Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 16, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 16, 1867 Page 3
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Il*«r> \J i tau. ♦»r»V. »4 !«-*»<# .'»: ~ *• • 2"'" tW WW '4 Ot>* *!.!•»•«». 4 .r» t W IkW IB truot lit lif «!••>> tr«) fc«f lb»* |.rtii -1.-tl «<f lur intrlif.-tul. rtt- t j » I in i 4»tru« r-L <i( tlw \ -u'b •>( ll* nrnf* titutr |«->rti<Hi» <>f tlw *■ Mitli-wotem >!atv* wtlli«>ut < t 1 > f .i«-*t»»»«-?i --than tlu ir n«•< «l aid <»pp>tt «»l aiefulum lie s'.U > giw« |«ermi*- vion to use from tlie |»rim-i|»le with in «l«c next two year* not to exceed 40 JKT cent, lie also gives planter* hack bonds of the State of Mississippi amounting to SIIO,OOO on which no interest lias been paid since 1 H«»0. i but the validity of which never been questioned. The letter is long, benevolent and patriotic. WASHINGTON*, Feb. !».—The Son ate confirmed the following nomina tions; Thomas J. McKinnev, of lowa, Superintendent of Indian Af fairs for Washington Territory; James Wentworth, of Missouri, Con sul at Moscow; Mattheson Patrick, of Nebraska, Agent for the Upper Platte Indians; Lafayette Cartee, of Idalio, Surveyor General of Idaho. CHICAGO, Feb. B. —The President's plan of reconstruction in full is as fol lows : Whereas, at the last session of Con gress an Amendment to the Consti tution was proposed4o the legisla tures, which amendment has not yet been ratified by the States in which rebellion recently prevailed, and whereas there is reason to believe that the Constitutions of said States will soon be amended by voluntary act of the legislatures and people thereof, by the adoption of an article as follows: Article—, Evorv male citizen who has resided in this State one year, I and in the county in which he otters to vote six months immediately pro ceeding the day of election and can read the Constitution of the United States, in the English language, and write his name, or who may he worth $250, in taxable property, shall be entitled to vote at any election tor governor, members of the legis lature and all other officers elected by the people. Provided, that no per son shall bo excluded from voting who baa before held the elective franchise under the Constitution of the State or who at the time of the adoption this amendment may be entitled to voto. Now therefore, in view of the above considerations, in the confident hope of an early fraternal restoration of the Uniou, Resolved , That the following article be proposed to the Legislature of the several States as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of said Legislatures, shall be valid as part of the Constitution : Article 14. Section Ist. The Un ion under the Constitution shall he perpetual. Sec. 2. The public debt of the United States authorized bylaw, shall ever be held sa<-rvd and inviolate, but neither the l*nit«*d States nor anv State *hall amuse or mt ihj debt or oUiptiou incurred in of tc.- •aiTPr-fxta or r»-t*.ti »n ajraitr* the l otted State* Ser. 1 At! (<er»4u kn «r aa A* < t ia—i *d «*Hk •*_». W«- #mn§ IK Vtor 3k» f y-wii»ii ainy*- T-f* 4W» W "■» fIM» * 4H »i dfc or 9 % ♦»•» •»«■■■■ im «» ■ *. « hmt ***, ■ * • *o» fcjr »i —i, m— TW f rrawi • Im* *» f -mm*'- Mahaf *W ttm T " I \l. N *ll* l> u-.™ -T* * r»i>i> itar »•■ n i |? m U» ter <« * «pM»~ «•* «»-4 uar-* C -NHfx* &~r*m «aN . a «• %r >nJr<». —% %■■ .tatfuir. f«A m I 1" | - mi - «Mi . •«% r««- • Mv- TVI If MIT •( at At ««A4« «4M»* 4r«f SIL fll "I . * Ur%». •'. lltf >.» Fr«ao*r« qtßßitti: iin(>:i.mi<T. »n K*mV of H tniia; sa-i i»«ir»rti « («* \ •'••»! M»i Alxt. I> tSf t|t«i p»«rr». with •wrr wm' *n* c.f rr>f. Nrf»t fr <• -if < .»rf iu rn»rl<ijn ». A«Wf^»« HK.NKIMJX l\U I.HP»N 1 hlladrlphia, Pr .4<laalnlfttrator*« \ollrr. In llic inattir of t lie mUtV? < f <> k Willutd, Inlv orTliurKton ct» ulitv,lii-cciini-.1. N OTICE ishtroby pivni tli»t ii-tti'm of ad miniftratioii liaw bet u grnntcil to the uiiilrrsiuncil. n|x n llic estate of (•■ K. \Vi 1- 1 nil, l.itc of Thurston county, derrnanl. All persons iuilubted to guid cslutc are re qiiesteil to imike immediate |ui\nu nt to the undersigned, and those liming claims nguinst said estate, mint present tlieni with the nec essary vouchers, within one year from the date of this notice, otlierw ise their claims will be liarred. IIF-XJ. IIAUN.VUD, Administrator. Olympia, Feb. IStli, 180". I."i:w4 PEAR & PLUM TREES! + \ A / >/ k OF them, of favorite varieties, £ + three years from the graft, ami aiv set out for bloom. Must be sold, cheap, this spring, for either c u h or vountrv produce, liv JOS. CUd MM AN. Olynipln, February 15th, IH'>7. 15:tf A ( till) FOR THE WHTERUHIIMOTK TRADE Of San Francisco. BADGER & LINDENBERGER, Xm. 411, 413 and 415 IJntferi/Street, corner Me/chant, Htm Fr.tnrisco. Importer* fc Wholesale Dealers. ENTIRE NEW AND IT.ESII STOCK ! WK would call (lie attention of COt'N TIIY MKROHAXTS (o our usually large stock of poods. Our stock comprises every article in (lie <Nothing and Furnishing line. We linve constantly on hand (lie largest slock nnd greiUest variety of Cussimere and Wool HATS of any house in Hun Francisco, >i ml our prices for these Goods nre If us than tho.- - e of nnjr house, as we receive (hem di rect from (he manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of WINTI3K AND SPUING (ioods is particularly attractive, mid the great feature to the country me re ha lit is the un usually low prices I.kkh Than IlieCost of Import at I on We also keep (lie STAPI.K AUTK'LKS in the Dry (Joods line, which (roods we Imve pur chased in this market under the hammer, and nre olering them nt New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to cull And examine our slock. Good Artlflfn and Low Prices! Are (he great inducements toall who purchase to seli again. Merchants who buy of us, can make n good profit, nnd sell to their custom em at n low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, RADGKR & I.IN'DKNRERGER, Wholesale Clothing and Hat Warehouse, Nog. 411, 4l3nnd 415 llatterv street. San Francisco, Jan. 10, 1867. ' 14:3r0 1866 & 1867! HAYING j« 4 ( returned from (he Raul, we have perfc* ted •uch rrransrmmt* as to rjaiiir im to fapplt er till auy order in our bur of trade sow orrta A LAMiC I«MMTIRIT *4.4. * SMI AIiKH 1 ITi i: a IMPLEMENTS J ft aSIVI a M| Step tftt C«4ghv hrifettn Sy mj* l'il»*Ban Sy mp imcu> Pulmonary Svrip k*« vW«-I»4< 4 t.r c%rr ft if if »-« ir* * Tk "• r»r • U tW !•♦!# ** il me M« »; «»4 »N«tglkMiaf Mi lf« *■§■ r* rut*vr'« !•■«•*■ f « 4rirl*f»i»«« 4r«f- a»«l rf*» *.< fcinfcl -M »•- r 4rr »lt nr n«u»r^« IVrtili «t»» tr;?«i Ntir» vf Saa Fraatliro »rntßipi»i run ItHtk ul WE WELL** Pulmonary Syrup RKDIXtITOX & ('II. Agents, San Francis co. Aug. 2.", ISfitl. 42:niA:il Tell inr not in moumrul numbers Life is sinking to decay, Should there come in frightful numbers O'er jour heads the silver gray. I.ife is real, life is earnc«t, Why Nhould any one despair, " Dust thou art, to dust returned," Was not spoken of the hair. Not the marks of age or sorrow, On your tresses long should stay— You can live that e.icli to-morrow Kind them darker thun to-day. Time is long, but age shall find yon, Though your hair with lustre wave : Soon when fading,'twill remind you, You are marchiug to the grave. In the world's suliliincr calling, ■ Where we each our race must run, If your luiirlie railing, falling. Cue the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Try it—always keep it present,— I'sethe "Martha Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind us What a noble test it's stood; Milliina more shall eoine behind us With their tresses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" IIA lit IJKSTOHEU, Is a wonder of the world, and stands above com parison with any other article for the Hair ever brought before the pub ic. Sold everywhere. Price, SI.OO. SIMONDB tk CO., Proprietor*, FITZWII.LIAM, N. 11. • KF.DINOTON A CO. Agents, San Franeisco. Ang. 25, I WO. 42:mR:is HKI>INOTON & CO.'S ESSENCE OF JAMA!( f»EH THIS valuable preparation containing in n highly concentrated form rll the properties of Jamaica Oingcr, has become one of the moat popu lar domestic remedies for all diacasca of the atom aeh and digestive organs. AN a tonic it will be found invaluable to all per sons recovering from debility, whether produced by fever or othorwiae, for whilst it imparts to the aya tem all the glow and vigor that can be produced by wine or brandy, it is entirely free froin the reac tionary effects that follow the use of apirita of any kind. It ia nlso an excellent remedy for femalea who suiter from difficult menstruation, giving almost im

mediate relief to the apasma that ao frequently ac company that period. It give* immediate relief to Nausea, eauaed by riding ia a railroad car, or by aickneaa, or other ctuaca. It ia alao valuable aa an external' application for Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. REDINOTON ft CO., Sole Agcnta for the Pacific COM San Franciaeo, Ang. 33, 1866. 4&m6.ia HEltl \«TO.VN FLAVORING EXTRACTS. arc made from Freak Frait*. Each iKittlt hold* twice a* much as any olber Iran.l ia tb» ourtrt, roaar- tbrv arr tiw rknpnt aad he* r.sic'xn OTHRK * i-i» t r( u for the r»> it Caao t«c f*w a: ■< ia OHAEFKXBfiHO ITKKIXK rATWHJ'TW i*■ ft mm4 h» a +- WMmm' mk> laMHHva apaat aMMsa aat 'fMI H&r aSlVNai£ KMWCKT 9NBB l U MNU l*T tennis. (D»THIVi. ShhTS. run M«tr> TN**Y* (v» < uu* ire> m n«n m »ATf«rrt *n tin "Eliza Anderson, m. U. flMk. Mauler. IR. \\K*F"R VICTORIA »4 I»IIR»><>«U j points HffT— MONDAY MORNING, AT J o'cloek A. M., earning PASSKNUKKK AND FREIGHT Oheapor Titan they ran be rnrrled by any other Boat. J fßrturnthe AXUKRFON will leave VictorU every THI'RMDAV nORNINO, At 5 o'clock A. M. TIIL> ANDERSON ling been thoroughly refitted and repaired for the winter trade, and the public may depend that she wilt rt'miiin per mcntly on this route, notwithstanding reports to the contrary circulated by interested par tics in their own behalf. Olpmpia, September 22, 18CC. 47:tf DR. RUFUS WILLARD, PHYSICIAN & SDRGEON, (Graduate of thi Vnirtrtity of t\* City of Xem York,J HAVING located permanently in the city of Olympia, offers his professional ser vices to the citizens of this place nnd surround ing country in the vurious branches of Medi cine and Surgery. Grateful for past patronage nnd the confi dence bestowed by a generous public, the Doc tor respectfully solicits n continuance of tho same, and will hold himself in readiness at nil times to attend to nny calls in the line of tiis profession, to which hisentire attention will be devoted. Those preferring the services of a regular graduate, as evidenced by the proper author ity of a diploma, may consult personally or by letter with every confinence. Particular attention given to diseases of wo men nnd children, and nil affections of an or ganic nature. Reference: To the Faculty of University Medical College, and Dr. P. A Aylette, New York city. Orrtcß—At the Puget Sound Drug and BookMtore. Olympio, December 4, 18G4. 4:tf Watolioa, Oloolu JEWELRY, &c. J ULIEN tl YOT, OLTUPIA. IV. T. /"VFFERS for salo a fine assortment of— GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, CLOCKS, <JL~ JEWELRY, SPECTACLES, W THIMBLES, PENCIL CASES, EAR and FWGER RINGS, BREAST PINS, LOCKETS, GOLD CHAINS, KEYS, SEALS, Together ith all articles usually kept for sale by Watchmakers and Jeweler*. S. B.— Mr. Gnyot, thankful for the patrou age extended to him during the pastfoar year*, would respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. Watches, Clock* and Jewelry repaired in the best Manner by himself, and warrant ed for one year. (0T Package* forwarded by eipeeee or Mac* will receive carrfol and prompt attention. Olympia, Jaao », ISM. *» tf af t T. ' m > I I<iaa aim iwow rfad m—w m- wciuinx a* *■'" -5 ' -•• «*l • *—■ • amfr mmm**- *■— «aMa*Mk «MS Clothes Washer! TBI BtST A%b IwT MTTLtI iitiiH IUIIU nnm: PMCMTI, amvmy mtkrr mdrmnUtgn, tit/mHomtimf : It i* ea«y to operate, sitting or standing. It takes but little room ; It injure* no garments ; It finishes its work in from two to four minutes; It is durable and convenient; It is the only washing machine known that is liked the" better the longer it is used. ItIQUI.Y XKUO.VMSXRD BY Solon Robinson, in " Facts for Farmers," by Orange Judd, Editor " American Agriculturist," by l'rof.Youmans, Author of " Household Sci- ence, and by many other prominent meu. DOTY'S CLOTHES WASHER! lias taken the Plrat Premium, WHEREVER EXHIBITED IN COMPETI TION WITH OTHER MACHINES. It is evident there are two things bes'des cleaning clothes, which A Washing Machine must accomplish in order to I e intirely satis factory. It must tavt tabor and tare tin gar menlt; for without these, no other will be sufficient to prevent its fulling into dis use. Now, these nre precisely points on which the proprietors of the Dory's CLOTIIKH WAHU er rest the claims of this .Machine ; nnd they send out u modest challenge to all competitors to produce a machine, which, while, it cleans effectively, shall do it with so little labor to the operator, and with such perfect immunity to the garments as this. On these two points this Mucliinc has taken the first premium ns a Family Washer wherever exhibited; and for its perfection in these two points, it is at this day enjoying a popular favor which can be claimed for no other Washer known. A feeble woman, unable to work on her feet, can use it with ease in a sitting posture. Come nnd see. The other points on wWch this WasLer hit no superior are these; Ist, The quantity of goods it will wash nt once ; since thj last im provement, it willclcunse eight shirts, or their equivalent, at one operution. 2d. The ef ficiency and speed with which it does its work; two minutes being sufficient for a batch. 3d. It will wash a woolen-fleece without tearing it apart. 4th. It will do the whole washing, bluing, and rinsing withou either wash-tub or wash-hoard. sth. It takes up but little more room thnt a common wash-tub, its length be ing but 30and its width 20 inches. PBIC(3. Family Sue, $16,00 Hotel Site, 18,00 THE UNIVERBAUOLOTHEB WRINGER (WITH COG-WHEELS,) Accompanies each Washer—Family size $8 00, Hotel siso $lO. Send orders to WM. FALKNER ft SON, San Francisco. Or apply to the editor of thl* paper, by whom order* will be received at San Francisco agent'* price*. Olympia. Jau. 36, 1807. 12-tf* ■•TEL IE PARIS Madam Jameo, Propr's. MAIN HTRUT, OLYMPIA, WASH. TEK'Y. WILL aerve np null at ail fcin is fiMrt mmd iaritas rtrlaa ' 'Wvnapaa. %mm I*. >—«. I-mi J.LIGHTNER. intawns (umnvi j. ft. thtn tcrmi t t m MHpn*. * <m"o s^LL mi* mam VhMHT 4|mmhi, >■% .mm ihMNMIi *"' ll—ll 111 M«» * ■■», HI, **■* "! •" *""— •• »ar law MM ■) h •* tWI fM U4 ttHMM I|M tftKk - ntl W MMM WV m • gmm4 w IW- M mm I **•? •*> B» «a i*w faar( >« w pn*mm Mkf MfT lk( r«t t. i make a co, *« T«K c^. 8«44 bj •'! r>r»ej'.»i. Or. r-r» ti>«a try itortt i*r- thrvagboat lb* »..«H MM II 4n|. trt m oliUii n|ip!it> of aay »k«tml« • peat la an* Urge tin or luwa in ibc linn. Barn**' Magnolia Water. A toilet delight! Tiic Indies' treasure and gentlemens' boon! The "sweetest thing" and largest quantity. Menufnctured from tho rich Southern Magnolia. I'sed for bathingths faec and person, and to render the skin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, &c. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespiration. It removes redness, tan, blotches, ftc. It cures nervous headache and allays inflamma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the akin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water onco und you will use no otl-er Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Drugirists anil Dealers everywhere. DEM AS BAFNES ft CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. Lyon*' Katlialrort* It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dandri.fT. It keeps the head coot and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the hair turning grey and railing oT. It restores hair upon prematurely bald heads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car load, nnd yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that doei not keep it, or a fimilr that doe* not use it. E. THOMAS LYON, Chemist N. T. Lyons' Extract tiinger. LYONS' EXTRACT OF I'URR JAMAICA liixosa—- For Indigestion, Nausea, llartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, kc., wnere a warming stimulaut is required. Its careful preparatoin and entire puritvmikeit a cheap and reliable article for culinary par poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •'Lyons'" Pure Extract. Tak* no other. See that the private U. S. stamp of Oemas Barnes k Co. is over tho cork of «acb package. None other is genuine. MiiNtanff LIRIHM. Bars you a hurt child or a lame horse I Us* the llexiean Mustang Liniment. For euU, sprain*, burns, swelling* *ad caked! breads, the Mexicon.Mustang Liniment U a certain cure. For rheumatism, neuralgia, Miff joiaU/'atiag* and bite*, there is nothing ilk* the.Mexican Mm*> tang Liniment. For »pa»ined heists, the pall nil, ringWwCaW swe+arr, tke Mexican Mustang UrineM never faila. Parviad gaila, matches, Mg-fc*ad and splint, Ik* Mexiraa Mustang I iahnrat ia wartk its weight ia and saill^i^iSMiam sytJ i ■! "s.