Newspaper of The Washington Standard, May 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated May 3, 1873 Page 3
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four prates. XipotrtopK vvearcjMl, and un uitde tat « wl ort *ls tnnce;nil iml Ihr? then rented lot »fie night./ A| Avlight 3|a]or GrMif i#nt out a l^rly. it .and two sofci>oJ*» f<*t»d in tlie j "T*fftnas, Lieuteuan^flara^SiTC&W three jft fuiV jAyVw, all. killed -^paPffb^ftfrht u£yt\ at present t Kitted. Ctantem -Thttmils, j LieuU Huwc, Surgeant lloinnr, Captaiu Wright, ten privates and one (packer) LotiM Webe*7i >Jks : distant Sergeon Seining, Lieutenant Harris, and nineteen privates; missing, Lieutenant Cranston and five men. Oat of the sixty-fire men that went out, forty one are killed wounded and miss* ing. Gillem's fiuxe juweeeded .(** thfi cave and were fighting when the eour ier Mb YhWW, ApriJ 2?,—P Wflral Jpff (', Davis. Colonel Hardie, ('«rionei hum> ner and Major Lydecker arrived this evenihg from the sonth, nni> leave at 7 o'cloofc in 411# morning, as where iv Kjiecial escort awaits them tb *tf*Jt© them to .hcadqnartnrfr. Major Biddie and \V. D. Fox., New Xork.//I.raW cor respondent, arrived from the front this evening. Thev tiring no important news," though tiie prevailing opinion is that there will lie no more severe fight ing. . . |fc< ,N) 1~, • Owing to the epizootic, the Stage Company wiU mtk avintuenee >oui Sum mer time till the 15th of Maj-. (jnite a nniitl>m' of ox teams have been put on the road between here and iuen%fik>rawf \».l * >j y • 'j-n ■r\ Aprfl OT nnye of our neiit to San Frasiwco fo® a-dofcof Henry and Keftiington breech-loading riffes to bo on the safe-side and to hare them r.'adv for use U) neccpsitjvjis there is no what other Indians may become hostile over the "failtiro to compter the Modocs. We also learn that citizens of Scott Valley are pro curing bre,cch-loador3, Voluntflfera could be lulscd Here rthd in Scott Valley without much trouble, provided thev are allowed to ffcyht In dian style, which is the only way to whip Indians, no matter how few in number, where they hide in the rocks.: A call was issued this morning for a meeting of ladies at tho Methodist church for the purpose «f forming an organization to collect, for the wounded soldiers at the front, lint, bandages, etc. At '2 o'clock a large meeting and the necessary comiuitteo were ap pointed. . . ~. f , , t YRKKA, April 29.—At an early hour this morning our citizens wore greatly excited over the terrible news from the lava-beds concerning the total'rout of the llftjor, Thiinifcii.", The general prctails that rolun teers will bo necessary, such as ttndor staud Indian lighting. Such successes on the p#vt of the Modes only encour age other LidiaiiH to break out., and unless the Modocs are soon conquered wo nny anticipate a general uprising of every Indian in the country about here, if notideiig the entire Northern coast. It has been contended nil alon? that the easiest and best' way to whip life iudians was to employ volunteers, and the opinion is justified bv recent events. Volunteers whipped the Modocs before whan tho military failed, and can do it a rain if the Govornmeut will call them out. Those who mnde fun of General "Wheat m's gunboats, and bis well-laid plans to fight the M odors in the lava Gibraltar, can now nee that his hetul was right, and though whipjwd with a small force and a dense fog preventing his use of howitzers, he made a gallant fijlit with his troops volpnteere. ORRUOM. Nulcltto Hoitlto ■llUudo of Iht Yakima Indian*. Portiasd, April 23.—Archie Williams Chief of the Fire* Department lust yQar, committed suicide this morning bv shodtiny hilnßWf wiCli atcvtolvor. »> * The has bfeeri 4-eeeiVetf frdm the Dalles: - i .t R. B. Hood received • a letter last evening from Yakima saying that the Indians had run off with Wm. Miller's cuttle, about 1,300 head. • Three fami lies have come in from Klickitat on ac count of tj!Q<jittUmMif UiaJiidinJM(U»ere. The*«fty s thfey nte«Mm »iS V»oss ™JS3I fm nmromMii The Indians on the Umatilla reserva tion aid regularly posted as to the do ings of the Modocs, and the mnrder of Canby and Thomas was known by them immediately after the news was received by the. whites. ' '• "*» Since the Modoo outbreak the In diaus on the reservation have been sul len.and insolent. Recently, one of the Nez Perce Chiefs deiclared that he wanted no more favors of the Bostons. At Lapwai, are greatly excited, and apparently expecting something of un- Usual interest to transpire. The signs are nowheVe satisfactory, We loavu that a much larger number of Indians than usual are collected on ic MM* \hM that they also exhibit the same menac ing, apiMvimM*. , tt . < Odd PrUoni Crlrbralion. Fellowship i»t4h« United Bkates was celebrated by the brcthern ,of the Or-i der in this city by a grand excursion. HALIFAX, April 26.—Captain Williams arrived to-day from the wreck of the Atlantic. Divers had resumed -opera tions and to-day had recovered some cargo and the bodiw ofiwoKsteerage passengers- -*now prepared to 4>Unr a tola is the: ofcperf atdw>« slli P- IM!M . > ty Two «ioro insane poojfl o were taken to the Asyluia last>eA.- AKKIVtM Wtoit F<* Ifio ww'k 6rnliti'a; ifayW: Svrrbp*t, April 2*.—l) A McDonald. Mr*. McDonald. Arcadia; Cupt. F Kenned v, Union City; A TStrvk'a*. IMrtlMd; 1> T<9hc)fettl D Shclton, Oakland; Henry Warren. On-con «"itv; John Punning, Plark Co, WT; r II HoWln'r, PHFrtsnot. Xooksack: CSporrow,' I* Kl.vm, Victoria; Mrs. Slieeliam A two children: J P Judson, wife and child. Port Townsend; K F I)'V1«H, Uco. Walker. I.i Connor: T Holly. Scot lie; Cbarltss Cotirigan. J Rautuloil. Tamno; J M Wvlcli, Win Lane. Jas Dupral.PuytUiip. MONDAY, April as.— O F Towle. North Bay; •T M WeleU, Puvallup; James Marob, Oliver Sl)cd. Teinno: <' <Jilinuto. K;iluma: A D Fra sor, l> MeTavisli.'WiMpWrt't*! rfT Williams & wi(V>. Miss laivltella Ford. Han Francisco; T Powers W »•: Yonng. J*C Littl«. WinPrult, Mild Bar; D McDuokworth. M Mi nick, A Kortvff. oruter Bay) T Waterburw Claquatoi John Swan, J 1> Hamed, W h Cook, Mud l?»w ••» 1 J l r Tmwn**, April 2S.—W D Bcebc, Thomas Downle, Oyster Bay;' Ostirge Itellev, "T. .lonrti, Black River. R If Maloy, British Columbia; Josiah Ward, Tumwater; f B Spcake, Tenalcut. Wkdnesdm, April 30.— WM Campbell, Mud I'ay; T U Losee. R Millikln. AlvisoCal; John Nolienek, Wm Spencer, Wm Kinus, Jaines llyde. William Russell, M MeFarrcn. Jos eph Willinms. Victoria; J. McDonald, J Bert rand, Seattle; Danl Smith, wife & two child ren, Ya10..8 C; C W Sparks, Port Ludlow; Win BJaln wife Jt schildren, A Oiiden x wile, Illinois; O M .Mason, Rose Hjll, Mo; L A Majors, Win M Harris, Xetilfl, Illinois; Rev. Jno Ilea, Port Townseud: J Downle, Nanni nui, li. C; 11 A Ward, Rev. Father Urondell, Portland; Juke Huusackcr, A * Chambers, Tenaluut. Tin nsDAV. Mav I.—tT ft Mor sow, Oakland) John Morley, T'DuH'eriuver Mud Bay;-Thos. Ilcuton, Skciokum iwliii .Stewart, Tenal cut; A S.Miller, l'ort Gamble; Capt, H 11 llvde, Rl'cauJor Cflilo; W. E. Grant. Frceport; J If Tilrnor, Fred Oonjjlas Victoria; Charles ICgan Tumwator; Thomas Means. San Fran cisco; Wni Loos. Wisconsin; A Fllin»r*nn A wife, St. Paul, Minn: Lt.SS Wlllett 17 H K M..Little Falls, N. Y; Vic Trevlt, Seattle; l>r Roland, lien) Cook, Hoods Canal; Wm Kriae, >Uwou Co; J. Gelsori, White River; Freeman Johnson, Snohomish; C C Whiting, Cowlitz. Mr. Aldon, of Steilaooom, has the contrhet for supplying 25.0,000 brick lor the Penitentiary. YfT \ large for«;e of railroad men ate at work in Pi tree county, near Kan dlo's farm. pany, of Seattle, have temporarily sus pended. April showers in May are the latest novelty in this latitude. IBOIFtISr : In Lewis countv, on the 17th ult., to the wife of William eadon u daughter. • At Bciwonvillo, I.ako Washiuirton. on the 12th ult. to tho wife of Frank Matthews, a son. On Chanil)ers Prairie, hv Rev. <5. If. Atkin son, on • Mav-I»KV." Mr. Jacob hunsacker to MUs elizabeth chambers Compliments roeeivwl. In this place, on the f!f»th nit.. l'V J. M. lowe J. P., Mr. John L. lucky to Sliss Sa rah Hodges, bothof Wa*oo county. Oregon. At York. Marshall count v. Illinois, on the (itlt of March, bv the Rev. Thos. spencer Mr. Edwin richardson to Josephine mcpheeters Prof. O. S. Fowler, OF NKVV YORK, Commences n Course of Lecture* on -i~ AND ITS— * Application* to II it man Ufr unci Sdf-C'ul tlans Etc., lit POUT TOWNJSKNI), Tuesday, May 6th.. POUT MADISON. Friday, May 9th. SKATTT.K, Tuesday, May l:«li. oi.YMPIA. Mondsiv. Miiv I'Jtli. PORTLAND. nbout'May l»th. And irivPK Consultation to Applicants as to their Phrenology, Itest business,children, etc. During liin atiiy in eaeli place hi* revised works w ili be for sale. ixcccnt Arrivals or SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal AISK in constant receipt ol' Seasonable Uooila, consisting of DIIY GOODS, Of which we have the latest stvles of Poplins, i % . i CLOTHING, m * » 1 • •« *> «• mm- w Custom-made, cut after tlie latest style, and the iiiutwt »n4-U«*l m»*ls intUv inw itefcor vhl<Tj -\v« htive « very cxtensivo assortment .Maiif'Sr, We have a verr larire ussortment, .zzm w" m? besides this we keep on hand a large stork of oroceries. NeWKoort* -»l*my*ioi*MT «• \r «moi >r the way, by every ves- Sel from FfftAHsQo, .< / J Itrangers or new corn er! will lind tt to tlieir * advantage to purchase •lock ami outfits of UK. Tin- demand for goods having increased, we .0! 40fld« Jajte'XraWCffl to sell goods for cash ■ ! " i ' ' rtr <V>unTryi>roduee at „ a very small profit, in large or sihall quanta •' ■ 'ties. Our goodt* are se lected und bought liy nne of the most expe rienced and best ednca- i ted huwhiess men on the Pacific Coafcfr'; and having in every re spect hotter facilities for obtaining goods than ill <jiit any other Uorj t« evory one who deals with us. Orate .l'hlmui.l In*mjOfS&tt friends and the |inblic generally, for punt pa tronage, wc respect tul irtAO TSfeHßßaa" I *'- We «f*r rift stnclco f• t firiHw laqiwtrn at Cost* prices, to make r*v>hn for other i goods in their j * r ■ pWee. Hotter, Eggs and Kurs, received in trade on the best terms to producers. UGHTNKK * ItOSJCNTJ IA 1,. Nearest store to the Ntenmlioat Landing. Olympi* Jon. t. Wit, > tl4«ly! f „• i, FOR «AKK! CU.r Seal Oil, at UOTnfiCHtT.IS < ' • Port Townaend. SALE 1!!—1,000 Gallon* Gitra Clear ' •• f • I I D. C. RF. 'RCrrHfjCHTLD JOSEPH BOACOWITZ. | KENTUCKY «TOiyt, PORT TOWNSEND, W. T. Mtmspmim & eo.» '"niPOMTBIU AND aaha MUMIM AND RKTAIL DIILEM IN DRY GOODS,' CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, -i. • . I » r r f f f > * J Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CROCKERY A.Z>TZ> QENEHAL" MERCHANDISE. HAVING made arrangements to import * TjMKKlinported Rrandies, the bost brands a largo portion of our stock direct from A of A hisktcs and Liquors, of every kind, the Eastern CiMos. and an experienced agent ana ail the Po|iuiar Hitters and Syrjips, for at Sin Francisco lor the purpose <>l buying sale in packages to suit by Koods from tirat hands. we can offer induce- » r ROTHSCHILD A CO. aicnts lo buvers unsurpassed by any other ~~~~~ ' — u iirm. Owr asuortment will be complete in rpoilACl O and Cigars, Pipes and totems; evcrv department, and we want it known X every variety at that _ ROTHSCHILD A OVS We Will Not be Undersold -■■ — , . bv any other firm on Puget Sound. R Celebrated' Florence Machine!' 6 T/^t^r^uent'and^ on San Francisco. and Le^l /iLOTHINO and Furnishing Ooods, In large ROTHSCHILD & CO. q,,:lT,tltles " n VmimmiLD J3°m£!f, MISSION Woolen Ooods and Blankets; f • ■'; " ~ .»• ' 7 Ore iron Woolen Woods, and Pacific bought and sold nn commission in Woolen Underwear, at A (rent's rates. Vj San * rancisco or New Yo*k.nt mnali per r , contagc, by ROTHSCHILD & CO. A UKNCY of tin) United Anaheim Wine *r - ' ■ ' ■ » A Grower's Association is at Rothschild A TTIOHLSr market price paid in cash fo* Co.'s, where a full stock of their different Xl wines ean always be found. by .. & VOJ" Agents for Wells, eb Co. Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. AUCTION ■•.. it.. Dry GoodsS. tore, Main Street near Fourth. tSWTBBRIe&NB <£ . . OPES TIIEIU NE\\ JWWCK < J Staple and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, &c.,&c. N. Co. Solicit the Inhabitants of Olympia and surroiimTfiiff Country to call and ciamlno their Goo J* and Prices* SV'TIIJfiXtL\XD & CO., 22m3 NVUT Ahlitli, Olympic* W. T. ! Trteem# a&WBE» 7/ l vi -w. t. —Tills well-known and long-established House has changed hands and is now conducted As a First-class House, on the European Plan. THIS is Tin: LA naEST HOTEL r:r THE CITY AXD XEA REST THE STEAMSHIP LAXDIXK. Ji 5 . ilf ■■ I • .. Its Ho'ims nrc Hard-finished and Neatly Furnished. The House is surrounded with fine Shade Trees and is the most comfortable Hotel in Olympia. Suits of Zlooms for Families. STAGES LEAVE THE HOUSE EVERY MORNING FOR PORTLAND, » r VIA TRXINO AND THE NORTH PACIFIC R. R. TO K AT. AM A, DI7~ Strict regard is paid to the comtort of guest*. Parties abroad wishing rooms at the tho'lV'oiiM House can secure the sume by notifying the proprietor by niau or telegraph without extra charge. K7" Free conveyances for Imggage to and from tlio 1 louse. Fireproof Safe lor the accom modation of guests. T. JACKSON. Propr. CITY BAKERY,

GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE Main Street, l«*t. Third and Fonrth Sts., OLYMPTA. W. T. RA. PARKER, thankful for past p:itron • age. sillidlM uncdtittutallotfof tUe same. He will cntlehvor to keep on hahdittifll times a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH 11E WILL SELL ALL BllfcAD. ' CAKES. PIES. CRACKERS, ■ f&Simiirart 'h MADE TO OBDKR. K7" Ooodsi delivered to pny part, of thjp city. K7" Highest cash prices paid for Country Produce, i • 1i • - PARKER.' Nov. 20, 1871. 4*f t. , Buy Where You can Buy CHEAPEST, AND YOU WONT PASS BY I. I ' ¥ 'are. Main Street, hptween Second and Third, op- TN constant receipt of all tfie articles, gen- Ivfml v( Pirotal. *uiWbd to Uu» tmdu oi Ufa market, consisting of DR.Y GOODS, ( liOtHlXfi, H ATH AND tiP*,' ' BOOTS BHOEB, And m Full Stork of Articles necessary to , | constitute • General Variety Store, To which ho invites the attention of L.nlies and nefttfemeh wTio WMH to' spend their monev to the best advantage. Ladies esttcHully are invited tr> calland ex auuiue his stock, which ho jitters ut LOWER PRICES than pry Goods were ever sold for before in Washington ItorrHory. 1. HAHHIS. Main street, opposite Tacoma Hotel. Olvmpta, Jaftrtafv. 1879. 49:1 v " ~ — yj Dissolution. .is hereby' given that the co-part ll nership heretofore existing between John Mc%ftr;lod F C. FUrdyjs this day dissolved By mutual coiwent. The business will be eeaU«ued by John Mcßeaw, bv. whom all aeuouots will be Mettled. All per sons indebted to the late firm will please settle immediately. JOHN McBEAVY, Cntrtn City, j<j«£l»>rhfi& Pl £*« i; ELGIN WATCHES I CALIFORNIA "WATCHES! WAL7HAM WATCHES! i..*• . , , f In all weight and style of Case, GOLD SILVER, AT ¥. G. Jamie,son's COMMERCIAL SHEET., SEATTLE, W. T., OF AT.I- THE LATEST PATTERNS, SILVER- WARE, A 1 PLATED WARE, CLOCK'S, SPECTACLES* • FiKfl HOODS, T; ,'iw h *jgigiMH. HO Time-ph-re* of fiwy DrMtptW* Oarefall) Repaired and Warranted. Jewelry of any desired Pattern made to order. ENGRAVING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Q.7~ All orders for now work, repairs, en" graving, or commutations (or Jewelry, etc.- from any part of the Territory, will receive prompt personal attention. Hwiui'ikiber, the address is . _ W. a. JAMIESON, Next door to Schwabocher Bros., Conimer .it Saw Gununcr and Sharpener. ACIJ RAP, simple and durable machine— easily operate?! and running Wheels from 8 x '« inches to 12 x 1 inch. Price of Machine - - sls Wheels with bevelled, doublo bevelled and round face tjrpui ~ , , , I'l l'« to 97 1.1, acUnlhit «• ill»lek«ess. Ilea Tier Machines and •##> running Wheels up to2l inches in diameter. For illustrating Pamphlets or Photographs, address TIIE TAN ITU ( 0.. Strondsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. GITY MARKET. D. CHAMBERS, . ■\TTnOLEBALE and retail dealer In Y\ MEATS AND VEGETABLES STOCK BOUGHT AND SOLO. Orders t\llcd on short notice. Corned beef, kept constantly on hand. Main Street, between Third awl Foarth. JOB PRINTING, of all kinds, neatly ex cutod, 'at the lowest livings rates, at tlie otBM» f»f tU WASHIK'ATOy fi'TANPARB HOFFIiAN & FROST, DEALERS IN 'HARDWARE, BTOVEB, CROCKERY, LAMPS, Kitchen and Household I t*mil. AGRICCLTURAL IMPLEMENTS, UiaalMtMnn or Tin, Capper, and Nhnl Iron Warn, Olympt*. T. HAS wn luwd and w receiving a fine assort ment of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves ' And Box Stoves, TIN, COPPER AND SHEET IRON WARE, CROCKERY AND LAMPS, PRESSED WARR, 4APAN9TBD WARE, BULDERti' Hardware, TOOLS, SHOVELS, Engine, Force, Well a nil Cistern Pumps and Vlying, Utjr and Manure Parka, llruaU Scjrtbea and Hooka, Croaa Cat Nana, dec., tfe., PEEKS KILL CAST-IRON PLOWS. PEO RIA STEEL PLOWS, CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agts. for the " World" Mower, the " Ohio" Combined ltciyjor and Mower, tbe "Torna do" Thresher, for Pugct Sound. Orders for Machinery to any point on the Sound tilled at San Francisco* prices, freight lidded. Machinery sot up when desired. To dealers we will sell tinware at wholesale mipliuating San Francisco invoices, charging freight un uieasuriiieiit in liulk. HOFFMAN A FROST. February 10,1872. 15:ly C. QBOSBY, SEN ~.. . . WM. P. CROSBY. C. Crosby & Son, TUMWATER, W- T.» DEALKRH IX GENERAL MERCHANDISE. .I'• • i f AND PROPRIETORS OP THE , LINCOLN FLOUR Mltlß, KEKP constantly on hand a full stock of General Merchandise, which THEY OFFER LOW FOR CASH. Manufacturers of the CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Pujzct Sound. Flour of all grados, and Feed ol all kinds, Fumlilird to Drnlrr* «n lh« Moit Adr»u tageona Terms. Orders solicited and promptly execut ed. e. CROSBY Jt SOX. January 1,187:). 10: lv se PATERSON & MANN, DRUGGISTS and APOTHECARIES. Drags, Medicines, •-> Chemicals, Cloth, Hair, Sail and TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of Fancy Articles, &c., 4c. AT TIIE PUCiET SOIYO DRUG STORE. Corner Fourth'and Main Streets. Olympia, Fcl), 3.1872. 14:yl -A.. HABZER, Wholciale and Retail Dealer In Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Ac Ac Ac. THE FINEST BRANDS OF CIGARS, Always kinds on hand nnd sold at prices to defy competition. HTfCemer Main nnd Fifth Streets, at Cro»- by s'Lowe's Store. Olympia, January 1,1872. 10:m6 Sheriffs Sale. XfOTifiE is hereby given that by virtue and il authority of a writ of execution issued bv the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d j'ndieial District of Washingon Territory, holafng terms at Olyinpia, dated April Bth, .to me directed and delivered, I have tcviod upon, seized and taken into execution, tlie following described real estate, to-wit: The south half (less ten feet on the west side) of Lot No. five (5) in lilock No. thirteen (13), of tta' Town of Olympia, together with all thf buildings thereon erectod and all appurte nancrs thereunto belonging, which property I wM sell at public auction, at the door of tbie Couity Court-House (Sheriff's Otilce), in the of Olyinpia, Thurston cqunty, W. %, ' On the tilSth Dajr of Hajr, 1873, at the honr of U o'clock in the forenoon, *o satialy a ItalauMdue 6u a judgment rendered on the 14th day of November A. I>. IHB7 in the aforesaid Court, in favor «f Runjsuiiin Darned, for the sum of $338 54, against Rich ard I j\ne. and for costs. increased costs and interest on said balance due, all of Which will lie sold subject to a mortgage hold by Thom as Prather against said property for the sum of #978 and interest. « WILLIAM BILLINGS, i of Tkarstoa Co., W. T. April 26,1873. 25: w4 Freeh Garden Seeds. AL*> GRASS AND CLOVEH SEEDS, Alfalfa, Trees, Plants, Roots, Etc., For Sale, wholenalo and retail, by GEO. V. SYLVESTER, 817 Washington St., San Francisco. 117"Send for a Catalogue. Guuo.—lOObarrelsGuano, for sale in quan tities to suit purchasers. January 25,1873. 13:m4:i» Notice of Administration. "\TOTICE is hereby given that the under let signed has benh appointed administra trix ot tiie estate of Jowjph H. Kellett, de ceased. All persons indebted to the said es tate aro requested to make immediate jirv nitnt. and those having demands against it to present their claims within one year frpm tlie date hereof. or be forever l^rred. REBECCA 17. KELLBTT, • Administratrix. Olympia, April 23,1873. 25:w4 Blank peeps and mortgages, of salts at the oliloe of the WASHINGTON STANDARD. FRANCIS HENRY'S COLUMN. T ■ i ■ i ——n^ Thurston County ▲BSTRAOT ASH—• J WASniirGTOX TERRITORY LAND AGENCY i »r AND COLLECTION OFFI§E OF FRANCIS HEN/HT, OFFICE WITH THE SHERIFF tlf THE COUJfTT BriLDHG, OLYMPIA, W. T. THE proprietor lias the only Abstract of Titles In Thurston county, the CORRECTNESS AND itELIABTMTY Of wftlch be <• Prepared to Dtmcnitrat •• all Interacted by an Exblbt tlon of bU Boobs. He in prepared to transact a— GENERAL REAL ESTATE BTJ SINESS, • J i*» • > , ■ \\ ILL BUY AND SELL REAL ES. ATE OA COMMISSION, Taxes, PERFECT TITJ.ES, i NEGOTIATE LOANS, % AND MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY llf OLYMPIA, VIZ Lot 3 Block 53, near the Swantown bridge. ,}'<** 1 and 8 Block 32, on ThirdHtreet oppo site Sparks new building. . 1 Bon Second Street, opposite the STAKDAJID Ottice. Lot 3 Block 10. Tho above known as " the Mason Proper- Lots 3 and 4 Block If, east o ißettman's olrf 8 tor©. Dwelling house and part of lot on Washing ton Street, between Second aud Third Street, nearly opposite the SrAsn»KD Office. Dwelling house and two lots on Jefferson' Street, cast and adjoining Williams' Addi tion. Lots 1. 2 and 3 Block 19. north of and ad joining J. V Gale's residence, 120 feet front OYI Main Street. This property is ottered for a limited time. Lots 2 and 7 Block 61, adjoining T. B. Rob- Strecl« C ' rm,llin K furin Tenth to Union Lots 3 and 4 Block ,5. * Parts of Lots C and 7 Block 1, on Main St.,' with buildings ana improvements. Lot 121 Block 2, Mill Addition to Tumwater. Corner lot, cleared, fenced, and orchard on sarno. Good water. A SO - GRAHAM CLAIM, In Mason county, over 300 acres of land" fronting on the mouths of Oyster and Skoo kum bavs, including the Arcadia Town site.' A good stand for a store. Front part of claim, soil first riuality. plenty of water for irriga tion ; l»aek of claim soil second rate, timbef supposed to be good for two million feet. In Thurston county, The Waddell Place, On Tanalquot Plains. A grazing farm of alxtut 700 acres, mostly fenced. A small log house on the place, good post btn n. 500 bear ingapple trees, good well of wattT. SO acres 6( Sood meadow land, about 20 ocres seeded' own. ALSO The Littlejohn Farm; In Sec. 5. Township 16 Range 2 West: Twerr-" ty-live acres in meadow, about 'JO acres of good bottom land, house, barn and improve ments. Also in Lewis county, tlie farm known i tlie • KING DONATION CLAIM; containing 320 acres, situated oA't&e Chehalis river, eignt miles from Claquatoand ten miles from the Newaukum Railroad depot; IUO' acres prairie, balance rich bottom land; 100 awes under tence; house, two barns and. grainary. Terms of ]>ayment easy. OHO (Jr tne most desirable places in the country. —ALSO OTJSSn FROPBXITT In various parts of the Coantry. E7" Guarantees title, without extra charg<K when employed as conveyancer. Olympia, January 20,1872. 42:ff Pony Sample Room*, CHARLES BUMRISTER, PROPRIETOR Main Street, opp. KHfltl Bfotel, OLYMPIA, W. T. THIS pOpulat' Saloon is always supplied with the very best quality of WIND) AKO .LHICOIM, ALE, POBTKB, BEER, CIDER! CIGARS AJ»D TOBACCO. K7~ An elegant Billiard Room attached to tho premise*. Ovsters in every styli» always'oil hand. B?pt. 21, 1872. ' 47 Special Notice. ALL of thqTANlTJiCO.'Sgoodsaredirect . lv made bv the Co., at their own Factory and under their own Patents and Pwwm. It is cheaper to bur ABP Goods directly from well known .Manufacture** than tp buy of Dealers or get low price or poor good*. The fullest information on ait points connect ed with KStEBY WHEELH AND EMERY GRINDING MACHINERY will tw tarn ished by this Company. February 22,1873. l<:m> For Sale.. JUST received Ex Italian Bark BfeMft Bor zone, new Chili Walnuts, direct from Val paraiso, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.*. Port Ttrmweisd.

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