Newspaper of The Washington Standard, 22 Aralık 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated 22 Aralık 1866 Page 3
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A IMP • . m wm - •r *: . H v : f«wt n r*«*i V \ _• »* • Il»n»»' v M' K tlir U > II N 1 «rj • lii iti - • • |<l|| f > . * * - ii utcr* to r N - • : \ »'l' 11 • t |m tkau £1 >' thuu ?'• l*il>»t*«i ;i- .111 ' 1 • • 11. On i•.• >ti< >ii. !. ♦ —— Tin ii-n I>< 1 II • Mist.' iiK-t |Mir»ii:int to adjourn ment. A l»s"i»t M'- t --:. 11-irst'nv l'.l ridge, JCS-JC, .I.nobs. ICnnpp, Mor gan, McCilviii. 1 L: mill Smith. I'raver 1»v the I'iiaplain. Mr. II cnry moved the House adjourn at half-past eleven o'eloek to attend tin* funer:il of Hr. <>. K. Wil lard. Carried. Mr. Clvmer introduced If I» No :i(). an act to provide for the election of ('onntv Coininision ers. and d'-fining their duties. II 15 Xo an a<-t to incorporate the Mill-plain Ccmctary Association in Clark county, was passed. C I> Xo S. an act to amend ar. act for the better observance^'Sunday, was passed. Several House an 1 Council bills were read a second time and referred. C H Xo 1, an act to amend an act relating to suits on foreigrt judge ments, was passed. C 15 Xo "J an act to regulatcthe holding of load copper and iron mines, was passed. lld h' Xo relative to adjourn ment over the holdings, was passed- House adjourned. FRIDAY. l>ec. 21. lHfiO. H iitise me' put stunt to adjournment. Abvnt—Mc-srs li nstow. Henry• Jesse Jacobs Morgan. Page, am! Smith. Mr. Knipp intioduccd H. H. No. ;»1. an at-t rcgu'ating public amusemen's. It. 11. No. 27, nn act to authorize I "at— rick Fern 1 t> construct a bridge across Hangman's Creek, pissed. 11. M. No. I'., praying the establish ment of a mail rouio liom Port Tow use a J to Ebey's L iii'ling, «doptcd. H. M. No. 11, relation to establishing a mail route from sonv point on l'uget Sound to Walla Walla \V;:8 adopted. Mr. Kldridge introduced H. B. No. 32, an net for the relief of keepers of the insane. Mr. Clvmer introduced. H. B. No. 33, an act to punish usury [Fixes legal interests nt 12 per cent, per annum.] H. B. No, 20, an act to authorize W. It. Bail and a*>ocia;is t> eons'itu t ti roa I was p is-ed. Committee oa judiciary to whom was rcf- ri• d the matt* r- "f bretich <>f court »v on p irt of the Conn ii, mad- a reiMirt which wa« necep'ed at d m ule the speci-d order for t >-in mur. Oa iiio i- ti i ti-i'irn «1 wammmmmmmmmi atw kUW—lt'"' rn r- Itlimj IliU' L l>- -t T ■ •»' fc, Htl «1 o»unt . r Tu». -1» drrm— irr,.' » -» h. .«i . .» Ji,r J. t - r» • «—H .!■ U % «>1 A—.. « W— - i: r% K hr "• I*w: ." m» *mi »-»£*<«» * r » a <•« . .. *% * a « * J. I.l* ill NML t I - 1 ~ ■J ft %. f * • L - ■ •# .* i» *•?, i • - • : « .. • - \ - •.< . * ' t : i * ' • .: ti. • «-i.i•' i 'i i r ii •. i« «.i» I.ri \ v it. J in* inform mt i i tin* ■ .I-.-. T imorlj :i 'lnMiltuatc in Marv i. 111 I. <i n*»*-i lii* n;i:i.<* slit in 111 lit it Im* n.ailr iviiuu n. to i*uil;iii«;- i r lii-i !il". \V\<iii\n I in. I » •>*. 12.—Tlio si*t ti• *llii l ■ll in.n!i' !»v Coiimil Miir.-c. in London, with I'raziiT. Trenliolih \ ('«»., the disavowal of whuli, liy i the I nited States, was mentioned in a reeent dispatch. ]itirpoited to ho i the settlement of all claims of the : Unit (I Stites against that linn, in : volving many thousands of pounds I sterling. It appears that proceedings in were being vigoiotislv ;*i>rosecMi ! ed hv the Consul ii. Liver pool. Mr. |)iihley had succeeded in forcing Frazier, Trenholin & Co. in ■ to a position where tlicy note com pelled to make a tull disclosure on ■an oath of all dealings of the linn with the Confederate (ioverntnent, ! including all transactions with the l rebel Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. i Trenholin, together with the full ex hibition of all their hooks and papers, l To avoid all di sagreeable diselsuorses, ; Frazior, Trenholin \ Company, sought and effected a settlement which was < lnndcstinely made I through Mr. Consul Morse and one .Montgomery Cibbs, reputed to he lan agent of the Treasury Depart | inent, whoso agreement provides for dismissing all claims in England and the United States, and giving up all : claims by the Tinted States, and I merely requires that I'Yazier, Tren ■ holm Co. shall state under oath, j what Confederate property they have j had iu their possession, that they shall dispos-! ofthc same, and after i pay'ng themselves .$1.">0,000, which, j without any statement of account, is agreed upon as the indehtness of the C >''federi to (Joverninent to them, they shall pay the remaining halaneo to the United States. This settlement was made hy Mr. Consul Morse under the color uf general au thority from the Treasury Depart ment t >r the Confederate propority in England, hut it has been promptly j rejected by the United States (Jovern j mont on the ground that it was re linquishing everything to Krazior, | Trenholin & Co., and was in fact ut { tcrly without authority on the part 'ofthe Consul at London, whose in structions did not apply to these pro cec lings which Here nude# the sole management of the Consul at Liver pool. lie made the pretended set tlement behind tin* I nick <»f Mr. Con. -•d 1» ;«••• v without the know I TIL:' "I \| ■ T A'UIII-. (AITII-NIT v —»* * V »♦> II iA ti »:i rj» \jlid Tt - > ••! II.• rn.-'it 1 JIV ■ t. » t i , h •I C' '« » <»■ r> <i «<«1 am -i -I »i i. iif* *» r»l ■ 0F » i • i . **. ft\ * *»r i' H * <mrnm m mf *4 ft iiaj.. mm • M» fIV • **' *<* NtfSM • ■& .MW ■BP *Lrra* : * T i «* • ▼ - * •»* >PK« I \1 . V » I M I>. »* •» H-*. '•» i |. .*• .-r J*V %-r t, R »tca| tW f i f ».! M - »! * MT'T K*. Tl \ J- ; * .• ■ • •> . «M • 'W- I »•, if ||» I (mi k . I ( i •» !"1 .1 f*9+ U»>'% ,It .4« »»• •if ;* t . i 1 .i! 4iftßcifaMtoi Hi I iiS-- . I I. > • Ul* • -1 <» U*ll f HjtU «%C'» Il;\ IT* I f . i I r- t .»i lb ait J 4» ». 'i.i » I MIL 1 KK<l . Who!.- .lr Pniff«i«Y, N»lr A r»T. 110 CI Mrret, ; Sin FraUfiwo. lititßtitMi: 4\nn:unux an KNH;IV of Warning and Instruction for Young Men, Also, llisc.nses ami Abuses which prostrate the vital |m\rcr«, with stir'» mean* of rulicf. Sent free of rharije in ealcil letter envelopes. Address I>K.S|\II.LIN I-" JL'CiIITON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, IV 1866 & 1867! ~I 1~AVIN(» jii-1 returned from the Kast, we J I have perfected such arrangements ns to eiiiuile ns to supply er (ill any order in our line of trade. WK NOW OFFKK A LIKIiiE .IXKiOBTMUXT OK AM. KINDS OF A(!HI( I'LTUKAL IMPLEMENTS - AND FARMING MACHINERY AT A A Low Prioos as can be purchased n I any House on this Con>t. i.oods nill lie linporlcil toOrdrr upon proper references being given. .F. I>. ARTIIPK k SOX, Cor. CAMFOUIA and DAVIS SUFCIS, S;»n I'ianilsro. December 22, 18T.C. 7:inl:is KKniNGTON & GO.'S ESSEME (IF Jllllli (ii\(iEit. THIS valuable preparation containing* in a highly concentrated form ill the properties of Jamaica (finger, has become one of the most popu lar domestic remedies for all uncases of the stom ach and digestive org ins. As a toni- it will he found in\alnablc'to all per son* recovering from debility, whether produced by fc\er or otharwise, for uhiUt it imparts to the *vn tem ill the «» w and \i_ r that can hi- pr«»<l n« cd hv w inc or br.indy. it is entirely free from the Ms - tion.iry ftlccU thut follow the use of tpirite ol any kind. ft i« al«o an rtrellent remedy for fem*le« who Hitter front «t. .cu.t uiHt«tru itu»u, "HI iu»- tix li it' r '»• f f tS tint •• frti|iiritly »r --rui{»»m that prci>««i. pa lananlii** |HW t > Na«*r*. »• ia«H W r «/ »• a r* -■*-! rir, «4 Ih m a* wtWr !*'•»»■ - *• >tK« f.« ' ' A «W-<ak ..iMh \ us «4f -«. »" Hi WV *—i* %'-*•«. ««* fv«hr « mmm *«t f *«a» ywr * - ;%*. «^.aa« «' i: \ » i i vhi i.«. ir. ui\ * ir ini i»\ mm mm- 0* ■—n m»m ** # **• *"* <mmmm*Ktf ***>■ •«*mum m mmm ■ mmcm- mHtm * naa - d«i»' «■ v,im*a» 4 •"«*" «■» • —Winn i' «■ rn*m*. m KCSTt «m¥ wwmmt 1.1 IWTWU

i4i ' ( l»Tl|\«.. I**'T X waff* T-4.V"- « i*f»» «l\|* *i »an« ?i. ftigiihJ raw tiirw i,«\l U» k*— » m • - >—■- m• » ■p» «->■ « * 4lj r-»sm 1*• I>niin % '—«*-«. •«m • m- 1 m>- Km ® I." ' i 4 m • « 'f r «• i rv i«m -f Stop that Coiiiiliiii!!"" "" *" S**HE ttf t#Hi nt t am * • • T - « i hair r • tttfl r^a»« 1; - 1 » •*: I - toe .|»T • • -J* ail attetUr y*rr|*«raii<M)> li >• »urfrt*iaf iui «it.»tti*i br »• * Tlt t • \T\ »«»ro*lbiii£ rl»r af trr tin > t\|Mf \.»ti It.. ma«ir of r»un|Him I«u.«t4<l ujk.u llit |>ublu ua n crrlain run but Pulmonary Syrup is reallv the VERY REST remedy ever com pounded for the cure of Coughs, ('olds. Sore Throat, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Rron cliitis ami Consumption. Thousands id' peo ple in California and Oregon liaveheen already benefitted by the surprising curative powers of XEWELI/N Pulmonary Syrup ami with one accord give it tlinir utn|uulificd approbation. We now address ourselves to all who nr>' unaei|iiaiiiteil with this greatest Panacea of the age, for the healing of all dis eases of the Throat and Lungs, assuring you that \i:v» i:m;s Pulmonary Svrup luts cured thousand* audit will cure YOU if it* von trv it. Thi* invaluable r. Heine is pleasant to the taste ; soothing, healing and strengthening in Its efforts: entirely free from all poisonous or deleterious drills, nnd perfectly harmless un der all circumstane . Certificates li u many prominent citizens of Sail Francisco .. company every bottle of XKWELI/S Pulmonary Syrup REDINIITOX Si CO. Agents, San Francis CO. Aug. 2.">, 18i)ii. • •12:nifi:is Notice. IX the mater of the estate of M. L. Heffron, deceased. Pursuant to an order of the Probate Court of Thurston County, made at the last October term thereof, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash, the estate of the said deceased, situate at Tumwater, iu the County of Thurston, XV. T., consisting of the South half of l.ot No two [2] in Rlock Xo three [.i], with the buildings there on. The above sale will take place on Saturday, January .'>, IBu7. CIIAS. RrUMISTER. Executer oftlic estate of M. L. Ilelfron, dee'd. Olympia, Xov. IHOi. .Vw4 Dr. t'auavnu, FOIIMKKLV of tiif Kougrani Itrfujrr 11 - tal, N>» York fit.. re»|«*t tifully inform the cilixrti of «»i*ui|»ta an«i itt \rrm itf 1b it be ran I f fllllllfi dn ) at tkf i«Linj.'toii ll«»t*l. »»r at l»r Turwr • > rr. **m mil B » l«r* ) cri*ib>t* to L • prm fc ■ i— tHlftfkti \ul m'* St BBNHIvn FLAVORING KXTR MTS. • - V'r«*fc ®-a» * •»*#• mm mem* % m* mm* »*mmr* mmmm* m mm mmm ■ +%. %• • €• ft* ' Kll/J liiWvHL I'. * t. il '*** BENNETT HOUSE. SAI.KM. nKK«;n\. I-. J. H. II HUM, HV\ IN'i tliL'tlwi« named hotel. i< prepared to accommodate "In- tr.t • l'ng |»ui■ I n-, ami tint huntlm] r« gulur boarder*, in as good style as any House on the Coa.-t. He lias determined to make the "Ueanrti" ns good us the t.e.-t and hrttrr than any public hon.~o in Salem, lie wll soon complete some important improvements, which will udil greatly to its appearance an• 1 a eoinfort. and ii.tendings to merit and hopes to receive his share of patronage. lie has secured the services of " Charley" (known to be the best cook in Salem, and one of the best iu the whole country) and other competent persons to manago the culin ary department, and is resolved to set as good a table as can he found anywhere—not ii> clap-trap, pomp and show, tlunmiery ami fine furniture, but iu an abundant supply of the very best th" market affords. His liar-room will be kept warmed and lighted, and well supplied with newspapers, periodicals and other suitable reading miittcr. and kept in a manner which will make it an agreeable resort. In short In- intends makiiignn effort to please all who step at the Rennet House. And he most respectfully requests his friends every where to the give the old and well known stand at least one more trial before concluding they can do as well elsewhere, and promises If they are not well treated, and properly cared for, and at rtn'onnhle ii,/itrr.i, it will not be the fault of the public's most obedient and most humble serv't. L. JAY S. TI'RXEY. X. R.—Furnished rooms, with oi without board, by the day,week or mouth, at the lien nctt. charges moderate. 1.. J. S. T. Salem, Oregon, Nov, 12, 1!?SI3. 4tf A C ARD FOR TBS EI F.ULOMIULOTKTIIU Oi' San l'l-aiu'iseo. BADGER & LINPENBERGER, Xoi. 411, 41;} ami 415 lla/'ery , corner Mcichanl, San Francisco. Importers & Wholesale Dealer*. KNTIRK NEW AXI) FRESH STOCK! WE would call the attention of COVX TRV MERCHANTS to our usually large stock of goods, Our stock comprises every article in the Clothing and Furnishing line. We have constantly on hand the largest stock and greatest variety of Cassimere and Wool IIAT.S of any house in San Francisco, and our prices for these Ooods are Itss than those of any house, ns we receive them di rect from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of FALL AND WINTER Goods is particularly attractive, and the great feature to the country merchant is the un usually low prices LKS£ Tliun the Cost of Importation We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry (ioods line, which Good* we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are olering them at New York Co-t. and less. We publish this card iu order that we may make new acquaintance*, and induce tho-e •ho hate not heretofore purchased of us. to call and examine our stock. U«m4 Articles Bad Low l*rlrr>! Arr ?b* r r "*t »a«J«« t*»*lt th-i-u-' b*~ I. ««l* Mrrrlual* b«« «»t «• rta tnatr af«► •! a* «•.. Ij I Imp it • a m at il«»« If r »j. tfu" I*, 1 *, Y»»r .vn»t'« &4U.LE A ui!*ittau;rt Wfcs -*m* ♦"*%*€*, f **4 * % r* .. ««# 4 I 415 mm& t*Mxm*»r > *U« Immm : - ?« m U » mini * ******* %*■» '**& ofnm m* «** +*mm& - «*- «* ***• MM> « $ irlfeww * v -»Mp>l». «■* -«HP' wwe*- ■» *" m**m %*<W * WHIIPIII mm- **m* **mmm m ttfeM*' -mmm* ~jik ma* • •!(■•'•■•••*• at ill it* » a§ at » A " 4HPMKK- sral»~x. * <«M* -A' ' *• "'J* 4ppH«M* *• '"NhMMhmma flftlMlNP 4MI (•M*' 1 liaw \m wm -mm -*w liHi 4* 4IMM*' ■(*#' -■MMfir ««• .yjwirrri'f it 1 nrnr"-. nw «•> mm* >mp>' «... --ar i>» nff" 4BJSh»* -«mn 4RMMVR «■» MMk ipMta* **> |pai> 4M* —*"» «*MM• HMM» «■*» 4NMF teiw. titaeo* r*«4. • »* *•* »»4 c; ftOft- A* • TWi Utf «£?rM. •*» a«*4 » * * •• ■ W»« « . i «*£■» .«§ m 4 lUm «4A ' «' •« »'jrf n** liTf ta4 •*«» A# * .**•** »K ♦> 4%-* • fat* r *f.<W (Aft not »'Mm4A* U« *• « |;t«MI ••% itr l fek i M uf»p» 't fr«»t*» } »rtj* • » .-» 4o ft*»l •■ &rr «k*l '•f. M!> H* ». »«»!ir ; .«f*l .>e« uur|»it.*te ";»»*i|» utrf tkr v t. r l T 11 DR.UK K CO., Nt * Y rk Citv, IVfrirton. Soil liv all Urorrf. t otinlrr More* Mini <!< alits tlirfiiulttiiit the u »r!«l : stiiiill dr:i!- ith ran olitMin supplies of nny wholesale agent in :inv liirjr* «itv «»r town hi the I'nion. Rarnrs* Magnolia Wafer. A toilit delight! The ladies' treasure ami gentlctncns' boon! The '"sweetest tiling'' anil largest quantity. Menufactiired from the rich Southern Magnolia. t*sc<l for liathingthe * t"n«;c nml person, ami to reniler the skin soft unil fresh, to prevent eruptions, anil to per fume clothing. &e. I( overcomes the unpleasant odor of prcspiration. It removes redness, t;m, blotches, X'c. It cures nervous hcaduchc und allays inlamtrta : tion. It cnnls, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields n subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It is what every ladv should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no other Cologne, l'erfu» inery. or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere. DKMAS BAKNES & CO., I'rops. Kxclusive Agents, X. V. Icons' (ialliitiroii. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf ami It Kfo;»s the head cuol iin<l clean. It makes the linir rich, soft ami glossy. It prevents the h:\ir turning grey ami failing o!T. It restores hair upon prematurely bald heads: This i< just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the ear load, and yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not keep it, or a fimilv that do-s not use it. K. THOMAS I.YON, Chemist, N. Y. Lyons' Extract Ginger. LYONS' EXTJIACT OK IVRK JAMAICA Utxaieti—• For Indigestion, Nausea, llnrtbiirn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, flatulency, 4c., wtiere a warming stimulant is required. Its careful prcparatoin and entire purity 111 >ke it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. .Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •' Lyons' " l'uro Kxtract. Take no other. See that the private I'. S. stamp of Dennis Karnes ,V Co. is over the cork of cfcch package. .None other is genuine. MUMIHI* K MAIMRA. |li>f i>n a hurt . iuld <>t i linr Wrf ? IV tW Xrtuab ]|uau(L.uium. I'ur rut*. •main*. »• tr*«. r»kr4 bf U M< tma N«td( Uiit m-rtun t m IV'J* "»" v«t'4CM. »«i€ XMf tw - » nattmf itfcr I*' tlni-u M*»- UX till! <L _ I * up*' •»< iW yrf SL nagtav V ii ■ tmg m C mm m ■ ' «*"► •» m mmtm ■-* *** - mmi «MM»> "TT» 5