Newspaper of The Washington Standard, 2 Mart 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated 2 Mart 1867 Page 3
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• 4Mfca*4M* IMP' «M» MpMT' <■» Wtttm mm Ml 4P -* mi r.'iwf. A• » to» »"■» m»x, i-Tw r j -. hr ait at w4 *a*r ewelF * ra* £ Ut «i ia t*» ri riMfiir t ■»*- tm i» «y tktf .rf 4 - jt» mm 4 - «»• TW Mwtn-1-mi !-• i- a ». tfa( . .- T *S Tier »• OTTUIM ot *kM » t ervu*i«>> ,» tb -ir t** »«k ;i ' •»(►- t&ininjr * r«-*»rl f»r t: o:r »■:;•{ -rt of I'nioa prin«-t| •!»•«. g0- One tli lurrv'* of Orc jfr»n tfotir have IK-VII «*»t :t«-r the lot hums fi-r rale in Now York oil v. - ••• FAVOR? —Wo are iinl ,- l»teJ toCupt. Finch, of the stwiriior Anderson, for the usual favors. • • • THANKS.—We arc indebted to Samuel Colter, E-q., for a fine hum of veniaon. -•• • AIIIUVED.—The down-Sound mail arrived this morning. MARRIED; At the house of Uolden A Judson, K?q., on Whidby's Island, Fell. 1;• tli, ImS7, liv |{ey. IS. 11. Todd, Mr. EASON B. EBEY to Miss ANNIE L. JudsoN, nil of Whidby's 1 laud. We wish the parties a long and happy life At the residence of the bride's father, J. T. Knox, Ksq., by Ho v. J. T.Chattin, Feb. .'ld, 1867, Mr. THOMAS WEBB to Miss AMANDA JANE KNOX, ull of Mason county. In Olympia, Fcb.Rth, 1807, Hon. B. F. Ruth to Mrs. VAIL, all of this county. SPECIAL NOTICES. The Ben (tniiiciy for Puriryliig llie Blood Strengthening the Nerves, Restoring the Lows of ppetite is* FUESK'S HAMBURG TEA. It is tne best preservative against almost any sick €Bß, i f used timely. Composed of herbs only, it can be safely given to infants. Full directions in English, French, Spanish and German, with every package. TltY IT! For sule at all the wholesale and ret aildrug stores and groceries. EMIL FRESE, Wholesale Druggist, Sole Agent, 110 Clay street, 36:1y San Francisco. M.4RBV4GG AMI nn Essay of Warning and Instruction for Young Men. Also, Diseases and Abuses which prostrate the vital powers, with sure means of relief. Sent free of charge in sealed letter envelopes. Addrestt DR.SKILLIN V JUOIITON. Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pc jgYLVESTER'S "y^AREHOUSE, SIT Waahlnglon Street, BETWEEN MATTERY AND FRONT, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. GARDEN SEEDS. FRESH supplies of the new crop received by every steamer from the most reli.ible sources in the East and Europe, making the largest and most complete stock of SEEDS 011 this coast. The undersigned offers, at whole sale or retail, the following varieties of CRASS AND CLOVER SEEES. KY. BLUE GRASS, WHITE CLOVER, RED CLOVER, MIXED LAWN GRASS, EMG. RYE GRASS, RED TOP GRASS, ALFA FA, best quality, MILLET TIMOTHY or HERDGRASS kr kr he. BILBOIS ROOTS. Bynntkt. <mrtrJ, JMlg of thr Valhy, Tulipt. 4 Mtmrlrd. Tu , Crorns. mssorfrJ. GUJioltii, CVeere !mp**r .V«rru««i JmmfwiJf IrxM /nri, 4' Jtr Jtr. FLOWE* SEEDS OF f»RE\T VAIiETT. AIM *•» • ■ • '-X- m» n ab«l Ajrn« ulrnral ti. ummrw • ***** " RUT" I —> mt mmt •*■■■* f-i" iw mwm 91 jmk " m * ■.&£ «*? v*€ LCVZ s*t tint "»r 'mil* » «f « -o#* * I'ulmman >uu|» Pulmonary Svnip kt* ri» i ft .m» t»4« »S>4 »t «iB ftft if tf tmm in it Tkf »•%**••!•■- tp»4»- if i« l# tH» Mr tfclwig. *m-i »ir^i-® if. rf* • * frr* t*• ni ail !*»»••»»«»»•• «r 4eWl rri>i«« 4r*fv «h<i tU banal* •« ua »Jrf »'J r»r« ußt'f«nrr«. S 4H I'riu • r run Urtlk of \i:ivi:LL>t Pulmonary Syrup UKDIXItTON k <"i>. Agents, Sim Fruncii CO. A tiff. 2.">, 1 sno. 42:mC:i* Tell mc not ill innnmfnl numbers I.ifc is sinking to decay, Should there come in frightful numbers O'er jour heads the silver gray. I.ife is real, life is earnest, Why should any one despair, "Dust thou art, to dust retnrnest," Was not spoken of the hair. Not the marks of age or sorrow. On your tresses long should stay— You can live that each to-morrow Find them darker thun to-day. Time is long, hut age shall find yon. Though your hair with lustre wave; Soon when fading, 'twill remind you, You are marching to the grave. In the world's snhlimcr calling. Where we each our race must run, If your hair he falling, fulling, Use the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Try it —ahvavs keep it present,— Use the "Martha Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind ua What a noble test it's stood; Milli ma more shall come behind us With their tresses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" HAIR RESTORER, Is n wonder of the world, and stands above com parison with any other article for the Hnir ever brcught before the pub ic. Sold everywhere. Price, SI.OO. sniO\l)S & CO., I'roprletorn, FITZWILLIAM, N. 11. REDINGTON A CO. AgtnU, San Francisco. Aug. 2-5, liMKI. 42:i»fi:i» REDINGTON & CO.S ESSEME OF JJUMk GISGEB. mill.S vhlimbic preparation containing in a 1 highly concentrated form rII the properties of Jamaica (linger, has become one of the most popu lar domestic remedies for all diseases of the atom ach and digestive organs. As a tonic it will be found invaluable" to all per sons recovering from debility, whether producea by fever or otherwise, for whilst it imparts to the sys tem all the glow and vigor that can be produced by wine or brandy, it is entirely free from the reac tionary elicits tlwit follow the use of spirits of any kind. It is also an excellent remedy for females who ■uHer from difficult menstruation, giving almost im mediate relief to the spasm* that so frequently ac company that period. It give* immediate relief to Nauaea, earned by riding in a railroad ear, or by sickness, or other causes. It ia also valuable as an external application for Oout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. REDINGTON ft CO., Sole Agents for the Paciic Coaa Ran Franrisco, Ang. 35, 1888. 4'2:iaA:ia rciilvutoTvs FLAVORING EXTRACTS. •rf raajr fro* frnk Fraill. Karh hold* I Wit e as nark a* an, €>;k rt t-raad ia tb* Bjrfcrt. r..«««•- 1»»«tJ' th»y ar. «»•» rbnpr.t and fe--1 [ffl M> MTHRk fcEIH%«jTI»X 4 CO Xgnf f»r tW Pariit raao Ami i' :as« *. m* m J. (i. Parker, Jr., MtUB tl ctiici cuciim n %ati» v tRi. C• il ••• • j KEHTTCKT WW L-€TT Y»*VIFT**%S» 1.1.1. MUM. • «wJt BtTML ft ME) «L«»THI\«._ FR*»TS. NVI WMR- NTMLK. IXLT lIKIIV lISK. mi KOT W IT MAIRA MKW m ML fax Www-, fcayii*.. a. Vlmp. «W-' mmd KM f*« P «t T««wrwL »kr. r». I***. ** (lollies Washer! ♦ • T!ik b' «T \>t» r »pn t n IfillUi MUHI\E mnmi: J 9 't tlr *«!, tli'l *'J nf't r wlraitftieri. lh Jnlinu iitg : It i- t\wy to Hitting or *taiHliii£. It takes l»nt little room ; It injures no garments ; It tiuislies its work in from two to four minutes; It is durable and convenient; It is tlie only washing machine known that is liked the better the longer it if used. III';III. y M'A'OMVEXED HY 8o!nn ltoliinson, in " Facts for Farmers," by Orange Jinld, Kditor " American Agriculturist," by l'ruf.Youmans, Author of " Household Sci- cncc, anil by many other prominent men DOTY '3 CLOTHES WASHER! HIIN taken the Plrst Fremlum, WHEREVER EXHIBITED IN COMPETI TION WITH OTHER MACHINES. It is evident there are two things bes'des denning clothes, which a Washing Machine must accomplish in order to l.e intircly satis factory It must nnrr labor anil mire tht y<tr iii in It ; fur without these, 110 other .qualities will be suflicient to prevent its falling into dis use. Now, these are precisely points 011 which the proprietors of the Dory's CLOTIIKH WASII er rest the claims of this Machine; andthe\ send out a modest eh illenge to all compcti tors to produce a machine, which, while, it cleans effectively, shall do it with so little labor to the operator, and with such perfect immunity to the garments as this. On these two points this Machine has taken the first premium as a Family Washer wherever exhibited ; and lor its perfection in these two points, it is at this day enjoying a popular favor which can be claimed for no other Washer known. A feeble woman, unable to work 011 her feet, can use it with ease ill a sitting posture. Come and see. The other points 011 which this has no superior are these; Ist, The quantity of goods it will wash at once ; since tlu Inst im provement, it w ill cleanse eight shirts, or their equivalent, nt one operation. 2d. The ef ficiency and speed with which it does its work j two minutes being suflicient for a batch. 3d. It will wash a woolcti-lleeee without tearing it apart. 4th. It will do the whole washing, bluing, and rinsing with mi cither wash-tub or wash-board. sth. It takes up but little more room that a common wasli-tub, its length be ing but JUiind its width 20 inches. PRICKS. Family Sue, SIC,OO Hotel Size, lH )0 o THE UNIVERSAL CLOTHES WRINGER (WITH COU-WHEELS,) Accompanies cnch Washc.—'"amily size $8 50, Hotel size $lO. Send orders to WM, FALKNER k SON,

San Francisco. Or apply to the editor ol this paper, by whom orders will be received at San Francisco agent's prices, Olvmpia. Jau. 36, IPG7. 12-tf* AdnilMlklrulor'a Kallrr. In thr mutter of thr rrtalr of <! K. Willard. lair of Thumtoo rount*.drrracrd Vt'Tll'K •• kmbt fitra thai irttrra of ad ■'a * lutr l«ri graatrd I* lit •a4rr.«c»r4 >;»-a th» aMatr of ti K Vil !'rt lair of Tkantai >Mißt* w<twH j Hi pinm. lai'hito m>4 MUtr ar* rr *■' *• < t* » -4* «aaai»«-4<aar y>t to tW wl ""*> an>' r «a» tto* • t» «If JL" '■aiwi « HU • m ll» w «tor una + a » »«1.1 f a * MM •* »<—■ Cm,*, • t * - r*» »- ,»t» jHMfc •***" <•« •mum*' lI\TU4 MKHClirilHltlK '•! !■*.•!» rruiM'Mlt. BADGER L LI SDEXIERGEE. A 4ll. 413 uml 416 hml'rrtf Strrri, rm/mrr JJrirAmmi, arv. Importer* A Wholnalc Dealer*. ENTIRE %::W AM» rr.Esn STUCK: II * E » jii'J < all the attmtion of COl'N- W I ' MERCHANTS to our usually large lit.' k of goods. Our stock comprises r \in unit Ic in tli<' Clothing and Furnishing line. We constantly on hitml Hit- largest stock and greatest variety of Cnssimere and Wool HATS of uny house in Nun Francisco, and our prices for these Goods are l» ss tliuu those of any house, ns we receive them di rect from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of WINTER AND SPRING (ioods is particularly attractive, ami the great feature to the country merchant id the un usually low prices LKHS 'l'll -.IN Hie CON! or Importafl on We also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry floods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card In order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our stock. Good Artlrlm and Low Prices t Are the great inducements toall who purchase to sell again. Merchants who buy of us, can make a good profit, and sell to their custom ers at a low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, IIAIX!Kit k LINDENBERGER, V. holesale Clothing and Hat Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery street. San Francisco, Jan. 10, 18«7. 14:3 m 1866 & 1867! HAVING just returned from the East, we have pur fee ted such arrangements as to enable us to supply cr till any order in our lino of trade. WK NOW orrEii A ASSORTMENT OP ALL KINDS or AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AND FARMING MACHINERY AT AS Low Frloos ns can bo purchased at any House on this Coast. Goods will be Imported to Order upon proper references beiug'given. J. D. ARTHUR k SON, Cor. CALIFORIA and DAVIS Strrets, San Francisco. December 22, 18GC. 7:iu4:is QLTMVTA_mmSWHT. ATPI.K. Pfiir, IMom and Churr Trtti, of >u|<iri»r growth ami thr rhuirrat %arir tm. All Ik' lra<lia|t rarirtin of fitsrtrs, rrur*, //ri«7.vr//.«. SiKcmrn. LIL/.//_V. STKA ■ BEKMIC3. BICm • taa a hr|* i«< mt fmk mm 4 pauli BI |t»il a md • " *—« i ftaa fra— " r-r» Pmmu.rm, r M JW—l a •M«p" l • mua «-*«a*aa TWif ■ —i| « T J* MR* oMi r«i!ii > i * rl t I . «. gMMn, MVPMMK- I »** ~ «f / *•* rrr*, mgjt jtx» *w# ~ A nWMi 11 „f, UP- m *WLM SNFL&X. * J® Mmmv- Mk •1 t- MMMm TWi kM« ■n n« ■*- 1 "■' l a *•*» * «•" nila|r w4 «*• « «• rmmr •• WW W UM M 4 rtptr M tkry m. tad bri«t • pmnr aru« >* ium HR mid U hrv a* • (*O4 n< IWT it 4 MM »«♦*"" <«• f«ti« wb. 4a m< r«rr *k>l tk»» writ. hin iHrpiH. Stt oar pntala ttaaj/ em tbt cork T. H- DRAKE * CO. S« T«rk City, PnftMan. Sold br all DniniM. firo«*r». country iimn and dralrr* throughum |br world : (mall deal er* raa obtain (nppliei of anr whnlrtal* agrot in any large citjr or loan ID the I'niuu. Karnes' Magnolia Water. A toili t delight I The ladies' treasure and gentlctncns' boon! The "sweetest thing" aud largest quantity. Menufactured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used for bathingthe face and person, and to render the skin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, &c. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of prespiration. It removes redness, tan, blotches, &c. It cures uervous headache and allays inflamma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued aud lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains no material injurious to the skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once und you will use no other Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere DEMAS BAFNES & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. LJTOBI' Katbalron. It is most delightful llair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dandrt.ff. It keeps the bead cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the hair turning grey add falling oT. It restores hair upon prematurely Imhl heads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car load, and yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not keep it, or a family that does not use it. E. THOMAS LYON. Chemist N. T. Lyons' Extract Ginger. LYONS' EXTRACT or Pea* JAMAICA GIXOIR— For Indigestion, Nausea, llartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Ac., wticre a warming stimulant is required. Its careful preparatoin and entire purity mike it a cheap and reliable article for culinary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •« Lyons' " Pure Extract. Take no other. See that the private U. S. stamp of Demas Barnes k Co. is over the cork of each package. None other is genuine. Mnstang Llalmen. Hart YOU a hurt child or a lam* horse ? Use the Mexican Mustang Liniaient. For cuts, sprains, burns, swellings and caked breasts, the Meaicon t Mnstsng Lislswst fa a certain em. For rfcraaaatiaaa, iwiUa, atiff joiata, atiaga and bilra, tlw* U aackiag like Ue.Mrxicaa Maa taag Liaimmt. For afarlarl karaaa, tW pall nil, liagb—l?aad »»M»«y, lir Meilnaa M—taag I ha ha rat ina hik. cv foafi & k»0Ml wtSaM *W*«S »js - * «■ mm tfaaaa. |p» «aidfcpp» « 4 . H IY. H IVY HlB jbp 4HB • "Eliza Aadersoa," MMOgp 9 LEAVE* far rirruui mmd ■in... fmmu nttj moxi>at Horsing, At 7 • clock A. 1., rarrriag PASSENGERS AND KU EIGHT Obeaper Thmm Iher taa fac carried hf aaj ether Bml. 1 Rrturning the Avniasov will leave Vic tori* every THURSDAY lOBIVIXC, At 5 o'clock A. M. The Akdkrsox lias been thoroughly refitted and repaired for the winter trade, and the public may depend that she will remain per mently on this route, notwithstanding report! to the contrary circulated by interested par tics in tbeirown behalf. Oipmpia, September 22, 1866. 47;tf DR. RUFUS WILLARD, PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, (Graduate of ih* UhivertUy of th» City of Xm York,J HAVING located permanently in the city of Olympia, offers his professional ser" l vices to the citizens ofthis place and surround ing country in the various branches of MedU cine and Surgery. Grateful for past patronage and the confi dence bestowed by a generous public, the Doci tor respectfully solicits a contiuuance oftbS same, and will hold himself in readiness at all times to attend to any calls in the line of n'i« profession, to which his entire attention will be devoted. Those preferring the services of a regular graduate, as evidenced by the proper author ity of a diploma, may consult personally or by letter with every confinence. Particular attention given to diseases 6f w(£ men and children, and all affections of an or ganic nature. Reference: Te the Faculty of University Medical College, and Dr. P. A Avlette, New York city. Orricc— At the Puget Sound Onig Kri® Bookstore. Olympia, December 4, IBG4. 4:tt THE FARMER'S CUIDti Scientific and Practical AGHII OXTLTtniEj. "PY HENRY STEPHENS, F; R. S.; of n Edinburg, and the lute J. P. NORTOH, Professor of £clentifi< Agricaltare In Yalo Colleg, New Haven, 2 vols Koyal Octavo, 1600 pages, and numerous Engravings. This is confessedly the most complete work oi. Agriculture ever published, and in order to give it a wider circulation, the publisher* have resolvedto reduce the price to •ft for the Two Volumes. When lent by mail (post paid) to Call fornix, Oregonand Washington, theprice will be $7 00, every other part of the Uaiori, and to Canada (post paid) »8. •Qu This is not the old "Book of the Farm." Remittances for any of the above publica tions should alwaya bfc addressed, pott paid to the publishers, LRONARD SCOTT k t!O., No. 54, Gold Street, New YoHt. January, 1865. »l-ly Olympia Market! MITCHELL "& TILLEY, WSSUUII >l» llfltl HiUt i MEATS *» VEGETABLES. STOCK DOUOHT. • —. ■» i a. tNt IK F J. HoUister, HJMMH + i \ wr** I