Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 5, 1873 Page 3
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TELEGRAPHIC. IjATKH FROM TUB ATLANTIC iTATF* NEW YORK, March 20.ffrraldsj>e cinl from Borcelona, March 25th, via London, March 29tli, savs a sharp hat tie was fought near Vitcn, in the prov ince of Catalonia; 50 miles nortli of Bar celona, on Suiiday, March 23d, in which the Government troops were seriously handled and beaten by the combined at tack of several bauds of Carlists under Cavalo. BOSTON, March 20.—The Japanese Minister, Mori sailed for Liverpool to day. Rtcmiom), March 31. —Dispatches front nearly all parts of the State report the storm as very general. In the South the gale has been accompanied with hail, snow and rain. All the dis patches show more or less damage to property. NEW YORK, March 80.—During the 'storm yesterday afternoon three new •three story brick buildings on Butler 'street, Brooklyn, were blown down; Hlsoan unfinished four-storv brick build ing on Degraw street. Considerable damage was done to the shipping. PROVIDENCE, March 30. —High winds Crevailed during the past twenty-four ours. Four incomplete houses were damaged to the extent of $5,000. PHILADELPHIA, March 30. —The gale on Saturday night was very severe. Trees and fences were blown down and great injury was done to buildings in process of erection. WASHINGTON, March 30. —Jesse Grant, *on of the President, will, this week, leave Washington with Senator Cole's family for the Pacific Coast, when the President and wife will start on a visit to the North. The now Coinage Act goes into oper ation April Ist. There is no change in the gold coinage, but in silver coinage there is to be a new trade dollar. The two-cent piece is to l»e abolished, the niiuor coins being live and one cent pieces. The State Department is overwhelmed with applications for office; but there is known to be only one vacancy—the Mission to Bogota, which is not open to competition, and will be filled by ap pointment from the South. The clerical force of the various De partments is not large enough to write replies to the applications from innumer able office-seekers. The President will appoint Reverend Dr. Newman Inspector Consulate in Japan, China and other Eastern coun tries, The Assistant Treasurer at New York has been directed to purchase $500,000 bonds on Wednesday, April !>, and on Wednesday, 23d, each, and sell $1,500- 000 gold on each Thursday in April, thus purchasing in all $1,000,000 bonds and selling $0,000,000 gold. COKVAI.MS, March 29.—About one o'clock this morning the Citv Hotel in ahis place was discovered to be on lire, and in a short time the building and nearly all the furniture were entirely consumed. The occupants of tho build ing had barely time to make their es cape. A portion of the remains of Sir. •John Murray of Junction City were found among the ruins this morning. Mr. Frank Johnson of Portland made his escape from a second-story window without serious injury, but lost his cloth ing and all he had with him. Also Mr. Al. Wrights man, Jack Sheppard, and'some others, barely had time to es cape in n similar manner. The fire is Hupposcd to have originated in a lamp room in the center of tho building. The adjoining buildings were saved by extra exertions of tho Fire Department, without much damage. Loss estimated at $5,000. Insured for SI,OOO. s SAN DIKOO March 23.— The World has information that the schooner 1/irl, Captain Barbie, which left here a \Veek njjo for Ensensadas; took on tho six convicts (murderers) who were going to La Paz for imprisonment. When near San Quentin it is supposed the convicts scuttled her, or else she ran on the rocks. Pieces of the wreck and the "liodies of the convicts were washed ashore, the felons still chained. All •on lward are supposed to have been lost- Speaking of matters at Camp Apache a correspondent says tho Indians are getting uneasy anil dissatisfied, the principal cause being tho great extent of sickness prevailing amongst them. They receive all the rations due them, but still they are nbt satisfied. WASHINGTON, March 29. —The revenue from customs and excise bid fair to show an increase instead of a diminution, by the legislation of last Congress reducing taxation! The probability is that there be $50(5,000,000, from customs this year, and possibly $210,000,000, being much in excess of tho estimates of tho internal revenue receipts thus far about $86,000,000. The total for the vear will probably approach $116,000*,000 as against $110,000,000, estimated. William 11. Claggott, late Delegate from Montana, has been appointed spe cial counsel of tho General Govern ment to investigate alleged frauds against Indians in Montana. WASHINGTON, March 25.— The Presi dent has appointed E. S. Hammond, of New Jersey, Agent for the Indians of the Colorado-river Agency in Arizona, and J. A. Tonner, of Arizona, Superin tendent of Indian A flairs in Arizona. The Treasury Department invites bids for the construction of three revenue cutters—one to bo built on the Pacific coast bids for which will be received till May 31st. BOSTON, March 25.—A Washington dispatch to the Journal says that Gen. Shanks, Chairman of the House Com mittee on ludian Affairs, will leave here iu about ten clays to locate the Indians at Round-Valley Reservation California. Ho will ulso investigate the condition of the various tribes of Indians in the Western Territories. JSC A report of the school recently taught on D. Chambers Fararie, has been receiqed and will appear io our next paper. MARRIED: 111 Seattle, on the 23d inst.. hv the R»v. K. \V. summers Mr. George 1). Short to Miss Ruth A. Johnson, nil of •Seattle, W. T. At the I'nynlhip Reservation. March 30th. by the Rev. S. 11. Mann, Mr. James 11. ramsdell to Mia* Nellie J. Durand. At Portland. Oregon, on the afith Inst., by the lie v. Henry Onus. Pastor of the Gosjiel, Mr. Robert Wolf, of Vaneouver, \V. T., and Miss dorothea Klump, of Portland, Ojrn. In Portland, on the 2d Inst.. by Rev. A, L. Lindslcy, Mr. Geo. \V. Carleton to Miss Lizzie A. Dake. Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST, AND YOU WON'T PASS BY I. Harris' Srore. Main Streot, between Second and Third,op posite the TacoinaMlouse, OIjVMFIA, W. T. IN constant receipt of ail tlio articles, gen eral or special, suited to the trade of this market, consisting of CXOTiIING, HATH AND CAPS, BOOTS AND SHOES, And a Full Stock of Articles utemwrf to constitute s General Variety Store, To which ho invites the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to spend their money to the best advantage. Ladies esiieeially are invited to call and ex amine his stock, which he oilers at XJO"WE3R PRICES than Dry Goods were ever sold for lieforo in Washington Territory. 1. MAURIS, Main street, opposite Tacotna Hotel. Olvmpia, January, 1X73. 49:1 v Recent Arrivals or SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal VKE in constant receipt of Seasonable Hoods, consisting of DRY GOODS, Of which we have the latest styles of Poplins. Delaines. Moire Antiques,'l.awnn, Ac. CLOTHING, Custom-made, cut nftcr the Intent style, and the nicest and best goods in the mar ket of which we have a very extensive assortment Boots, Shoes ami lints, For Ladies as well as gentlemen. We have a very large assortment. Enough for tho surrounding country, IScsides this wo keep on hand a large stock of FAMIL7 GROCERIES. Now goods always on the way, by every ves sel from San Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will tinil it to their advantage to purchase stock and outfits of us. The demand for goods having increased, we have now enlarged our our stock, determined to sell goods for cash or country produce at a very small iirotit. in large or small quanti ties. Our goods are se lected and bought by one of the most expe rienced and best educa ted business men on the I'aeitie Coast; and having in every re- S|>ect Is'tter facilities for obtaining goods « than most any other house on the Sound, we can guarantee satisfac tion to every one who deals with us. Urate full.v acknowledging our thanks to all our friends and the public fjencrally, for jiast pa ronage.We resiH'ct ful ly ropiest a continu ance of tho same. Wo offer our stock of Choice Liquors at cost prices, to make room for other goods in their place. Butter, E;*gs and Furs, received in trarto on tlio best terms to producers. We unhesitatingly challenge competition with any and all merchants on Puget Hound. LIGIITNER A ROSENTHAL, Nearest store to tho Steamboat landing. Olympia, Jan. 1.1872. 14:ly c. If AIM E. U. WISCHESTSn T. B. DATES Main & Winchester, Manufacturers and Importers of HARNESS, SADDLES, HRIDLKS, WHIPS, COLLARS, BADDLERY WARE, &C..&C. Nos. 214 and 21C flattery Street, SAN FRANCISCO. N. B.—Good Assortment of Concord Stays liarni'w constantly on hand. May 25,1872. 30:yl ROBERT MACK OKO. §. DKRR. Mack & Derr, SUCCESSORS to M. H. Scott, manufactur era of nntl dealers ill Saddles and Harness, Carriage Trimming executed with neatness and dispatch. Repairing promptly done at moderate rates. A share of patronage respectfully so licited. Shop corner of Fifth and Main sts. Olynipia, Feb 22,1873. 16:m3 H. G. Struve, Attorney at Law, WILL practice In all the Courta of Record in the Territory. Office on Fifth Street between Washington and Main. Olyinpia.Nov. 21/1872. 4:tf Saw Guiuiuer and Sharpener. ACIIKAP, simple and durable* machine— easily operated and running Wheels from Bx4 inches to 12 xl inch. Price of Machine - - sls vViieeis with bevelled, doubio bevelled and round face from II 11 Un »5, UMMUKg to Thlelmu. Heavier Machines WO and #BO, running Wheels up to 34 Inches in diameter. For illustrating Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITK 00.. Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. Special Notice. \LL of thoTANITE CO.'S goods are direct-' Iv made bv the Co., at their own rwtory | i and tinder their own F..:ent» and Procvm*. It Is cheaper to buv STAXi>Aßi>Goodsdirrctiy from well known Manufacturers than to buy of Dealers or get low price or poor goods. The fullest information 011 all points connect ed with Emery Wheels and Emery-Grinding Machinery will be furnished by this Com -1 panv. February 22,1873. 16:m9 C. OUOSBT, SEM **. F. CROOT. C. Crosby & Son, TUMWATER, "W. T-, DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. AND PROPRIETORS OF TUI LINCOLN FLOUR MILLB, KEEP constantly on hand a full stock of General Merchandise, which THEY OFFER LOW FOR CASH. Manufacturers of the CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Puget Sound. Flour of all grados, and Feed 01 all kinds, Furn lulled to Dealer* on the Molt Advaa* tageom Term*. January 1,1878. 10:ly se HOFFMAN & FROST, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, STOVES, CROCKERY, LAMPS, Kitchen and Household Utensils, AGRICU LTU HAL IM PLEM ENTB, Manufacturers of Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware, Olympla, W. T. HAS on hand and is receiving a fine assort mcnt of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves And Box Stoves, TIN, COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE. CROCKERY AND LAMPS, PRESSED WARE, JAPANNED WARE, BUILDERS' HARDWARE, TOOLS, SHOVELS, Engine, Force, Well and Cistern Pumps and Piping, lla> and Maunre Forks, Brush Scythes and Hooks, CrossCut Saws, £c., PEEKSKILI, CAST-IRON PLOWS. PEO RIA STEEL PLOWS, CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agts. for the "World" Mower, the "Ohio" Combined Reaper and Mower, the "Torna do" Thresher, for Paget Sound. Orders for Machinery to any point on the Sound tilled at San Francisco prices, freight addud. Machinery set up when desired. To dealers we will sell tinware at wholesale duplicating San Francisco invoices, charging freight on mensurment in hulk. HOFFMAN A FROST. February 10, 1872. 15: lv Sheriff's Sale. NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue and authoritv of two several executions issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washlngon Territory, holding terms at Olympia, dated March 10th, 1873. to mo directed and delivered, I have levied upon, seized ami taken into execution, the following described property : to wit. All the right, title and Interest of ('oiiitlaixl Ethriilge and A.J. Miller, in ami to fractional bloeks Nos. 51 and 52. of the Town of Olym pia. in Thurston Co., W. T., together with tho saw-mill thereon erected, with all the ma chinery. engines, boilers, belts, pipes and connections of said engine, together with one planning machine, and all belts thereto. All of which properly I will proceed to sell at public auction, at'the door of tho County Court House, of said County of Thurston, in the Town of Olympia. on

The'4l*l Day of April, 1873, At 11 o'clock, A. M.. to tho highest bidder, for cash (in U. S. gold coin.) The aliovo prop erty was seized us tlie property of C. Eth ridgo A A. J. Miller, to satisfy two judg ments belonging to T. I. Mekinnev, and against the said Ethridge A Miller, for the sum of $972.92 and costs, interests and in creased costs. WILLIAM HILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston Co., W. T. PATERSON & MANN, DRUGGISTS aud ArOTHECARIES. Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Cloth, Hair, Wall and TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of Wmmtj and Toilet Articles, Ac,, die* AT THE PITGET SOUND DRVG STORE. Corner Eourth and Main Streets. Olvmpia, Feb, 3.1879. 14:y 1 -A-- HABKEK, Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, i Ac Ac Ac. THE FINEST BRANDB OF CIGARS, Always kinds on hand and sold at price* to defy competition. . Dy Corner Main and Fifth Streets, at Cros by A Lowe's Store. Olympia, Jancary 1,1872. 10:mS Fire Insurance Company. OLD BROAD STREET AND 16 PA MI MALL, LONDON. Instituted IQOa. FOR Insuring Houses and other Buildings, (XHMIS. Wares, Merchandise, Manufac turing and Farming Stock, Ships in Port, Harbor or Dock, and the cargoes of such ves sels; also Ships building or repairing, Barges and other vessels on navigaWe rivers and Canals, and goods on Itoard such vessels, throughout Great Britain and Ireland and in Foreign Countrk>s, FROM LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE. ■UBBCXBEO AMD INVESTED CAPITAL, Ono Million Six Hundred Thousand Pounds. Risks accepted at Current Hates of Pre mium. , CROSBY A LOWE, Sub-Ageutt), Olympia. March 23, 1871 SO:yI B LA , NK . .V EE i ,s «od MORTGAGES, of sai« at the otfice of the WASHINGTON STANDARD. D. C. H. ROTHSCHILD. JOSEPH BOSCOWITE. KENTUCKY STORE, PORT TOWKSEND, W. T. IMPORTERS AND WOOLKBILB AND RETAIL. DEAITIM IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CROCKERY -A.**!* QENERALrMERCHANDISE. TTAVINO made arrangement* to import a XX a large portion of our stock direct from the Eastern Cities, and an experienced ajjent at Sun Francisco for the purpose of bnying goods from first hands, we can offer induce ments to buyers unsurpassed by any other firm. Our assortment will be complete In every department, and wo want it known that We Will Not be UndeHold by any other firm on Puget Sound. T ADIEB' Drv Goods and lloisery—a com 1J plete assortment, and new styles, just re ceived at ROTHSCHILD & CO.'S. (CLOTHING and Furnishing Goods, in large J quantities and at reduced rates at ROTHSCHILD & CO. S. MISSION Woolen Goods and Blankets; Oregon Woolen Goods, aud Pacific Woolen Underwear, at Agent's rates. <Se!NCY of the United Anaheim Wino Grower's Association is at Rothschild A Co.'s, where a full stock of their different wines can always be found. Agents for w ells, Fargo eb OOi Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. JV IT C T I o TS T Dry Goods Store, lain Street near Fourth, SuTMmLim& & Staple and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, &c.,&c. S. d»C®. Solicit the Inhabitants of Olympla and surrounding Country to call and examine their Goods and Prices. SUTHERLAND «i CO., 2211,3 Street, near Fourth, Olympia, W. T. CITY BAKERY, GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE. Mala Street, bet. Third and Fourth Its., OLYMPIA, W. T. RA. PARKER, thankful for i»st patron • age, solicits a continuation of tlie same. He will endeavor to keep on hand at all times a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH IIE WILL SELL AT REASONA BLE RATES. ALL GRADES OF FLOUR Constantly on hand, and every varioty of BREAD. CAKES. PIES. CRACKERS, And 3?«nov Pastry, MADE TO GBDBB. £7" Goods delivered to any part of the city. Highest cash prices paid forConntrv Produce. lI.A.PARKER.' Nov. 26. 1871. 4:tf For Sale. JUST received Ex Italian Hark Ilianca llor *one. new Chill Walnuts, direct from Val paraiso, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.S. • Port Townscnd. FOR SAI,E!!!-t.SO# Gallon* Extra Clear Seal Oil, at ROTHSCHILD A CO. S, Port Townscnd. FOR SALE ! ! <—l,ooo Gallon* Extra Clear Porpoiso Oil. at ' ' ROTHSCHILD A CO. S, Port Townsend. Fresh Garden Seeds. ALSO GRASS AND CLOVER SEEDB, Alfalfa, Trees, Plants, Roots, Etc., For Sale, wholesale and retail, bv GEO. F. SYLVESTER, <•IJI7 Washington St., San Francisco. OTlfeiid for a Catalogue. Bao»o.—100 barrels Guano, for sale in quan tities to suit purchasers. January 25, 1873. 13:ni4:is Tumwater Tannery N. M. BILES. J. B. BILIS. TCMWATEB, W. T., MANUFACTURERS of leather of aii kinds: darnels. Rein, Belt, Raraet, Vpprr, Kip, Calf; Utiug >ud Mole X* 332 ".A.™ JLt m KT" Orders are solicited and will be filled at the shortest notice. We will pav the highest market price for Beef Hides and Deer Skins. REMEMBER, WO do not a»k you to take trade for vour Hides, but pav the Coin. J. B. BILES A CO. Tumwater, Dee. 28, IS7J. »:ly D. S. B. HENRY, CIVIL ENGINEER AND U. S. DEPUTY SURVEYOR. ORDERS left at the Office of Francis Hen ry, Land Agent, in the new county build ing. will nieot with prompt attention. Oiympia, Jan. 7,1072. 10:tf Dressmaker and Milliner. MRS. M. SKINKLE is prepared to exe cute, in first-class style, allkinds.of Sew ing, Cutting and Dressmaking. Rooms in the rear of Mr. Ouimettc's Store. Olympia, March 15,1873. 18:tf P'NE Imported Drandiea. the host brands . ** Whiskies and Liquors, of everv kind, nnn all the Popular Hitters and Syrups, for sale in packages to suit bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. fpOBACCO and Cigars, Pipes and Stems; X every variety at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S ROTHSCHILD A <'o. are Agents for the Celebrated Florence Sewing Machine. EXCHANGE on San Frnudsfco, and Legal Tenders bought and sold, and Drafts dis counted on liberal terms, bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. BOOKS and Stationery, a complete assort ment, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S. GOODS bought and sold on commission in San b rancisco or New York, at small ner eentago, by ROTHSCHILD A CO. H I £ HE ?L ,nar «- pt P rl< ? Paid In cash for Furs, Hides, W ooland <"ountrv I'roduco by ROTHSCHILD A CO. OPEN THEIR NEW STOCK OF ELGIN WATCHES! CALIFORNIA WATCHES! WALTHAM WATCHES! In all weight and stylo of Case, GOLD SILVER, COMMERBIAL SREET., SEATTLE, W. T., A LABOB ASSORTMENT OF OF ALL THE LATEST PATTERNS, SILVEH-WARB, A 1 PLATED WARE, CLOCKS, SPECTACLES, 'FANCY GOODS, All at the Lowest Hates. Time-piece. of every Dearrlptlon Carefully Repaired and Warranted. Jewelry of any desired Pattern made toordcr. ENGRAVING- IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. graving. or commissions for Jewelrv. etc from any part of the Territory, will receive prompt |HTsonal attention. Rememlicr, the address is v . . . c W.O.JAMIESON. fjext door to Sehwabacher ISros., Commer cial street. Seattle, W. T. July 6, 1872. 30:tf PUGET SOTTHXTD CHAIR AND CABINET Manufactory of Tamnater, W. T. t IS now prepared to fill orders from all parts of the Sound and country. PRESSEY A ESTERLY, PROPRIETORS. This Establishment Is running day and night to supply tho demand for honcstlv inade work, warranted to give satisfaction. K7~ Give them a call. West Water, St., Tumwater, Jan. 19,1873. OITT MARKET. D. CHAMBERS, WHOLESALE and retail dealer in MEATS AND VEGETABLES STOCK BOUGHT AXV3OLD. Orders filled on short notice. Corned beef, kept constantly on hand. Main Street, between Third and Fourth. Olympia, uly 1, 1872. 36:tf Tumwater Sash and Door S. IST. COOPER, MiKCrACTCUB OF DOORS, WINDOWS, BUNDS, MOULDINGS AND FRAMES. TURNING AND SCROLL-SAWING. FACTORY NEAR THE LOWOR BRIDGE, Tumwater, W. T. Salesroom, on Main Street, in Scott's bundl ing, opposite the Express Office, Olympia. February 1,1878. 10:tf Musical Instruction. MISS MARY BRANT, late of Vancouver, a thorough teacher of instrumental and vocal mtiw, her services tothe citizens of Olympia and Tumwater. Instructions on the piano-forte, organ, or in vocal music. $lB per quarter of twenty-four lessons. Vocal and Instrumental instructipn to the same scholars, sls jier quarter. Application mav tie made to Mr. N.Croshv of Olympia. or to Miss Brant, at the Wash ington Hotel. Tumwater. Ol.vmpia, March 23,1873. So:tf AT W. G. Jainieson's FRANCIS HENRY'S COiittMN. V Thurston County tn WA«lijH6Ttl THiltlii LAND AGENCY AND COLLECTION OFFICE OF FRANCIS HENBY, OFFICE WITII THEJSHEHIFF II THE COUNTY BVILDIRG, OLTMPIA, W. T. THE proprietor has tfyp onlr 'Abstract of Titles in Thuniton county, the CORRECTNESS AND RELIABILITY Of «kkk he U Prapirnl to Ddßcailr* t to all laltmM by *■ Inhibi tion of kl« Books. Ho la prepared to transact a ~ GENERAL te»TA>TTn TEXJSLISFESS, WILL BUY AND SELL 'REAL ESTATE ON COMMISSION, Pay Taxes, PERFECT TITLES, NEGOTIATE LO4NS, AND MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY INOLYMPIA, VIZ Lot 3 Block 53, near tho Swantown bridge. Lots 7 and 8 Block 32, on ThirdgStreet oppo site Shirks' new building. Lot 8 Block 21, on Second Street, opposite the STANDARD Office. Lot 3 Block 10. The above known aa " the Mason Proper ty." Lota 3 and 4 Block 11, east o ißettman's old store. Dwelling house and part of lot on Washing ton Street, between Second and Third Street, nearly opposite the STANDARD Office. Dwelling house and two lots on Jefferson Street, oast and adjoining Williams' Addi tion. Lots 1.2 and 3 Block 18, north of and ad joining J.N. Utile's residence, 120 feet front on Main Street. This property is ottered fbr a limited time. Lots 2 and 7 Block 61, adjoining T. B. Rob ert s place, and running form Tenth to Uniori* Streets. Lota 3 and 4 Illook S. S r i B .°.Hf jots 0 aufl 7 Block 1, on Main St., with buildings and improvements. Lot 12 Block 2, M ill Addition to Turn water. Corner lot, cleared, fenced, and orchard on same. Good water. -A SO THE GRAHAM CLAIM, In Mason comity, over 300 acre* of land fronting on the mouths of Oyater and 'Skoo> kum bays. including the Arcadia Town site. A good stand for a store. Front part of clairtif, will hint quality, plenty of water for Irriga tion ; I Kick of claim soil second rate, timber supposed to bo good for two million fccf. In Thurston county, The Waddcll Place* °. n %JSj < » uot plain «- A grazing farm Of about j7(M> acres, mostly fenced. A small log house on the place, good pnst barn. 900 bear ingapple trees, good well of water, 80 acres of Sown'" ° W nbOUt 20 OCrc " seeded ALSO - The Littlejohn Farm, In Sec. 5. Township 16 Range 2 West. Twen ty-hvp acres in meadow, „!>out 90 acres of good bottom land, house, barn and improve ments. Also in Lewis county, the htm known « tna KING DONATION CLAIM, containing SJ»> acres, situated on the Chehalis river, eight miles from Claquatoand ten mile* from the Newaukum Railroad depot; 100 acres praurie, balance rich bottom land; 100 acres untier fence; house, two barns and gramary. rerins of payment easy. One dt the most desirable places in the country -ALSO— OTUEa PnopXRTT I*l various parte of the Country; D7*(luartnt6<l title, without extra Charge, when employed aa conveyancer. Olympla, January 20,187* 42:tf Pony Sample Rooms, CHARLES BUSlßlKtfell, PROPRIETOR Main MtMt, «pp- Pacific Md, OLTKTIA, W. T. fTTftM popnlar Salootf in alwnys s Applied A Willi the very best quality of WINES AND U4VOU, ALE; W>MTO» BEEB, CIDEB, CIOABS ASB TOBACCO. IX7" An elegant Billiard Room attached to the premises: Ovaters in every stylo alwity* on band. 50pt.31,1872. 47 £ L. NO*,. WASHINGTON MARKET CHAPMAN A BROWN, FBOPTfcS, <*• r. Fourth and Washington at*., Olympte, PKALKBS IS Fresh and Cured Meats, CHICXSNS, KS6M, BmEM, IjTiwf. and VEGETABLES or cverv variatv tn season, atthe lowest market rates. K7*Ath»» of the public patronage is re spectfully solicited and satisfactionruaran lVT Urdera delivered in any part of the citv. free of charge. Olympia, Feb. I, 1872. Ititf .1

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