Newspaper of The Washington Standard, June 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated June 21, 1873 Page 3
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A MONSTF.U Asm.. —Vulcan himself, with nil the swart giants who worked at the god's smithies under jEtim, never owned such an anvil as will soon l>e in nsc in the new rolling mills at Woolwich, England. For a long time past the engineers have been biuy at the Royal Gun Factories of the Arsenal in con structing this Titanic piece of iron mongery, ami they are depositing in its place tlie enormous plate which is to form the lied of the anvil block. This plate weighs 107 tons, and had to be cast of necessity in an open mould. The surface which is to receive tlio an vil block lay, therefore, downward, and when after many weeks the colossal casting grew cool, it was needful to turn the huge mass completely over. At the appointed time an army of sturdy smiths undertook the task with hydrau lic jacks and a combination of the strong est tackle; before night they had lifted the monstrous lump of solid metal, twenty-two feet s<piavo, and since then they have laid it on its bed upon the rock-like structure of concrete and piles made to receive it. The anvil-block to be mounted on the huge plate will weigh only a trifle short of 200 tons, and the pteam hammer which will strike upon it is made of thirty-five tons of bolid metal, the blow, at full force lieing, of course, tremendous. In fact, it is rather doubt ful what will happen to Woolwich and its vicinity when the mighty piece of mechanism gets to work. That the earth around will shake and the air roll with measured thunder seems probable; for nothing like this stupendous forgo has ever been set to work since the bolts of Jove were hammered. Tlior's fam ous weapon was a mere driver of tin tneks contrasted with it; and indeed, the old Norske god, for all his huge strength, would he puzzled to throw this Woolwich tool—which, taking all its metal work together, weighs hard upon 500 tons. How TO HE Por.rrK.— Do not try too hard to lie polito. Never overwhelm your friends bv bogging them to make themselves tit home, or tliey will soon wish they were there. Show by your notions rather than your words that you are glad to see them. Have enough regard for yourself to treat your great est enemy with quiet politeness. AM lietty slights are merely meanness, and mrt yourself more than any one else. Do not talk about yourself or your family to the exclusion of other topics. What if you tire clever, and a little more so than other people, it. may not be that other folks will think so what ever they ought to do. It may bo very interesting to you to talk over your aii monts, but very tiresome for others to listen to. Make people think you con sider them pleasant and agreeable, and they will be pretty apt to have a pleas ant impression of yourself. Treat people just as you would like to have them treat you. It is much easier to lose the good opinion of people than to retain it; and when one does not care' for the good opinion of others, he or sho is not worthy of respect. Do not excuse your house, furniture, or the table you set before your guests. It, is fair to suppose their visits are to you, not to your surroundings. The whole machinery of social intercourse is very intricate, and it is our business to keep all places of possilication well supplied with the oil of politeness. NOTADI.E AIUUVALS. —Amongthe many Lite noted arrivals at the Tacoma House wore tlio following: C. L. Damon, Col. W. 15. Johnson and wife, Miss Babcock, Al. Ogden and wife, San Francisco; Col. M. M. McCarver, Tacoma; J. "White Semiahmoo; Dr. M. Maddocks, J. T. Roberts, 11. H. AVliito, Seattle; S. Tcnax, Walla Walla, If. C. Brake mir, Cleveland, Ohio; S. G. Reed and wife, Mrs. Winch .Portland; Win ]?un>- pbrey, Olaqua; Henry Miles, Cowlitz; S. Young and wife, Chicago, 111.; Jus. Armstrong, Titos. Lounny.C.Canagon, East Saginaw, Mich.; Thornton Bell ntore, N. Kaubt, G. Bollmore, J. Tem ple, 0. T. Bellinore and family, Flag Springs, Mo.; J. C. Elliott,'Eaton, Ohio; J. H. Shutt, San Francisco. The Tacoma now has the " ran of trade" and a prospect of keeping it. This result is owing in no small degree to the exertions of Billy Hunter, the imlefatigible agent for the house. > 9 £*-The telegram announcing the doath of Mrs. Woodhull proves to be a canard. The Hibernian citizens of sov crafWestern towns demand that the Irish language be taught in the public schools. A Switzerland county, Indiana, man, of liberal views, recently married his grand-daughter. ETA maft in Chicago announces himself as the Methodist candidate for constuhlo." John Stuart Mill made every American feel that lie had encountered a friend. SSS" Twenty thousand people took the pledge in the recent Maine teetotal revival. , Mississippi hires out her con victs at sl(> a mofttli, and doesn't find them. Xs£" It cost nine million dollars to support London's poor last year. Bismark is in Minnesota. It is the name of a new town there. ©a!f Grasshoppers are setting tho wheat crop all awry in Texas. ftaTDuluth, the "Zenith City," is still frozen up. (teiy California has a wheat field of 38,000 acres. 1 A Missourian who stole a kiss from a pretty girl, was lined by a mag istrate, horsewhipped bv her brother, and worried into a brain-fever by his wife. The clergyman also alluded to the afl'air in his sermon, the local editor , took sides with the clergyman and re j viewed the case in print, and the pota | bugs ate up evey blade of the male factor's wheat crop. l*yThev are getting up a grand ex cursion to Polynesia, at San Francisco. IIP A Hartford man has left $20,000 for the support of lame horses. Even Boston used 150,000 pos tal cards the second day. • ■ 3V-' Chili too means to have a uni" versal exposition in 1875. • CFYe gotation and tlio season are late all over the country. In Mexico, women arc contesting for college professorships. There is a scarcity of fisli in New England. MARRIED i In Seattle, Juno lnth, nt the residence of tlio liriilo. by the Ilev. 1 »r. Freeman, Isaiah Wad dell, Ksq., to Mrs. Mary Palmer. At the American J Intel, San.fuse, California, May 21. IST.'I. bv the ilev. 10. S. Todd. Mr. Charles E. Baldwin, of Now York, to Mrs. Francis E. Johns, of Seettle, \Y. T. At Waitsburg, on the -itli inst., by J. V - Crawford, J. I*.. Mr. S. R. T. Jones, of Mari* on count v Oregon, to Miss Susan Booth, of Waitshurg, W. T. DIED : At the Dalles. Or .Tunc6th. Mrs. Mary Ellen Hand, wife of Wm. M. Hand, KSIJ'., editor of the .Vntiuluiwer. Administrator's Sale OF REAL ESTATE. N'onCE is hereby given that in pursuance of (lie order of (lie I'm I ate Court of is county :iin 1 Territory <>t' Washington made on (lie ninth ilay of April, A. 1). 187.!, in the mutter of the estate of Michel t'ottoneiiir, de ceased. tlio undersigned. Administrator of said estate, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidden for oils)i, in one parcel and subject tocontirniation by said Probate (Aiurt, on 'l'll u ruin y. the 171 tl iliiy of July, A. U. 117:1, iit 12 o'clock M., sit the Cowlitz Postoflice in said eouiity, all the right. title, interest ami estate ol said estate, at the time of his death, and all the light, title and interest that the said estate has liv operation of Jaw or other wise aeipiired. oilier than or in addition to that of the said estate at thetime of his death in anil to the west half of that piece or parcel ot land situate, lying and lieinu' in said eouii ty. known as the donation claim of Mieliel t'ottoneiiir, deceased, described as follows, to-wit : Lots three, four, live, six and seven, in si el ion thirty two, township twelve, north of range one west, and lots one, two and eight, section four, nnil lots one. two, three, four, live and six. section live, lots live, six, seven, eight and nine, of section nine, lot four sec tion ten, township eleven, north af range one west, containing 101 I!MUU acres. 'J'I I ins o of sail) cash. lIKNRY MIT,ICS. Adm'r of the estate of Michel Cottontail', deceased. Lewis county, June 17, 187:1. 23:w3 Administrator's Sale OIF REAL ESTATE. VM>TICK is herebv given Hint in pursuance li of the order of Iho I*r< >1 < on it of Lew is county iiml Territory of Washington. ni:i<it■ on tlic ninth day of April. A. I>. 1H7:!. in the matter of tli«» estate of Andrew J. Simmons, deceased. the undersigned. Administrntor ot' saiil estate, will sell at public auction. to the highest bidder for cash. in one parcel anil subject to confirmation li.v said Probate Court, on Tliiimlny, tliel?ih day of July A. D. IS7SI, at 1 o'clock f. M., at the Cowlitz PostniHoe in said county, nil tlie right, title, Interest ami estate of said estate, at the time of his dentil, and nil the right. title and interest that the said estate has. I>y operation of law or other wise acquired. other th in or in addition to that of the said estate at the time of his death in and to tile south half of piece or par cel of land situate. lying and being in the said county, known as tin' donation claim of John IS. liuehard. described as follows, to wit : A certain tract of public lands known and designated in t lie surveys and platsof the I nited States as the claim mmiliered forty six, being parts of sections three and four in township eleven, north of range one west, and parts of sections thirty-three and thirty four in township twelve, north of range olio west, and dcscrilted and hounded as follows, to wit : IVginningat the south-west corner of said section three, running thenee east twenty-one chains mid ten links, thence north twenty-five dejirees cast titleencliains, thence north lifty-two dejirees east six chains, thence north seventy decrees east nine chains, thence cast nine chains, thence south eight v degrees cast twenty-one chains, thenee south seventy-two degrees east fifty links, thence north lifty-one chains anil seventy links, theue.ii west thirty-eight chains niid liftv links, tlience north forty clmins, thenee west lorty-two chains and iil'ty links, thence south ninety-eight chains arid tlilrty-livo links, tnence east ten chains and twenty-four links, thenee south nine chains and forty links to the place of beginning, containing six hund red and twenty acres and tiftv-uino hund redths of au acre. Terms of sale cash. 11KNRY MILES, Adin'r of the estnto of Andrew J. Simmons, deceased. Lewis county, Juno 17,1873. 23:w3 Carlton House. CARLTOX <t r.4A" WOItMKN, J'ROI'R'KS. t LI. who desire a good lioardiug place will XV <!<> well t«» put up at theaboveliouse, as it in conducted in tho very best style. Kvery tiling the market contains may Ih> found on the tables, ami served up by first -class white cooks, The bust of rooms for families or transient customers. Oltlco of I lie Olyiupla anil C'hehnlU STAGE AND MAIL LINE. The Stage leaves this house every Monday morning for Cliehalis and intermediate ixiints, and arrives every Saturday evening, •'or freight or passage apply ut the Carlton House. Olympic, May 27, 1873. 38:tf PATERSON & MANN, DIIUGUISTS am) APOTHECARIES. Drugs, Medicines Chemicals, t'lofli. Hair, Kail and TOOTH BRUSHES. And a full assortment of Fa»:jr and Toilet Article*, <kc., die. AT TUX PI'GET SOI'JSD DRUG STORE. Corner Rourth and Main Streets. Olynipis, Feb, 3. 1872. H:yl 1/MNK Cloth and liusintss Suits, rhnapwr ; than the eheapeet at, HAKKIS s. D. C. H. ROTHSCHILD JOSEPH BOSCOWITZ. KENTUCKY STORE, PORT TOWNSEND, W. T. MOTBSCBIL9 & Co. t I»P()l'.Ti:U<i AND WIIULEHALE AND RETAIL DEALERfI IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES, Fancy Goods, Groceries, Wines and Liquors, CKOCKERY -A.ITXS GENERAL MERCHANDISE. HAVING made arrangements to import a a large portion of unr stock direct Irom the Eastern Cities, and an ex|>erieiiced agent at San Francisco for the purpose ot buying goods from lirst liands, we can otter induce iiu nts to buyers unsurpassed l>y any ot.icr tirm. Our assortment will lie complete m every department, ami we want it known that' . Wa Will Not tie Undersold ljv any other firm on Puget Sound. ] A DIES' Drv Goods and Iloisery-a eoin i pleU? assortment, and new styles, just re ceived at ROTHSCHILD A Co. S. CtLOTHINGand FnrnishingGoods, inlarge J quantities and at reduced rates at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S. MISSION Woolen floods and ItlinkcM; Oregon Woolen Goods, and Pacific Woolen Underwear, at Agent's rates. VOENCY of tho United Anaheim Wine (•rower's Association is at Rothschild «£ Co.'s, where a full stock of tjic-ir different wines ("in always lie found. for "w oils. Fargo cto Co. Will Open on Saturday, the sth Instant. AUCTION Dry Goods Store, Main Street near Fourth. SUTREEL&ND Staple and Fancy Goods, Domestics, Yan kee Notions, Gents' Furnishing 1 . Goods, Millinery, &e. s &c. M. Afn. Rulirll HIP IntinlHtnnU of Olymnla null surrniimltiij; Country tu call and fxamliio (hrir Uiivdi and Prlt-M. S< TIIKKI.AXI) «W CO., 221113 Main Street, near Fourth, Olympia, W.T. TdCOMd MOWSE 9 ~\AT. T. —This well-known and long-established House lias changed hands and is now condaded As a First-class House, on the European Pla . THIS IS THE lA KG EST HOTEL IJ THE CUT AW XEA U EST THE STEAMSHIP I. AXI >IXO. Its Rooms arc Hard-finished and Neatly Furnished. The House is surrounded with fine Shade Trees nnd is the most comfortable Hotel in Olympia. EJviit® of Xlooxria for Fajiiilicni. STAGES LEAVE THE HOUSE EVERY WORKING FOR PORTLAND, VIA TEMNOANI) THE NORTH PACIFIC R. R. TO K AT.AM A, C 7" Strict reirard is paid to the conitort of guests. Parties abroad wishing rooms at tho the Taconia llouse can secure the same by notifying the proprietor by mail or telegraph without extra charge. LC7" Free conveyances for baggage to and from the House. Fireproof Safe lor the accom modation of guests. T. JACK SOX, Prop'r. CITY BAKERY, GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE. Main Stmt, bet. Third and Fourtli its., OT/YMPIA, W. T. RA. PARKER, thankful for past pat ron . litre, solicit* a continuation of the same, lie will endeavor to keep on haml&t alltinies a choice selection of FAMILY GROCERIES, WHICH ins WILL SEI.I, AT REASONA BLE RATES. JK.T-.TJ GRADES OF FLOUR Constantly on linnet, and every variety of BREAD. CAKES. I'IES, CRACKERS, And Fnnoy Pnatry, 11AKE TO OItDEK. D3T"Goods delivered to any part of the city. Highest cash price* paid for Country Produce. R.A.PARKER. Nov. 2fi, 1871. 4:tf Buy where You can Buy CHEAPEST,

AND YOU WON'T PASS BY I. Harris' Store. Main Street. Itetween Second and Third, op posite the Tacouia House, OLYMPIA. W.,T. IN constant receipt of all the articles, gen eral or special, suited to the trade of this market, consisting of DII Y GOODS, .' CLOTHRO. HAW AND < AP», BOOTS AND SHOES, And M Full Stock of Article* necessary to constitute a General Variety Store, To which he invites the attention of I,adic« and Gentlemen who wish to spend their nionev to the best advantage. Ladies especially are invited to call and ox aiuine his stock, which ho otters at LOWER PRICES than Dry Goods were ever sold for Washington Territory. I. HARRIS, Main street, opposite Tacoma Hotel. Olvmpia, January. 1873. 41>:ly For Sale. JUST received Ex Italian Bark Bianea Bor, new Chili Walnuts, direct from Val paraiso, at ROTHSCHILD <t CO.'S, Port Townscnd. FOR NAT,E !!!—JJO, 000 Gallons Extra C'lt-ur Dog-Pish Oil, at ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S, « Port Towiistml. November IG, 1872. 3:tf OPEN TiiElß NE\V STOCK OF - of Whiskies and Liouors, of every kind, and all the Popular Hitters and Syrups, for sale in packages to suit bv ROTHSCHILD A CO. TU)I».\CCO and Cigars, Pipes and Steins; every variety at ' ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S TJOTIISCIITLD A CO. are Agents for the I\ Celeliratcd Florence Sewing Machine. on San Francisco.and Legal JLj 'renders bought and sold, and Drafts dis counted on liberal terms. bv ROTHhCHILD <t CO. BOOKS and Stationery, a complete assort ment, at ROTHSCHILD * CO.'S. GOODS bought and sold on commission in San Francisco or New York, at small per centage, by ROTHSCHILD it CO. H Kill EST market price paid in cash for Furs, Hides, Wool and Country Produce, by ROTHSCHILD A CO. Saw Glimmer and Sharpener. \ CHEAP. simple and durable machine— easily operated and running Wheels frein S X 'T iuulies to 12 x 1 inch. Price oi' Machine - - Sis • Wheels with bevelled, double bevelled and round face from S3 I*4 to f? 35, according to Thickness. Heavier Machines 970 nnd SOO, running Wheels up t024 inches in diameter. For illustrating Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITE CO.. Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. "Advertising is the oil which wise nieS place in their lamps."— Modeilx Phov. L. P. FISHER, Advertising Agent, Rooms HO and 31 Merchant's Exchange, CALIFORNIA SREET, SAN FRANCISCO, SOLI< 'ITS advertisements and subscriptions for the Washington Standard, and for pa pers published in California, Oregon and Ne vada. Washington, Utah, Idaho. Montana, Colorado, and adjacent States and Territories; Sandwich Islands, the British Possessions, Muxleau ports, Nicaragua, Panama, Valpa raiso. Ja]Nin and China, New Zealand and the Australian Colonics, the Atlantic States and Europe. ... ADVERTISING Has created many a new business ; Has enlarged many an old business; Has revived many a dull business; 1 bis rescued many a lost business; Has saved many a failing business; Has preserved many a large business; And insures success in any business. Gibabp's Sccbet.— Stouhen G i raid used to sav in his old age: •• I nave always consid ered advertising liberally and long to be tho great medium of success'in business, and the prelude to wealth. Ajhl I have made it an invariable rule to advertise in the dullest times as well as the busiest: king experience having taught me that money thus s|ieut is well laid out. as by continually keeping my business before tho public it has secured meiuany sales that I otherwise would have lost." „ * , * * 1 ! Advertise Your Business. K*ep Your \anin Hrfure the I'uble t S Judicious Advertising will insure a Fortuno. IF BUSINESS ISDCLL, ADi LiimE." IF BUSINESS IS BRISK, ADVERTISE. C7~ The man who didn't believe in adver tising has gone into partnership with the sheriff. and that olllecr does the advertising. Sept. 21, 1872. 47 JXt >U SAIJS!! ! 1,000 Qallons Extra Clen . Porpoise Oil. Nt ROTHSCHILD A CO.'S, Port Townscml. HOFFMAN & FROST, DEALERS IN HARDWARE, STOVES, OHOCXCEIVY, LAMPS, Kitchen and Household Itrnsil. AfIIUCULTUIIAIi IMI'LEMENTB, Manufacturer* of Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware, Olympia, XV. T. HAS on hand anil is receiving a fine assort ment of Cooking Stoves, Parlor Stoves And Box Stoves, TIN, COPPER ANl> SHEET IKON WAKE, CROCKERY AND LAMPS, PRESSED WARR, JAPANNED WARE, BI'ILDERS' HARDWARE, TOOLS, SHOVELS, Euflni), Farce, Well and Cistern Pumps and Piping, Hay and Manure Furkx, Itrush Scythes and nooks. Cross Cut Saws, &c., £c, PEEKSKIEL CAST-IRON PLOWS. PEO RIA STEEL PLOWS. CLIPPER STEEL PLOWS. Agts. for tlic " World" Mower, the "Ohio" Combined Reaper and Mower, the "Torna do" Thresher, for Puget Sound. Orders for Machinery to any point on tho Sound tilled at San Francisco "prices, freight added. Machinery set up when desired. To dealers wo will sell tinwareat wholesale duplicating San Francisco invoices, charging freight on measurment in hulk. HOFFMAN A FROST. February 10, 15)72. 15:ly Recent Arrivals OF SUMMER AND FALL GOODS. Lightner & Rosenthal ,4 HE in constant receipt of Seasonable JLY. Goods, consisting of DKY GOODS, Of which we have the latest styles of Poplins Delaines, Moire Antiques, Lawns, Ac. „ CLOTHIITG, Custom-made, cut after tho latest stvle, and the nicest ami best goods in the mar ket of which we have a very extensive assortment Hoots, Shoes and Ilats, For Ladies as well as gentlemen, \\ e have a very large assortment, Enough for the surrounding country, llesides this we keep on hand a large stock of FAMILY GROCERIES. New goods always on the way, by every ves- / sel from Sail Francisco. Strangers or new com ers will find it to their advantage to purchase stock and outlits of us. Tile demand for uoods having increased, we have nowenlarged our our stock, determined to sell goods for cash or eountrv produce at a very small profit, in large or small quanti ties. Our goods are se lected and liougiit by ono of the most expe rienced and best educa ted business men on the Paci lie Coast; and having iu every re spect better facilities for obtaining good* than most any other house oil the Sound, we can guarantee satisfac tion to every ono who deals with us. Orate fully acknowledging our thanks to all our friends and the public generally, for past j»a tronago, wo respectful ly request a continu ance of the same. We olTer our stock of Choice Liquors at cost prices, to make room for other goods in their place. Hutter, Eggs and Furs, received in trado on the best terms to producers. We unhesitatingly challenge competition with any and all merchants on Pliget Sound. LIOHTNER A ROSENTHAL, Nearest store to the Stcamlioat Landing. Olympia, Jan. 1,1872. 14:ly C. OBOSBY, BEN W*. F. CBOSBY. C. Crosby & Son, TUMWATER, W- X., DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE. AKD rHOFRIETOBS Or TIXS LINCOLN FLOUR MILLS, KEEP constantly on hand a full atock of General Merchandise, which THEY OFFER tOW FOR CASH. Manufacturers of the CHOICEST BRANDS OF FLOUR, To be found on Puget Sound. Flour FIT til grados, and Feed of all kinds, Furnished to Dealer* on the Most Advan tageous Terms. Orders solicited and promptly execut ed. C. CROSBY Jfc SON. January 1,1873. 10:ly se WARD & MITCHELL, DEALERS IN Rough and Dressed Lumber, Arc also prepared to manufacture FREIQHt CAES, Snih, Door®, Mouldings, Ac., an the Short est Notice, at their Mill# and Factory at Turawater, W T. Decembor3o, 1372. 9:yl H. L. CHAPMAN D. *• BBOWK. WASHINGTON MARKET CHAPMAN A DROWN, PROP'RS. Cor. Fourtli anil Wmhington Sti.| Olyinpfta* DEALERS IN Fresh and Cured Meats CHICKKXB, EGGS, BUTTER, Lard, anil VEGETABLES of every variety in season, attljo lowest market rates. K?" A share of tho public patronage is re speotfnlly solicited and satisfaction guaran teed. Orders delivered in any part of thi citv, tree of charge. Olympia, Feb. 1, 187 J. 14:tf Western No. 6, I. O. O, F. MEET at Odd l'ellows'Lodge,every Thurs diiv evening at 7 o'clock. Memlier o: the ordter in good standing are cordially itt vitod o attend. Hyorderoltho >. O. FRANCIS HENRY'S COLUMN- Thurston County ABSTRACT - AMD —— WASHINGTON TERRITORY LAND AGENCY AND COLLECTION OFFICE OF FRANC IS HENRY, OFFICE WITH TIIE SHERIFF IN TIIE COUNTY nUILDINC OLYMPIA, W. T. Till', proprietor has tlio only Abstract of Titled in Thurston county, tho CORRECTNESS AND RELIABILITY or which he I* Prepared to Ucnianil rat* to all Intcreitrd by am Eihlbl ttoa of his Boohs. Ho ia prepared to transact a GENERAL HHAL BBTATB BUSINESS, WILL BUY AND SELL REAL XTBATE OK COMMISSION. Fay Taxes, PERFECT TITLES NEGOTIATE LOANS, AMD MAKE COLLECTIONS. For Sale. TOWN PROPERTY IN OLYMPIA. VIZ I-ot 3 Block 53, near the Swantown bridge Sec ° , ' d «~KOT»«. Lot 3 Block 10. The above known aa "the Maaon Proper- store'* 3 Und 4 I!lo ° k U ' east ° Pcttman's old tnK i, ( lg i ll ? use an J? P*rtoflot on Washlng ton Street, between Second and Tliird Street nearly opjtosite the STANDABD Ofllce. pwellinu house and two lots on Jefferson floil? 1 " Williams' Addi- Lots 1.2 and 3 Block 19, north of and xl. joining J. N. Gale's residence, 120 feet front alUnftod uSSf" I>rOPerty U ° ffered for Lota 2 and 7 Block 61, adjoining T. B. Rob- Strwu 1100 ' " runnln K f orni Tenth to Union Lots 3 and 4 Block S. w?th r H?,i&? jots 6 j ,ld 7 Rlock 1. on Main St., with buildings and improvements. Lot 12 Block 2, Mill Addition to Tumwator sa'iiii?' Uoodwater! and »«•»•«»« A SO the obaham claim, In Mason county, over 900 acres of land> fronting on the mouths of Ovtrcer and Hkoo supposed to be good for two million feet. In Thurston county, The Waddcll Place, i T ?,(!, ' uo Plains. A grazing farm of about 700 acres, mostly fenced. A small lok house on the place, good post barn, 800 bear ing apple trees, good well of water, 80acres of kood meadow land, about 30 ocrea seeded ciown« ALSO The Littlejohn Farm, In Sec. 5. Township 16 Rang© 2 West. Twen ty-five acres in meadow, about 90 acres of good bottom land, house, barn and improve ments. Also in Lowia oounty, the farm known a ine KING DONATION CLAIM, containing 320 acres, situated on the Chehalia river, eight nules from Claquato end ten mile* from tiie Newaukum Kailroad depot; 100 acres prairie, balance rich bottom land; 100 acres under tence; house, two barna and granary. Terms of payment easy. One of the most desirable plaoea in the country. —ALSO— oTazm Fnox>saTT In various parts of the Country. 07"Guaranties title, without extra charm when employed aa conveyancer. Olympia, January 90,1072. 42:tf Henry Sabin, p UNSMITH, Locksmith and General Be VT pairer, gives special attention to all work entrusted to him. Shop on Washington Street, between Sao ond aud Tlyrd. Ammunition kept C«utull|r Baal Pony Sample Rooms, CHARLES BUM BISTER, PROPRIETOR Main Street, op*. Facile H*M, OLTKPIA, W. T. , THIS popular Saloon la always supplied with Yhe very best quality of WINES AND Udl'OHS, ALE, PORTU, BEEB, dim*, CNUT ass Itoaiooo. K7" An elegant Billiard Room attached to the premises. Ovsters in overy stylo always on hand. . Sept. 21,1872. 47 Special Notice. A LL of the TAN ITEOO.'S goods are direct /V 1 v made by the Go., at their own Factory and under their own Patents and Proceaep. It is cheaper to bnv HTAXHAHS Goods directly from well known Manufacturers than to boy of Dealers or get low price or poor food*. The hillent information on all points connect ed with EMERY WHEELS XND EMERY GRINDING MACHINERY will be tOOb. ished by this Company. Fobruary 22,1873; 16: mS •

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