Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 2, 1867 Page 1
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Uashiugfnn standard. t-L IIL-V* II f* »JNf. 1 •» m * * <%>■ - * * trr ** * f • * __ _ % «, i m •- F % * * (HIT «%-■■ »* ' •ft •• t# ■ - ar« m •% " • r/iiNft* * »«* r m - •' •m#* #** •' X r AH of f«f ■» 1 4 tor *f 1W *»* »:* v N |7Rluk«. » |f-t, -»r >cr»»f» r * * lie., nwl>4 ml fj • it* •' -■• OFFICE itrfrti.nfar thr ruK .: . [• Ft'll'l M..] LAWS OF THE UNITED CTATZS, FaiMrd *t flir «l » •«i lite '» J • IN I .111 C(i»»j;t v . (Pl'BLlC —Xo. •!.] An net suspending the payment of moneys from the treasury as competition to persans claiming the saviee or labor "1 co'ored volunteers or dr.,it d men, .:nd other purposes. He it enacted by the Sntc'e a House of Representatives of the L'nitul States of America in Congress ttswuthlvJ, 1 Itut I lie final report of tlic coniuiisdoncrs provided for in the second section of the act of Con gress entitled "An net 111 king appropri ation for sundry civil expenses of the fjov crnment for the year ending June thirtieh, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, and for other purposes," approved July twenty eight,eighteen hundred nil 1 sixty-six, shall be made, through the Sir taiv,of War, to Congress, nrd no money sli li! he paid from the treasury, or fr ini any fund therein, upon th.» same, or otherwise, to any claim ant under the provisions of section twenty four of the net approved February twenty, fourth, eighteen hundred and MX'y-f mr, entitld " An act to amend ail act entitled •An act for enrolling and ca'linvj out the national forces, undf>rother purposes,"" approved March thir l, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, until such repotl shall be approved and continued by Congress. Approved, January 11, 1807. (PUBLIC KESOLVTIOX —No. .'s.] Joint Resolution nuihnri/.ir.g ceitaia med ala to bo distributed to honorably dis charged soldi, rs fr c of jiostajj". He if enacted h<j the Senate nit 1 I louse of Reprcxentnhrcx of'the United Stuffs of America in Congress assembled. That the adjutant general ot tlic State of West \ ir ginia is hereby authorized to distribute through the mail*, free of postage, to t lie honorably discharged soldiers of West Viigiuia, and to the relatives and fiiuud* of these who were killed or died of wounds or dieases while in service, certain medals furnished by the Legislature of that State, and in anch case the envelope enclosed the same shall be franked by such adju tant general in the mode preset ibed by the Postmaster General. Approved, January 14, 18G7. A MODEL TEMPEUANCE HOTEL. — \ few years ago, when the Maine liquor law was in full force in Ver mont, Judge C. of , was on a journey, lie stopped at a tavern in the town of for the night. Af ter nipper, the Judge asked the land lord for 44 ■ gla*s of g;n." Tito land lord Mill be was " sorry be could •ot •ceoomi" late liitu. I utaol. by lav to ket-pa temp r.ttt.••• hou«e." It wa« late. the Ju go oa that big'it. b»t T V, U l l«ml br *.«:.! l«-ir-' firS si- i >: anrvia; al' -r. "Wn •ret?; I «if! f-*rrr t >ar tkWai 1 a*4 *lm« x-Ito * r Th 6 «bmL. *lkys «• » . W ftawW • krftfr W fIU - W ■ ll wf *» km w** <*■»-. ■->». ti '■■» TV i * -» Im '"NC -.«.. -<[ H fe4MS V"" 1 " IHMliMtfMd (MP MMMfctilk t/ftt -'-mm m- #• W I|p W fmm fcn* ywmpiwr mi fW {""lftttMPft 4k Midif- fft* W , |t i ii im* 4«» J"**' ft «•** ?*r-iate ift» ft li-wwi i#t« » <*»% ]• r- %V 4. mi (y« a »| • r —ft | - ft * ; i V I awl 4 tff>4 «f •. a *« tii - i. i t-v «»t«* i -? "1-. r»« «*r ' •« ail. t l <r nn»M| a- m ..! il»- . *•»- T i- aii n it r»" u• I tr. e-. .! - - r . ■!. r\. j-k'». ! •• tj!it«. r . j )•—. - ' . r> and :|t»'»*r.t'i •»)*•>< r • nr. iii' -Mr > f ! l *»:t*i "*. in the r«r:ii i*l fl >« '•«. <•''"tli ». etc. It h.i* a » i-jm-imU- ! r<mf of :r -ii nn I <;I:HS . 11*1 *>' ' l!|>i< s «|ll lie* V and a (j'l irtor nf jftniMil. Tli.' ircM in t'ii~ sitai'i —wln'iv, fix in * iii * 11*4 :i <_'<•, there was it>it a green tiling—have been transplanted at full si/.', ami the total ii it 1111 icr lieie and elsewhere in tlio grounds, tliiH wtihiiiMatcil, is eight thousand. *• Sixty grand arches open into this garden from tlio main building around. Hetween tltotii ami open ing likewise into the garden, are lo cated till the o:tl'"a or refreshment rooms, distributed in the divisions proper to their respective nationali ties, and will each present the indig enous article of food, in the charac teristic styles, of their several conn tries. The interior area is, open to the lofty roof; likewise the outermost of tite eight eliptieal structures envel oping it. Two grand transverse aven ues—extending to the roof, hut not continued across the central garden -divide the whole pile into fonrquad rant-shaped sections. Twelve inter mediate avenues, radiating in like manner from the center, three in each section, again subdivide the whole into sixteen grand national departments each covering about two and a half acres. Passing from the center, outward, through any of these avenues, the visitor will in spect thirteen successive departments of the civilization of that nationality assigned to uitherside of the avenue; the first being that of fine arts, and the second a museum of the his tory of labor, from the rudest ages. Following any of the eliptieal cor idors around the building, he will see an aspect of civilization, as pre sented in diverse forms and stages by each of the sixteen nationalities, in succession. Light, vcntillalion, wanning, cleansing, drainage, etc., :trc munifi cently provider]. For example, the great gallery for maeliiiuTy is said to be lighted on each side by 200 win dows, 520 in all; each of which is about 23 feet high and l-'s*foct wide. The under ground galleries beneath all parts of tho structure, £>r tho various kinds of service and commu nication, are over three miles in length ; tho length of drainage is five miles. Air to be introduced and distributed by means of immense stream pumps. Hut the cost of this work is, per haps, the mo-it impressive illustration ot its vastnks*. 'I lie cditiec, it is said, wi'l cr*t It in built en tirely of ir.xi and jfla*<. tno i'Hier »tili tur a. a:>d :be gr.iiid i> >r tai«. ul.ih JIT* ot Bii tli « "rktutM. hi<- *r. on tt«- two tli'iMMld §rc Luodrrd >si tlx I ii ntf * i 6;t> n t! . t-. >»« '-»» <k» t« g- ai»«t mtfl 4rt • • ba -iwl artrw luta vtfai tantfi -r j>t kafc4* Lfwa, «v«L 'iinl tiit **' " wßi «r , JMI ttsyt,. * 0$ Ma**? r» £ *•'» I**4 % *K3& V «t. TIMP Hbh"- ft'l* ♦ Bat jpi«iu*4*-*C ftjr m •» ' mr" XL \mto* I• mm m* i w r Kmk mmm M pnMpN. «» 9m «ns? VNOV SP4NK Mm <P% warn mm* «\ a—* « ■*#» •iMM» '"- 90m 4# ■* * ' mmrnmm ** - f *mmo& w *m mm* %* ti» *hk62» ■ Wf'"'*'- W* Hdnawn 1- 'iWf .jpw'n%s»»" ttf 40* dfc WttKF*' *NMi w <a* ' war Hwi' • hi 1 ' n,,- VBrj* atvir L » tt2Sf**l mTTB»4I MVfk ll*»l l !*£ T«» a» « TaMA V' & MMM «M» »' H" #"«•■■ • •* * •M' fw-"W * • imc •»* ■"» at fc-» «■» MM IJ.I iut l ' 4Mk MK*" «l ».*»■■? 4> Mtar - thrM ar>- mmH «r*ri ' 'tffmm ♦' * *" Tev I k\»»— fc«-K I'Hk. ♦ r W <<kwSner„ •* wt»jW off >.4<t» * " \ •?*..**£ • s v«r* rw-f** *r««t fb#> ♦«S '■■'>. 1 fcopfr if *? f*» MIN i a -t*- f irHii km ISi ws» g n>'ti a 4mi i or 4»i f-«rt that * •« <4U I fvio* l i |ivf » ki fV br a'. •|» .»•• . . : • »• .1 ► t«»r. • it » a »*£*-!. ~ . .ro il tux" " •• N". •• K a !-••. "N"i. trj" #;'.llll." '•("-.i-?-c." •* \.». \i-ii Imvo n.i it ii.'..iii. • Well, then, r«*luriK*<l lite doctor, ••C'-a doublc I.' " Xo, that* nut th<* way ; try it again, it's vunr la-t chance." " C-H-g-h t." 44 Xo," said the wag, "that's not the way: you have l«t~t the wager," »• Well," said the doctor, with much petulence of manner, "how does he spell it?" " Why, ho spells it c-a t," replied the wag, with tho utmost gravity, nmid the roars of the mess, and almost choking with rage, the doctor sprang to his feet exclaiming, u Gentlemen, I am too old to he trifled with in this manner." I THE " BLESSTN' PLATE."— Little Tommy K could not often find a seat at the first table, there being quite a large family ofgrown persons. One day, some member being absent, Tommy was allowed to take his place. The plates were of white stone china, and as was customary, were turned upside clown, thus show ing thejrnde-niark and maker's name on tho bottom. " Well," said Tommy, " I'm glad I've got tho hlessin'-plate for once." " why, Tommy, what makes you think you have the blessing-plate '<" asked his mother. " Why, don't grandpa read the blessin' oil' the bottom of the plates ?" wiid Tommy. Sword blades resembling those of Damascus are made at Sol ingen, Germany. A faggot is first formed of alternate bars of iron and steel. It is drawn out, doubled and twisted several times,ami thc-n formed into a ribbon. Two such ribbons arc welded together, enclosing be tween them a thin blade of tho host cutting English steel. After polish ing it is dipped in diluted sulphuric acid to give it a pattern. A Connecticut Yankee has cleared his house of rats by catching one and dipping him in red paint. He then let him loose, and the oth er rats not liking his looks, left ini mediately. JterJT" A clergyman "deownKast" asked a woman ho had baptized as she was coming out of tho water how sho felt in mind, and was some what surprised to hear her answer "Bully." rur w henever you meet a man or woman who is ashamed to be cau.rht at any respectable employ ment, it is a bigu there is a tender spot somewhere about the brain. rjp Coitv arnn mannfa "tnriinr oiiiijMtir have »hi|>]M-<l twelve wr t' c ">j<r:i»jrti 1<! htk-jrun •<» l,iv. r|«*«l. Tt»rv »rv ii«ti-u>icJ f r lllf |«. A « i.i ? 1»\ a ♦* I «et»~«r i » ** rr w t»l»f L«t » « .ir. tiurf kf Wra »■

r» -sfi «V-«t «»WT *»*•» • mm**. B*f ' TLrtfJ !_«** Bti <4 *B M *—* m *»"■■■ b«t w«r& « g-mu-r *" ■' * *V aU ■ 4fMW ar mp *•* k-* Mar ataaMr t rw 4f 4Bbi fcdT" * * » WHf •waai «tal Ma* « tat H mta* %WjiAi»/* .nil --v- HMT jpiw l •4m»c * «• m-- *">» m m w mmm i •"• ** W ,M " <d iMwdf Ike * - ««AI #-■ 9m b ' - #«di V* w Silfcr MMNB * F«r MMritMW*" (■> mmmm I m * «« £JM> • vmaf. >< mtm mm «mml *>* * > tlbr fc •- of *_ S WMM 1 ■4-» - r.-1»'«* <*4 r v«w» r, ■« w- -«M T""& t Mater «aw viV -"» »t taCMr - W «**ar ; .fr: * j anl ,i 1 Hi'nW V»t»- >» 'u. !•-» tk • m. |<r ;; "I ffcij*'. tax btkr.* - Ilr-j; . at n J TWr r- hfk at* ** W. ! « f tlif Wk* tn r! r. .lv » I-I i»B. «»J r-i i'*t. v» »»n- luar. .e»j »m«i slier. \\ ..*;i ' l< it a ( »!< »t nir »»t "cin i. ; lit t! • { -it.l." ai.d a lady like tneth ••! • ■!"' »i ■ *ll MMIUI v >rd * Tui: 11..'k :.u.« «u XtVAlt-i.—Aoosit twent\ mil ■> iViitii Car.-oii City, Xe va<la, • stitne remarkable tnineral sprint's called 44 Steamboat Spriti;**," from tins noise they make, which sounds iikeseveral steamersdiseliarg ili of steam. These springs cover an area of ahot t ihreo acres. Tho wa ter is hitiling hot, and tho escaping steam can he seen for several miles before sunrise, and the atmosphere it* the vicinity is tilled with tho smell of sulphur. Tho water cures the rhenmat's n effectually. There tre crevices in the rocks where tho wa ter can be seen boiling at a depth of thirty feet. There is also a spring which is called the BreathingSprin<j. It is shaped much like a well. Tho water recedes to the depth of ten or twelve feet, and remains calm for live mimics, and then commences to boil, and rises until it shoots in the air above ten feet, and in five min utes it begins to recede. Tt'iUvisit PHOVKIUJS.— A small stone often makes a great noise. A fool ish friend is, at times, n greater annoyance than n wise enemy. You'll not sweeten your mouth by saying " honey." If a man would live in peace ho should bo blind, deaf, and dumb. Do good and throw it into the sea, if the fish know it not, the Lord will. Who fears God need not fear man. If thy foe be as small as a gnat, fancy him as largo as an elephant. A man who weeps forev ery one will soon have lost his eye sight. More is learned from conver sation than from books. A friend is of more worth than a kinsman. lie rides seldom who never rides any but a borrowed horse. Trust to tho whiteness of his turban who bought tho soap 011 credit. Death ia a black camel, that kneels before every man's door. psjf It is a curious fact connected with deep mining, that from tho hours of twelve ut night till three in the morning tho disturbing influence in the bowels of tho earth obtains increased activity. At that time it is observed by miners that water falls from places where none is ob servable during the day. Tho vol ume in tha wheel is perceptibly in creased, the atmosphere U charged willi gasses which often prevent the lights from burning, and small par ticle-: of earth and rock arc observed to tidl from the tops ot the drives. Whether this phenomenon is to IH> attributed to the diurnal IC»tk>n ol the earth or other cause*, it is wor thy the attention ot tliecttnaus. \tm:u> ti Mi-take.—A sti M> i.-, *»•« WTrid l»i a -:Vk.- v utbrr nr. . .*g. T*t» tr ! tdlbr r!-onl. ttxc tW <4W i<t»i m r'>»"—*• ikm sml So4r n><4 TVt ai! <■ , i «» ** ft* ■ ««. rjp an - JJ tfeai li i a "My* «> P* W fcr aum*' tL £. ■"*. "m>*m W t urn *»» A» •*dk »••»■' • 4aa4k.~ • tar% W A«r. ■•►•4 I aaai M" Wl* «* 1! "***' «Aai fuc**" WMH «* « Ik fa. H—HiWir; «l fM*B <*# .Si: m « ■ 1M Stl-' '.'fc %li 9RH> «MM mm mm W sjmmd mm «h*w m Wj£ . me tme9*rt ttmm aft, Ir •-•»>*» i * here tfer j*k- atr ! m tke ?'• Ma 4 t 4 .- f #r«w k» kt# Wt j •»»?. «i i ynn ri»-a, m i: *i-Tr. tii exlrt**. aiL a< «i luc ■ . .M.i 41 trju-jc I. -ll llKit. b ( t!'*. M a lUJtTltrf I'l 1-nt *• a vi• >Uti<hi »»f ljv ». A fr>-«}j jr.inili tivfle, t»hir4i 113-« '.-tk. I n;i sms «of <(ftbin)(fat, i- u •: iti a jir>.|K-r c 'u.'itiou t« !«• tak t'li iu'.o tl.o »\ t*. :u. Saltv-1 a; lic'i .-, v. hiivi are generally su lianleiu u that tliev v. ill ii-.t utis.irli the fat, as fish, ami articles which are exposed hut a t»hoi t time to.the very hijjh tempera ture to which :dl fried articles are auhjocted, may ho conked in this way, but never good Iresh beef. THE TALLOW TREE.— The tallow tree of China, which gives rise to a vast trade in the northern parts of that em pire, has been introduced into In dia. It grows with great luxurance in thoDihocns and in the Kotistan of the northwestern provinces and tho Punjab, and now there are tens of thousands of trees in tho Govern ment plantations Kowlaghir, Ilawul Baugli and Ayar Tolle, from which tons ot seeds arc available for distri bution. Dr. Jameson prepared from the seed one hundred pounds of tal low, and forwarded fifty pounds to the Punjab railway, in order to to have its properties as a lubricator for railway machinery testod. For burn ing tho tallow is excellent; it gives a clear, bright, inodorous flame, and is without smoke. Tho tree fruits abundantly both in the Dhoons and plains, and grows with great rapidity. Many trees raised from seeds intro duced eight years ago, being now six feet in eircumforonco at tnrce feet from the ground. The timber ia white and close grained, and well fit ted for printing blocks. Tho leaves, too, are valuable as a dye. FRIGHTENED SNAKE. — Two young Nimrods, seeking what they might shoot in ehnpo of birds of prey, es pied a woodpecker just making his entrance into a sassafras stuuip at a point some twenty-five feet from the ground. Not being quick enough to " bring him down" with powder and shot, one of tho hunters pro posed bringing him down by climb ing to his retreat. lie had ascended to within a few feet of tho nest, when, to his infinite amusement, a black snake that had taken up his abode in the same treo, projected his head and forked tongue almost in tho climber's face. Thore was a " sudden gone ness," not only about tho stomach, but in ever limb of tho aspirant, when his downward teudeucy was truly alarming. But the earth was soft and with returning breath came consciousness. To his companion's enquiry it lie was much hurt, he re plied. don't be alarmed, I'm all right; but if yon want to see a scared snake, just climb up into that tree about twenty feet. S VI.T. —A *rroat dicoverr of *:*lt ha? beeu iimJc in Kanus mrjOMi ijf iu riciii:o*» aii'! oxteut attytiiiug «»f I lie kind ever »ccn. I:* lucatii»u is iu the rx:rrme |«»rti<Hi of tbe >? T. of tbe B**aJ jprat r»«te* A! rt\irW. *•»-! »« tfee «tk way !nl»« c 4 1»du»» 1 •.: iwiffi tW pr. *">? w»|- jr. f nmc • OX «4 cm W mf -t hry f > ■ T** «**t «• * » •« . r<»d .Mrli W'». ' * 4Mm MM* • <M«*MBp M*» M«hM Ml «* «*>" TW* «• •B !l " 1 *,M«S<r JHMMM Mf «kj» * * ■ aih. Maff p •» K- TUhr *mm Mim *■' Jkt. «v n» mm**** **mm tMI » fVM aMHMk ft IWk t.« • a*. < '•* ■■» q—s» » «f<J part* «i»rfr twTtwi wW ««*; I* tor *» mm avcii h* •-.*■ V tor, •►nrn' kit to Is * in. tU IrvU. rt jruashn mm •t .<:*.• i »;.!»*4 Ti/c timS Mil l>nru tbt •? «!«■(>. snd uw Lraicyat.J i, r\ e«. LiTTLS I)iLW or KIXMUI— K.:fli of a tbnum <1 a<-t« of lore !<■»»-% vi*! y lit Ile of itself. ami jet jnlieti tie wed tii« r nho «JII e»ti iiuite their value ? Tlie chi'd whose go "1 nfliecs are always readv when wanted to run up stairs and down, j»et chips or rock tlie cradle, to run on an errand and right hack, all with a cheerful look and please it temper, has a reward along with such duties. If a little girl cannot tako her grand father on her lap, «3 he takes her on his, she can get the slippers, or put away the book, or gently comb hia thin locks: and whethersho things of it or not, these little kindnesses that conic from a loving heart are the sunbeams that lighten up a dark and woful world. BELIEVE THE BEST.— lie who thinks better of his neighbors than they de serve cannot be a bad man, for tl.e standard by which his judgment is formed is the goodness of his own heart. It is the base only who be lieve all men base, or in other words, like themselves. Few, however, are all evil. Even Nero did a good turd for somebody—for when liome was rejoicing over his death some loving hand covered his grave with flowers. Public men are seldom or never fair ly judged while living. However pure, they cannot escape calumny ; however incorrect, they are sure to find eulogists. History mayjdo them justice, but they rarely get it while alive, either from friend or foe. KISSINU. —Josh Billings says there is "one cold, bluo, lean kiss, that always makes hiiu shiver to see. Two pcrßousF(ov the femuil persua sion) who have witnessed a grate menny yunger and more pulpy daze, meat in sum public place, and not heving saw each uther for 24 hourir, they kiss imtnegiately—then they tulle about the wether and theyung man who preached yesterday, and then they kiss, and then blnsh and larf at what they say tu ech uther, and kiss again immegiately. This kind of kissing allers put mc in mind of 2 old Hints tryin to strike fire." THE LOCAL PAPER. —The following well-told truth is from the Chicago Republican: " Whether the people will it or not the local paper is their representative abroad, their embassador in foreign I >arts, by which they mast be judged, jet them, then, take a patriotic in terest iu giving it news, co-operation and patronage. Like every.' other duty performed, it will p*y in the lopg run." A project is on foot in Lon don tor an liniccnfte U'liiporaucecJub, to hare a capital of half a million dollar*, ami a buildia; th i* <*hail em tain. beanie Uccturr batl.reaUiitj* ri«e, (iininjr and liilliaru r»>\ g>ian*ai aia, t«t\ rwNat, 4% a| Afla»c«t* far dbtmt fiv« LauU- J ta m her*. *•"» i-pm* I«• CM* tW mmM «# »«• *ib «*r sit' t: ii w—i «r T-m 4br * • •» <■» •