Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 26, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 26, 1873 Page 3
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pany, wound in leg; Charles Johnson, Company L, First Cavalry, killed; W. P. Searfesr Company F, FiretCavalry, kilted; E. O'Connor, Battery M, Fourth Artillery, flesh wound of leg;. (X Dooley, Battery K, flesh wound in arm; T. Mc- Manus, Battery E, severe wound* in thigh; Martin Connor, Company G, Twelfth Infantry, flesh wound in* leg; Tltoiuas Bernard, Company K, First Cavalry, in left shoulder. Great solic itude is fslt here about Pat. McManus, one of the leading merchants of this city, who, while riding his mule too near the redskins' ambush, was wound ed, and at last reports yesterday had not. been removed. His mule was killed. Mr. Meacham is improving, and com fortably His wife arrived from Salem, Oregon, last night, and departed this morning to join him. CAMP TrLE LAKE, April 15.— A battle has been in progress from early morn ing. Our troops, aided by the Warm Springs Indian allies, have driven the Modocs from every position into their stronghold, the cave in the lava bed, and at (S P. M. the Modocs \v*sre nearly surrounded and the mortars in position and throwing shells into the Indian camp. But six of our men have been wounded, so far as heard fiom, in the dav's fight. . YBEKA, April a strictly re liable gentleman who has been through the lava country, we'learn that there is a largfccave six miles'from the late Mo doc stronghold, in a southerly course— the very direction taken by the Indians. This cave will be harder to approach, and will protect them much better from the shells, and is amply supplied with wood and food for animals, but is, ac cording to his recollection, nearly .half n mile from water. Between these places thero are a great many lesser caverns and crevices, but no water. A circuit of thirty or forty miles would, he thinks, have to be made to take the guns and supplies to the new strong hold which the rascals now almost cer tainly occupy (or the remnant which micceed in reaching it.) 'lhev are be lieved to be running very short of pro visions and amunition, and to be much ■demoralized. ILT.UXJRARTENS, LAVA-BID, April 20. — "Waiting the return of the cavalry, the the Warm Springs Indians are scouring the country east of the battle-ground, working round toward the craters which end the high ledge of the Modoc strong hold to the south. If the Modocs have tied to the east, they will strike their trail and the command will follow as soon as notified. Part of all the caval ry will retnrn to-arigfrL Then we shall know whether they have fled to the south. The Wurin Springs Indians and the cavalry will probably commu nicate with each other to-day. Colonel Mason has moved his camp up into ('apt. Jack's lair, and holds i£ now. The lava-bed presents a horrid specta cle. Bodies are being discovered in creviCes, and from under heaps of rocks a sickening Stench exhales, tilling tlio nir with sickening odors. There must have been many killed and wound ed that we know nothing of. Our loss was six killed and twelve wounded. •We have evidence of the death of sev enteen Modocs. Their wounded must be in greater ratio than ours, for the shells tore them up awfully. The ground is literally covered with frag ments of broken shells all over the place. Three shells fell in the main ravine in the center of their camp, scat tering them to the winds. Most of their women and children wore removed before the massacre of the Peaco Com missioners; fhorefore a large portion of them still live. There were about 220 men, women and children, sixty of ■whom could light. Probably fifteen warriors we're slam in three days' tight. Yesterday tlte boys captured an old squaw, who was unable to escape. She confirms the death of Sconchin, the second Chief, shot by Maiicham at the massacre. If the Indians tlo Bf>t make a stand, tliis country will be. in a horrid state • this Summer. Ranchers will lose all their cattle, apd l>e compelled to aban ■ don their ranches. Fifty desperate savages roaming through these rocky fastnesses can and will work incalcul able damage to property and cause a fearful loss of lifd. t The trpops will not be idle. The Modocs will have no chance to rest and recruit their shattered forces. Exter mination iatbe worcf, and'imttihtilihe last Modoc bites the dual mil justice be* . satisfied YKKKA, April 18.—-Dispatches from the lava beds up to G o'clock p. M. of tho 17th have been received. Our troops liav6 'possession of the Mudoostrong hold. The Indians lj/*v.e left for tho bills south-east of tho lava beds. The cavalry are in hot pursuit, The first Sergeant of troop K, First Cavalry, captured a Modoo battla flag, Scar-face Charley and Scon chin have been killed. ; Fifteen Indians got be tween the troops in the field and camp, killed Eugene Hovey, of Yrekn, scalped him and mutilated his body fearfully, and taking 4 horses and i mule left for the mountains., .<<< < Our total loss of troops is five, killod and twelve wounded. Mr. Mcacham. is improving rapidly. The Warm Spring Indians were first jn tho stronghold. They killed and Hcalped all the they could find. Yiieka, April 22.—1V0m some of the volunteers escorting Honey's remains to town and who had talked with F&ir child, we learn that Scar-faced Charley his hem a UitU pjShcqfqpety tfraok. . wMquwi «nd his Head takon to camp. He was not killed only wounded, by hut was kiillud'bv a wlitfle 'fbody be low the breast being torn c>uv / Wstchutryte, young Mpdnc, has been recognized among the dead. The mL ell that killed Seonchin and oth ers was picked up by \Vatehntate befofo it exploded, to fee what It wati made of, when it burst in hithaud. S3f The Argua gives the particulars nt the death of a man named John "Ward, at Port Yownsend, April 15th, nnder circumstances that the editor ap pears to regard as supporting the sup position that, as medicine had been ad ministered to Ward by a doctor who is a fit subject for the "insane Asylum, it was not improbable that his death was hastened thereby. The deceased was a native of Harnusand, Sweden, aged about 40 years. S&T The Bulletin says that R. T. Mil ler, Esq., late Associate Justice of Ida ho, died at Silver City on the 11th inst., of apoplexy. He was forty-five years of age and leaves a wife and two children. He was a brother of Gen. W. W. Mil ler, of this place. S3" R. G. O'Brien is " starring" it at Kalama in the dramatic line. Mr. O'- B. is a versatile genius. He appears equally at home in the drama, among the " Old Folks" or in incorporating steamship companies. • SSST The Olympia District School closed the Spring term yesterday. It will begin a new term after a vacation. S3T Jackson is continually making improvements in the Tacoma Hotel, and it is now the best house in town open to the traveling public. S'ir TJie weather is like the smile of Ah Sin—"childlike and bland." Marshal Blinn has returned from a visit to San Francisco. Carl Sdhura will spend the Summer in Europe. Vice President Wilson opposes capi tal punishment. Chicago has converted 1,500 miles of hogs into pork the past season. The Governor of Michigan has utap pointed Mrs. Tanney State Librarian. It is not an uncommon sight in Rus sia to see woman working with men at paving the streets. Mr. Phillips of Augusta, Maine, has four lovely daughters, who assist him in his coopor-shop. Paris talks of building a theatre to cost fifteen million francs, capable of holding 30,000 people. A man named Nathan Newton has been sent from Klikitat county, W. T., to the asylum atSteilacoom. A Kenton, Ky., widow, aged foTty fivc lately tried her third venture in the person of a bridegroom of nineteen. Chinese boys in San Franciseo now " play horse,' a la young America, with the exception that the reins are the pig tail of the one ahead. _ -v\. v. In Hwtmtort'i), oil the 16th Inst,, to the wife of Mr. John 1.. Cooke, a (laughter. 1 a this place, on'the 22d inst., to tho wife of henry ditman a daughter. in iSwantown, on tho 21st inst., to the wifo of Junius Bolen, a son. At Kahuna, on the 11th inst., to the wife of Mr. \V. 11. 11. Learned, a (laughter. g- ' ' l IMT.A.IEIIEIIIEID : _ At Kalama, on the 13th inst., bv Recorder Learned. Harrison H. burgan trtMiss Lucy ellen Moore, both of Cowlitz, county. Notice of Administration. NOTICE is hereby given that the under mined lias been appointed administra trix ot the estate of Joseph 11. Kellett, de ceased. All jx'i'ftons indebted to the said es tate are requested to make immediate pav nient, and those having demands against "it to present their claims within one venr from the date hereof.or be forever barred. KEBECCA I>. KELLKTT, Administratrix. Olympian April 25, 1873. 2S:w4 . Sheriff's Sale. /authority of H writ of execution issued by Clark o£ tlio l>istriot Coart of tho 2d Judiciul Distriet of Washingon Territory, holding ten)is ut Ulympia, tinted April Htli, Ino tlireeted and delivered, I have levied upon, seized and taken into execution, the following described real estate, to-wit: of Ml# TVrwritorftnytitpla, totf?tlA+ with all tho buildinirs thereon ciocU d uivl all appurte nanrta* lJ«crtont«> belonging whidb. property ■1 will sell lit public duerfoh, a( the door of the County .Court-House (Sheritfs Ottjce), in the ToWn of Olympla, Thurston county, W. T., > l> OM the MStU l)n>><«f Max, ma; at the hour of It o'clock in tyio forenoon, to satisfy a balance due oil a judgment rendered on the 14th day of A. 1). 1807. in the aforesaid Ciiifrt, In favor of Benjamin Harned. for the stmt of 5338 54, against Rich ard Initio, and for costs, increased eosto and interest on said balance due, all or which will be sold subject to a mortgage held bv Thorn sum WILLIAM HILHNCS, " ' „ _ Sheriff of Thui-ston Co., VS. T. "April 20,1873. 25;w4 • , Dissolution.' NQTIOII ta hereby given that tho 00-part norfthtp heretofore existing between John McHeavy and F. C. Pnrdy. is this dav dissolved by Diatual eonsent. The business l tjenthinftd b? John McßeavF* by whom all accounts will be settred. All per sons indebted to the late firm will please p t C. PURDY Union City, April lOLh, ISHS.* 20:w4. - Musical Instruction?. BRANT, late of Vancouver, « thorough teacher of instrumental and vocal music, offers her services to the citizens of Olympic and Tutnwator. 7 Instructions on tho jns no-forte, organ, or in vocal music, sl3 per quarter of twenty-four lessons. Vocal and Instrumental iftstructibn to tho same scholars, SIS per quartor. ingtoiJ Hotel, Turn water - Qlymplt, Mtroh S3, l in. ■ sc^tf h 1 ' MUM!* 1 "" 1 4 LL or'tho TA NITH CO.'S cood* nfn direct -> V. i.\ made by the Co., at their own v P<d'«u Slid J«r-et-s. r *lt 15 cn Critter lo buv oi^yinnDGoocUuliret'UV UMn «o'hl.y v mm «' ii Crs * - ,r * *V W 4>fiico or poor koocU. I ho fullest information <»n ail points eonnooi- EMERY 1 ORISPrSCr MACHINERY '•vill «bo furiv ifthnd bv txis Gompanv* „ -> I fhrnary 22, 1*73. 16.m9 Sheriff's' Sale. BY virtue of an execution taped out of the District Court of the Second Judicial Dis s&tsan tt&wwpriss sftang Moore, I have levied npon sfia fcken Into execution the following describe** property, to-wit: . The South half of all that certattf jHeoe or parcel of land, situate, lying ana Ming in Lewis county, Washington Territory, Mown as the Donation land claim of John Moore and Mary Moore, which said Donatiqn lafia claim is described on the official maps as fol lows, to-wit: Notification No. 394, CertificateNo.l43, locat ed upon fractional N. W. \ See. 19, fractional N. W. \ and fractional N. H of N. E. V Sec. 30, Township 13 N. o£ Kange 1 We»t, fraction al NE * and 8. E. Sec.24, and the fraction al N. E. 't and fractional N. H of 8. fc. *4 Sec. 35, Township 13 N. Rango 2 West, containing WO acres, more or leu*, which I will proceed to sell at public auction, at the Court-house door in Claquato, in the county of Lewis aforesaid, 'i On Wednesday, the *Ut d my of Mif, t§7B, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, to the highest bidder for cash, and taken in ex* ccution an the property of Mary Moore, to satisfy a judgment of said District Court for four hundred and twelve dollars, and one cent, with interest, and twenty dollai* and thirty cents costs, together with increased costs. JOHN T. NEWLAND, Sheriff of Lewis County, W.T. April 15,1878. 24w4 Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST, AND YOU WON'T PASS BY X. JElarris' Store. Main Street, between Second and Third, op posite the .T^couiajllouse, dIiVMPXA, W. T. IN constant recoipt of all the articles, gen eral or special, suited to the trade of this market, consisting of i> ny ooops, CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPS, BOOTS .A.NX 3 SHOES, And • Full Stock ot Articles neoessary to constitute a. General Variety Store, To which ho invites the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to spend their monev to the best advantage.

Ladies esjweially are invited to call and ex amine his stock, which he offers at LOWER PRICES than Dry Goods were ever sold for beforo in Washington Territory. 1. HARRIS, Main street, opposite Tacoma Hotel. Olvmpia, January. 1873. 19:ly Recent Arrivals OF SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal ARB Irr constant receipt of Seasonable Goods, consisting of DHY v GOODS, Of which \ve have the latest styles of Poplins, Delaines, Moire Antiques, Lawns, Ac. CLOTHING; Custom-made, cut after the latest style, and the nicest and best goods in the mar ket of which we have a very extensive assortment Roots, Shoes and Hats, For Ladies as well as gentlemen, We have a very large assortment, Enough for the surrounding country, Resides this we keep on hand a large stock of FAMILY QROCEKIEB. New goods always on the way, by every ves sel from Sun Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will tind it to their advantage to purchase stock and outfits of ns. The demand for gooiia having increased, we havo DOW enlarged our our stock, determined to sell goods for cash or country produce at a very small prolit, in large or small quanti ties. Our good* are se lected and bought bv one of tlio most expe rienced and best educa ted business men on * the Pacific Coast; and having in everv re spect better facilities -> for obtaining ■*- • than most any other house on the Sound, wo can guarantee satisfac tion to ,wlio ■ deft Is 'Orate fully acknowledging to all our « ' iriehds and the generally, for past jSP t> ... , ,v tronage,wc respectrul f O i' ly request a continu ance of the same. Wo Offer our stock'of Choice LiqttoraWcost 'jQi prices, to makcjroltn for otA«r .» * goods in their place. Hut tor, Eggs and Furs, received iir trade on the be*t tS-Trts topromieefti. * 'Wo urttositatingly challenge competition with any and all merchants on Putret Sound. LIGHTNER A ROSENTHAL, C. MAIN E. n. WINCIIESTKn T. B. HATES Main & Winchester, MtgnafHiftui'ttrb apd Importers of HALNESS, SADDLES, ! * 4 Vli ! BRtbiuasi'iYtipi .1 U\ COLLARS, BADQLERY WARE, &C..&G. . r>. SAN FRANCISCO. N. B.—Ck>»d Assortment «r Capiconlßt«ice Harnen coMtMrtly on kanl. ' ' ' Mayas, 187!. 80:yl • •• -' Saw Gummor and Sliarpcuer. A'cheajp, simple and' durable easily operated and running Wheels from 8 x H inches to 12 x 1 inch. ».HI «[ ) I'j *» t> i *i' Ul » * ' Price of Machine - - Sis Wheels vritii bevfclled, double bevelled and round face from - . : > W W to 97 OS, according to lilckani. Heavier Machineo 9*o-aild 900, rutmlns Wheels tip t024 inches In diameter. » e( fd Q r^^^ g 1 . Stresdsburg, Xonroo Pa. city wt Ama:i3T. Pu CHAMBERS, ;*TJtJHOi,|fi.SALD.urii i* - ' TV >fEAW ANJ> VEGETABLES STOCK BOUGHT AND SOI.U. Orders filled on short notice. Corned beef, kept constantly on hund. M»i« .Street, bet worn Third and Fourth r . -I- • '• ? :'V ■ : ~ ** D. C. H. ROTHSCHILD :.. JOSfcPfc BOSCOWITZ. " t:^# * if^f 1 ' m KENTUCKY STORE, PORT TOWNSEND, W. T, mwwsewiL® unmtna AWD W«6LESAU AND RETAIL DEALERS or DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, Fancy Goods; Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CiICJOKERT Jk.VTX» OENEHAL'MERCHANDISE. _ ' > I* •> • - HA VINO made arrangements to import a TjMNEf Imported Brandies, tbs beat brands a large prrrtron of our stock direct from T of Whiskies and Llquora, of every kind, the Eastern Citios, and an experienced agent and all the Popular Bitters and Syrups, for at San Francisco for the purpose of buying sale in packages to suit by . goods from first hands, we can offer induce- ROTHSCHILD A CO. liicnts to buyers unsurpassed by any other 1 firm. Our assortment will be complete in mOBACCO and Cigars, Pipes and Stems; every department, • and we want It known X every variety at that ROTHSCHILD A QO.*S We WUI Not be Undersold . o . „ m ~ TJ OTHSCHILD A CO. are Agents for the by any oUier firm on Puget Sound. i.\ Celebrated Florence Sewing Machine. I A DIES Dry Goods and Hoisery—a com- . n j tn ~li J piete assortment, and new styles. Just re- « J? ceived at ROTHSCHILD A OO.'S. J-i Tenders bought and sold, and Drafts dl»- /"fLOTHlNGandFurnishingGoods,inlarge ROTHSCHILD A CO. I B ;;d MISSION Woolen Goods and Blankets; . . 7T T* ~ Oregon Woolen Goods, and Pacific riOODS bought and sold on commission.irt Woolen Underwear, at Agent's rates. VJT San Francisco or New York, at small per AGENCY of the United Anaiieim Wine 1 —- Grower's Association is at Rothschild A TTIGHEBT market price paid in cash for Co.'s, where a full stock of their different XX Furs, Hide*. Wooland Country Produce, wines pan always be found. by ROTHSCHILD A CO. > for Wells, Fargo c*s 00. T_ ~ ~ ~ Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. AUCTION Dry Goods Store, Main Street near Fourth. & e®.» OPEN TnEiU NEW STOCK OF Staple and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, &c.,&c. S. «fc Co. ftollclt the Inhabitants of Olympla and' ■nrronndtng Country to «aU and examine their Goods and Price*. SUTHERLAND A C 0.,- 22m3 Main Street, near Fourth, OlymplaJW.T. amsm OLYMPIA, W- T. o - O —Tliis well-known and long-established House has changed hand* and la now oondueted As a First-class House, on the.European Plan. . i '• THIS is TIN: LARGEST HOTEL IN THE CITY AND NEAREST THE STEAMSHIP LANDING. ! -I' « j Its Rooms are Hard-finished and Neatly Furnished. J * ♦ • • i r '^Ji The House is surrounded with fine Sliatft Trees and is the most comfoftable Hotel in "plympia. i- Suits of Room* for ramillca. STAGES LEAVE'THE tiOUSf EVERY MORNING FOR PORTUND, VIA TENINO AND THE NORTjf PACIFIC RR. TO KAXAMA, * ' * ' ' '' " ' zy Strict fetfard is paid to the c'omtort of tficsts. Parties abroad wishing roomA-nt the the l\»eoma UouSo can secure the same by notifying the proprietor by mail or telegraph* without extra charge. r., 1 jV, s " | J j f'" pi'fltT i C 7" Free conveyances for baggage to and fr<M» th^-'Hita*.. FireprAGf-SAffe (for the occom> mod at ion of gmtots. . T. JACKSON.Pr<&. CITY BAKERY, GROCERY and PROVISION STORE. Main Street, bet. Tlilril nnd Fourth Bti., w t . jr. RA. PABKF.U. thankful /♦r-.nast.patron • agttt solituts a eouMmiatkm or tHe%inae.< ile will endeavor to keep on hand at all times, a choice selection of FAMILY »CROCERIE6* WHICH HE WILL SELL AT REASONA BLE RATES. ALL GRADES OF FZJOTJR Constantly on hand, and every variety of • BREAD. , CAKES. ' • • PIES, • CRACKERS, Aud !F»mov Pastry, '■ M.rt)E TO ORDER. delivered to any par! of ttie city. UJT" Highest cash prices paid for Country Produce. R- A. PARKER. Nov. 2fi, 1871. 4:tf . . . • ' . ■■ «• —— " , ForSale.-^ JUST received Ex Italian Bark Bianca Bor „'ssr."™ <%Wi d ww* 1 - Port Townsead. FOR SAIiE!! 1—1,500 Gallon! Extra Clear S*ul Oil, at ROTHSCHILD <fc CO.W, Port Townaend. FOR SALE !J !—I,OOO 0»U«n« Extra Clear Pert .Towasteful. Fresh Garden Seeds. ' „ ALSO GRASB AND GLOVER SEEDB, Alfalfa, 'l-rr,.VT Trees, .. .. llJElaiits, * , Roots, Etc., Tor, wbo?occ!c ftr.C. tcthUl, tjy GEO. F. SYLVBSTCh; 317 Washington St., San Frnneise*. n:r -Send for a Catalogue. haivtlrfGuauo. fcrsulc tnq'Wn tlttbfc to suit purchasers. > , • i January 23, 1673. lS:n«.<::3 CiTG ARS ot the yiialitv, ai nKKCKKMii:r,ne ? ELGIN WATCHES! \ CALIFORNIA WATCHE&t WALTHAWT WATCHESi! • o In all \reigkt and style of Caw, ' GOLD AND SILVEJcI, | —AT-- f W, G, Jamiesoit's VOMMEBBIAI. snm., SBATTIJE, V. f., A I.AXOa ASSORTMENT OF ' OF ALL THE LATEST PATTEIftfS, A 1 PLATED WARE, , CLOCKS, SPECTACLES, FANCY GOODS,' All at the Loivest ,• Jewelry ofatly desired Partem made to order. |Wsßjfolto IN ALL ltS BRANCHES. "• < MPTKII orders tot new arnr*; repairs, en graintte, ,or commissions for "Jwelry, etc.' froflnp«sywrt oft lis Territory, •will reoeivt* Ne*t door tq Sellwabacher Bros., Commer cial str<^asßt*U;W,f. July #, IK!* " 30SP. .'** 3orr3?iriD CHAIR AND CABINET Manufactory of Tnmuatvr, T. t . IS now prepared to fill orders from all parte of the Sound «Dd country. PRES3EY ft ESTERLY, PROPRIETORS. This Establishment Is running day and night to supply the .demand for honestly made work, warranted to glre satisfaction. (XT' Give them a call. _ West Water, St., Turn water, Jan. 19,1873. , D.t S. B; HENRY, Cmt ENGINEER AND V. SiDEPUTY SURVEXpIU Hen- VO , LuiJi Axuat, in tho agwcouayr haild i»y. »11l mout witii fcttehfiauf * O] vinuia, J till. ~ id(«. U'.tl . j Pr,essmakcr and Milliner. MI(S M. i» prepared to exo cuti', m lirst-eluss style, till ktrrtlsoi'Hcw inwt, Culling and l'reaamaking. li,.joins iu tin. rear of Mr. OuimeUe's ."Store. Olvinpia, M.ireh 15, 1*73. 18:tf HomCAif ft mir, - DEAfcIsRH IN Olymplft, XV- T. HAS on brnod and l» nwWn| «lft» ■»»>♦ mnt of ' Cooking Stove*, .Parlor And Box Store*, TpT. COFFER AKD SH*fit HtblT WkKX, iinifft. miOibiK <>» I . aradi ikiytiw* . , t fi ■oolu, CrwiC«( Nut, Jfe., M.,'" MTEEL PLOWS. .f Agts. for the "World" MdwW. the "Chlo" Comblnod ReaperWt Mow«r, Uw «Ttnu do" Thre»her, far Ppwrt *Jm»d- tl > Orders for Machine*? tt any ■rHfi» tM Sound filled at Ban Fnnclm prieea. (Might > freight oh mMusufninnt tn tmlk. r n Febnx. iyl 0 > lWs.UO^^rW^r ' • ' ■ i ' \'J- ? '' "U c. moan, an.... .\w/.w^.M^apam. O. Crosby & Stony rrx'4&7 r#! I .' DfiXtßSs lit OENEBAL MEBCHANBkE. AranorainQMotrraa • is, • • ' /;• ,t »!/■» LINCOLN FUHIB *ILl«, THET OIPEBLOW Manufacturersof tba CHOICEST. BBANDSOTimtyft, To bo found on Puget Sound, f lyw, of all grados, and Feed ot all klnaa, ( Furnl(|te<l t» I>««l«r» "' i t TrW» ,WI ., «r ord "* ,o "^c* , tesrisss ai - J«nnwyl.ll7» 1 .)!>?» .., PATEfiSOK&ItAiSBSr, DRUGGISTS nm APOTHECAfefcES. Tktnlrta •' 'l'. .fkroi:' t "»UgS, W W . „J ,™f I MeaidllMr i:*j<f* Chemicals, Cloth. llalr,".\an and , T TOOTH IBXtTTSmaS. And fe furl assortment of ' ' , Fancy and Toilet ArtUl««, *«,, *•, i" u PFGEI MVID DRUb STORE. Corner l!6uiih>nd #ajn Struts,,, t Olympto, Feh. >,'iaq. ...ttlyt , . •tX-ft-tvfV Hi frv» i> Whthult »»4 jtwtw It' Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, *e........ Ac. ; THE FIMEBT SIMMS OF MAM 6, Always kinds on "h*nd «rtd *A&'fcf &i&a to *.aafy «anpetitiom.•» Trfout ar"Owi»r>MMn *n* FittH Sftwt*, «t<W by A t,awe » «ore. ~, ,• u J^T;;nO Olympla, Jnncaty 1.1878. i" lfrmt <>; 1 .. ' 1 ' »' ■> l.i't-'nf Vli Fire Company. '-Ui. Id Awl fy.tjtrtui ]<» SWOT ItlSfW" pjjij BftOAD &rSBET..AM!> W.ft&EkL. f., - ! >ih, ''' turing unrtij>rmiiJß Btoofc,^ah^«f>ort, ' - • • Lv - QafJfUWSi* Bw&whaw ■< ihfili; JUj*» HcoeptoA to CoiumitlMlto fci*r»- if*rth aa, tm: ' Uobkht MMK a .\ ;Vh:wO. auconsojaw k.w>gbotMhd>lt*n M w of ajwtdeshietik ww? tt£*.<a.CU.ear«l2ik«9t' Carriige yifrhn«Li«f andld&patijßT■ Repays* pwmptty 1 ■ Cg-A shw of jilntol !«<P<ulWßl¥»o- WM. ... J -.. , <..■:<* ' "«1& ! swnfli. pfjftAfc 4M tftinin , tbla I.- Olyoapi*, F»b afc-Mfe hau n ~1 — ■■',} )"j itini fw »»»VA ir^gS^'jwwasK-■ *• «• «f«. It _I«M IJMWM. ; Tl IMM ■*ll~ til—J -»■'*-•" Ttm. >*m *im*+G3kET!frt!r* Titmwat*i.'PeKß>,lWa.^ j'.Siw Bi M^MOTKaiK DRAUQHXIMAN AXO lOil Olympia, W, T. January 2T, IP7S lS:tf

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