Newspaper of The Washington Standard, June 7, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated June 7, 1873 Page 3
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ered. Col. surrourdtd the In dian retreat. Hia men were bound to li^'lit.. Buddenlv n Modoc shot out from tlie rocks with a white flag. He met a Warm Spring Indian, and said Jack Wanted to surrender. Three of the soouts were sent to meet Jack. He came out cautiously, glanced around him a moment, and then, as if giving up all hope, he boldly came forward, unarmed, find held his hand out to his visitors. Then two of his warriors and live squaws and seven children darted forth and joined him in the surrender. Jack ia about forty years of age, five feet eight inches in height, and com pactly built. He has a large, well formed head, and a face full of individ uality. Although dressed in old clothes, he looks every inch a chief. He does not speak to anyone. The Modocs are grouped in a field near the house, and surrounded by a guard. Spectators g.ize into Jack's face with eager interest, but he heeds them not. He is still as n statute. VOREIGN NEWS. Cannibal Paast. NEW YORK, June I.— A letter from the Fiji Islands states that some mountain savages had killed a family of whites by the name of Burns, and some Polyne sian laborers—altogether 16. The white bodies were found horribly mu tilated, and some of the bodies were Carried away to a Cannibal feast. WASHINOTO.N TIIIIKITORT V X Outage In Whatcom County. LA COJJNEB, Juno 2.—A Clinton dis patch of the Ist says that pluce was visited by a terrible deluge on Sunday morning. The rains of the previous twenty-four hours had swollen the small streams running through town. Some jams of logs broke loose in the mount ains, and in their course carried away llie flume leading to James Mures' mill. Several dwellings and stores were de molished. Some idea can lie formed of the forco of the torrent when we soy that a large iron safe was carried forty yanls by the rush of the water. Nearly 100 Indiutis and whites are at work clearing the stieets. The losses of three gentlemen alone is estimated at $41,000. No lives lost. MES. DUNIWAY FOE MAYOR. The following announcement appears in the Portland papers. Success to .sister Duniway say, we—if no Democrat runs on the opposite ticket: To the Tax-payers of the CUtj of Port land greeting:— Know all meii and wo men by these presents, that I, Mrs. A. ,J. Duniwav, of Portland, Oregon, be ing of lawful age, and a natural born citizen of the United States, and find ing how difficult it is to prevail upon .gentlemen to accept city offices, and being also somewhat of a philan thropist, respectfully announce myself a candidate for the office of Mayor for the ensuing term, subject fo the deci sion of the Republican Nominating Committee, who represent a party that is pledged to give "the demand's •of women for additional rights respect ful consideration." In taking this step I have counseled with nobody and consulted nothing but tho United Statos and the Oregon StaMf Constitutions and the platform of tho Republican party. To the required rules and usages of a Republican form of Government, I promise, if elected, to strictly conform. ltespectlully submitted, by the lax-pavers' obedient servant, Mlia. A. J. Dt'SIFFAT. SAD CASE.— A few months ago, Mr. George Muir, a well to-do farmer of Nicola Valley, wrote to Scotland for a young lady, to whom he had paid his addresses, to join him in this country with a view to matrimony. Tho young lady arrived on Monday and put up at tho Anjrel. On the satueevemng Coun cillor Morton, the landlord, received a telegram from above announcing that Mr. Muir, while on his way down to meet his bvide, was drowned by the upsetting of a canoe. The sad news was broken to the young lady; and it is only right to say that although among strangers, she has found many who sympathize with her in her deep dis tress.— Victoria Colonic. On the evening of the 24th ultimo, in tho Straits, tho brig 2'. W. IAICOH out ward bound, collided with the Fremont. The Lucas lost her bowsprit, and put back to Port Townsend. The Fremont lost her foresail and fore rigging, Only a few weeks ago people were freezing to death in New York, and now the dispatches chronicle a se vere case of sunstroke in that city. What an equable climate, to be sure! Ship Heroine, Capt. Nasen, which left Freoport for Callao, some time Bince, laden with lumber, it is reported to have been wrecked on the voyage, and all hands lost. nr A i. litt «, c !l il(J Mr - Henty Jnrret, of alia n alia Valley, was so badly burned last week that it only survived the catastrophe a few hours. » INDIAN CURIOSITIES. —We saw yester «ay, a very interesting collection of In dian curiosities, brought down from Sitka by pilot J. VV. Keen, of the Re liance. They consisted of idola and to tems of the various branches of the Sit ka tribe of Indians, and models of Aleu tian canoes. These specimens of In dian ingenuity from the North have been secured by Mr. J. G. Swan, for the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, whiclf is engaged at present, in working up the present and past history of the Indian tribes to the north of us.—Ar yua. , L INDUHTIUAL FAIR. —At a meeting o£ the Directors of the Western Washing ton Industrial Association held on the sth inst., it was voted to hold the next Annual Industrial Fair at Seattle, on i , aQ d 4th of October, 18 <3. Hon. Edward Eldridge of What- com county, Hat chosen Vice President in the place of the late L. P. Beach. A. A. MANNING, Sec'y. STATISTICAL. —Mr. Porter, the Terri torial Auditor, furnishes the Courier the following report: Island County.—The total amount of assessable property for 1872, amounted to 514,992; total amount of assessable property for 1873, 507,441. Kitsap County.—Total amount of as sessable property 1872, $736,031; for 1873, 772,335.48. Number of acres in potatoes, 50; in timothy and clover 111; acres in corn, 62; acres in barley 374: acres in oats, 334; acres in wheat, 672. Klickitat County.—Total amount of assessable property for 1872, 243,632; for 1873, 1292,415. Wahkiakum County.—Total amount of assessable property for 1872, $59,- 347; for 1873, $132,550. Thurston County.—The total amount of assessable property is $1,551,046, it being larger per capita amount than any other county in the Territory. CENSUS. Kitsap County.—Number of dwell ings, 75; number of families, 104; white males, 758; white females, 257; colored males, 119; colored females 114; foreign born males, 503; foreign born females, 52. Total population, 1,248. Skamania County.—Numberof dwell ings, 41; No. of families, 41; No. white males, 106; No. white females, 40; No. colored males 15; No. colored females, 14; foreign born males, 29; foreign born females, 4. Total population, 175. Wahkiakum County. Number of dwellings, 72; No. of families, 52; No. of white males 259; No. of white fe males, 98; No. of colored males, 74; foreign born males, 157; foreign born females, 57. Total population 431. Thurston County.—The total number of dwellings in the county is reported at 5G4; total number of families, 685; numl>er of white males, 1,383; number of white females, 873; number of for eign born males, 212; number of for eign born females, 92; number of col ored males, 34; number of colored fe males, 40. Total population, 2,336. Walla Walla County.—Number of dwellings, 1,210; families, 1,027; white males, 4,715; white females, 3,232; unmarried, 1,140; voters, 2,002. Total population, 7,947. A DOWNRIGHT SWINDLE.—It appears, from information furnished the £r/»v<«, that the North Pacific Commercial Co. has proven to have been a swindle from its inception down to the closing out sale, which recentlyjoccurred in San Francisco. Instead of settling the lia bilities, as honest people do, they de ceived the creditors to gain time and finally transferred everything in the name of the company to B. F. Taylor, of San Francisco, for the mere pittance of s33i>. Many hundred dollars are due laborers and others on the Sound. Z'jC Gov. Grovor requests that the captured Modoc h lie turned over to the civil authorities for trial. Married At the residence of the bride's |«rents, ill the Piivallup Vallo.v. on the 2Uth instant, by Rev. S. H. Mann. Mr. Oliver Shead of Tharston county, to Miss Mary A. Sumner. In Portland, on the 2!lth nit., Mr. George F. Orchard to Miss Sarah M. McNeal, both of Kalama, W. T. DIED : On Sunday morning, at Port Townsend, Hugh Strout, a native of New York, aged about 66 years. Carlton House. CARLTON A IMA* WORM Eli, riIOPR'IiS. A 1.1, who desire a good Imarding place will do well to put up at the above house, as it is conducted iu the very beat stvle. Every thing the market contains mav'l>e found on the tables, and served up by Hrst-class white cooks. The best of rooms for families or transient customers. Ortlce of the Olympia and ChebalU BTAQE A.3ST3D MAIL LINE. The Stage leaves thin house everv Mondav morning for Cheluilis and intermediate points, and arrives every Saturday evening. For freight or passage apply at the Carlton House. Olympia, May 27, 1873. 88:tf PATERSON & MANN, DRUGGISTS AND APOTHECARIES. Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Cloth, Balr, Null Md TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of Faacjr and Toilet Articles, Ale., dee. AT THE PVGET SOUND DRUG STORE. Corner Eourth and Main Streets. Olympia, Feb,13.1872. 14:yl Pony Sample Rooms, CHARLES BUM RIOTER, PROPRIETOR Main street, opp. Pacific Hut,a, OIAMPIA, W. T. THIS popular Saloon la always supplied with tlio very beat quality of WINES AND LIDVORD, ALE, PORTER, BEER, CIDER, CHUBS AND TOBACCO. C- An elegant Billiard Room attached to the premises. Oysters in every style always on hand. Bcpt. 21,1873. 47 Special Notice. ALL of the TANITE CO.'S goods arc direct ly made by the Co., at their own Factory and under their own Patents and Proccsea. It is cheapor to hjiv SrAKDAßDOoodsdlreetly from well known Manufacturers than to buv SlL I^. 1 i er ?. or .* ut i9 w priof or poor goods. The fullest information on all points connect- ERT with EMERY WIIEEM Xnd EMERY GRINDING MACHINERY will tm fum ished by this Company. February M, 1873. 16: m? D. C. H. ROTHSCHILD JOSEPH BOSCOWIZZ. KENTUCKY STORE, PORT TOWNSEND, W. T. mwwsemiM® <§> e&. t IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CROCKERY AND OENEBAL' MERCHANDISE. HAVING made arrangement# to import a a large portion of our stock direct from the Eastern Cities, and an experienced agent at San Francisco for the purpose of buving goods from tirst hands, we can offer induce ments to buvers unsurpassed by anv other tirm. Our assortment will bo complete in overy department, and we want it Known that We Will Not k« Undersold by any other firm on Puget Sound. IADIES' Drv Grfods and Iloisery—a com- J pletc assortment, and new styles, just re ceived at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'B. CLOTHING and Furnishing Goods, in largo quantities and at reduced rates at ROTHSCHILD A CO. 8. MISSION Woolen Goods and Hlankets; Oregon Woolen Goods, and Pacific Woolen Underwear, at Agent's rates. AGENCY or the United Anaheim Wine Grower's Association is at Rothschild A Co.'s, where a full stock of their different wines can always lie found. Affents for Wells, Fargo cto 00. Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. AUCTION Dry Goods Store, Main Street near Fourth. <§• CQ„ Staple and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, &c.,&c. S. ti Co. Solicit the Inhabitants of Oljrmpla and surrounding Country to call and examine their Goods and Prices* Nl'TllLltl,'WD & CO., 2'jm3 Main Street, near Fourth, Olympiad W.T. Tti€oM3l a&WBE t OLYMPIA, -W- T. » - This well-known and long-established House has changed hand* and isnow conducted As a First-class House, on the European Pla . TUIS IS THE LA WEST HOTEL IX THE CITY AND XEA KESTTHE STEAMSHIP LAXDIXO. Its Ilooms arc Hard-finished and Neatly Furnished. The House is surrounded with fine Shade Trees and is the most comfortable Hotel in Olj nipia. Suits of Rooms for Famllloa. STAGES LEAVE THE HOUSE EVERY MORNING FOR PORTLAND, VIA TENINO AND THE NORTH PACIFIC It. R. TO KALAMA, E7" Strict regard is paid to the comtort of guests. Parties abroad wishing rooms attho the IVicnma House can secure the same by notifying the proprietor by mail or telegraph without extra charge. IT?" Free conveyances for baggage to and from the House. Fireproof Safe lor the accom modation of guests. T. JACKSON, Prop'r. CITY BAKERY, GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE. Main Street, bet. Third and Fourth Sts., OLYMPIA. VV. T. RA. PARKER, thank fid for past patron • HUP. solicit* a continuation of the same. He will endeavor to keepon hand at all times a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH 1115 WILL SELL AT REASONA BLE RATES. A.XJXJ GRADES or FLOUR Constant!,von hand, and every variety of BREAD. CAKES, PIKB. CRACKERS, iViicl Pnnov Pastry, MADE TO OBOKB. tGf Goods delivered to any part of the city. K7" Highest cash prices paid for Country Produce. R. A. PARKER. Nov. 26.1871. 4:tf Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST, AND YOU WON'T PASS BY I. Harris' Store. Main Street, between Second and Third, op posite the Tacoma Houso, OIiTMPIA, W. I*. IN constant receipt of all the article*, gen eral or special, suited U> the triulu of this market, consisting of CLOTHING, HATS AND CAPS, BOOTS <*.*?£> SHOES, And s Fnll Stork ot Artlrles necessary to constitute s General Variety Store,

To which he invites the attention of Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to spend their monev to the best advantage. Unties es|>eeially are invited to call and ex amine his stork, which ho oilers at LOWER PRICES than Dry Goods were ever sold for before:in Washington Territory. 1. HARRIS, Main street, opposite Toyoma Hotel. Olvmpla. January. 1873. <9:tv For Said. JUST received Ex Italian Bark Bianca Ror cone, new Chili Walnuts, direct from Val paraiso, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S. Port Townsend. FOR SALE ! I! —POOGallons Extrm Clear Dog-Fish Oil «t ROTHSCHILD A CO.®, Port Townsend. November IP. 1872. I:tf OPEN THEIR NEW STOCK OF Imported I?randies, the best brands j .. A™"*'™ : <"d Limiors. of every kind, and all the Popular Hitters and Syrups, for sale in packages to suit bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. mOBAOCO and Cigars, Pipes and b tarns; X overy variety at ROTHSCHILD A CO.tJ ROTHSCHILD A CO. are Agents for the Celebrated Florence Sewing Machine. EXCHANGE on San Francisco, and Legal lenders bought and sold, and Drafts dis counted on liberal terms, bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. BOWKS and Stationery. a complete assort ment, at HOTHSCHILI) A CO.'S. GOODS bought and sold on commission in San Francisco or New York, at small per centage, by ROTHSCHILD A CO. HIGHEST market price paid in «*sh for Furs, Hides, Woofand < onntrv Produce, by ROTHSCHILD & CO. Saw Glimmer and Sharpener. A CHEAP, simple and durable machine easily operated and running Wheels from 8 x H inches to 12 x 1 inch. Price of Machine - - sls Wlteels with bevelled, doublo bevelled and round face from W'H to 97 33, according to Thickness. Heavier Machines WO and too. running Wheels up toil inches in diameter. For illustrating Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITE CO.: Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. ELGIN WATCHES! ~~ CALIFORNIA WATCHES! WALTHAM WATCHES! In all weight and style of Case, OOLD .AN" 13 SILVER, AT W. ft. Jamieson's COMMERBIAL SRKET., SEATTLE, W. T., A LARGE ABSOUTMENT OF OF ALL THE LATEST PATTERNS, SIZJVXSR-WARB, A 1 PLATED WARE, CLOCKS, SPECTACLES, FANCY GOODS, All at the Lowest liales. Time-pieces of every Description Carefully Repaired and Warranted. Jewelry of any desired Pattern made toorder ENGRAVING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Cy~ All orders for new work, repairs, en graving, or commissions for Jewelry, etc. from any part of the Territory, will receive prompt |>crsonal attention. Remember, the address is W. O. JA^IESON. Next door to Sehwabacher Bros., Commer cial street, Seattle, W. T. July 6, 1872. • H. G. Struve, Attorney at Law, WI LL practice in all the Courts of Record in the Territory. Office on Fifth Street between Washington and Main. Olympia,Nov. 31. 1872. 4:tf CIGARS —of the choicest mialitv. at FRFNCH Caiicrts and Prints, at UOHTNKK A ROSENTHAL'!*; HOFFMAN & FROST, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, STOVES, CROCKERY, LAMPS, Kitchen and lUutkaM lltiitl. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, XtulhtUnn ef Tin, Capper, Iknt In* Wan, OlympU, W. T. HAS on hand and is receiving ■ fine aaaort ment of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves And Box Stoves, TIN. COPPER AND SHEET IRON.WARE. CROCKERY AND LAMPS, PRESSED WARS, JAPANNED WARS, ' BUILDERS' HARDWARE, TOOLS, SHOVELS, ■sflsa, Force, Wall and Cistern Pnntpa and Piping, Hay and Mannre Fjarha, Brush Scythes and Hooks, Cross Cnt Saws, dec., Co., PEEKSKILL CAST-IRON PLOWS. PEO RIA STEEL PLOWS, CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agts. for the " World" Mower, the "Ohio" Combined Reaper and Mower, the "Torna do" Thresher, lor Puget Sound. Orders for Machinery to any point on the Sound filled at San Francisco prices, freight added. Machinery set up when desired. To dealers wo will sell tinware at wholesale duplicating San Francisco invoices, charging freight on measurinent in bulk. HOFFMAN <ft FROST. February 10,1872. 15:ly Recent Arrivals or SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal ARE in constant receipt of Seasonable Goods, consisting of DKY GOODS, Of which we have the latest atvles of Poplina, Delaines, Moire Antiques,"Lawns, Ac. CLOTHING, Custom-made, cut after the latest style, and the nicest and I jest goods in the mar kut of which we have a very extensivo assortment Hoots, Shoes and Hats, For Ladies as well as gentlemen, We have a very large assortment. Enough for the surrounding country, Besides this we keep on hand a large stock of FAMILY GROCERIES. New goods always on the way, bv every ves sel from San Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will tind it to their advantage to purchase stock and outfits of us. The demand for goods having increased, we have now enlarged our our stock, determined to sell goods for cash or country produce at a very small profit, in large or small quanti ties. Our goods arc se lected ana bought by one of the most expe rienced and best educa ted business nien on the Paci tic Coast; and having iu everv re s|>ect netter facilities for obtaining goods than most any other house 011 the Sound, wo can guarantee satisfac tion to every one who deals with us. Grate fully acknowledging our thanks to all our friends and the public generally, for past pa tronage, we respectful ly request a continu ance of the same. We offer our stock of Choice Liquors at cost prices, to make room for other goods in their place. Butter, Eggs and Furs, received in trade on the best terms to producers. Wo unhesitatingly challenge competition with anv and all merchants on Puget Sound. LIOHTNER A ROSENTHAL, Nearest store to the Steamboat La tiding. Olympia, Jan. 1,187 J. 14:ly ■ ■ m C. CROSBY, SEX VX. P. CBOOT. C. Crosby & Son, TUMWATBR, W. T., DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. AM) PBOPRIETOBS OF THX , LINCOLN FLOUR MILLS, KEEP constantly on hand a full stock of General Merchandise, which THE* OFFER LOW FOR CAII. Manufacturers of the CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Puget Sound. Flour of all grados, and Feed of all kinds, Famished to Dealers on the Meet A<T«S> lagoons Terms. Orders solicited and promptly execut ed. C. CROSBY k SON. January 1,1873. 10:1? so J. LOWE, Probate - JT udgpe* JUSTICE of the Pence, Conveyancer »nd General Collector. Justices' Blanks of all kinds for sale. £T7~ All business entrusted to him executed promptlywith qvick retui ns. D((4a, *«., with Gur»lH« Aeraracjr. ITT" Office in Probate Court Room. Resi dence corner of Washington and Eight Sts., Olynipia. May 34,1878. Mima __ Probate Notice. Jn the Probate Court of Lewie County, April Term. NOTICE is hereby given to all parties In any way interested In the estate of An drew J. Sinimona, deceased, that a petition has been presented to the Probate Court of Lewis county. W. T., by Henry Miles, Adj ministrator or the said estate, for a salo of all the real property belonging to the said estate, and to appear at my office in Claquato, Mow diiv.thellth day or June, A. P. WW, «* o'clock P. M.. to Interpose in their behalf; artd it i.i hereby ordered that publication be made in the WitsHiNOTon STANDARD, a paper, for lour consecutive week* previous to hWing JAMES H. ROUMDTREE, Probate Judge and Clerk, Uwii Cor.-, W. T« May 10.1878. 27;w4 , Wottern Lodge No. 6. I* O. O. Fi -jt/TEETai Odd Fellows Lpdge.everyThurs- IVI iinv oveninic at 7 o cluvk. Mi niLer of tueordoriu *oo<f »i» coitliiifly in vited to attend. By order of the N.TI. FRANCIS HENRY'S COLUM . Thurston County ~ AND jt WASHINGTOI TEUITOBT LAND AGENCY ARD COLLECTION OFFICE OF FRANCIS HENRY, OFFICE WITH THE SHERIFF IX THE COVNTY fMTILDMC OLYMPIA, W. T. TIIE proprietor has the only Abstractor Titles in Thurston county, the CORRECTNESS AND RELIAPILITY Of which he te Prepared to Dwraitnto to mil Interested hjr EiklkU of hi* Books. lie is prepared to transact a— GENERAL RSIAZJ XISTATSI BXJ BINEBS, WILL BUY AND SELL REAL ETSATE ON COMMISSION. Pay Taxefil, PERFECT TITLESI NEGOTIATE LOANS, AND MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY IN OLYMPIA, VIZ Lot 3 Block 53, near the Swantown bridge. Lots 7 and 8 Block 33, on ThircKStreet oppo site Sparks' new building. Lot 8 Block 21, on Second Street, ODixwita the STANDARD Office. Lot 8 Block 10. above known u "the Mason Proper- Lots S and i Block 11, east o Bettman'a old store. Dwelling house and part of lot on Washing ton Street, between Second and Third Street, nearly opposite the STANDARD Office. Dwelling house and two lots on Jefferson Street, cost and adjoining Williams' Addi tion. Lots 1, 2 and S Block 19, north of and ad joining J. N. Gale's residence, 120 feet front on Main Street. This property is offered for a limited time. Lots 2 and 7 Block 61, adjoining T. B. Rob- StreeEg 6 ' Rnd runn g forlm TenUl to Union Lots 3 and 4 Block 6. of Lots 6 and 7 Block I, on Main St., with buildings and improvements. Lot 12 Block 2, Mill Addition to Tumwater. Corner lot. cleared, fenced, and orchard on •ante. Good water. -A SO THE GRAHAM CLAIM, In Mason county, over 300 acres of land fronting on the mouths of Ovster ana Skoo kum bays, including the Arcadia Town aite. A good stand for a store. Front part of claim, •oil first quality, plenty of water for irriga tion ; (wck of claim sou second rate, timber supposed to be good for two million feet. In Thurston county, The Waddcll Place, On Tanalquot Plains. A grating farm of about 700 acres, moatly fenced. A small log house on the place, good post barn, UN) bear ing apple trees, good well of water, 80acres of good meadow land, about 20 ocrca seeded uown. • ALSO The Littlejohn Farm, In Sec. S. Township 16 Range 2 West. Twen ty-five acres in meadow, about 90 acres of good bottom land, house, barn and improve ment*. % Also in Lewis county, the farm known »i' the KINO DONATION CLAIM, •I <1 containing 820 acres, situated on tbs Chslialia river, eight miles front C'laquato and ten niiln from the Newaukum Railroad depot ; 160 acres prairie, balance rich bottom, land; 10# acres under fence; house, two barps and Kainary. Terms of payment easy. One of e most desirable places in tfee country. > -ALSO OTHBR. PROF&Xt^r In various parts of the Country. . I- I f * i <:"M 07* Guarantees title, without extra charge, wheil employed as conveyance#. Olympfa, Jahuify 9b, 1871 ttitt Probate Notice. > i.« 7n the. Probate Court of Lewit County, April nrjri: VfoWCE la hereby given to *ll partlM In IX an v way interested In the estate of MWl ael Cottenealr. deceased, that a peUtkw. hu been presented to the Proliate Court of Le#m county, W.T., by Henry Miles AHtfilnlftra)pr of the aald estate, for a sale of ell ih» rwl property belonging to the said appear at my office in Claquatjp, Monday, the 9th dav of Jufte, A. D. 1875, at owe o'clock r. M., to interpose in th«Ur behalf; and It ia he#e bv ordered that publication pe made In the, WASHINGTON STANDAM), a weekly ocwspaper, ssr Probate Judge and Clenc, Lewis Co., W. T. May f7:W4 - • " ' Home Shuttle Sewing MACHINE. tSES fax fcriUIGHT XJEDLI—*A±£» TRI LOCK SntCH. -,i .! ■- Noi 1 Style .s.i JfjiU. &! •• the HOME SHUTTLE?* the moat DCpalfr ' Hewing Machine in Uw M. E. TRAVERB, Ow'i Agent. May 10,1873. W ' ■ 1 'Tt OR SALE 111—«.■— tIaUMM Seal Oil, at ROTHSCHILD A CO. "8, Port Town*nd.

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