15 Ağustos 1856 Tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 2

15 Ağustos 1856 tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Prom the Pittsburg Union. UriimiK the Press. It is somewhat remarkable that a few of the German papers in different parts of the country, about the same time announced their intention of supporting Fremont. We were almost per suaded at the time, that this course was not the tesult of fair means, and recent deveiopetr.ents have added strength to that impression. The following affidavit which we find in theEaston Sentinel, gives some insight into the corrupt scheme which has been attempted by the lea ders of the Fremont party. It is the sworn declaration of Josiah Cole, editor of the "Inde pendent Democrat," a German paper, that he had been offered $3,000 to support Fremont. Read it! STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA, NONTHAMPTON COUNTY, SS. Personally appeared before the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace in and for said county, Josi ah Cole, editor of the "Independent Democrat, ' a German newspaper, published in the borough ofEaston.in said county, who being duly sworn according to law, doth on his solemn oath de clare and sav, that on or about the middle of Ju ly last, Henry W. Lowry, a brother of Major Gen. Grove P. Loxvn', of Kansas, having first called deponent aside, proceeded to inquire it he was proprietor and had sole contiol of the paper of which he was the editor. That upon this deponent answering in the affirmative, and after some conversation had passed upon the prospects for success of the several candidates for the Presidency, the said Henry \V . Lowry, further said that he was authorized by certain persons to say to him that if he, the said depo nent would co/ne out and faithfully support Col. Fremont, he the said deponent would receive three thousand dollars. That they had the money readv, and all they wanted was tor him to pledge his honor that he would so support Col. Fremont and the money should be paid down to him, in cash, before he should he re quired to take anv stand. That upon this de ponent replying that he would not do it, the conversation upon that subject ended and they separated. And this deponent further saith that the above and foregoing is substantially all that passed be tween him and the said llenrv W. Lowery, in relation to that subject. JOSIAH COLE. Sworn and subscribed August 4th, 18.%', be fore me, Hon. E. WOLF, J. I'. When it is remembered that the great mass of those who compose the Republican party, have been members of the Know }:i organ ization, and that almost the entire body of the newspaper press which is now arrayed on the side of Fremont, very recently sustained the principles of the Know Mot hi fig party, and when we see these same-men and press using every endeavor to flatter and conciliate the Germans and Irish, and to truckle for the for eign vote, we are disgusted with the exhibition of such inconsistency, such meanness and sub- semency. Rut repugnant as is such an exhibition to ev ery sentiment of honor, it is innocent and tri lling compared will) a bare faced elfort to bribe the German press to support the candidate of the combined Know Nothing and Republican parties. Such attempts have doubtless been made in more instances than one. The expo sure only comes where the experiment is un successful. Where the press is actual!v bribed the public is kept in ignorance of the fact, unless I lie sudden change of sentiment in the organ purchased excites a suspicion of the fraud.— Hut here ye have in at least one instance, the iniquity nailed to the counter. And from this one instance we can gain some faint conception of the desperate game which is now being play ed bv the opposition. To bribe a single news paper. of limited circulation, for thp Presiden tial contest, would, of course, he of little ser v ice. But the price agreed to be paid indicates that it was considered as a desirable object.— How can we account for this srross piece of at tempted corruption otherwise than on the reas onable and fair supposition, that it is part of a general concerted system bv which the whole t lerrnan press of the Stale was sought to be con trolled I And this, we suppose, is the Republican idea of a free press which makes such a harmonious jingle with Free Soil and Fremont. Truly, WP have come to a point in the history of the country when money seems to be regarded as omnipotent. Tim leaders of the Noith Ameri can and Republican parties have made their bargains and secret arrangements for a union, with perfect confidence in their ability to con trol the masses oi the people, and to transfer their votes from one candidate to another with as much ease as Fremont transferred the gov ernment cattle in California to his confidential ave;it to breed on the shares. But while enter taining such an opinion of the character of the American people, they have manifested for the independent press an estimate still more con temptible. They supposed that with money at their command they could buv up the neutral press (Tthe North, and that the German papers would be in the market. We are glad that at such an earlv period in the canvass the infa mous game has been defected and exposed ; and we trust that the attempt will meet with a re buke which will not only give security against such plots in future, hut also vindicate the in tegrity of the people and the ti ue dignity of the press. KENTUCKY ELECTION.—The Louisville Cour ier (old-line whig) of Wednesday says : "We give this morning all the returns from various portions of the Slate received up to last night. It will he seen that they indicate still greater democratic gams. If the know-noth mgs continue to lose in the remainder of the State in the same ratio, the democratic majority in Kentucky will be fully fifteen thousand." The Courier furnishes a table of returns from fifteen counti.-s, which show a democratic gain of tour thousand five hundred as compared with the vote in August last. ILLINOIS CERTAIN FOR BUCHANAN.—The Chicago Times of the 14th instant puts the following crusher on the idle talk about the result in Illinois. "We observe that persons at a distance seem to put some faith in the statements that there is a possibility that Illinois will vote for Fremont. We know that it has been said and positively averred by black-republican orators, that Illinois would vote the opposition ticket. Such an idea when expressed here is considered too stale even for a joke. No man in his senses thinks of this State voting for any one hut Buchanan. As we said when Mr. Buchanan was nominated, the democracy ol Illinois will give him a larger majority, in proportion to the entire vote, than he will obtain in iVnnsvlvania. Any Penn sylvania editor who wants to lose a hat on tti.it pr position may apply for jirr measure at once. THE BEDFORD GAZETTE. Rctllbrd, August 13, I *36. &. W. Bowman, Editor and Proprietor. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!!! "The Union of lakes—the Union of lands, The Union of Slates none can sever; The Union of hearts, and the Union of hands, And the flag of nnr Union forever!" FOR PRESIDENT, 119.1 JAMES BUCHANAN, OF PENNSYLVANIA. FOR ViCE PRESIDENT, HON. JOHN C. BRECKINRIDGE, OF KENTUCKY. DEMOCRATIC STATE TICKET. Canal Commissioner, GEORGE SCOTT. .'7uditor (Heriernl, JACOB FRY,JR. Surveyor General, COL. JOHN ROWE, (oi Franklin county.) DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET. Congress—WlLSON REILLV. District Attorney—G. H. SPANG. County Surveyor—SAML. KAT'I'ERMAN. Associate Judge—A. J. SNIVELY. Commissioner—H. J. lIRLNER, (3 vears.) CADWALADER EVANS, (I yr.) Poor Director—GEOßGE ELDER. Auditor—HENßY B. MOCK, (3 years.) " THUS. W. HORTON, (2 years.) Coroner—JOHN HARSHBARGER. * DEMOCRATIC MEETING IN BEDFORD. /'/"'A Democratic Meeting will he held in the Court House in Bedford on SATf KDAY next at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, which will be addressed by Col. SAML. VV. BLACK, one of the most forcible and eloquent Speakers in the State, lie will reply to Mr. FOLD, the Jlboli tion .Missionary from Ohio. Let there be such a turnout as will do honor to the occasion, and the glorious cause in which we are engaged. Tbe Recent Elections all the States where elections have been held within the last few days, the Democrats have succeeded hv triumphant and overwhel ming majorities, except lowa, and that State will lie all right for Buchanan and Breckinridge.— We hope to be able to give the full particulars of these elections in the next Gazette. [f]p-At the State Convention which met in Ohambersburg last week, Col. JOHN HOWE, of Franklin, was nominated for Surveyor Gene ral—and at the Congressional Conference, WILSON REILLY, Esq, was nominated as the Democratic candidate for Congress in this Dis trict. This nearly completes our ticket, which is one of tile b-st ever presented to tile people of this count v. In a few days the candidates for Assembly will be chosen, when the ticket will be full. IIO.V JA.YiIoS H3F" Our gallant standard-bearer lor the Presiden cy, lion. JAMES BECHANAX, arrived at the bed ford Springs on last Saturday, where be will remain tor a week or two according to bis gsual custom, lie looks as well and as vigorous as he did twentv tive years ago. Having annually visited Bedford Springs since ISI3, except when absent in the capa city from our Country to Foreign Courts, he seems like a member ol onr own community, and the tatniliarity with which our people meet bin), ex hibits the strong hold he has upon their warm direc tions. It is strange, indeed, that a single man should be found in Bedford County willing to record his vote against a candidate so pure, so good, and so competent; when, in casting their votes against him, they have no alternative but to go lor BIGOT KV and ABOLITIONISM in their most fearful char acter. Mr. Buchanan is the only National candidate before the people, and hence every lover of our glo rious Constitution and the perpetuit) of these happy and prosperous States, will feel it a plea-ant duty to rally to his support. THE P ROY! HEMES MGYEVG. C 27" Large and enthusiastic Democratic Meetings were held in the Piovidences on last Monday and Tuesday. That at Bloody Bun was organized by calling Capt. Wm. States to the Chair, anil appoint ing Cot. J. Hill. VV. Wyant, and John I). I.ocas, Vice Presidents, and Himas O'Neal and A. J. Mor gart Secretaries. Able and eleoquent addresses were then delivered by J- B. ROBERTS, Esq., of Pittsburg, and Maj. SAUL. 11. TAIL of Bedford, when the meet ing adjourned with tremendous cheeis for Buchanan, Democracy and the State and County Picket. The meeting at Mr. Black's, in East Providence, was equally enthusiastic, and the large number in attendance seemed to create general surprize, that heretofore being the strong-bold of the opposition in Bedford County. This meeting organized by ap pointing John H. Barton, President, Wm. Ritchey, Wm. Morgart, Solomon Feight, and Daniel Herring, ; Vice Presidents, and A. B. Tate and Chas. M. Bar : ton Secretaries. Addresses were delivered by J. A. I HOVKJNS, Esq., of Pittsburg, and Col. Jos. W. TATK | ami Pino. W. BOWMAN of Bedford. The best of feel ing prevailed, and the meeting adjourned by giving , nine cheers for Buchanan At Breckinridge, and the State and County Ticket. Want of room compels us to omit an extended no | tire of these highly interesting meetings. We are warranted in saying, however, that the Providences will roll up a stronger Democratic vote than they j have ever yet polled. "The Hag ol our tuion Forever." Whilst it is known to every man possessing a spark of intelligence that the Black Republicans place their entire hopes upon sectionalism—whilst it is tiue that in the Convention which nominated Fre mont there was not a delegate frotn a Southern State —whilst it is equally true that that party has not, and will not, have an electoral Ticket in a single South ern State—whilst th v Flags under which these fana tics hold their Fremont meetings embrace but six teen stars—we say, in the face of ail the.e undenia ble facts, the Abolitionists have the itppudpnce to insult the public judgment by placing the above mot to at the head of their calls for Fremont meetings. A more glaring attempt at imposition was never be fore practised in this country. A WRETCHED CHEAT. —In Mr. Buchanan's letter responsive to the union of the Syracuse democratic convention, the abolition papers (says the New Haven Register) have interpola ted the word southern where he says "Me whole country will hail this re-union as a rain bow in the cloud." Between the words "whole" and "country" they insert the word southern , to give the Jptter a sectional interpola tion ! It there can he anything meaner than such an act, it has yet to be illustrated in the miserable tactics which govern the opposition in this campaign. Such things arc beneath the countenance of honorable men. UEGFLAR DEMOCRATIC TOWNSHIP MEETINGS. The next Democratic Township meetings for | Bedford County will be in the following order: Southampton, August 14. Juniata, August 14. Colerain, August 15. Londonderry, August 15. Cumberland Valley, August 10. Napier, August 20. Hopewell, Broadtop, Liberty, August 2t. Middle Woodberry, August 22. South Woodberry, August 27. I'nion, August 30. St Clairsville, Sept. 17. All the above meetings to commence at 1 o'clock P. M. on the day- above specified, and at the places heretofore announced by the County Committee. A meeting will he held at Barndollar's school-' house in Colerain on the evening of the 19th inst. K. N. TICKET. E7" The Know Nothings called together their old County Convention of last year, a few days since, and placed in nomination the following ticket: Associate Judge, Wm. Griffith—Commissioners, Alexander Davis, Ksq., anil John Blackburn—Sur veyor, Daniel Sams—Poor Director, John .Metzger— Auditor, Andrew J. Reigbart—Coroner, Samuel Snively. On the above ticket there are two very good men, whom we are truly sorry to see made the represen tatives of such a party, and particularly at a time when certain defeat awaits them. We allude to AL EXANDER DAVIS and JOHN METZGER, Esqrs., both oi whom are gentlemen of capacity and good citizens— hut, as they have become the Representatives of this proscriptive party, of cours- they cannot expect Democrats to vote lor them through personal friend ships, and more especially so as our candidates lor Director and Commissioners are men of equal stand ing and capacity, and entitled to the hearty and cor dial support of every Democrat in the County. 1 o place a man like Griffith at the head of a ticket and one like Mr. Metzger at its tail, would seem like a premeditated insult to the Part)' of which they are members. Whilst Mr. Metzger is one of the old standard Whigs of the County, and a gentleman who would command re-pect on tlie Bench, Griffith is an uncouth piece of humanity who hung on to the Dem ocratic party until he found they would give him no office, when he became a great patriot and Know Nothing for the sake of a little public pap; anil is at once made the head and front of what used to be the old Whig Party ! It is no wonder, then, that an ar dent and uniform Whig should have remarked, on heating of the nominatton, that it " made him sir! If such a dose would'nt sicken, we do not know what would. "fi-'alse Pretences." (XT 3 " FR. JORDAN & Co. declare that men who, un der false pretences, are the recipients of political fa vors, are no better than convicts in the Penitentiary. Well, suppose we take that firm at their word, ar.d apply the test, how does matters-Stand with them? Because Messrs. Shires and Taylor were chosen to. fill vacancies, the - 'fatsr pretence" is set up that the "same thing was done in the different Townships throughout the County." This is not only a talse pretence, but a falsehood as black as infamy can make it, as Mr. N'icodenius conclusively shows. This same combination professes eternal hostility to Slavery and Catholicism, and yet they support Fill more and Donel-on, the latter of whom boasts that he owns a hundred slaves—and they likewise go Fre mont the son of a Foreigner and a Catholic ? 1% not this '-'false pretence?" which, if added to all the other=. would, we think, give certain Know Noth ings a long residence in the Penitentiary, according to the decision of Mr. Jordan. Fillmore and Fremont. The Fillmore men held a Convention in Ilarris burg on the 6th inst. for the purpose of forming an electoral ticket; and, whilst they rejected a propo sition to fuse with the F remonter-, yet it is plain that this was a mere ruse to get the Fillmore men to vote the Fiemont ticket. Dr. DL EEIKLD, who was a member of the Abolition Convention which placed Fremont in nomination, is the Fillmore elector for this District, a tart which leaves no room lor doubt as to the course he would pursue if successful at the election. The vire-ioorlcrs of the opposition in Pennsylvania are all for Fremont, whilst many of them pretend that they will die in the last ditch in support of Fillmore ! These tricksters would aban don Fillmore at once, did they not fear that it would j drive thousands of his friends to vote for Mr. Bu chanan! The fraud is too palpable, however, to mislead any one, —and all who vote the present Fill more ticket, will be as certainly transferred to Fre mont and Abolitionism as that they vote. Will free men bow before such deception as this ? CZ7"In the expiring groan* of Know Nothingism, Fr. Jordan cN Co. step out of their *ay to give S. J. MCCAVSLIN. Esq., an honest and uright mechanic of this place, a half column ol' low and scurrilous a buse, because be dared to exercise the right of a Freeman in renouncing the midnight oath-bound or der. How does this accord with their clamor about "Free Negroes, Fremont, Free Kansas, and Free Speech !" Every white man who now exercises the right of "free speech" against Flack Republican Know Nothingism, no matter how honest, or how humble, is attacked with all the ferocity of blood hounds—whilst an earnest appeal is made to white men to give to negroes "free speech," and all the honors of the land! The true motto of our oppo nents now is, I!" WITH THK NEGRO, DOWN WITH THE WHITE MAN! Or?"A certain EIIASTIS KING, of the Town ship of .Napier, and County of Bedford, appears before the people in a card bearing date Aug. 4, 1856, and certifies to his OWN DEGRADA TION by declaring that he was so beastly DRINKas to be insensible when he signed the paper published in the Gazette of week be fore last renouncing Know Nothingism. Now. although it may be his character to get drunk when any body will treat him, yet we have the authority of GEORGE J. ROCK, and several oth er as respectable men as there are in Schells burg, for saying that he was not only not drunk when he signed the paper alluded to, but that he acknowledged, several days after, when he was known to be perfectly sober, that he had done so of iiis own free will, and that he had gone to the Pole raising because he had deter mined to cut loose from the midnight order.— That his card was written for him by some of [he cellar-creepers about Schellshurg, and that lie signed it without comprehending its contents, must he evident .to every sensible reader, for it cannot be possible that any man would thus knowingly certify to his own infamy. That Fr. JORDAN N. CO. (the great Temperance Lecturers of last year,) should call to their assistance the aid of a man who certifies that he gets so beastly drunk as not to know himself, is a fact that will strike all considerate men with wonder and astonishment. Do the Freemen of Bedford County desire that such Americans should rule America ? K. N. CONVENTION'. The vtriter in the last Inqnlrer & Chronicle, in en article headed "itptieressary trouble would try to palm upon the public the impression that the Dele gates to the lust Know Nothing Comity Convention, which nominated their County Ticket, were not the same that met in Convention last fall to present to (hat party a ticket! 1 say they are the very name delegates, with thp exception of a few vacancies that were filled. The writer asks whether THOMAS A. BOYD and Maj. Rrrp are the same men as PF.TER H. SHIRES and JOHN TAYLOR, ihe Delegates for this year/" Last year there were three delegates from each council (Township.) because the Constitution of the State Council of Pennsylvania—"Art. 3, Sec. 5, Saith, the State Council of Pennsylvania shall be the head of the organization of the State of Pennsyl vania, and shall be composed of three delegates from each subonlinate Council, one to be elected lor three years, one for two years, and the President of each Subordinate Council shall be ihe delegate for the ypar he has bepn elected President : " "Art. 5, Sec. -I, Saith, all officers of the-ifbordmate councils as well as the delegates to the State Council, shall be chosen by ballot annually at the first regular meeting in August." The manner in which this County Convention was organized was simply this. The President of the Bedford Council took upon himself the responsibility to send circulars to each delegate elected to the State Council to meet in Bedford to organize n Coun ty convention, and they accordingly met. 1 think, in June, 1S ).J, in th v Sous of Temperance Hall. Anil,

by a resolution, organized themselves into a county convention, and vested the power in that convention to lorm the county tickets in whatever way they cho>e. The Delegates to the State Council were made tlsp delegates to the county convention, and, by a resolution at that convention, their Secretary was authorized to receive the names of all persons who desired to he candidates for the different offices, and be was further required, alter a certain day. to send the names so received by him to the different councils to he voted for, and the returns to he sent to the county convention, which was to ip.jet on Monday of August Court for their inspection arm rat ification. And the different councils, at their fir-t tegular meeting, in August, 1835, elected their dele gates to the State council, which was the first regu lar election held by the different councils in Bedford County under the Constitution, and resulted for Bedford Borough in the election of THOMAS A. BOYD for three years, Maj. Rrre two years, and my i self, us President,, (the delegate for one year.) And ac cording to adjournment of the Count v convention, the i Delegates so elected by the different councils met in , County Convention on Monday of last August Court, : ill the Sons of Temperance Hall, and received the re ! turns from the different councils, and. after consider -1 able wrangling, a ticket was submitted to the people to be supported by the so called Know Nothing par ; ty. 1 was the onlv delegate from the Borough in : the convention. Maj. Ri ee having been elected a elelegate without his knowledge or consent, would ! not serve as a delegate, and Thomas A. Boyd having i removed to the west, and the late president having ! bolted , they were leit without any delegates in the j Borough, which accounts for PETER 11- SHIRES and I JOHN TAYLOR not being the same men this fall that I TIIOS. A. BOYD and Maj. Rui'P were last fall. As j for the delegates from West Providence township, l Daniel Sams. Jacob H. Barndoliar and M. M. Pee : pies, were the delegates last tall, and the three were m the convention ; but. in strict conformity with the ! Constitution, were not entitled to seats. M. M. j Peeples being President of the council at that t me, and that council neglecting, at the proper time in i Atigrtst, to elect their officers, the election was then | deferred until some time afterwards, when David : Sparks was elected President, which entitled him to j a seat in the convention this fall, which accounts for change of delegates in that township. The same I delegates that nominated the ticket this summer met j in convention la>tsummer with two or three excep i lions where vacancies had occurred. This same I county Convention (same delegates) which met in ! convention last tall, met in convention on Monday evening of last February Court in the grand Jury i room, and there, by a resolution, took the power ! from the different Councils to vote for the nomination ol candidates, and conferred that power solely on that I body, and agreed that that convention should lorm the i ticket tor this tall, and that same convention (same delegate's) met again in the Grand Jury room in June j last, and there, bv a resolution, that convention ati , ttiorized tlie County committee to give noticp lor the : convention to assemble and nominate a ticket "at any reasonabi* time alter the Democratic nomina tion's were made" that the committee saw proper.— ' Tiie county (.'ommittpp gave the notice, signed by Kr. Jordan the chairman, and myseii as secretary, i and that same county convention (-ame delegates) without electing any new ones e\rppt a few where vacancies had occurred, met and nominated their pre sent tielet. The delegates to the county convention were always elected in ferret councils—and only those That were Initiated w ere permitted to vote tor those delegates. The initiations were executed at different places in the country, anil also in the Bor ough. Sometimes m private houses, sometimes in , ihe S' das of Tempera iter Hall , and sometimes ill the Commissioners office. Ihe above statement oi tacts I cannot be successfully contradicted. 11. NICODF.MTJS, late President of Bedford Council. 02P*"W> invite The attention of the Freemen of Bed ford Countv to the following K. N. documents, I which were never intended to see the light of day. Bedford, June 7, 18.76. Mr. DEAR SIR : The American County Committee i have appointed you and A Committee of Organization and \ igilance in your township; and i have notified the other members ol their appoint j merit. The County, State and Presidential elections ! are of vast importance, both in the pruciples involv : ed, and in the candidates w ho claim our support ; and | demand the active efforts of every freeman. Bedford County run and must be carried this tall by the op ponent- of the present national administration : and iin carrying the Countv, we are doing our part To ; wards carrying the State and National tickets.— Your Committee intend to spare no pains or labor; and we ask all our friends to warmly and cordially second our efforts. We entreat yon to make it your i special business to see that every voter in your I town-hip who will vote with us attend the coming 1 election-. To bring about this result we leave much jto your discretion; yet we suggest and earnestly ; recommend that you get your committee together | without delay, and appoint some active and reliable person or persons in each sub-school district (or I smaller territory if practicable) to see that every ' friendly voter be at the polls. Make it the duty ol ; these sub-committees To see every man personally before the election, and on the day ol the election to i see that every one be on the ground early, and if ne cessary to send for them—eipecially the aged and sickly—let the weather be as it may. We also enjoin it upon you to see that every friend I recently removed into your Township be regularly j assessed in time to ensure Ins rote. For any information desired write the undersigned Chairman or Secretary of the County Committee at j Bedford. We have appointed similar Committees in every Township in the County, and have sent tliern all sim ilar instructions; and when the returns come in we hope to hear a ood report from your Township. By order of ttie County Committee. FR. JORDAN, Cit airman, H. NICODHMI S, Serretary. iC7"No platform o (principles is here enunciated.— The faithful are only allowed to know that they must oppose the National Administration, without being told what for. It will be seen, too, that the Chair man, in this secret paper, places H. NICODSMCS, Esq. on a perfect equality with himselt, notwithstanding the Squire is now denounced by Jordan iS; Co. as be neath the notice of a dos*! The following are the Township Committees as taken down in the Chairman's own hand writing.— There are some names on this list, which, we have no doubt, were placed there without their knowledge or consent, and we make the matter public in order that they may have an opportunity to place them selves right before the community. K. Township Committees Bedford Township—Jno. S. Ritchey, Esq., Daniel Zimmers, Titos. Imler, Jacob Fetters, A. Bam hart. Broadtop—Lemuel Evans, Esq., Lewis An derson, John Kinehart, Jr. Co Wain—Geoige James, Esq., E. J. Dit-hl, William Dihert, Jacob Bowser. J. M. \'anhorn, Jacob Wolf. Climb. Valley—Frederick Rice, Jonathan i Dickens, Sr. Harrison—John McVicker. David Miller, Esq., John G. May, William Showman, John E. Miller. Hopewell—L. H. Diehl, Wm. Brollier, Thos. Key. juniala—Jno, Metzgar, Jos. Dull, Esq., Lew is A. Turner, Michael Hillegas, Jacob Corley. Liberty—Tobias Snider, D. S. Berkstresser, Jas. Bowser, John Ixing. Londonderry—John Wilhelm, Jr., David V. Evans. Monroe—Wm. Slockey, Elias Ritz, Evan Sw artzw elder, James (?arnt-11, Isaiali Shaffer. Napier—Dr. J. C. Ealv, Sitannon Mullen, Solomon Egull, George W. VVilltaiiih, Isaiah Connelly. Providence East—George W. Householder, ! Sidney R. Whitfield, John Ny arm, Sr., Dr. Eb-'tlv. Providence West—Jacob If. Barnd- Par, David Sparks, Joseph Morlimore, Jno. A. Gump, Solomon Heigh art. St. Clair—Thomas Plarkhurn, Sam I. Bare foot, Abner Walker, Jr., Win. ktik, Daniel JL Wisegarver, flsq. Southampton—Wtr. Lashly, Lewis Brown ing;, Israel Bennett, Pt;ili[> Clingama.'t, Gemge IVwell, David Bollman. Union Win. (t iflith, John F. Riddle, John Eckhart, John Eickes, \\ m. Hammer. WiKidberrv Middle—Jeremiah Mentzer, Jas. j Medaira, J. Bruntiiiman, Simon Bi umbaugh, S. J. Castner, Esq. Woodberry South—Adam Ketering, Robert Ralston, Josiah Ritchey, I). S. Jjongeneckt-r, David Bottornfield. A Lit lie Light on a Dark Ssttjecl. OS?"By an "anonymous letter in the last Blair County H'/rig, we learn that the delegate from this Congressional Disttivt to the Fremont Na tional Convention was not "sc !f-c>n-liiufc 1," but that iie was delegated by a meeting in Mid dle VYoodberrv ! Neither the liine of the meet ing, ttie place it was held, nor the names of th-.- ntiicers, are given ! Ihe i lea of a tovvnsliip meeting giving authority to an individual to attend a National Convention from a District composed of five ot the best counties in the State, is a f/trce ten times more ridiculous than that of a man going upon his own hook. To say that the Abolitionists have no organ in Bedford is to sav what every sensible man knows to be false. The Filln ore organ is Abolition to the hack-hone, and Fremont all over. JOKUAX Co. denominate HF.NRY Nicnnr.uts, Esq. as beneath the notice ot a dog! If this he his character, what must he the char acter of the men to whom he administered the Know Nothing oath] We would like a reply to this fair interrogatory. Did Mr. Jordan se lect for his private Secretary a man that a dog would not notice? Tell ns. As low a standard as we have always affixed to Know Nothingism, we did not think it quite so mean and degraded as its worshippers now acknowl edge it to he. If, however, Mr. Nicodemus is beneath the notice of a dog, is it not singular, that he should tip acknnu ledger) a ruling Dea con in the Lutheran Church, composed of as re sppctahle people as there ate in Bedford county ? Sow, one of tw-o things is certain. Either that the Lutheran Church must condemn Mr. Nico demits' TRADGCERS as beneath the "notice of a dog," or the v must arraign and turn the Squire nut of church. There can he no dodg ing this question, and it remains to be seen what will he done. Tlie tfJHJ-Lsm' \\'Sisjjs las jflarr- S;ais<S lor B!iit'3iiE]aQ. If anybody l6*bts that Maryland will vote (or I> i i iiA.NAN, he can he disabused of the idea hv r> admg the following list o! eminent old line Whigs in that Sta'e who have declared in hi* favor : Hon. Thos. (I. Pratt, Hon. James Alfred Pearce, present United States Senators. Hon. Wm. D. Merrick, lbrmer United States Senator. ('apt. Richard T. Merrick, son of the above. Hon. Thou",as F. Bowie, of Ps ince Georges, now in Congress. Hon. Rever,!v Johnson, former United States Senator and Attorney General under General Taylor. Wm. R. Gaither, President ofthe State Sen ate. Hon. John B. Eccleston, of Kent, one ol the Judges of tlie Court of Appeals. Hon. Ezekiel F. Chambers, former United States Senator and Judge of this Judicial Dis trict. Hon. Isaac D. Jones, of Somerset. Hon. John W. Crisfield, do. Samuel Ilambleton, Esq., of Talbot, former State Senator. Henry H. Goldsborough, Esq., lawyer, of Talbot. Daniel F. Henrv, Esq., of Dorchester former Whig candidate lor Congress. George \V. P. Smith, Esq., editor of the Snow 1111 l Shield. Hon. Wm. T. Goldsborough, firmer State Senator and Whig candidate for Governor. R. W. Dirickson, of Worcester, former mem ber of the Legislature. Col. Joseph Wickes, of Chestertnwn. former Deputy Attorney General for Cecil and Kent. Hon. Alexander Evans, of Cecil, former Representative in Congress. George Earl, Esq., of Cecil. John A. J. Croswell, of Cecil. John C. Morgan, of St. Mary's. John T. Dorsey, of Howard county, former member of the Legislature and -member ol the Reform Convention. William H. Dorsey, of Baltimore, brother of the above. S. 'lVakle Wallace, of Baltimore, a promi nent lawyer and former Whig speaker. Charles 11. Pitts, Esq., former member ofthe Legislature and Whig speaker. Thomas Yeates Walsh, of Baltimore, former memher of Congress. William 11. Gatchell, Esq., lawyer of Balti more. Robert M. Magraw, Esq., ol Baltimore, Pres ident of Susquehannah Railroad. Thomas Donaldson, Esq., of Howard county, former member ofthe Legislature and member of the Convention which formed the present constitution ofthe State. John K. Longwell, ofSt. Mary's county, for mer member of the Legislature. Benedict I. Heard, of St. Mary's county, a prominent Whig. ITI4RRI 111>: On the 10th inst., by the Rev. Wm. M. Deatrick of Pattonsville, Mr. ADAM COY and Mrs. HANNAH HIESTTR, both of Hopewell tp. From the Ebensburg Sentinel. MICHAEL DAX MAGEHAX, ESQ, This gentleman *o well known to the people of xhi , county, and who ha* alway* taken an active pur the politics ot the country, has addresseda ietter •!' Maj. John Linton, formerly a Whig member of the Legislature from thi county, who is aUo well a-,,; favorably known throughout the State, v are plea.-ed to lay betore our readers, h, bed' cusses the Presidential question in bis usual sty' e and m strong language exposes the unconstitutional' and treasonable organization and designs of tbe Know Nothing arid Black Republican parties, and takes occa>ion to define his own position. Like hanrtrt-i! of "Old Line Whigs" throughout the L'mon he his determination to support Buchanan and Breekcn ridge, regarding them as the only National can<!..' atP lor the two highest offices in the gilt of a free p, pie, and in w hose election only can the Cotisti'uiion ami Union of these now happy States be preserve,' Mr. Magehan has heretofore been regarded as one ot the most active opponents ol the Democtatir party in tins county, aiiiUUis present patriotic course vthel, he perceives the institutions of his country enihr -er ed by the mad schemes of fanatics and di-unioni-i* cannot fail to le commended. His letter no doubt will have its weight upon those with whom he has formerly acted, and we commend it to the perusal of | our readers. EIW.NSLLIU;, Aug. 6th, 1856. My DKAR SIR : The contse which 1 h3ve felt rnmpelled to take i in the approaching political contest, has elicited i much of condemnation and some approbation, I'ioth i men with whom I have acted lor near a quaitei w a , century. ; 11 is due to my early and steadfast friend?. a. well [ a- to myself, that 1 should eilher justify myself, or he the lit subject of their scorn as a recreant j roiJ , ; principles winch 1 still have an abiding taith in. The cherished doctrines ol DANIEL WELSTEC and , HE.NKV CLAY, will receive full acquiesenre fiom ME j so long as reason retains her dominion within the I earthly case that retains the mind, the thoughts and : energy (small though they be,) with which the ®iv : er ot all good has endowed me. , 'J he first question which presented itself to me at ' ter the nominations were made was—Where U the Whig Party ? To that question 1 have obtained no i satislactoiy answer. Some tell me that it is to be j found in the stables, out-houses, caverns and fence ; corners of the tool band of conspirators, \\!; 0 j n | enormity, crime ami blasphemy have shamed and driven back To the gloomy shades of eternal desola tion, the sulphuric shades of Mural, Danton. Robe-- j piere and their lellow incarnations ol all that was I vile, wicked, horrible of other days, 1 believe i; | riot ! The party so loving the Constitution of our country. So faithful to the principles of sell gov eminent. Aye that party of Webster and of Clay, ' and our own John Sergeant and Walter Fortran!, ■ never did, never can sacrifice itsell in the lewd eir i braces of midnight conspiiators, colluding together unseen by any hut the avenging Angel, act! their lit ! associates, low demons spewed forth Itom Hell to ' give some Tone and character to their internal orgies. The Whigs ! We my fi lends are not with, or of i them. Where then is that noble, trustworthy, true party ito which we belonged ? I- it to be found in princi -1 pie or practice among the Black Republicans' No! No! That old line Whig cannot be found mean j enough to descend from Harrison, Clay, WVb-ter, ; Taylor, Scott and hosts of mighty spirits who adorn ! Ed not only our party, and the councils of the nation. hut human nature itself, by their brilliant talent., : pure live-,, honest, fervid patriotism, to John C. Fre ; mont. What are Ins antecedents/ Are They ,uch as would recommend him for a common county ol : fiee ' is the climbing of mountains, the eating c reptiles, the degrading sentence ot a court n.att ai, I the contumely with which he was hurled out otthe i United States Senate, the fraudulent speculation With government liimis in milch rows, or the crowning feat o! his inglorious life, in accepting a nomination I which if consumated by election would scatter to the lour windsoi Heaven the labors ol our (not IUM i father?. Are 1 ask these the rea-ori- which wiil tn | dnce the f American people to elevate him to the highest oliice in the known woild I Has he 1 again | a-k any capacity, any integrity, or a single qualifi cation station / Would you not be s a-hatr'£<} foywn that youa-sisted toelevate the crra : tore ol yesterday, the nothing ol to day, whose im potent and pigmy mind cannot soar above the rob -1 hery of the poor frontier settlers out ot their right-. | and along with his vile adherents belch lorth his ' foul effluvia over our happy land, carrying witii i its pestilential breath disunion, dismay aid rum | over the fair heritage which our lathers purcfaa- I sed in blood, and bequeathed to us, as the : legacv man ever left to h:s descendants. But 1 am ashamed to talk to you in such a strain, i You cannot and will tot hug ignorance, ltnpudenc , and assurance, like the spartan 100 l did the iox. to j your bosom until your vital- are lorn out. So far as i Fremont is concerned ! implore you t ot to assist to j lire the temple of liberty. t 1 have done with the nr.an and his confederates. 1 Now sir. can 1 support Millard Fillmore? tan you support A.J. Donalilson / 1 liese arc que? m not easily answered by you. You will not asl> in to support the nominee of a party who with the tii.u J of -tables and hog pens hanging to their lee., ru, 1 j lent with the effluvia of the dirt and niu-tmes-i. filthy ha tints, calumniate all thai is near to inc.— I Vagabonds knowing no law, r,o God, dare to arraign ' christian doctrines and practice- at the -tar.uar.i | their malignant hearts, and with disposit.uns !•.-•• j dereii in the regions of eternal misery, claim to | crush and de-troy all who wi i not den) tin f " < I their religion, and their country's institution?. •>•••' ' how down to the acenr-ed idol which they Wl ~' 11 j erect on the ruins of the great fabric erected ') r, ' ,r I lore-fathers, cemented in their blood, aim ,n a., -■< \ vicUitudes ol political commotion, held to, reve... i —a'rno-t adored by their de-emhint- o! ai! pa, .y --! Now 1 with spirit accursed the demon ha s entem I to the Eden of Fieedom and attempted to pervert. ! mislead and misdirect the public mind, lining iti" n the paths of peaceful happuies- to di-oruei. : ar.ee of society, and all the evils atteir ar I on u.n | erance, religions ami sect mnal jealouste?. When this bold attempt was made by designing men, the good and tine lr:i*M. o. country looked on with apathy and scorn. " of hi*, country and his country s law? < ■ 1 that Ot her than ignorance, base 1 , could be induced to enter into so unhadowei at lunation against the in-titutions planned >V ington, anil perfected by the lar ser.ng state-" the Revolution and their r P nal,l- But we were mistaken, the Fulmore s. tne - - son's, the Johnston's, Conrads, Crittenden-, -u - t .> of kindred feeling, felt no shame inj o '" l!, g timately associating with the vagabond on - midnight cabals, arid secretly binding ! their ruffianly confederates by oaths so !,orr ' '• pious and blasphemous that none who has a . p■ christian feeling or brotherly love fOU ' l but recoil in dread from the dreadlul proiar Yet, this is the man! The great recipient Whig favor, for whom I am >ml asked to^ l " e * , , he and his myrmidons declare to the world tM ■ son of the Revolution, whose ancestors themselves with honor during that tremendous gle, because of his belief in the creed ' al,< . j,e by them to him, must be ostracised am 1 ~ion yond the pale not only of freedom, hut o c. 1 will not by my vote invoke Fillmore audi son to make my son a pariah. v,. But I fear 1 tire you. I can support Bnebw , cause he never advocated a violation o! < tion. Because I sincerely believe that e adherents are the only national P ar, y " m j na tio" constitution, and having an unyielding , e , ; . to preserve the integrity ol the Union a au ery risk. . _„ tia litv And because, the principles ot re.ig.o" : would be as safe and sure in his hand? as • , in the days of Washington and Jackson- MICHAEL DAN MAGEHAN- To Maj. JOHN LINTON. A SLANDER OF MR. BRECKINRIPO 1 - XV 1 —The Louisvilie Courier Eposes of a falsehood of the Albany Evening Jou" l3 " short order. The Journal had said • "There is a strong leeling °f °pp of -' ! l0 4 ? Breckinridge in Kentucky, growing out 01 ■ trial ol Matt Ward, the murderer of the