Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 6, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 6, 1867 Page 2
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? . ar • •"T> -jp IP» m m * # | -J. «pn I «W ffc. 4*M*> ll..«-l ■>,.... * * •*»* * ft. m mm —I * Ik * ***** *•*■? oim t —»i i- - - « ~ . -m iii''"'-»w I k t IM* • ■ ». •> (MB 4» _____ n ii TW a*-* + * • »r- *wr wmM m * t«m « *• * »* **'s e®W- «-•» ■ * toM Wtw# **f •■ W &* ' ' / arthr >.■ k «rt»t i •* .*4rwi a# «». • l V ('la'lra .... * • 4 hMIMW't ■ -• - - K - 4 k.t * ' ' • Mx-«o, -I 1 - Mir Itmntm • t'< w t.* u*l W :■■ •t. nn - l.i w i.-' 1 1 *•' -'' Sksira.-iiii* - 1 »<!''• ' YaUnm. 1 W.illu-u.illfl II tilpv«:is, - The MrncftiiP"* "I" tlio roi iimfti'P ill carlv organi/.utiiin I>v |i n*• t. roimly utiil ilis trict iiiti lin?-", bus I'f-'II Jcci , i.l:'-<1 I'V the 10l- lott ing facts : The portentous period through whi<h our country is now passing, justities us iu briefly addressing you. Let lis so net tliat the voice of Washington Territory may ne clearly and unmistakably understood on tlie momentous issues now agitating the I iiiou. AH who love tlie I'nion, who desire its immediate restora tion on the broad basis of the Constitution ; all who favor the immediate admission to Congress of loyal Senators and Ivcpresenta itives from the ten excluded States, upon equal terms with the twenty-six States now repre sented in Congress ; al! who sustain the res toration policy of the National Administra tion ; all who hold in respect the decisions of the Supreme Court of the I'nited States, nnd regard with alarm the recent threats ot im peachment, of members of that solemn tribu nal, in order to subvert it* independence ; ail who believe that the Constitution of the I'ni ted Statu and uniform usage since its adop tion have vested ia the States and Terri tories the right to define the elective Ir.uicliise within their respective limits ; in a word, all regardless of political antecedents, who are opposed to radicalism culminating in revolu tion, who covet Union rather than disunion, peace rather than war, harmony rather than discord, stability of institutions rai her than anarchy, let your voice be heard. Citizens of Washington Territory ! Are you prepared to submit without protest to that indignity, which, while you willingly contribute your taxes, though dented a vote in Congress, even takes away from you the privilege of con trolling your elective franchise ? Iletnember that the acts organizing our Territory, and inviting its settlement.years ago, conferred the express right to define the qualifications of electors, nnd opened the public lands to V'hitr settlement. After fourteen years acceptance of these fundamental laws, without offense on our part, Congress has deprived us of those privileges. Without our consent and against our will, it has forced upon us negro suffrage and has opened the door for all races and col ors to vote in our Territory, and settle in our midst. Those who favor repeal of sneli op pressive Congressional Legislation, come for ward now, and let your voice be heard in earn est protest against such interference iu ouy affairs. K. S. I'OWLKH, Chairman Committee. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 6,18G7. Radical Patriotism. Tho Radical idea of patriotism, as set forth by our cotemporary the P. Tribune t is highly refreshing. It consists, accord ing to that fiheet, in sticking to the party that pays the best. This principle has proved bo remunerative in individual cases that it has now become the chief, if not the only, of-tensil)l« plank in tho platform of the Radical party hereabouts. Negro suffrage will not do at all in this latitude, •• tie inudtiil* will not hear it mention* J. It it a hor»" that no min could side into Corpus fV. ii the-*- benighted r<g;o».». * 1»«T? Ibe f« -:>U* e not trt U arcoi to r«-pmrd *'p »• ii! (.u-a i- tLii •«<■»*]-, M•a> •- : r .!i» V iMratro', » r.w Mr*' ' ml *4 : t 4. to mm ct tto ymyt to awaiiwt r « i»ti r.JL <m to it 4ae* tWn »- » ■ * ~T !-»• >«i i ;* gnd •a*. m - «r C i.»„ t « fapnn; £ « *t * t-Mvwas* r » t- TW ac a*. • m tto ■Il» n i—i tmd *«•» jf mmm » •a. fc AiMfc-i » n <a,~ <to*' li to » rim - au • to% ifer- A«»"* -fcaaMkw- ■»«*»• "" Y«fc- C* «•*■* 4k* ar M'trmm p.*- » to few • , «,«. - -»*»• « ' . • Sr-» M •«!—• - n ifc'® *#" j* ** fT-* w 8 < thr Mi 4**%. A**. » ** •* ,< «* *4. M **• ,«W ® "~-MI ««& * «4 mm *•* * nir"T * 4m «w ♦ (ap ». ****. ' *** • #* «B m* Wm^mrnm Ihrtrin'sWn- m. 4tw' - '* "to-- » ""MNfllfc <- - .j#- « -u-,» «w mmm '<i'* m* < *» - > : T <•* 4hMP°- 9 s ' -titt/tp! w® l & 4NW** 'iM»i «»- 'ftMWrn fe* * * -«lMik • r <P»i «fr> •««»»• 4Mi -4P» '■• «pr «Mr MWKxNih.;' .•mhk# »> wii •■*»» 4MaM &,«* * «*. f mm *— m w** www *- . m * mm *** " •** mm 7* "Mww wr J*** 1 ' Hw *mpmmbbp * **o* mm t» ■*■ *• •■■'•*' •# "»• • • « - •* t .i— »»* •mm fta* tr- mu> w tta«r r » «art» « - i »il» *kac 5f it - mm. ~ ■«omr t* • •at 1 -•« f f;•«r <4 ■"'iiaf i f <• ..m » *. mm( «• a., w > i. ~ M. IM-.K.. -» ■ . ><«■* .tr'M « }» r" . «*■ mti. It M pmjtt U« T«-;i«.-r* e*t W t mirt 'm m I' mmmt* |W*- ! |»« ci r rrgrc r.i.J IT i. jf <1 'HCY J . tot :! e ngLt <f goT.riii g :h nmlin. •• • KM —Oar fri*nd over the WAY lias at l ist given liis view of 'he situation, end in!'Till'd the world of what lit' intends lo do. In his last issue, after saying that " Ina few weeks the I'nion jieojdn of Washington Teiritory will be culled upon to tike the field and do hatile for the great principles of human rights nnd Irce government, for which they so faithfully am! resolutely struggled through n war such ns has no parallel in the history of nations," he continues thus: "We shall at this time, do no tnore than urge the friends of right to gird ou their armor and hold themselves in readiness to renew the fight for liberty and Union, as soon as the voice of the peopl j [?] shall announce through their delegates, who arc to be the champions anu standard-bearers in the conflict." As this is ail that ho ever did do, at the commencement of any war, we infer that ia giving his orders so far in ad vance, lie intends to again imitate the cor poral, who upon the eve of an engage ment, after directing his men to charge the enemy, told them that as he was a little lame he would turn Lack then, and they could overtake him. NEW SrmxG Goons.—Ladles and fuir.i li.'s visiting Victoria should not fail to cull and inspect the lr.rge nud elegant ;is-ort- Ihiont of Dry Good# at VICTORIA Housi: (corner of Fort and Douglas Streets,) com prising tlio latest fashions in Hats and .Bonnets, Mantles, Shawls, and all the new <lrcss materials, such as Fancy At parens, Striped Poplins, Mohairs, Ginghams, Grenadines, Brilliantc Cambrics, French and English, Printed Cottons, isr. f tp-. The ordinary assortment of staple goods, sneli as Black Alpaccas, Colurgs and Merinos, G(ie>) and. White Cottons, Sheet ings, Linings, Tickings, Flannels, Blan kets, Quilts, Haberdashery Goods, Under clothing, Hosiery, ifc., !>v., on hand and in gn at variety. N. B.—Note tho ivldrcss : Brick Build ing, corner oj Fort and Douglas Streets, Victoria, V. I. * ALL IIAJL, CONKICTICUT !—Tho elec tion for Governor and incmbera of Con gress took place in Connecticut last Mon day, and resulted in the election of James Knjjlish, the Democratic nominee, by nine hundred and seventy-nine m»j <rity !• The Cingrcssi inal delegation will probably »Übd thrtM> I)vAu«rat« to one Kadral. Litt yew HawUy. tlx lUdical mwism now K»«ten by was elected ort-i KMel li» S<ll ■>«*! *. and tW-* ?nr • # • / tbt fm-- w-tt a-1.- 1 ; ha d"»ri ••• Jhtrum —la i llinw to fie s~— -« <4 * , -V«ar»» to «W «V'H. w» V»r tV- 4c™ m . S P!-*S ML —I. JWIIH*. LH*H ' V «« aa* L&iA. % *i«a— *■ -i J & fara— kjaa ; f afaM, * • mmrm. to Ik a »a» nr Tar t i«« g i w •I * a#i" W la* Jm&mmm ■ Mm. toiaM «. tow, Wn» V >ot» *. «aa atolMtoaw V "*i iaa Jato» tmmam. AairfMan. tana Mto> AaH|. & • » to <m Xmmmm UT '** *mr- t »wato, «» • « JT * - • m* «W. *fp» # Wm»* m ♦ ■•*•* l *■*' lAMM*- «M' Mm * otuwa. MR 1 4Nlt "•■ •**l# '%» <||Np*«M«Nl * ->«■§«*** *•* «r ftt* * - -•* mm *«■»• m> m» *m m *kk **r *mm m\wm m m **m mm W.. «*»«» «*«*.* «•« •«»' MP*»* -" .i* Bi— I &.«« mm m<m& fifr'* «• * •• *> pr, + * w**.~ ' m #*«*• * %*«... «**»* 4MB €t-.- It ' » MS . . t * nm»• <*c »- • * «»"•» W —» ■» I(S i '«• ■• H*T * < «• *r-<r» » «—* «a A..-# «lb ■ ■ # a* •*, tkr ki« • m* ,f '• t ■«* »• _» * i>« » «p *r»-j~ *.. Ik . «.:k «t» »..*->• n fth*r. (»ta kr» * ««r •» r-.afc K> "«t» . :«b ». .K liar ' »•"»(»!• It J & cj -».< bo ;>r :k.u ■ 1 ..jkf iu t— |£- .Bu a* | k*t Li- J"** i'* A!*i « N't. 1< f-4 u« srr *»fT Ign -r.«» ul a ' » 1 ir. or tv* u* • ut the it fw »c rsi»- i it W'c '. \ r,- i,i». nitli a* in hmd.Mßil nrr w !! nrq nint.-d with fs<m If"; and a> lor in vsrK, 1 Itnvc roughed "lit foi four Yiicini* campaigns, xumnior and winter, and nimya log shant. I've had to put up ati'l knock dron intb.t time. Our time is out on the 9th of January next, when wo will lav- a few hundred dollais to coinniei ce with. We linve the character of being pretty steady fellows, and not very quarrelsome unless imposed on. We hope soon afier wo get sitfled lo bring our families there too. Xeither of us are mariied, and are about the same age (•' !). but we hope just s ien as we cm fix things to be able to send to the States for eur affianced, who are impatiently wailing for the signal to join lis in our new life. I leuiain vour obedient scrva it, T D The courtesy which wo have extended to correspondents is so rapidly increasing the business of this department of our paper, tlwt we, like our friend Urownlow with his largo mirror and small house, will sion bo compelled to choose between the alterna tives of reducing tho one or enlarging the otiier. It is qui-evident that it is having agood effect in softening d nvn those sharp lines of distinction, which in this commu nity have hitherto kept those who differed in opinion as widely separated as if they weit> deadly enemies. Tliu fountain of knowledge which we have opened is a kind of Mecca, visited by all without dis tinetiorfof politics, religion, age, race or color. lint to the letter. Poor Jack Tar, how our readers w ill smile at thy honest sim plicity, and the thoughtful euro thou hast displayed for the precious time of our pub lic functionaries, in writing a whole year before your " time is out," tlint they may not bo distressed to answer those weighty matters which you have propounded, in a stylo partaking of the franknesa of the sailor and the ceremony of tho diplomatist. In reply to your gcucral declaration of intention of settling in the Territory, wo say that you will find an, abundance of room, and plenty of homestead land in either of the neighborhoods mentioned in your lettor. As you and your friends con sider yourselves posted on tliii difficulties btfore you and the hardships you may have to endure, we shall say uothing of the preat forests tliatniu>t bo cleared away be fore you can got nt tin-soil. We have made diligent inquiry con cerning the price of horse*, cows, oxen

and chickens. All of the beat ore now in the hands of hijh Government <-ffi ci*ls. Rr.wu!,* h»- a spin of griys ami T. F. Jack a p*ir of li»«, all U wLick »•» U I < m!c ll>«( lit lißkr < aC- ** time ■a ms. *» M.nvJ « dnaiz^ em tu Kxi«als a> »« . TOF. • TO 4a. T.- V** k%»» c*-rpi~mf p ta •« k*' . i»- a-. a» if ttZk% £ U i u ■ .«k *» garmr «■§. W- H" •» «-»• nc at il <• hm tkm ■aK* M aMai a» «a» waaaM dn..«a w * » nat- rfj»» tlaat tf »•*» aMArar yteb '<•■)?» aa| a Ma "Jkat im %trm Awr * '-mm at a>«M a aaaa »»aant i. '»#!— ,1 ,» • «M» , « m *■ VMHM#' Ifl )jgft|n *» |jTfu HP •» - ■» " * Mh •» *»>» p*»- w iwm#- «n <*»«•» «Mfc 4p Hnni « ■***» % % Ho MM*'**. ->•** •< «ii oaMf t* » **or»* tor mm *• ♦ «» •*. im •«. MI »«»• kM may*** ■>' m\ £f*m „ few.-., • «£ »"■ tmm f»• »«• •» ••»■ «r»» Mt. i» |>< * «*■»»'» *'.4 W L - i" Of t. r» ism-l «_ s!'*r» T~«j» . . nr. t. • ■l. *4% - * i w w k. 1: »r f r • ..; fat «m «■ 4 (t.i«r I* kit. "( • ex i . la r .b-an »ilk~ . < lb ; M LO buiv« Dl |(« So-jnd. »• i e.- e }■ irt nltrlj a! < »'\ :i j it. iijv ii *hi Ii a m* « ri i cti*,r wil»->ut cap it 1,« \•• j t : b- n 'ice-»c !..ig ;a wl.iiL there is fonijN-litii n. We believe, ha\iug given II the infi ruati <ii required. <u. duly is dis charge!. The Mnuining poition <«f the litter, rcferiing to the prefent status a J future hopes of tlie Iwo young men who pr >• pise to settltV-immig us may f jienk forthem- - selves. Whilf tlic nairelr of the conclude i g paragraphs is extremely refreshing to us, wo consider tin in oreditablu to the heart of tho wiikr. Trusting that when tliu titno comes T. 1). and his friend may be able to soud for their afliunc il, and get their things fixed r.ll light, wt» lid (hem come on. LATER I'IIOM TJIK ATLANTIC SIDE. swords in TKt.i:t:n\rri TO THE KTANII.VUIt. l'onri.AM), Aplil "). ISG7. We have Has tern ditet to tho Ith. The Itussim treaty question will prob ably go over t > the next ses.-ion of the Senate. Chief Ju-tic<) Chase has not vet decid ed when Jeff. I>avis shall be tried. Urce ly urges bis release. The Lincoln Monument Assoeitlion or ganized with Senator llardin as President. Fred Douglass is one of the Directors. The Supreme Court w ill not entertain any question to tc>t the constitutional ty of tho Heconstructiou Ait at its present session. The elections throughout the Went generally show Republican trains, .fames L. Thomas fh'ep.) was clouted Mayor of St. Louis hy 1,1)50 majority. English'* majority over the Republican candidate, llun ley, is 979. S'ato Senate siumls It Republicans to 10 Democrats ; House 111 Republicans to 117 Demo crats. Work has been suspended upou the Russo-American Telegraph. A letter from the wife of <i prominent army officer confirms the report of tho capture of Fort Buford by the Indian*. Col. Rankin, wifo and children, and the garrison of eighty persons, w ere massa cred. Numerous breaks have occurred in the Mississippi levy, and tho lichcst portions of South-wcbteru Louisiana are devns tated. The Paris Exposition opened on the Ist inst. Mony Americans were present. Legal tenders, 7-1J and 75. UEVKIHL NI'MMAHY. Washixotoh, March 2t>.—The Sen ite has rot used to confirm Frank Blair as Min i istcr to At stria. The Senate Judiciary Committee will probably re|«»rt in tavor of WiUon's re*o iiitioa lor the trial or release of Jrtiu-r*<>n l>avi» on jutrole. It i»l*'!ie«ed ihatCou jrie»* «iU rnoimija I)jri» ' U- r> i(i» d within a wr«-k. I Ibe Srttat* to day ttj* *rd tkr Maaina tnK *1 t. I "ic Mi II). a* ft I'libi.; iHwt, I' UMo Irf) W1 lk> J«« ui> tkr sriu>r J«- «I —*rw Cv'» tii.>» U>« iMmkt. * - ta/- > ts _te» r 11ft. «i tW ». C 3**7 JT a L*Z wrMiMraaa! mmd A- met • £ W i ay «T3' »' xM 4a ii dxaicd la *K »SR- I « «RT V» W aa m>t* Mlaar ■aa*'"®® tf tmd <k wi ran, V im Mi a^i^« He SaM* a aM -«• * «■»-*; «► vme- • r i—ear : ar *► aa* MMHb w aa P x 4HNPH Wto tUMntiifcthiHP Sfc 4fll m. M -m*** m m* « mm**** +- * Ml ft iar MP RmMh >MP' '**' ' HHHP* mtntm"- 4 Ha** l .•+*• MKf "VaaaM H, ... ■*>.. «■» pi 4MM» »«> »>'" «■»' w a aMMi <pM» iwwm * '»■ ft 0m i 4* % t>w 4Mf HI in aw I Ml * <MM» «M» •• » a» 4fa t VMM » »'J» - <rf WM9MMK D»> « »» *w * mm WW «e »% *» liiwa. memmm «f dkt Fw* fits* «k, f«r «M fe >4 •»•» i>gk lb tp«» M 4 »-• v-).. w( U< l» * l —>ii M —«*T t»( " •* »r* k f r ' • . TW e » ( Va»*r»* »«tr»-5 * . -mf -k* tkr lefciew k34 »" -r*! -ft r o** «:tk «.-- rtM* IV* I»t 7 <« l*;irr rw Iti'tT-n l.jr I in* r. tr • i •T tkr hiJ » .tb b.» - »•"»!! > m »a ! f«tir < 'ln •. rr.*< • *t: ■■ I.! r1 < u tlir fir! I t:t »'r I »,»; •I I if i!i dofth-ir* sill's .100 othrrfl « t c w '!. d.-d. half of wh'-m were espcrted t>« dir. They inrntiorcd one man on n• horse wh i cut offr n Indian's head with a stroke of Irs *abr>*; :,l o tlmt when icinf 'TCi'iii' ntK I ff (lie firt for the bn'lli- ground, they (the Indiins) 1 ft. having (notipti of fighting. 2.200 Indiins wer.- cngag-d in the light and tlie strength of the concentrated ttib s was reported at 2.800 Irxlu:. s who irc n >u moving toward the Veil .wsto :e i nd Mis souri river. The lands of t! e PoMawatainie re>er v.ition nnlli snd wo«t of Topeku, Kansas, belonging to the Virion l'scfic 11-ilroad Company. nntouti'itig to 200,000 acres, wi'l be brought into n,nrket n' ones'. W ASUIVOTO.V, March 2*V —The follow ing officials have been confirmed: James Pinncy, l'os'master at Halio Ci>y ; L. T. Dwver. Postmaster at Sdrn, Oregon; Naval Storekecp r at Mare Islnnfl, C. A. Morse ; !?■ g ! ster of the Land Office, John Krelv of Kosebnvg, Oregon : Secretary of Montai a, Jatne I'ufts; Consul Tehaunta tepec, .Tames If. I.ow, of California. The following have been rejected; It. H. I.unsy, Postmaster at Boise City ; 11. P. Bennett, Secretary of Colorado, Gen. Sh rnv.n has obtained permission !o visit thi' Mo'v Land this summer. ST. •Tosr.rtr, (Missouri,) March 28. — Xew f>rts lire being erected alcuig the lines of tin* Western travel. The Kiowa* main rnmp is fifty miles west ot Fort Dodge. Tlicy pwfe.-s pciec, 1> it when the triads •rrows will make tr«'iuM.» alou«j the roid. They complain that the agents :-trnl tho annuities. Their council favs tli«* Pacific Railroid mils! stop at Council Grove, Ar kansas. The spring emigration wo* I ward is com mencing. Tho city is full of Strang ib. The. Tiinca 'publishes Fullcrton's testi mony before ttic impeachment committee, including letters him in Louisiana to President, eon -erning poisons whose j rop crty was afterwards restored. They are merely introductions. lie received no spe cial instructions, and a'wavs obeyed tho orders of Gen. Howard in reference to the restoration of property. An effort is being made to induce Sher idan to remove Governor Throckmorton, of Texas. Few ] rominent j o!itieans of Texas can take the ironclad oath, Judges Parsha'l, Sherwood, and Thomas, all radi cals, can take the oath. Trotkmorfon can not. The Tribune has rumored change in the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. In Sheridan's official changes, the new nppointeea were all officers under Buthr'a military administration. XKW YOKK, March 29.—The TTrrahTs Richmond correspondent s.iys that rec in struction is rapidly progressing in Virginia. The niest fanatical rcWln arc anxious to co-operate with SchoAeld. A lalwr m*«- trm will ptobable be davrlnpcd tbrougb out the conntir. Cinraoo, Varch 25—The city hi* beta in a a»at»- •«< witrtMit to-dijr «a Ktoant at ih* Urinf v4 l k»— corner tbe ■> « Wrr-v >rk«. • IV eele g jw v. ■wuu narrW4 tWwef* tLc L *K' Tml TW rrxritaw*M lui k» tiaa M«- •* I. mi Wium> »■ r ii—y >■> I l»» .'Carv«is». mf • »■«. •< TV kUtj ml Wera An* %«ws v»» T «l larri S —TV f* ■— \ <4 fan". an am MaMe M <hr iMMaanMMt. |(ianc ikt »>*■ "spr| ,*. JH. -(MillII ■ Wife! - ,-.... utftMh ja^Kittsu, WW**' «tki it-iiUMMMWr 4MNK m *«• 4fc» 4MAM» fpMtMqg %» «». «w» * In» IW> mmmar* Imm mm +mm^ omm ' *~ mr- 4hr w* Imi foe « a« *• •% A*ar *■ <lafea» k \i — m g-mmmL ■S. « 4 %tm bumm ~i. •>» » ■ ifa* ' atM. elwii • ainpaai W _ xae4 I*' >*i'» at tkrer •' c*e%. t<l <M - t t« tW M r-uK«dt * It. . • It-* if Urtv w »» fMM Ml Hm i »Ult «;>«■ tiii lffb.l ID the cxmr*.- of Lit r.-tnark*. WQwa ot VuMicku tto, Mid be whlwd :• rr**n l.r:e t<> *i t'li- the <jO<»tion of uusrerML Mf -11 Dixon of Connecticut, asked if SUMMT an J \Vil»>n in< ant to pa»a a law to enforce ni'«m niffragi*. Sumner Mid certainly he did. He had no doubt that under the re cently adopted Constitutional Amendment tl.ey Ikml the right to pass n universal suf fiage bill. The Srna'e bill to grant the American Atlantic Cable Company the right md power to lay and operate submarine cable on the Atlantic c<jnst, und to establish a telegraph between the United States and Europe via Bermuda aud the Azores. Psis-ed. funnca =, of California, introduced a bill ] roviding for a Joint Hoard of Commission- CIS of the United Stales and England, on tlio phonetic'system, to report upon the practicability of substituting the phonetic lor the .alphabet in use. Referred. (Hark offered a resolution requesting the Judiciary Committee to report on the im peachment question on the first day <f the ad'onmcd session. Agreed to. The Senate amendment to the adjourn ment lesolutiou was concurred in by tight majority. Adjourned. NEW YOBK, March 27.—1n the S. nnte, Thayer of Nebraska, rent] n telegram from the general manager. of the Union Pacific Railroad, stating that to the west of Omaha the load is progressing rapidly and will lie pushed two milos a day for the next ten (lavs. WASHINGTON, March 27.—1n the Sen ate a joint Vesolution to transfer •"iO,OOO from the Freedmen'a bureau to the Agri cultural lhircau, to purchase seeds for the citizens of the South, l'asaed. NEW YOBK, March.—(Jens. Sherman and banks, it is alleged, will join Henry Ward beccher's expedition to the Holy Land, bishop Whitebouse has estimated that 50,000 Swedes will emigrate to America this year. An express train on the Erin Railroad, due at New York at 7 o'clock this morning was thrown from the track. The train was smashed, the engineer killed, and sev eral passengers injured. CHICAGO, March 27. —The Tribune says the receipts oi the Government for the year ending January Ist from all aoarces, were §523,877,.389 96, and the expendi tures $323,080,212 46. Excess of recepts, $2,000,891,174 50. NEW YOBK, Mnrch 28.—' The Tribune't special 'says the Government has called for the proposals for a steamship line from San Francisco to Honolulu. A delegation of Ohio Republicans at Washington decided to prraent William P. Cutter as a candidate for Governor. The colored people of Washington are active and enthuaiaatic is holding mw tings in evi ry ward. Thus far mora blacks than * bites have l>u«n registered. The registry closes to-day. The tkipvfwktd Tntaa Wm< for Ira aU.hraagkt Iter* on Tarada? a* atrarn- Irilt f. TV W my* *• ht> H«n W. Urarral «f MpwUp. twiw t Ajb,* sw^- —«. in ■■ i——ll