Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 2, 1867 Page 2
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* 7 *%l«i • > % "** *•* • • • Tim ,rc.« «■ A • >»■ ■!■ - «•* **» Pmm «2T -, < i^ui * •» - -4 T« tfc«" Torn cf Vuku.fUi T«mt«ry {Hi T< Ir» n •'•»•» i*«f <!• Wc4»«-4»«. IfCil lit* I* : »• Ijk tiwr «f4 ik» i «t» o4 \ r<*c»!i . iW f*U. # U« ti»« R> it Tm < *ul I «.- VrftlMMi. f«*r 1l»r r. u.iuiT. ?. of a ra«lfUtf f<>r IMrftl*- l » ruajfrt". ■. \ IL trMMctim cf «»*\er i y-.n.-« mi* |»r« trU r«»Bie Iffon it K«< b ro'intt »»r ««! *:i- t i.» rnlitlnl t«» r*| re •«>nt itiun a* folio* Whatcom, 1 Inlrmf 2 Clallam Jefferson... Snohomish,- 2 Kill-up, -t K itiK I'itTiP 4 Mason, 1 t'hi-halis I Pacific, Thurston <> Cowlitz HII<I \V ll likiuk ll in , - Lewis, 2 Clarke, i> Ska ma n in, 2 Clickntat I Yaknma, 1 Walla-walla, 10 Stevens, 2 The earnestness of the committee in urging early organization by precinct, county nnil dis trict meetings, lias been deepened by the fol lowing facts : The portentous period through which our -country is now passing, justifies us in briefly addressing you. Let us so act tlmt the voice of Washington Territory may oe clearly anil unmistakably understood on the momentous issues now agitating the Union. All who love the Union, who desire its immediate restora tion on the broad basis of the Constitution ; all who favor the immediate admission to -Congress of loyal Senators and Representa tives from the ten excluded States, upon equal terms with the twenty-six States now repre sented in Congress ; all who sustain the res toration policy of the National Administra tion ; all who hold in respect the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, and regard with alarm the recent threads of im peachment, of members of that solemn tribu nal, in order to subvert its independence ; all who believe that the Constitution of the Uni ted States and uniform usage since its adop tion have vested in the States and Terri tories the right to define the elective frnnchisa within their respective limits ; in a word, nil regardless of political antecedents, who are opposed to radicalism culminating in revolu tion, who covet Union rather than disunion, peace rather than war, harmony rather than discord, stability of institutions rather than anarchy, let your voice be heard. Citizens of Washington Territory ! Are you prepared to submit without protest to that indignity, which, while you willingly contribute your taxes, though denied a vote in Congress, even takes away from you the privilege of con trolling your elective franchise ? Itcmcmber that the acts organizing our Territory, and inviting its settlement years ago, conferred the express right to define the qualifications of electors, and opened the public lands to while settlement. After fourteen years acceptance of these fundamental laws, without offense on our part, Congress has deprived us of those privileges. Without our consent and against our will, it has forced upon us negro suffrage and has opened the door for all races and col ors to vote in our Territory, and settle in our midst. Those who favor repeal of such op pressive Congressional Legislation, come for ward now, and let your voice be heard in earn est protest against such interference in our affairs. K. S. FOWLKR, Chairman Committee. Thurston County Convention. The friends of the National AdniiniMrntion, those who support the policy thereof ID restor ing peace to the nation, ami all who endorse the Declaration of Principles adopted b;> the Philadelphia National Union Convention, are respectfully requested to meet in their respect ive precincts on SATURDAY, MARCH ltith, 1867, to elect delegates to a County Conven tion to be held on aatardajr, March aotlt, a. D. IW, at the Court-House in Olyntpia, at 1 o'clock p. m . to select fix delegates to the Territorial Convention, to be held »t Vanro'iver, April 17th. to nominate a caadidatefor Delegate to Cuofrtu. and tr*o«art «urh other Su*ine*« as Bar be tKtiurr fur a thorough roaatv or (uiutiva WW W. VII. I.KL T F VRKUHIR. «. C. m-AMkKVSHIP. JJLS LKNCVIIU: It r KT'TH jr->r. J MT?MS. J«*U\ H irtrti r O.wmpm frt li ,m~ MTTMMT «tnv. VII 1 WET 1* r **>■ Im» ■* ftfgMNi- *« - to* •■*' «r 4».'» off* mi gp* <*« *<**«> -mm «•» 4f W*S • t»r AMI SIM* *o** *m*» pMP*" m - M mrMW" »** 4MB «£ «* *» «*#»* c * *"*"■ «%» •'* lWi |, MiWy > "» *■*§ «M» iM» %**■» f» Sb»" <•*- «P» t«M tat * » t fc* • * • % m* th* «MM*» JMMI ■ %■» k (t # Ai Mk tl - <■» ««k c fcar * j*r jw Trim ■"in an <-* • w«i. flwr cani •» *Mt tttc v«rri, «*• CMC* «* •fcfdk ■ «* tfc » rarMlr rfc«f wi** ** »• ■ will » t - . -if ■ »i~i -»« 'W« I •» ts '■ £_l»' ta«t !«•••* - Isol tlx •«, >» itli iwi <#»■••« •■• >'''! j*'jq ■•; rv'.*-U :, tr_it r>; «: •••»- •K-rati aider* ai>«l « l trr»«-:. übil «i.-'tiii i»; "»vB»j«a!!»;z« r- au<l aj «»l«i r <>t rclK-l:i<»it. Knvplini; tin* >oiiteiifx in tlie tir-t witli tlit? words " our lieiirts tlirolj w'n!i j«»v," which cover in general terms the <h>c 11itic of negro equality, there is noth ing that couhl he construed into the attinnative assertion of anything which is »o he advocated or accom plished by theseaaintly patriots, who, now that only paper bullets are to be used, arc so loud iti crying " to arms." We publish the address as afford ing conclusive evidence that the Rad ical party in this Territory (where negro equality is not popular) either has no principles, or having daro not avow them. Its staple is slang, low- Hung blackguardism, and crazy, blind fanaticism, and so thoroughly arc these elements combined, that it would be difficult to determine whether ignorance, impudence or dirt preponderates in its composition. Its authors, not satisfied with exhib iting the total depravity of the party opposed to them, to cap the climax, make the devil look small, and to complete the evidence of their piety, introduce him as the prototype of anti Radicalism, or Leandoristii, whichever it is. "Lot us," says the Committee af ter having exhausted the vocabulary of treason and its supply of billings gate upon whoever might question the orthodox}' of the address, after exhibiting the most vindictive bit terness, after appealing directly to the vilest prejudices—"Let us ignore all prejudice, all sectional bitterness, all personal feeling for the common good of our glorious cause." If this resolution had been taken in the be ginning, there had been no address to write. Leandcr! Leauder! if the "loyal Congress" were Helen, and the people of Washington Territory the Hellespont, thou wouldst never obtain her without some better raft than this. THE WEATHER. —It appears from Eastern telegrams that the present winter has been one of unusual se verity. January 21st, the fall of suow WIM unprecedented, extending over ino«t the Eu*tern, Middle ami Western States. Snow fell h<*re last week to the depth of five or six iitcbes, and ou the prairies to tb? 4eptk of a f»ot. Mid tlie flakes Lave been Iriti; at interval* ever titxv. but with suffi- . i.: rain a: i to at. actrvu-oin to a ffreafer A#* TV mmm-mmmm tfc* imrnx *t t>U A i> * «■« **»»-* «lftr> m \»my*n IL L. «Mt fkr l«it t * TV £■£. *4 9m —g m mmr yM*L •'■ %mqg m urn. 'BBBB* *► ® SMft -m * mnhw mv «*• '" "* StwwMfc M Mw» «aE* «** %•> ia- aa- ■* - jfPftMff wmMmm* a»- %mm>»~ i ag' ■• a* •*' ai MWa-rgpf-w ai aaaaa- caa - aua aaai- at ,m»i!#■»*•• a »• ■ mmm %. MMM I ""'- a- aWfc. * MM M» in> iiMi a «MM» af MC aAHMiM a»*aMt * aw* a MP* % >" simmw imm %, fav la»««» Mt I aaa# v M ,# ®a a MaMMMav <m ar» Jf a aa •'* flppair mi vmm Mart an a &»jr iM«g .Mt^ Mir ii-'-fai a-«aa I%iirn~ m fta ia ia* %a 4 .a» -a Imp «fla- *4 tfe# «a» fa , 1* afrts «• m.-W ri. fun N*rij a«r iM 'i* »i l '« um sir** jm ju. : ai T "•*- * «» < H&r Li - • if>< itii tfi a U I< H.< o! ti* U«li (f-r» at. t« it« in. i j ut to u»\ «'a:. .. "» t:»«' * nur. lit r luanutj ♦uriuj »-:-!• -unirtit" pa\ U.ii l'tiiU t<> the bolder.*, and ><-arc» 1\ a Hit!. pa-»«.->> but that we hear ot tlie dcv« l>>j*iiient of lieu brain ing ot iinlustry, tliat are fast nlui Oregon in the lead of n ° older (States. We have endeavored, time ami again, to awaken tho people to the importance of considering these sug gestions, but have never yet elicited anything more than a few grunts of approval from our capitalists. When it is expected that a change will come over the "spirit of their dreams," we know not, but until they loosen their purse-strings the wheels of progress are locked. fi®-The P. '1 'ribuuCy upon learn ing of tho appointment of Dr. O'- Brien as Physician to the Indians, pitched into Superintendent McKiu ney rough shod. For some reason, it has since seen the matter from an other stand-point, i. e. through an other pair of eyes. The following paragraph, from tho last issue of that paper, shows that tho appointment looks quite different from what it did at first: " If il be true us we have been assured, tlmt (lie appointment was niuJe independent ol' ull political considerations, and purely lor the purpose of pluci'ig the medical service in skill ful hands, very well. If it lie true Unit the Superintendent rose above his own political preference und appointed a man outside of the political circle in which he himself sympathi zes, because he could thereby better subserve the wants of the Indians, very well. If il is true that he removed l>r. U'llrien's predecessor for the reason of his incompetency, and be cause he resided off the Reservation, very well.'' The following passage from Ham let will show that there wcro Radi cals in Shakespeare's times: Ham. Do you see yonder cloud, that's al most iu I-hape of II euiuel ? Vol. lly tliu uiugft, ami 'tU like a camel in deed. Jt*nn. Mcthinks, it is like a weasel Vol. It is backed like n weasel. limn. Or, like a whale ? Vol. Very like a whale. jgjg- We have been shown a sam ple ot wrapping paper manufactured ut the Oregon City Mills, which compares favorably with tho im ported urticle. Probably within the course of three months they will cotumuire the manufacture of print ing paper. A new town has been laid off one mile Itolow St. Helens. The proprictois give alternate lots to per son* who will build II|MIII them. Wbrtlit r //.. y own a saw-mill or not, i» uot »t tied.

The X«-« York SuJl+y /> «- |«U 4m tfe* following rj»i pra u Mr !«>>• Ur : «mK- ■ >■»» H—■ i. km % ■■ mmi jm fa T • <—m tm n* *-» aaf Vnr .. a jfctt- 4 * pOpMT fafe a»* aC T 1» i—■ t m Nmm * ' €. MffMMflHNfc* % MaM m~ a % dfIMF at. 4wMMa» M» iMShr IMP ttat lie*,'*#*- '-. 4 at %*+ * IRMMi I 4MRMMff --«•» a** «*(^pprti mmm*; vaaß %»■ IHMMI wmi mm •*~r*j«MPMl MMP> apMlNi Ml iiHi <af *. '-MMM&atfMfc f •«<••••'" •• Vk - * Vp" M** if-*-" niii nMIHw 44MM1 a- %'HP ■f-mm*- * mm # ' a 1 !» MMM Ml MMftMMMi ~ **MT Mr « Im w 4 tow whi Hi Ma>4 mymm W a.. YIMO MV » •> •u- WPMP'% iftM Imwi^T #' -» m a* as * • ni m Imm*"- mm m»4 I IwPli. iMMfn, thlffMai »ral**«i a»fkt atk fii r- a* in:- . «ul4 tf*«« tsWfti t» i hk »»t<4 ibr r>ni>. In t'ji- art Jti ■ at* i- hd| -r. ««xl «»ar (■ ti a h «*•*■«, "Hr gnwij iiijfrt mh! |.*i«-|•• •- •» a- a p-liti al ar)puiiiati»«. It if. g»*!itb'H»' ». it cannot k 1 ili*- ir'ii-x-*! tint wo haw arnivctl airain«t ti-. the el-'Mi'-at- ofdi»r »nl. anarchy and confusion. I tad men nit li Iwdde- and purposes ; relieU ; traitors; deiniKTtic aiders and aliettois oftrea son and disuitioii; sympathizers and apologists of rebellion, all combined in the nefarious purpose of arresting the progress of human liberty and just laws. Judging the future by tlio past, they would dclugo the country again in blood, bestrew the enrtli and the sea with the mangled remains «»t' human victims, rejoice at the wid dow's wiril, laugh at the orphan's cry, spread havoc, carnage and ruin over the laud, if by these, they would ride into place and power; for their avowed principle of political action is to rule or ruin. For this they envel oped the country in the flames of civil war. For litis they sought to des troy the Constitution and the Govern ment of our fathers, but, thank God, were overthrown and disarmed. For i/tis, more lately, under tho aus pices of their new friend, the Presi dent, they appealed to the people, and by them were most signally routed. Yet like their great proto type, the arch fiend, who was thrown from the battlements of heaven for Ins treason, they are prowling around, professing loyalty and devotion to tho Constitution and Government that for years they sought to destoy. Becoming arrogant under tho lead ership of •' My policy" they call loy alty treason, union disunion, and those who prosecuted tho war and saved the government are traitors in their estimation. Citizens of Washington Territory,ss is ditlk-ult to see through the designs of such men ? Shall such men be placed in power hy your votes? Shall this Territory semi such a represen tative to the loyal Congress of the Nation? Wo think not. We think your response will ho in thunder tone?, No! If this is your reply, then, gentlemen, organize, arm yourselves for the tight;'let this Territory pre serve her plaee side by side with the loyal Stutes and Territories of the Union. Let us ignore all prejudieo, all seetional bitterness, all personal feeling for the common good ot our f'lorinus cause. Let us scud true oynl Union men as delegates to the Territorial Convention, only that they be instructed that the nominee be a capable, sound, reliable Union man, whose political views aro not subject to ebbs and flows of the tide, ami whoso identity utrl interest in the welfare of the Territory are un questioned. And we iimv Iw assured not only sue*-****, but triumph ant victorv will crown the result. G. A. MKIUB, f'kmirmarn (.ommittet. I.CAM>CK li'lUIC. l tf »trf« f - I K liw > • »•« r fc«* J * a inni - "IB mi TTK , , vfli MSL *■» *I^TZZ K 9 %m» T<«mi P— ■ —-A <* Hk '■ •*» arafl* Vfcat * <«< a* *•■■■• ■*» -*»» Hk* <a *«»% * .4. • •«# «» t*' Jk'*< 4HMO"* *KHwr 4M» *► <W" 4PP>* I -*tea <*«*■ 1 MMM* a ■■"•> a* ■*- *f a* * "-• fINMV *» a - t aaa* 9*dW dni «■» *M* * -.*«EUi •» M**MM-*'"'. i# *N* *4BT W' iMMMML. If*MP fK *" s *4l# «■» - appMMff MPP* ■n4 WkM, t •* ■ aw^pw4 tfatf * r "4 *»JT• i . ai*«ar • JPUMt OT9*. tW ftotfTtt Ntorm IMC. irr. I j» W t*'i ». «»* ta rf*~ Vt l - ?i»%, rU. I.' —T<»* I *r>"* ki-u! t a; IW W».I Mlk-in/- U>£ ' * | !jti-t «•! I. i<i«inl u> ti i' i«art I>r a ii<t jl ; al» i tin Iwii fur liir |m\w»*-ii! •>! |«:*e llliii.r) t<> the «<fl>« or» ttlid im li of tin anut u.. d nary »L«»»«.ni-«l utnlt-r Kar r.i/.it at Mobile : tin* appropria tion bill containing? an appropriation of tor ui iil M'nice k-lwevn JSan Francisco. Ju|>jti ami China, ami providing for the repeal of licit portion of tlie a< t requiring the steatn- Mltipt to touch ill t lie Sumhvicli Is lands, upon tlie express condition lluit t lie eon tractors enter into a contract satisfactory to the Postmaster Geu oral, agreejkf to establish within live months Irflni the passage of the act, in lieu of tho service for which they arc released, a branch line to Hono lulu. The bill also appropriates $9.)0,- 000 for overland and steam mail ser vice for California. The President to-day Baid lie would not sign the (en iing rec in struction bill on acemut ot the pre amble. The Government has turned Su ratt over to the eiv• I authorities. Tho Judiciary Com nittoo will exam ino him upon the complieity of Jeff. Davis in the assassination of Lincoln. A debate occurred on the section providing that the General in-Chief shall have headquarters at Washing ton and shall not ho ordered else where without consent of tho Sen ate. The debate oil the army appropria tion bill was continued l>y Niblaek of Indiana and others, who de nounced the section relating to the (ieneral-in-Chief as a trick to entrap the President bv making it a misde meanor for him to exercise his consti tutional authority over (Sen. Grant. Little attention was paid to this de bate, the members being engaged in caucusing on reconstruction. It is now to late to puss any recon struction bill that the President may not pocket if ho chooses. This, there fore, is the end of action on recon struction by the 30th Congress. NEW YORK, Feb. 20.—The Fouian excitement is taking tlio shape of ser ious action. NEW YORK, Feb. 19. —Lieut. Gov. Cox was yesterday inaugurited Governor of Maryland. The death of Professor Alexander Dallas liachc at Newport, R. 1., yesterday is announced. The Sec retary of the Treasury has o'dcred the Coast Survey Office to be drapeJ in mourning. The Legislature has the State usury laws. NEW YORK, F>.'b. 20. —Gin. Grant yesterday issued orders that lieroafter none but unmarried men shall be en listed in the army. The President, iu a communica tion to the Senate, states that neith er be nor auv ut the heads of the Df rment* know of any violation of tlic Civil Rights act. Rill to aid in the construction of a railroad frum San Franei«eo t«» llnm holt Ilay will pmbaMy pa*# in a day or tw*. It pre* twea»j section* ot land per mile. I'U4JI ***** Wtveea S»» Kfi»- am mmd I*r»»»<t. Ana- u. ail >» n W «ai -sree-k I *. TW H~ u. Mri ■ at**- ■ («• •* wpfeaA -ll •» «W !L~ mmm i ■ m «THII % mt i« iw JI arii « mm a mm* mm rn+mmm mm—~m YW Tm- **r 'm '• *fci... ntt ',*» nmMMMMi ML Kkmm * «i- <m-mm- ■» MM-aurar* *»' ■» a Awfant, taa « mammae w»«fcr *• Mr ar ]. « 4 » tmtmmr 4 TW w Twi^yirr^'l ; -• an »wt* awl «fN trW 9a «waf* »H* traf- t*W Wr« U*d (.« Ibt I'rnMini TW Uli. Uat rt iv i« itntrr faT'irihli (ha* (at tint i- iikr'v to be in it* rtrad If |. i uvre a Trtu it aill {>m«nt tbr t v !u«i<w> of tb* Sr»otl» fruai tba ui-xt i'r»-»i«lcutial elMii»n. In the th<* N*li'W«l Milita ry Mil «ra* recommitted. Tl••■ lloum> I 1 d |,ill to render applicable to -.•iiiiii nof tlie United State* nary ami to marine? the provision* relat ing to the pensions in the appropria tion I>i 11 of July, 1806. A I»i 11 directing the Secretary of ♦he navy to distribute $190,000, the value of the piratical steamer Ala- Immn t<> the officer* ami crew of the stcumcr Kearaage wo* considered, hut without action. NKW YORK, Feb. 20.—Portland (Mo.) papers says flour can be brought now quicker from California than from Chicago, owing to the poor facilities for Western transportation. On last Batur<lav, Feb. 1'!, they re ceived a lot in forty days from San Francisco. The sacks were inclosed in gunny bags. NEW YORK, Feb. 20.—A violent snow storm is rag'ng. The snow is drifting badly aiid the storm is pre vailing extensively. ILAKTI'ORD,Fcb. 20.—The Demo crats have nominated ltichard 11. Hubbard tor Congress. fiST We observe that the Oirqoti tan congratulates the people of the .Sound that they are about to bo " re lieved of the old tubs, in which they have been accustomed to travel on the Souud," alluding, of course, to the Arulrrson, one of the most faithful crafts that has ever sailed in any waters. This allusion of the Oreijomtin cotnes with an ex cellent grace from one who has ■ en joyed the hospitalities of the "old tub," and been couveyed by her free of expense, from one end of the Sound to the other. But this is just about the amount of courtesy or gratitndo to bo expected from " Torn Thumb," of the Orrgonia». yg- Every Radical plan of M Re construction" wo have yet seen as sumes there is a i.eeessity for resur rection as well as reconstruction. " The States are dead and buried," say they, and proprose to crawl into their graves, like cayotas, and recon struct the corpses, aud then bring them to life by A lusty toot of Steven's bom. The Restoration plan, howev er, is plaiu, simple and efficacious. It is symply to apply the healing balm, aud give the patient physical rest aud repose. One springs from barbarism and inhumanity, the other from the dictates of rmss and a compliance with Nature's lava. IT The K*Acal CMtiittM tm tbrj dm t mart a cmm! • -»t« ('■*|r«a »fco h wtyid t« tar ~ (U* a~4 « ~ tW U*r ' ***. Lm»- It** * tW kwMi A ■ < .**«. W V a #. a.a