Newspaper of The Washington Standard, 29 Nisan 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated 29 Nisan 1876 Page 3
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connections and this bill once rejected, doubtful if you can approach him again, ihe It out <a of diade knou ail in.--tlie Co of tlie raid and the reliable oiler—can they alii •• i ' ->-<• it If. i- .. kiy. for he a!i auy bcjics to think we MFC trilling \vi'! him and fec-i- iudifn rent higher he pi ,>■ s- Ohio and Chc-u-q- .- ik.- er builds oi.-u Ii; treat VMI to 'accept, or the next ecru-ration will tee no sin n farorahle - • >nncc tiou with such little cost. 'lire ra.lroau committee of tire Ii card of Trade, as per in •;ructions have drawn up certain modifica tions to present to .Mr. iluat njrton, d.-it the genera! iniprc-sion is tint Un-ir eliorts are imply 'lovu» i.tO.jr it,-:, ;;t tire t eirtral I'uci !k- Company will buii'i tire road upon no other It r.iii tii,t:i those vvhie lit has submit ted to the p - pie through its Yi • i*n ,]- dent. Or i! ship-btiii iii'■: resources »re becoming generally know n to tire p- ople of the Ida.-tern Mates In that vvj.iiy t it- ulated and in tin. n tia! journal, tire Xt-.v V irk S in, of the 10th i - -1., we dud tiie i ilov ii g i'he m i-l valu able forests for sliip-b ii!d : ng in the world a.e those of Oregon, Wasoingtun Territory aii-l British Columbia. Tii-.- yellow tir which grows there in great luxuriance has no equal for .-hip timber: nor i- anywhere a supply s-» abundant and so aci -bile of even inferior timber. There i» no ind'i-.ry of the l'aeitie ' ->ast more ■ ' !: on of a great development : ii ill that of s tip ii aiding. A SAN I>- idi-p ii' ho." tin.- 26th in-t. -ay a marriage by telegraph occurred the pre»i --< is evening, .liil'-ring .-omcwiiat frotu the i.-u.-i' of this character. The par ties to the cotitrne'. —31. A. Story, operator in the Signal SI rvice ' "ip- and Mi.-s Carrie 'boats—were l'.imp Grant, while theofliei n'ii g clerirvnian w as in San Diego, doubt k-s a mm Ii more it i-> factory arrangement then - when the "high contracting parties" arc- | •separated, as ha- been the e;i.-c in former tele graph:': marriage-. J HI. '-I veral Sabbath Schools are nuking : j • < i»uraiiciii.- for i«i»oit- ( xi ur.-ions on Muv \ ' ■ n xl Monday. 1 !i(; Methodists will go 1 down the Sound, to sown favorable locality, : on the steamer Capital. The other-, will probably go on excursions by land, but the precise directions have not yet been deter mined. 'I he consignis of tin -teainslilp Dakota,] which arrived at thiport yesterdav, arc il. , S.lvcster, 4 packages, M. |{ Easterly, S. N. I'eicival, 1:1.'. 15. Mann. N; (.. Ilosenthai. i I; Otto Itanke, '2; i). .1. Chambers, I, I est, 4; I, 15, II; M. Minn, 1. To d i: packages, aggregating ;; tons. 'I in: Dvkotx, n»xt trip will cat' at Steila cooui f'ir oiO -hip knees, and if the peo ple build a new wharf, that tlnivin ; littlt- ( eity will ihcieafter he included as a n pilar topping-place in lie company's route. A lio.xi !;.\< i: has he n arranged between • Satn'l M. lYreival and Then. Woodard, t > 1 take place ,-<. mc time mxt week. The d'- tance is to be two miles, over the course on j iviibh Mr. I'eriiwu last fourth of July made the bc.-t time—l 1 minutes and ol second" 1 ill. steamship Dakota came in to the liew■ wharf yesterday at extreme low tide, with : out any ditliculty. Drawing as -lie does six teen feet of water, it wiil he seen that the j w hart i- capable of act ummodu!lug any class <>t vessels that visit the Sound. I,ii iit naNT A. E. Wood-ox, of ties place i in the olden lime, now of the b'.li ( avalry 1. S A . has keen appoin'o .1 by (luv. Thompson of 1 dah <s tic regularly a er, iii ( 1 amiy oHie.-r to represent that Territory at the Cen tum: d Expo-ition. It will lie ell !'. : It; cue'* to our tea.'- t •:ij di a ;11 ' |; | [ M ilroy , i 1-q.. i i- l<i mi appoint! d i -ille* tor of Internal I vv' iiiie i, t. ■ | -..a rceemiy made V.u ited by ,ie kit h Ml -id ling-. Wo have • I ,tot;- Ik it the , -I'-aiin i ta; i' . w , m i o wo ekly tiips to i ('aid md. Mi i • a"- i the 1-t pru.x. -•he will have eg a: . \ in niin.-. ami • arry i I .--en • : and fr kin'. Win ; no ■■■ ;np i arily serving ; in ihe capai .'y ' | •: lii Ike iti ■ Mail ' Company's in. r- d'. ,; \: the indi-pn.-i-. •im of Mr. \\ m W " v. i. •is laid up with 1 hi uiaati-m. A-1 UIKI ' - the -h 11.i uon tie ( him-i 1- i ri»■ r ill , i i•. i 1 irral iii.i- Ihe li-hersdeiun ', : enl- pr .!-h while the j exporters ar w i ding to p ; ,y only <•< 'its. Tin: Dakota • ake-.,e hdop poh > from i'aeniiia, this t; ,p XI t h ay W ('o. of this place will ship a g ; r of a million poles y her next trip. «»M and a lino t • of : .f. purchased of Mr. Coulter, const' at I a portion of the : " ship* store." of !': Dakota on hi r present . Suuami.viu county. Cab, is to have; another -agar taet'oy j;, ah . t; two months It w ill work up mti hiinstead of 1" el -. Tin: r.d Sociefv of Portland t»"titi..;t the i i ntennial Commissi en r- to keep tie grounds open to tie- public on Sundays. Ito Da..-ea takes -;\ passengers from thi pi ice to lay. They are parties who go on a !•: let' i-it to i alif •; rtia and the Mom: California v- getab! s arrived bv the Dakota, to supply the w mts oi our Patron izing eotiinitini: •.. An i;a- ■ -•"dt Ju" was made yestcrdav t<kt 11 the -t ni-i.'p Dakot i for the jinri•<»«• of -craping hir bottom. Jim.!: Wingard has been «"!e.'te,l t.i de liver the .ration W ..a ivz.l;a. on the i'li of next July. ler; i f tin- st* ainship P.akota |)M --i. aTiier- I lie r■(•«' wharf one of the best on tin 1 < O l>t. I i!! Aiiil.i ir.t ittlv it so • .noli !l > in f.• r 11.i ~ ] 1 uv, with tlie c\ '.ir>ion -5> t v M" • I. t'.irry !i i- severed his i MH:;.' •- lion a- f ii' 'r of t!ic Portland .luiir mil. Tin nr. ire now I."illmen ami woman pa :•«> in Ho Orea in Insane Asylum. IHI 1' I \ I TII laketo day 21 >n-v>f T "pin _ r I: "ii Ilu- Tuniwater Matutfut tory. I": • I' in ' RATII Si.ITE HIVI ,i: ; 'ii of (»iv ■I- is iin" at Saleni yt rtlnv. i'lu: weather is i: ■v ; iLan.ii; y -.> lino ii ii of sixteen. IA N !'i into has emtio to (.'aiifonit i 'I IIK Pakota left .it n> >n to-day. - I lie time for a man to stand firm! !••,■ ' - \auip,e, is w lion he wadus his faee wi h home-made -nap an 1 , i . ;in- to paw around overthe chairs with his eyes shut, inquiring for a towel, quick, is told that the towel is|n the drawn rbut the key is lost. ir' When two women in a family are fy «n~ to tell the same thin- at the -ante .'i.. •, it is an auspicious opportunity for the in- u ■'oiks to vanish. Xi v< r mahe a : when the power of ) erf. ruling- ptonii-c depends on another. Ito IIN. —At Sko'tomisli A ircnrv, April I H76, to the wife of I{rv. Myron eells a son. | I OLY'MPIA, FRIDAY APRIL 28, 1876. J - TBEOOO FELLOWS EXCX'KSIOX. Otic of tlie participants in the recent excursion to Seattle furnishes us the .. follow in;,' notes: The .-1 left Olytn •> nia at 2 o'clock A. *.f. on Wednesday 2l»tb inst.. for Seattle with some 16 lueinbers ~ of the L elges and Encampment of tlii s place and about 20 I nlies to take part in no celebration of the anniversary of Odd Fc-liow.diip. The ho tr of depar • tu rt -being so unseasonable this was a very - creditable number. At 6:30 arrived at J : Taconia, w hen the party took breakfast. Left at 7:30 fur Seattle and arrived at •leafillation at 11:26. A very large as-. ' ml ]v aopeatC'l on the wharf to greet » t A c. s ; their "a i sitors, and as the steamer ap- j 1 proaehed th-.- wharf the band played a i j live!;- air. The lnembeis . f Olive' Dianch Eu lge No. 4 were on the wharf. 1 | in full regalia, ready to rcet-ivw their brethren. A procession wa- formed I j , lot! by the Olvnipia ]> Jhii.-l. the , line of March being t-> the hall of Ogive I Branch E » lgp', w'K-ra the pe-oce-sion '; broke rank , ami the vi-itcr- were: j cordially invited to pai take of a sump- j jtuous dinner piepared for them at the Occidental JI dc-i. At 1:30 r. M., the | order met at the hall, and a procession; j was formed which, headed by the band marched through the principal streets; j to the pavilion, wliore a very able dis-' 1 , course was delivered I'. <l. Muster 11. jO. Strove. The Pavilion was tilled toy l its utmost cap.'.city. Aft -r the address. ! which was receive J with great applause ■ I j by the audience, t'uo members of the | 1 order adjourned lo their bull. i i'lte bull, in tiro evening, was a sue-' , 1 j cess. One hundred and twenty coup les participated, the members of the ! i Lodges an 1 Encampment in full re- t tptlia. adding very much to the bril- j ' liancv of the occasion. The sunper at : j *■ 1 j the < Incidental, could not have bet n tx- I celled in the variety and quality of the ! viands. l'tie kindness and hospitality of tho mem hers of < Hive llrauch is the : ! subject of universal praise of the visit- i ors It was no m. re formal courtesv, i , but a generous, whole-;. >ule 1 welcome, . ; which c line from tho heart, and car- 1 ! rieil with it conviction of its ? sincerity, i | Such interchanges of frn'ernal regard ! cannot but result in hour lit t . the cit- " i. ; , i/.eiis of both places. It will cement i ' : a friendship as enduring a. the prin- 1 ' | ciph■- upon which their beloved order I ; is fouipled. 1 In- J,jdges of this place returno 1 at •i -i clock a. -r. Thins lay, by the .!■' A proc< - don was formed on the wharf, i • , i : wliieli inarched to the hall, when tluyi ' | disbanded. In conclusion, the mem- ' , ncrs of die order desire to tender their i thanks to the gentlemanly officers of the steamer Alain for courtesies shown I 1 them on the trip. The whole affair ; was a siuvcsq and the com!' >it of the : ; . passengers to and from tho celebration ! .'-mtributcd. of c- ut>e, in no small ile - . ■ gree, to sec tin this result. Ike following preamble and ivsolu- i'' . 1 tions xvi re unanimously adopted, on hoard the JAf/", during hi r return trip: ' V> ili'.Kl '. . ijr ili-peir- ill in I'i , n tie 1 Must 1 Win by Draiitl' M;.-ttrot lid- jm :-dn ;ion -auctioned by the it;-: it Wiirgv (iraiiil hinlge of Hit' I nilt .l States, a gowiiiv 111111;- , her of the nii'inbi'i'-liip of Alpha Eue.imp- j , incut mill 1 ilympia anil AVi'-tei'u bo iges old < >ly inula wire t'liuhk'il to accept the in vita ■: i ol < Hive 1 Iran eh b. iitgc. No. ! ~f Seat tie, : 1 pu. h i pate ill the i . li l iatioii ol the -Wth anniversary of the iniroiluctioa of Wil l Pel I '1 low ship info the t uileil Sciles. ami I ' \\ 111:1a.\s, i'lie kind rcci-ptinn and geiter- 1 otis tii'iliment by the broiliers of tin; last 11., nli"iic i bodge is ih'-ervii.g of tl,c higlic-t eomiiiemlalion, theii-fore be it /1' -. That flic untiring and sucia -sful 1 1 ll'oris of our sister Lodge for our enti rtain- i 111 :it w ill ever he rianeiilbi red .villi pleasure. , !■ • \ That the committee oi arrange- .' mi'iits ile- rve and have oar m >-; he.u'lv 1 thanks fif the many comfort t alfordcd u dttritig our plea-ant sojourn with them. A'-.-, That the tliaiik- of the iii' tnheis i and blends are hereby lenili'ied to 1 ap'aiti >■ ir and the gentlemanly olliei-ts of tin siiMiin r Mi-la for their kind and courteous : r ri atmcnt on t.lie way to and from Seattle. | /' . That tin c r. solutions be pub j ii-ht'd in tlie papers of Dlympia and copies | jot the sin:.' he I'm warded to Olive draneh 1. sice. No. hi, ■ f Seattle. <hi motion, the above r. ol 111 ions were 1 , . uiiaii'.s.'iisly adopt, d. N". S. Pi n;ti, ( . !'. N r,.iai s t #• * l Tin: Nation strikes the nail on the head t j when it siy> that much of the inc.liccnrv of ; t In- eonw niion >y-;ni: if making nomina lions won ! 'l be icnioved if tin- Civil Service j we:e !<• i-• v ncd ami 11, e ol'b • ho! : r- I Jen to ae- as p. i.-.jl "'workers," insomuch ]asit is their inieiferccic nhieli makes t'a- at- , j ten 1 -ofgo el men at primary iikv i".g-. abortive, ami makes the convention itself a| ■ i i ■ ... Ipulol ~:e !' >1 It n ..1 l:".:ieli::ic Woi m d iioill '\ . a. Wire they eonlitH <1 by law am! u-.yge to their proper sphere 'do r • wouKl ! be. if not a fair chance, a much better cham-e ul making conventions genuine cx ! pom :i J - of the i ojni'ar w i!!. A v rtr- ■ U A l'i-r\i<llof tlu ■.•■" I; oi-i - iy-the i . com mil tee on railways to»day .• ttim !•> a fa v. j | .arable conclusion on the S ;../>• bill giving j : eight y. irs' luUlitionul time to the North j ; I'a, itic Kailroa.l <' nop uty to coiisirttct ami 1 I conip 1 -tc their r 1. lin biil .--eurcs tin j I rights ~f sett'ii- on the lands withdrawn | I from market for the benefit of the company, t and - the company other lands iastead. j Tin Oregon ' P.. • to «< this' 'week with an illustrated hc.uV'ng ami other [ ! improvements in its mechanical appearance. | It is an excellent paj erof its via- and should : j receive generous <ni urgen- nt from the j agricttl: ural classes. ! THE attention of TIE' public is .■ tiled to t! E ' advertisement of the Wiik rm Iron Works in tlds issue of tin. S ■ mij.\ :» T i company is old nu .1 i: o..b'e, t.r.l 'heir work has borne ; ! a i i :e : t,t! > a t vie.. V> mi :: repairs t • tin' Mar.-hvi'.h.' draw - are i progres Internal Hi vein: business W ill be icted at the CovitlEK oOce, ' : corner Second and Washington streets. * ♦ THE c niractors have commenced work . en tin- Mar-hville draw, arid it will be several days before teams or animals can cr>- Tin: OIA JOTAN is tinder obligations to Mr. v'ollec, purser of the steamer Ik.eotah, for tiles of late .San Francisco papers, t l LATEST EASTERN NEWS, SI IA'TIL T IR.AMS TO TJIK I-VILY OI.Y MI I O i iie 11 Yv a-hinglo; .-pec'c.l tii . Caultield committee Sent to the treasui : department to day and becured the book i . ! width the sccic-t service ht-.-ounts were au. itcd. Ofliei ii figures .-how in 1-12, a:-un there were expended over §150,G00, i Grant's behalf, insiea lof G i.">, o J. If -TO sums of money have been iniproptriv i: . pended in New iork, the responsibility mn : fall on the Attorney G .-ncrai. Davenport' i testimony puts the President - action in more favorable light. Itaili-oad Olalli r-. WASHINGTON, April 22.—The House con tuiiicc on I'ac lie ruiir id- t i-dav rc-.-uinci Consideration of the Senate bill to c xti-iu tiie time for completing the N- rtiu-in I'aciti ikillroad and of the plop -ltion < red ! seimtor Morton a< in atiic-ndin at to i-xtcin j the time a!-o for the Texas i'acilic t\>. Ti. committee adjournc ! wi; .»•»>»« ailing :i: next V> i- IP.'-,- 1 ty. Itri»tou €• it iiii:i i; Ni.w YOIIK, Apiil 2a.—The J'■'■■■■ - • .-ay 1!:.-', w i- reconinic-uded to-d::v as a rcpn 1 si-ntative of the lJc-foiin sciitimcni, and lii i-i.iims to tiiis'position grow- -.longir .stc.-.di iv. I'he 7 •••' Boston -pcciul .-ays there pubi:i;au dt leg ate lroin Jfassacluisctis tiiir ■ far ilic equally divided 1 i twa i n Bli'hie au> ; Bristovv. The best part of tii" organi/.itioi :is for Biainc. 'J'itc- j -p.-- a; • irore for ibis ' low. tVava! Su i rsligating C oiimsiltoe. A ."liiiudcljdiia -pccial ay - the ciiinmittca of naval aii'aiis have tine-bed invc.-iiguiion. Ihe di vhqimc-nts arc unknown butihccom mittec- express great satisfaction. Over 20t witacs- •- have be u examined. K ib-. -on will be fortunate if lie escapes an utuick upon 1::- lionor. The lirooklyu navy- % urd investiga tion follow next weak. more alient Ea. XV. IS. Niiw I ntlK, April —-As the ae.-i-t.sCTs of Heiin Ward ]s>. elter have failed io bring into lii'c the the scandal, the examining com mittee have requested the committee of three, appointiil by the lateadvis ,ry coueil for that purpose, to form the enmmis.-ion to li ar additional t '-tiin iny. The comm'ntee liav.' .".greed to do Sherman say - the 1 x amiiiiug eommiticx thu- challenge the state m-.-iits of .-.-veral p rsons, that there xvas le-ti niony 11 >t yet heard t 1 furni-ii the e.mimit '••c the names of the p.-.-ui- el.ii.n'ng to possess sttcli infoi tnatisn. ISoo ( al ios io AmeiTia. IlAi.i i tot:!:, April —The Am riotn pnb ' the .st.item a! of one of the | a-- tigers t.y liie Ilik. 1 iiian, which arrived y.'-i. i-.lav, to 111 eil' i't tlu.t among the p::--"ng- rs who lan !' 1 at Halifax xv.-ie D-u .('ailo-g of Spain, a'id tlueaof hi-g. n. ia'-. Ii • ; said they are to make a tour of the I niieil Siate iacogaiid will tea ii St. izurs lay .Jones henrit .nun. WA-HI.M.TON. April fd. —lt is expected Senator Joins will make his gi at speech on the si'ver qm -,1 ,a en Mondiiy. it is tiudcr sood that Join s favors a double smmbud, making silver a full legal lender with gold; increasing tli" weight of silver coin ; ! > make their value eoric-ponil .viih gold. Tin- bid before the Senate is simply an ent- ling wedge for an aUempt t I M-CUIV Mie il-'ukv stand "d 2,ii!li--i.!!i:i lor slaiiileeetl. The Lou;-i.itia Di-moeratii deb g.-e.i n 1..\ ' llande-ick. tiei l, :::ij-. Writis. « l itter. j si-lnap has writ leu a letter to a ilenyit 'g mi po iiive terms tlad lie h - made anv eieP'. ss'on wha.- .-er pe; -.•r::i: , g 'be charges again t him relative to the ir'ott Sill post leadership. '•'ln' I've** <MI Itlalne* . Speeett. N"t:w VotiK, April "21. —The 1 ditorial on Maine's spcecli says it is straight forward and lucid. If his .-ia'emcnt id 1 acts In. a a epted, tie re wiil he littie or e ith ing left to support 'he -caudal in any of it present forms. The .SM//M editorial says Maine's promised speech came yi sti 1 day. Hi.-subject wa-the si; 1,0.' t L:m by the Union i'.iei;'," Co. tor xvurthle-s bond His 1 xp!ana!i"U is u a atisf.iciory. We bei'eve lie had the money. The Ii ■ ' .-ays : We think the long statement by 151 tine wiii lie a-repP- 1 bv the eandai men of both parlies. To be sure, ii iscxparte, but lie a--!gus very .' - 1 re ,-ou for collecting the evidence himself and com ma'forward in his \ hid: a on. Ihe . -axa- I'o the 11. -t of hi- oppo nents even hi- attitude will seem that of eon si 'on- : un iceii' •. His defence i- far 1:1 ,ir spi-, ili; and complete than 1 lirrges brought again.-t him. At pis i.i ib tint' mn.-t he hcldjte.p'.itte i. .Som-'ft Spj'i <!i on itio Siltrr tic*i ion • Tlu l !'"in-*> oilit«»rl;il tlio •.» v t «»r Jones, urging that silver should 1•• made h gal tender in certain proportion- ii cob 1 , will attract attention. I'- display of erudi tion upon the subject, whatever tuav he t'i eight of 1 lie financial theory of »!;■• s „ :l . tor in this speech or of in- deliver.', i- verv far superior 'o tin- u-iul 11 ■ 1 of ogres si u;d wi-Jom on such sub; ft-. \cKcriunii !>III«OS to Answer. W AsillNo i'ON, April —i he t'omiliiiice on Expenditures in Department of .In-fro decided to require an answerof c.*;-Attorney A. kentian to tin 1 i.-u-s . m .. whether he ui i ciusuite w ;'h 11. I'll ' h t be!iire pav ing money over to Davenport. Ackcrman put in a prut, -t against answering on the ground th it it wa- ,:.d ami was; r-ddbiti 1 by slatutc that -oh c- mmi' with the executive should he ma ! public. An Insaiic Hluiom April 24. —The Trib>ttu '■< Washington sjie say- one of the investigating e •mmittec bad a witness before them to Imp 'acfa (> rant's honesly wn • after s-i'.ne quistions prowd I > be insane. ."•101l and Aliirtler, it. \ . X. \ , Apr : ,•.—i ii is morn: ng a moh of I ni, i lm-uhieis attacked attacked the boarding liouses of non union men and . four of them were pro>uh]y fatally injured. ' tiie of the a--a.-siiis was inor ally wounded, ou lit it't Keep Him in tlie flld." > \n I ii \v. i-i o, April d"i. —Dom Pedro and | party arrivecffliis evening! At Pleasanton, j4O miles from the city, his|car was del icbed I from il;e train and put behind minting en gine and iu-lied over th< poad li.df an honi ahea i of the ovctl i 1 t r..i nto e.v-iid anv ile nvi::-'r ,'i n- on If - arrh af and it was a per feet success. The parte passed throng!; i O ikland without a i raci'oi j staeotion; crossed 1 tic h.'V al. ■ arriv ng a' tin: w.haia !•■ i ir riagc- to tie ral.-e e in wliere ii:ey en tered without ha 1 ; i do/--n j... ■; I ■ knowia. th y had arrived. On arrival of the regub;: tragi at (t -bain. -. at ctow.i was m atten lance with hands • lay:: : and colors living w'uile Dur.i T'c-Jro was already en-.- in >.••! i: his apartments at the P. b r a. About the Bonanza slim*. I:: reply t • the statement of J. e'. Flood relative to tin I) ui inza mines, tiie ' tiiis inoiifmg publishes an intend -w with J U. Keene, a well known stock operator, win : alleges the ore-body in the Consolidated Yir i ginia mine is impoverished by working and deteriorating in width and quality, as it de s< (.'lid*. !!<-■ also t'.aiins that Flood hits been -■•'. ling Comolidnted Virginia and California. wh"i: 1-t' i-.iuUl do mi with u f breaking the 11(1 ui ;rk'-t. while a lvi-icg his friend- t > hold on. He a links a bad feeling between himself and in F! 1. He declares tliat among the causes 1 • of the failure of the Rank of California, out side of the irregularities in i's management, lu was the lock I p of coin by Flood, who wished to break ahe bank and build up the N Xevad i bink on it- ruins. The stock report l " : to day credits .1. G. Fair with an emphatic - " derial of Fun K'-entV charges concerning a ; tic.- con.liti uof ihe C-mso!: latcd Virginia mine. < u!u:ii!>ia Iliv . r "Lai! Contract. \\ A-iiiNuT'iN, April —The I'« s.master _d General ha- de ided that the charges made id by tin Oregon So un Navigaii ei Companv *» ag.-iiu-t F. Mo dy. mail'T on the y | Coinm! i. l iver, be'n ten Portland and The id I Dalles, are unfounded, therefore de .c elini -to cancel Moody c mtract. \ <V. SI o«-1 or <>it> i nut oil. Ii daft 11. Mi'roy lias heen nominated to ; i.e Collector of Intern .I Revenue of Wa-lt . ington Ten it ay. ' I iiilaiii A gent Conllruled. is! Wad-worth has been continued In I' in ii- agent at M die ur agency, Oregon. .Alas Mae!)uNotts UcixiMica sis. Do : e;, April —The Repuhiieau Stab id Convei hci i:e t here to-day, and John S,ui ford a i was eh President. Rr-olution- tuiogv. --ling the energy ami courage of Rristow, i and a< o dating the ame of 1>! ii t" with tin ! oJJii-c of Presi-J'.at were tabled. R '-olutioiis c | were utianimou -!y adopted leaving the delt - '• ; antes imp! hy.l and uiiiiistni. tul, but re 1 i iit->1 iliar tlie.u to work and note for tliosi *' candidates Wio-e character gives imq'.i ililied 1 assurance ! > the u:. Ie countr. that tin y will be faiihfui m■' /.ealotis to maintain the equal c I rights oi ,il! e; : i/en -; to begin r. adaption ol ! specie pay m -at at date ti.'.e 1 by law; to ell' et ! thorough an rudh ai refoim of eiiil s'-rvi :e- ! •I | hour do- it; -at large Were i, iis■_ 1. I hrce ' g | are Ihi-low men ami one illaiiie. [Elaine Natislied. ! | WA-HUNTON. Apiil i'i —lilaine, in eonvcr-1 i i 1 j-ation, c!..ini- that the result of the attacks i ojoii him have hemditcil rather than injured j ci him; lie seems in the de-'. of spirits and -ay e he has no idea of withdrawing from the I 1 ; Presidential candidacy, ;u:.l is confident of ' receiving the nomination. Says if lie can-! not get the nomination he will make no at- ' > tempt to influence id- Ti ads for any eaudi ! date. further time tor the N. ss.5 s . ft. ft. j The House committee on P.u itie railway-j s j to-day, lanietoa favorable cmclu-km "ii the | , I Senate Dili, giving eight yiai additional ! ) time to the N. i'. R. R. Comp mv t » cm'ract ' f and complete their road. 'I he Idh set ;rl — ; 1 the rights of settlers on the lands withdi awn ; . ! ironi market for tlui benelii. of the company, ' I and gives the company other lands instead.! Stiver Question it; llcvieo, FISAM A--. >, April »'!. — The Giver ; ' I a -t'oii is bee mm r very vcxai i"tts in Mex ' ieo. A letter from there says that owing to' I the depreciation of silver coin, the prices of many article • havi already advanced'do per "l.iil liloi in the itJ. ** ' ; J J->ni P !ro was visiu.l by a number of - citizens and oflicit»is in their ptivate capacity dui it; the d ty. lie evinces ad' tcrminaiiou ; > enjoy ldiii.self in his own way, devoting I ;hi time "••• inspection of vari >us matters I . • : m •■!'■ ■: • i tmi :ity. I'adiiic Ittiiil < o. 1 atl i Cut of the coal ami siol'i s of j : the i'. -iff M ill sti liner City of New Vmk ••\as i.ii.-ed yesterday. The steamer v.ill -ail :• day. N. i.iotaj attachments wiil be grant 1 Ito ;h" Panama Co., utiles they tir-t iiic a 'r ■nd of indemnity. i'orllanu & Salt Lake Railroad. V, \-titxi i -, April —Mitchell intro : ! lm d a hid extending the time for comple -1 ! "on i.; ; v..-y and location of the Portland, > . 1 i d; ;! : dt Lake Raihoad. Referred to j s j committee on Riilroads. Money Rates, i S\x FitAM ino, April "Jti. —Legal tenders' !:» buying; v ' ! . •-i»oj idling. Cold in! | New York 11.'..-' . -*■ -art.. ♦ x tvt ■ it migrant i'ai".) kfd !•-Siiiiian-.. Four L\n AM • i . April 'Nt Mr. >lil_ irt. of i i Scrallton, Pcnn-ylvania. arrive 1 in re I his af iti rnooll. lie says while . uicug in <m f'oe j morning of the Iflih bis paity win- attacked j Ihy Indians ill Red Canyon, lie tr tlie Ciiey• i einic liver ranch, about lift'.' miles from Cu • jii r. A lew of the party t . a-" .to loe ratieli Air. ami Mis. Ale/, of l.tu ii de ii: v, vi re ; I.' ' A colored woman w ji!- .m r .V man named Simpson was also killed. Thc| " hoilh-- w< !■■ huriicd the next day . Mr-. Met/. c : i;ad lie n ravl-i;•" 1. Three men were wound e i Ciiehai'. from Missouti, moriaiiv: am] d'y . fioin Mi-oniri, and C. \V. lleiges-ir. " i"!u Virginia cby, Nov., sctioiisly. It i f !■ treil the wounds may prove fatal. The! , rounded li'.-il ■at the Cheyenne l'aneho. j I'll ; ;:«« e wen- the ;ek w:i- made i< about f• I'.' I'i. I -'r,l■ll I' dI ■ t. j A]>n ty from the Uittck 1 liiis today say that i c about •■ n days ago t hrec wagons were found at cut!.;!.- to Rut: . ' on tin: Yankton ! d; - - Lll " i'jf -o. k '.'"l.-. Si-'iis ! vi ... . "I lis; tut a ui i l>»' n -ii " fb-ci's ..mi parts „f t| (C ma-! j-'ii-l In,.fled witli wo - scattered lose ' jly ai■ ml. some with mail; of hap ~n them ' j i lie 11 > •'. T;.'. -il ;-i evidently a:l . e 1 !■• ' -t roVI dI he eld 11 e out ii t. !' ! l ■: I \l: \M . April tdl -is : ■ i'i p:!i ill ' , ■ ■f\i -* ; . , . -o* ~ ' i*' itanv -- *. i.:. i--a i i'i * ' jI n ■ iiii- ii! I::.-' lt.iii.-c wounded l.icii tvrie I left at t heyenne river rancho tit;- niornin'r. (ten. itradlev. coTctnandingthedtstrict of tt n; Id k IT;.* .-• h a ill-on lll;:e: tof c-.\ drv .r. to I :i Elo<«liiit r • It i 1' 'i: r f. -1: XMIE. Apr:! "• - Iv:; lof s . c•; ■• >! ti. i■:. ; ii .■; • i>. (<:! ! tner. . s ;:ii-''iiiy ix Patrick'.- -tag. due, i- ! . j I ing sixty miles Itom heri at Sage (.'rirk, I»a<lty 1 ! - .vTw.» am! .... ■ .••••! . c> "ii (_■ 1 1 -• t: -at !> '•< n i-.! !i. i' '■ !•> bring -hint by II i liiik•: ..: i. ■ tasf 11i-j!.' ' I wagon.-, :•;:•! v FFng bv « : i- ,-!•!.• of the; a driver. Tin w-re - i • II'J lir< .1 upon. -i | j ball bitting Air. Brown near the front of the! , 1. :t hip, lust g liking the hr .-ii-U oi tin - i c.iitr; ;.e in hi- b.-it. varying tii- - »r»ri I i. into the wound with the ball, both remaining ! in hi.- body. making av< ry i •■! va- . ib \ j will r■ ; Ii i- to-morrow nk'.u •■]• T\ jmonbrg. - * j itiaoxacrc ol Emigrants. i f.t'.A ; n rit, Kv., April Cd—AJvi « | h..v- been jti • ive-l In e that some time on ; i-1 Tburs lay night a family of tmigrants, named : ■ | Baker, '."in • ■.. i . " m > itania. 1 s " j northwest of Custer city! famsh eon'»J r " -i- ■ !oi 111 i"\ w it" .:: • j h wh v | : h v.'.. .:: d ti.-:i -. ..I,- 1 i.* v i.-i !. - j •: ~ j;._' t" liv. a. t;; •i„f i j '*! v . -tit; titi'l < .itr- 1 . t. \it i i- ii - | - . tr! : : •■Wit.-.,' 1. -a .! vhd-t.t'v. "when ti -l i-i-you t, pay me that little bill ! I've j „ j dunned you t:.l lut tired andmad. Now, I j ~j w tilt lp. -iti'.e.t.i- v-r—V. hen wid you pay it? 55 j "BjtloTe y" was the reply, " yon must take ;me i r a proohet. IF w -a I t-ii •" Zr:7~ An lilicoi- juror str.c-!: f r " n. t j t guilty' 7 i-i a ease wiic-re he • ositivc j '• ■ that the prisoner was guilty. Tne Man : to j owed lain forty iloil.ti -, an 1 f he went j r-j to prison how could he pay? j I ! TIII-s MOKX'IACfS DISPATCHES. Sew Vorit Convention. II I rii A, April 'J7. —The Democratic Stats • convention re-Rssemblcd this morning; recog e nized the Tammany delegates from New York as the regular delegates. On tin ' adoption of the resolution favoring Tain • many il.ill. the anti-Tammany left the tou ' vention. Resolutions were adopted instruct < iug the National Democrats to vote as a unit ' in a-s-ordance with the will of the majority and sugge-ting the nomination of Sannte' : Til.leu f-r President. Arkaunas Convention. I.uti.i: ROCK, April 07 —The Republican ' State convention held hero, to day. Tli ' ' committee on resolutions reported a series of I resolutions, the last on" of which declares lion. <>. P. Morton the choice of the Retuib li-wns i f Arkansas for President and ii* I structs the delegates to vote for him alone. A Hitch in the In . i Nitgations. New Yoiiii, April H'7. —The flf'/'d'a Wash ; ington special says all conimitt es on expend : it ti res are hekl at a stand still because the President ha- is sued a peremptory order that j no original papers shall go outside of tire various departments. The President evi dently intends to throw every obstacle in the way of an investigation. The Republicans see plainly if these things go on there is an ' end i f In it party. iliiiniir'i. Diamonds. WA-IUX. I'I.N, April 17.— -Th House coin- I iniflee on Way.- and Means take the ground ! that, as the bill relative to the Fitch jewels ! relate-to ia venue, it ltuisi originate in the |II >u-: . They will therefore prepare a new ; bill. X > opposition to the measure i- ex i; ; - i -.1 in committee. 'l'riiio-i'iicilic £>!<mia (>li. Tin bill introduced by Sargent to day to encourage and promote telegraph eomnuini cati' U between the I'nitexl State- and Asia, autiiori/.es the Atmriiaii and lvist Indian • Telegraph C >., of New York, to lay and op crate cables on the Paeilic coast within the | jut isdiction of the United States for a period | of ten years providing that the company -hall hi gin operations in two years and shall | have at least one cable in operation from j this continent to the Asiatic continent within four years from the enactment of this bill. | The government is to have preference in the I use of these cables. The right to alter, amend or repeal this act is reserved to Con are s and the rest of the Dili -authorizes the j Secretary ot the Navy to detail one or more j team Vessels to assist in the survey and i soundings, the laying of the cables and transportation of material ami men to afford I assistance calculated to promote the success | of the enterprise. Silver Iteilcmpiioi:. Tin' drain upon the tw .isury of tin L'niud i - for .*ih >iis is daily inrrca ing, ! -J I J ! i dating a vciy thorough and wide spread anxiety among the people throughout t!ie l country lor this cla-s *>t currency. Thus far | the Treasury Department has disbursed i about and if there was a law per j milling lire redemption of legal tenders and and yerliti-aies of deposits in natiana! hanks j the dishurseinenls from the treasury alone would he at least sl V- i( '0,000. Corner Stone Laid. SAN FKAMUSCO, April 27.—The ceremo nies of laying the corner stone of the new building of tlie San Francisco Stock and Kxrhnngo Board on Fine street, between | Montgomery and Sansome were conducted in a creditable and impressive manner this : forenoon. i Tie: Facitic Stock Exchange board expect • 01 their new rooms on Montgomery t<vt out week from next Saturday. aionej Kates Dol l in New York, legal tenders in -m Franeis-.-o, Sit jo? j and S'.» 4 m DOf. 1101111. AKBIVAI.S. j Arrivals at the New England House f'< j the ; two weeks ending April 27th. 1870: ' V.* \V Willi nn-. < Hav, .1 T l«t r..n:iii. c\ v !' \ < w.y. J M. \Hi- vv . , i y ' M < £itniuoßtf. Oyster Bay, \' ( hipni in, ti y , V, It Snili*. »'i> • l.i 1 til, M Shaw. Soiiih |,.iv. j I Kelly, Seal II . 1 Ea_:on, An adia,* i L MclK)i aid, Maßin Co, Klt MHHII. ciy, : S .) am!. L\:li" T\i f, I I.m Uy.ckk . -N '-(|tiallv, I p Oreitan, city, t, ESmi ! s M .Inn •*. - .M ; •• su >. I. I'leajh. < it v. j < i M:-. \ • • I't i •i| w.fV. . IM A Miller. r«> i ii.nk. 1. >i,;i Mif.i., t i-i» (•;• !A II Loi:-_.e y. .1 I* Ii . .J\ . : * imp*>elJ. Oiii 'ami, .i Fri •. • i M t M < .«> . t »y> . r ! v, DM iM' Lw- lijOv-lcr I. |»avh. * r. y. .1 II ! : V,' i HI) i auley, Ratk Hirer, A ciiilberg, ritv. I. - eii. A f tin!!, i -I I. I e . • . \ 11.-:..A 1 | T Deltle.uyie,ci.y, I) .J llai.Xai .ri v. :A M ire•; . . < !..| : mil. .1 T N,-« be,,. ' t I'otii* i a-1. •' i; |) p a . I.* 1 r. s«rt le. i I ■ I . 11 A|. At l liuima. I air.. ii : \, I Leii.m:. , J.a ck A r.i a ■ K 1 lie. s a: !'-. I' 1 . f•! r iilini. li. -- I ' |; D < ~,iby. ;| s A Si iiii'i.i r, Aluti iciy. , ei -oi-c llaiiilcy ami VI ill-. |i.. i. 1. .Ma-el! i .. ■ " iS. 11.,.I 1 .,. M I .a'. .. ilv.i-ai.| .1 II Mr ueti.'c. ~ . •I I' • f■• ' • •! 1., i i.e. ii v I" N IJII-r>. M Ai, Irr. Mail liav. 11. : ...101. i . I> M. Dei ale. v, . , il ' • . I .. lie 11 •-i. n. i;, . 1ie..." I. .V r ... IPMi Ke z\ ' Eureka Ham !<.' 11 ii.iii.ea' \o adta : I • . A ! Nt: ! ■-. " ' I t s . . ~y. AC . X -.v T.-f. em •l < i -en. I'.V. -I Kel'ev. Mini I! v ~ < ... I- 'AI' i S a I ' '. -;■ ■■* li . k,. ... v.. era;, I. !!••,:..e • ' . • i It'll'.' .. l' Mi: SI. \ s 1 . . I■ . | H-.-:. " i- N . I' I. I- klliiil. .. Ceil,., .. .As M. i.i'... • s 1 Mi<- s 1 in!., . I l; (. .'-a ' 1.1 l'l - ;.1 I. . M King I A I Cap. I ai. ii. Seieli Bay, j I A ACo em. •' I A ka .. .. Oo er Hud iy t ■ rn • '• . ll' itealis, Ctaiiuato, I. : • . e. .IS*. < ii Jla-iil: <V. i-i.K •''v ' * "V\TI S !( <> >; \V OR Ks, 1-«> I I I.t lit*. OiPjr<»|t, lit— .rjrf.i i.-.i s -|.t. i! ] - '}. ■ . I iM'iii.'t'ii. St t'y. I{. K. Tlio!ii|)<ioii. i'n s, l'( It f T;tj !•»; . \ iff I ; it s Ii ro i e ; ° Brass Founders, F.<> '.lit: MAKFF.S GFXFJI At. M \ < i! IMS IS AMI 1. \I, Ix F lit ' * 1.1 'Kits \I A ' iA<Tti: f i "111 111 v. f, Ii; -1, j » i 1 --'it • iii irii.' and • i.un-i . ! Ktigirn - ni d 11. ii-. - Saw-mills, Grist-milts, j Quart z mining and Agi icultural inaehiiierv. A n- - for the ('eb '.ira'a.i Moore & Parker Water Wheel, i ' • yw i than any oilier wheel now in n—. jI * " -of ina-hin-iy aiel Im'.l-r- pronipt ! • i•• • t«- 1 1 to ami executed with n-att.e,. -i ' •!, of j alt. rt > :> "1 > tt Ft tii-'— x . eiiar-i- : a the i us- ot tin in. .f \J| Us J.O'l'A s Sunt j April _'J. 1 • TO. .Out (fRUBBER to First Stri-, Portland, Oregon. April 29, IsTij. 2 i:yl Wanted. \-- ;:■ - \ r tldsx>lfioo and '• r the iiulf i iuii tV t -> s< 'elfhrat**'! an<i ■H« -ii I'a y rns. Good r< ferrnees required. iI or t-rui- ad 1, . it. ,\. L>. ruing. 11l Street, j s.m ! i-aneiseo. California. I Fob. c , loTG. 2C:ino:l FOR ARIZONA. tc | The Arizona and No Mv\ ico Fijiro? s Cemj-nnv's JST c w 171I 71 ast Line VV I N'OW ruimiiiii !• irst-class Couches from Terminus Southern Pacific Railroad 1- through to Prosoott, Tucson, and all interme c.iate {mints, reaches the newly diseoveied IUCII MIXING DISTRICTS it ' «>f Arizona. by the shortest, chi apest ai.d be-: mute. - Pi.M air SHIPMENTS received by Wells, Farg < J A Co.. San Francisco. Ti- Ki islor saleatall {>."in<-i|>:» 1 ticket offices San Francisco. lIPNKV WPP PS n I Of \V. K. A - Co., and American Express Co. President. Sail l'Yanoisco. J O. ItOWLAN P. No. H».» C.ali f j form . : t. SanFraneiseo. \ ice I'M -ident. CiIAS. 11. Welles, (ien. Supt., Tucson, Arizona. i j . l-7ti. 21:nff Valuable Farming Land ! FOR SALF. (>( i V< KKS of land in the Ptivallup valb v. ; 0\ t eninineiieiinr at the X. 11. corner of the c ■ Donation Claim of A. 11. Woolery and ruu ( ! liimr aloii'athc North boundary of*said claim. j being j11 Section :>O, Township 20, N. of 1!. ."> c Fast, about 11 acres of said Land is now in meadow. For price Ac. address L 11. POI'POKII. Arcadia, Mason W. T. \pril 1">. PTi). in:J. : POEPLE'S EMPORIUM, IN addition to the IVaidiful and Varied • ( Stork of l>rv 4it m h Is. bought bv / j ,• | \\ liieh will be 5.,1.1 at greatly r; -luced prices. ' be has als .a very Fx tensive Assortment ot CLOTHING FOR MEN, V< (UTIIS AND no VS. 1 I Oi* first finality, Latest Style* mill at t.'ic ow T RATES. ALSO A SPLENDID ASSORT ME N T (>f all Kind- of Clothing. Linens. Calicoes, Loots, Cottons, Linsevs Shoes, Flannels, TableCloths, Hats, Tweeds, Oi. Cloths, Caps. Denims. Towels, Carpets. Domestic, Tabic Cutlery, ' Malting, Ticking. Toilet Articles | j lhiys, Cheeks, Fancy Hoods, | FINL AND ORDINARY DRUMS GOODS, j I I Sugar, "1 all grades, Tea of every quality, < 'oll'ee of various kinds, Svrup and Molas«< s. I ! i I .1 /NO .1 SI'I.K.MUD ASSOJiI'.VEXT OF HATS ,<\)> CAPS, | An endless stork of Boots for Eadiesund urn I 1 lemon, and sinallor folks, of I lie host vari i v. 110 is aide to undersell any oili er house; also Blankets, t 'arpcts A<•. Ac.. A ■■*.,: a huge stoek of (':• -kery and (ilasswau"'. one direct from Eng land; a large stock of i 'lioiee l-'ami ! y • iroeeries. Il ; s motto is ijuiek sales and small pn - tits; a nimi lr sixpence bett-r than a slow shilling." < 'oiintry produce received in exchange for goods. ' The higltcf price paid for Wooi and I 'll I S. ELY" l»o not forgi t the place (il'STAV KOSENTIIAE'S . Nearest store to tfie Stennboot Em-ling. Olvinpia. Jan. - JJ, lsTf,. 21:ly -/ rS T /SS LET). 200 th EDITION". M A A II © O ■», linvisKD am> eoiiniKTiin i;v tiik AITIIOH, K he V. (L'L'ltTIS, Jl. D., \c., &<•. i * M EDI< *AI. Essay ontheoauseand eun <»l ; premature d- :!iiie in U'.sJuiv.-itfg lv v.., ! health is lost, and how regained. It gives a j clear synopsis of the impediments to mar riage. the t real men t of nervous ami phv-i'-il ! lleliilit v. exhausted vitality.and allotle r di- i eas. iipertuining thereto; the results oft tvet . , - sueeessftd practice. ' >DIN ION'S l»l TIIK I'll ESS. I'l'llTls ON MANHOOD. Tin. im ! lieiol ier ot s,,eicty hvwhom this hoel> villi lie! h I mind Useful, whether he lie ! a nt jm ei ptur or elergyiiian.—A' .r/ / '/.. ■ i l l' SuN MANHOOD."—This I ~,k Sie ad I I.' re.i I liy Ihe young li i iiist rod a .lis and In t!e aitlieted for relief; it will injure i I 1111 one. l/o/iee linn Stlii'/ ''"J '' . I'riee—line Dollar, by mail or ex pi ess. \'! dress tlie aidhor. DIE ( T ll'l'ls. a2u Sutler J Sti • t or I' M. li\ Shi 1" ram-isci.. <a 1. ; Allg. lit. IsTT. 1 v nuo t Vi. , ii« , ( v in Ih'.v (?oo(is ! 1•» I ,) YAK I>SOF < \i.KO fob .1 i !•> i"J An i all ..tie • pi DRAT-GOODS. CLO nrxixr'3-, BOOTS AIsiTJ SHOES, A:; I everything else a! like redue I price.. \ largo and '.veil-assorted stick of F 11iIy (iroeeries, by (E BOSKNTII AE i 1 .. li tof .Main and S- .ml St net . | olympia. Mar -h U*. |s7i;. l!':tf A. iA liQUI I AII, PEAEEH IN Feed, Hay, Wheat. Oat*}, it L o XJ J.uelcy, ("in ii. Itiain and Oil Cuke jlral. i ni'ia rSi i.a ntii and A. lams Sts. '• i; \- 1 ii pi i Tin. 17 Vi •. C.I.V Puget Sound Drug Stored o. B. i-.d:A-iSris:, UEAEEB in Drug-. Da!' lit Med ': (''a nneals. I'erlllliicrv, inlay (io is i oils .-1. i I'ainls. Prescript lons Carefully < einpruiioleil. I '"" Sign ot the Bi ! Mortar, form rof Main ! an l id un til s; net -. j i>D mpia.Oet. J-. is7;t. io : ;f Julius Dickens, STKIE.M '( a i.M. W. T„ *" 1 EI. ath iid to all business appertaining y title tie l.ya-Mt -dug hun asahove. | St. ila • ui, M i 1 lila. lC:tf* (cnli'miiiil illstorv: t CU- ill; ;TJ IST ITBD STATES, | l ie IM I Tin* Di.ciiii'ry i.f Ihr Continent ti. sli» f i.-...e t of fin- Fir.l Century of Aeii-ii run f iiili'jMoiilcnce, J "*M BEI.lsi'KD with Hi ]iist.. r : ai , : * j ings and Jii-rtiaits : ;gi pages. The gi! a: j v.. ii k of the age. A ma gi i i tin nt \ ; "W of the <'• lib nnia! I' : , and Buildings aeeompauie- carl; Work. SOLI) llVi.t i!V SCUst Itll'TKlX. Did" Extra Fine Eng. f'loth st o, Ou key A! roeeo l.ih. S: , !•■ 7ou SI I'i'LiNA JFDD. A.' nt New England House. Api i! D t -<;7. -.'Jim! HOGS WANTEIX i ST COI'LTER Si SOX DESIRE To COXTIi\< r ' V f">" purtinilar, apiiv to t'i Olymjiiu. kj,j or. ANN .'I 1- anl Mortgages f., r sale a JJthe onic ■ of tiiy STANDABB. IT 1 YEItY De.seriyjfon of Job JL'riidiiiK, exe U cuted ti'ati-. a , u i r in #"at the oflio | ot the M ASIU/scJtoa ' SDAI'D Northern Pacific Railroad. PACIFIC DIVISION. > • y KALAMA TO TACOMA. DAILY. .SUNDAYS EXCEPTED. ! Leave Arrive i Kahuna ...11:20 A.M. Tacoma ..7:20 P. M. j Tacoina ...OHO A. M. ; Kalaina 12:10P.AL At Kulama with O. S. ( Vi.'s J'.oats for nil s points on Columbia lliver. At TVnino with stages for Olvinpia. Tnrenia with Steamers f .rail pointson I'n : sret Sound: on Sunday- and Wedne-lav- at | 7 P. M. with Steamers for Victoria and siik iuc mines. And on the title lilih and2Cth of each Month ! with the Paeilie Mail Steamship ( ■ | ■ steamers for Sun Fruiici-co. I Through Tickets for sale at the otli.-e of the . •». s N. Co.. Portland. < 'cat. ■T. V. . SpliAiil'M, < n neral Superintend! :.t. 11. W. 1 AIUWEATIIER. (Jeneral Ta-k« t Agent, lvalama. \\ . T.. Dee. 12. 1-7"). 3:1 f . WARD & MITCHELL, PEACHES IN jßouuli «m<l Pressed Lumber, Aiv al-o {.rej .lit d to manufacture Sa-.Ji, Dimh -, on Sliorti s! «si \of i< F, lat their Mill-an 1 U.e .>,v at Tui.iw it< r. W T. December ls7_'. y;y t ROI 3ZRT FBOST, j - i.lviu ~ in ■ Hardware, Wooden ware, WILLO'W-WARE, | YORK IT.TI >t AL I3IP!.I'SIM\TS, (ROCK K»tY . (.LASSXV ARM, Paints, Oils. Lime, Firebrick < i:mi:nt, plastkh, a-l V l-'nJI Stork of LOOSE AN3 FIXED AMMUNITION Constantly on Jland. M.iiu Str.-pf, ix't \V('ii<3 Ftiiith and I «li. Olymj»i:t, Spjd. 2(1. IV7I. 4C» yl PEOPLES' HOTEL & RESTAURANT VOTJcr- is m:;;F.nv GIY\:S that Tin: partiursliip .uTrtofi.iv m-iucpd rharlfs W.iM-i ,r 1 .i. 'ri r. (iriuun. p;<.p: . <i •>l tl.«'||.»t»*l :m<l Id -taur M!, i ! dissulveil hv mutual 'lli» k husine-s will l»c c irri» <1 • n i.: Intur • l»\ J'liarlcs W<><k!. wlso will pay ai! lial.ili* •- .o! - loct .til accounts due t• late liriu. CHARLES WOOD.. I'lh'i'iHLioit or liii; i'eopK's' Jioti'l and Kestauraut. Olympiu, March 7, I 'ei. IS<; ... CITY Tyr./AXX3'xLii^'l l . D. CHAMBERS. VI ""HOEESA EE and retail de:i!."i ; l MEATS AND YE( i -- STOC K HOt OUT AND SOI O Orders tilled on short notice. r a. .. t.."t i kept constantly on hand. Main Street, I • tween Third and E ,T . i D, B. HENRY, ■■ ■ J j T,T E ENOIN'EEB AND EM DKITTY si BVEYoIE ORDERS loft at the Office of Kron<'i.s Ilm. ry. Earn! Aeviit. in the new eouih . tniid- I ing. will no i t wit It pro) upt at lent! i>. (>! vinjiia. .Em. 7. E-7J. 1a , I MILLINERY GOODS ! A j US. SK. IIIi 1 1. DS I, i v j'is'. «- t oin 'I. i Jll in t! ' iiiiihiinir Mr. V:' c»it's | Ji'Nu lr\ on ttp \*f >t si• I • t>i* Main St.. : a ti in * a>sort incut of Sl \ Ids «»i loJilic ' «irtcfi ( liilt'ivn** Hats and Bonnets, i aiu v <» ii'iF A <*.. iiitv »rt» •! <1 ir« «*tl\ D m Nhn L-IL i'hu ];i<H< > ' »f'<>l yin j J;* ;!!>«! vifiii'l v :m» ii ltilly ii»\ ilc lto « ail an l < .vimin In i j >t < ck. ; April slli. i .".Ml" Panic in Dry Goods ! I»> YAUDS BEST IMtIM'S 1 I >K» S ' 2 »*) Hii at Bluet; ui in Diiei's ».S j I OF BLACK fi«o BROWN MUSLiJiS, • 're- Coo-! and all I i in g. m r.i! at Ell IBBlss (li\ i:' ; i Ma:■ i. 1 J J- 7a. g • <u. r r.\ f a o i ;r. - WATCH g/J'\ MAKER fp'--, ,7M AND JKWT.r.Ms. Nc\l i)oor {<> the Ti'miNcrijij, At MN S'l'IiEET. ! ' !. I I >F E'l'H and 1 11 "1 11 Hep,iir i t2 XJono j WHU : \i \si> »i a:.:. w a l:n>. I O.yinj <..J:.ii. :;i. l-> 74. jnlvi;i:7l t Aiden H. Steele, M.D., i «>i:Mi:ni.Y <>r okkgon CITY I.VIM a. a. si r. s. a. ,r :,i < «•'•!*• <'f I'i. ' Sli, t •JCtWOfll I 1. '!>. . ml• ' . Oflici- at Ni-at' s ■. In ~;. M., ; -M • 1-7 C. ' NEW DRUG STORE, -V- X_ O. X\TTT TP or T in; oi,tmpi\ i»iti«. vro:»?. PROPR I EtT~OF-i. 1)11111 !"r< ~!i «-Ir< ft;!■ > .... J I'i 11*1' '1 iit. all lll'lll » .1,1 ,• ;Ui , \ fill!' XsHOltoiint of'Joilil \ . -nr >!• .. -. &<\ ■. x ' ' v ''*' ""iially k< |.t i» u ' 1 I»ni« Siorf. ; v '• ! ■'> : •••! ii.• <■ 11, ,n, > ' v. 1- M . L -S. i.,' 2 j .-I „ „ lv, ATTORNEY AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC. OFFICE WITH jiiji.i; II I; \,\ | so.*v. Olyuipla, Marc I»♦>, '7O, 7: t CARD. I "'H' Va 1 ;"" 'Hanks to Tin. »• i-r:r ii• 1. f..r tlir* kii. l ami iitt-ral patrotiujn: -I the IT-ole i II fel !!f! ,i Kivtanrant -' /).« I will crjfleftv«.-.\ *»V i'i' ' ' ' . to merit a • out'illi auce of the name. • CIIARI.RS WOOD, * 1■ II"' _-l •*" *'' ti.ui.nit.

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