15 Haziran 1855 Tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 3

15 Haziran 1855 tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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J"S=>Y IO F KNT STOKM OP WLSD A\L> RA TV v j'tcident.—Tbu latitude was visited 7 o five o'clock yesterday afternoon by one 77he most violent tornadoes which bas occur ,r . a Jon" time. The wind was high dur he o-f-ater part of the day, and increased in ;2,'ft.?000 to a v-rfcct srai.-, th- rain at tie l.llms in p-rl'ect torreils. W - lap >ml t much damage by the wind. A new building, Saratoga'street, between Cary and Cal ;; n was blown down, burying beneath .f" ruins three men engaged thereon. The un iirtuiiate men were .Mr. John Flynch, a boss !"': c kUver, who resides in Popplrton street, "!r Saratoga, * voting man named Nicholas vj-Kew, aged about twenty years, an appren tice of Flynch, with whom he resides, and a oiored laborer named David Mathews, who Hided in S ai ' ah Ann r,ear Fri-mont.— The first two named were upon the third story which was thrown into the street by H, je wall, thev falling beneath the same.— They are all very seriously hurt, but the color ed man, (Mathews,) being in the lower part of H buildings was completely buried beneath the ruins and hut faint hopes are entertained of his recovery.— Bull. Patriot, M. LANCASTER, June s.— The Lancaster Savings jn-iVntion of this city, has failed, and Bright er the Treasurer, has been committed to prison ),r embezzelment. The deficit is Stated at and the assets Sl~.ooo. Ihe Insti- Hi nis of course closed. Much excitement j avails among depositors arid others interested. DEATH OF CHILHRBN. One of our judges, s'i aking "I the death ola little friend, in a let ter savs with equal simplicity and truth:— ■Mv heart is full of the sad thoughts which this clancholv event has occasioned. Nothing pins me more than the deal!) of children.— ] ike the Bowers of spring, blighted by an un limelv frost, they fall having yielded no fruit, •eid cause a gnei which nothing can assnge hut the belief that they have ascended, and are ■doriCied spirits in the presence of God !" ADI TCH KNOU--NOTHI\<; WANTED. — TT AP pears that the Know-Nothings of Berks county readout establishing a German organ in the city of Reading, and are anxious to secure the servi ces of a German Know-Nothing printer to fin their dirt v work. The liirriabirr" Union says : -A man named RICHARDS has very effectually >entiled our town in search of one hut, to the honor and glory of the noble German character, he i; said, none base enough could he employed I . aid HI promulgating his prose riptive princi j les. Alas! poor RICHARDS !" ATTENTIGN RIFLEMEN! You are hereby notified that a parade will take place on Thursday the 2lst in.it., at 10 o'- <i nk, A. M. at the Court House, iu the Bo rough, in summer unifoi m. A lull turn out is particularly requested. JOHN* ALMP, rapt. June 15, lS5n. ALLEGHENY MALE AND FEMALE SEMINARY! Tho Institution is located at Rainsburjr, Bedford coi,lllv. Pa. 10 iriil-s from Bedl'oid and ss miles from t ■■ celebrated Mineral Springs. Reins situated in a pi.'a-ant ami retired village, tief from maisy ot the ai bir.i z vices that so often corrupt the minds of youth, and in the mklst of one of the most healthy portions of the State, we trust it will receive the liberal pa trmiaje its friends have anticipated. It will h-under the charge of the Rev. JOHN POLLOCK, of the M. E. Church, a gemleman who has been tor a number of years curtailed in teaching, and whose recommendations from abroad, as well as •he high stele of teaching he i- exhibiting in this pare at present, fully satisfy n- that he i such a man as we need. He will be a-si-ted by Mr.f!. L. J lurk a- Preceptress, and such other teacher- as the school may require. The year will he divided into tw o sessions.of 22 weeks each. The first Session will commence on Tue-day, the 7th day of August next. Each session will be divided into two terms of 11 weeks, but svitt.ont anv vacation, a- the school w ill he re-nrrran ued on the next day after the close ol the tir-t term of the session. It will be very important tor stu dents to be in attendance as near the beginning of the term as possible, in order to gain a thorough knowledge of elementary principles. Kates of Tuition will be as follows: Tor common Kuslish, per trim, 83. to which will he added lor higher branches, including higher Mathematics, each "•'• cents. For each ancient or modern language, >1 25. The entire amount of the above shall not • xceed six dollars. Extra —Lessons on Piano. per Term. $10 —Draw- mi; arid Painting of the drtfeient varieties from 3 to s>—Vocal music, two lessons per week, SI —lnci- dei.tals, 25 crnts. Special attention will be given to tho-e intending e engage in teaching, both by affording them a tho rough Drilling in the branches necessary to be taught, and bv Lectures on the best methods of teach ing and discipline. can be procured at various places in the tillage on the'most reasonable terms. Conveyances will he in readiness at the stage office in Bedford or: the day previous to commencement, between the hours of I and SP. M. for the conveyance of any that may not be otherwise provided for, tree of expense. Arrangements will ai-o be made for their return to the same place. JAMES A. COLEMAN, SAMUEL WILLIAMS, J. H. DICK F.N, JOSEPH BECK, JOHN FILLER, Tn,*trr*. Rainsburg, June S, 1855. KEMtll FOI \DKY ! Ihe subscribers respectfully LOT leave to in form the people of Middle VVoodberry Town ship, and the country at large, that they are now prepared, <it their establishment,one mile south "I H'oodb erry, Bedford* County, to furnish four '• Threshing Machines," Pierponts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills, Ploughs of every descrip 'i 'ii, Keagv's Cooking Stoves, twodifierent pat t-rns, and two different pattei ns of Coal Stoves— Plough Castings, Wagon Boxes of all sizes, and vad Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, Mill C astings ol every variety. We are also prepared to fit ttp Machinery in the best and most durable style, and will give prompt atten tion to all orders in this line. Ibe public are respectfully invited to give us scall, as we feel satisfied that itoth our work anil I terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOW DEN, WM. B. BLAKE, Oct. 2/, 1854. Proprietors. J. White, ™ RE . AL .ESTATE broker. >jice Ab. 25, jJrcnde, West Jlvtnue, PHIL- \ ADELPHIJI. Timber and Coal Lands, Farttts and City pro- ! I'crty, bought, sold and exchanged. . Money procured on Bond and Mortgage, PERSONAL '■ ' ROPERTY and MERCHANDISE. A] pply to or address as above. May 18, 1855.—3 m. NOTICE TO COLLECTORS. The Slate Treasurer having made a peremp tory call on the Treasurer of this County, lor nil State taxes up to and including those of '55, Collectors are, therefore, hereby required to collect and pay over, without delay, the amount of State taxes yet due on I heir respective dupli cates. Bv order of the Commissioners. JOHN MOWER, June 1, 1855. Attorney.. Notice to Collectors, COLLECTORS ol Taxes in possession of the Duplicates ol the Poor and House of Employ ment are notified that, unless they make imme diate payment, suits will be instituted against thein without respect to persons. This notice is in earnest, and all who neglect it, will subject themselves to COSTS. By order of the Direc tors. JOHN H. RUSH, Treasurer. May 18, 1855. JOSEPH W. TATE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, REAL ESTATE BROKER, BOUNTY LAND, AND CLAIM AGENT, Has for sale FOUR FARMS and 10,000 acres of unimproved Land. lEF*" Liberal advances made. Land Warrants bought and sold. [LfOtiice in Juliannastreet. Bedford, May 11, 1855—6 m. ASSESSMENT. Notice is hereby given tbat an assessment of FOL K PER CENT, bas been laid on the pre mium notes of the Cumberland Valley Mutual! Protection Company, which were in force on the 15th day of March last. The members of said Company are hereby required to pay tin ir prorata to the author ized Collectors or Treasur er of the Company within thirty days, in accor dance with the By-Laws and Charter ol sard Company. By order of the Board. JOHN T- GREEN, Secr'y. May 11, 1855. NOTICE :— The undersigned expecting to be absent in the West lor some length ot time, would say that his "business will he lelt in the hands of Jacob S. ScheiL where all interested w ill cali and attend to the.ir own and mv inter est. JOHN H. SCHELL. Schellsburg, May 11, 1855. Henry aiiisg-* {Of the lute Firm of King <s" J\!vorftead.) €cinmissicn ilLcrd'atit, DEALER IN PIG METAL, BLOOMS, Western Produce, &c. &v. Gc. No. 7ti, Water Street, below Maiket, Pittsburg, Pa. The undersigned will continue the Commis sion Business at the above place; ami having provided himself with suitable conveniences lor the storage cl Pig Nletul, Blooms, Produce, N.c. is now prepared to receive consignments. By long experience in the business, and bv constant attention, he hopes to merit a generous share of tiade, which he respectfully solicits. HENRY S. KING. April 27, 1855. NOT ICS. A Li persons indebted to the estate of Solomon Rice, iate ot Southampton Township, Bedford county, deceased, are requested to make imme diate payment, and those having claims against said estate will present then: properly authenti cated lor settlement. P. DON A HOE. A piil 6, 1855. AdnPr. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP TUB undersigned have associated themselves in Jhe •Practice ol* the Law , and wilt attend promptly to nil business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining counties. ify"Oifire on Johanna Street, three doors south of "Mengt-1 House,' 7 opposite the residence ol .Muj. T-ufe. JOB MANX. June 3, 18-51. G. H. SPANG. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Istol June, a TAN YARD in the Borough ol Bedford, with all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja cent thereto. Apply to either ol the under signed. Wm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, 1855. Fur the Heirs. V. K. W I NOEJILICH. B. F. N BAP, Wionctoiriicfo vc ftead* icnvcubing & £ommisstcti lllcrcljants, North Second Street 9 ojrpo*ite the Cttmherland Valley Rail Road Depot, CEAMBERSBURG. 07?" They are at all times prepared to carry all kinds of Produce to, and Merchandise, Ke., from Philadelphia arid Baltimore, at the shortest notice. *,* Tliey will al.-o purchase Flour, Grain, fsc., at market price. COAL, LUMBER, SALT, FISH. GUANO, and PLASTER on hand and for sale low . June 10, 1853. ST. CHARLES HOTEL, Vv'OCD STREET, PITTSBURGH, PA., Jilt V SON .A SiiiRLS. Sept. 1, 1854. Si. Slortfea*, Clock & Watch Maker AND DEALER IN JEWELRY, Would respectfully announce to t tit- citizens of Bedford, and the public, in general, that he has opened a Jewelry Store in the building re cently occupied by it• Aicodemus, Esip nearly opposite the Bedford Hotel, w here he will be pleased to see all in want of articles in his line. He has on hand, and will constautly keep, an elegant assortment of JEWELRY, and will re pair Clocks and Watches in the bert style. He hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage, as he leeis satisfied he can lender satisfaction to all who entrust him with their work. His terms will be moderate. He has on hand Gold and Silver VYATCIH>, Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Butter Knives, Gold and Silver Pens and Pencils, Kc. ice. A. B. He still continues the Gimsinilhing business, at his old stand, in the East end ot town, where he has a good and competent work man constantly employed. D. B. April 27, 1855. Fia h I Tvventv-five Barrels tine fat Mackerel, just received and lor sale for Cash or produce only by A. B. CRAMER & CO. Exchange Building. l,:i<ii<s Drew Mrs. *. E. POTTS Would respectfully announce to the Ladies of Bedford and vicinity, that she has just opened a large and elegant assortment of all the new styles of Dresses and Mantillas, Super black and Fancy Silks, Oigandies and Lawns, Berages and Tissues, Persian and Muslin De Laines, French Chintzes and Ginghams, Plain and emb'd Swiss Muslins, Fringes, Gimps, and Laces, Buttons, Braids and Cords, A rich assortment of Ribbons, Collars, Sleeves, and Cheinizetts, Edgings and Inserting*, A hill supply of Mourning Goods, Best Kid Gloves of ail colors, together with an extensive and beautiful assort ment of STRAW and SILK BONNETS, trim'd and nntriinmed. The special attention of the Ladies is solicit ed to the very large* assortment just received, and offered at low prices for quality. Bedford, May 11, 185b. ' * ' " The World's Great Exhibitioti Prize JUr.diif Awarded to C. MEYER, ror his Two Pianoes, London, October 15, 'sl. C. MEYER, 'Re-pprthilly inform- his friends and the public '■ 1 rurally thai he fi;.s constantly on hand I'ianoes equal to those lor which he received the Prize Medal, ill London, in IS3I. All order- .promptly attended to, and "Treat care taken ui selecting and packing the ■ same. He has received during tm*lnst 13 years more -Me dals from Franklin Institute than any other maker; also first premium at Boston, and premium at New York and Baltimore. Wart-mom No. 32 South FOURTH street, below Chestnut slreet. Philadelphia. •March y, li33—3ai. .sas e IL agaSiam Would announce to Ids friends and the pt;S lic that he has purchased the entire Store of the late .lun>es M. Gibson, and intends to continue business at the old stand. He has on hand an assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Teas, Se gars, Jeweiry, iNc. S,c. together with Conlec tionaries ol ewrv description. In a short time In* will replenish his stock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— He has on hand a good supply ot FLOUR, and will make every eiiort to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either wholesale or retail. He will also keep Bacon, Fish, Salt, Molasses, Roots, Shoes, Hats, Rrooms. Brushes, Patent medicines, Drugs, Dye-studs, and everv article usually ke.pt in a retail store. :7""PA PER H ANGI NG and UPHOLSTER ING will he attended to as usual with prompt ness and despatch — and lie would this oc casion to say that he has now on hand, and will furnish to order, on the most favorable terms, •■very description of WALL PAPER and BOR DERING. By unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re ceive liberal encouragement. Bedford, April o, 1855. fi'rivjete Sale! One four-horse Broad-wheel wagon and wa gon bed, three two-horse plow double trees and single tree.,, one large work horse good plow leader, cheap; one two-horse market wagon with springs aixl covered bed, one Hvdrolic Rani to fort e v.ater Horn creeks and springs on hills, one four-horse power and threshing machine and shaker, one Iron seed-roiler,and seed-drill, all will he sold low by CHARLES COLFELT. May k, 1835. notice. ALL pers uis indebted to the estate of John Blair, Sr., lale of Cumberland Valley Township, Bedford County, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment —and those having claims against said estate will present them properly authenticated tor settlement. JOHN BLAIR, .Administrator. May 4, 1 ft.">")• NEW CLOTHING STORE, lojsac Lippct Would respectful I v announce to his old friends, and the public at large, that he has o per.ed an entirely new CLOTHING STORE iti the Borough of Bedford, in the room recently in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he has just received a very superior assortment oi readv-made Clothing fir Men and Boys, to whicii he invites attention, satisfied that lie can please all who give him a call, both us to price and quality. He w ill also keep an assortment of DrvGoods and Groceries. He invites pur chasers to examine his stock. Bedford, April fi, 1855. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WAKE AND FANCY GCOE3. dl Choice Jtssortment of the Finest Quality, For Sale of the Lowest Cash Prices, at IV M. B. K LTO .YHE dl D'S , .Vii. LSI South Second Sheet, between Vine ami I - tit on, West Side, PHILADELPHIA. The assortment embraces a Larsr and Select Stork of Fine IVulrhes, Jewelry, Silver 11 are, Athata W'arc, jihi/ect icit/i fine Silver, in Sjmons, Forks, I rid I CM, Ar. —Jet Goods, Funs mul Fancy Article* of a superior quality, deserving Ttie examination of those who de sire to procure the List good* at the In J west Cask Price jr. Having a practical Inotcltdsre of the business, and all available facilities for Importing and Manufactur ing, the subscriber confidently invites purchasers, believing that he can supply them on terms a> favor able as any other establishment in either of the At lantic Cities. C~V All kinds of Diamond anil Pearl Jewelry and Silver Ware manufactured to order, within a reason able time. u7" Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware faithfully repaired. ' WM. B- KLTONHEAI), No. 184 South Second Street, a few doors above the Second Street .Market, We.-t Side. CJV In the South Window of the Store may be seen the famous CLOCK, which commands the ad tniiation of the'scientific and curious. Oct. 13, IS.il.—-ly. MERCERSBI3RG- Stone and Earthenware lo be had at WM. & J. C. RISER'S, Bedford, Pa. May 4, 1835.* \ew* top the Peoples NEW GOODS AT CllfUP CORNER, NO. I. bellow-L t/isens : We take this opportunity of returning you our moist sincere thanks fur the liberal patronage you have so kindly bestowed

onus. We would also inform you that we have just returned Irorn the Eastern dties, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, such as Cloths, Cassirneres, and Satinets ; Peter Shams, for over coats, Jeans, Ladies' line dress goods, such as Silks, Alpacas, Coburg Cloths, Hon ibazi ties, Men noes, and a large assortment ol Bay State Shawls, Hosiery, for Ladies, Com forts, Crapes, Collars, &.C., &c.—Mens,' Wo mens,' Boys' and Childrens' Shoes and Boots, and a genera! assortment of Groceries. Crush ed and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Teas ol all kinds, N. 0. Molasses, Golden Svnip, Mackerel, Salt by the sack, Laker's Chocolate, Broma Cocoa, arid a general assortment of Goods usually kept in a country Store. flip' All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods at market prices. SANSOM & GEPHART. Oct. 13, 1854. fteewe linUfht, (Sorrtrsor to Hurtlr.y V .Knight.) BEDDING AND CARPET WAREHOUSE, A'o. 148 South Second Sires', Eire doors above Sprite* Strut, PHILADELPHIA, Where he keeps constantly oil hand a foil assortment of every article in his line of business. FEATHERS, FF.ATHER-RF.DS, I'atent i>pritv•; Mnttre-ses, Curled Hair, Moss, Corn Husk and Straw Mattresses, Velvet Tapestry, Tapestry, Isru-seis. Three-Ply. Ingram, Venetian. List, ltae and Hemp Carpeting*, Oil Cloths, Canton Mattings, Coroa and Spanish Mattings, Floor and Stair firligiffs, Hearth Rugs, Door Mats, Table and Piano Covers, to which he invites tile attention of purchasers. Oct. Id, 1851. ly. NEW STORE And New fiooiG. GREAT BARGAINS, AND NO MISTAKE ! ELI TISHER Would respectfully avail himself of this me thod of informing tile citizens ol Bedford and vicinity that lie lias opened an entirely New Dry Goods, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, in the room for merly occupied bv Dr. llotius, and second door west of Dr. Harry's Drug and Book Store, where he has just received from the cities of New York and Philadelphia one of the most elegant assortments ol Goods e ver brought to Bedford, which, having been pur chased lor cash, under the most favorable cit cumstances, he leeks warranted in sax mg that he can sell them at prices so low a 1u astonish the purchaser, and all in want of good (foods, at the shortest possible piolit, are invited to give him a call. His stock embraces every variety of Ladies Dress Gccds, such as Silks, Satins, Delaines, Bombazines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British Prints, Plaid Ginghams, I ndnsleeves, from : 124 cents up, Hosiery in every variety, Shoes, Boots and Slippers, for Ladies'and Children it; fact almost every at tide adapted loa Ladies wardrobe, which it would requite tuo much space to enumerate in detail. His stock ol FLATS and BONNETS lor Ladies, Misses,anl Children, is large, rich and (HEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, £cc. are all of the very best quality. g /"He will consider it no trouble to shew hisG'oik, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will call and examine his assortment wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHER'S is the place fot BARGAINS! ! ! April U, 1535. CARPEITNGS— Ingrain, Wool. Fig, Bag and Listirp r Carpets, and Mattings for sale by RUPP At OSTER. " BOOTS AN!) SHOES.—Mens', Womens', Boys', .Misses' arid Citildrens' Boots and Shoes, Gaiters and Ties — lll great variety tor sale at ( HEAP SIDE. BON NETS.—Belgrade, French lace, Hun garian, Aihini, Mannilla, White, 1 ripler ami Rutland braid Bonnets—for sale cheap, at RUPP Ac OSTER'S. I LAIS cc BLOOMERS—Misses' Bulhland Flats ami 8100mer..., trimed and untrimed, fur >ale at CHEAP SIDE. GROCERIES.—Good Rio Cofi. e at 124 cts. prime do If) cents. Gulden Svtupand prime N. O. Molasses for sale bv RUPP &• OSTER. SUGARS.—Granulated and Crushed Sugars. White clarified do 10 cts. Nice N*-w Orleans at 7 and S cts. lor sale by RL PP N- OS I ER. April 13, 1855. FIRST IRRIHL OF New Spring and Summer Goods. The undersigned, thankful to their friends and patrons lor the kind and very liberal patron age extended to them heretofore, would respect fully solicit a continuation of the same, and al so infirm them that they aie now receiving from the eastern cities, and opening at CIIEIP SIDE! A large and handsome assortment ol new style SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, Comprising a great variety ol Ladies' DRESS GOODS, Of the latest and most fashionable styles, to gether with everv other article adapted to the every day wants of the people, all ot which they are prepared to sell CHEAP FOR CASH and approved produce, orupou a short credit to good and punctual customers. OUR MOTTO, "Short profits, many sales and quick returns, , will still continue the ruling feature. Come, then, and see the bargains, and buy on ly when satisfied that it's your interest to do so. j We will take pleasure 111 showing our goods, j whether you w isii to purchase or not. All kinds of produce taken 111 exchange for goods. ' j , RUPP & OSTER. April 6, 1^33. NOTlCE:—Notice is hereby given that Let ters of administration have been granted to the subscriber on the Estate of Jacob Diehl, late of East Providence township, Bedford county, de- j ceased—all persons having claims will present them properly authenticated lor settlement, and those indebted will make immediate payment. SAMUEL H. TATE, Administrator. Mrv 11, 1833. NEW GOODS. The undersigned respectfully announces that | they have just opened a Lfge and well a&j-u led supply of SPRING AND SIMMER GOODS! In an advertisement we cannot give an idea ! of how cheap we are selling—nor do we desire to attract customersby publishing prices of lead ; ing articles. We embrace tbi3 opportunity of thanking all | xvho have so liberally patronized us during the ! past five years—and, while soliciting their con : tinned favors, assure them a call will convince ! xve are selling good Goods as low—if not lower ; —than can be purchased elsewhere in Bedford. A. B. CRAMER & CO. Exchange Building. April 27, 1555. PIBLIC SALE OF VALUABLE j Coal and Timber Lands and Hotel Property. THE subscriber will offer at Public Sale, at the I St. Nicholas Hotel, in Cumberland, I ON* FRIDAY THE 15'1'H DAY OF JUNE, 1855, I the following valuable property in Allegheny Couu j ty : That valuable Tract of Co O, LA\T>, known as 'MAIDEN'S DELIGHT,' containing 1 lOJ ACRES, moie or less, situate on Moore's Run, near the George's Creek Rail Road, ; .mil within three iniles of Its junction with the bal tnnore and Ohio llasl ltoad. It is entirely under laid with the VEI N"' [of COAL, fifteen feet in thickness. It# soil is good for agricultural purposes and is now covered with a tine growth ot Oak and other valuable Timber. This piece of property is adimmbly adapted for the basis of % Coal Company, equal, it not superior, to any in the State, and can be put in operation at a small expense. ONE OTHER TRACT OF LAND CONTAIN INIG 100 ACHES, MOIIE OS LESS, KNOWN AS TUK OB- u CO.T2B;s I n nil, on Jackson's Ron, near the George's Creek Rail Road, underlaid with the "A J G V E I A'"' of COAL, which is easy of access. The soil is of good quality, and L now under cultivation. It is well supplied with buildings and all other improvements necessary lor iarriniig purposes. Due ether Tract of Land tailed liy iv' Containing 100 acres, situate on the Faltimore and (loio Rail Road, at Even's Tunnel, underlaid with THREE VEINS of COAL, 0 feet, 5 lent, and 1 teet in thickness, accessible at the very edge ot the Hail Road ; it also contains a vein of valuable IRON ORE, b ieet in thickness, now open. ONE ()i'HEll TRACT OF LAND, CALLED '•Perry's Fi a>; V containing 100 ACRES, more or less, covered with a tine growth ol White Pine and other limber, Ironi which Lumber of excellent quality can be manufac tured. The soil is well adpated (or pasturage or farming purpose.-. The situation is only a shoit dis tance south west of Frost bin g. ALSO— THE Stoiß&t Nicholas Motel* on the corner of Haiti more and George Street, Ctirn beiland, nearly opposite the propo-ed depot o! the Pittsburg and Conuellsville Rail Road, and the new depot ot the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Koad. It is new, and built in the most substantial manner, replete vt ith every convenience. It contains ample accom modation- for 20U persons. All the apartments are large and commodious, well lighted and ventilated. ON THE PROPERTY IS A LARGE BRICK CARRIAGE BOISE AND STABLE, WITH SLEEPI.\G JIP-IRTMEXTS FOR SFRWLYTS . ITTACHED. This Hotel is considered equal to any in the State. The Furniture 1- o! the most costly kind, ail new, and can be purchased w ith the property if desired. ICF"TERMS;—Fas\, and will be made known on the day of sale. .'.Capitalists wishing to secure valuable property art- respectfully invited to give any or all ot tlie a bove property an eaily examination. GhT" Should any information be required please ad dress the undersigned at Potomac f urnace, Loudon Co. Ya. JOHN W. GEARY. April "JO, ISG3. 2* ed i o *1 Aead eMi y AND FEMALE SEMINARY. W. W. CAKPSELL, Principal. This institution, hitherto under the careofßev. John Lvon, will henceforth be conducted by the pre sent Principal, ihe past imuory of the Acadeiiw will, we trust, be a sullicieiit guaranty of its lutiuT efficiency. The branches taught will be the same as* heretofore. To u\sri:ii imi;%cii*li:s w ill be consid eied the most important pursuit of the pupils; and while it wilt be The constant business ol the Instruc tor to impart knowledge, it will also be his aim to lead bis pupils to make a practical application of their acquisitions. To load the mind with innumer able formulas, without causing it to use them, would be like placing a bow in a child's band, without teaching him bow 10 bend it. In fine, it shall be our object, as it ha> ever been, to lead the pupil to Tlll NK . We look forward confidently to the patronage of tins community, which has thus far been so gener ously extended, and by an undiminished assiduity, we hope to merit your support. Terms per quarter, as usual, to.wit : Classics, 23 Hd;her EXGLLSH, 3 00 MIDDLE " ' 4* 30 ELEMENTARY " 4 00 Mi sic, 8 00 PIANO, 2 00 The Session opened 011 Monday, 12th inst. Feb. 10, 1833. H. NICODEMUS, Scrivener ani) Justice cf t!)e peace, BEDFORD, PA. Has removed his otlice lo Juliana street, nearly opposite the Drug arid Book store ol Dr. F. C. Reamer, where he will faithfully attend to a!! business connected with the duties of his otiice. He will continue lo repair clocks and watch- i es, as usual, and respectfully invites those in j need of his sei vices in this line to give him a j call. April 13, 1853. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION "WAREHOUSE Chambersburg, Penns) Ivania. THE subscribers are prepared at all times to carry Produce of every description and Merchandize to and fioni Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terms'. The highest price paid at all times for all kinds of country Produce. Depots, Bt ZB) ft CO. 3C3 Market street, Philadelphia.—JOHN BIGHAN, Baltimore, No. 131 H street. C. VV. EASTER & CO. Feb. 9, ISss—Cm.* BACON AND FISH. Ju>f received and for sale, a lot of Hams. Should ers apd Sides—also,-a fresh supply of Mackanaw trout. RtfPP & OSTFR. May 1, JSS3. VALUABLE J?£ill Property lor Sale! The subscrib r, about to remove to California, ; "lii fs at P;'nat<- .- 'lf, his valuable Mil! Proper ty , situate a -out 3 miles East of Bedford, on the dm iatta River, in Colerain township, at the lower end of Friend's Cove. The Mill is lour stones high, frame, with three run of stones, two pair ol which are Burrs, hav ing ail the machinery necessary to manufacture merchant and country work in the best manner. It has one of the best water powers in the Uni ted States, which maybe known from the fact that during the last dry season it had abundance of water, when neariy every other mill in the neighborhood was stopped. There are between 10 and 11 acres of land adjoining, six acres under post fence, about 4 of which is meadow, on which is erected a good two story log house, weather-boarded and plas t' red, good water at the door, with all neces sary out buildings—also a fine orchard of choice fiuit, pi aches and apples. Being determined to sell purchasers w ill do well to examine this property soon. J .'/""TERMS will be made to suit the jur chaser, by giving approved Bonds. HIRAM F. ROHM. June 1, 185:'). POLICE B:S S'aidilion. WHEREAS Otho Wilson, late oi'Southam ton township, Bedford County, died seized ol the following estate : A tract of land, Ululate in Southampton township, containing one hundred and sixty acres, adjoining lands of Solomon Rices' heirs, and David Rice on the East, Jacob 01 itz on the West. Leaving a widow, Henrietta, who resides in Bedford County, Pennsylvania; and issue ten children, to w it: Stephen, residing in Bedford County, Penna; Alfred, residing in Allegheny County, Maryland: Hugh, residing in Bedford County, Pa., Susannah Rice, wife of Solomon Rice, deceased, who is now dead, leaving issue seven childien, viz: David, residing in Al legheny County, Maryland; Alfred, residing in Bedlord County, Pa., Jane, residing in Bed ford County, Penna. Charlotte, residing in Al legheny County, Md., Jonathan, residing in Bedford County, Penna., Francis, residing in Bedford Count v, Pa., and Ehnira, residing in Allegheny county, Maryland: Jackson residing in Allegheny county, Maiy'and: Martha, in termarried with Hiram Wclloril, residing in Allegheny county, Marylnnd; Jonathan, resid ing in Allegany county, Maryland; Sarah, in termarried with Henry Mills, residing in Alle gheny county, .Maryland; Otho, residing in lo wa, and Jemima Wilson, residing in Bedford county. Notice is, therefore, hereby given, that, in pursuance of a Writ of Partition or Valuation to tne directed, I will proceed to hold an Inqnsi tion or Valuation on the premises, on TUES DAY the 26th day of JL NE inst., when and where all interested can attend it they see pro pyl . IJUCH MOORE, Sheriff*. June 1, 1 Sos. \otke is: Partition. WHEREAS, John Blanklev, late of Provi ; dence township, lied lord County, died seized ot ! the following Real Estate : A tract ol land, containing about three hun ! died acres, adjoining lands of Win. O'Neal, i Win. Cornell, widow Evans and Lewis Koons ; situate in Monroe township. Leaving issue, six children, to wit : Jane and Job, of whom petitioner, (O. E. Shannon, Esq.) is guardian: Lot, residing in Bedford County, Elizabeth, residing in Bedford County, Nancy, 1. siding in Bedford County, auu Emily resid i ing in Fulton County. Notice is, therefore, hereby given, that in pursuance of a Writ of Partition or Valuation to me directed, I will hold an Inquisition or valua tion on the premise, on WEDNESDAY, the 27th dav of JUNE insf., when and where all interested may attend ifthey see proper. HUC.H MOORE, Sheriff. June 1, 1835. Oolite its Farltlion. Whereas, James Barefoot, late ol St. Clair Township, Bedford county, died seized of' tt.e follow ing Real Estate, viz : A Tract oi Laud containing two hundred and twentv acres or thereabouts, situate in St. Clair Township, adjoining lands ot Gecrge Renninger, William Renninger, John Nunemaker, Peter Renninger, and others. Leaving a widow, Marv, and issue twelve children, viz : Rebecca, intermarried with John Moore, re siding in Bedford county, Elizabeth, inter married with Solomon Hammers, residing in Somerset county: Sarah, intermarried with Fre derick Renninger, residing in Somerset county; William Bareloot, residing in Bedford county: Isabella, intermarried with James Taylor, resi ding in Bedford county: James Barefoot, resid ing in Bedford county; Mary, intermarried with Alexander Stanton, residing in Somerset coun ty: Margaret, intermarried with John P. Bow ers, residing in Bedford county: Samuel Bare foot, residing in Bedford county, Job Bareloot, residing in Blair county, Charlotte Bareloot, residing in Bedford county, and George Bare loot, residing in Bedford county. Notice is, therefore, hereby given, that, in pursuance of a Writ of Partition or Valuation to me directed, I will hold an Inquisition or va luation on the premises, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of JUNE, inst. when an where all interest ed may attend ifthey see proper. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. June 1, 1855. IV OTIC"! ALL persons knowing themselvps to be in debted to the subscriber, either bv note or hook account, will please make payment. "My Bills are in the hands of Henry Nicodemus, Esq., where those indebted will please call, and thus save costs. A. WEISEL. June 1, 1855. Notice ! Those who borrowed grain and flour of me, are notified that I shall want it by the first day of August next, and sooner, if convenient, it can be left at the mill of David Patterson, Esq. A. WEISEL. June 1, 1855. I.iOO PIECES WALL PAPER, From l2i cents to §1 '25 per piece, just teceiv ed and lor at the variety Store of JAMES K. HALLAM. Bedford, April 27, 1855.

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