12 Ekim 1860 Tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 3

12 Ekim 1860 tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

lorrs I FOR PURIFYING THE 3LCO3) ra,i far the spe-xly cure of die suljoin> J Yuri. Lea of lu-fa.-e: y C i ofalaonc! Scrofulous Affect ions, acu a* Tumorf< Ulcers, Sorrs, Krvot<3, pimpicff Pustules, Klotcins, IJiain*? uinl all Jskiu ■. OAKLAND. L'.IU., tftii Jti:\e x I j'\ j C. AT£R & Co. Cent;: 1 fcsl it tiiy duty to ,c --]cnowldg® Mhat your JNiroftpariJ!* lo don f<<r ih. !j. t> -ug iuberit<*d a &rofulou.* iiiiectk>u. I have saf!cv<t 'in it in vtrious ways lor years. Sometimes it bm.sL. :t in Ulcers on my hands ant! arms; toimliiu-s it •u-d inward uiil distressed me at the sroumch. Two s u£o it Ira ke out on ray head and covered my , .-iii's wSc.lt one sore, which was puiufui and kutbs :u9 , : .i dd * ription. I tried many medicines a . vei I ,vsictfia.-. but without tnnch reli f frtu any thh;\ In t. the disorder grew WOIKC. At 1 ngrh i was s-1 i ,i.l in the Gospel Messenger that you had pr-.-;>.ii*ed live I knew Y?t in y :i• - ' tj .ii that an . v ibiujx you made must bo p ui. sent t i ai utiandp.t it, and u&*l it till it cured niu. f took . you advise, iu small doses of u ..i.ol v.< .• i ih. and usfsi almost three hottl . n ana he*l;.:y . - -i to form under the v•• !. •re > UI ; ■- ,l off. .My akin is now clear, aa i I know I s ;,\v ; -.'iiim's that the disetiFe has pouo fi*oru liiy i- c • ; .11 L> lieve that I feel what lam :v ot wv.. 1 t. !l that I hold you to be on© oi tin- i • < i . , leijain ever gratefully. You? . ALH.LIi l;. u.I.LV. .f, \aiiiny ,f: 7:i irc. Ruse or Ivrysipi?:. , ; ftirr mid Milt fthenm. .'•< uid ; Hiiigworia, ore Oropey, ; 'w-rt M. Pueblo writes from : h-ni. \'„ V.. l i h i . that Ii • has < ured an iinetcjato : ... v.: Ich threatened to ternitlMfo . by"a •.- riiiP use il our Sarsaparilla. and alf * a chingrr •yck • f WiiV'fH'tttl Ei\-fi ; prla tv i. . of flu • gay ue cures the common Mr bv it ou gronfhoccle, Goitre or Verb. .. -a hi-ui at Vi'xas. wi'si.s*: •• Tinv.. '•■■■. • . \..ur >;rsapnHn cured nie tV :t) r -*? — tii !- - v Uin ' en ;he which 1 h.-.i suuVi.-d f.e.a r two yearn." Lmicorebfrn o* VhUes.Orar'nn Turner, cerium lictration, Peinaie il.aases. i, r . .1 lb s. fliai lihip -•f >--\r Y.rk < tv. write? ; *• I ! inply with the ie mvs? d y<Hii { } •.. ,>• n-l your Svir*aj;ani!a a vi< -i ■ llcnt ; rat -' in the ia:n>'T us co ain;oi< f,.r v bieti se '■ s , u ii ,i rem a . hot ' iidly in *■'■ ■ i • • ; fill -lev < h*t\ •.! , ••: :i;TetT --• t! „t by r-•-!** -f the ><U- 'Uh r! , .u .. it-elf '• - voon cut .. so'fii:: •wi my kuo , .1 .• fmale it for the- • " k* dcraiip S;ie.!li ! .. dC. .Marn-'W. of New'm \ , ' • A >n f .- • n or- t -ftfief.-nml ' t niv rai It! h '.. d ■'•••:-d ail th mr d>- v.s- (.-nl .•!{! b s , igh been coirij letely cured iy\ :r l.s * ravt of S j . jlia. Our !*lvs. .an b tyrL; ? • . : . • cnttklalTord iWief, but he advised the trial of your ! ,'<i .-j trie I.M r- . r i ; .-trip, nr.\ " i . ■ f.. . tn.ih * ler * ' ;.•* v ;r w\ ::,..y . mat Weeks ''otti of rbe > •mat.'-." 1 * •.Ixili : rviid >p, \KW Ontl • V-. L. 11l u.puvr, : Jr. ,T. C. Airr : Sir, I 'hr.-i tm'y . © ii •• ur:r/ •. and r. • .ct . • .. >• s© of If;- i;< .red wifh yi:r Mr*:- irli i.. t. vr. ii wen- sisnaiiu • ;• \ ••hue o.< the 111 •. 1' Or -I, -. i - '• I "< ..a bad . • • r ri.fe - V • tltfj ; i .i it.;n?su;fe n I'l y-'i. ? a**rj .rilla : ir • ■I- .-•! hel ! :ie>. he. 1 t * : . - ■ni l -:i'i:vly ivy ur v m-,t{ nrifla iu ♦. •k - i f . alu, w it yni. : -eoi • : y. . rha? • {>■ HI >f ur t.iUrafi>i v mthi !>• . •. n < <;un tsy. : *• truly lemaihab'e v. >■ ■ . pi v \ I" A. f.ARIM.KR, T> U. hc~jis**tis:ix. Gout, Idvi t- ( otnp .M.'.i. Pres. r < .. A ... - ii, J,i.\ : • \ : SS- • 1 have UI ; : •.!> : Ml ill • •.}. | -iV )tr h ha-;; .ne. w . it-' • thtt - a. u >.♦•• k * j;.'e in ►; i. *Jj -1 ..!. i tii i trie.l .I.Mir .-:r "f..- .* • ;:••• ai .*v s 'ii:Us ■ ■ id • ? c.l •• •; :• > I i: ;i I nr wr .-> • . . —I. ! • nk it . wr, c. £: : h. . i : •. h .. (*•; ! n .f St 1 1'.,-. wi :• a : ■ %. ..r. Willi fj| . : - r r- . v • ■ • 1 u>\ health, i tried ery ;M p and \ ■■ r re,;..v. •, . ~nd II i lie. k.: -wu v ; m y.-ais 'ion, no i.toer u-e tb..i- -r - 1 1 • isirsaj-ar'lhi. lie. • t*U- - a.i h= - • • x e. • y -! 11 .C tc . •yd \ \ ■ • f - - cur. <1 nie. ar*d tta* ' jwi.t; •: n 1 <i man .f I :-e . 01. 0 " .sii b - sof y.ni i.-* n| f. ii. . la.i .1 . • liirruSfCftnCt r Tiun.ir r .. R l.irffnm id, , fi( "ration, Uariti and h. o Putiou of fiic tfOncb. *. at larietr of r.vca ftavr !.••.• - je rt * t- u- •b •: • 4 >4 fortiikiabid i. mpUm;ts f: \- , lived ♦? Un • "• •; ihia renusly, but cn {•' e1; • ••*!.. u adir • . Si'inc of ftiem may k. imi n> uer. an 0. vMch f l • areSif*- S1- vv o I?e 1 .i • L Vr i •il w'J tis I > :li who ii'i ti>!* tie-.; •yspepsiu. Hrnrf f>isea*e. Pit . sy, .>h him iidlj , Aiiiiij^.ii : - remark ,hi- nr. - uf e 1 -.r • • i.\ the alterative jf>w> rof m* *: !. . • vitvl hu rlirr-s fiilo r- .- .t hiw ' ' . " !. a remedy ha.- h-jijf lr--n r- i I fie no • : ' t lb- 111 aii til :t . -d! ;io. ran Go Ayer's Cherry Fecteral, ' •' 11, C'llids. ill!* Uf II / .1. .'..1.i• % roup, Hr<>.<--h •; \ . ha i;;ii 1 . .tiin;,, ioo, i' . .) * *i, .\ . . • f ( -11111:1; . i?i JrMi arn! CI difc OR ;s. •- ..... . , I ryyy:. spared ly nr. J. C. A"?~: O CO.. lwr.. k.-.t. : (J. B. Ainick, Sr. Clairsville ; J. He-nprnan, ' w - >'irjr (iao. Gapltl-, UVsf I'.nd :!. K. Co>n, ' .iMirg ; arul bv ueiiers generally. Oct. 10, ISO.I. pCfcLIOSALF. OF REAL ESTATE 3 l \ ST. CLAJKSVILLE. 1 v victiip cf an order of the Orphans' Court ; BedlorcJ county, the undersigneri, Atirn'r of : 1 •'•e Ann Little, dee'd, will ofh r at public sale : a the premise®, in St. Clairsville, on "Saturday | : 'i Nov. nest, tlu- lullovving described real > ye, viz . Two I ts of ground, No. 7 and S j mag-David VVetzell, Geo. Heiusiing, I'ett-r I Atjuck and Samuel Sill, limiting on main I hW"Land having thereon erected a two story I ; 39ie bouse, a 1 .g frame house and stable j Tu spring of excelleot water, i !iee proper)s w ill be sold separately or j J'-th'T. to suit put^fiasers. 1 ir. made knmiTn on dav ot sale. 12, ISIO. O. E. SHANNON'. AdnrFr. j |^D.\jjNisikA'i'ou's notick. ! Letters of JAilministration having been ! • -''ted fat tie •.übscnber, re.:'liug in AlCgheny tp. ' fiers! Co., en tbe estate of Zarcheus Lunian, lat" j ' - Valley tp., Bedford rn.. d.-c I *!., all j 1 '"'■s .r.jsbted to said estate are therefore not id- i ; epay:T)ht immediately, and those having j v r " y present the-rt /orthwitn lb: settlement , : 3 -L am r-. dii g iti said township. , . JOHN LUAJAN, j ■ •IS'.;. Administrator, j . \ j 'ICE TO TEACHERS.-- . The B'.ird of School > ~ 11 l-ed:or4 Township, <sh to to employ i ( T, cient Mmber of Teachers, lor the Schools of , j on • ' cachets to article with the Board, | j i? rday r>! October, b°ing the'/27th day. cornni-nce on first Alond ay of November. '' !l ot tiie Beard. JOHN BROWN, Scc'y. FIXATOR'S NOTICE i_. r.t Adirunistration on the Kstate George, late oT Providence tp.. • t, e(1|l trintei j to the eobsrriber resi ta'..,,ow,iahip, ad per-ons indebted to said j Miav'.' ,^ le ' ore , notified to make payment .m- ; u >* f bose having claims will pre-ent the * forthwith for setiiemenf. < rM . SIMON NTCUM. ' • ,!h IMI. Adro'r. T; : '•:••• : \ N APERIENT AND STOMACHIC PREP A RA TI tion of IRON purified of Oxygen and Carbon, by combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned bv tin highest medical authorities, both iu Europe and the United States, and prescribed in their practice, t The experience ot thousand:, daily proves t hat no j preparation of Iron can be compared with it. Impu rities of the blood, depression of vital energy, pale and otherwise sickly complexions indicate it. ne cessity in almost every conceivable case, innox ious in all maladies iu which it has been fried, ii la. i proved absolutely curative in each of the following , ! complaints, viz : j hi Dttiilily, Rervoii* Affection*, Emaciation, 1 1 u<- . j jiepsia, Constipation, Dinrrhcci, Dy> eaten,, /ni i teiil j j Con sumption, hcro/'t! ous Vtthmr c ulosix, Salt K/tenia, /; ■•/ it strna tion, Whites. Chlorosis, Liver Cmp/aint, C lie Headaches, Khe u mat is in, Intel tnitti ,:t Eecer, : I'imp/1 on the Fare, \c. I In ca.es of General Dvbihty, whether the result ; ol acute disease or of the continued diminution of j nervous and muscular energy from chronic coin- i plaints, one trial ol this restorative has proved sue • cessful to an extent which no d scription nor writ j ten attestation would lender credible. Invalids so ; long bed-ridden as to hitve become forgotten iu their i own neighborhoods, have suddenly re-,ipp. ared iu 1 | the busy world as il ji:-t returned from p.'otiac ted travel in a distant land. Sotne very sig ' nal instances oi tins nindare .attested of lemale sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent mard.iTius, ! sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, and that complication of nervous and dyspeptic -aversion to' air and exercise for which the physician has no ; : name. In Nervous Affections of all kinds, and for reasons • ■ familiar to medical men, the operation ofthis prepa ration of lioii iiiu.t necessaiily lie salutary, fo , nil- ) like the old oxides, it i- vigoiously lonic, without I ; being exciting and over-heating : and gently regu- I lirly aperient, even in the most obs r ii.ate cases of; | costiveness, without ever being a gastric purgative, ; or indicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which; ! makes it so remarsably e.'iectual and peunanent a remedy for Piles, upon wnich it ul.o appears to ex ert ad.stinct and specific action, by dispersing the local tendei cy which forms them. In Tlysprpsi i, innumerable a- are it- causes, a -ingle i'ox of these Chalybeate Pills has often -tilli ced for the most habitual cases. In unchecked Diarr/nra, even when advanced to : ' Dystenteiy, confirmed, emaciating and appaiently malignant, the etiects have been equ ill decisive and astonishing. In tiie local pains, loss oi ficsh and strength, de bilitating cougii, and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Tut';:i*>it Consumption, tuis remedy I a- allayed the alaim o! friends and physicians, m severul very gramying and inteiestnig instances. In Sec :i,ton ■ J'ulerctii'fisix, this medi- atcit lion ria i.ad lur more the good crfccr of the most can- 1 I ions! v balanced preparations of iodine, without any i of their well-known liabilities. The attention of lenialt-s cannot he too ronfident iv invited to till- remedy and restorative, in the ca ses jreco'iarly ariectiug them, j in li/ < itmati.sm, both chronic and inflammatory, in lb* latter, however, more decidedly, it has been iiivaridb v well reported, troth a, alleviating pain and reducing tue swellings and stiffness of the joints ! and muscles. In Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily he a 1 gr< at remedy and energetic it- pro gre-s in the new settlements of the West, wili pro - j - bably be one of high renown and uselnliie-s. No relnedy has ever been discovered, in the whole hi.-tory ol medicine, which exerts such p;o;npt hap py and fully rei-torative effects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition oi strength, with an umi-ual disposition ior active and cheerful j exercise, immediately follow its use. Put up in neat fiat metal boxes containingso pills ! ptice 50 cer.'.s per box ; for sale by druggists and j dealers. Will be sent freettu any addiess, on re- ! !ceiit of the price. All letfeis, orders, etc., should be addressed | to R. !J i.ockc Co., General \treats, au CEDAR STREET, N. Y. July -ilith, 'GO. I IST OF LK''ITERS— ; * A KKMAIMMi IN THE POST ( F j fire at Bidt'ord P i., September ,'i()th. "i. Alcorn J .Miller Ja-:-.>!> AJI-n IV H—3* .Miiler Joseph Bryan Jl—3 M -rii u. .- Mary June Bowman Jaines E Mcßee Atider iu VV BoycPaliick -Moigei Jey Mi-s Blodget J A McConoly D Blake C L Neal Elt/.a Aft Bailev (.'ltheiine A Ntls in W iiiiatrr Barrel? A O'H a/nti .iatire- Baverd D tvisJ E i'iper SctH Butler, T E Painter John T Bei I.ett Andrew* P-raon John; -n M s Cut I George vA Talk Egbul fx. ( .1 Cum.aiitigs .James' Pvfer P AI A; - Clarke IV A IVrsccitt Addison Campbell IV IV Jtobison Jonas D irlariil fiairet—3 Redder J • Dolling Henry B Sa .;uej I Dean Andy Raymund Augustus Deity Marv .Sw'Qpe, King K Co Eshletrian J S Sperry John .1 Ewmg Calvin Slentz J French Airs Famels A'Jain Fuller Elijah Sellers VV i.'hatti Gideon George S Sut'ice L D Han way kVasiiinlon-3Snyder John H Higgius James Statler Jonathan Hollow Ii Stickler Etlman Hetrick John S Smith El:za Miss 51oon Ffiilif) Stuart James Henry James Spicer L D Hughes" James Sillers A Haney E Miss Sibb David Lavman I'eler Spalding Charles Lewis Sarah Miss Traupp D il 15 Dr Lehman Josiah Thompson Send G Landher Miss Wilkinson D M Dr Lavton Marjret Afi-s Walker S W Mrs Moore Theopulus ( VVeit Win C Marketr Patrick Fv'isly Jane Mrs Mayfair Nathant I Walters 11 M Mrs Miller Mat he-.v Weisler Shnrnan Alercerean J D Worsing Catherine Martin James Young J W McNultv James JOHN A. MOVVRY, P. Al. , I?XECUTOR' s N()TICE. Letters testamentary on the last will and testament of Christian Blattenberger, late of , St. Clair tp., dee'd., having been granted to the ; subscriber tesiding in said tp., notice is therefore | given to all persons indebted to said estate to make j immediate payment,.and those having claims will ; present them forthwith tor settlement. JACOB CROYLE, I Oct. 5, lSG 1 ). Executor. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, j Letters of Administration , having been ; granted to the subscriber upon the estate of Jona- j than Horton, lite of Bedford borouyb, dee'd.. all per-ons indebted to said estate aie requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims , against said estate, will present them properly an- i thentirated to the subscriber at Bedford. OLIVER HORTON, Oct. 5, IS6O. Adm'r of tbe estate of Jonathan Horton dee'd. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. % GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN PIANOS. -F •- y f -ill : T.' ,fa ." | GEORGE VOGT takes the opportunity of inhum ing Ins friends and the public generally, that he j j lias removed his I'uino Warerooms from No. C'iS j Arch StrepT, tn No. si'> Arch Street, where he will j keep constantly on hand a large assortment of hi- i : lately patented I'l A NUS, whirh'have been pronoun- ' ced bj" the be-t judges as far superior to all othei j Fianos in ti-e sweetness and purity of then tone , and const ruction, heretofore manufactured in the ( United Stat- and England. May ib,'oi).-6 mo. g 4 RAN VfLLE STOKES' GIFT GLOTHINi: EMPORIUM; ONE PRICE AND 1 NO A BATE MEN I'. : NO. <;r,7 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE STOKES won!J return thanks to . the public for their appreciation 01 his r lioit- to j i please, and their libera! patronage. 1 In Order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has I yielded to the solicitations ol many of his friends ] ami inaugurated a new system, o! Gifts vitb each i Garment sold. To his choice selection ol line Fab- ; rics, and tnaile-up Clothing, he invites the sci.it nv of the public, a- well as to his new mode ot doing business. Each article is Warranted to be, in Fub- I l ie, Style and Make, equal fo any gotten up i>i the : City, and one price, (lowei than the lowest,) marked | j on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for, is areompa -1 nied by a G it, varying in value from $ I to SIOO. N. 15 —None but the rrio-t skillful Designers, Cutters anil Workmen employed; and satisfaction j in fit. Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gilt, guaranteed a i GRANVILLE STOKES* ONE PRI :E GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. 007 CHEST NUT STREET. May in.'oo.—B ins. : g i P. PER RY . V # S. U". CORNER KOIGTH 'NO RACE sr.. PHIL .D 1 I.PIIIA, I i Manufactured ACCOUNT BOOKS of the Inst qua I- j ifv. Rankers and Merchants can have their Books ' ; inled and bound in any vie. RTTremtum awarded by the F.aiiklin Institute. (\ P. PERRY, 1 , S: W. Corner Fourth and Race-t'"'-'s. Phil adelphia. suppiief every article in t >e ROOK 1 ft VJTONEKY line, at iow prices. Hav- j ■eg superior facilities as a tuai nlacturer, he 1- enabled to supply goods very low, and j make veiy fair profit. Orders by mail piomptly attended- to. / 'OLLECT TOGETHER \ Ail votir '-Old Rooks'" and Maga/fne- ; tile them to PERRY'S Book Birderies. Fourth and Race, where von ran have them bound j good and handsomely at a low p ice. May IS,'CO.-o tris. SJ> FRANK. JACKSON, 1 S>. PRINTER AND STATIONER, •1311 dURs F. \ I T STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Mav It."'G.-l vr. faJOMMER TRADE NOTICE. r s * BONN. RAIGUEL St CO., .\b. 1 37 N'orlh Third I'd met, f VIPOKTJSItS AITO JOBdF.RHOF j FANCY DftY GOODS, j Invite the attention ol Purchasers to their extensive j Stock of Fancy Dry Goods, Silk.-, Embroideries, i Cloths, Ca-simeies Vc. May 1&,'60 U"INCHESrER & CO. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, j AMI— ; PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT MAN IJ FACTORY, Xo. 70(5 CHEXT.YUT S treed y Above Seventh, opposite the Washington Kih? Shirts aru! % Ora .vers mail* fionn m<*ahurer|tent J ,i f a icu days notice am? in a!! cases Warranted t> ■ fit. i'ormtiJa lor liirnished on ap- J plication bv mail. I.tHKt' AL 1 \ I>l/ <' f.Mi.N I S • TO WHO LP. SA'.K il" \ i!i-. May tS,"CO.—I yr. MARTHA i. MAi.'liN. <. I.HYH'I'K, I. A. U. ,M( F E Kl., | '.FO. R. li. <l.l , s.l'. MA TIN. T.I A. B A K E K , i • \V I Til MARTINS, FED OLE, HAMRIC3C K CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS. .iu.'l I, .Yorth Fourth St., PhiTa. May D-.'Gii.-i yr. 1 £ BANf ROFT NtCO.. '' "' * IMfORTGRS Sc. WHOLESALE II SAI.KCS IN I BENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH ' FANCY GOODS, Xo. 33d .Market tstrctt, P/ttludt^phm. .May IS.'(K'.-l yi. SIROgM) T01 II \IL ROAD ! a 3t .f-t Arrangements have been eflected between th° PENNSYLVANIA R. li. CO. and HUNTINGDON Ti BROAD TOP R. R. CO .by which ifreights are transported at th<" following low ritteti ; From | Hopewell to Philadelphi a, Flour, (>/?. cen's p>r bir rel. Gram, 31 cents per t'ui )b*. Merchandize Wcstw-rd, I 10m Philadelphia to Hopewell, per ton U.S., Ist CI 75 tent-. t?d class, i;o cts. 3d c| a -s 50 cents. 11h class. 35 cents. Salt and Plaster, 30 cents. Freights Westward are received at the P?nn*yl v ir.'.a K uii'Oad Station. 13th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, and forwarded daily. Freights E.i sfward we received at the Hiipewell station ofßroactop R. K., and forwarded diily. S. B. KINGSTON, JR., Fiei-'rit agent. Pen'na. ii. 15. Co., Phil'a. S. S. FLL'CK. Freight Agent, H. b; B. T. R. R.. Hopewell Station. Riddleshuig Coal. Fine and Lump, always on hand j and lor sale. S. S. FLUCK. Sept. 7, JSCO. £Kii MILITM IhMUMPMBffL g ."MnNEKAL OUDKK. NO. 2. Headquarters. Ist Brigade, ( 16th Division, P. G. V. j The several Companies, Staff Officers and all j members of the Ist Brigade, 16th Division of Penn- | | sylvania Volunteers, are hereby ordered to i.ttend 1 i an Encampment, known as "Camp i uyl r, ' to he j ! held in Bedford, cbmmenceing on Monday, the l-.th ; j ot October, IS6D, a-d to continue six days. j Companies will 'suppiiy themseives with Camp i Kettle-, as theie are none to be had-from the State. ; Fresh meats can be purchased on the Camp ground, j A cordial invitation is extended to all the neigh boring Military to participate with us; a foldier welcome will greet you. Ampie preparations are I making lor the comfort of all those who may be | j present By order of LEMUEL F.VANS, Brigadier General, Ist Brigade, 10th Dtv. P. U. V. Alexander Compher. Aid-de-c amp. Evansville, Sept. , . 1860. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. fE. (i o 1! I, D, • .\o. 632 Chestnut Si., co \of Seventh, PHILADELPHIA. PIANOS AND MELODEONS. HAVES, fi ACO \ h Co's., HAI.I.tT, OA VIS & co's., XI .NX's (J' aSO A. It. .AI.K is ro's. -(f' r ' rv *~ 3 &W y ' 3 " *'*%*■-•: g| is . . ■ a f. *&". J 7 4 (sp> -'A "Mf' "J 1 icf-- 7 ; ? I MASON L HAMLLN'S, AND PIHNCE &CO S. MELtiDEONS sN HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Second-hand I'iCnios. j May JS,'6O.-1 yr. . rinHK WORLD'S CHEAT EXHIBITION | ® PRIZE MEI)AL, awarded toC. MEYER i lor his iwo PIANOS, London, October 1.1, IS.II. | ui ! f" v vx W C. MEYER respectfully informs his frier, ds an i the public generally, that be has constant!)' on band PI.AN OS. equal to those lor which he received the t Prize Medal in London, in IS.Ii. All orders promptly attended to, £;u>d goat care taken in the selection and packing the same. He has received, durnis the last fifteen years, '[ more il/edals than any other maker, fumi the 1 rank- ; ; In, Institute—ai-o, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimnie, Warerooois. No. 7712 AECHS'reet, below Eighth, Sfiith side. PHILADELPHIA May lb, ISGi). -lyr. r. H U B E u, • {*rC CESr-OR TO J. SORVEIt,) WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, .Vo S J\orih Fifth St., above .Market, PhiVn. Also. Manufacturer and Importer c FOR EI ON AND DOMESTIC SEGA IIS. May'lS, ISGO.-1 yr. WJU.IAM 1: A! .1 SI,, JAM! * St. WIMTI'V, -AMUF.I. SIOOU-, KUWAITI) A AIJAt.IS, ! WILI.IAM #. SKTtLXAX, RlttltT F. ATMNSON. .J ~ AIGUEL, MOORE & CO., £ ' r.ATK. RAIGt r.t. AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE:DEALERS IX D R Y G O O D S, . V os. 220 N 222 X'urlh Thir l St., move Race, j West si'tr, PHILADELPHIA. | May 18,'CO—1 v. lOI'N O. .lAOII * , ISAAC \S CI.SH, 11. ' . 9TERLIXG, I w: . C. KENT, O. A. SMITH, !!. 11. EI.SU, i ; i;t: ACI.ES SAN rt:K, S llil'Kl, WHITE, .1. TOMLINSOX. "ft"AMES, KENT, SANTEE &. CO , IMI ORTEItS AND JOBBERS OF D R V 600 L> S , 239&2U NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. ' May 18,*60.-1 yr. AJO'i U K OF i NQI i -ol HON.— j"" WHEREAS, Dr. Will,am W. Rod, late of Sui'h rt'oodb l ry Town.hip, Bedfo rd county, dpc'd ■Ued seized of the fallowing described real estate, to twit: lour certain parcels o- tracts of land, one ; thereof being tbe Mansion tract containing one hun , tired and sixteen acres, more or lesr, adjoining land of George Replogle, Benjamin Yoters, Peter Rock iukl Ahraiin.-n E,-erioi, aho one tract oI Mountain ■ iand containing two hundred acres an I allowance, t adjoining land ot David Snowherger, David Afilier j and others, also one other tract ot Mountain land 1 contains about forty five acres, adjoining lands ot i Jacob Working, Christian Koche-dorler and others, i also an interest of one third pait of one oliier tract iof !an l containing liftv crcs, adjoining lauds of ( Benjamin Voters, and Frederick Stoier. j Leaving a widow, since, deceased, and three ' sons, to wit, Aaron Reed, Widiam Reed and Na thaijiel P. Reed, to whom, alter the dearh of the i said widow, lie devised all his leal e-late to be e ! qua !y divided among them. Notice is, therelore, hereby given that in pursu ance of a writ o! partition or valuation to ov direc le.l 1 will proceed to hold an Inquisition or valua j lion on siid premises on Friday the 2J, day of No j vemher ISi.O, when and where allparties interested 1 may attend if they see proper. • due riff's Oifire. Bedford. I ~,,, ... ~ ._ j Sept. 28tb iB6O. - FLUKE, Sh'ff. I A DMINIsTKATOirs NOTICE ; ' LF. PTERSxjl' administration, on the estate > I'eter L itshaw, late ol Middle Woodbury town -1 sf.; -j deceased, having been granted !o the subscri- I tier, residing in said township, all p-rsons indebted I to s.:ol estate are, tbcreioie, nbtotied. to make pay- I j meet immediately, and those having claims again t J -aid estate, will present the same, well euthefiti ! cated for settlement. Sept. .Mb, 'CO. ISAAC K. LATSHAW, Adrn'r. |j|dl iui:.— Letters testamentary on the last will and testament of Henry VV late jut West Providence township, ilecM., having net n cr.infiu! to tlm subscriber, rcsiiling in saiii township, notice is therefore given to all per sons indebted to said estate, to make immediate payment, and those having claims will present them dujv authenticate.) tor settlement. MARY WEAVER LING, Sept. 21, IHGO. Esecu'.iix. A DML\JSCRATCH'S NO MCE. ! * Letters nl adnnnistration | upon tlm Estate of Wonnan Johnson, late ot , | Southampton, dye'd, liaving been grant, d to tin 1 , j undeisigned, ail ptrsons knowing themselves j i indebted to said estate, are hereby notified to! i inake immediate payment and those having' | claims are requested to present them properly! | authenticated fot Settlement. JOHN MORS, Sep. 21, iB6O. Administrator. I 13,10 11 S A L E, OREXCH A N G E. Three tracts jf very choice farm land, contain- ! i nig 160 uries in each tract, situate on the Illinois ' Oentrla R. It. in Champaign co., State of Illinois, 8 i mile- from the City of (Jrbana, and 1 mile from Ren ! tual Station on said road. Two of the tracts adjoin. j and one of them has a never failing pond o! wafer, j The city ol Urbana.coiitc.ins a population of 3000. Champaign is the greate-t wheat glowing country in the State. Address, F. C. REAMER. \ Bedford, Pa. fbans) c< >uht saleT ' QF A VALE A RLE FARM. Rv virtue of an hrder of the Orphans' Court of | Bed lord county the undersigned will sell at public j sate on Thursday the 25th, day of October next, on j the premises, all thkt Valuable Farm late the res-! , idence ol AbraharnLingenfelter, dee'd.. situated in i ; Napier lownsbm. Bedford conntv, adjoining lands ! ■ ot Blackburn's Heim, Fred. Miller, Mahlon Black- ] burn and L oyd Lnldv, containing 232 acres and I 'allowance, patanted land, more or less, about t25 i acres cleared and uriter cultivation ; about 20 acres j i Meadow, and a good apple orchard thereon ; an ! abundance of good water. There is elected two log houses and a doib'e log barn. This properTy is > in a |>lca.-dnt neighhsbood, convenient to churches, schools ard Market. S ile to begin at 10 o clock,: ; A- M. where terms ifsale will be made known. ' DAVID LING EN FELTF.R j Bept. 28 'CO, A4mr ' J. PHIL'A. ADVERTISEMENTS. 1.. LADOMf.'s. >. BIT.O'I W A TCI! ES A \ n .1 FAY ELR Y. j LEW IS LA DOMIJS CO. .A o. 802 CHESTER STREET PHI EX. i (VIKST IiOOR ABO VI FIUIITII STKRET.) j Would most resjiectfnlly ask the attention of f'ifi • zens and Strangers to their Large, Cheap, and wf ! selected Stock of (.OLD AND SILVER WATCHES, J JEVVKLRV, SILVER AND PLATED WARE, CONSIST!'!'; IX PART OF ! Gold Hunting Lever Watches, lull jeweled, ! 18 carat case, 810 f'O Gold Lever Watches, open face, full jewel'd IS carat case, 30 00 Gold I -pine Watches, open tace, full jew elled, 18 carat case, 22 00 Silver Lever Watches, Hunting cn-e, full jewelled, IS 00 Sijvei Lever watches,open lacc.l'ull jewel ed, 11 00 : Silver Repine Watches, Hunting 'use, I | on ! Silver Lepitie Watches, open face, 00 j Gold Guard Chains, I*2 p!| 1 Gold Vest and Fob Chain-, ]0 00 j Gold t'en Holder with Pen and Pencil, I on Gold Pencils, 1 ,~,ti j Gold Pens with Silver Holders, I 00 j I Silver 't able Spoons, per set, j Silver Tea Spoons, f> 00 j , Gold Thimble*. 3 60 : With a large assortment ol'Silve., Table and Tea . hoi kf; Dr-sert, .Mustard and Salt Spoons • Pie,j I take, and Ice l.'ream knives ; Sugar Spoons ; Pre- : j serve Spoons ; Pickle Ki i>. and Fork-, etc. C"ADo, constantly on hand, a inagniflceiit as j sort merit Jewelry, consisting in part of Isru"elets, . Breastpins, Lai Rings, rmgei R ngs, Miniature cases ; lor I, 2, Land 6 likeric-se- ; Gold Croeses, < hit • ilren s armlets, and every thing in the Jewelry line, j of the laftst and most approved pattern.. Gold and silver Thimbles : Wedding Rings a t all j prices. I.allies' Cbatelaine, Gold Watch keys and I Sea is ; Stodaaml Sleeve Buttons; Opera Glasses. Always on hand, a splendid assortment ol Diamond Jewelry. Also, Diamonds mounted in tbe most beautiful manner, equal to any work in the United States, at mod-rate p. ices. Silver p.'ated Tea Set-, Silver p'ated Kn:ve, arid I ori. beautiful good-, and look equal to Silver. CALIFORNIA GOLD BOUGHT OR MADE UP TO ORDER. !T?"A!I iie-criptions of Hair Jevielry, such as i Breastpins, Uar Rings, Bracelets. Chains, Charms, j made to order in the most beautiful sty!-. Old : alches and Jewelry taken in exchange We can send by mail, with perfect safety, Watch- i es or Jewelry to any part of the United St..?. s. Alt i orders inu-t be accompanied with the Ca-h. No good-- sent unless the money is fir-t received. Call or address LEWIS LA DOMES & CO., BU2 Chestnut Street, Piiii'a- May 18,'G0.-C it?. 1 COKING GLASSES, i ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, ' j The most exteti-ive and elegant as-ortmeotat ttie i very lowest rates.—Gla--es in store i.f every de- ' scription. Afahogany framed Gla-ses, for country sales. Print and Poitiail frames, Window Cornices, Gilt ATouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing ■ Glasses to fill every space, by tnail on application. . Engravings for Grecian and Antique Paintings.— 1 Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EARLE &. SON, ; SI6 Chestnut St., Pit il'a. May 1 S,*Go.—l yr. SCHOOL 1)1 RECTO lis # TEACHERS —The examination ol Tea chers and I tie renewing ol c> itificate.-, vvili take place in thf several townships as follows, to wit : In Cumberland Valley, at May's school house,on September 22d: in Harrison, at Coir.p's school house oil the 2Mh in Londonderry; at Brdgeporl, on the 25th ; in Juniata, at Buena Vista on the 26th : in Scliellsburg on the 27tli ; in St. Clair at Eight Square, on the 2Sth ; in Union, at Alowrv's mill on the29ih ; in Hope- ' well, at Dasher's on the Ist Oct ; in Bioad Top, at Hopewell on the 2d ; in Liberty, at Stoners t<>wn on the 3d . in Middle Woodberry, at | Woodberry on the kth ; in South Woodberry at j Enterprise on the sth : in Snake Spring at Hart- i ley's on the 6th ; in Bedford township, at Bed- j ford on the 10th : in West Providence at j Bloody Run on the 11th; in East Providence] at Householder's on the 12th; in Monroe, at' Clearvilleon the 13th; in Southampton at] iNianpysviile on the l oth ; in (Mlerain at Rains- • burg on the 16th : and in Bedford borough on j the 20th. The above examinations will commence at | nine o'clock, A. M. Teachers and Directors should h" punctual at the hour appointed, as we wish to see all the Directors on the day ol examination, in their resyctivp townships . we therefore earnestly request them nil to fie present. All County Certificates, issued since the last i rejfu'ar township examinations, are hereby ren dered null. Teachers are requested to bring their certificates with them, as the former Su perintendeiit Iras failed to furnish us with the Duplicates ol l!i" .-aine. GEO. SIGAFOOS, B-qil. 10, lS6i). * Co. Superintendent. I "pnUJC SALE OK GEORGE lE] KAY'S REAL ESTATE, IN HOPE WELL TP. f.y virtue ot an order ol" the O.phans' Court oi Beulord County, the undersigned Will olfer at pub- 1 lie sa'e, on the premises, on THURSDAY, 15th of NOVEMBER, next the fo! owing dercribe l real es tate, viz : THE MANSION TRACT of sa.-i .!e --cea-ed, containing 262 i acres, ah. .it ICO acres clear ed anil under fence, and in a high stat • of niltiva ; - j. tion. The improve,ments are L •;V><NKNKW LOG it AME HOUSE, >t'/'-jd* BANK BARN, and th I'l Ci'. -rrv*'* 1 "'!' j buildings. This farm is one of the best in llopew eli toivi -h'p, tieing good limpstone land hint having th;ee good springs id orchm thefeoii. One other Tract containing til Ace, 132 per. about CI acre3cleared and iimicr fence 'l'he im provements are two !.og House-, two v "' V,-.- ■. ! out buddings. 1 l.i- e is a good-piiugon the prem ises, and also an orchard thereon. This is goo land, and in a good t• of euAi-'ation. These lands ..re id; i:i a good ,-ec'ion of ronnfrv, , within a sho.t distance of ?h ■ Ed,l Road n I at in • door of a ready mark' nil th * limp. TERMS—One third to remain in property during ' lifetime qf widow. Hie interest thereon plyabte To h-r annually—one l r I i inn iat m 'i sale, and th" lialance i.i two equ I animal pivu- a" without iut rest. JAM'S (| K W . Sept. 14, 18 CO. "1 icstce. ThlN NO riCE. Tile Ernckh d.iers of t!;e | Bedford Mineral Siring? Company, ore hereby notifi* <1 that the annual •!c --t f P, , aod Direct -sot s.;id Company, will be h> I ]at Hie |> >df >rd Springs, on Phuisriav, 'he! ; 11th day ot Octr>ier, inst.. Between ttie iiwrr. ' of one and three o'clock P. M. ot said day. JOHN P. REED, Sep: 21.1860. S- < retaiy. ; Af aucarom, CHEESE, ckaukers, urys . ' tnlizeil Fruit and Gun Candies lor ';,ile by jn?y2o. A. L. DEFIRAUGH MARK THESE FACTS! THE TESTIMONY OF THE WHOLE WGRID i&-' y -*• i-s'S}. ! v %* i. 4. f T _ , # /; ; ll&lfimTsy's Ointment, - V. Had Legs, Bad Breasts, Sores and Ulcers. All devrripti>r. of sore* am -erneiiiable bv lit. proper and ddtgei ? tin- <>f fhi.< inestimable prepara 'ion 1 attempt <0 euro ba>l legs bv plastering, the edge, oft • w ouiul together is a folly: for should | the kin 'in a boggy <! -ease ! condition remains I underneath U> t•r>- ?fj out w t|i tMI foil I jury HI a fe 'lay-. I'iiof !v 1; tonal and succe-.fnl treatment. as indicated vulture, i*o reduett tn- inflauviri linti ill anil about the wound, and to soot bo the neighboring pat N by rubbing in, plenty of the Oint ment, as salt is forced into trtaf. i Diptheria, Ulcerated Sore Throat, and Scarlet arid other Fevers. Any of liiP above diseases may be cine I bv weil i rubbing the Ointment three times a dav into tin. chest, throat aud neck of the patient; it vitl soon penetrate, and give immediate relief. Medicine ta ken by the mouth must operate upon the whole system eie its iuiiuenre can be felt many local part whereas the Ointment will do its work at once.— Whoever tries the ungeunt in the above manner, fo the di-ea-e- uained, or any similar disorders affec ting tue chest and throat, "ill find tb mi.elves re lieved as by a charm. I'i/es, Fistulas, Strictures. T!ip above class of complaints will be removed . by i:ight y fomenting the parts with warm water, and then most effect in: lv tubbing in the Ointment. , Person* suffering from tnese direful complaints i lose not a mortieiit in arresting their progress. It : should tie understood that it is not sufficient mere iy to situ ;,r the Ointment on the affected part-., but : it must be vvefl robbed in r - r some considerable tint* two >r three tint 's a Aaf, that it may be ta 1 ken into tie system, whence it will remove any ; hid.ten -mc or wound as effectually as though pai • pa 1 to the eye. 1 heie again bread and water poultices, aft- i the rubbing 111 of the Ointment, will do great service. This is tb* only sure treatment 5 for females. cases of cancer in the stomach, or wher# 1 theie may be a general bearing down. Indiscretions of \ outh :—Sores and Ulcers. ; BlotcR"8, a? als'isA'r* I'ln-j*', can, 'v.' i c*r r .nn-- 1 be radically cured if the Ointment be used freely . and the Fiils be tjtn night and morning as :ecoui I mended in the punted iutfttStiSM, When treated in any other way they only dry up in one place to break oat in mother ; whereas this Ointment will , remove the humour from the system, ai.u leave the i patient a vigorous and healthy being. It will re time with the u.,e of the Pills to ensure a las ting cure. Dropsical Swellings, Paralysis and Stiff Joints. Although the above complaints differ widely iu the.r origin and nature, vet they all require local : treatment. Many of the vvorst cases, of such di- I casts, wiil yield in comparatively short space of time, wl. -r.- this Ointment is diligently nibbed into the parts affected, even after every other means have jailed. In all serious maladies the Pills should be taken according to the printed directions accom panying each box. i Both the Ointments and Pills should be used in the following crises: Bad Legs, . Fistulas, Bad Breasts, . Gout, Burns, j Glandular Swellings. Bunions, 1 Lumbago, Bites of Moschetoes and j Rheumatism, Sand-Flies, Scalds, | Coco-bay, Sore Nipples, ' Chiego-f'oot, j Sore-lhroats, ' Chilblains, Skin Diseases, I Chapped Hands, ' Scurvy, j Corns (Soft) Sore-heads ' Cancers, Tumors, 1 Contracted and Stiff Ulcers, Joints, Wounds, elephantiasis, Yaws. C'Al TIOT !—None genuine unless the words "HCI.LOWAY, NEW YORK AND LONDON," are discernible ys a Water-mark in every leaf of the book of directions around each pot or box ; the same may be plainly seen by holding the leaf to the light. A handsome reward will be given to any one ren dering such information as may lead to the detec ! tion of any party or parties counterfeiting the med icines or vending the same, knowing them to be [ spurious. '.•Sold at the Manufactory of Professor H0t.1.0- WAY, SO Maiden Lane, New York, and by all respec table Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, thronghs out the civilized world, in boxes at "djceiits, 69 ct and $ 1 each. CL?*'i here is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. B.—Directions for the guidance of patients iu every disorder are affixed to each box. Nov. IS, 1859. |TNITED STATES MAIL LINE * B FT W F.F.N CHAMBEKSBURG LATROBK, via BEDFORD. A new and splendid line of Concord b"ilt Coaches, leaves Chambersbiirg daily (Sunday excepted) at - -— 7A. M., and arrives v.> , in Bedford at ~P. M. f. •..U- •- '*■ ' .wjj. -nrrie dev. leaves: ATM-VlE",' Bed lord (iaily. (Sundays excepted) at 7 -A. M., for Latrobe. making clos- connection with .Mail train :<>! Pittsburg and the West. Returning, leaves La trobe daily (Sundays excepted) on the arrival of th" train from P ttsburg, at 'j .10, A. M., nr.il arrive in Bedford same evening, i' spnger- wishing to go East, take the coach next morning at 7.A. >!.. and arrive at Chambersbiirg same evening at 7 P. M. RATES OF FARE Eton Bedford to Cham ber-burg, $ 1 50. From Bedford to Latrobe, £> !! . !•' om Bedford to Pitt burg, 81.9.7. The stock on this road cannot l.e surpassed bv any 111 the St3te, ai d the d ivers are careful, sober and accommodating. i is s the cheapest, mo-t expedition- and pleasant route passengers can take, going Fas? or West. For further information applv to James Reamer, Chambershurg, John Hater, Bed ford, (.'has. W. Fisher. I.atiobe. A.J. KEESIDE, Contiactor. N. P.. Passengers f.T So ner-ct and Johnstown, cot: at Stoystown .with J. A. Garman'- Line of Mai! Coaches. a!-o, at Jenner X Roads with E. Kier inae*. J m i t >?r- -. f'-ept 7, l v Cd. prni.ic SALE OF VAi.UAHLE * r ' 111 tf. ESTATE.— By Virtue of an order of the Orphans' v'omi 01 P.edford County, The nnclersigned administrator of the Estate of Peter Darndollar, late of West Providence township, dee'd., will se-i on Saturdayi-e <jih day ol October, next.,on the prem ise, the Inflowing des-ribed Reil Estate, to wit : One Tract of land, si'uate on the South siile of tt e Juniata river in said towntiip, cont lining 217 -.- send allowance, adjoining 'a tubs of David Spark, Jacob Barndollat andotii'r-, about ti 1 acres cleared and u.-ider lence, in a good state Of cultivation ; 10 cr thereof 200.1 mea- ow a quantity more can he made. ! •• impiovement* consist IN part of a Two -■< v Dr.ul.V u,.g ]>we|.iog House, Barn, IVago,i >• ,i. Spring-' -•• nd other 0111 buildings, i here n uin apjde " cil >r iol good Iriill 0:1 the | . 'oiise- ;*u!-o 1 suga - imp This propeitv is reii ml-, a desirable one account of ;!-iin-e.l '. being but one n-.ile fru-n 11-. contein i'laied Rail tlo d, id aMieam passing through it . affording good sviier |io v.-r lot intli purposes. Al.SO—(-..e ether unci at'e>ut:ng llie above, con aining 22 BCr".->nn ' allowiince, well tind-visui held V W ;r-3U;'. TERMS: 01 * third in ivtnd after corfirmation i I Sale, to wit : (hi the !ir-l ol April, Is-i, when need will be made and pose.-ion given- The re maindei 111 two equal aniiu.il p-vii "tits, "heie iter, wilhoni interest, to be secured by judgment bonds • or bonds and mortgage. ! M BARN DOLLAR, Sept. Ml, IVjO, Adtnimstrato".

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