Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 29, 1866, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 29, 1866 Page 2
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% 4 • ' MTIK! » .' v . • 1 J"" Th. II : IMt .—Wi n t Mt that »i' lij\. ; ■ I t • uI • *oine dc£rv< ?i.. ~ yo; t. .! \"'.- v« hoim u»ii;i!'v si' ' i ■ i '•>« iiri-t --mas ilav. Afide 11 • nt !«• •i ' -rvainv in the several churches, we can note no special indication that the IkM holiday of 11 jo year lias come and gone. Why this is so, we areata loss to conceive, unless the excursion of sonic of our people to Victoria has dampened the ardor of those remain ing. It cannot he that we have out lived the time-honored customs of our ancestors 'i It cannot bo we have progressed so rapidly ot late years, that we are content to bury in obliv ion the sacred traditions ot the past': Wo hope not. There is not a holi day in the calendar which brings with it such tender remembrances as Christmas. We alj turn back iu memory to childhood's page, when unalloyed happiness, such us does not bless maturer years, held sway. Who cannot turn aside for a time from the cares and anxieties of life, and unite in a good old-fashioned Chrismas observance, without bo coming better by it'! lfChiistmas is past, New Year is to come. If we have failed properly commemorate the one, let us make amends by entering upon the New Year with cordial greeting to our fellow man. The beginning of a new year is a proper season for self examination, by which we may fix a guide for our future conduct. Let us endeavor to improve in wisdom and virtue as we grow in years. Wc wish our patrons, one and all, A HAPPY NKW Y'EAK! WENDELL Pn UII.IPS ON GKNEH.IL GHANT. —Wendell Phillips, is out denouncing General Grant as a trai tor that ought to be removed. In a speech lately made by him at IJos ton, we find the following : lie asked by who>o fault there was bloodshed and persecution in the streets of Memphis and New (Irlonns? lie us>cited that the policy ot the President lui* something t<» do with it, but that was not ail. It «v.n Grant lApplau-: and l.i» -• J 'fin- tit ».-t IXVIIpicd oil thb- eomiu s.t. In **< d. **• bv I*. >. Grant. It h- i cif a ilij r i*« * «*.' N» * * frf Mir : • - jmt IrtiT* :W So«ffc U< Si i - • •» -% U «A 1 < ft • ' •• t V; - •HI .*» ; i I . KL- w i Im«t r j» ... #mm W A X«MPr, mm <4 fm* tmstttk. tmmm &*,. **m-$m sum. ■« -*• at 1 m +>. mmA tw taw*, * . *» m " m agr "* ' •**» {^h- M -mm iif"- « j/ff & mm**- »■!■% » - r- • % » Itl **'. 2 f '.i>i*. lmt m i '•* (t k* Mr. T- M. !: i .. t u|«>ti tv ii '• ti • !• «tf a «!.ii ' Imy, and ih»w '.-I •|;i i it<» >ij»taiii, if p«>--.l'!<. :t -till neater bueavonicnt. in tic death <>t liis wile,ho died on Thurs day morning last. The loss is not liis alone, l»:it that of the ommuni tv in which she resided. Mhv a merciful Providence give our friend strength to bear np under his deep alHiction. "U. S. Oi'i'iciAlJ PAPKH," AOAIX. —The State Department lias cor rected the wrong done us by Ciov. Pickering, and reappointed the STAXHAKD to publish the acts, reso lutions and orders ol' Congress. We have always maintained that the (lovernor's action was in violation of the confidence reposed in him by the Department in making the award, and'its course shows our surmises to have been correct. AVe haven't if doubt but that the position of the Pickwick Club is now well under stood at Washington. Tin: U. kS. MAILS. —We publish elsewhere an advertisement of the Post Office Department for propos als to carry tlic mails over several important routes. A late ttdtesman says that the contractors on Itouto No. l"42l. for weekly service from Walla Walla to Colville, decline to perform the- service for the pay as signed them—s4,ooo per annum— after January Ist. This route is in cluded in the present letting. THK Hi 1 N;HIXTENDENUY. —Private advices from Washington confirm the announcement made in the Now York Jlcrald of Oct. Ist, that W. 11. Waterman hail been removed r.nd (Jen. McKinnoy, of lowa, appointed Superintendent of Indian Affairs for this Territory. Gen. McKinnoy was in active service during the war, and is a firm supporter of President .John son and his policy. Wc learn that tlioro is another "Judas" involved in this transaction. Sti- m The Jltnil's sj'«'« .a a - :i HI of a rtHlwouil tn»iu < jiif.K-'iia ha« l*»«':i re <• lat tin- IK-pa,:tu !.t of tbe In !«»*. 4Hi« Jw«r tiir Pari* K\- T |m .- m . >-jt ♦ nflit fw? ri >■; !T ar * J? TV » uxl a V 1 . ,1 1 _ 1 • » -• *. - • • ►w. 4 w it* a • -wCii r r. "♦xr _ £ r -a. 4^ Km ** 1 t«tV Mm W'tjlf * W- T mttmt ** WfTmi —w. & M < Jk Mtiii&r f * V J , , r * ** -•» « .jT # " «if mm '-mm*---': 'dM -<*4Biwp" *M **' 4B& •* u. . HBMMIP* ** «*' •* n ftfc •%,, ■; ~ _ A ;. 4» 41 1 a **#■ *v «r*aN| 4Mftp* Hi. - T****- - « •TV k .a»'a »>•■•»..■*. i;—\- r n I o»"*t>Pft4 in !«.-• pa* «r lU i- «it • i.. rt tit - 'T «ff> f h: j »' i -an -z •ml the ili nj Ui«| <if 11>«- i ff- a » .Mid* buiuU-r <'l T I'-ii.t «-i* * r» the pt. and ;t iilur It. • ; 5- •■ |H*ridi< 1. Tin* \* »lerd iv were renewed. >!. «• t tiie Voinnti'ers were t.»k« n out j iVe. Latent di»pat<-h say> the l'»-» "t life hy the two explosion at lirinslev is over 4ou. WALLA W.M.I.a \ ,\1.1.1.v. —The Walla Walla Statesman givc mune interesting' items concerning the productiveness of that valley, from which we take the following statis tics of that district for the closing year: Wheat 555,000 bushels, oats 250,000 do., barley 225,000 do.,corn 150,000 do., beans 170,000 lbs. llorses 2,H1J0, cattle (5,500, hogs 4,500. The manufacturing interest is represented by G flouring mills, (! saw mills, 2 distilleries, 1 iron foun dry, 75 threshers, headers, and reap ers. W KM, PVT.— The Walla Walla Statesman, in alluding to the P. Tri bune's preference for A. A. Denny for Delegate next .Tune, rominds that paper that lightning never strikes twice in the sains place. Tli v. States man probably forgets tho remark of Mr. Benton to a Congressional aspi rant : " The world is prone to rever ence the solemn ass." USsy Wm. Ho=s was arraigned, on the 24th infct., before XI. S. Commis sioner Surjcnt, for disposing of spir ituous liquors to Indians, and found guilty. Hail was fixed at sf>oo, in default of which defendant was re manded in custody of Deputy U. S. Marshal Kellett, to await the action of the Grand Jury. frS*" Gen. B. S. Alexander, long in command of the defenses of Wash ington, will soon leave for California to superintend tho construction of docks at San Francisco. ®S~ Mr. G uyot, requests that watches scut him from a distance for repair be marked with his address, to prevent mistakes, lie continues to warrant his work. A KI.F.KT.—On Thursday la*t the steamers A n<h r*on, < 'yens Wulki r, .'/ try and the A"*ri« Kr>j> wLerr hiuj jt die wliarvt-« in t<«*n. Tt*« * : -The W» U VI atia >* ' •»> - ti* It • at tfe*" ka> If * m * <k— tritflb'is.; aa mi a»< <w»4- r wA>«. ♦.CT» El tl iA» U« xn 4Mhar aaP^ »4 w %■ W WMM** ' flfel ■'vm. -00" w Uto***" *" &&>■ A " *# lta»- Imt ■fe «lk taM* n i wwii nwr M BPttS ' ft »' * jms. T Wtfrnm, . vjvt. % W"m fc»r n*f in a 'f * jrn %. r . • * rt* fa 1 -•»• »•- !»• t fi» * I " J" »-•* a***i c. 1 IlH'% it in>* I 4 J. r* -M tr-Me *• lw**i ' f.«r imc t<» | •. !"• r tl. ctWM .of fc|*(VT or *:i '. - while he hiiii-ili >'.ind i-oi.v: tn| <>f •• tirtitiou* ;n-- eounts for erument ? If printing title pages to hills and reports, and attaching them to those printed hy the Territorial Printer, to draw pay for work never performed, ain't "forgery," what is it? Will our upright eotemporary answer ? Time will show. PKADODY'S WKAJ.TH. —Mr. Pea body's fortune is variously estimated, and conjecture is busy trying to dis cover wliat lie is worth. In 1851 lie was numbered among the-million aires of London, and during the fol lowing ten years bis business great ly increased. In 1800 be was said to be wo nth $15,000,000 in gold, and lie lias endowed various charities in the princely sum of $5,000,000.

Mr. lYabady is now probably worth $10,000,000* or $15,000,000 for the increase of his property during the past six years has been considerable. Fortuno has not smiled on him in vain, for seldom has so bountiful a giver been unlabored among men. He has given SBOO,OOO since his rrri val hero. IN MEMOKI4M. WHKUKAS, It has pleased the All mighty an«l Supreme Huler of the Universe, in whose hands arc the destinies of all men of every station, age, and clime—and who " worketh all things after tho counsels of his own good will"—to permit the grim tyrant death to enter the sacred pro cinets of our mystic cirelo and claim for his own a beloved member of our order, Brother gallio K. willard who, by this dispensation of that All- Wise Being, before whom we bow in humble submission, has finished his allotted time on earth, no more to be seen in our midst, no mora to mingle in the active concerns of life, no more to hold converse with his . brethren an*' friend* here, nor ex tend the Jruternnl hand. With him all is still—cold—dead. Hut these sorrowing word*, which thus imii- j cute <>nr i*«tecm and jjrief f«»r the de | parted, are but f<s»l»le exprcMiima of the inward enmtioiia «>|" the heart. ' Tl.«-fvt«»r»\ »• a further triinite . *•» upon i* rp.toa! rv. <r<l tlx (liliMrw; rrniutMM: /; rrJ. Tha* tilt* • >?li a of » •mrm tbr .4 11 r Ait** *I. K WrjLttfc, win 4r haf* r«f tfci# 5f M tfce AJT wi U A I»- % "L. *».' MtW »■ I **W94 |e « £ '"m4. T'fctf m tSr 4ml of m mm- » •nHnM» —■ r - mr «■» «« » aaamMMMH <*» mw "4P> HO* ***&*• ,11 «» ar m'*m* «*■ &*»< ** ♦ «■*%- ■■•****; *<s«§** jmmbi %>- flfeNflto 4«MAI u :«»#SWh **• iWMIP 4Wp» 4W Ufc*- * # iMf *fc 4MMMT Ik & •*#»" V «4f 4ft* * £9Mp» *"■4l •• ifer dhntfTL «4 ft fl*-**!*'". V -4b. Mttjftinwifc AM' * "MPf •Wftßftftl T " ? IMP im <ar* *." f» : «-4 Ml «* *»"■■» 1 rt* t» «-■•- «Tf* 1« M »T*l t Til * hm*. \* lar. »t»" • -in! ! M»< wwl .» ... <1 can We .-# n tk*» «*i «i«» *.f 2' * ;«• i '«-■•«<» _* >~ati liiri • , .<« tW Irvine «<f t."-r »j- .•(«*-• i lirirfiM lit«-. i.t r al>. viitkMi t > liq> liu'id and t'liil l *H. F >iid.y inn t!i<*\ i-jii !«.»• k an ! .Uvll up hi her ev»r kind word to t!i«»t uit!i whom she moved. The universal grief of thi* community at horearh ami sud den departure may yield a »ulaee, for it proves how mnc-li .-he was ap preciated. All of us may manifest our regard for her hallowed memo ry, I»y u determination to hold Iter virtues in perpetual remembrance, and earnestly endeavor to f.>!! >w her example. I MKS. reed was born iit Upper iiltic Licks, Kentucky, on the 24th day of May INoJ, where she was inarrict] to lier esteemed hushaiul, on October -Oth, 15,"»3. In Fehru (iry 18.34, she and her liu.diand ar- rived at San Francisco, via Cape Horn. They continued to reside in California, until April 1858, since which time they have resided at Olympia, except one season in Ida ho Territory. To Masonic brethren, this event has even a more peculiar interest. Mr. Ueod had just been elected by Olympia Lodge, W. M. for the en suing Masonic year. The ovohinir O v of the dav he was bereft of his love- ly wife, he was to have been instal- loci in that responsible office. The hour for refreshment and pleasure had heen converted into that of af lliction and sorrow, and his brethren joined with him in his desolation, suspended their lnh >rs, and alopted the following resolutions: Olympin Lodge No. 1, F. A. M., pro' • \- -• fers its heartfelt condolence, anil .-incerest fraternal sympathy to M. W. lb-other Thomas M. Rtvd, (Jiantl Muster of Ma sons of the Ter'i'ory of Washington, and W. M. of said L>dge, in the iifltciin.j dis pensation of our Sup cine Giand Master, by which our d Brother Iris beer bereft of II lovely urn! devoted wife, his estimable compairoi and help-mate— his littlo cliildrc.i linvc been orphaned—his home made desolate. We mourn with him for the loss society has received; we grieve with him at his re newed and seemingly so oft repented afflic tions ; we hope witlf-hiin that death is but her happy translation from this imperfect, to that.all-perfect celestial Lodge above, where giief never enters, where there is eternal life nud fulucss of joy forevermore. We sympathize with him, and pray that his jrreat lose may n>t be inconsolable, but that lie may find abundanceof strength to be Mip|>or:cd in this his hour of deep tiial and sortow. Theiefore, as a wak frs'invnial of oar ir.'»id t<>( the nitninry of the lovely dead, j of "iir -» mpj'liT with ««r afflicted ltr »ther. ltrm»lr,-4 | ual tl.u tribute be in •cnbcJ np.:i tbe U co.J» of the l/xigc. a cofrt ib- iwt j a*k tW aeal of tW I If W |*>trui«<i I" M W br •b f 1 U i«* n wpfn t. tran—n a** CitKi ni TBi O. * X. CV— TW « i'g m •««: *lt > m»■ pan *V 4 Mmk OML. A. H<r*»ri p* « ■ Mil. m & «tfll sgpW -4kHMHfIpKF '•** -WNPMI''' %•- 401 H ■fM«gMf«aH»- "«*>•. ■"'£ * •*■" ' -«MM» 4RK-. 'h» 4 WHfg 1 '■' *?*••<«■«■•;;• •» » mm * -MM MMi •*-' Ammfe 4* Mr *■*< # «<?» ■» tfNlfr d» UMWMI MMN* Imp> Wfc «aai PW ■« «g «■*. r * T - ■.. m Hnk% . •• «• . % SMfll" (fc»- •*•'" '■••• ** *■»><*. fc* a* OB «m! Ml T 1 .•# KMPf <M» Qtf XS^Wf iH Immnl Ihr »w«er «t Mr j■* ■rnrnn* . *t#« tl*f *' •<4 frk » k. «b * >- a * «*1 11> m 4 * t. **»» «'»• > -«<-**»* r », i• » ft. in* (•»% wt Lih I * I* f* 1 * ** * *■*»'* "* tiMM. T (ui>l i* . It" *-U H •" ? •»'•■«>.. )t H ir **i I •' } ■'* ' t.A' \ r • Lali it: >.•*■ *.»ur *:f wen. that ».ll h<»n«»r y>-«r •_" , v<rrn>r *U»re :i!l men, Ik > tt|• unto the preat Council of the liaindiggcrj*. audy«* -liall timl favor in my fight and I will do many great things l<»r you. Then the wise men departed and went their way, ami told all those things unto the peojilo which the governor ha<l charged tliein to say ; lint the people said one to another, Arc these things so V and is it not better f»r us to walk in the way of our fathers and honor him that l'rov- idence lintli given us fop a ruler, or heed tlic savings of these men ? And the greater part of t hum answered and said, wo will honor Andy, for as for this governor and his prophet, who shall answer tor them and for their good endeavor*, when they counsel lis to set at nought our laws and not to regard the custom of our fathers and who are constantly going about seeking how they may destroy our good ruler, even Andy, whom Providence 'hath given us to rule over us. And so the people would not listen to the wise men whom the governor had sent, sfnd when the people came together otter the man ner of the nation oi the Claindiggers to choose their counsellors and law- givers, behold there were more ot those chosen that were well disposed towards Andy than there were of those that were friends of the gov ernor, and when all these things wore told to i'ickwiek, the governor, he was highly displeased. t'KAITKIt 11. Now it cametopass, that when tho time came for the Clam-diggers and law-givers to go up unto the City, even that great city of the Clam diggers which is called Olympia, which was in the t.velftl; month of the year, and in the second year of Andy the Just, that all thj council lors and law-givers went npihithor, except some who lived a long way off, and when they had come togeth er, the Governor said unto those that belonged to the great council, made haste and go up unto your house and choose yc a chief this day, fordo ye not perceive that there are some ot those sons of Belial who IOTA And; and the Constitution of our fathers more then they do me or our prophet that have not come as vet to tho city. 80 the great made haste to choose them a chief and they chose one whose name is Ben jamin. but the Governor spake and said unto lii* friend* that were of the law giver* are not your nnmhcps leas than tl..we of ray ewmiea and think ye that it i>» g> m| that ttliould jfo u{> onto tb»- Ihhm ret that tf cmbiil pnrvai! t» » Ck-f TVfW.** »Wv that m rev tue friaa4« «4 tW iwwinir amt wt Mfei tW anu 4*\ MrW wek mam •tW i art fwM ? m 1>« mi m %m \a» toe rtmem wa • af> •c*' m i, » tter am*4 tm et tkr MBMaa et M* 4m tfc 11 mine -et tarn mmm. hmm «fti kav *#4 mad B.i>f W tMtf %liMrtt •*- ami «skMMi VHtfMP Ik* . 4HMI jktam*"" fIbNNP fba 4MB* 4ft •nr-r p*®- MMtaigr** I mBF* o*mm+ MM* •