Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 9, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 9, 1867 Page 3
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«m ■ "■—« ■ * isw W VPMI I *ng -iHF* ■lP#* pM» Tar-* 4 * a ■lk* tM V : tW < «M» " ■uw» 9u< ** —li li f " • f * tW M-tn; Aft' «- W':*• ■t tl»r wtl ■ The >. Tlrf i ad l *] l !* <1 t* >tl tux friHM c«»n|iii:» t<» M diicc tin- if • ' '•■ '• I*' 111 action ol tlic S . 1 ■ ~ 1 was ciirioii i i •.1 .. . Client oik r eil l>v Mr Ii i it ' it!n«li-'i lln* cotton tax all".- 'ii r w.i> only de feated In n tic v wltidi was a-' follows; Yeas —Antli >ii\. Isi:c'<a!cw, Davis. Dixon, I >.>>!:lll<*. i' Fow ler, Henderson, 11 • ■:i >!:'ie!;s, 1 a'tcr -Bon, Jolinsoii, Xc-sinitl), Kiddle, Saulslturv. Slicraiaii, —.rue, \ an- Winkle," Willey and Williams—lp. Waves —Cottle, (,'onno.w, Cresswcll, Edmonds, ■: 1 • 1 ", 't» rimes, Har ris, Kirkxvood, Nye, I'om roy, liamsav, lio- . .Stewart, Sum ner, Trumbull, Wa 'e, WiUeu and Yates—lo. A number »»f vote* wore taken, one of wuich w;; •■i:i favor of otic cont tax, which was <h feated bv 24 to. 18, but finally two rents wits ngreod up on, the redu.-tihi to date fromjhc Ist of Septi-mber. Leather was striuked from the IV >e list and an amendment udoj ted authorizim; companies to I<l tli > tax to the ex isting contract-. The existing law authorizing t!i :<i do so until the Ist of April. The Ist of April was struck out. This revives the old quarrel between the t ivo Houses. (Jarrctt Davis renewed his motion for the adopti m of l':e a iiendmcnt whieli was voted down in ihe after noon, fixing t::e tax on whiskey at two dollars per; \ilioti. s«fYf»i* the Ist. of October; one «',»ll:it* fifty cents shall be the tux until the 1-t of A) ril, 18(50, and oi «» dollar thereafter. This was debate.l by Trtnnbull, Davis, Hendricks, and others, in favor, and lessen dot i, iin-t'-ii. If was voted ilown by ayes 1 ' ; navs, 23. The Senate c< appoint ments of Albert Zeiher as Marshal of Oregon and J. W. Bush District At tornev in Arizona. London, Feb. 14.—A hill for tlio Confederation of liritisli North Amer ica only embraces the Canada*, with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. London, Feb.—lß.—Madrid dis patches say the King Consort lias been exiled from Spain on charge of plotting for a regency of the king dom. NEW AO V K HT IS 12 MK N Tfl. —M OS S rs. Munson & Howe make their appear ance in our columns to-dav. Their stock of stationery and fancy articles is large and varied. Tliev are now oftening uc;v acce--:jns to their trtock. Mr. l'arkcr a>!vi rti-i-vi a «tn«cri. r article of t«. .:i ' ' 1 '■» .lata. AWi <•'.»-« n ■-r •-■ticrta* uf i!,» Or rf*m IJrr* i. - ; i * «<f the loti-Mi nf . ..!t j. Ittrp i M**" l !»••■ J 4 .jji'ijW** K-*i, A II TW fV a Ja <■« -■ —» i Ht«t fa» ru » r r « >*u —9! • * ic: iw mm-- ■». . * Mtn " MNflP* * • « • a, aMMt* ft A t •' 1 *'l I H—nil- K* * JhMMWm >f- wm w*» * ■» '.«■» 4MMT- «sx «W»w« WWlh ■""HP""*- "*H -MMP" ■'* V ...»» fcM. • ' •'^RNMMMWf *••••» ■ • » sJIM 4 "t * *" ■" *.«■» - 1111—M <•» lin >»nin mini ii. '** ■OMNI ttmmmtmt MK». 4mw- «*- **,». . >Mh "#> NEWS nKIM IT. Muflv-a 4 II (»9 f. »% «*»T i«f t | f |9I |il•{ V , V-»-* ».«»«< 4Mt»M9S* V I v t. R IM. ■KHJ t\: •« * jl -• l"' "' • o*~m M*-4* mm f ®bli ms wsu saara -Tw <: - ~ : IMKS Ar-ro AL3UWS. !.\;.JI %»• \(.V 1.1 I IIOCRtrM*. r . «*. " , TOYS. I"\N< V <it»ol»S. • • mmmm* w •• • •• mmmrnmtj An I \ Ari*.»u< ami SuuUrv I*«f il Article#. J* List Roooivod! A small mi'! choice iuvoice of Toilet Arti cles an J |* i iSunicry. Miistetiliolin's Celebrated ('uilery. We :i«*e in receipt, eiicli steamer, <»t Kasteru ami California papers, pictorials ami period icals* A I.- o sole j»ro|»riet<#rs of the new patent Aiii»«iH 4 itiri le Coal Oil <»«h I.iunp. (See Circulars.) jgfjy- Orilers respectfully fiolicitcil. J. 11. MIN'sOX, ) < 11. II IIOWB, Aout Wi lli, Fui- [• -j Affitt Will. State jro .t Co. ) I Co. dl ,r.pi.i, Marchlxr.7. lUana Side Oats! I'l'StlKl.S, just received ami for l)V;U b >' J. Q. I'AUKBB, Jr. .\OTUB\ N'OTli'i; is hereby given the under *igni'd, David J. Chambers, has this day, l.y liitiiuiil consent. withdrawn ft tun tin 1 part nt rship heretofore existing bet ween him and the firm uf ilootli .t l'hinny, us Itutvliers, nml tlie hu-iiicpM ivill lie continued lit the funic places lit said Hoot■ i U rhinm. llAVIl) J. riIAMItRKS, lIOOTII k I'll INN V. I'ort Townsend, March 1, 1 S;;T. 18:111! "Oregon Herald." (iSHCoXI) YEAH.) The Oregon //. rnhl I* publixh'tl hi/ the '' Orrjvn Jlerutil J'riiilin / AwociatitiH, in the t'i'.y of I'ort'iiiii!. .Vi>. 7, llWiiMy /»;» Strr-'t. I;E:RUII UROWS, cuitor. rpilE l'aily is issued every morning. (Mou dug excepted.) It is delivered in llie city at :!"! cents |ier week, parable to lite Carrier, indiuiilcd to sub cribers at $lO a year. In politicuhe II raid is uncompromisingly Demo cratic, lititlifully Adhering io I lie Jell'eraonian ereed of equal aud e\u t justice to all, special privileges to none ; the gup] ort of the (lei e ul (iovernment in nil its delegated powers, and the .Slate Govcrnments'in all their reserved rights—tlie Constitution ns the only basis of I'n'on and guarantee for our liberties and fu ture pofeiv. It will over subordinate party to patriotism, and Fiibinit all political dillerences to I lie testof free aud fair diseussiou, with toler ation. It is also devoted, in a great measure, tithe special interests of the city aud sur rouaditig country —to developing and foster ing tiie commercial, agricultural, manufactur ing and mining resources, in the elements in ivhii h Oregon and its neighboring Territories are >o übundxntly endowe*l by nature It possetscs all the availiblr sdvnntagi-s of a first rh<« newrpaper, having all the ti::.uus:\hiii<- i»isr.\Tri!E> anu oe.\- I.K VI. NK S. T «yrUwr • • k . l*ii at! iMu'rr i] rr- The W.-* kly Herald. Tlk >r« ; iff •*%*** !% mnr -<n-» ***** • at A %mme fm * Mt«rv *X&* •» ■<' mm* - m **4 0m » t.-iyr )• np' tr*~m+ m. t-r --+H** f flb«n»p AB» . «»( <ww - ttinnH|MP a wp •>* »*" '<ww «r «■ • *■ Vlflß, ' MW fRMaMT &MT CdMNM 4b* -mm* *4 flnfr ?• apMMM *.. <# W «MM3% ** * PWMiNMI !■»' MMW <mhi «•»* *' * a*" 1 .!; ■MMftbo*' - tMa»" % *tM IM ■ 4MD» «l Kkr '»■' MM 4b «MMi mm MH V « »>. -«■> 1M» «MWH «MP» • * *«* mm i.T iflkr Tmi If 111 4r «t|pM' Hl—imniioK - 4H»> '*** Hlminni* .Mi HlTlwan-1-. "** '""Trill m %. 41' H»i—f 4P «•» «•>•> Ml mil nnmrn- m «l- Itk-. 1 ~ I—." -am** H V" U % «|MMI «MM» F • ' Hf*M lutfflflflk * It** *> « «** m* XT «%» an 4k*. «*** «**• iMnr iMM ■» 11 4~i i# 4 «mn* ■» Mr r~ 4k * * FL'*nt >ed»M*gie\H men, no FRtrilSG A*D iriCIXG KXITC i%» a wiiiiu A*•■ - 'lnr f <»ai>l«ii ami Aen<Mil!>im! Illl|*l«'lll<*ltll*. f<>r «':<lriliutn»n fMin Irt lasift t-r «ij :• will r«-> ivr |>rom|>t an.l iu.tliful •"liii'.on. AJ'lrc.f, (iKd. K. SVLVEf>t'Kll. Vrdtmtn, .117 Wrt-liinjjtoii-ft. lic tw. Ilntti-ry aii'l Front February J">, ISUT. 17:i>a ;:ii« J. G. Parker, Jr., Ol3rmpia, W. T., DEALER IN CHOICE 6JIOCSEIES, HARD-WARE. nr.llliS, lKO.\', MVKI'iL, WOODEN" WARE, COAL OIL LA II? 3, CORDAGE, BOOTS AND SHOES, And Agent of the— GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE CO., Oh' XE ll' YOltK. Olympla, Feb. 23, IBti*. lTttf FASTEST, CHEAPEST, SAFEST AND BBS T . TUB "AVOKITE STB AM BR "Eliza Anderson," I», 11. Flnrh, Manlrr, I EAVES for VICTORIA and iutennediate j points every— MONDAY MORNING, At 7 o'clock A. 11., cnirying PASSENGERS AND FREIGHT Olieaper Than they can be carried by any other lloal. Rrturning the Axiikiison will leAve Victoria every TUIRKDAY iHORHnO 1 , At 5 o'clock A. M. The Anokkson has been thoroughly refitted and repaired for the winter trade, and the public may depend that she will remain per inently on this route, notwithstanding reports to the contrary circulated by interested par ties in their own behalf. Olpmpia, September 22, IPG6. 47:tf F J. Hollister,

Biiist, m in mmm PAZNT33ZI. MLMUi. lAI'Hc • HAMOtXO. Ab. £3 f* igf T. I.U.HTNEE. «UfBlV. 1 " *mrwi * 6 «w«. --iumvb 4MHMH *■• J* mm „ '■■■ 1 ■■•Mil I IIU I -JIMH - i*> *w|* CLmTIIV. ii«iTS nwi m* T-* »I - fKU6> -it* *l*fr « mm wi* ran an w » Clothes Washer! - ♦ - TUT. Ul>T k\U B«i?«T MftLAK u isHiMi mmmimi: P"tnstff, nmuKy olh-r uifruntagri, th foliat ing : It i« e a*y to operate, Hitting or Mamling. It takes hut little room ; It injures no garments ; It finishes* its work in from two to four minutes; It is durable nnd convenient; It is the only washing machine known that is liked the better the longer it is used. UK: uI. r UEcoMMi:.\i:n n r Solon Koliinson, in " Facts for Farmers," by Orange Judd, Editor " American Agriculturist," by Prof.Youmnns, Author of •' Household Sci- ence, and by many other prominent mcu. DOTY'S CLOTHES WASHER! HUM taken (In- I*l r»t Freniliim, WHEREVER EXHIBITED IN COMPETI TION WITH OTHER MACHINES. Il is evident there arc two things bes'des cle.ining clothes, which a Washing Machine must accomplish in order to 1 e iutircly satis factory . It must i"tcr labor and ttirr Ihe gar turn la ; for without these, no other,<|U:ilities will be suflicictit to prevent its falling into dis use. Now, these nre precisely point* on which the proprietors of the Dory's CLOTIIKS WASU er rest the claims of this Machine; and they send out a modest challenge to all competi tors to produce a machine, which, while, it cleans effectively, shall do it with so little labor to the operator, and with such perfect immunity to tl:e garments as this. On these two points this Machine has taken the lirst premium as a Family Washer wherever exhibited ; and for its perfection in these two points, il is at this day enjoying a popular favor which can bp claimed for no other Washer known. A feeble woman, unable to work oil her feet, can use it with case in n sitting posture. Conic and see. Tlie oilier points on which this V' lifts no superior tire these; Ist, Tlio quantity of Roods it will wash ut once ; since ill-' last im provement, it will cleanse eight shirts, or their equivalent, nt one operation. 2d. Tlie ef ficiency nndspeed with which it does its work; two minutes being sufficient for a hatch. 3d. It will wash a woolcu-Hcecc without tearing it apart. 4th. It will do the whole washing, bluing, ami rinsing withou either wash-tub or wash-board. sth. It takes up but little more room that a common wash-tub, its length be ing but 30 and its width 20 inches. rsiCES. Family Size, $16,00 Hotel Size, 18,00 THE UNIVERSAL CLOTHES; WRINGER (WITH COO-WHEELS,) Accompanies each Washer—'"amity size .*>o, Hotel size $lO. Send orders to WM. FALKMKR A SOX, San Kranci<ro. Or apply lo the editor nt this paper, by * bom (irjrr» will l»e received at San Kranciseo ajf*nt"s prirrn. Ul<apu Jai K, IKt. 12-tf* Certainty and Cc*l«»rity! Pag*i >ni< mm 4 *"► ii k rr I* K. MAIL AXI» STA«;K UNF (» i*\**ti*4. «** *• m> —■■■■■ -i -w r» Mtnjo ir> rrf»«j ♦'* *» fc*.' *"T Ik. A B.S-I'W ""MapMi • IHMk #*<4V MMMMflMfeMftßr • 1— «i ■ «MUOB>- «#' *- $> V#' awi ML t-mmutn&t iimn manikin 1H 1 liilwiwo. ULKEK * LIXOEIIKIAU Xm. 411. 411 mm i 41 i flmfrrj Slr*rl. cmrmrr .V.« frMrura. ■■pwtm <L Wk«l«MUt Beaton. EXTIRE SEW AM> t'BESli STOCK ! \¥TE would <*ll iti* amotion of COt'S \jf TRV MERI HANTS to our usually large Mock of pood*. Our flock comprise* every article in th* Clothing and Furnishing line. Wi' have constantly on hand the largest stock and variety of Cassimcre and Wool II ATS of any house in San Francisco, un.l our price* for these Goods nre l»'ss than those of any house, us we receive them di rect from the manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of WINTER ANI) SPRING Goods is particularly attractive, nnd the great feature to the country merchant is the un usually low priced Less Than (lie €OH( or Importnll 011 Wo also keep the STAPLE ARTICLES in the Dry Goods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are olering them at New York Cost, and less. We publish this card in order that we may make new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call and examine our stock. Good Articles nnd Low Priced J Are the great inducements toall who purchase to seli again. Merchants who buy of us, can make a good profit, and sell to their custom ers ot a low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, BADGER k LINDENBEROER, Wholesale Clothing and Hat Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 41f> Battery street. Sail Fr.tucisco, Jan. 10,1807. 14:3 m 1866 & 1867! HAVING j»#t returned from the East, we have perfected such arrangements a3 to euaole us to supply er fill any order in our line of trade. WE SOW OFFER A LARGE ASSORTMENT or ai.L kinds or AGRICULTURAL^ IMPLEMENTS AND FARMING MACHINERY AT AS ZJOW Prices as can be purchased at any House on this Good* will be Imported to Order Upon proper references being'given. J. D. ARTHUR & SON, Cor. CALITOKIA and Davia Strreti, Sua Fratocltoro. Pereuibei 22, If7:n4:ii OLYMPIAIfURSERT. \!TI.E. Pf»r. Pl«« at 4 CWtt* Trrn. Jf ta4 lif iW.tii isrit '»• All tWr lra<ii»- lanrlmuf xwr «'«#«, nun mi terms, xijriwx l fLUts BTM. J ■ (IVI/C.* •B" " *» ■ Sk» MS > I ■ » Mwlata« m T-rnm Pmmrn*? *"mm JfcJUsr, IV>I IJL™ i"ams \ 4HMMMW «w»'- m *oo# 4P>> ***■ •** Ahmm> mn wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmKKtKt **"' ""■» <m» iSm *-'■ * **'"' «MMtt B| w**■«*< %inifi'i i-w——r to ■■«• «—** m * «p> w ,- . Tff --- m taawtaw --"- r ' MH»I mum ««4| 4fr 4MB 4MM flfc* ~%b. «jj-1 * • • k .9 Mtof*' «*. wLmmm* *"" ** ' Hr aar "-*^ •*" T•» r "*» ••»W W ■ -*» m „ * rlh * *■» • <r *f- 4 r —t gf fc» Mrf* a* W« •» ■ *-«# !b»« Ml !*-«%. " , » . » , •Uuf »i«r t&r cari. T. H. »R \Kr t ro„ T fl <"n*, . ... „». h>poi«w». . ol«l fcj • *■4 «ir«i* r ihr..'. !..,..• i.„- u . :.' »:..«1J dral «T.« can <•!»: ■in ,-".;i!i<m of am wltoiviaie «ifriit in at v larj.'" «i; v <.r town in tin ! Burncs' l>lasno:;a Wafer. A toilet delight! Tiie ladies' treasure nnd gentlemen*' lioon! 'J'hc "sweetest tiling" and largest quantity. Menu fiu-tn red from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used for b.ithingtho fare and person, and to rentier the skin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, lie. It overcomes the unpleasant odor of presuiration. It removes redness, t:in, blotches. &c. It cures nervous headache and allays inflamma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the skin. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. It contains 110 material injurious to the skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once nnd you will use no otl?er Cologne, I'eif'u* mery, or toilet water afterwards. fcSold by Drugglfts and Dealers everywhere. DEMAS BAFNES & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. loons' Kathnlron. It is most delightful Hair Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dnndri.ff. It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents the hair turning grey and lulling It restores hair upon prematurely bald heads. This is just what Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car lo:td, and yet its almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not keep it, or a fruilv that 'loos not use it. E. THOMAS LYON. Chemist N. T. Lyons' Extinct Ginger. LYONS' EXTRACT or I'UTTU JAMAICA UIXOIR— For Indigestion, N HIIHUK, llartburn, Sick Hcndnchc, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, tc., wnere a warming stimulant'is required. Its careful prcparntoiu and entire purity mike,it a cheap and reliable article for cnliuary pur poses. Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for •' Lyons' " Pure Extract. Take no other. See that the private U. S. stamp of Dcmas Karnes & Co. is over the cork of each package. None other is prcuuitic. NuMtnupr Linlnen. flare you i hurt child or a laute born I Ulttkt Mexican Mutinn Ijniinriit. For rut*, Ipnnu*, ktin>«, mrrlliap and nM breaato, the Linimt i» a lataia cure. For rhraraati«m. kranWit, iti( Iniats, atiaga and bite*, there lm » like tUr.M.-ucaa M— tut IJamxat. Far apatin tttr pad nC ria«ha{N| •a-nn.tLf Xf\K-aa Hvim: ljuaw •mrUai 1<» JK- .v hn. aa -p* —. Ik* Mruru Xa-i-ix I i»iia< a a«lk a> Huk k WOIMI ,• «• «m*». f - mVWM. «* fcn is* - » * im, * •-*» »*„ —«*» -oa* m-rnZZ «»* #■ m *** *>-*** M**% * 4W -•»- .***.. --v.. ..,1 . . • '4^pM>RMMHii'