Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 6, 1867 Page 3
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-49P* 4 liiiii - mm* tmC *» ■■■«*«? ** ■<+ » H"* *■* '•» m *. m*#*---' -«w» 9b**~ rn*m Ibmr- |nib,,. m * ti **. <**. * * g. m. F r-«*4 W ft ||* 4MOQMg,. ! • 9 4 * *n». J S t: j*** 2 1 * I ± ♦ %*•* v> <U. •** » nS* Oh .! i « \ - » «•* » r «- i - wrfc ** * ** esg mu J ■1 * - 1 »* ! • * * m " mi r. : h ♦ v • » ** H-*-« a f i^' B< ««4 Kr t» V.. IUC <«aiH mn*4 t» : •*> ■ * k.Hh .''l, fw. ti - » *■■■ - . «. «S r«*»t« -<b'-r» JAMI> tlil-l * i . t i: . .*n L i>. Drtii.i*, s » ». C UI««1 « *UI TY. After noir* kivia; In* -n a meeting of the Dcmoc: r.ticritizin-of Clil atn county was !;ilj at the c >uuty—>cat on Saturday, the Ml h <l«y of March, 1867, for tin* purpose, ilec:ing delegates tout tend the Territorial convt niion to assem ble at the city of Vancouver, \V. T., on the 17th day of April. 1867, for the purpose of nominating a candidate lor Delegate to Congress. The meeting wns organized by electing AVilliam King Chairman, and Smith Troy Sec et iry. The call for the Territorial convention La\ Itiir hcen ready, the meeting elected Mr. 11. llcckcrt, and Mr. S. 1\ Scott dele natt'n to represent Cl dain county in tho Teriitorial Convention. On motion they were instructed to cast their tiist vole for S. Gurfielde. On motion, Mr. <i. W. ttiihson Mr. D. ]•'. It rownticld and Mr. K. CTme were ap pointed Democratic Central Cuuiniiltee for I'lalnin county. v < in motion, the proceedings of the meet ing vveic ord red to bo scot t» tho \\ ASII tNIITON Si AMJATIN for publication. Meeting ndjouriii d sin <lir. WM. KING, Ch arinan. SMITH TJIOV, Secretary. MASON COUNTY. At n meetiig of tho Democracy of Ma- MIU county. \V. T., held pursuant to the ea'l otthe Democratic central commuiitten <ifthe county, to nominate a attend the Territorial convention and trans net such business as might come before it, o:i this :SOth, day <>f Marcht 1867, .1. M. Fls >n was elected Chnirmln, and K. A. Willsou Secretary. The following noiii nations wero made: For Delegate t<» the Territorial Conven tion—E. A. WilUoii. For Delejjiifr s lo altcnil a joint conven tion to nominate a Joint Councilman for Pierce Cliehalis and Mason Couuty, lion. Lee Aancock. For Delegate to confer with Chehulis County to noininntn a joint Itepre.sentas tiw—J. M. EUon imJ D. C. Cooper. For Probate Judge—David Slielton. For County Commissioners—J. T. llick len, Thos. Webb, K Kennedy. For County Auditor—L. W. Shelton, For Sheiiii—l). C. Cooper. For Treasurer—E. L. Willey. For School Sup<riiitendeut—J. M. El fion. For Justico of the Peace—Win. F. O'Haver. For Coroner—V. P. Morrow. For Central Committee —J. M. Eluon, David Slu'ltnn, V. P. Morrow, D. L. Wit ley, E. A. Will-on. It wus resolved, That the minute* of this meeting It sent to tho Washington Stax i).uu for publication J. MIi'CHEL EUSOX. Chairman. E. A. Secretary. whatcom conrrv. - Pur mint to a call. lL« Di ilflili of i) i«C«aat; b-U a ».-< ruuf :o-d*j Mut'm, l s C;.«t .«" !>-k r. a. At tW •;> J' t. '•» • C «<rt'l*l ■« caM to it W U kaadUea. pr«- f»J V* it WL» **■ Kf#4 F Lur, t»*W u tat «m V* L*m Sum ib a ta® m fhaa »w«ia 4 •» —' mm •*> " •—i C mm. kafM «• A* toMMt «% *m «T Ipri MV * »*. «r *- ' Lap-t. V Sjmk v • «<i« «a « «. « % ■mmmtmrn <m 4a '*"* 'Mi -'I I 'Man «Mi »«■> •• Wm.* ■imii w » * a •» '3"" aitt." " I 111 In—«K » 'T» m % «w ai «. » • .11— I 111 » ■■■! »l «* P» 4 'tfewfr WMMMfIK • % I[>iwtl Ml* 141 % T> * fttV *■ " * *■ —iMi, mm* Hi— ■■ «** «■*»* MIWBSL fUM9 VWw-- p» «mi' * tar mm m. •* cw» 4- VtßlliM !%• • t ÜBM % mm 8 mmrn* mt V <Mm A iraMVr t*m>- fcwMin - 4M* > <•%»* pH ill—1« %w» «f atHMV Mi mmmm§ wmmrnf "» «» IML I4M Il x #Av SI H Bmhpi ta«Btata» 1* on Aon Honor. VKTMIII \. li. < .. Ar*iL 11. I*»> 7. llfl Iwf »tiw< f fc; •- *»i ? J I v : -•>• • MMN SPMM nil MMNER I.OOHS. Wr now i'ir»*r f..r ».ilr tin* l*||Ult'h!>T STi M'K OK tiOOHS IX \ |i Tolil A, alt rare fully I'T our London partner, turn |>rUin)( all the In tost fu.-liiuns in PI'ESS <•«> l• I>S, MANTLES uiitl JACKETS, I'it I NTS, OItCAMM ES, I.ACES. EMHItOIHEMES, CLOVES, HOSIEUV, FANCY OOOUS, MILLINERY, A !»(.*}« ii t ifit I selection of tlie new IIATH, BOXXKTB, IIKA!>-!)!{KSSKS, Ac., kc. LA OIKS' UX I)K U-C LOT |I IN U, HAHV LINKN, And u full assortment nf— SlllrtlllgH, IJIKISICM, t'LA SSM.S, Ci'U T. IIS DAMASKS, sc. (tjyXoiv poods received l>y nearly every express from London. jt'if Particular attention piven to orders. London Kirm, J. P. TI'NSTALL .V Co, J. 11. Tl'UNKll k CO., (iovornment-st, Vie tor in. April 5, 1867. 22:2 J. G. Parker, Jr., Olympia, W. T., DEALER IX CHOICE a&QGBRXfiS, HARI3-WARE. iVAILK, lEtO\, NTI3EL, WOODEN WARE, w ■ mmt mm mm ••• m m* j CORDAGE, BOOTS AND SHOES, And Agent of the— GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE CO., OF SJiW YORK. AND HAMBURG BREMEN LIFE ANN mm INSIRAME [ft. Olj'iupiu, Feb. 23, lbi>7, 17tlf NEWS _DEPOT. Munson Howe, I'OST OFFICE BUILDING, Main Street, Olympia, W. T. DEALERS IS SCHOOL, BLANK, MISCELLANEOUS A'.J fiamrrr/l'i Furmi lint.*» amJ U.'uxh. A FULL MO WELL-SELECTED STOCK CF Oo\l .'»!«• 1 Stifl Pl'llr l , TOYH. FANCY <WV»!»J4, 4mm m mmm a '■Wm mm* ** » n f tkai feita. *» "Wm m**r lHi w imnngwn- H* %» «*' SKMMHI w •*%*•'. Mil >i m taa. • iri yrtvu Y !i »* £ ~m» Wf * Tfe m mm' In i*» » f *■ f* "* <#b'-%» i 111 iiin tw» •** 4B • «»- «* •fcrirtirrMW a*« |*rr* ' » - - ■*■•■ «•" f" «*r* i»- aUr* »>i i f 1 « .h»-» * & >«ui 2 r*jfc +■»**' ii|»»r a » -r« '« \ »:*%>. 1.1/* I£ I l.Mi >NA IIY SYIH 1' REtMMiTON l Cii \grnl«..!*»•: T:*~' rr. \|*rr!i 53, 1»»:T. :»:It Till mr nit in miHiruftil nmuWr* Ulr i» milking to ilrcai, Mi"uUi th- clime IU frightful hutubci■ O'er jour bead* the tUtcr g<.i). Life in real, lift- is earnest, Why tihould any one d< >pair, " HUM thou art, to du*t n-turnont/ 1 Was nut spoken of the hair. Not the marits of ngr or Borrow, On your Iretmct l«»ii£ should stay— You can live that each to-iuorrow Find thrin darker thun to-day. Time is long, hut age shall find yon, Though your hair with lustre wave Soon when fading,'twill remind you, Yuu arc marching to the grave. In the world'* sulilimcr calling. Where we each our race must run, If your hairbc falling, falling, Cse the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Trv it—alwavs keep it present, — I'scthc "Martha Washington." Twenty thousand heads remind us What a noble test it's stood; Millions more shall come behind us With their trusses all renewed. "MARTHA WASHINGTON" HAIR RESTORE IJ, Is a wonder of the world, nnd stands nbove com liarison with nny other article for the llair ever ire ught before the pub.ic. Sold everywhere. Price, 81. 00. SI.1IOX»S & CO., Proprietory FITZWII.MAM, N. 11. Rl'".I)lNOT(»N X* CO. Agents, Sun Frnneisco March 'J.'i, lJSfi7. 2(i:ly REDINGTON & CO.'S ESSENCE OF JAMAICA NIL THIS valuable preparation containing In n highly concentrated form ell the properties of Jamaica (linger, has become one «>f the most popu lar domestic. remedies for hll discuses of the stum ueh ami digestive organs. As n tonic it will be found invnlimbln'to nil iier suns recovering from debility, whether produced liy fever or other wise, for whilst it impart* to the sys. teni all the glow and vigor that can he produced by wine or brandy, it in entirely free from the reac tionnry effects that follow the spirit* of any kind. It is also an excellent remedy for females who sutler from difficult menstruation, giving almost im mediate relief to the spasms that so frequently ac company that period. t Tt gives immediate 'relief to Nausea, caused by riding iu it railroad „cur, or by sickness, or other causes. It is also valuable as an external' application for Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, etc. ' ItETHNGTON * CO., Sole Agents for the I'acific Coast. San Francisco, March 23 18C7. 201y GItAEFENriEKG UTERINE CATHOLI' ON if faithfully usol according to directions v ill cure every case of Diabetes, stid |ruli,T m ti g»lf the tn>«l.ln.iio( rffr, ts rat--id l j a r< ill ation of the outlet of the bladder. It i» a t.i< «t ♦acrn.-fal reme4y for the (Irav t! and tlhrr * » Mwoftlw kt4arr, a*4 (Uilt, »m4 Ui ft BMklr I ■<*-*•* « if TW (W m <- m w*?*«n a»l• <•*•** Trul*«w*< l vr< J MtM JU/B'fct- T»-m« -aft—♦- i»«ttanr> mt rin, tkaus; ni i -«» ««<i. »»4 a£ iMm «* r- ~f • TW .1 srtisa dto* ■**4* •» <* m tasflkM • 'in a* - , n «T efc. *4- '* mmi I —ll *« mm pa Sill * ska b-»m

Iflhi — palM^ hfrrn* «'•* mm * JVM# «I fmmmmm ■ * SB, fMIC 9*» •mMi maui? n.*\»«rv. TTtx » i« 4k 41* mmemtm*--- 4MMIM MMH i** 4MN#4sk kOTUkI tmtE. r* n. I i 1 i tmm. i»i;\ tlitrilK B»«»T.\ -•> T"K»' • < l£lr- *Dt >*L naiiiM ,MlhL f~«a- %m V «■*». »'la*-# Mi K«4 • ( y •» «nMk DOTT'S CMlirs Washer! ♦ I till* Willi IVitVTLH: ♦ —■ udmm/i.grt, tk-j'nl' -tr-Kg ■ It i< c:\*v to operate, ««ittin<j or Mtaii<linir. It taki < but little room ; It injure* iid garment* ; It lini.-lirs it* work in from two to four minutes; It i< dunihk* and convenient; It is tlio only washing machine known that is liked the better the longer it is used. ItHUH.V It He (J MM I! Xh' I) 11Y Solon Kobinson, in " Pacts for Farmers," by Orange Judd, Editor " American Agriculturist,'' by I'iof.Youiiians, Author ot " Household Sci- ence, nnd by many oilier prominent men. D OTV 'S CLOTHES WASHER! Elus (illicit (he I'irst g'retiiiiiin, Wll KUliVKlt KXHIIJITKD IX COMPETI TION WITH OTIIKK MACHINKs*. It is evident there are two things I es'des cleaning clothes, which a Washing Machine mutt accomplish ia order lo I e intircly fatis favtory 11 must tah ir ami »>tt iht ;/< ■'- hunts : for without these, no other finalities will be sufficient to prevent it< falling into dis use. Now . tlieso are precisely point. on which the proprietors of the DUTY'S CI.OTIIKS WASII er rest the claims of Ibis Machine : and they send out a modest challenge to all competetors to produce a machine, which, while, it cleans cHittivch . shall do it with <> little labor to the operator, and with such perfect immunity to the garments as this. On these two points tlii~ Machine lms taken the llrut premium as a Family Washer where* er exhibited; and for its perfection in these two point-'. It is at this day enjoying a popular favor wlmh can bo claimed for no other Washer know n. A focblo woman, unable to work on her feet, ran use it with case in n sitting posture. Come nut] see. The oilier points on wltifli this has no superior arc these; Ist, The quantity of floods it will wnsli at once : since I h J lust im provement, it will cleanse eight shirts, ortheir equivalent, at. one operation. 2(1. The ef ficiency and speed \\ ith which it does its work; two minutes being sufficient for it batch. 3d. It w ill wash a woolen-lteeee without tearing it apart, 'lilt. It will do the whole washing, bluing, and rinsing williou either wash-tnh or > sth. It takes np but little uioro room that a common wash-tub, its length be ing but 30 ami its width 20 inches. Family Size, SIO.OO Hotel Size, 18,00 THE UNIVERSAL CLOTHES WRINGER (WITH COU-WII I.L'LS,) Accompanies each Washer—Family size f8 Hotel size $lO. Send orders to WM. FALKNER fc SON, Sail Francisco. Or apply to the editor of this paper, by whom orders will be received ill San Francisco •gent's prici <. Olvmpia. Jau P.<j, Side Oats! 4*4 ki R r -'ill,' jv ' a>i-l f*r i lljt f l } J u. l itKEC Jr OR. RUFUS WILLARO. PHYv ~ ~I KM "* jr am-*" mmmr 9 'mm mm* ■jk m» ■ mm** *««• * •<• ii «i •»'■ ' ■*<*•■ *» -rr* ,HH— •*•.-» >M. MP ■—if «*«* HffT """*"1 i**# fWT aMVNgp «Mt 'Slfew oMMA* 4feM|t r <*<■'* *•- O 4hl* r «* *» «*»*>-• ■#&->***■ - ■*>■ %* pur- «« » mpiyr «#' -**- ** "** 4MB* * ■• * c us r»a tlit tIUUimiUIUVsTIIK «»l S m <». B4D6CR * UVDESBEEGSJL A'"- 411. 411 mmi (IS Hit'try Strrrt, J&etrkttmt. .Via ■ ni|M»rlrr* 1 W halrtiilc Dralrrik. ENTIRE SEW AM) FKE.SU STOCK! VITE would mil the attention of COl'N \\ TUT MERCHANTS to our iwrilj Urge Mock of poods. Our stork comprise* every article in tin* Clothing nnd Furnishing line. We have constantly on hand the largest stock and greatest variety of Cassimere nnd Wool IIATfi of any house iu Sun Francisco, and our prices for these Goods are kss tlinn those of any house, as wo receive them di rect from tlie manufacturer's consignment. Our stock of WINTER AND SPRING Goods is particularly attractive, nnd the great feature to the country merchant id the un usually low prices 1,l•;s Tlmn the Cost or Imiiortntl on We also keep the STAI'KK ARTICLES iu the Dry Goods line, which Goods we have pur chased in this market under the hammer, and are olering them at Now York Cost, tmd less. We publish this card in order that we may malic new acquaintances, and induce those who have not heretofore purchased of us, to call nnd examine our stock. (inotl.Arflclrx and Low Prlcfs! Are the great inducements trmll who purchase lo seli again. .Merchants who buy of us, can make a good profit, niul sell to their custom ers nt a low figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedient Servants, ItAl)GKit i LINDKNBERGER, Wholesale Clothing and Hat Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 415 liattcry street. San Francisco, Jan. 10, ldti7. 14:3tn gVLVESTKtt'S 'y^'AREUOUjsE, SIT WaNlilncrton Mrcvl, IILTWEEX BATTKUV AXD FJIOXT, SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. (iARI)E.\ SEEDS. 1 THRESH supplies of the new crop received / by every steamer ironi the most ftliitblo sources in the East and K urope, making the largest nnd most complete stock id ijEKIhS on this coast. The undersigned otfors, at whole sale or retail, the following varieties of UK.4SS A.\l> CLOVER SEEES. KY. 11LUK GRASS, WHITE CLOVER, nED CLOVER, MIXED LAWN OR ASS, ENG. RVE GRASS, KEl> TOP GRASS, ALFA FA, best quality, MILLET, TIMOTHY or UERDGRASS & c Ac Ac. BILIfOIX ROOTS. If/taeinths, assorted, Lilly of the Vallsy, Tulips, assorted, Tuberoses, Crocus, assorted, Gladiolus, Lilhes, assorted, Anemones, Crown Imperials, Narcissus, Jovquillts, Iris, Ixias, (t* r*>i i' e 4% FLOWER SEEDS OF GREAT VARIETY, ALSO PRUNING AND BUDDING KNIVES AND A UEKKUAL AS SOU OKI: XT OK Garden ami Agricultural ImplemontH. trjT Our ANNTAI. CATALOGrs if revdy for distribution . Orders bv mail or express Kill re. ve prompt aud faithful attention. A<!drr t s, GEO, f. STLYKSTKB, 31T H i,lu-st. b<t« Bstim sud Front. T ebr*»rr ii. l»ir- IT ml to £0 Of Wool Wanted! I * *n. * »n-| ar C" •*>- Vr ftiCfc wxrux, •«OEKAL («tr»r«k W. T. 1 4k 1 "itvWii w T j <*»' ni--"Mmii- Jt *F "" tiNMNN* flk • *»i -Inww' -mm* «•• 41* 4®hw*- sxSL-x. <tff *** IMP m «qo* Wm «Nrill **• *■» »■ - "»•» "MutfiMi ihmp ■ ■*&* »»'■'' *■ 4MNMMNMMK «MMI tMMftr 4hMMHNt pMV a <■«•» »■•*» **4 - »-. XA*t •** bt WW* thr» r*« Ml tr :MI |Mr WR*rfe rm«W* 4*i ■to m g m>. tU; 6a4 MM* - y*■ :iva ■ k#4» m: tan *UI "."••«| »'<• —rffiww •Lab f MX the (vrt. T. U MAKE ft CO.. >»• Terk Ciey, n^riiMiL 5..1.J I.J »T1 Dri;;iil.Rr«(m,<wUl) (torn -ail ii.» i. - tL« aurlii . »a»li dMl trs < it <>Maia >a|>|>lir« of »n» whole**)* rpont in i\u\ I*'?* c itr or tows in the I'aim. Hiirnes' Magnolia W1 cr. A toilet delight! Tiie ladies' treasure and gent Icm ens' boon! The "sweetest thing" mill largest quantity. Mennfitctured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used for bathingthe face and person, and to render the Bkin soft and fresh, to prevent eruptions, and to per fume clothing, kc. It overcomes the unpleasant ndor of prespiration. It remolds redness, tan, blotches, Ac. It cures nervous headache and allays inflamma tion. It cools, softens, and adds delicacy to the tki>. It yields a subdued and lasting perfume. It cures mosquito bites and sting of insects. Il contains no material injurious to.ihe skin. It is what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try the Magnolia Water once and you will use no other Cologne, Perfu mery, or toilet water afterwards. bold by Drupcrists and Dealers everywhere. DKMAS BAFNES & CO., Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y. Icons' Knthalron. It is most delightful iliiir Dressing. It eradicates scurf and dandrr.ff. It keeps the hcnd cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and gloss/. It prevents tlic liuir turning grey and falling O.T. It restores luilr upon prematurely bald heads. This is-just Lyons' Kathairon will do. It is pretty—lt is cheap—durable. It is liter ally sold by the car loud, and yet it* almost incredible demand is daily increasing, and there is hardly a country store that does not keep it. or a ftmilv that doe* not use it. E. THOMAS LYON. Chemist N. T. Lyons' Extract {Singer. LYONS' EXTRACT OF PURR JAMAICA GIKOM—• For indigestion, Nausea, Hartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus, Flatulency, Ac., where a warming stinmlaut is required. It* careful preparutoln and entire purity miksit a cheap nnd reliable article for culinary pur poses. .Sold everywhere at fifty cents per bot tle. Ask for ■' Lyons' " Pure Extract. Take no other. Sec thut the private U. S. stamp of Deuias linrnes k Co. is over the cork of each package. None other i« genuine. MuatUMff tJntmca, Have you a hurt child or a lape horse I UMtk* Mexican Mustang Liniment. For cut*, nnrams, burns, swelling* ast nM breasts, the MexicoutMostaag Liniment is a tsrtaia cure. For rhenmatism, nranltia, stiff Mala, and bite*, there U authiwr like the MeaMaaNa*- t»« liaiairnt. F«>r »pj»itinl hor«r«, the poll ctH, riagtoasfsad • uernrv. !i* .Mrtiuu *li T>nsl jaimsaSaSTSsfcfc l aramJ (pK*. »r»lifc—. As MuaUag I isisssatia ««<**• tm i bmh> .sj'wun'irSnf hMffVSMSa wear Wtfc.. I.a—r-l. —I «.fi 1111 ■ I fcg taMjai iaMiilSL :te,n --» a. f »«*■ rxfcT^T^Jafc. S^SSy rn*m»m*rn m. * ' «m* * taA^HH?S3Qw yj. ;| , j.