Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 29, 1873 Page 3
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sances, and punishing the keepers of such pln«"9 by impriaonraent. AIUSOXA. Faatkrr Marlm fcjr Ul« A park* l. Los ANGELES, March 28.—From the Arizona 3 fin nr.- "We have full particulars of the murder by the Indians of Swain and McDonald. On Tuesday Swain left home for the purpose of taking wa ter and provisions to the men in his em ploy in the vicinity of Nigger wells. On his return, as shown by the battle ground, he was overtaken by 3(H) or 400 Indians coming from the eastward and supposed to be going on some Res ervation—perhaps Date creek. The In dians attacked and killed him and his companion McDonald. When found, Ihcir bodies were stripped of clothing and their weapons and a horse and mule belonging to them taken away. Swain was shot with seven arrows, three of wbich was still in his l»ody; his skull literally smashed in with stones and the body horribly mutilated. The body of McDonald was found partially covered ilp with sand and five or six arrows in his breast, with his head also smashed in. The arrows showed that the mur derers were Apaches. Last week a par ty of troops, in searching for Apaches, Came upon a band; six were killed and four captured. VTATT. Tho Nmall-pot AMornry-Grnrral Bate* "HUr< to Etplaln." SALT LAKE, March 23. —Brigham Young lifts telegraphed to the Bishops throughout the Territory to use all pre cautious to prevent portions exposed to Binall-pox from attending the General Conference next month. Ex-United States Attorney Bates pub lished in the Herald (Mormon) to-day an open lettor to President Grant, in wnich he promises to demonstrate in future letters how the President has been made a mere cat's-paw by cor rupt Senators and Representatives here whom he would not have trusted in the Executive stable. The removal of Bates from office and his well-known interest on the Mormon sido explains the docu ment. SALT LAKK, March 24.—A correspon dent of the Tribune report that a trav eler going south for Tintic, with a lot of stock, was followed and arrested by the people af the town of Oak Grove, on n charge of having stolen stock. The accused was confined in a granary, and next morning the guard said he had es caped. Two hunters, however, think ing there had been foul play, searched for the traveler, but as the snow was deep and unbroken they were satisfied that no one had left the locality before them. It is stutcd that the parties who made the arrest have sold the stock of the traveler and divided tho proceed. BKNU IA, March 24. —Tho soldier who killed a Chinaman by throwing a club from a car window, while passing Car lin, was discovered to-night and sent to Sacramento in irons. NKVADA. A •• WOBIIOC Zephyr"—Fire. "NVINNEMUOCA, March 23. —The wind lias IM'OU blowing a terrible gale from the southwest for tho past twelve hours. 11 is feared that many buildings will lie ii nroofed before the storm subsides. About 5 o'clock thin morning a fire broke out in Logran's bakery and to tally destroyed it. By almost superhu man efforts the upjwr part of town was waved. CALIFORNIA. Biirnril Alive bjr Indians. SAN DIEOO, March 22. —The following from a special corresuondeut at Ehreu burg, Arizona, March 18th. has been received: "The Indians captured and burned alive Mr. George Taylor, son of Mr. Peter Taylor, Sup't of Ihe Vulture Mine, noar Wickenburg. They cap tured him near McWilliams' Station, ou the H assay am pa Creek, on the road ta Phwnix, and after burning him they made good their rrtreat into tho Brad aliaw Mountains.'" Los ANOEI.ES, March 22.—The horse disease continues to spread rapidly, un til now there is scarcely a well horse or mule in the city. Livery stables refuse to let horses, and there are but few hack or truck horses fit for use. The prevalence of the epidemic creates no particular alarm. The worst cases seem to be among livery stock. SAN FRANCISCO, March 22.—The steamer Pelicati is to be sent to Port land, to ply between that port and l'uget Sound. The gross earnings of the Central Pacific llailroad for February are stated (094,000, an increase of $123,000 over the samo month last year. The Panama steamer to-day took 23,• 200 gallons of wine and 220 tons of lead. Langley's new directory shows the population of this city to be 188,822. Chinese, 11,000; colored 1,550. SAN FIUNCISCO, March 27.— Arrived, Gem of the Ocean, from Seattle; War haivk, from Port Discovery. Sailed, Martha Hideout, for Port Blakely. PORTLAND, March 28. —Steamer Cali fornia, will sail for Victoria and Sound ports, to-morrow. FOREIGN. Spain AbdUkM Slairarjr | a Part* Rlm_ PravUloM* of the BUI. MADRID, March 23.—The Assembly met yesterday with the understanding that a vote should be taken on the bill for the abolition of slavery in Porto Rico. A resolution was adopted at the beginning that the Chamber should not adjourn until the subjeel hf J beori -im posed of. Figueras announced that the Ministry had declined to stand or fall with the measure, which was con trary to general expectation. It was resolved not to continue th 6 debate, and subsequently, by the unanimous vote, the bill passed for tha immediate emancipation of slaves in the island of of Porto Rico. The announcemant of the result was received with cheers. The bill declares that the Republic of Spain will preserve the integrity of the Spanish dominion, and provides that the emancipated slaves in Porto Rico shall enjoy all the political rights ac corded to citizens of Spain. The Gov ernment took ample precautions against any disorderly demonstrations in the city. An immediate emancipation law for Porto Rico passed to-night unanimous ly. There is great enthusiasm in the assembly. (Signed) SICKLES. March 24.—The bill übolishing slave ry in Porto Rico provides that alxriition shall follow immediately upon the pro mulgation of its passage. The eman cipated slaves will, however, be obliged to serve three years with their present masters. Other residents on the island will enjoy political rights as Spanish citizens after five years have elapsed. Indemnity to be paid to slave owners to be charged exclusively to account of the Porto Rico budget, soon after the adoption of the abolition bill. The dissolution of the Cortes was unanimously voted, and the House broke up amidst great excitement in the building. In the city it is complete ly tranquil. " The Impartial says a number of for eigners have arrived here with a view of agitating the overthrow of the munici pality of Madrid and establishing a Commune in the place. DIBTKICT COURT.— The following cases have been failed since our last issue: Stafford vs. Kellett—Argued on de murrer. Burmeister, Executor, &c., vs. Miller & Etlieridge—Default and judgment for plaintiff. United States vs. Pat. Malone—Sell ing liquor to Indians; ten days in coun ty jail and SSO fine. The Territory vs. Pat. Malone for sel ling liquor without license—pleaded guilty, fined SSO and costs. United States vs. Jackson—Bill ig nored and defendunt discharged. Territory vs. Andrews —Motion for continuance denied; >UJU<: prai. entered. Territory vs. liiltz—Judgment for SSO and costs. Clanrick Crosby vs. L. C. Gray— Sale confirmed Davis vs. Davis—Decree of divorce. Adams et at. vs. Kellogg el at.—De cree for reference to master. Crawford vs. Clark—Motion to dis miss denied. The Grand Jury brought in four bills on behalf of the Territory, report ed no further business before them, and were discharged. i > t&r Beriah Brown, Esq., of the Se attle DixjHtlcU passed through this place last Wednesday, en route for San Fran cisco, where he goes on business. Ho will be absent five or six weeks. —♦ ♦— FUEIOIIT. —Tho steamer PoMkofxhj, Capt. Guiudon, arrived List Tuesday, with the freight of tho Gawley, which vessel arrived at Port Madison, on the 22d inst. SST Ben. Holladay, Jr., was recently married in San Francisco, to an accom plished lady named Ivers. Kf The Waldron troupe is perform ing before small audiences in this place. RETURNED.— Sam'L Williams, Esq., has returned from San Francisco. CJ~ We have mude arrangements to club tho NTANUABD with tho N. Y. NKWH. tho ablest Democratic paper in the oountrv, at $1 per aniiuni. HOLMJWAY'S PIUA ANI> OIYRMMT' enalile the victim* of disease to dispense with nil othor medieine*. Tlie former relieve the stoinnch, liver, anil bowels of all obstruction*: the lat ter heals every external sore, eruption, or wound. Sold 78 Maiden Lane. N. Y. Price, 25 cents per lw>x or u>t. Ask for new style j tlie old is counterfeited. BORN : In this city, on the 22d instant. to the wife of Uov. I>. 8. Salomon, a daughter. In Port Gamble, on the 2d Inst, to the wife of J. 8. Condon, a daughter. At take Union. King county, on the 2d in stant, to the wife of Walter Graham, a son. MARRIED: On Gray rivor. on the 15th instant, bv M. Brock, J. P., at the residence of the bride's father, Charles Wilson to Florentine C. Bur chard. all of Paclfle county. In East Maehias Maine, on the Ist Instant, by Rev. E. H. Osgood. Mr. Edward P. Gard ner to Miss Leonora F. Munson. J'y thcwune, on the Stli instant, Mr. Fred crick munson to Miss Maria P. Brown. In Weyley, Feb. 24th, Mr. Frank T. Graves to Miss Mary J. Munson. On Mill Creek. Walla Walla, on the 7th Instant, Edmund Evans, aged 34 years. At Muckilteo, on the tilth instant, of hem orrha^ofthelungs, John 1). Press, a native of > irginia, aged 48 years. Musical Instruction. MISS MARY BRANT, late of Vancouver, a thorough teacher of instrumental and vocal musw, offers her services to the citizens of Olvmpia and Tumwater. Instructions on the piano-forte, organ, or in vocal music. sl3 |wr quarter of twenty-four lessons. Vocal and Instrumental Instruction to the same scholars, sls per quarter. Application may 1* made to Mr. N.Crnsbv, of Olympia. or to Miss Hrant, at tho Wash ington Hotel. Tumwater. Olympia, Maruh 34, 1H7«< aortf Saw Gumirter and Sltnrpcii6r. A CHRAP, simple and dufable machine— VVhecto frwn Price oi' Machine - * >sls Wheels with bevelled, double bevelled an* round fkee from W W to IT I 5« aeeordlsg f|P Thfleknew Heavier Machines W and 900, running Wheela up t024 inches in (liaimeter. J,WGOJJJPW Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., P*. Special Notice. ALL of tho TAIIITE Co.*B eoo<l« aredirect- Iv made by the Co., at their own factory and under their own Patent* and Proeaae*. It ia chcimr to bar Htaicdaed Goodsdiractlv from well known Manufacturer* than to buy of Dealers or got low price or poor goMs. The fullest information on all points connect ed with Emcrv Wheels and Emery-Grinding Machinery will be furnished by this Ootn C. OBOSBT, SEN WM. ». CBOS»*. 0. Crosby & Son, TtJMWATER, W. T-, DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. 4wd rtiopßirroas or the LINCOLN FLOUR MILLO, KEEP constantly on hand a full atock of General Merchandise, which TUBV OKFKR LOV FOR CAM. Manufacturers of the CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Puget Sound. Flour of all grados, and Feed of all kinds, Furnlih«4 to Dealer* on Ik* Moat Altm* te(N«i Tanas. 07" Orders solicited e^scut- January 1,1873. 10:ly se HOFFMAN & FROST, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, STOVES, CROCKERY, LAMPS, Kitchen and Household I'tenslls, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, Manufacturers of Tla, Capper, and Sheet Iran Ware, Olympla, W. T. HAS on hand and ia.receiving a One assort ment of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves And Box Stoves, TIN, COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE, CROCKERY AND I. A MPS, PRESSED WARK, JAPANNED WARE, BUILDERS' HARDWARE, TOOLS, SHOVELS, Eaglne, Force, WeU and CUtern Paiapa and Piping, Hay and Manure Fork*, Hrush Scythe* and Hook*, from Cdt Notts, die., Sc., PEEKSKILL CAST-IRON PLOWS. PEO- RIA SPEEL PLOWS. CUPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agts. for the " World" Mower, the "Ohio" Combined Reaper and Mower, the "Torna do" Thresher, for Puget Sound. Orders for Machinery to any point on the Sound tilled at S.m Francisco'prices, freight added. Machinery set up when desired. To dealers we will sell tinwareat wholesale duplicating San Francisco invoices, charging freight 011 ineasurment in bulk. HOFFMAN & FROST. February 10,1872. 15:1 v Sheriff's Sale. NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue and authority oftwoseveral executions issued b.v the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washingun Territory, holding terms at Olympia, dated March lOtli, 1873, to me directed and delivered, I have levied upon. seized and taken into execution, the following described property ; to wit. All the right, title and interest of Courtlaud Et bridge and A.J. Miller. In and tofractional blocks Nos. 51 and 52, of the Town of Olym pia, in Thurston Co.. W. T., together with the saw-mill thereon erected, with all the ma chinery. engines, boilers, belts. pi|x>fl and connections of said engine, toarethcr with one planning machine, and all bolts thereto. All of which property I will proceed to soli at iHiblic auction, at tho door of the Countv Court House, of said County of Thurston, in tho Town of Olympia, on Tkeitlat Day of April, 1871, At 11 o'clock, A. M.. to the highest bidder, for cash (in U. S. gold coin.) The above prop erty was seized as the pro|>ertv of C. Etli ridge A A. J. Miller, to satisfy two judg ments belonging to T. I. McKinncv. and against the said Kthridge A Miller, for the sum of (972.92 and costs, interests and in creased costs. WILLIAM HILLINGS, Sherilf of Tlitirstou Co., W. T. PATERSON & MANN, DRUGGISTS ADD APOTHECARIES. — 1 ' " Drugs, Medicines Chemicals, ' Cloth, Hair, Nail and TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of r«>(|r and Toilet Articles, dec., Ac. AT THE PVOET NVHD DRVfi STAREL Corner Eourtli and Main Stroets. Olympia, Feb. 8.1872. 14:yl ' j,' • -A.. HARKEB, Wkolrult and Retail Dealer la Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Ac Ac Ac.

THE FINEBT BRANDS OF OHMRB, Always kinds on hand and sold at prices to defy competition. \i*~ Orner Main and Fifth Streets, at Cros by A Lowe's Store. Olympia, January 1,1872. 10: m( IMPERIAL Fire Insurance Company. OLD BROAD STREET AND 16 PALL MALL, LONDON. Instituted 18d8. Honsea and other Hulldinip*, Hoods, \\ arcs, Merchandise, Manulac turing and Fanning Stock, Ships In Port, Harbor or l>ock. and the cargoca of such ves sels; also Ships building °f repairing, BargoN and other vessels on navlguble risers anil t.anals, and goods on board such vessels, throughout Great llriuin and Ireland atidTn Foreign Countries, VUOM UMBS OR DiMiSC BY timW. ■tVBSCSIBED ANB IXYEmriD CAFITAti, One Million Biz Hundred Thousand Pounds. Risks accepted at Currant Rates of Pre mium. CROHUY A LOWE, Sub-Agents, Oljrmpia. March 22, 1873. 20:yl BLANK DEEDS and MORTOAGES, of •ale at tha ottice of the WASHINGTON *T*NDAIW>>, D. C. H. ROTHSCHILD JOSEPH BOSCOWITZ. KENTUCKY STORE, POBT TOWK3END, W. T. mwmsmiM m, UiraiTlM tin WMIMALI AND IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CBOCKERT ANX> QENEBALTMERCHANDIBI. HAVING made arrangement* to import a a large portion of onr stock direct from the Eastern Cities, and an experienced agent at San Francisco for the purpose of buving goods from lirst hands, we can offer induce ments to buyers unsurpassed by any other Arm. Our assortment will be complete in •very department, and w* want it known that We Will Not be Undersold by any other firm on Puget Sound. LADIES' Dry Goods and Iloisery—a com plete assortment, and now stvles, just re ceived at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S. /CLOTHING and Furnishing Goods, in large \J quantities and at reduced rates at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S. MISSION Woolen Goods and Blankets; Oregon Woolen Goods, and Pacific Woolen Underwear, at Affent's rate*. AGENCY of the United Anaheim Wine Grower's Association is at Rothschild A Co.'s. where a full stock of their different wines can always be found. AgdSts for Wells, Fargo cb Co. * M ' * ' ' Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST, AND YOU WON'T PASS BY I. Harris' Store. Main Street, between Second and Third, op posite the Tacoma^House, OIjTMPIA, W. T. IN constant receipt of all the articles, gen eral or special, suited to the trade of this market, constating of CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPK, BOOTS A IST ID SHOES, And a Fall Stock of Article* nocessaryr te constitute a General Variety Store, To which he invites the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to spend their money to the best advantage. liiidies especially are invited to call and ox amine his stock, which ho oilers at ZLOWEiR PRICES than Dry Goods wore ever sold for liefore in Washington Territory. I. HARRIS, Alain street, o'pposlto Tacoma Hotel. Olympia, January, 1873. 49.1 v CITY BAKERY, GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE. Mala Street, bet. Thtrd'and Fou.-th It*., OLYMPIA. W. T. RA. PARKER, thankful for past patron • age, solicits a continuation of the same. He will endeavor to keep on hand at all times a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH HE WILL SELL AT REASONA- BLE RATES. JLTjXj GRADES OF FLOUR Constantly on hand, and every variety of BREAD. CAKES. PIES. CRACKERS, And I*«moT Pastry. MAPS TO ORDER. K7~ Goods delivered to any jxirt of the city. C 7" Highest cash prices paid for Country Produce. R. A. PARKER. Nor. 26.1871. 4:tf For Sale. JUST received Rx Italian Bafk Ilianoft Kor *one, now Chill Witlntttx. dlrtct fmm Val " KOTUii( '^^ FOR SA 1,K!! !—»t»«0 Galloa* Kmtra Clsar Seal Oil, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.*fc. Port Townsend. FOR SALE ! 1!— 1,000 Gallons Eitra Clear Porpoise Oil. at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S, Port Townsend. Fresh Oarden Seeds. ALSO GRASS AND GLOVER SEEOB, Alfalfa, Trees, Plants, TC Roots, Etc., *>, Sale, .nd 817 Washington St., San Francisco. K7*Hend for a Catalogue. Gnaao.—loo barrels Guano, for sale in quan tities to suit purchasers. January 25,1873. 13:m4:is Turn water Tannery N. M. BILRH. J. BILES. TTHWATEB, W. t., MANUFACTURERS of Leather of all kinds: Harness, Rein, Belt, Rauet, I'pper, Kip, Calf, Lacing and Hale ZiEJATaXIR. CT Orders are solicited and will be filled at the shortest notice. E7" We will pay the highest market price for Reef Hides and Deer Skins. RCXEUMII, we do not A»k von to take trade for your Hides, but Turn water, live. &, W4. D. S. B. HBNRY, CIVIL ENGINEER AND U. S. DEPUTY SURVEYOR. r ORDERS left at the OHioe of Frsneis Hert ry. Land Agent, ih the new county build ing. will m«et with prompt attention. Olympia, Jan. 7. WTJ, 10:tf FINE Imported Rrnndie*, the best brands , of Whiskies and Liquors, of every kind, and all the Popular Bitters and Syrups, for sale in packages to suit bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. rnOBACCO and Cigars, Pipes and Stems; J. every variety at ROTHSCIIILD A CO.U ROTHSCHILD A CO. are Agents for the Celebrated Florence Sewing Machine. EXCHANGE on San Frntlrtsco, and Legal Tenders bought and sold, aud Drafts dis counted on liberal terms, bv ROTHBCHILD A CO. BOOKS and Stationery, a complete assort ment, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S. OODS bought and sold on commission in V.T San t rancisoo or New York.atsmall per centage, by ROTHSCHILD A CO. HIGHEST market price paid in each for Fur*, Hides, W ooland Country Produce, by ROTHSCHILD A CO. Recent Arrivals or SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal ARE in constant receipt of Seasonable Goods, consisting of dry goods, Of which we have the latest styles of Poplins, Delaines, Moire Antiques, Ac. CZLOTZHUHSTG, Custom-made, cut after the lateat style, and the nicest and test goods in the mar ket of which we have a very extensive assortment Boots, Shoes and Hats, For Ladies as well as gentlemen. * '*' We have a very largo assortment, Enough for the surrounding eountry, Besides this we keep on liaml a large stock of FAMILY GROCERIES. New goods always on the way. by every ves sel from Ssn Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will tind It to their . advantage to purchase stock and outfits of us. The demand for goods having increased, wo have now enlarged our our stock, determined to sail goods for oash or country prodoee at • very small profit, in large or small quanti ties. Our goods are se lected ana bought by one of the most expe rienced and best educa ted business men on the Pacific Coast; and having in every re spect better facilities for obtaining goods than most an}' other house on the Sound, wo can guarantee satisfac tion to overy one who deals with us. (ifate fully acknowledging our thanks to all our V friends and the public generally, for past pa tronage, we respectful ly request a continu ance of the same. » We offer our stock of Choice Liquors at cost prices, to make room for other goods in their place. Mutter. Eggs ond Furs, reqelved in tiade on the best terms to producers. We unhesitatingly chkllene* competition with any and all merchant* on Puget Sound. LIGIITNER A ROSENTHAL.; Nearest store to tlie Steamboat landing. Olympia, Jan. 1.1873. lily£■> — i *jyr —_ _ < ZPTTCJHrr SOT titjS CHAIR AND CABINET J 1 y fcaafacUrjr *f TuawalM, W. T.^j t! now prepared to fill order* from all parts of the Sound and country. 7BESSEY A ESTERLY, PROPRIETORS. This Establishment is running dav and nfelit to supply the demand for bonsftly made work, warranted to give satisfaction. '•IXT" Give them a call. West Water, St., Tumwster, Jan. 19, 1873. :Jk . " CITY XAXUKBT. D. CHAMBERS, WHOLESALE and retail dealer in MEATS AND VEGETABLES STOCK BOUGHT AMD SOLO. Orders filled on short notice. Corned beef, kept constantly on hand. Main Street, between Third iyid Fourth. Olympia, nly 1,1871 3&tf ■ - ■ ■ - - i "-* Turn water Sash and i)oor S. IT- COOPER, - MAXUFACTVKEB OF DOORS, WINOOWS, BLINDS, MOULDINGS AND FRAMES. TURNING AND SCROLL-SAWING. FACTORY NEAR TBB LOWBB BRIDGE, Tumwater, W. T. Salesroom, on Main Street, in Scott's build ing, opposite the Express Office, Olympia. February 1,1872. 10:tf Dressmaker an& MllZbier. MRS. M. SKINKLE is prepared to exe cute, In first-class style, allxlnds.eXSew ing, Cutting and Dreaamaking. Rooms in the rear of Mr. Ouimette's Stove. Ol.vinpia, March 19,1878. 18:tf JOB PRINTING, of all klnda, neatly exe cuted, at the lowest living rates, at the office of the WASHINGTON rfrANDARD. FRANCIS HENBTS COE&ftist. Thurston Ootfnt? wisfliicif*) muinr^br LAND AG}©® -I » >!>.-. M. —r AMP ..•:/• • ,i.< ■ Afr: tio COLLECTION: OFFICE FRANCIS HENRY, ' 1 : I ■ r p 7 OFFICE WITH Tllß SHERIFF IV THE COIIITI BIILOHC, OLTMPZA, W. 1\ THE proprietor has the only 'Abstract of Titles in Thurston county, the CORRECTNESS AND RELIABILITY Of which It* It Prepared to Dtanitai to nil Interested by an Exhibi tion «T hie Booka. . <xf I •• 6 ; ,it « ,tm >to lie is prepared to transact a— QENETtAL HUAZJ XISTATJU BUSINESS, ' 1 -i. »• IK»J f." ! I WILL BUY AND BELL REAL ESTATE ON COMMISSION,. Pay TAxe«, PERFECT TITLES, NEGOTIATE LOANS, AND - MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY IJT OLVMPIA, YIZ Lot 3 Block 53, near the Swaniown bridge. Lots 7 and 8 Block 32, on Third Street oppo site Sparks' new building. Lot S Block 21, on Second Street, opposha the STAKDARD Office. Lot 3 Block 10. Tho above known as " th« Mason Pro par ty." Lots 3 and 4 Block 11, east o 1 Bcttinan's old ■tore. Dwelling house and part of lot on Wanhinir ton Street, between Second and Third Street, nearly opposite the STANDARP Office. Dwelling house and two lots on Jefferson Street, east and adjoining Williams' Addi tion. Lots 1. 8 and S Block W. north of and ad joining J. N. Calebs residence. 196 feet front on Main Street. This property 1$ offered for a limited time. Lots 2 and 7 Bloek 61, adjoining T. B. Rob- Siree?** 00 ' »"d running furss Tenth to Utiion Lots 3 and 4 Block S. Parts of Lots fl and 7 Block 1, on Main St., with buildings and improvements. > Lot 12 Block 2, Mill Addition to Tu in water. Corner lot, cleared, fenced, and orchard on same. Good water. A 80 THE GRAHAM CLAIM, In Mason county, over 800 acres of land fronting on the mouths of Oyster and jSkoo kum hays, including the Arcadia Town site. A good stand for a store. Front part of claim, •oil Brst quality, plonty of water fbr litiga tion ; back of claim soil sceond rate, timber supposed to be good for two million feet. In.Thurston county. The Waddcll Place, On Tanalquot Plains. A srashig farm of aboutjpOO acres, mostly fenced. A small log house on the place, good post ham. 500 bear ing apple trees, gootf well of water, W)acres of good meadow land, about 20 ooro* seeded down. -XLHO- • ni The Littlejohn Fartii, In Sec. S. Township 16 Range 2 West. Twen ty-five acres in irtaadow, about 90 acres of good bottom land, house, bam and improve ments. Also In Lewis county, the Cum kno^at ~ V n KING DONATION CLAIM, containing 320 acres, situated on the Chebtolls river, eignt miles fr<wn«laquatoand ten miles from the Newaukam lUlroM depot; 100 acres prairie, balance rich bottom land; 100 acres under fence; house, two bund and grainary. 'terms of payment eany. One of the most desirable plaoes in the country; , —ALSO— ! OTKBR mopfcrtTT In virtetfl parts of the Country. ■ m ' i i R?" Ouacantem title, without extra ehirtre, when employed as conveyanaer, T Olympia, January *), ira. 42*f '<f' '' Pony Sample Rooms, CHARLES* BUM BISTER, PROPRIETOR Halm Stmt, (pp. Pacific S*t«V OLTXPIA, W.'T. rfllljS .popular Saloon i» always* supplied X with the very best quality of WISH AND U«v6in, Ufe, MpMM^ Bntii, dn>Cß, CIAABS AHP TOBACCO, By" An,el*gaht Billiard Roomdttadttdto the premises. Oysters it* eve# dtyie altoays ort haikT. Sept. fl, *B7l. if a. U CHAPHA*....... ,d! *. mow*. WASHINGTON MARKET CIfAPMAIt A BROWN, PROpTtiL tn.fMrUi «»d w»itty— >U., Ol'j sipla,' .. MWIS JI-S-J *">H i reah and Oured Metfa, cnciuia, MM, »WT*W(U. ■ ln - Lard, and VfIOETAWiM of ertry variety in season, at the H Uml NI IIIIMMIT" rrjf A share of the isiHMn Mluiwii ls W« KT&stejs sSSrsJyK city, free of charge. Olympia, Feb. T, 1872. H:tf

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