Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 16, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 16, 1867 Page 2
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ft #*>*. sta£ • 4k —' Wfcil *"*» - jp" AM... A IV-'N m « Wm +mm * f *•+*■■ 1 y# t A - - T L ~ #— m —ii m W <m>rnm + « jm • -* « Tfc itfc v * * r»* * JL & ft* **" f«L t•. .*• % fl» i C L# tot'*' V —iwi"—i I 4 * "■ »iuw •- *** Vut(« < * x - iwmdl" V Jrr T»I.W •t Mf -4 I# tte Tct«» tJ ft T«nt«y. * . I Ttli •• li :«im. mmM I'#* * *■» I aim a«rr « < ari« I t . ?.U' r U : » .r a* %t Trtr totta! • •••- ffltK-n, ••-n •• ! tl»r «»# a rar.itHit' n*i tur tr»:iM »» n «*t" tc 4i.*t m*« eri v c« mk i.»:< Kk !i •«'.nit "t . *i ti rui. h«1 to rtprr fettiAtiun •- f • !»»» • \VhM r in - I-. n• 1 - i UlUm - l - K.l«i4|» I Knijf * I'icn-f -4 Mi won 1 I'hfliiili# I r*cilu' 2 T bur-ton Cowlitz nml Walikinkum - Lt wi.-5» Cliirke, <» Skamania, - I'lit kutat I VhUiuiui. 1 W nlla-wullft, 10 Stevens. The earnestness of the committer in urging early organization by precinct, county and dis trict meetings, has been deepened liv the fol lowing facts : The portentous period through whit h our country is now passing, justilics us in briefly addressing you. Let us so act that tlic voice of Washington Territory may ne clearly and unmistakably understood on the momentous issues now agitating the Union. All who love the Union, who desire its immediate restora tion on the broad basis of the Constitution ; all who favor the immediate admission to Congress of loyal Senators and Representa tives from the ten excluded States, upon eipial terms with the twenty-six States now rcpro fented in t'ongress ; all who sustain the res toration puliey of the National Administra tion ; all who hold in respect the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United Stales, and regard with alarm the recent threats of im peachment, of members of that solemn tribu nal, in order to subvert its independence ; nil who believe that the Constitution of the Uni ted States and uniform usage since its adop tion have vested in the States and Terri tories the right to define the elective franchise within their respective limits ; in a word, nil regardless of political antecedents, who are opposed to radicalism culminating in revolu tion, who covet Union rather than disunion, peace rather than war, harmony rather than discord, stability of institutions rather than anarchy, let your voice be heard. Citizens of Wasliiugton Territory ! Are you prepared to submit without protest to that indignity, which, while you willingly contribute your taxes, though denied a vote in Congress, even takes away from you the privilege of con trolling your elective franchise ! Remember that the acts organizing our Territory, and inviting its settlement years ago, conferred the express right to detiue the qualifications of electors, and opened the public lands to while settlement. After fourteen years acceptance of these fundamental laws, without offense on cur part, Congress has deprived us of those privileges. Without our consent and against our will, it has forced upon us negro ifliflrngc and has opened the door for all races anil col ors to vote in our Territory, and settle in our midst. Thoso who favor repeal of such op pressive Congressional Legislation, come for ward now, nnd let your voice he heard in earn est protest against such interference in our affairs. K. S. FOWLER, Cl.airinan Committee. Tburaton County Convention. The friends ot tlic National Admini,(ration, those who support the policy thereof in restor ing peace to the nation, and all who endorse the Declaration of i'riuciples adopted l>;' the Philadelphia National Union Convention, are respectfully requested to meet in their respect ire precincts on SATURDAY, MARCH 16th, 1567, to elect delegates to a County Conven tion to be held on Saturday, March 30U>, A. D. IMS*, At the Court-House in Olympia. at 1 o'clock p. m., to select six delegate* to the Territorial Convention, to be held at Vancouver, April 17th, to nominate a enndidntefor Delegate to Coogreir. and transact such other limiint as ■av be fur a thorough r«uaty or gaaixatioo. W M W Ml 1.1. Kit. T r. M' KI.RoT, • ; C m. WKF.VSHIP, Jl.« I.OM.KIKK. fc r KITH. j c-- t j < UArnx. .* >K\ * *rcffn I mv tlh l«• > « tKt MTI kIMI HO. la Ku. W+ fmM*+ tm fw mr af t»4r • pf*~ *- l»rf • ML. m mm MW «H» *4 «m> <Ar war >» m A-* IMHM »'4%. m *■* «• 4 * lir «* t» <rv» •m «. .~-*m » m Utt- >«a mm I * rmgt* *» •' mv *"toe jw - - ■■** «■* <* ■ m »■ • " *•» k» a*"4Ha*~*< VI - -«* '»"" *■ j.-. .< -•<-*» u ,« - - *«. • »*r to" .«■»• **»- »»• »r*» ■Mii<y ' -j nP* ( (flkWV<,. C' 4Bo*» s X3» *-- V i * «f ? s«a» V JT* % JP* • ~a. A-»4r • t* ar to* li » ■»>**.• « ««• »«r» « i « -»,. jm* rt * • "k ew »—aw— tat* l > r»». •» (M I »» *•*. a* aa* • ' • **■ .<■ ■.a a » tar' a**J Mf w** a «§ • «*- * \ ri ;'*" ' ~ ar,w. )U the l« .rr*Burnt ttt ; 4. « U' Sto* ra«« >/ all tit «ii<t ah* i* »■ rrfi.lji Hi nti>l. W I *■.[* ?!.<• it.k> . ;«>ut frre »|ri I, au<] frrt-dMaai - t 11>< | Li- i» m -d. I< - 4* • ; tliv iiit-r.-mv «•("c»>or*<. m «J >nl'\ intciiJ**«ii. tiiat n«»xIn■ _r can l»? tin.Oil «»r priutc I tiiat .-an l>e t-on«id<-r. 1 " ;: !!■• rim: ,r » the enc:i:ic s ut the country," or giving them •• ;ii>l :i?nl coinl'oi I. W v differ in opinion. The ino-t effective aid can 1 litis he given to sedition, as the gentleman himself admit*, where lie talks about tlie po>ilion of t!ie New Kngland fanatics at the beginning of the war, when they declared for " peaceable secession," that " the Union pinned together with bayonets was not worth having,and kindred assertions, which speedily brought the rebellion to a head. Wc have not space to review the speech in detail, nor is it necessary. The Conservative position is well known upon these 44 points at issue." Much that is said we endorse, as wc would the creed of a church while rejecting the interpretation of some hard-shell expounder. "We have known men of undoubted piety to preach brimstone and eternal dam nation, in the firm belief they were serving their Muster's cause. With such men we must class friend Kuapp, although tho association may not be very flattering to hint. ©fif The ship Nicholas Diddle was recently wrecked in the Straits, out ward bound, with ncargo of lumber for the San Francisco market. The officers and crew were saved. The schooner Met) Meriles was also wrecked in Victoria harbor a few nights ago, by running upon a sunken rock. The crew were saved, out the vessel, and cargo consisting of pro duce from l'enn's cove, was an entire 1083, B®"* Wo are pleased to note some improvement in the tone of our neighbor's paper. From one par agraph we infer that ho has receded from his former position regarding the 6tutusof tho negro, and his ad* miration of poor Sambo. He at least has learned to spell nigger with two gs. tUg* The following passengers ar rived by the Anderson yesterday : Oov. Cole, Mr*. Gove and llarrv, Miss Kiltie N'oyes, J. I). Hpurlock, R. It. Karnes, Stone, Davis, <S. Kranr, Jan. Wilcox. J. Downer, J**. River*. Cameron .All Win|{ J. N. and Hoi. . Wiley J. IhiieU, Pkil. Ilurl. Rohtru, W. I*. Suitb. Rirlunl«n. Trunk Do >ler, Wim;>!e, ' I.aae. Rct. Mr Slu.iß ami 3 Si«ra-ke<. tST Cualiman hit* far Mile » larpr lot of pear ami plmu tr****. rftkrift; jrwrtl. at a Urpiu. He M ;U-\I tu takr tWm nj. t« rirar tt* pvaw-L :i»ei wi!'. U* r-fjre, W »4d c T■ ! E ftn tSI —Til * #-l» r*» • *md* a fj «f aaMt W ti** *s** *T TEVJ» <II. I. f » 4 —*« «v><* *■" 4MRTK A •—I < - I— !■ **«r «f P% III l«illl I' r r m « ino •» ~**, » . t"*met m> fiwT * . - ■ * «i * • #-* T -*< ' M 1* *' r- w» Amvli kr —if » J ft! "-4WMT MilMHi 4V IM*- . »«•• • r» *» • -». t» ■ <■»•€ Ml • V -' n- ». ? tar: V' *m£rn <ll—l : C fk 4Hb f- * a> aMMMr rMtMni W tjK»« T <>'»■> «r> »•-«* —*» »iiy*>i i. I* « « • f»y«w »■■ «W U k > mr% imk* t!w*» ■ W« W*f I# « t < ma* axaC - •<•■"* ■ •"•r« 4 - • Aa'turt. M<: ""•<• U«* j »oc» to" 'v V »«t«4 *» V- : Ih- <' I* 4 ®" * ,f ijrc l«t I*ll.r. Ui i*. t' »* cvjtaoti * «r *»i. bM-t.ti.K4 ti« r,rnte-»»<> ! ut i«• «> M ,~-r n( tlw • rati' l'.«iive»iti wi * lu<-h a»*«*T»»s4«-d lier> iu Ajtril, 1 *'*•*», oli tL«* il fjtfl iLij. n h«*u the new - (if t!i«* ••»- «.■%--in at ion of the Kiiutt-d I.incoln. It was !ij>"ii his motion the Conven tion immediately adjourned, and very many remember his zealous el lorts to have that Convention not ro- assemhle. Two years before when It. F. Dennison, Ksq., the man who lately made the loir est bill for the Radical Congressional nomina tion by classing the President with Benedict Arnold and asserting he was controlled by n lewd woman, was running upon the Democratic ticket for Councilman, his opposi tion to the war was so intense that I)r. O'Urion objected to his nomina tion, and for such reason alone. 3 He may have through partisan consis tency, then supported Dennison. If he did, he probably deserves tho cen sure of the Tribune as a Copperltead. Hut where tho Doctor lias influence which but few so wield, and so de servedly too, Mr. Angel beat Denni son in that canvass, which defeat may go far to explain the miraculous conversion. Whilo our neighbor was fleeing from the draft to come, Dr. O'Brien, whom ho now abuses for a lack of patriotism, was editing a newspaper, in this Territory, in which may be found as warm sentiments of love for his adopted country, zeal in behalf of tho Union, as ever were penned by tho clerical editor of the ludian Department, or "any other man" connected with the " machine." We heartily believe that the whole com munity upon the Sound, save the little "office-controlling junta" which runs tho Radical organ, will hail the appointment of Dr. P. M. O'Brien with hearty satisfaction. TIM ELECTION AND HO AD LAWS.— We have received from Mr. McEl roy, the Territorial Printer, tho Elcc« tion and lioad law's, passed by tho late Assembly, printed in pamphlot form for general distribution. The School law, wo are informed, will be printed in like form in a few days. Rev. G. W. Sloan will preach in the M. E. Church to-morrow

(Sunday) morning, at tho uuul hour of service, and lecture in tjie even ing, at the same place, upobthc sub ject of" AthcUm."—ll v reference to the di*|al('li«t> pul>li*liv<] iUfwbwt, it wiil 1* «e«-e tkatUfi. MrKi» fv *-*. <•'j.l>rm*»i a» > ipfrui ut la- JIM Ai»l M I to* «Mt Tor Ui«>n O wiT «dl -tm MM «.• m-Mim ■ , m> 'IMMHHMK SBT •FT «R * V ex Z -» f* ■% XS. IHtKKP i—f i ■ i—» "f pJIT §■*» Aw *» *W" r {. TV I *-» •» nwr ap~ „. -4): «■» t* -** - ** «W 'Oimifc 4P"« <■* w «*«*«. a» ft ? * ' Bwwm m w k , •%.. i •* jf* w ft ar nfiT*4 *** Ob.- -. "**••* § *4O MPt 4 *► *-• fr" 4 * * fc* 4U£ ttMPiMMf «—p*-—■ jMMt * • * *N*®Al &■'•» i •■£. «!***» A ■» ibJ»"'* • Hfcr ►»" *• at tk »* £*■ *** « ■*►" ap |>««* 4 fee r- - i «-r» •»■*■* a xyw Hfcg -o di iw «-•«* 4N*aWM»Mj ta » X-i Jkm «' t«r fc»—'-i <C ♦< I '»••«*»- rart *4 fcm* -*• U !»<» r>«i»ilrt«J V« bf or>', tw« iwt In ixtK >4 tW ?r.-a*«r» <■ •*?«*»*> i» »«.'•> «•*'» l» • tai» IW »• : ' '»' <» - | r«-«ii • (>•••.*» ut «.;! <-*» t«-»l a tiii" <4 !»• mlkilt»«i>- t .... f..i i)k> *•••»• whi<-b tl.«»—• :»>•.>• . - <l. t!»«■ fnautn »uj ILr »,.>r«d tl< 'itiatdi ati<>n « I'ieli al. t • I ■ n »re*«i > re |»> >rt iutiicte<l. and tie* nrHi livil vi«- Inns ct I •»-.»i in.d-9<hiiiit titration would not be rottinsf auu\ their live-* in (Mjiulid iioM-r* and ill di.ied.-e of the m< >t revolting hide<»nsnesft. The iiublic are not aware, an«l will j IK.* probably to learn lor the first time, that the salaries as siged for medical attendance on the: Indians are for the most part drawn under the connivance ot the agents; of the different reservations, by po-j liticul appointees outside of tho med ical profession, and ostensibly as a reward for political services. To correct so flagrant an imposture the Superintendent has set himself to work, commencing at this end ot the Territory, and this reform wounds, forsooth, the sensibility of the editor ot the Tribune , and his friends, be cause a noble profession is not sub ordinated to a political end! Tho Superintendent knows I presume by sad experience on the battlefield, that the amputating knife, the tre phine or the scalpel does not derive any espeeinl charm by being placed iu tho hands cf men extemporized under the name of doctors by a po litical pow-wow or H tamamwaa" manipulation; nor arc those instru ments used the more dexterously ev en by educated surgeons because they may happen to bo expert and skilful I in the science of polical strat egy. The Union men of this Terri- Tory, however " surprised" they may be at niv appointment, will, I believe, admit tlmt a physician, preseri|ition it not tho lew scientific, aithough not written with tho same inky hue as that in which the Tribune editor's lucubrations are copied; nor is a dose of medicine the less potent ev en if it should not bo administered through a menstruum determined by "political pharmacy. I would inform tho editor and his friends that I ac- cepted tho appointment offered me because I knew that tho spirit in which it was offered was not sullied by political considerations. Were it otherwise I should have most re spectfully declined its acceptance. 1 would still further add, without meaning tho slightest disrespect, that I do not value the appointment pecuniarily. I have within the past threo days dispensed medicine, lini ments, salves, lint mid bandages to the value of more than one fourth of the annual compensation assigned tlie otHce. I did feel anxious to re lieve those poor, wretched victims of imposition, professionally, and when I went amongst them to examine in to their wants, I declare it sol emnly, I was astounded at their des titution. Such an amount of disease and Mfkiiesn I never, during an ri|x>ririi«> oi'over i<|iurtrr ofattn- * torv in inv -I'm. bivf «w>n wit Liii to narrow a uplirt*. Ar.d r«, tlim »Pr t<» br fiHitHi nn u in tbi* Tar ntorr. rt apprar*. ■<mW intw! tturi *«lrT"i*;r mmti d «#*w 4 tin* rfcar § wWtKKf 1 *- Wfl|Mi r m «•>■» m fc <■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■» fctMtJt XJJUiI FA :TW U («Jdnir OMn. Yr|w. Sarth JVrtikii n» mJ A rkiMM, atn Ml •{ » itk«Ct Ml fn* *n4 «itli»at tb* ■»rtD« •4 iW |»* •; MJ m I*iwk the |>*T iMtlnl "lefvl »•> *4- |>wl< ti«>M l"f hit i. an<i Uv> )f— aini ci iiiw; *liriw, it i- ii«t*n*arT U*at |wa«"<* ami L'««*i order »iiail be ftifur «*«*»! iu llj«* HHnlKtl <\>nfe<l«. k rjlc miti! loyal Sfutc <in%-«Tnmont « an bo U-gully established ; therefore Ik? it enaett-<l: Section 1. That the so-called States hhull lie divided into military districts and made subject to the mil itary authority of the I'uited States as hereinafter prescribed. For that purpose Virginia shall constitute the first district; North Carolina and South Carolina the second disrtaict; Georgia, Alabama and Florida the third district; Mississippi and Ar kansas the fourth district, ni.d Lou isunu mid Texas the fifth district. Sec. 2. That it shall be the duty of the General of the army to assign to the command of each district an I officer not below the raik of Jsrig- ! General; to detail n sufficient mi i- J tary force to enable such officers to i perform their duties and enforce, their authority. Sec. 2. It shall bo tho duty of; each officer assigned as aforesaid to ! protect all porsous in tho rights ofi person and property, to suppress in surrectionary violence, and punish or ' cause to be punished, all disturbers | of the public peace ami criminals;! and to this cml may allow tlic civil' tribunals to take juiisiliction nm! j try offenders, and when in his jrnlg ment necessary for the trial of offend ers, he shall have power to organize military tribunals fur this purpose, nnythiiigiu the Constitution and laws of the so-called States to the country notwithstanding: and all legislative or judicial proceedings or processes* to control tho proceedings of said mil itary tribunals, aiul all interference by said pretended Governments with the exercise of"military author ity under this act, shall bevcidaudof no effect. Sec. 4. That the courts and judi cial officers of the United States shall not issue writs of habeas corpus in bchult of persona in military custody unless aomo court or officer on duty in tlic district wherein tho person is detained shall endorse upon said pe tition the statement certifying upon honor that he has knowledge or in formation as to tho causes or circum stances of the alleged detention, that ho believes it to bo wrongful; and further, that he believes the endorsed petition is prepared in good faith in furtherance of justice and not to hin der or delay the punishment of crime. All persons put under military arrost by virtuo ot this act, shall bo tried without unnecessary delay, and no cruel or unnecessary puuishinent shall be inflicted. 8««c. 5. No seutence of an* milita ry commission or tribunal hereby ' authorized affecting the life or liberty of person shall be txtcated aotil ap provtii k ibf «ap«nor oAnr ia eota ma'xl ol tbr iMlrvt and tit lava mmJ (tf«Ltiaai far tte tw . mam—l •4 tW af»t afaall —t W bjr « Mar Ih* * --•g tRiMM* off H* Ms P- mm > ■ «rf *• -** a<iM YW "MI 2ZLTZ- * * ? '~TI* ; rn ii * J*Li «h> J fcj Ja •W M l» imblf tf— Innfr rf 7 IW II «• aMjZnT" I* itriiAp r*i>- n—< aihirftn *»»> •»• j tt»w ••ft'— r»»Wi Ml •>< br mhimfd mjtk- o«t tV of tW*.* Afti-r further <W«'e the uimJ ' m* ii* vu njMeJ—«t« I- 4 , uvi i*. K. \V. Seward h«-« returned frnm hi* ms-omi tnil it enriji'd in prc]>aring hi* report#. It >• be lieved we have purchased *\>c island i of St. Thomas. Tii# Senate yesterday confirmed i Morgan L. Smith Consul to Ilonolu ; In, llurliert Controller of, Currency, I nnd Druce, Paymaster General, and ! rejected John L. Swift, Surveyor of of Customs, at Boston. Alsorcjcct -1 cd a largo number of army appoint i ments and a large number ot inter nal revenue appointments. Tliad. Stevens will urgo immedi ate action on the bill reported yes terday from the Reconstruction Com- j mittee. The committee declined to ; consider President Johnson's scheme I which Mr. Dixon introduced into the I Senate. i XKW YORK, Feb. B.—The New | York Legislature has passed a joint resolution instructing the delegates jin Congress to advocate the act ' granting national aid to the North ( ern Pacific Railroad connecting La'ce ' Superior to Puget Sound. Summer, of Massachusetts, from j the Committee 011 Foreign Relations, | reported, with amendments, a bill ' providing for the appointment of an j additional Commissioner to the Paris Exposition; also, providing regula j tions for the government of the | Board of Commissioners and making lan additional appropriation for the expenses* attending proper represen tation at Paris. Wilson, of Massachusetts, intro duced a bill fixing tho time of choos ing electors for ['resident nnd Vie© President, which provides that here after the said electors shall bo ap pointed on tho second Tuesday 111 I October, but each State may by law 1 provide tor any vacancy. WASHINGTON, Feb. B. —lt is stated in well informed circles at Washing ton that the President recognizes it as the obligation of his oath to sub mit to trial of impeachment, but that he will resist suspension to the u m Bt power of the courts. WASHINGTON, Feb. 6. —ln the Senate the President submitted a re port of the survey for a canal throngh the Isthmus of Dariun. Tabled. NEW YORK, Feb. 10.—A thuuder bolt of blinding vividness burst front the clouds lust night, while ruin was pouring down in torrents. The dark ness was so great as to make it im possible to see across the streets, and church spires and buildings were for an instant rendered plainly visible by the glare. This was followed by a heavy shock of thunder which seemingly made tho earth rock as if sbakeu by an earthquake. Similar pheoemeua occurred on Saturday sicht, last week. ! No oonr-luaiuo has been reached cm the mb|*ct of calliag a SstkwJ Ifaocrttk Coarmfto* . csacst will be WM MI U<M+R »> ** to WHICH UII «. of Cwwvtwj TW a# Qrnm. i •» riw ( llii nwhf «f A* "Vw Ww+mmi II i r ■! in !"■ agd M rnarnmmmmd « Z.» tHM» am- i **■