Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 23, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 23, 1867 Page 2
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7 /§ • M *' • fc ► - » tk «—** - A. • «M« -» T * jT J •—— t I • *— «- »■ II.—■•» 1 • • M ♦" *c •t . ▼» Trtn f * Ten^n tV I ' * tW f vt (*4 * *«' <«fti .-ft •' • • • - r . «M l*« " * "**. k Ml Wl* t- 4> I » - CUIUn... - J*fci « • BDOIIOI<> ■l■ - » : I* ' Kin? 1 IV-. • -I Mh.-oh I fl.i-liu! - 1 •, „• 11.tir-:«»n 0 Cutvlilz ami Wahkiakum - Lt-wi*, nxr\v, 'J •Skamania, 2 1 Yukamn, I Waliu-wall.i, l'J Sicvrns, - The camcstiic»« of tho committor in early organization by pr 'einct, couuty and iti - trict meeting?, has been iliepcned I'}' the fol lowing facts : The portentous period through which our country is now passing, justifies as in brietly addressing you. Let us so act that the voice of Washington Territory may JC clearly mid unmistakably understood on the momentous issues now agitating the I'nion. All who love tiie Union, who desire its immediate restora tion on the broad basis of tli l .' Constitution ; all who favor the immediate admission to Congress of loyal Senators nnd Uepresenta tives liu.i the ton excluded States, upon equal terms with the twenty-six States now repre sented in Congress ; all \vh> sustain the res toration policy of the National Administra tion : all who hold in r-.-psct the decisions of the Supreme Court of the I'nited States, and regard with alarm the recent threats of im peachment, of members of that eolemn tribi:- niil, in order to subvert its independence; all who believe that the Constitution of the t ni ted States and uniform u-agc '.us tion have vested in the Si te? and Terri tories tho right to define the elective fraindii-e within their respective limits ; in a word, all regardless of political antecedents, who ure opposed to radicalism culminating in revolu tion, who covet I'nion rather than disunion, peace rather than war. hnrinoiiy lather than discord, stability of institutions rather than anarchy, let your voice be heard. Citizens ol' Washington Territory ! Are van prepared to fcuhmit without protest to that indignity, which, while you willingly contribute your taxes, though denied a vole in Congress, even takes away from you the privilege of eon trolling your elective franchise? llcmeinber that the'acts organizing our Territory, and inviting its settlement years ago, conferred the express right to defiae lit" qualifications of electors, and opened the public lands to white settlement. After fourteen years acceptance of these fundamental laws, without olTense on our part, Congress his d< ; :ived us of those privilege*. Without our c:tu.-'eiit nud against our will, it ii - i force I upon 113 negro suffrage r.ud has e; -u-d the door f>r nil races and col ors to vote ia our i'-vnt r . r y, nud soi'le in our midst. Those w!io favor repeal of sueli op pressive Congri ional Legislation, e-nnc for ward now, and let your voice be heard in earn est protest i "Minst such interference in our a flair 5. * K. S. FOWLKH, ft.«irtua n Cumniil'ee. Thtu'tilon JV-tinty tf'oni entlon. Tho friends of the X.i'i'in.-.l A«1 :nini,nation, those wl.o • uj'i'ort the polity thereof i:> restor lug peace to tiio aulioii, au.l all vho en<lor«e the Declaration <>f Principles adopted h_" tii" Pbiladelplnt National t'nioa Courentio'i, urr re*p«cttu!lv ic.jae?!"J to uiert in tbrir tt>|i,i°t ive prerino:* en SA ri'llDAT. MAItOII l«;t!i lxr.7 to eleit i tu a (.'auctr t'oevru ti. *o »r li. li oj C-XH. K. I>. t*ST, at the C#rr; !; * <>!..«.», *1 I a etork y m- , to - 1 •.» 1 ■ ttif V,r».tori»l futTti «a. tc tr ! I*t \•• •«>« Afrii ITtk. li . t, - > . '►» ">rt* *« » . C—yr -* k«. • -» • aw* ■ * »♦ " » - a r iaty **- li * » * t r •- i*»i. I i i at i « U £ nia. ' ■ ' *l - he: . «# mm aM'u iw> <• • •» • • Jl " 4»> jf -mm *■» ** w * • % » 'mmcs ii # «ii' iip* *l* V ija » f'PMKI •** 3*M» «f * 1 *■> MHI <fl> "•a* ■* *" WC«J If t f ■#» H • Ml • «-j« 4 « M 9* - • . jrfNr*r- J*4t f* « * f < •%!»» ' * *•«# ■ •" »T*« n«» ** W. i. ■ t j ■ ■ .- »«e «*; tfc-i' • ■ 4 c- T;. -Z y t*4 .t : :L.» rr t.»» f~-«j ri k.r-« «• J •»!<■ ; tL»' it k. • **■ a»trat .4 i .JftT u;<t«J t!,f .s':rt «v*t ra f «»-r Cotfrn ra': tl:. t it ha* "rin'tJ i.d f.:t> mi! ivani « o". k i.:u« a; ! ' <•«, v.L«, !ik.> hi •£_* •'»in a cu:ci c, i i.r -r i.i r.u. I.IK'S and \ ora iua.-u ss es ill • lily up<n which lli y have fas'cncd advances in deciv ; we know tl! this, end it now remains tib- seen whether antipathhs "■rowing out of in theory fire honest tli.Tci-i n.-cs of cpin!on b. tween po'iticnl parties having the Fame main object in view, can be educated up to s-uch a point as to lead men to repudiate tho universal law o{ nature inclining every living being to t-linjr to its race. It remains to I o seen whether the Radical* of Washington Ter ritory, who have repudiated, now want to impeach, their own President, be cause his measures ant endorsed by Cop perheads and Democrats, who have ap piovii'gly seen Stntc3 reduced to Territo ries, and Territories reduced to nothing, asking for no reason beyond the fact that tiles.*, measures weru opposed by - sior.ists of the South and the Democracy of the North, have become rabiu enough to vi'te for niggers in prufeitnco to Demo crats. This is the issue, and it cannot he dodged. The peoplo of tho Territory, perhaps, may not have it in their power to change tiie law, but they have the right and inclination to express their opinion ab iut it :<t iheb.dlot box. Cottle, Xcpli., Kit's what yon have to siy on ibn auljcct. Aic you in favor of tin' law in the abstract and because you ore an old-line Abolitionist, or do you take tbi< more comer ratire-Radical view, and advocate it on the ground that Congress being the law making powt r, it is our duly as goo I dozens, to .-ilen'ly acquiesce ? Or di you favor it because joa would ra'lt er let tieurors votn than secessionists ? You have got to go negro sutt'rge in some slt'-pe, or rejiudia'c Congiess. If you rc |iudiate Congress, that will make a Demo crat of yatt, So lo >k sharp, for the way is full or difficulties. Your cannot occupy nny middle ground; you enn no lo'iger draw nice distinction* between civil and soc al equtliiy. The scenes haw shifted, the parts have been recast. The negro is no longer a man of straw, to be put forward or held biek at your pleasure. In the eye of theliw, he i* the equal of anv mm in the T«-rrit»ry, from Maurice down to Governor I'i.-kering, «nd Lt« rwc his a r- prta. mat ive in thi« ei y wh . u:.i>r-tan !» h:» rijti't and it e>j<i*l l«» tl*' rrr r/--xvr. Pi-I', »!a'e*c o < k-t!» rtr-.ipirj-jve *»!■•« ml tl« » aei t!.- V tk nc* a* *» i, "pses-t. e tW |t«f « ( La- ei OT* t. «a V-> '■W pr -a. !■>.■? »*. »«4tk E - p®' X-c ® „ Jl* iw~ % y AM #»■•*• «MT w «MMfe MM •» «A**» ?V -■ *. » • «• if mmm m m <•►■ w Wmo »*• 4mw ft. A m* 9mr •* «» W '»■ IM Rti • •»—■?» mrm • % w>ta a 4; it* —TW a~a • «# $■ {»« mm ** »•»<*»» r* ««. »»• t> "»• lamr ( «•■» *a a • • emmm*wm4 a tk tW bay" -r «« 1W 4 'Ami ar*r r a tH an *k a t tWv ,-xjr»' j~. W dri; «--r«.•-•» »• • M ■*- .i TW l> •!--• mrt m tft <1 kt--«- t-* •r, »« J :!<* tfi.t.f (« t ■'onf\Jy ii f»> WJ. *•■ i» 'n J .I'JJ »»rr. Ihr im » ii"*-- inaniHd Iv ful' h I'l Jl.r rj i ;«i!i> —th t I ortion v. hn (t-< 1 i ulincvl to r n a.:tr u <- I'l tick. • • • TliP Sj>> cifie <'<.n!ra t !a» of Ne vada, u[>on aj>j>' » lo t!i«' Siiprcmn t'ouit i f tin- United Sta'ci lirrii drclaii'd void, conti'uvcninjj as it do s tlia law of Co i gicss making Treasury n it« s a legal ten dir (or ull deb's, public and private. Will tliia satisfy the official clique uuilifirr?, who tliri'e years ngo pels st d i:i reading us out of the Union party (or condemning Nullification. C& We wonl 1 most respcc: fully call the attention of the pioper authorises to the excellent condition of many roofs in town for n general conflagration. The moss on several roofs within stone-throw of our office, prest nts a nmrt favorable field for the ravages of the destroying i la ment. COI.IMIII.V ENGINE CO. XO. I.—The Company will f«.r Ditii.i., in uniform, this (Saturday) afternoo i at it o'clock. A full and pioinpt attendance of every member, and such citizens us are desirous of promoting the farther cllici.mey of the Company is particular y requested. 13y oider of the l' on man. L. 1) DUUOIN, Sec'y. Olympi i, March m J3, 1807. PRECINCT M r.Erixr.s. —Tim fallowing are the delegates to the Thurston County Convention, as far f a heard from : Olym pia Precinct—Fiank Henry, Samuel Colter, G. C. Itlnnl<e.!sh>p. L. I). Durgan, A. ltobb. R. Fro.-t, 1). Diewry, Jesse Chapm m, J-jlm Chapman, A. Farqunlir, M. Littl'j hn, 'feu.pic, John L. Head, A Cairt;e.«, L. Miction; I'. D. Moore. Mound—A!, x Vantis, Win. Mizc, Wm. Mntin, M. Z. Gotidell, M. Harper, 11. Cameron, Win. Littlcjohn Black River—J. M. Shomell, T. R. llut ldog", A. E. Young. Turn Water—J. Cor nell, B. L. llcnnc-s, C. I', Ju lson M. Siy, J. Sioit, James Biles, Mill Offutt. Yelm—James Long mire. J. O'Ncil. CARJHNO FACTOBV.—Parties, wo are informed, have sent Kast for machinery to establish a carding factory either here or ut Tumwater. This it a movu io the light direction. If we can't have a wool ru factory complete. at o ice. let ut. by all uu ans b** f « BOi lrw round wbhhin tiuie we csa g*tl rr «uch uarLi iw as the rc <|trti;»a'« #f 'Le I «<i3< o ■»_* dea tad T-w % L F'Tt •% —TL* ei-C im t> »»t! » IV-ari ui Ttw e« f« tW rw n| w, *.j u» L* a «aii IMB att M *uII ■■ fc m **rl twt W a kl lal ■» »-* a»_>»i' «*rr * vna*. «f g% .. #- «pa> ifrar •»* - •* m - <4 tm "" fWft W»m Ml w *■ » **» m- •% :rrr 1 *w»w4fc •»** *•! '■P*'" -*•*■!■• ■ ♦ 4k &-*•■* ♦ | 3 tf* *i ii '• «* 1*» ®*- «• a»» ■«**> - •»-* 4 ••*. » • «e«4aap- *«r aw -« iw « » tm—t «•» • tk 41 aa> 0i t_4 r• ' l «r -ak aAr* • 1 W Mf • ■* « t k» p*MMI »*»■»» • » !»■• !■> *<M \ .Ir »» • •< « »-» - I«t fit .4 H !< Ij* (M-U I» #. JM U U N ..». A I .lt. M»ltlw>-» » .' a J-1.1. -Li I;, t . ■; 1 •>'» Z tU

V -Jib* «4 I . '»a tu it t-I ri ! -r I'lfl » »-f !«• i I u t U I>< *rv IO I<T l< » i .II >.f Mtf.i I S St «,».: Ind l.Olliotilll/ t»H- p <>|.l ' ■•• AI»l :.i I ».-irpt ilu* t- rra« off. rcl the in. It i* naiii t!:nt will lie umpire in all iiiiitic. il i.f di* ign cmc-nt th it m \ -.rist • in the i- nt' r. nee ui \V s*!rngt n loi the s tt!e.n.nt ot Chileau and Peruvian »wir. A rcstliiiii.ii hashcm adopt d ill tlie House directing the eonimitice o;i I''o eign Affairs to iiqulc why I lit* claims of American citizens against England have no! been paid, and to report what to IK* done to secure their spei-dy settlement. Three c ises of smallpox ore r> purled in San Frninisco and one in (his city. I.cgal t nd«rs, 71i nm'i 71 {. GESKIt 'f. "it MMA'tV. HOSTON, Match 14. — Tin-1 nver' raneli of the Massa husct's gUlalute passed the constitutional Amend uciit by ISO to 20. PROVIDENCE. 11. 1., M.icli 14 —The Democratic S ate Convent on to-day nom inated Lyman Pierce for O .v. rnor. C. H. liufe- for Lieutenant-Governor, Wm. J. Miller for Seer.'tnr.- of St'ite, George N. Uliss for A'torn General. «nd .Limes At kins f->r Tre.sii.'er. DETROIT, March 14.—The Democratic State Convention hehl yesterday, adopted resolutions deiv uuc'ng Ch - reionstruciiou a t n.iil declaring tl at th<* enfianchiso nieiit of the isejtr c.< a:.d th<* disfranchise ment ol i hi' whi es, n* pnrN nded hy Con gressional action, is unro slitution tl, nr bitarv u:;d rev .ilutioiiary. CAIRO, 111., March 14. Officer* rf ilic steamer ltiu-kjord. just from th» Aikansis river, report tin* countiy oveiflowed, ar.d tlirit there is a great l«-» -• of j) operty and Buffeting ntnnrg ilit* iul.aLit.tnt-. Two hundred and seventy lives wen- lost at Helena, mostly Freedm n. A Nashville spec : ul tiisptich repi rts that ih<* n Coat no >ga and o her pi <cc« lo.ip; I In* T« n CHHI'I'i Lvrr if appall ing. A' C'liuiai.O' iL» on M'lTi*li 12 li, the wat r was from twelve m t«. Ny let dep in ihf c iv. Many of he bouse* were tip pling ovi'i, while othe s were tl a ing away. Tlii- Mayor, with a IOSP o cit zo m and soldi" rs, wert* f"iaui. g • mong lie loaded cars for food. The ag ns «i the lailnad protested, hut the Muvor said the people were starving. Twenty-live dead bodies were Keen floating down the river at Hriilgn port, Alabama. on March 12 h. The 10-s of propeity is estimated at 61,000.000. General Carlin, at Nashville, is ntaki-ig eilor's to scnu rations through to Chata nooga. Ntw YORK, March 15.—The Pirs'.dcm «ent t'» tlif Sen ite yrs'erday tin* nomina tion <>f Thorubuigas Surveyor Geueral of viifa. C'Hiraoo. March I J.—A eabU f r pnb maim- iel-Trr-i»h K-twreo »»<i Fl <r ».)A i» LE ; "- r*) i-lly r«i-tirrt-d at IXMM'WI. »• J :t .-.ipc. ii t<w U: 1 eaily la A»- p-mt ant. \i» Y«*tt. Va rii 14G-f*t arr tr %k <* •» • 4 #Vf V»»lr ff% • to .Ntliß >!• mSL.4 Tft** TW L ' ftbicr l*' «i ** ■m* --■£ Tl# 4|r» -m - f €« •+■ 9 # W mrn w. "53T'« % T" -AM* -tm' *■ ' ML ** • HHT I mtm ♦' *• '» W ftim . mi ,-Mr * «pc | alii ■ VII I— f mm m m * Mfr 0k ». - 4WWMIP 4HMH •* <•» <*#- ■+**> **** <•*»." <m mmttm w* **»■» mmm*)*** *b * —MI im ;-|fc _ ■_ % <|M* Miwil * 4k <**■► *•«** ffeu* * <.- s|fc «k<* 4ft **«■** ** «*•*' % 4*** ♦ 4 " fc "* •» * 4fc* A W -** *► «***G LFA» MR IN HI—I • r -..•sr»t • > \w* ta-» • \ M • t aaa* tu % WC >-« # (-« tm • <(fcw ' f« J Im mm an lia« 'l« «* iri -1 ; » . tjtt c m» mt t-- A: -mr v i t ■■ am tr4 iii> r t • . T Lit. Ik U*fc tIK bi ii ti r h;l: ut t> liar annr. 1« a ' !• «.' ir.k k. tl .TI fif Jl.fc B, CM i| r * .II of iifli t -j> « i rij. Tft • tf> • - p n- .t L.R IN ilv..- <- II.P INT L»I tii>- MT IFF rn.lcrcJ •» i.ot !> i-xec il in ill.- aui.itint t ii- u iuilt- ii-cvit . u fo po>iag<- i.ii 1 t t r«. i;«-w i;M|.cr». i-tc., tr«n<|.urtcd. WASIIINOION. Ma cli 14.—11 the Sen n'e. K IIIIK V, ot Mn.ii so a, f urn tin-Com mit ec < n l'o-t < Iftici'f. r. j) >rtc . f vmuli'y on tlie bi l authiiri/.ii g ilie Atla tic Tt-lc gi;i|ih Cninp ny. at New Vu k. in ini ke sotcdiiigx to ay a mbli* to c uitiect the United S at s with Fiance. Wilituis, of (hegou, introduced a joint resolution to cancel the post oiK'-c contract fT canyii g the imiiN from l', <>r. - gou, to Linol i, Ca'ifo ilia, held by Sena or C. rb> tt. He ex| l.incd that Co.bett to >k tliecontiait before his i lection, and i.ou desired ui relinquish i: under the law |>io- ItiLiting Scna'ois holding contracts. Parsed. Comicss, of California, in'roduced a bill to gn.nt la.ids to aid the construeioii of a canal foil Home point between T. haina and Colusa to a paint on the Sacrament > river in Solano count v. GAi.vE.-rox. March 12.—Ge.i. Griffin hns i.-'Miit d an order that in const quernc of the repented outrages and perp.v tra'cd in G. uvson county, and the seeming unwiliingt.css or inability of the civil of ficers to give th„" ilistens piotcctioi. tl.c operation if order No. Sis suspended it Greys ui county, i nd the t>ub-Assistant ol of 'lie Frecdnieii's Btucau is directed to ir.a-st all persons charged with the c tut mission o: crime or oftincea ci i zt'us, r> iugees or froedmi-n in cases where the civil authority has failed to biing tile pniti<s to triu 1 . and iit'iin them in confine ment till properjuuicil trihuii.'.ls aier.ady tot.y tin in. 'l'lie Gcucr 1 also orders (he use of iniliti.ry force tocufotc • ord.-r where ev r II quired. Ii II.P, IV. vote Secrefrfv t'L the Govern or. ii gone lo Washing o.i to coi.sult with ihe l'resid nt about ivc instriKt'n g tin- !-t;t e. NEW YORK, M r-h 12.—A le tcr from thi' L ni'C'i b.a < s C< nsi;l at Corca Bays IV..m 10,''00 020 00<> ('retain r lugecs mi- ii. in «t impoverished <onci<ion. Their pi operty has 10-en c- uliscated and lliey are uo bf to le oiu io ihi"r homes, li t asks taod nod clo liing fo: tli.-m. NEW \OUK M .reh 12. —The Tribune's corres; oatl< nt at Cieto contiims the news that lit" Tuiks havo actually aban doned the larger portion of the Island. It i< tot expected that they will be able IO renew the war. Meantime a new minis try has been appoiule J in Constantinople favorable to r« form. NEW YORK. March 12.—The Errning Pits! *nys i litre is every prospe I that the tunj ni'y of the Southern Sin er <vi!i al.noti immc ilately reorganize under the Recon struction Ac:. This i*»bow n, not a! ne by the Uii-u>gc >.l the 8"U hern j urnaU. bni l.y oar own private iafo mati >u. turn's I a«f »!r. »h b gu- u Noith IW l'ba uitt A *''* li»* 'i»<«n»« I'atto- "f Al«- 881 la HTAT n Snrfßl«« MV> : It L« T» • 1 rr-~i -Wot tW I rat tf AMU do b«> • »iwi j ktn •fr—« t* «t a —r ■■ mi t• I *•» aw »*• »■ IV N* Cm • m '■f i—!■»■. t» • C L H «ri A wm* ••• 4 »r* 4 t Ar- ; •» r-m- IMB tm" tSM» * «■ m —■■ wi •» W iTta at V■+ ti tm m «BP> • a*— • ■ ■ »ii • f 0 » • fc* « ■ * • ««r— f<■ r* K. M»*- HI - «M»«> to mfk tK -'MJMHPk m- ** >*> «•»> «* *M mpri 11 - 4pn*- mm «**•■*• ■M M « l««r4 4 »<i tm» a*-* H» rfc M—A <>-—»» cmm ■» • a «-I t« t d u> *• »ij, i>« >» mm l--4>r» - » b c. t i .< - • «ki J/-. •'» »«»k ■ ti- M>-- • ■»* r«» t : «I • k »».»t Si* i(r«ri • »ri- T»« _».|»r f•*»»-"if c• *rr -1 Tl.f 1* at fa ! a uiv li c i a £0 of r»:| HI a J T.-igl.t WMI.UCT x. Ma ch 17.—At mki nigVt. las' night, i!»«• S-imtr i>t>s.d tint •u j lemet la! Iteroi «t notion I ill by a vo> of tj 2 'l'lie no s w>T • B u-katew, of lYnn , iii d Hcn riidx, «•( lii<iiana. Juhi- S"n, of Mdrjhn'l, voted aye Tlic otlur Dcm cr.t« wer 1 a' set. WASIUSCTON M;r.-h 17—Two r pre. Hen'aiive* of ilie Iri-lt 11-'p il li«- li <1 an in t- rv'i. w with tl»e Pr« sident vti«i< rda*, solic iting ilie rrcognization «.f bill g. rcn' lights by the Ameiicnn government, 'l'he icp i-i sensitive* mad * an ad l;cs< ir. h-halt of th F> ninii Uro'hfihood. a-ki. g tb« lrsh KepubHc be respected as n govern ment tie facto by the United St>>t< 8, ai d ; I tint tin-American government insist on it : that their belligeicnt rights be respected ; l*y Great Britain according to the rule* of : nations in time of w..r. The President uskid, is this dej'nefo government actually in existence? Tin*delegation asur.d hiui ' that it wits, when In* assured Shem tlint : the question should receive nil thec'-nsiil erutio.i necessary in deeid ng n matter of j such great importance. Us sympathies i were with the Ir sh people. The delega tion asked fur prompt in ti rf rence in be ll ilf of the uatuAlized American citizens : iifiW p.ison. rs in the bauds of 12 d. The President said measures had been t iken f-r the relief of sevi ral isntnuilizcd ci'izsi s, ai.d the other eases would rtcri- e ! alt. iiliun. n.r if -t i f T* • V ! NEW Y< HK, Mach 17.—Rio Jai:ei <> coin spomleut* <>i Fehurnry 8 h repor nu mber b inbartlmum of Fori Ci runarta on the 3d of J inumy O the 18l!i h. a!- liis captured on.' of ilit- < nriny's < n ri" •■!»- Tin* lir xil'ai pup-in tii ounc.j th>-oftov> f tnediiti > > '•>" ■he U i c.l tiat s be wci ii Brn/.il and Paraguay. The Utazil nn el c i ns lesnlt d in tlic B:ipee>» o' tin* c> nwrvativ s. The revolution i't the Argentine C nf d •t'on hf no been supprc s ■ The Gov r.v lit I'ore.s hiive he. n <1 fated. bi:t vi*jor ou» vue stuvf. u c in p OMit* ><nd tlic na ti >nal gu rd ha.« bee calf t out. Euci:o» Awes pa,!! r« liitt' rl\ ilei ounce the con tinuance of the war with I'liMguny; nnJ the ..ili.-.nrc with 'he nagger empire, us thev term B>.<zil. ,NI;W YOUK, March 18. —The Heraldt conrcspo deuce from 1.0 6 li in*t., MIVS I hit the British Government WHS t:. ken by sur, r se l>y the Fenian uprising. Thi- F nitn jil n embraced si:nnlt:in*'ii's out') cak- in L>nd >u and Liverj'oc', wi'h coi.flagr.i'ioiis by m mw if uitro-gljcer inn. There is 110 question that this riciff w. s led by ti.en ashamed of previous faif nr. a. AfrO'int* |mMi-be<t in (lie Cork Exam• imtr iind pirrmiiu '» Journal show that akir i .»!.*•» rcuri>d *• Ttlloghi Bridjt. O ••ucit.l n. Dr i«linl» C all-, M'ttjr AH ir-. Lim.ri.-k Ci jr. 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