Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 29, 1866, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 29, 1866 Page 3
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*v f - ~-»0 m•»an ' ■«» *■» '• * »• ' I fc4 r • . i .1 »'« «. »MIL i-iif -l. *•• :• . •«. ■ i f » nuu>!i(.K %>:» < !: .!•:%< ». nn !.■»«%• I* W .• .« . 4*. Ml. \' •>. I> • « \ . • » H , tinr %it*l » r*. « * j * ir«» i . •« i. <. .. > hi fr tif «. ?z .t i.. tf-i «-u.. !••;>• «. A. • * Dlt.>kil.l.lN I .»i il • * j• V* ..iiioii, i'hilaririphu, IV United States Mail. WWSIIIXC'foX TKKRrnmy. POST OFFIOK 1 1 • • \ ITTMI S I Wellington, October .Ml, I s *. i ]~J!JOPOS ALS will l.e receive lat the 4\>u- Iraet ojVu'e of t*:is bepartnutit uutii i\ at. i f February 15, IH»7. lor eoave\ ~ iSit* mails of Ihe Pniled .'tales in the IV.rii>ry «>' Washin.ion. IVoin #f«ilv I. I:<i»7. '«» ' 111 • • *• ». IsTo. on i'ii* v • itr.i anil by the schedule oi jiurtures ami arrivals herein spe-uk-d. (lin ing routes e t.i)»llie <1 by nets of ('oiigfe? proved March 14, anil July lri and 20. INM— ami.others.) Dec", ions atinouiK'ed by February ~.M, 1 HiiT. 1"!J1 From Seattle, l>y Tree Posts nndPuss lUakely to Pa-s Oiehard t .Mo miles and b vck. once a week. Leave Seattle Tue.-day at S a in ; Ari'iv • at Pass Orchard by ()j> til ; i.< \«- Pass Orchard iv at H a in: A i'ii ve at {Seattle by p i:i. 1512J From \V iI!i:la, by Antonie Plant/., Poll d'Oiv.lle Lake and ilcll U.ile, i .Mon tana) to Helena, TIJU miI«J.S ami back, once a week. Didders to propose a schedule of depar tures and arrivals. Proposal* tor threc-times-a-Wi'ek service invited: ami ;i o to end Hell (iate. (Mi«:-ott!a Mill.- 1 P. O.i --) » miles less di. t nice. 154-M From Walla Walla, by t'opnle. Ton hi t, an I Lewist'in, to Piei •• t.'ily, 'J7M miles and back, on c a v.< k. Leave Walla Walla Mo; «t ay at '> a v.\ : Arrive at Pierce • *ity li.'tlt day by <*• pm ; Leave Piii ef'ity .Monday at (>a in: Arrive at NVi 11a Walla dn\ bv 0 p m. Ir. 121 From Walla Walla. l>y Mullan's t > l ui't Cnlvill". miles . u• i back.; once a ivct'li. Leave Walla W'a 11 'i Monday at 8 n m : l'nri Cc.h IM-.f ilui |a\ l>> Up.sii Leave Fort Cidville Ji i.ilay at H a in ; Arrive at W»i!:i Walla Saturday it p in. l.">»2r> From I'ort .T.-vn•••::•!, l-y New I »u uess, to Whale ni, 75 miles mi l, once a week. Leave I'ort Town "ti I Tifv'ay oti nrrivijl eflioat fro:u Oh inpia ; Arrive at Whatcom in :>(! hours ; Leave Wli ito in Thursday at x a in ; Arrive at I'ort Town- nil Friday l>y Hp in. l.VliO From W ill i Walla to Seittle, miles and back, once a week. Didders to stale distance and propose a a schedule of departures and uirivais: Far furin« of pr.i;>>»iU. I'rrirv and certi ficate, and for instructions. requirements, otc., bidders are reterrcil to the general advertise bj'in of Territory routes, dated Jnlv It" at the principal posl-nfliccs. ALEX. W. RANDALL, l'n«tin.i*tar-Gcat ral. D 21, lh'. >. 6;u 1 i. LKJirrxER. (■ntrrirv i'rut^icuv <i.MTinvi BCCTS SHOES. UTS. CPS. IBMin*. tit KDfl Ift I JL*. r . . oimriA rrsstiT A ffca— fife PS S* * - - lw. t UST' - L Tit tU SiOMVv «» vk ru> ft 4 A * ** t-»i i r« »v a oo.ts [A[\it IF \m una •i* «* «»•:»««• i« * . *• .• 4 f-rm til tW f.f ft*r« mi 'it' '«r of ttkr rn-** pafHi r • f«jf all of tbr »n«sa- M ab<i ofggtA*. A* * t< n. it Mill Itf found inuluiblf'lo all vrr • i . i»_; from debility, »hflhfr pnxiurfa by . r T :!I IHK, f«»r wliiUt it impart* to the *y»- t< tu ill T!I glow and that ran be prodmed by «in«' nr br.uidy, it i* intirely free from the r#ac ti ii u\ elicits that follow the u:»c of spirits of any k.ud. * It is also an excellent remedy for females who suiter from dillicult menstruation, giving almost im mediate relief to the spasms that HO frequently ac c.m»p my that period. it gives immediate relief to Nausea, caused by riding in a railroad car, or by sickness, or other cauacs. Tt is nls<> valuable as an external' application for (ioiit, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. KKPINOTON & CO., Sole Agents for the Pacific Coast. San Francisco, Aug. 3*3, l&toi. (HtAEFENBERG UTiiIUXK avr holicon if faithtoily used according to directions will cure i v. TV case of Diabetes, Htul greatly miti ;j:ite the troublesome etl'ccts caused by a relax ation of tin- milli't of the blndilcr. ll is u most urpps.-ful rciiii'ilj- for the Cirnvrl uml other (!*■• c isi <of tlif Kiilncys ami Itlitddcr, and for Fe imiU' I'isonsi-s it iincquAlletl. The Calholievn imif.iiTily l ines l'rol.i|isiin I'teri, Whites, all s of tin' Monthly Turns, Suppres :ii 11, iwontinence of Urine, liloutinj; antl l)iu|i.>kal am] all diseases of I'reg nim y. The specific action of this medicine is imi'ii'iliiitc anil certain upon the Uterine and Aliilomimil Muscles and Ligament* ; restoring them !o as healthful a state as tl.osc of child liood and youth, so that patients who hive ii:.. ;l liic (I'lii' h iihcrij Company'* I'trrine Citlhol iraii < iiimot snlticiently express their gratitude for the relief airorded. Kedington ft Co. Agents, llii and 418 Front St., San Kranciico. An;?. 25. lsiiii. 42:ia(!:is Watclxcs, Oloolu JEWELKY, &c. JCIJBW <p! VOT, ()LYMPH, ll'. T. 0 ITERS fur sale a line assortment of— GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, CLOCKS, Oj-w JEWELRY, SPECTACLES, W Till MULES, [•KXf'II, CASES, EAR uiid I'INGER RINGS, RREAST I'INS, LOCKETS, GOLD CHAINS, KEYS, SEALS, Together ltli nil article* usually kept for sale by Watchmakers niul Jeweler*. . N. I!.—Mr. Onyot, thankful fot the patron age extended to liim during the past four years, would respectfully solicit a coutiuuauce of the ! suine. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired in the liest inauuer by himself, and warrant- I c>l lor one year. Itdi" I'm kajfcs forwarded by exprefi or «tagr will receive careful and prompt attention. Olytnpin, Junolsiirt. 25:tf I'OXY SAMPLE S A I< O O IT I CIIAS. Ul RMKISTtU. I'KorRIKTOR. M lis »tml. npfw»«itr f«rt(k Hmw, ol rjf/•/.€, w. r. f |* * " } '•* n mlwmr§ »«y»f»lie4 | * ' . rTr t-».t «rf ( .'liars nad Xtptn r *£EM JkXP ctt*tr A « -•!» nuun TAKLF fm *"■— I *w m m i' ■ i mm Ihm* laaMHr fIU »Hirivr uorrrcKY uphhl LIIMHI » LhTHIW fr«'T\ W* *«»r» xit *a* «I» m mil MUU wnnjy AT »V Slop thai li» Dull inn fU i • - | '•% 1 « I«ar4 I't M» iairm>t< ■»rr»: I ail ywpifl,■*— It i» » •! turn >iMiui4 rvlu< U»t tn » ••f'liif ei*« tfr the tnmvy e«frri«»et»?» _%»»« Nl%r t ( tm»li« «•«»■»|*uut»«l4 lh*- J » . » certain curr . I»ut IVEWFiLL'M Pulmonary Syrup is really the VERY HKST remedy ever com pounded for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Ilron chitis uud Consumption. Thousands of peo ple in California and Oregon havebeen already benefitted by the surprising curative powers of JVEWELL'S Pulmonary Syrup and with one nccord give it thnir unqualified approbation. We now address ourselves to all who are unacquainted with greatest Panacea of the age, for the healing of all dis eases of the Throat uud Lungs, assuring you that \EH ELL'S Pulmonary Svrup has cured thousands and it will cure YOU if if you try it. Thi« invaluable medicine is pleasant to the taste ; soothing, healing and strengthening iu Its effects; entirely free from nil poisonous or deleterious drugs, und perfectly harmless un der all circumstances. Certificates from many prominent citizens of San Francisco accompany every bottle of XEWELL'N Pulmonary Syrup REDINOTON k CO. Agents, San Francis co. Atig. 23, 1866. 42:m6;is ' Notice. IN the mater of the estate of M. L. llcfTran, deceased. Pursuant to an order of tho Probate Court of Thurston County, made at the last October term thereof, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder for cash, the estate of the said deceased, situate at Turn water, in the County of Thurston, W. T., consisting of the South half of Lot No two [2] in lllock No three [3l, with the buildings there on. The above sale will take place on Saturday, January 5, 1867. CHAB. HURMISTER, Exccuter of the estate of M. L. Heft-on, dee'd. Olympia, Nov. 28. 1866. I>:\r< Dr. Canarau, FORMERLY of the Emigrant Refuge Hospi tal, New York city, would re»pectifiilly inform the citizens of Olympia and its veceiA ity that he ran be consulted daily at the Washington Hotel, or at Or. Turner s Drug Store, on all matters pertaining to his pro lesion. Olympia Nov. 2*. IMC. 5 :t KE»l\tTOV* FLAVORING EXTUACT& are m»4r fma g~l 4 ill Frail* K. h Vo<tie ha Mi la ire mm mm' h m* may a«k>-r tieaas m the r— I'■ fl astf fWt ae» *W rfci a»i it m»t kM t Mk i<TMt KlMV.Ti>t * rv -J I - la> Eh* t «aaa IHfBT, BPBT MB MKB W • ' Eliza \Bd*Tv«. | M |,| JL. ,

* 111 l « ft OK mm m KBTV T? RR BENNETT HOUSE. SAI.KM nicEitOX. I. J. K.H tICT, n\ \ |\<i tbr al>»re nantil kutfl. t> {•ri parr.l to •('"UiiuoUlr «br irairliac publit mid one linndr. <1 regular l»—r4er». m as good i»|\ lr n- iiiv ll.iu-e on tbr Coast. lie has d< termini d In maU the "Bennett" »s good a- tbr best anil tetUr than anr public house in Salem. Il<- will soon complete ioidc important improvements, which will add greatly to its appearance and n rnmfurt, and inteudiiigs to merit mid hopes tu receive his share of patronage. Ilehns secured the services of " Charley" (known to he the best cook in Salem, and one of the best in the whole couutry) and other competent pcrsous to manage the culin. ary department, and is resolved to set us pood a table tu can be found anywhere— not it' clap-trap, pomp ami show, flummery and line furniture, but in an abundant supply of the very best th<! market affords. His liar-room will be kept warmed and lighted, nnd well supplied with newspapers, periodicals and other suitable reading matter, and kept in a manner which will make it an agreeable resort. In short he inlends makingnneflort to please all who step at the Uenuet House. And he most respectfully requests his friends every where to the give tho old nud well known stand at least one more trial before concluding they can do as well elsewhere, un<l promises if they are not well treated, and properly cared for, and at rcatonnhle figurrt, it w ill not be the fault of the public's most obedient and most humble serv't. N. B.—Furnished rooms, with oi without hoard, by the day,week or luoulh, at the Ben nett, charges moderate. L. J. S. T. Salem, Oregon, Nov, 13, 1036. 4tf A CARD FOR THE FALL £ VISITER (WHIM TRADE. Ol* San Francisco. BADGER ft LINDENBERGER, Not. 411, 413 and 415 Ilattery Street, corner Ma chant, Han Francisco. Importer* & Wliolemilc Dealers. ENTIRE NEW AND FRESH STOCK I WE would call the attention of COUN TRY MERCHANTS to our usually large stock of goods. Our stock comprises every article in the Clothing and Furnishing line. We have constantly on bund the largest stock and greatest variety of Casslmere and Wool HATS of any house in Sau Francisco, and our prices for these (Soods are Itss than those of any house, as we receive them di rect from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of FALL AND WINTER floods is particularly attractive, and the great featuro to tho country merehaut is the un usually low prices Lugs Than the C'ont of Importation' We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in th« Dry (loud* lino, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are o.Tcring them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order thai we may make new acquaintances, and Indnce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our stock. Good Article* and Low Prices! Are the great inducements toall who purchase to sell again. Men-hauls who buy uf us, can make a jro»<l pro lit, and mII to their cnstMu ert at * '«a fipure. We remain, respectfully, V. if OMimil VrtanK. HAIHiKK k LIMikNRERGKR. Wkol «le Clmhlag aad flat Ttrrk<'iw. 411, 41] a»4 4I» Bmmtrj wrvt.. Sl« f Or! : lltft. M }<s T it m amralat Maafcsas Lair at 11 MS W4v«. V m ms fcaafr *aai Mr. mmv <m vStoMNaMWMMK ' «4NnMf> * jfMMNNIk --■» W" J—' w * % * L. JAY S. TURNFiY. SFILX 4PMIO* I * •' ■■■ mm «HHk «■> WW *> IM» ■ I 111 * — mmm mm ■» Z» m— * mm TW» —■ i tmmrnrn' m±~ 1 < « • «!» a '■» »wa 11Am pari i anM tar. tri to ' «■» a- »~«r mm » !■! a*4 mym m !»•< u u4 W ■>« ■ par tftKto taari k~ «a) 4»•mm m •f■ t! aaK tWi ft*4 ■ t »»| p*l Ina r*rttr. *k* 4> M rmrr akil lk»> «*3 Kr tAinw fur 4. Sft mmt fflialr oirr Ik («i T. II DR %KF * CO.. St» Yark ( Hi, Prxpnrtur*. SotJ l>» all Drifcitl. (liarrri. (nnlri iimt* anil ilralrrt throughout I lie world : small dr il rr> ran obtain *■■ p|»lof anr wliolr.«ale agrnt in any I irjr» < itv or town in thr I'nioii. Bnrnea' Magnolia Water. A toilet delight 1 The ladies' treasure and geutlemcns' boon! The "sweetest thing" and largest quantity. Menufactured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used for bathingtlie face and person, and to render the skin soft nnd fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, Ac. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespirntion. It removes redness, tan, blotches, Ac. It cure* nervous headache and allays inflamma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no other Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Donlers everywhere. DKMAS BAFNES & CO., I'rops. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. Lyon*' Kathalron. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and gloss;. It prevents the hair turning grey and Culling Off. It restores hair upon prematurely bald heads. This is just what Lyons' Kuthairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car load, and yet Its almost incredible dcinaud is daily increasing, nnd there is hardly a country store that does not keep It, or a family that does not use it. E. THOMAS LYON, Chemist, N. Y. Lyoni' Extract Ginger. Lyons' Extract of I'i-ee Jamaica Gixom— For Indigestion, Nausea, Hartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, kc., wnere a warming stimulaut is required. Its careful prcparatoin and entire purity mike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask fur •' Lyons' " Pare Extract. Take no other. See that the private U. S. stamp of Demas liarnes & Co. is over the cork of each package. None other!* genuine. Mutttan g Llllnei. Hare you a hurt child or a lame horse ? Use the Mexican Muatanp Liniment. For cuts, suraiua, burns, swellings and caked breasts, At Mexico* Mustang Liniment is a -ertain cure. For rheumatism, neuralgia, stiff joisb, stings aad bur*, there is nothing like the Mas lean M«a taac Liniment. }ur «[v.i km«, the fall e»3. neghaee and •wertn . iLe Meuraa Maauai Lwiaval ma bilk I'M laik arralefcra, bag hi ad and tW Nettraa Mi<m llan >4 u a«tk (§ wi|H a RRR tmZm **- •T mm a •MT aaloi • —MM m «a» %m> mtm p* I Mil 11 «ar ■ !i'inmi— m «*» 4 %m* m ti»« lMi« BaMri >• ■» fM I'■* «hi > At# . <«■ fil U«lh ® ■—a T*- §ll h*v%, fk riUrMllt PI.RMMI IU. f r*io*« l'wfclt A kta V i' imt ■ IkrwrnM Fnt- buUrta. Miwu xm4 Wr«ilr fira> i«l Nwrjnwirt » ( >i<«. rirli (i. Suhcti|i(H*> lot aii Uir Sw t rurian Daiurs at I'uiiitUrtt' pritrt. Any Nrwspaprre. Minii>r< or llnirn, Mt mentioned in the abute li»t, will be forwarded to order. Order* for Book*, Stationery, Muair, Fancy Arti cle*, etc., promptly filled. Purchase* of all kinds outside of our regular busi ness promptly ar.d faithfully attended to, at the lowest market price*. Subscription* payable Invariably in advaaoei Remittances to be prepaid. New Dooks ireceived by every «teataer. Address WHITE & BAUER, New* Agents, San Francisco. tnr New Dealers in the interior supplied at tht owest ifctea. August 5, 1860. 80:1 y Wait for tHe Seat* REASONS FOR SUBSCRIBING TO "Holland's Life of Lincoln-'* Ist. It is the only Life of Lincoln in tlit market written freshly front the beginning since his death, the others being only extent sions or modifications of Campaign live 9, writ ton for 11 political purpose. 2d. It is not npicture book filled with ap peals to a morbid appetite for horrible scenes-, but is a dignified and valuable work which any gentleman will be glad to place in his 1U brary. 3d. Itis strict'y the story of Abraham Lin* con's Life, and not a cheaply gathered collec tion of his works. 4th. It is the only Lifs of Lincoln writleA by an accustomed and popular anthor, the ex cellence of whose works has made his name a household word throughout the land. sth. It is written fron fresh gathered in Illinois by the hand of the author himself. titli. It is written by the mnn whose nami appears upon the tit'.e page as its responsible author, anil not by lilerury hacks, hired fot the purpose. 7th. Its mechanical execution is tasteful and thorough. Bth. It is highly recommended by thb New York Tribune and all the Knstern papers. The agent will soon be around. Agents desiring to solicit subscriptions to the work, luuy address HILLS k CO-., Box 33, Salem, Oregon. Olympia Market! MITCHELT"&~ TILLEY, P ROPRIBTORS. WIiOLIBALK AND RKTAIL DKALEB II MEATS AND VEGETABLES, STOCK BOUGHT, And Shipped on CommlMlote K9* CHABOM REASONABLE. If hop on lValn St., WtwraH Thlrdmidfo^tla Olympia, Aug. 3, 1806. 3U:tf S. GAUFIELDE >J. K KENNEDY GARFIELDE * KENNEDY Attorneys AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW> OLTHI*IA AND Mt TOVMUP, V. Y. WILL aitrad to ciril and admiralty bi»i iru ia the Court* ofWatfciagloa Terri tory. Mr OaHkM* will attend to rriaiaal j»rar- UcvaUo. aa4 bawag •riu*4 fßawitiT ia iHrafu br a ill attr»4 la a«n ia ti» Sa frrwf I'Mft llunrti r»«Mi»? ai a *•#- laa«-* aa4 4nin«f ka W"» wta Ufer mi Cmmrx, »uSm»4 fenat* a( < naa. Jntr li IMS Ms! • T CpT r - * m m <»* m MHM • m