Newspaper of The Washington Standard, May 10, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated May 10, 1873 Page 3
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while here. All the families on Bogns ami Butte Creeks have left, deserting their ranches. Batteries A and K, Fourth Artillery, have been consolidated under the com mand of Lieutenant Leary. Compa nies E and G, Twelfth Infantry, have l>cen consolidated under command of Lieutenant Camp. It is probable no active movement will be made against the Modocs at present. Captain Silva and W. S. Johnson arrived from the frant this afternoon. T|iey left General Gillem's camp on Tuesday morning. We learn that there has bec'n nothing done since the battle of the 26th. Everything quiet. No future policy of fighting the Modocs is nettled upon. The opinion prevailed that it was perfect folly to attempt to whip the Modocs in the manner thus far pursued. No scouting has been done and eight bodies are known to still lie upon the field of battle. Cap tain Mendenhall's command arrived at cainp south of Tule Lake on the 28th. FOREIGN NEWS. The World's Fair. VIENNA, May I.—The World's Exhi bition was inaugurated this morning by the Emperor with imposing ceremonies, in the presence of a vast assemblage from all parts of the earth. The Amer ican department remains in confusion, but Minister Jay is endeavoring to re pair the effects of previous mismanage ment. Seven thousand dravs, laden with articles for frontiers and Vienna, and only two hundred can be unladen in a day. It will be till the end of June before the work is in full progress. Sr. Louis, May 3.—Commodore Wm. Smith, of the United States Navy, who commanded the frigate Congress when she was sunk by the rebel ram Merri mac, died heie yesterday, aged 70. MONEY DRIFT The following appropriations were made by the Board of County Commis sioners, at their late term: What our poor cost us—To Dr. Wil lard, for medical attendance, $52.8*2; Paterson & Mann, medicines, sl4 ; Dr. Ontraiulcr, medical attendance, $-42 ; S. W. Percival, clothing furnished, 95.25 ; 11. A. Parker, groceries, $51.31; Joseph Emrich, board, $99.55; Frank Hicks, dravage, $4; Francis Henry, for services as superintendent of poor, $25; and for cash advanced to assist Hie needy, by same individual, $48.25. Our pauper establishment, therefore, by these appropriations, has cost us •luring the last three months the sum of $341.72. For examination of the insane—To Dr. Steele, sls; Dr. Ostrander, $5; Dr. Waughop, £5. Fees—To Win. Hillings, sheriff, and money reimbursed, $488.75; J. W. Bonier, constable, $0 ; Samuel O. Ward, justice of the peace, $8.(55; J. 11. Houghton, clerk of the district court, $.'>9.75 ; J. M. Lowe, justice of the peace, $1(1.55; J. M. Lowe, pro bale judge, $35.20. Miscellaneous —Central Hotel, meals to jurymen, $13.95; C'lias. B. Elliott, same, $13.95; Geo. H. White, binding county books, $10.50 ; Suin'l Williams, stove, &c., $10; H. H. Hewitt, print ing, sl7; J. N. Baker, poll tax refund •e.l, $2; (.'has. Burineister, tax refund •etl, $4; T. (r. Lowe & Co., stationery, $15.8(1; B. Harued, carpenter work, SS; Win. Trout, painting, sl2; Colum bia Engine Company, rent of court room, S3O; J. B. Eastman, rent of room on election day, $2; W. H. Clark, carpenter work, $3.90. For attendance on last (March) term of the District Court—B. Gordon, $0.25 ; J. W. Offut, $7.20; F. Car michael, $10; B. F. Yautis, sls; Jas. Biles, $0.20; John Kindred, s4.(io; It. W. Ryerson, $2; E. Wanston, $18.50; M. 11. Diuiniick, 3; Win. Brann, $6; A. J. Tread way, $2; S. C. Hale, s<>; James Pattison, $0; Geo. W. Snvder, sl6; W. B. Powers, $10; I). Muir, 2; T. I. McKenny, $(!; Joseph Lanclot, -$10; 1). Scam moil, sl2; J. P. Eckler, <i; F. M. Sargent, $10; Green McCaf ferty, $11; T. M. Dwyer, $3; A. Balch, $15.25; John Rogers, s(j; Jesse Fergu son, s(>.4o; J. P. Havs, $18.50; P. D. Northcraft, $19.80; J* W. Stout, $20.50; C. G. Tyler, $18.70; T. E. Rutledge, $19.20; J. D. Mix, $18.50; W. Wright, sl2; John Rogers, sls; H. D. Mor gan, $18.00; A. J. Treadway, sls; M. E. Hartsuck, sls; W. McLane, $15.50; P. B. Van Trump, sls; L. A. Treen sls; C. A. White, 15; J. H. Kellett, sls; T. F. McElroy, sls; D.C.Forbes, s(>.2o; Jos. Cornell, $0.20; George C. Blankenship, s(>; Oliver Shead, $8; C. E. Weed, $0.00; D. 4. Chambers, $6 40; J. P. Chilberg, $6; A. W. Laugh lin, $10; F. M. Rhodes, $7.60; R. B. Dodge, $7.40. Total, $564.10. The entire amount of money appro priated was about $1,5)00. QUE Kit ARCHITECTURE. There is a great deal of inquiry as to the mean ing or use of the odd looking contriv ance surmounting the cornice of the Literary Association's building at Tum water. The building would certainly appear much better without it, and the town'be relieved of what is really an *' oyo-sore" to many persons. lul AKRIED z At Lake Washington. King county. W. T., May Int. bv the Rev. <J. P. Whitworh, Wil liam 11. Gilliam, Esq., to Mrs. Mary Jane Terry. . Puwamish River, April 29th, 1873, • 4 y }} ■M. YurV Judge of the Proliant Court «* King counf., W. T„ Mr. William Powers to Miss Harriet Brown, both of King countv. On May Ist, at the Occidental Hotel, in 8o ,)V R«v. I>. Itaglev. Mr. C. W. Stanley, or Whatcom county. W. T., to Misa Louisa I kester, of Salem, Illinois. „At the M. K. Parsonage, in Vancouver, by )): I- cosper Mr. Charles 8. English and Miss Lillian Johnson, all of Clarke county. DIED : On Senuim Prairie, Clalaftf country, W. T.. on the 26th ult., J. B. Sinclair, aged 56 yeara. In Seattle. Sunday, May 4,1879, Mrs. Louisa K. Arey, wife of Captain Charlea Arey, aged 39 yeara. In Glasgow. Scotland, December 19th, 1872, of dropsy, Mr. A. Newland. In Seattle, May 2d, 1813, Salome, wife of 0. 8. Smith, Esq., aged 66 years 5 months and 9 da vs. In Walla Walla, oti the 16th of April, Sarah V., wife of Henry Winter, aged 28 yeara. IN THE TOWN HALL, OLYMPIA, PROF. O. 8. FOWLER 07 NEW YORK, Will Lecture on the following occasion! and subjects: Wednesday Evening, May 21st, On "Life, Health, and Human Science." Thursday Evening, May 22d, On " Love and Marriage." Saturday, at 2:30 p.m., To Ladies only, on* " Female Health and Beauty,' l Saturday Evening, To Ocntlemea only, (illustrated by modtls) on Manhood and Improvement." To conclude with public examinations. Evening Lectures commence at 8 o'clock. Seats 50 cents, or to the couino 51.50. He can be consulted as to your own and children's Phrenology, best business, Ac., at the Pacific Ho tel. till Monday evening only. ms:tf Notice to Tax-papers. ON Monday, May 19th, 1873, a Special Ses sion of County 'Commissioners of Thurs ton county, will be held at the Auditor's Of fice. in Ol'vmpia, for the purpose of examin ing the Assessment Roll of said county for the year 1873. All persons dissatisfied with the 'returns of the Assessor enn appeal there from, eithor in person or writing filed with the Auditor on or before the saiu 19th day of May. Ily order of Hoard of County Commission ers of Thurston County, W.T. A. A. PHILLIPS, Clerk. May 10,1873. 27:w2 Home Shuttle Sewing nytACHinsrE. I'SKS THE STRAIGHT NKF.DLE —MAKES THE LOCK STITCH. No. 1 Style . S3O No. 1 " (Table and Treadle) 45 No. 3 •' (Half Cabinet) 50 The HOME SHUTTLE is the most popular Hewing Machine in the market—four hund erd now in use west of the Cascade Moun tains. T. O. LOWE A CO., Local Agents. Olvmpia. M. E. THAVERS, Gen l Agent. May 10, 1873. 27:tf Probate Notice. In the Probate Court of Isiei* County, April Term. anyway Interested in the estate of An drew J'. Simmons, deceased, that a petition has been presented to the Probate Court of Lewis county. \V. T.. bv Henry Miles. Ad ministrator of the said estate, for a sale of all the real property belonging to the said estate, and to appear at mv office in Claquato, Mon day, the'.Uh day of June, A. 1). 1873, atone o'clock P. M., to interpose in their behalf; and it is hereby ordered lhat publication be made in the WASHINGTON STANDARD, a weekly news pa|>cr, for four consecutive weeks previous to said hearing. JAMES H. ROUNDTREE, Probate Judge and Clerk, Lewis Co., \V. T. May 10, 1873. 27;w4 Probate Notice. In the Probate Cmirt of />irin Count}/, A/rril Term. VfOTICE is hereby given lo all parties in any way interested in the estate of Mich ael Cotienciiir. deceased, that a petition has been presented to the Probate Court of Lewis county, W.T.. by Henry Miles Administrator of the said estate, for a sale of all the real property belonging to the said estate, and to appear at mv office in Claquato, Monday, the 9th day of June. A. I>. 1873, at one o'eliiek p. M.. to mteritosc in their behalf; and it is here by ordered that publication bo made ill the WASHINGTON STANDARD, a weekly newspaper, four consecutive weeks previous to said hear ing. JAMES If. ROVNIITREE, Probate Judge and Clerk, Lewis Co., W. T. May 10, 1873. 27:w4 Recent Arrivals or SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal A RE in constant receipt of Seasonable 1V < soods, consisting of DKY GOODS, Of which we have the latest styles of Poplins, Delaines, Moire Antiques, Lawns, Ac. c3L,oma:x2sra-, Custom-made, cut after the latest style, and the nicest and best goods in the mar ket of which we have a very extensive assortment Hoots, Shoes and llats, For Ladies as well as gentlemen, We have a very large assortment, Enough for the surrounding country, Resides this wo keep on hand a large stock of FAMILY GHOCERIEB. Now goods always on the way, by evory ves sel from Han Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will tind it to their advantage to purchase stock and outfits of us. The domand for goods liuving increased, we have now enlarged our our stock, determined to sell goods for cash or country produce at a very small profit, in large or small quanti ties. Our goods are se lected and bought by one of the most expe rienced and best educa ted business men on the Pacific Coast; and having in every re spect twtter facilities for obtaining goods than most any other house on the Sound, we can guarantee satisfac tion to every one who deals with us. Grate fully acknowledging our thanks to all our frionds and the public generally, for past pa tronage, we respectful ly request a continu ance of the same, We offer our stock of Choice Liquors at cost prices, to make room for other goods in their Hface. Butter, Eggs and Furs, received in trade on the best terms to producers. We unhesitatingly challenge competition with any and all merchants on Puget Sound. LIOHTNER A ROSENTHAL, Nearest store to the Steumboat Landing. Olyrnpia, Jan. X, 1872. 14:ly FOR SA LE!! I— l, 500 Gallon* Extra Clear Seal Oil, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.-S, Port Townaend. FOR SALE 1! !—*,•©• Ml*u Extra Clrar Porpoise Oil. at ROTHSCHILD A CO.-S, Port Townaend, D. C. U. ROTHSCHILD JOSEPH BOBOOWITZ; KENTUCKY STORE, PORT TOWNSSND, W. T. ROTHSCHILD if Co. t ■MPOHTBH AMD WIOUSUI AND RETAIL DIAtiM 111 DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CROOKEHY AND OENEBAL*MEROKA>rZ>IBE. HAVING made arrangements to import a TT I ?, E J!SPPr ted Brandies. th§ bort brand* a large portion of our stock direct from X of whiskies and Liquors, of pw? kind, the Astern Cities, and an experienced agent ana all the Popular Bitters atld Syrups, for at San Francisco for the purpose of buying «al« In packages to (roods from first hands, we c%n offer induce* ROTHSCHILD & CO. ments to buyers unsurpassed by any other firm. Our assortment will be complete in fpOBACCO and Cigars, Pipes and Stems; gj.r, d,p.«». n .. «. w.nt " 1 """""•i'SoTIMcaiLD.CO.S We Will No* be CaitnoM „ by any other Arm on Fuget Sound. R Celebrated 8 on San Francisco, and Legal ceivld at ROTHSCHILI? A CP 'S- ipILOTHING and Furnishing Goods, in large ROTHSCHILD A CO. O BISK ]VT I! OreKon 0 Goods," and'"Pacific bought and sold on commission in Woolen Underwear, at Agenfarate.. Jjß«Fninc&co "R^igSitOT^ AGENCY of the United Anaheim Wine ■ - ——— Grower's Association is at Rothschild A TTIOHEBT market price paid in caah for Co.'s, whero a full stock of their different JX Furs, Hides, Wooland Country Produce, wines can always be found. by ROTHSCHILD A CO. Asents for Wells, Fargo ttb Go. Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. AUCTION Dry Goods Store, Main Street near Fourth. if €&.» Staple and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, &c.,&c. N. Ai C*«t. Solicit the Inhabitants mt Olympia and ssmnndlng Coastry to call aad examine their Ooods and Prices* SUTHERLAND A CO., 22in3 Main Street, near Fourth, Olympia,lW. T. T£ COMj% MOWME» OX/YMFI-A., "W. T. - This well-known and long-established House has (-hanged hands and is now conducted As a First-class House, on the European Plan. THIS IS THE LARGEST HOTEL IX THE CITY AND NEAREST THE STEAMSHIP LANDING. Its Roams are Hard-finished and Neatly Furnished. The House is surrounded with fine Shade Trees and is the most comfortable Hotel in Olympia. Suits of Rooms Tor Psmllles. BTA6EB LEAVE THE HOUSE EVERY MORNING FOR PORTLAND, VIA TENINO AND THE NORTH PACIFIC R. R. TO KALAMA, Cy Ntrict regard is paid to the comtort of guests. Parties abroad wishing rooms at the the Taeoma House can secure the same by notifying the proprietor by mail or telegraph without extra charge.

K7~ Free conveyances for baggage to and from the House. Fireproof Safe lor the accom modation of guests. T. JACKSON. Prop'r. CITY BAKERY, GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE. Mailt Street, bet. Thlrd'aad Fourth St*., OLYMPIA, W. T. RA. PARKER, thankful'for past patron >. age, solicits a continuation of the same. He will endeavor to keepon hand at all times a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH HE WILL SELL AT REASONA BLE RATES. ALL GRADES OF FLOtTEt Constantly on hand, and every variety of BREAD. CAKES, PIES. CRACKERS. And S*Anoy Pastry, MADE TO ORDER. Goods delivered to any part of the city. Highest cash prices paid for Country Produce. R. A. PARKER. Nov. 26, 1871. 4:tf Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST, A KD YCUWON'T PASS BY I. Harris' Store. Main Street, between Second and Third, op posite the Tacoma House, OXiTMPXA, W. V. IN constant receipt of all the articles, gen eral or specinl, suited to the trade of this market, consisting of DRY QOODB, CLOTHING, BATS AND CAPS, BOOTS AKD SHOES, Aa< a rail Stock at Articles accessary t* coastltate a General Variety Store, To which he invites the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to spend their money to the best advantage. Ladies esiiocially are invited to call and ex amine hia slock, which he offers at LOWER PRICES than Dry Goods were ever sold for before In Washington Territory. I. HARRIS, Main street, opposite Tacoma Hotel. Olvmpia. January, 1878. 49:1 v Dissolution. NOTICE ia hereby gl von that the co-part nership heretofore existing between John Mcßeavy and F. C. Purdv. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be centihued by John Mcßeavv, bv whom all accounts wfll be settled. All per sona indebted to the late lirm will please settle immediately. JOHN MeREAVY, F. C. FI'HBY. Vnion City, April 19th, 187S, 3fcw4< OPEN THEIR NEW STOCK OF ELGIN WATCHES! CALIFORNIA WATCHES! WALTHAM WATCHES! In all weight and st.vlc of Cose, GOLD A NJD SILVER, AT ¥. G. Jamieson's COMMBRBIAL SHEET., SKATTLK, W. T., A LABQE ASSORTMENT OF OF ALL THE LATEST PATTERNS, SIIiVBH'WAREI, A 1 PLATED WARE, CLOCKS, SPECTACLES, FANCY GOODS, Tiae-piuea of every Deecrlptiea CarafWly Repaired aaS Warranted. Jewelry of any desired Pattern made to order. ENGRAVING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. All orders for new work, repairs, en graving, or commissions for Jewelry, etc., from any part of the Territory, will receive prompt personal attention. Remember, the address is W. G. JAMIESON. Next door to Scliwabacher Bros., Commer cial street, Seattle, W. T. July 6, 1872. 30:tf Saw Guminer and Sharpener. A CHEAP, simple and durable machine easily operated and running Wheels from Bi<i inches to 12 xl inch. Price of Machine * • sls Wheels with bevelled, double bevelled and round face from •» M U lT 13, aeeordlag to TUduUw Heavier Machines and W®> running Wheels up to 24 inches in diameter. ustrating Pamphlets Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. OITT MARKJW. D. CHAMBERS, STOCK BOUGHT AND SOLD. Orders Ailed on short notice. Corned beef, kept constantly on hand. Main Street, between Third and Fourth. TOB PRINTING, or all kinds, neatly ex om^ofIb^WAHH^GTOIISTANDARD. * All at the Lowest Rates. HOFFMAN * FROST, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, ITOVCI, CKOOXEBT, LAMM, Kitchn •■< HmklwM (JtcailL ▲OIUCU LTU RAX IMPLEMENTS, ■■ ■■«*»!—»■ «r Tta, ctrrn, u< m l(M W»t) Olympic, xv. v. HAS on hand and to receiving a Am ■■ml ment of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves And Box Stoves, TIN, COPPER AND SHEET I RON.WARE, CKOCEEET AND LAMP* PRIMED WAKE, JAPANNED WARE, ECILDEM' HARDWARE, TOOLE, SHOVELS, EsiUm, Pare*. Wan ui Ctotan Pusfisal Plflaf, bjrtnlKtnn Parka, Brash ECJTUMS a«4 ■•oka, Craas Cat Saws, Aa., Aa., PEEKSKILL CAST-IRON PLOWS, PEO RIA STEEL PLOWS. CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agta. for the "World" Mower, the "Ohio" Combined Reaper and Mower, the "Torna do" Thresher, lor Puget Sound. Orders for Machinery to any point on the Sound Ailed at San Francisco pricea, freight added. Machinery set up when dealred. To dealers we will sell tinware at wholesale duplicating San Francisco lnvoioea, charging freight on measurment in bulk. HOFFMAN A FROST. February 10,1373. 15:ly C. OIIOSBT, SIX WM. *. OOUT. C. Crosby & Son, TUMWATEH, W. V., DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. AKD FBOPBIETOBS OF TH LINCOLN FLOUR MILLS, KEEP constantly on hand a full stock of General Merchandise, which THEY OFFER LOW FOB CASH. Manufacturers of the CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Puget Sound. Floor of all grados, and Feed ot all kinds, Famished to on Iki Mat Ain*. UgMli Terms. 07" Orders solicited and promptly exscut ed. C. CROSBY * SON. January 1,1873. 10:ly se PATERSON & MANN, DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES. Drngs, Medicines, Chemicals, Cloth, Balr, Nail aid TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of Fancy Articles, 4Mb, At. AT TOT PUGET SOUND DRIG STORE. Corner Eourtli'and Main Strc«ts. Olympia, Feb, 3.1872. 14:yl -A.. Wholesale and HetaU Dealer la Tobacco, Cigars, Pipes, Ac Ac Ac. THE FINEBT BRANDS OF CIBARS, Always kinds on hand and sold at prices to defy competition. 03T Cerner Main and Fifth Streets, at Cros by A Ijowe's Store. Olympia, January 1,1872. 10:m> Sheriff's Sale. NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue and authority of a writ of execution Issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the 3d Judicial District of Washinoon Territory, holding terms at Olympia. dated April Bth, 1873, to me directed ana delivered, I have levied upon, seised and taken into execution, the following described real estate, to-wit: The south half (less ten feet on the west side) of Lot No. live (5) in Block No. thirteen (IS), of the Town of Olympia, together with all the buildings thereon erected and all appurte nances thereunto belonging, which property I will sell at public auction, at the door ofthie County Court-House (Sheriff's Office), in the Town of Olympia, Thurston county, W. T., On the KGth Day •( M my, 18TS, at the hour of 11 o'clock In the forenoon, to satisfy a balance due on a judgment rendered on the Hth day of November A. D. 1867. in the aforesaid Court, in favor of Benjamin Harned, for the sum of $338 54, against Rich ard Lane, and for costs, increased costs and. interest on said balance due, all of which will be sold subject to a mortgage held by Thom as Prather against said property for'the sum of 1978 and interest. , „ WILLIAM BILL&G& Sheriff of ThiMton Co., W. T. April 26.1873. 25:wl Henry Sabin, ft UNSMITH, Locksmith and General Re VX pairer, gives special attention toall work entrusted to him. Shop on Washington Street, between Sec ond and Third. Aauaaalttoa kept Ceaataatljr Halt*. £. M. Morgan, Olxrll Bnglneel*,' DRAUGHTSMAN AMD SURVEYOR, Olympia. W. T. January IT, 18T1 13:tf H. O. Struve, Attorney at Law, WILL practice in all the Courts of Record In the Territory. OBn flflk Street Minn WufctafUi «■< Mala. Oiympla.fcov. aI.ISTJ. 4:tf C. MAIN. «. M. WIHtiIBM. . ... . .T. B. UTM Main & Winchester, Mamiftwturefs and Importers o'f HARNESS, SADDLES, BRIDLES. WHlte, COLLARS, BMOLERY WARE, AG<,*& Nos. 214 and MS Bkttery Street, SAN FRANCISCO. if. *-«H* iMrtMl W6mmnK4* linua wutastlr M> SanS; Nit 25. M 72. 90:yl FRANCIS HKNBTB COLUMN. Thurston County ~A«»—- WAllhltlTM TIIBIHniT LAND AGENCY AND COLLECTION OFriCK Of FRANOI9 HSNRT, OFFICE WITH THE SHERIFF Iff THE COIIWTT BUILDING, OLTMPIA, w. rr. THE proprietor haa the only Abstracto Titlea in Thoraton county, tne CORRECTNESS AND RELIABILITY Of wkitk fc« ta Fi ifini ta DtaMUlnt •a all lalnwM kjr u MM. iu* *r kit —Ha la prepared to transact a— OENSBAL ZiSIAZi £3STATU BUSINESS, WILL BUT AND SELL REAL E3 A TB ON COMMISSION, PERFECT TITLES, NEGOTIATE LOANS, AND MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY IN OLYMPIA, VIZ Lot 3 Block 53, near the Swantowh bridge. Lota 7 and 8 Block 33, on ThirdJßtreet oppo site Sparks' new building. Lot 8 Block SI. on Second Street, opposite the Stahoakd Office. Lot 3 Block 10. The above known aa "the Mason Proper ty." Lots 3 and 4 Block 11, east o ißettman's old store. Dwelling house and part of lot on Washing ton Street, between Second and Third Street, nearly opposite the Staitdabd Office. Dwelling house and two lota on Jefferson Street, east and adjoining Williams' Addi tion. . H to I v a * n< L ß , Block »• north of and ad joining J.N. Gale's residence' 120 feet front Thi * property ia offered for a limited time/ Lota a and 7 Block 91, adjoining T. B. Rob- Streefi* 06 ' * runn '"K form Tenth to Union Lots 3 and 4 Block 9. .?»»?'.P/.E o *** "«» 7 Block 1, on Main St., with btiiidihgs and Improvement*. Lot 12 Block 2, Mill Addition to Tumwater. Corner lot, cleared, fenced, and orchard on same. Good water. -A SO THH GRAHAM CLAIM, In Mason county, .over 300 acres of fronting on the mouths of Oyster and Bkoo kum bays, including the Arcadia Town site. A good stand for a store. Front part of claim, soil first quality, plenty of Crater for irriga tion ; hack of claim soil secofid rate, timber supposed to be good for two million feet. In ftiurstoh county, The Waddell Place, Ota Tanalquot Plains. A gracing farm of about 700 acres, mostly fenced. A small log house on the place, good post barn, 800 bear ing apple trees, goodwell of water, 80 acres of good meadow Kind, ateftut 90 ocres seeded downv ALSO The Littlejobn Farm, In Sec. 5. Township 16 Range 2 West. Twen ty-live acres in meadow, about 90 acres of good bottom' hind, house, barn and improve ments. Also in Lewis county, the farm known a the KING DONATION CLAIM, containing MO acres, situated on the Chehalis river, eignf miles from Claquato and ten miles from the Newaukum Railroad depot; 100 acres prairie, balance rich bottom land; 100 awes under fenoe; house, two burns and grainary. Terras of payment easy. One of the moat desirable places in the country. —ALJSO— In raribtU parts of &e Country. ■ By Ouarantees titlß, withopt **tra charge, when employed as conveyancer. Olympto, January 20, lift; 4J*f Pony Sample Rooms, CHARLES BUM RIOTER, PROPRIETOR Mala ItniM, mpf. Pulla ftatctf, OLTXFIi', V. T. popular Salooh to always stlbplied X with the very best quality of JhxKUt ai Pommim; BEES, Cn>ut, Cnui im TOSACCO. tT7-An elegant Billiard Roota lltotheJ to th Oystora in «ve4y style miirijt(bri lubtft' Sept. it 1873. 47 Special Notice. A IX of the TAN ITS CO.* gooAuire direct A bv the ownFMtory ana under their oWn nitenta ant PrMeaes. . It la cheeper to Boy fctiitUiaoodidiNeUy (ton well Known HinalMuwi jUyni to bay of Dealers or gel low prioeor poor goods. The Aillest information on all polnweon need ed with BMEBY WHIIU Xkl) BMERY ram fesssr* Vul FebrSery >l, IWKlfcml Fpr Sale. fUOT ncetred ftx Italian Bar* Btanca Bor «J Cb^WajantydUect^mVal-

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