Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 19, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 19, 1867 Page 3
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m * « mmmmmrn * *% « • v —*• *' "*""*> ■"— * * "■* * •*" * n«*~.» *«*»*» now u "■' ft.. «■» *» 'a* "»■ - % * BVI 1 %ft •*» m"' m m «m»' « k, «k w " *V. «* •» * •». -(MR • "■*■' **" -^w* ■<*fc %r ft «■"• >■ iiV"* • ft * «■» •*■ <• »m*p— '•"'■ C <■%> - «r ■* «WHM; 4NM %ft v "** * "•■ *» P"*"* ** • w«v * -*«» m» «. * * *» m mm Bft % • «... m» • •»-" mMM* f ♦ •««■». V<* <• «t# ■•"- ■ ft ft % •• etr- TrHi t If* «■ "*• ** *W m h.~m* mm. I ft. **#•»*-• *m m , f m9m tm NiA I Av« > N- « • Mr *m» > - HIV - «r+ w» mrs»~ -t a: * - £+■ c »i w f -. %r. su Hf r >f»»H r u tike • * W V> \ J M, M •C- i 4 iUffti W •* f* tW x*~ •% mr% *4 (T««t, »p<*r*»®4 J<a 21 l*»-i II bN ' <>l i a t>i «yritt ®>; - «PT for tLc C'lbtinic i« «t rr.tJin . *i« J'»»-*• J I>j tb- ( 'lo» in£ >o'e ; Ay-f : I'lvm r. KUr ijr •. l\»rJ. Il»r I» D. ll'-rk»'r'. I. >ng nirt-, McGihra. Ruth liobin-on. Suiitli, I in '. Van B kk l- n. Young. Mo.gan an 1 Mr. Speaker —10. Noes : UriiZ' e. CTirk. Hancock, If»nry, .leest**, Kuapp. I\ellv, ()'Bryant, Pallock, Pag«*, imil Simmons—l2. C BXo 14, an act reliting to evidence in civi actions, was passed H It N<> 52, an act to nmcml nil ncls in relation to licenses in Clark county, was paf^cd. If B No 32. an act to regulate interest on money and putiisli usury. Hill lost— ayes, 7, noes. 21. Mr. llcnrv in tin- Chair. H BNo 24, nn act lor the relief of Levi Farads worth as exploring commis sioners, was passeil. C B No 4. an act to provide for acknowl edge of deds out of the Territory. II B No 7. an a t to provide a cominon- Scho jl system for Washington T rritory. II B No 40, an act to establish a code commission was passed | Appropriates SGOJ to Messrs Evan-', and Sharp-tcin, f>r codi fying existing Laws of the Tcrritorv.] H J It N. 13, ivl;tive to co iipeiu ition of Cli as. I'. iTmis iii as Enrolling Clerk, was indetinotely postponed. II B No 48, an act to r -peal an acf rela tive to the sale of school lands was passed. On mo.iuu, House adjourntd. TiirnsDAV, Jan. 17, ISG7. llouso met pursuant to adjournment, and busines was op.-ned in usual form. Mr. I iU'igtniri* introduced 11 11 No 93, an a 111 vac iti* • lie a leys in block No 27, ir. the town of Olvmpiu. Mr. K na;p|i intioduce d II 15 No 91, an act in relation ton Territorial road from Boisfort Pruir'.e t> Mmticillo. H BNo 92, an act to nppoinl ( dicers and locate county seat of Yakima county, >vas passed. H B No 14, an act for the relief of J. L Roberts, was p.i>scd H BNo 69. an act to repeal an act for the pr'solvation of j/ame, was lost. Substitute for II B No 32, nn net to provide fir the cure and safe-keeping of the insane, was passed. H It No 73, un act to ninend art act to provide for the f u'm.-ition of corporations, was passed. H B Nn 83, anpplementary to an net to amend an act to incorporate the city of Port Townsend, was passed. H B No 24, &u act to amend nn a t to incorpornic ihe town of Olympia, was pissed. [D'-fines corporation limits.] H B No 76, an act relative to bonts navigating Black river in King county, was ]raised. H BNo 47, nn net in rclution to insol vent debtors, wus passed. C B No 20, an act r> lit in g to landlord and tenant, was passed. Ou mot on, House adjourned to 2 r. m. .x*TEII>OON SKBSIOX. Howe rt-iS e.nblo 1 . Th« fallowing bill* w.-re passed : Substitute for II B No 1.1, an act to protet t wio -giowfc-*. II BSo 73. an »•-I to amend an act to regit -ie aiairiag*-*. II B Na 70. au act to define lb- juris di tios an i prii- ke in I'ro'atr (' «ns. H B 6... .. acr tar tWr r-4«cf U U H llrtit'.s dJ in M Msrpkr. H B No 19. u met irUuag to rssdi an! Fbmi. J»x It. IKT * 4»r 4 M*» "lu M. *" * m~4 E § *» *... «■«■ <— o. •» S» ■ ft ft- J - * <a* mr * 4» . Tt T*SML i2BJHHBf JHb* ' " *r "it ii> r- - " m **<—■ mm « Imw) 4fc^'4*g iw «■» 4ta> #■••«' • - » W "Mt Iw 111 •» pn I ■ *"► —!■ I» -- «»*' «MP» J '■ ■« <■• * *• p «■• -»'«, ><■( AMk*Mi 4P*" UMPMI •*• « Hd» JTMTM MMTARN ■ mi—»' Tw 1 »111 WHfl w au ,HK .. MAI' 'VN9 i 4Hgf- w- MT .»» "•** # M 4PVMM A p» «•) <«» ftfeipM» MnngMf #<HIM» MB NMW TVMMMF*** «T - f rtB *" > iiixr % < * W4*p» i mA~ *r* < »■ Si.-mw A"* *• 3MT •t» A J»M»» .J. »• •■ *»f*ur «e*rr. »r. . « a 1» ■'*! »• »• '•» »• ►I!" • TW V »• 1 |»»v .k' W- » „ li w rhr raa4« t -• t mm J*f t*t 'C< >• •• UX tU»«r-.»c • i'.fc I• '* .rt - o tkr rt !» 1 H«l" I • il ll ihr I ft »-1 A«i* » '»• ®< \i« 11**1*. J*~ * IW C oma**- i ry |» m<> r*:>f m» j' '• r»-».» 1 it o •Wt'in; lofth tk»! Co jr r«» kit *••» I t-il ?(:•■ C .nii and !>«• >truik a fa*al b! •«" «t th- fiuaoci 1 a i l «-orntn-Tri«l intrrc« - » «f ilic cownfrv in e* -lading flu* S utS'-in Static. I* a hi--« a N'a ioial Convention. •« I"* cw Vork on tlie 4tli of Marcli next, to discuss the question* of the day, and protests iignin»t tlie revolutionary acts of the nn jnriiy of Ciingre s, a - id announces to con servative Union men the d.-termin ition to resist by every constitu:ioiinl power the di-«>rgiini/.ai ion nud destruetion of States. Th.y thank the President for repe ted exi ri iso of executive powers in behalf of the Constitution, nnd pic Ign him aeontin uanc • i f their support. James Brooks ot New York, tnnde a lengthy speech in which hcchnrged Con greiis with entleavoring to remove the President and eliatigc the complexion of the Sitpreme Court. He sai.l the negro is not entitle to and could not bj eutru ted with I lie governing power. Similar speeehs were made by lOnton and Seymour. They il iimpd that Congress has not a rep reseiitation alio enough to nttempt im peachment. Th y charge the Congress with attmnptiug to subvert the govermnenl to secure to itself all national power. Haukimiuro, Pa., Jan. 10.—The He publican Senatorial Caucus nominated Simon Cameron, ns their candidate for United Sates Settlor, on the first ballot last niglit. Tlie vote stooil (or Cameron, •11 ; S.evens. 7 ; Grow, 5, The Kentucky Legisl.rurc refused to testily Constitutional Am ndment by a vote in the Senate of 9 to 2!), and in the House of ayes 2(5. tines 62. The Missouri House yesterday, ratified the Amendment by yeas 9">, noes 62. Gen. Butler has sued B; uk Poinercy, of tlie La CrosM» Drmucrul lor libel, damages at 610,01)0. L®'' Tho "Pioneer Minstit Is" perforin at thu Cnpitol Hall this evening. We arc ind.bted to Mr. Harmon for a late Portland paper. ped; lu this place, of consumption, on tlio 12th inst., Mrs. christena wife of levi shelton in the 51st year of her age. Deceased was burn in Indiana Dec. 2Hth, 1810, moved to Missouri in 1H37, and to this Territory in 1832. She was one of our pioneer residents, and esteemed by nil who kuew Iter. Com. CAPITOL HALL! THIS EVE.\LIiCi! A MINSTREL performance will bo given at the above-mentioned hall on Saturday Evening, Jan. 10th, at half-past 7 -o'clock, precisely, embracing a variety of songs, duncts, nod other perform ances to numerous to mention. William B. Lewia, The world.renowned Kthiopenn Dcliupator. John Parks, The renowned Iloar-pUyer aad Dancer. Jivrs €. Manila r*, The Itsissrj kujo rnad Gaitar Plater. Mim C. Black, Will »U« ia tW istfUl lr fartf «f Tk» «'«J **4 iUorwit ia IMb<ah< Tkr fawMM F.rW— i iVw i|f if ** «rw tfc- *• t <i» Ml frw-l ■■■ «/ **» "'Tv*«. >. j *BF V <MMfe HMT"~ tCwL %■» .# «K T # «Mt> "'MNt % .bj jjj <HMH %pHM> 4Hfr- ' w 4nm*"~ * * ■■>— 4Mi «• %mmt* N.f Out ( <4Liu«L mm mm imm % « •"■*■»«►* -«*» Mfc '*W <•*- VMB rui»«an Syrip > i —iji» t &J»* mmiy# mg c«m * ptfi ■> ItWIU.^ I'ulinonarv Syrup And with ».r.ir4 f\x* it fliair • |t|*r«»t*Al m»o \\ r itu* * I irr«» tfur*el«c* ta ail «ii<« *rt «itfa lL>» irrratril I'Miurra t#f ihr ifr, fur tlir «>f nii di«« rasri o( tbr Tbrual ao«i a»9tiring von I hut JEWELL'S Pulmonary Svrup lias cured tliousnnds and it will cure YOU if if you trv it. Tlii* invaluable medicine is pleasant to tlio taste ; soothiiiK, healing and strengthening in Itsefleets; entirely free from nil poisonous or deleterious drugs, and perfectly harmless un der all circumstances. Certificates from many prominent citizens of Sun Francisco accompany every bottle of NEWELV/S Pulmonary Syrup ItEDINGTOX k CO. Agents, Sun Francis co. Aiiff. IS, lIM. 4Stm6tls Trll mc not in mournful number* Life is sinking to decay, Should thrrc c»mc in frightful number* O'er ) our heads the silver gruy. Life is rent, life in earnest, Why should any one despair, " Dust thou art, to dust returnest,'* Wa* not spoken of the hair. Not the uinrkn of age or sorrow, On your tresses long should stay— You ran live thatearh to-morrow Find them darker thini to-day. Time is long, hut age ahull find von, Though your huir with lustre wave: Soon wiien fading, 'twill remind you, You uremurchiiigtothe grave. In the world's sublimer calling, Where we each our race must run, If Your hair he falling, fulling, Cse the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Trv it—always keep it present,— L'se the " Martha Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind u* What a noble test it'* stood; Million* more shall come behind u* With their tresses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" HAIlt RESTORER, Is a wonder uf the world, and stands above com parison with any other article for the Hair e»er ureiight before the pub ic. Sold everywhere.

Price, SI.OO. SI.HONDS St CO., Proprietor!, FITZ WILLI AM, N. H. ItF.DINOTON & CO. Agents, San Franeiico. Ang. 23,1866. 43:m6:U OHAEFENBEItG UTERINE CATHOLICON if faithfully used according to direction* wilt cure every case of Diabetes, and greatly miti gate the troublesome effects caused by a relax ation of the outlet of the bladder. It isamost successful remedy for the Gravel and other d'a eases of the Kidney* and Bladder, and for Fe male Diseases it is unequalled. The Catholicon uniformly cures Prolapsus Uteri, White*, all Irregularities of the Monthly Turns, Suppres sicn, incontinence of Urine, Bloating and Dropsical Swellings, and all disease* of Preg nancy. The specific action of thi* medicine is immediate and certain upon the Uterine and Abdominal Muscles and Liiraaaents ; restoring them to as healthful a state as tl.ose of child hood and youth, so that patients who hive used the <ir*rfrnkrrj Company's l lmuf Calkml •cos cannot snAf-ivatly eiprr<« their gratitude for tb» relief afurdrd. Kedington ft C«. Ar»l<. <!•> and St . Hm Fran. isre. Aw t !»'•« «: mf f | HEDINQTON A CO.S mm w im um ULMNfII I*l M»|rv (U'TIIK »»«TS. riLvi im wrm m M m .nan v n, *f T-mm ■KNH KT T ny Vllf PALF.iI. nUEtiOX. U J. ft. TIHCT, HAT I wt<r4 aaa>«4 fcotri ■ p*» ) l« yu»«iri«u tkt tmrti(| I'ti'tH. t><l <wr kita<ir>-.J irfiiltl ltMr4rr>. n »* (' od -ulr »• tat liutw oa Ibr I'uitl. He ba« i|flrriu>nr<l to miike Ibr ** lirnwli" *■ good *• Ibr best and Ifflrr llinn any public livu>« in !>alria. Ilr will soon complete toiur important improvements, which will add to ilr* appearance and a comfort, and intending* to merit and hopes tu receive bis aliare of pulronnp. He has secured the services of " Charley" (known to l>e the best cook in Salem, and one of the best in the whole country) and other competent persons to manage the culin. ary department, and is resolved to set as good a table as can be found anywhere—not in clap-trap, pomp and show, flummery and line furniture, hut in an abundant supply of the very best the market affords. His liar-room will lie kept warmed and lighted, mid well supplied with newspapers, periodicals anil other suitable reading matter, and kept in a manner which will make it an agreeable resort. In short he intends makingan effort to please all who step at the Ilennet House. And he most respectfully requests bis friends every where to the give the old and well known stand ut least one more trial before concluding they can do as well elsewhere, and promises if they are not well treated, and properly cared for, anil at rraronahlr figure*, it will not be the fault of the public's most obcdicut and most humble serv't. L. JAY S. TtTRNEY. N. B.—Furnished room?, with oi without Loard, by the day,week or month, at the Ben nett, charges moderate. L. J. 8. T. Salem, Oregon, Nov, 12, 1h.16. 4tf THE FARMER'S GUIDE Scientific nnd Practical AOH.I OUIiTURE. T>Y HENRY STEPHENS, F. R. S., or | | Kdinbiirg, and the lute J. P. NORTON, Professor of Scientific Agriculture in Yale Colicg, New Haven, 2 vols Royal Octavo, IttOO pages, mill numerous Engravings. This is confessedly the most complete work oi. Agriculture ever published, and in order to give it a wider circulation, the publishers have resolvcdto reduce the price to S5 Tor the Two Volumes. When sent by mail (post paid) to Cali foruiti, Oregon ami Washington, the price will be S7 00, every other part of the Union, aud to Canada (post paid) SG. IHJu This is not the old "Rook of the Farm." Remittances for any of the above publica tions should always be addressed, post'paid to the pul Ushers, LEONARD SCOTT ft CO., No. 54, Gold Street, New York. January, 1805. 21-ly Certainty and Celerity! Puget Sound and Columbia River U. S. MAIL AXD STAGE LINE. Mantleeila, Ol»mi>la and ■tellaeaoaa. , i CONNECTING wsth the steamer* on the Co lumbia(river aod Puget Hound for PORfLAKD AXD VICTORIA. WST Offices at Monticello, Olympia and Sieilacoom. <7HAS. GRAINGER, L. A. DAVIS, Proprietor*. Olympia, Sept. 8, IBC6. 44:tf Olympia Market! •■Mtam a«» arrart HaUi n MEATS a*;, VEGETABLES. ST< K."K liOrOHT. fIV I' ill rw AT LA W. mh mmm vammrnmmm • « Ml nfiiwHUMl Oi Knurwro. Xm. 411. «» mm* «U 111 j IM, KM IRK >EW ASD FRLSU STUCK! lit E would rail Ikt •ttttliM of COCS » TRY MERCHANTS u *«r aseaHy Urge stork of goods. Our Mock twipfim every article in the Clothing and Furaishiag line. We bar* constantly on kaad the largest stock and greatest variety of Cassi Here and Wool HATH of any house ia San Francisco, and our prices for these Good* arc less than those of any house, at we receive them di rect from th« manufacturer'* consignment. Our stock of FALL, AND WINTER Goods is particularly attractive, and the great feature to the country merchant is the an usually low prices Lcsa Than (be Cost of Importation We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry Goods line, which Good* we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are o/Vering them at New York Cost, and lei*. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our stock. Good Article* and Low Prices! Are the great inducements toall who purchase to seli again. Merchants who buy of m, can make a good profit, sell to their custom ers at a low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, BADGER ft LINDENBKROER, Wholesale Clothing and Hat Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery street. San Francisco. Oct. 2, 1860. 36:3 m SUBSCRIPTION I9T — OF White A -Bauer, GENERAL NEWS AGENT MAM FRANCISCO, CAL. WE would call the attention of the people of the Pacific Coast to the following list of American and Foreign Periodicals, which we are in the regular receipt of, and which they may depend upon receiving by the earliest conveyance: AMERICAN PERIODICALS At Four Dollars per Year. Harper's M'thly Magasine N Y Democratic New Godey's Lady's Book Metrooiitan Reoer Atlantic Monthly Freeman's Jonitll Leslie's Family Magasine Irish American, N Y Herald for Pacific Boston Weekly Journal Police Gaiette Pilot Clipper Baltimore Weekly Sim Weekly Tribune Louisville Weekly Jow'l Weekly Times Cincinnati Commercial World St Louis Republican Leader Democrat Ledger N Y Day Book Leslie's Pictorial Pittsburg Gasette Harper's Weekly Dispatch Waverly Magasine Lowell Vox Populi Indiana Bute Journal Springfi'd lll.Republican Ohio Statesman Portland Traneeriat Crisis Providence Journal Detroit Free Pre** Hartford Time* Chicago Tribune Boottish Amer. Journal Times ALSO AT Til POM.OWIXO KATM HI TBAB. Petreaon' aLadiea' Miguiat, 98 50; Arthur'iHome Magaiine, $2 SO; Wilkes' Spirit of the Times, 95; N Y Arm* sail Nary Journal, fS: Hnut'i Merchant*! Macaiine, 98 ( Mew York OM Guard, 93 AO j B » nk "'" m i Le Bon Ton, s6i Bleetie Magaime, 98; Walk in (ton Armjr and Navy Uurttt, 9* I Congreuional Olobe amd Appendix, 910 FOBBMX PEBIOBICAU paa Tiaa i Loadoa Illustrated News, with ImlhmMi, #l4. London lades (JeC'a Organ) 9M; LoadonW^UPip taeidKlVaefc. 99 CAUPMIIA ■ ■■■!!■! ■■■ I SM Ah. i IMMI ' 1 v<nuM«Sriir j ispML mmmmmmm. smLL 4BPV SHM^PMMMB ! j * * —ll— k> aMato* op • fmmt mm »»j ftari mm "" T E MUU A CO, Tt Cay. SaM Wy all Pi «U«> Gnnn. «a«aui MM u4 ii*l»n thraaffcaat ifc» v«M . >ll Waal er* raa afclaia at aa» ah»laaal< agaat la aar larg* city or im la (to raioa. Baraefl' MVMIUI Watff, A toilet delight 1 The ladies' treasure and gentlemen*' boost The "sweetest thing" and largest quantity, Menufactured from th« rich Southern Magnolia. Used for batbingtbe face and personj and to render the skin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, Ac. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespiratloai. It removes redness, tan, blotches, ftc. It cures nervous headache and allays in&amaaa* tlon. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and laitins perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious tojLhe skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water one* and you will use no other Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere. DEMAB BAFNEB ft CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. Lfm> Kathalnii It ii most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicate* scurf and dandrt.lT. It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the hair turning grey and falling off. It restores hair upon prematurelybald heads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the cur load, and yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not keep it, or a f.unilv that does not use it. E. TIIOMAS LYON. Chemist iN. T. Lyrai' Extract dligtr. Ltons' Extract or Ptrni Jamaica Gixoii— > For Indigestion, Nausea, Martburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Ac., wnere a warming stimulant Is required. Its careful preparatoin and entire purity mike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur* poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •« Lyons' " Pure Kxtract. Take no other. See that the private U. S. stamp of Oemas Barnes k Co. is over the cork of each package. None other U genuine. Inteai Llilnta. Save you a Medea* M—sag tlalssiat For cute, sprites, bane, sweUags ami ssbii breasts, tfceMemieon Mustang Uateentieaessteht CVTI« » * * lj , M -- .t-,1 ~ i MWrn BinMl MM HI M Vlßi nMHBHpi ii wty. tit Mtiktn MmUat Lhinl mir Mi. orwi^ ""tin, >1 111 ,l|lllll—4 " | r wa MM MiMi h mt la mh Wb.Aalt MrfiUi UataMttb ?B§fi®s£ !S«r!rSiBMH^&A^«SiMS tmmm. taOa^ HOP9HBB