloss;. It prevents the hair turning grey and falling Off. It restores hair upon prematurely baldheads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car load, and yet its almost incrediblo demand is daily increasing, and there it hardly a country store that does not keep it, or a ftinily that does not use it. E. THOMAS LYON. Chemist, N. Y. Lyons' Extract Ginger. LYOXH' EXTRACT OF PUBS JAMAICA GIXOCR— For Indigestion, Nausea, Ilartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Ac., wbere a warming stimulant Is required. Its careful preparntoin and entire purity mike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •' Lyons' " Pure Extract. Take no other. See that the private U. S. stamp of Demas liarnes k 00. is over the cork of each package. None other is genuthe. Mhstang Llnlmen . Have you a hurt child or ■ lame horse ? Use the Mexieaa Mustang Liniment. Per cuts, spraini, burns, swellings and caked breasts, the Mesieoa Mustang Liniment is a certain Pee rheumatism, neuralgia, stiff Joints, sting* aad Wtea, then is ainhiagliho the Mexieaa Mae | ieisamt j For >piiimd horses, the poll evil, riaghoae aad llftkm Ma*sag liaimralis wasth Ms weight m tm -To ss ** tpmmmm* oosOhs^Hh Of flhnm tsMßh ■am —i i «gna - MB H ggmm «•» mm <mmm> mm mm I* •W » «* 4MHW «BM*. B-4PHKM* SjWf Pii»«tn Smp Pulmonary Srrvp kM nH «*—■<» u4n *J tat TCK if if •« «rt t Tk.- aniitUt —«*»» M «a tW !'■ r#M-u ntif»t; fri w Ha Alp mm«i mt 4e*4mot 4rmf ami fmrturth bars hrm aa- Art all rirra«»t«are» rert iktm fro» am pr»ai»nl cit tarat af £•■ Fraaciaca accoaipaaj rrrrj koOk af XEWELLH Pulmonary Syrup REDIXGTON * CO. Agents, San Francis co. Aug. 25, 1866. 42:mC:U I. LIGHTNER, TTaclcsals aai Retail Scaler b Groceries, Provisions, DRY-GOODS, CLOTHING BOOTB, SHOES, HATB, CAPB, CROCKERY, HARDWARE, *C. I RESPECTFULLY call the attention of my customers and the public to examtne my stock of good* before purchaaing elsewhere. The highest cash price paid for Wool, Beaver, Oiler, and Deer Simt, Butler, Chicken* and Eggs. Olympia, January Ist, 1866. 9:ly Tell ue not in mournful numbers Life is sinking to decay. Should there come in frightful numbers O'er your heads tke silver gray. Life is real, life is earnest, Why should any one despair, " Dust thou art, to dust returnest," Was not spoken of the hair. Not the marks of nge or sorrow. On your tresses long should stay— You can live that each to-morrow Find them darker thun to-day. Time is long, but age shall find yon, Though your hair with lustre wave : Soon when fading, 'twill remiad you, You are marehiug to the grave. In the world's sublimer calling. Where we each our race must ran. If your hair be falling, falling, Use the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Try it—always keep it present,— . • Use the " Martha Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind us What a noble teat it's stood; Millions more shall come behind na With their trassss all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON' HAIR RESTORER, la a wonder of the world, and stands above com parison with any other artiole for the Hair ever breught before the public. Sold everywhere. Price, 01.00, SINONDg it CO., Proprietors, FITZWILLIAM, N. R. REDINGTON ft CO. Agents, San Franeisco. Ang. 25, 1886. 4&m6:ia ItEDINGTON & CO.'S ESSENCE Of JAMAH' Gin THIS V»IMW« preparation cMUhh| in a Wfhljf concentrated farm *ll the pcofwliw ut JuuMtUufw, bu kMMM of tho-Moot papa* lar domestic remediea for all di of the elf Mk and %«jii ufuu, tern all tbrflo* mad ih>«nlMtt|N*M4W viae m in—w %« MB* IMfei #>► ItffKKKtt* ***" ***& ■**•*>* iMMP" *4KW