Newspaper of The Washington Standard, May 3, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated May 3, 1873 Page 4
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SARM AND -JIoUSEHOLD. rj».\ general invitation Is extended forall pu ties inie.coled in practical orexpe. omental a'jrictil nre to coniribuc to tlii* column. If von m.ikc a discovery in tillage < f the soil ihe culture sf crop*, tne improvement or care of stock or anv other matter of general iater eet. give us the particularsfor publication. As tlic product of the dairy in this country is one of the most universal, and furnishes one of the largest sources of the wealth of the United States, it proper that any and all knowl edge derived from tlie experience of those who have had tlie greatest prac tical advantages, lioth hy scientific re search and untiring, persevering and practical demonstrations, which have jesnlted in great advantages over the ordinary process, geneially practiced hy our predecessors from time immemo rial. should l>e freely made known, I say it seems to me to possess an impor tance scarcely equalled hy any other improvements of the day, and should l>e brought to the notice of all, whether the possessor uf one cow or one thous and. "Milk, like Mood, is a living fluid, ami logins to die as soon as it leaves the seat of vitality, and has just that heat which most rapidly accelerates a change to damage it." Hence it be comes a matter of the first importance that the animal heat should be expelled as soon as possible after being drawn from the cow. The following method, ns now prac ticed in the main by all our l>est butter and other manufactories of milk, and the best dairymen of the country, will lie a matter of great interest to all who may adopt it. Nearly every manufac turing establishment of milk, which re ceives milk from different dairies, has a set of printed rules, which, though varying slightly in the expression, yet all agree in the main principles. I will theiefoie adopt the substance of what all in. and, to a consideiiible ox tent, copy the language verbatim. 1. The milk shall be drawn from the cow in the most cleanly manner, and strained through wire cloth strain ers; (a'teiwaid it is strained, bv some, through fine linen, and others use flan nel strainers). 2. The mi'k must be thoroughly cooled after it is drawn from the cow, in the can in which it is contained, in a tub or vat deep enough to come up to the higlit of the milk in the can, con taining three or four times as much water as the milk to l»e cooled; the milk to l>e occasionally stirred until the animal heat is expelled. 3. In Summer, or in the Spring and Fall, the water shall not be over fifty two degrees temperature. This may be drawn from a well or made 00l by the introduction of ict>, or better still by running l water from a spring where the temperature of the milk within forty-five minutes to below fifty eight degrees; and if night's milk, to remain in such bath until the time of bringing it to the fact IT. and to be below fifty-five de grees. The mi r.iing's milk not to ex ceed sixty degrees when brought to the factorv. 4. In the Winter or in the freezing weather, the water should be kept nearly at freezing point by the addition of iee or snow, that the temperature of the milk be soon reduced below fifty degrees. 5. In the Spring and Fall weather a medium course may be pursued, so that night's milk shall be cooled within an hour ltelow fifty degrees. C. If in running spring water, it should be so arranged that the water flow over the top to carry off the warm water. The can in which the milk is cooled should lie placed in the water immediately after the milking, and re main there until the process of cooling is finished. 7. The night's and morning's milk should be separately cooled before mixing. 8. Cows should not be fed on turnips or any food that will impart an unpleas ant odor to the milk. In the manufacture of butter, the milk when cooled is set in tin cans about twenty inches in hight and six inches in diameter, and in a vat of cold water as near forty-five degrees as convenient; if higher, the water should be cooled. The cream will, in this way, separate entirely from the milk in a* few hours, but is usually allowed to stand twenty four hours for convenience, when with a funnel-shaped dipper it is removed and placed where it becomes slightly sour, when it is churned with a dash churn, being kept in a cool place. PRESERVED ORANGE PEEL. —Clean care fully; cut in thin strips; stew in water until the bitterness is extracted; drain off the water and stew again for half an hour in a syrup of sugar and water, allowing half a pint of water and a pound of sugar to each pound of peel. If desired, a little cinnamon and ginger may be stewed with the peel, but it is more delicate cooked simply with su gar. Lemon peel may be prepared in the same manner, either alone or mixed with orange peel. These form pleasant " relishes" eaten with cake or bread, or if chopped finely when prepared they form excellent flavoring for puddings and pies. - —To POLISH STOVEB mm LITTLE Tsers LE.— -For a stove of medium size, pul verize a piece of alum the size of a large hickoiy nut; stir into two tablespoonsful of vinegar; add this to the stoveblack ing, mixed with water in the usual man ler. Apply this mixture with a cloth •r brush to a cold stove, and, while wet, ub briskly with a dry brush. The 'iah will appear at once. MILS. Nonpa fou Telegraph APPARATUS 1 Patented May 7. IWTI. IMIK Xon|«reil Telegraph Apparatu*. which ia now offered to the public. al though very simple mid reliable hi it* o|iera is tin- "result of much study slid exi>eri inent. ami |it» lor DIIIII' (iin*' IN'I II in pre|>ar- ]t supplies it want which has long INH'II fell ami brings within I lit- reach of eve rv |N'p«in who iMrtv I<> do to the means of acquiring a Prarllral Ra««lr4(f *f Trlrgrnphf, with the aid of the instruction Ixiok furnished witli each set of ap|v«ratus. winch has been carefully preiwrcd l>v Mr. L. F. Pope. and contains full instructions not only for manip ulating the instrument ami learning to write and read the Morse Telegraphic Alphabet. I but also for the management of batteries, and I limning and insulation of wires and connec tions. Although s|>eeially designed for Student* and Amateurs, it is <>qually well adapted for Priult »r Skirt Trkraph Linrv T.'ie magnets in the Nonpareil Tclgrapli in strunieuts are made of different resistances, and they are furnished to work lines up to five miles In length, i Persons ordering instruments to operate lines of more than half a mile in length should state the length of the line, ami size or number of the wire on which they desire to work them, in order that magnets of pro per resistance and the necessary amount of ! tiattery may Is- furnished. The 'demand for some inexpensive yet com , plcte apparatus, by the means of w'liich the ; telegraphic art may be acquired has long l existed, and has constantly grown more ur gent. As the telegraph hits come into more general use the desire to became familiar with its operation has also increased. The low price at which thcNonpariel is furnished makes it no exaggeration to say that this knowledge may be acquired by its use at less than one fourtii of what it would otherwise ! cost. It also furnishes a very interesting I study and practice for young men and young ! ladies for the loii]LS Winter evenings. The Telegraph is enlisting in its service ev ery vear more and more of the intelligent, I ambitions and enterprising of the youth of the country of both sexes. It is destined to a 1 vet mightier development, and it is impossi- I ble to foresee to what extent the demand for : telegraphic lalmr may grow. At the present time there is no surplus of good operators. Hy means ofthe Nonpiriel Telegraphic Ap paratus every intelligent person may become a telegraph operator. In addition, it will be found useful and en- I tertaining as a means of establishing coinmu . iiication between the apartments and houses I of friends or relatives, and between places of business and residences. A wire may lie run at a verv small expense, and thus not only can reliable and instanta neous eoiiiinuncation be had at all times, but persons engaged in learning to operate will Is* able to acquire facility in telegraphing much more rapidly and agreeably. Price of liutmnrst and Battcrjr. Com plete, 910. With each instrument is furnished three cells of battery, chemicals for charging bat | tcry, sutlicicnt wire for ollice connect ions and i the instruction liook. Line wire (No. 12) per mile. S3O; Insulators, including brackets, 20 cents each. These prices are but a reasonable advance on the manufacturer's rates, to cover freight charires and expenses. ttT" Manv of these instruments are In use on Puget Sound and in Victoria, and give universal satisfaction. Address, JOHN M. MURPHY, Agent for Washington Territory. Ms HonseM Magazine W 1111 original. flr*t-chus, Dollar Monthly. It l« M O fresh and sprlclnlv. ami will interest the cm Ire household, including lovers and maiden*. hus> v O bauds and wives, parentsand children. Itsng- 9 pests the Importance of securing a anion of mm 0 heart* and purpose* in life, lietorc there shall K 8 s * be a union of hand*. It believe* that, while U A I* woman'* privilege to purify and comfort and ■j adorn, it should l>c man's Pleasure to provide J I n for, cherish, and protect. It would have chil- A Odren treated as feeling, thinking and growing creature*—perfectly created,but not fuligrown. T II Yet in advocating these doctrines, the Msgs- U zr zine d<»ea not employ doctrinal sermon*—long ■■ 5 and dreary disquisition* which do not interest O Eand theretorc do not profit the reader. On the X contrary, it would rather preach as though it £ AJ preached not—an Interesting story.for instance, P " being made to serve the purpose of a long dis- K O course by giving the reader something real, In- Q* Lte resting and profitable to think about. J The worst as well as the beat feature of the Q Magazine is its price. The idea of getting a w really first-class Magazine at one dollar a year, Y M seems absurd to most people. Yet it employs A some of the best contributors In the country— fl Including GAIL HAMILTON, its leading editor, C who receives a salary of three thousand dol- ar lars, equivalent to about ten dollars per day. Jk Kach number contains nearly eight hundred p tm dollars 1 worth of matter, which costs the sub- Mm scriber about eight cents. I Hope and Joy—two beautifully tinted crayon > portraits worth Four Dollars—will I* mailed •£ M tree to every subscriber to the Msgaxine at $1 AO A E Specimens free. Agents wanted. Address S. 55 8. WOOD A CO., Mewburgh, N. Y. Y HODG anfl Joy-HORG and Joy United Voice sf the Press. -Wood's Uf 8 magazine Is one of the monument* of hu*in««s enterprise which mark the age.— Methoilii* Hmn* A p Journal , Phila., I'a As its title promises. It 2S E, is devoted to the instruction and entertainment W fc ot the family order to place it with* in the means of readers in moderate circum* "f 9 is furnished at a remarkably low rate A •I in proportion to the interest of its contents.—AT. £? g\ I*. Tritmne. . .It isensentially a home magazine, r! w and is just the thing that one would most desire y to place In the hands of his wife and little one*, w ■j or that a man of business would himself take II fl up for the employment of a leisure hour.— Pott A Wilmington. N. O Were we out of cur 8 chair editorial, as a "private citizen," cutoff mm r from our exchange list and all that, one of tha Mm g first magazines to which we should subscribe AJ j? would be Wood's Household.—lbyirfer, Hart* 6 ford. Ct ....It Is an Intellectual and moral A educator, highly prized by all who become ac- « ML quainted with it— Christian Advocate. ....If §m O popular writers are, therefore, good writers ■% Yatid if high prices prove the merit of literary V wares, then Mr. Wood's magsziue Is a good Ml H one.—l** Independent, New York Its artl- "V A do breathe a spu it of economy, morality and Mk w# % Irtue whkh Is highly refreshing In this age of p fashionable folly and extravagance.— SmUimtL %m fm Edina. Mo. ....It Is andoubtedly one of the A B freshest, liveliest Journals we have examined. S A —JCsosrd, Springfield, Tenn. ....The articles Z I are short, piouant, and of such unquestioned si excellence, that this periodical ought to be both J A familiar and welcome la very many bouse* M 2% holds. Wood's Is a marvel or cheapness and m T first-class quality combined.-AM* Fork Timm. E Wood's HoQseM Hapzioo January 25,1873. 13:m5 Olympia, uly 1,1872. 3#:tf HOLLOWAY'S 4/lto oV^ Eyery Man his own Physician. CAUTION. THEimmente dcmnnil fm IJOIXOWAT'S IJ* OINTMENT hae tempted unprincipled parties to counterfeit these valu medicines. 111 order to protect tti» pnh'ic nn.l ourseNee. we h .re noun) n new '• Trwle Mark," consist "lT of an Kfrjrptinn circle of a serpent, with the letter 11 in the centre. Krerjr box of ven inne HOLLOWAY'S PILI-S and OINTMENT will have this trade mark on it; none are genuine million t it. ' ™ . N. V. CncmcaL Co.. Sole Proprietors, 78 Maiden Lane, New York. CRANE <fc BKIGHAM. San Francisco, Cal., Sole Agenta for the Pacific Coast. April 13, 1872. 54:yl H. G. Struve, Attorney at Law, Wta th?Te&y*" the C ° UrU ° f O™" •» *■""» Btren Mvmi Wuhiactaa and Mala. Olympia,Nov. 21.;i872. 4:tf Sheriff's Sale. HY virtu* of an execution wiled out of the I >i*l ricK '<>urt of the f>-o»nd Judicial bin- I tnct of Washington Territory, holding term* nt Olynipia. in mid Territory. dated the 4th <lav of April. A. I>. 1873, and to int- directed, in favor of 11. 11. Pinto and against Mary Moore. I have levied upon and taken into execution the following described property, . to-wit: The South half of all that certain piece or parcel of land, situate. lying and being in l<ewi»coufity, Washington Territory, known an the Donation land claim of John Moore i and Mary Moore, which Mid Donation land claim is described on the official maps aa fol ' lows, to-wit : I Notification No. 304, Certificate N0.143, looat- I ed upon fractional N. W. '« Sec. It, fractional N.W. \ and fractional N. H of N. E. \ Sec. 30, Township 13 N. of Range 1 Wont, fraction al N E 't and S. E. '* Sec. 24, and the fraction al N. E. '» and fractional N. Sofß. E. Sec. 25. Township 13 N. Range 2 West, containing 640 acres, more or less, which I will proved to sell at public auction, at the Court-house door in Claquato, in the county of Lewis | aforesaid, On Wednesday, the lilt day •( May, 111% ' at U o'clock in the forenoon of said day, to the highest bidder for cash, and taken in ex . ecution as the property of Mary Moore, to | satisl'v a judgment of said District Court for i four hundred and twelve dollars and one cent, with interest, and twenty dollars and i thirty cents costs, together with increased I costs'. JOHN T. NEWLAND, Sheriff of liewis County, W.T. April 15,1873. 24:w4 Tumwater Tannery. N< M. BILES. J. B. BILKS. TUMWATER, W. T., MANUFACTURERS of Leather of ail kinds: Barnes*, RCIH, Belt, Basset, Upper, Kip, Call; Lacing and Hole JU TP JLJL a* l JtK. n C 7" Orders are solicited and will be filled at the shortest notice. IX7" We will pay the highest market price for Beef Hides and Deer Skins. REMEMBER, we do not ask you to take trade for your Hides, but pay the Coin. J. B. BILES A CO. Tumwater, Dec. 38,1873. A'ps ROBEBT MACK .GEO. S. DKBB. Mack & Derr, SUCCESSORS T« M. H. Scott, manufactur en* of and dealers in Saddles and Carriage Trimming executed with neatness and dis|iatch. Repairing promptly done at moderate rates. K7~ A share of patronage respectfully so licited. Shop corner of Fifth and Main sts. Olympia, Feb 32,1873. 16:m3 IMPERIAL Fire Insurance Company. OLD BROAD STREET AND 16 PALL MALL. LONDON. Xixatltuted 3LOOB. FOR Insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Wares, Merchandise, Manufac turing and Farming Stock, Shifts in Port, Harbor or Dock, and the cargoes of such ves sels; also Ships building or re|>airitig, Barges and other vessels on navigable rivers and Canals, and goods on board such vessels, throughout Great Britain and Ireland and in Foreign Countries, FROM LOSS OB DA MAGS BY FIHB. SUBSCRIBED AMD INVESTED CAPITAL, One Million Six Hnndred Thousand Pounds. Risks accepted at Current Rates of Pre mium. CROSBY & LOtVE, Sub-Agents, Olympia. March 22, 1873. 20:yl T. G. LOWE & CO. OLYMPIA BOOKSTORE MAIN STRECT, OLYMPIA, W. T., KEEP constantly on hand—Stationery, School Books, Miscellaneous Books, Newspapers, Periodicals. New and Popular Sheet Mu sic, Printer's Paper, Music, Books, Fairchild'sGold Pens, Fan cy Goods, Musical Instruments, a Fine Assortment of Violin and Guitar Strings, a tine Supply of Tobacco and Cigars, Sportsmen's Outfits, Toys, Wall Paper (best assortment In the city,) Cutlery, and Yankee Notions. Agent* mt Wells, Fargo * C«. '• Eipraub South-west corner of Main and Fifth Sta. January 1,1872. 10:ly _ * J. J. MURPHY A. O'NEAL. PEOPLE'S MARKET. OLYMPIA, W. T. O'NEAL * MI'RPHT, Pr*p'ri. \fE ATS of all kind* and of the beat quali -ITJ. ty constantly on hand. Vegetables of every variety in season, at the lowest market rates. Shop on Fourth Street, between Main and Washington. Olympia, Aug. S, 1872. 30:tf FTJO-TOT SOTTHSTID CHAIR AND CABINET Musbctorip mt W. T., IS now prepared to All orders from all parts of the Sound and country. PRESSEY A ESTERLY. PROPRIETORS. This Establishment la running day and night to supply the demand f<5F honestly made work, warranted to give satisfaction. Q~7~ Give them a call. West Water, St., Tumwater, Jan. If, 187 S. Alden H. Steele, M. D., FORMERLY OP OREGON CITY—LATE A. A. SURGEON, U. 8. A. Residence on east side of Franklin Street between Union and Tenth. Office at Turner's Drug Store, Main Street. May 30. 1870. 30:tf D. S. B. HENRY, CIVIL ENGINEER AND U. S. DEPUTY SURVEYOR. ORDERS left at the Office of Francis Hen ry, Land Agent, in the new county build ing, will meet with prompt attention. Olympia, Jan. 7,187 a. 10:tf Dressmaker and Milliner. MRS. M. SKINKLE is prepared to exe cute, in tirst-chus style, all kinds of Sew ing, Cutting and Dressmaking. Rooms in the rear of Mr. Ouimette's Store. Olympia, March 15,1873. 18:tf JOB PRINTING, of aU kinds, neatly ex cuted, at the loweat living rates, at the office of the WASHINGTON STANDARD. BLANK DEEDS and MORTGAGES, of sale at the office of the WASHINGTON STANDARD. To the Unfortunate. NEW REMEDIED! NEW REMEDIES! a OR. GIBBON'S DISPENSARY, 028 Knnfjr Street, Corner Commercial Street, ■an Praaclae*. Established in 1854. for the treatment of Sexual and Seminal Diseases, such as Gonor rhea, Gleet, Stricture, Syphilis in all its forms. Seminal Weakness, Impotencv. etc. Skin Diseases of years' standing and Ulcerated Legs successfully treated. DR. GIBBON nas the pleasure of announc ing that he has returned from visiting tjie

principal hospitals of Europe, and has re sumed practice a his Dispensary, 633 Kearnev street, corner of Commercial, dan Francisco, where his old patients and those requiring his services my find him. The Doctor has spared neither.time nor money in seeking out new remedies' and has returned with increased facilities for the alle viation of human suffering. SeMlaal Weakness. Seminal emission the conseqnence of self abuse. This solitary vice, or depraved sex ual indulgence, is practiced by the youth of both sexes to almost unlimited extent, pro ducing, with unerring certainty, the fol lowing train of morbid symptoms, unless coiubatted by scientific medical measures, vlt: Sallow countenance, dark spots under the eyes, ("i" In the head, ringing in the ears, noise like the rustling of leaves and the rat tling of chariots, uneasiness about the loins, weakness of the limbs, confused vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence, diffi dence to approaching strangers, a dislike to form new acquaintances, a disposition to shun society, loss of memory, h«-ctic flushes, pimples and various eruptionssbout the face, nirred tongue, reeled breath, coughs, con sumption, night sweats, monomania, and fre quently insanity. If relief be not obtained, persons so afflicted should apply immedi ately, either by person or by letter, and have a cure effected by his new and scientific mode °L tr ®? t,n K thi *. disease, which never fails of iff'. K * quick and radical cure. Dr. G. will give one hundred dollars to any person who will prove satisfactorily to him that he was cured of this complaint by either of the San Francisco quacks. DRGIBBON is responsible, and will give to each patient a written instrument, binding himself to etlecta radical and permanent cure, or make no charge. Cared at Berne. u£"iE2 n ? at • distance may be CURED AT HOME, by addressidga letterto Dr. Gibbon, stating case, symptoms. length of time the disease has continued, and have medicine promptly forwarded, free from damage and curiosity, to any part of the country, with full and plain directions for use. Persons writing to the Doctor will please state the name oi the paper they saw this ad vertisement in. By enclosing Ten Dollars in coin, in regis tered letter through the post office, or through Wells, Fargo A Co., a package of medicine will be forwarded to anv part of the Union. All communications strict iv confidential. Address Dr. J. F. GIBBON. 623 Kearney street, corner of Commercial, San Francisco, postoffice tiox 1957. Remember to put BOX 1957 on the letter. March 8. 1873. 18:yl mm CHEAT DEMOCRATIC JOVWfAI. Tho New Vork. WEEKLY NEWS. BBNJ. WOOD, Krittnr and Proprietor. A MAMMOTH EIGHT-PAGE BHEET FIFTTY-SIX COLUMNS OF READING MATTER, CIONTAINS ALL THE NEWS, foreign. ' domestic, political and general, with full and reliable market reports. Each nuinlter also contains several short stories, and a great variety of literary, agricultural and scientific matter, etc.. etc., constituting, it is confident ly asserted, the most complete weekly news paper in this country. TERMS $2 AYEAR Inducements to Clubs: Five copies, one year $9 00 Ten copies, one year, and an extra copy to the sender IS 00 Twanty copies, and year, and an extra copy to the sender 25 00 Fifty copies, one year and anextracopy to the sender 55 00 Parties sending clubs as above, may re tain 20 per cent, of the money received by them as commission. Persons desiring to act as agents sup- Elied with specimen bundles. Specimen cop ■B sent free to any address. All letters should be directed to NEW YORK WEEKLY NEWS, Box 3,795, New York City Post Office. November 23, 1871 4:m6 S. WILLIAMS, DEALER IN Hardware, Tinware, Stores, Water and Steam Pipes, IRON AND STEEL, FA.I3STTS, GLASS, Oils DOORS, WINDOWS, UMK, CENKNT, PLASTER, CROCKERY AND LAMPS. GROCERIES, AC., AC. Olympia, June 17,1871. 33:ljr F. TARBELL, Seal Estate Agent, FOR Wmnhtngton Territory Ul FOB MALI OA AAA ACRES of Land, eomprislng choice FARM, CITY AND TIMBER LANDS, improved and unim proved, located on Pugel Sound and in the interior of the Territory, MAKES COLLECTIONS, PAYS TAXES, RENTS PROPERTY. M m*t PmkUt «ai Crilwtot «r Claim*, REFERS TO Gen. Jamea Tilton, former Surveyor Gen eral of Washington Territory. Messrs. A. E. and C. E. Tilton, Bankers, 97 Liberty Street, New York. Messrs. Ladd A Tilton, Bankers, Portland* Oregon. Geo. S. Gladwin, Esq., Broker, San Fran cisco. Gen. John McCracken, Portland, Oregon. Ed. Lowenberg, Esq., Victoria. September 34,1872. 47:tf Henry Sabin, GUNSMITH, Locksmith and General Re pairer, (rives special attention toall work entrusted to him. Bhopon Washington Street, between Seo ond and Third. Awauttki kqtCfsitMtlr ea liai. Private Medical Aid. „ « VICK c VMS AND MOPERA TK CHAROtS. DR. W. K. DOUERTV'S VO' H9Bacramento Street, corner of Leides -11 dortf Street, (a few doors below What Cheer House.) Private entrance on.Leidesdorff St. Established expressly to afford the Afflicted Sound and Scientific Medical Aid in the treatment and cure of ail Private and Chronic Diseases, Cases of Secre cy, and all Sexual Disorders. Te the Aaittad. Dr. W,K. Doherity returns his sincere thanks to his numerous patents for their patronage, and would take this opportunity to remind them that he continues to consult at hislnsi tute for the cure of Chronic Diseases of the Lungs, Liver, Kindeys, Digestive and Geni to-Urinary Organs, and all Private Diseases, vis: Syhills In all itafforms and stages; Sem inal Weakness, and all the horrid consequen ces of self-abuse; Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stric tures, Nocturnal and Diurnal Emissions, Sexual Debility, Diseases of back and Loins. Inflammation of the bladder and Kidneys, etc., and lie hopes his long experience and successsul practice will continue to Insure him a share of public patronage. By his practice of many years in Europe and the United States,he Isenabled toapply the most efficient and successful remedies against diseivws of all kinds. He cures without mercury, charges moderate, treats his patients in a correct and honorable way and has references of unques tionable veracity from men of known respec tability and high standing in society. All parties consulting him by letter or otherwise, will receive the best ana gentlest treatment, and implicit secrecy. T. Females. When a female is in trouble, or afflicted with disease, as weakness of the back and limbs, pain in the head, dimness of sight, muscular power, palpitation of the heart, ir ritability, nervousness, extreme urinary dif ficulties, derangement of digestive functions, general debility, virginitas, all diseases of the womb, hysteria, sterility and all other diseases peculiar to females, she should go or write at once to the celebrated female doctor, W. K. Dohertv. at his Medical Institute, and consult him about her trouble and disease. The Doctor is effecting more than sny any other Physician m the State of Califor nia. Let no raise delicacy prompt you, but apply immediately and save yourself from painful sutferingand premature death. Mar ried Ladies, whose delicate health or other circumstances prevent an increase in their families, should write or call at Dr. Doherty's Medical Institute, and they will receive every possible relief and help. 'The doctor's offices are so arranged that he can be consulted with out fear of observation. T. Cerrr.pendents. Patients (male or female) residing in any part of the} State, however distant, who may desire the opinion and advice of Dr. Doherty in their respective cases, and who think pro per to submit a written statement of such, in preference to holding a personal interview, are respectfully assured that their communi cations will lie held sacred. If the case be fully and candidly described, personal communication will be unnecessary, as instructions for diet, regimen, and the gen eral treatment of the case itself (inducting the remedies) will be forwarded without de lay, and in such manner as to convey no idea or the purport of the letter or parcel'so trans mitted; CONSULTATIONS by letter or otherwise FREE. Permanent cure guaranteed, or no pav. Ad dress, W. K. DOIIERTY. M.'D.. San Francisco, Cal. Spermatorrhoea. I>R. DOIIERTY has Just published an Im portant pamphlet emliodying his own views and experiences in relation to Imjtotence or Virility; being a short treatise on Spermator rhoea or Seminal Weakness. Nervous and Physical Debility consequent oil this affec tion and other Diseases or the Sexual Organs. This little work contains information of the utmost value to all, whether married or sin gle. and will be sent FHEE by mail, on receipt of Six CENTS in postage stamps, for return postage. Address, W. K. DOKERTY, San Francisco, Cal. September 7,1872. 44:1y Dr. RUFUS WILLARD, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Graduate of the University of the City of New York. HAVING located permanently in the eitv of Olympia, otfera his professional servl •« the citizens of this place'and surround ing country in the various branches of Medi cine and Surgery. Grateful for (iast patronage and the confi dence bestowed by a generous public, the Doctor respectfully solicits a continuance af the same, and will hold himself in readiness at all times to attend toanv calls in the line of his profession, to which his entire attention will be devoted. Those preferring the services of a regular graduate as evidenced by the proper author ity of a diploma, may consult personally or by letter with everv confidence. Particular attention given to diseases of women and children, and all affections of an organic nature. REFERENCE : The Faculty of University Med ical College, and Dr. P. A. Ay lette, New York cltv. OrncE—At the Puget Sound Drug Store, and at residence, on Fourth Street. Olympia, Janury 1,1872. 10:tf Tumwater Sash and Door S. 3JT. COOPER, MAIfUFACTUBEB OF DOORS, WINPOWB, BLINDS, NOOLDINBB AND FRJWEB. TURNING AND SCROLL-SAWING. FACTORY NEAR TBI LOWIK BMOCIB, Tumwater, W. T. Salesroom, on Main Street. In Scott's build ing, opposite the Express Office, Olympia. February 1,1872. 10:tf Runquist Patent Shackle. THE BEST IN USE. A S certified to by Mr. Davlsson, Keeper of A the Territorial Convicta, and is admitted by all who have seen it. rendering escape with ordinary vjgilanoe utterly impossible. For information, right to manufacture, or the Paten Shackle, address WILSON GUESS, Steilaooom, W. T. October 26,81 72. >2:tf WARD & MITCHELL, DEALERS IN Bongh and Dressed Lumber, Are also prepared to manufacture FREIGHT CARS, ■uk, Dma, MnUlap, 4m., w tfca llurt- N«Um, at their Mills and Factory at Tumwater, W T. December 80, 187 J. 9:vl COLUMBIA HOTEL, SOUTH SIDE FIR STREET, BETWEEN RIVER AND FRONT, KiLAgA. V. W. VAN WIE, Proprietor. The nearest Hotel to the Steamboat Landing. Kalama, W. T. Aug. 17.1871 FRFNCH Calleos and Merlmac Prints, •t LIGHTNER * ROSENTHAL*. ll* Ptnra laW dew tlllwt i» cording to dlrectlona, sad remain lons unwell, provided their bonea an not destroyed by mine ral poison or ether means, ud vital org saw waned beyond tbe point of repair. Driaefita mr la«|Mti*% Readaeh#* Mi In tbe Shoulder*, Coughs, Tlgntneae of the Cheat, Dlulnea*. Soar Eructatlona of the Sta> raaeh, Bad Taate In the Month, Bllloaa Attacka, Palpitation of the Heart, Innammatlon of th« Lang*, Pain In the redone of tbe Etdneya, andf • hundred other painful aymptoms, an the of> aprlnga of Drupe pat a. One bottle will prove ■ better guarantee of Its mertta than • leaf thy advertisement. P*r PanMeaiaWali, In young or M, married or alngle, at the dawn of womanhood, or the Mm of lite, these Tonic Bitten dlaplay ao decided an Influence that improvement la BOOM perceptible. Par latHaawlery and Ckrml* Meaawtlan and Gout. Bllloaa, Remittent and Intermittent Pevera, Dlaeaaea of the Blood, Liver, Kidney* and Bladder, these Bitten have Such ma*aa*a are caused by Vitiated They are ■ fistla P*ig»tlr« as wall as a Teak, pmeaning the merit of acting aa a powerful went In relieving Congestion or In aamnuUoo of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and In BlUoua Diseases. Far Shim IMeoaaee, ErapMona, Tetter, Sail llheeia, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Puatulee, Bolls, CarbOßClea, Ring-worm*, Scald-Head, Bore Evea, Ervsipelaa, Itch, Scartb, Discolora tion* of the Bkin, Humor* and Dtaeaaea of ths Skin of whatever name or aatnte, are liter ally dug ap and carried out of the aye* tern In a abort time by tbe uae of these Mttera. OraUfklTliaaasada proclaim VINCOSB BITTKHS the moat wonderful lnvtgoraut thai aver rastalned the sinking eyitem. R. H. IHIDOKALB * CO. Dmaglsu and Gen. Agta., Saa Francisco, Cat., M cor. of Washington and Charlton 61*., N.Y. ■OLD BT ALL DRUGGISTS * DEALERS, RPR RADWAY S READY'RELIEF CVIH THE WOBBT PAINS In from On* to Twenty Minutes. NOT ONI HOUR After readlna Vhls advertisement need any en# SFRRCR WITH FAIN. RAILWAY? A CURB FOB ll VH the Aral mid la The Only Pain Homedv that Instantly stops On men excruciating |.anr. altars lnflammatlona, and curt* Congestion*, whether of Hi- Lungs, Stomach, Bowsls, or other g lauds or organs, by on# application. _ IN FKOM OR* TO TWRRTT MINUTE*, no matter how violent or escruciatlng the pain the KHKI'MATIC, Bed ridden. Inflrm, Crippled, Ktivow*. A«uri!|[ic, or proatratcd with disease may sufiir, RADWAY'S READY RELIC 7 WII.L ArroßD INSTANT EASE. INFLAMMATION UP THE KIDNEY*. INFLAMMATION Of THE BLADDC::. INFLAMMATION OK THE BOWELS. CONGESTION or TIIE i.rsc3. SORE THROAT. DirriCULT SREATHINti. PAI.PITATION OK Tilt HEART. HYSTERICS, CROUP. DIPHTHERIA. CATAKItII. INFLI'EN'ZA HEADACHE, TOOTIIACHt NEURALGIA. RHEI'M .T.iM, COLO miLIA AOUE CHILLS. Tbc application of the Ready Itllif «o the part or Tiru when Iba pais or dlOcultj «iuu »11l afford eaa. Hid comfort. T went r drop. In half a tnmMer of water will In * ft«r momeiiincnra CRAMPS, SPASMS, B"UR ISI'OMACII. lIEARTHTRN, SICK HEADACHE. DIARRHEA DYSENTERY, COLIC. WIND IN lllk BoWELS. and *ll INTERNAL PAINS. Travelers should always carrr a bottle of Railway's Ilrady Relief with them. A few diopsui water *i 1 K event sick nee* or pains from change of water. It is .tcr than French Brandy or Bitters as a stiiuulaLt, FEVER AND AGUE. FEVER AND AUlfl cured for fifty cents. There Is agent In this world that will cure Krvrr a id Ague, and all other Malarious. Mil loos, ScarUt. Tv f hold. Yellow, and other Fevera (aided by RAI>WAV.I ILLS) so quick ae RAD WAT'S READY KtLlLi'. Fifty ccau per buttle. Sold by Druggists. HEALTH! BEAUTY!I CTTtONO AND Pt'RR RICH M.OOD—INCREASE OK rLESH AND WEltlllT-CI.EAR SKIN ANl> UEAUTirUL COMPLEX ION SEC I RED TO ALL. DR. RADWAY'S SARSAPARILLIAN RESOLVENT HAS MADE THE MOST ASTON'ISIIINO CURE* s fo QUICK. SO RAPID ARK TIIE CIIANI.Ei THE BOD? UNDERGOES UNDER THE IN FLUENCE OF THIS TRULY WV.NDLIII I U MEDICINE, THAT Every Da* an Inereaso In Plcsit and Weight la aeon and Folt. THE OREAT BLOOD RURINER. drop Of tlx SARSAPARILLIAN RESOI.V- F.NT cofumnnlcatea through the Blood, Sweat. Urine, and other fluids and Juta'oof the system the vigor of life, for II repairs the waatraof the body wlih new and shuml material. Scrofula, Svphllis, Consumption, IJlandubr disease. Ulcers la the Throat, Mouth, Tumors. Nodes In toe Ulands and other parts of the system, Sore Eves, Strumoos Discharge from the Kara, and the wor»t forms of Skin diseases. Eiuptions. Fever Sort*. Staid Head. Ring Worm, Halt Rheum, Erysipelas, Acne, IllutX Kw»ts, Worms IN the Flesh, Tumor*. Cancers in Hie Womb, and all weakening and painful dinchargeti. Night Bweata, Loss of Sperm, and all wastes of ihe life prlnrl* pie, are within the curative range of tliia wonder or Moil* ern Chemistry, and a Ibw days' use will prove to any person using It for either of Uics« forms of disease tu potent power to care them. If the patient, dally becoming reduced by the waste* Mid decomposition that Is continually progressing, suc ceeds In arrsetlng these wastes, and rejwfrs the aau.e wlili aew material made from healthy blood—aud this the SARSAPARILLIAN will and does secure. Rot only doee the SaasarAaiLLiAN Rksolteivt eirel all known remedial agenta In the cure of Chronic.;. loos, Constltutional, and Skin diseases; but It la th« only positive cur* for . Kidney * Bladder Complaints, Urinary, and Womb dlnani, Oram, Dton.r, Stoppaaa of Water, Incontinence of Crlne, lirlght'a Dl«- «aM. Albuminuria, and In all can where ther. an brick dual dapoalta, or the water la (kick, cloudy, mltad with aubatancea Ilka tha white or an egr.or thread! Ilka while Mlk. or tbara la a morbid, dark. Dilloua appearance, aud whlla bone-durt dcpoatia, and wbaa than fa a pricking, barnln* aennUan whan paselnjr water, and pain la Ik, Small orthe Back and aluui; the Ldlua. Price, li.oo. ffißSrfca: kß#w " lUm * 4 ' Tumor oT 19 Years' Growth Cared Oy Badwoj's Resolvent. _ „ .. . levant v. Mass., July 11, MM. Da. Raawav ?—I bare bad Ovarian Tumor la the ovaries aad bowels. All Iks Pesloea said '«tbsro »*t no help hi It." I Irisd •vsry thing that was rs—mwsolsd s t>ul nothing kelnsd n*e. I saw year Rasolveakaad tbeaght I would try It ifcit kad ae faith la K, >seams I ksdsaftrsd foe twelve ysavs. I task sia kettles of tke Basel v eat. aad oao bos sf Rod way's Pills, aad two be*- tlss sf year Raade Relief t and tkove Is aot a stge of tamor to ke sssa ee kit, aad 1 M ksMev, smarter, aad happier tkaa I kave flwtwelve yeareb The wessS toiaee «ss la tke IsH sldsof the bowsK ever the grola. I write this to yea AH Iks kaasdt si albssa. Ysa saa pakilrii It If yea ebesss. NASSAU F. INAPr, DR. RADWAY'S PERFECT PRRIATIYE PILLS, parfbaUf Liver, Rowsla Sidneys, Bladdsr, Nervous Diesasea, Hsadacka, Oosdlpalisa Caatlysassa Indigestion. firc£fe uToontalabic no iMmrrrßlMnK^^Mn^^draliSl r.Ua*«e w.%bt la tba aijuli. *aa> l>.MMia«, IMla,i n.Mrla,M tb. PH ti tba, (.loaUa, RF <ka Hm4. *«fW aad nijii.M »l.lbla|. rialwrla, at tbaMawi. Cbaklac or ».,nallaf l-ml.a. wbaa la a Lr ,a * hwn. Dlaaafl Ytatoa. DMi« Wak. Mb. Iba Kabt, new aad 6all Mia t« •ba Haad, Mrlmf W hwlijn, Mb.H> d lb. Ski. g^- Cllf.K'ilriK'nffr ' **'" 44n " A f»w daaaa of RAPWArS PILLS wll free Iba ar» tem from all tll. (batc-nantcd dlwrdera. Price, IS caut, *WMD - Xnt AND TRUE." Sand oaa letter. I. L. CHAFMAK p. K. MOW*. WASHINGTON MARKET CHAPMAN * BROWN. PROPRN, Car. Vnuth u< WaUliftn Ita., Oljriapla, siALxaa w Fresh and Cured Meats cncnna, raea, amn, Lard, and VEGETABLES or every variety In MMon, at the lowest market rates, (jy A share of the pubite patronage ia re spectfully solicited and satisfaction guaran* M Orders delivered In any part of tha elty, free of charge. Olympla, Fab. I, 1871 lt:tf ■ E. M. Morgan, Civil Bnclneer, DBACOBTMUH AMD tUBVXTOB, Olympia. W, T. January V, MT* U:tf

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