2 Kasım 1860 Tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Kasım 1860 tarihli Bedford Gazette Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Ilu- Supreim Couit o! N- York have is •J a peipetual injunction ironist Eaton and l.rkins for rountctfeiliiv Ayet's Cathartic j., II holding I hem nsponrdde f>i ii, cried imposition in what tin y have { >nr- and reflraing them iroin further like inju . t0 (he public. If any class of our peopl> , lC than another needs Che interposition id ty.v to shield them from imposture, it is the "ich n ,| suffering who are unable to protect them f-jyi's A remedy so universally employed as \v.iV Pills I'.y all classes, both to cure and I vent disease, should as it does, have every '.•riui'V low ran allord it, from counterleit ~l t mutation. — Cabinet, [Schenectady.j \t (he resilience of (lie bride's father, on the intuit ,hv the Rev. P>. H. Hunt, Mr. Bn --(| Gardner, of Stoystovvn, and Miss Marga |, fay lor of this county. -1> R I'] 15- \ : ,ir Scliellshiirg, Oct. 4th, Mrs. Elizabeth flack, in the 83 i year of lier age. j n Juniata tp., Oct. 25, Mary Ann Fisher, iin ,j js years and G months. f.OODS, H-ST#IRRIVFn AT MRS. S. B, POTTS'. \ lar"e a"?oitment ol' FALL & WINTER GOODS, FALL & WINTER GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS, FANCY DRESS GOODS of All kinds, handsome winter sdki, French rorvi- ROCS, all wool ilelaines, DON NETS & RIBBONS, BONNETS Sc RIBBONS, Flowers, Ruche?, bonnet velvets—new style, hand some cloaks, FUR CAPES, FUR CAPES, Also, a lar.'e assortment of victorines and muffs. Nov. V to. OEDFORD COUNTY, SG. At an Orphans' Court held at Red ford, in nnd for the County of Bedford, on the 3d ilay of SeptemtiPr, A. I)., ISCO, before the Judges of the saul Cout On motion of O. K, Shannon, Esq., the Conrt grant a rule on the heirs and legal repiesentatives of William Kerr, late of Harrison tp., dee'd., to wit: John Kerr, Catharine, wife of Lewis Kellerman, dee'd, leaving her husband and three children, viz : Jmnes Kel jerman, Wm; Kelterman, of Bedford county, and John Kellerman of Ohio, Elizabeth wife of Jona than Cessna, of Ohio, who conveyed her share to Mary the widow of deceased, Wm. Jackson Kerr, loepi) Henry Kerr, A manda. wife of John Riley, Samuel Kerr, George Ken, all of Bedford county,and Margaret, wife of Peter Funk, residence not known, to he and appear at an Orphans' Court to he held at Bedford in and for the county of Bedford, on the 3d Monday, 19th day of November next, to accept or tetnse to take the real estate of said dee'd., at the valuation, or show cause why the same should not LIE sold. BY TIIK COURT. .!>. In testimony whereofl have hereunto set my hand and the seat ot the said Court, at Bedford, on the 11th day of mmm sept A. P., iB6O. SAMUEL H. TATE, <H ' Prothonotary. ATI'F.ST: WM. S, FI.T KR, Sheri3. [ct.'26.] BEDFORD COUNTY, SS. At an Orphans' Court held at Bedford, in ami for said comity of Bedford, on the 3d day of September, A. I), ISGO, before the Judges of the said Court— On motion of .1. ft'. Lingenfetter, Esq., the Court grant a rule on the heirs and legal representatives of VVilliam Nycum, late ol Monroe township, dee'd-, to wit : Leonard Nycum, John Nycum, Wilson Nycum and Andrew Nycum, residing injßedlord county, Pa., Bernard Nycum, Upton Nycum, residing in 'Allegheny co., Md., (o be and appear ut an Orphans' court to be held at Bedford in and for the county of Bedford, on the 3d Monday, 19th day of November, next, to ae rept or refuge to take the Ileal Estate of said dee'd, t the valuation, or show cau-e why the same should not be sold. oJi£f> rv r,,E r °' r-T --'n whereof I have hereon jfe ,n set ,n Y an '' sr al of the said Court, at Bedford, tin. 1 iln day of Sept., ■Sf&eß* 'A. 1)., ISGO. m SAMUEL It. TA PE, ATTEST: l'rothonotai y. V'M. S. FLUKE, Sheriff. Oct. 26, ISCO. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letters of Administration liaving been granted to the subscriber, residing in West Provi ■h'l,re lownship, npon the estate of Joseph Shafer, late of East Providence rownship, dee'd., al! per sons indebted to said estate are therefore notified to make immediate payment, and those having claims will present them duly authenticated for :eitlcnicnt. ABRAHAM SHAFF.U, Oct. 26, 1860. Administrator. A DMINLsTRATOR'S NOTICE* Letters of Administration, upon the Es tate of Ann Boor, late of Cumberland Valley town 'up, dee'd., havirg been granted to the subscriber, •iil l>eieons indebted are requested to make imm lafo payment, aod those having claims will pre ■nl them for settlement. MARTIN BOOR, Nov. 2. 1860. Administrator. \l )\IINIS IKA roK'S NOTICE Letters of Administration upon the Es tate of Peter Hyner, late of Napier township, dee'd., '"vuig been granted t the subscriber, all persons "idebted, are requested to make immediate pay ment, and those having claims will present theio °r settlement. HENRY TAYLOR, Oct. 26, ISCO. Administrator. IRTHA T. MARTIN, C. 11. IIAMIiICK, J. A. T-. HOUR EL, I 0" R " FSAULE, S . K. XIAUXIN. P A. RAKER, WITH •MARTINS, PEDDLE, IIAMIiICK & CO. —IMPORTERS OF— HOSIERY, GLOVES AND NOTIONS, ~ A'o. 30, JTorth Fourth St., Phi Pa. 5 Dy 18.'60.-l yr. \DMIN ISTR ATO irs NOTICE, taie - u etteis of Administration upon the Es ,-Vi°' HtDr y 'ekes, late of Union tp., dee'd.. hav debr'T" "' antet ' fh e subscribers, all persons m an j e ,^ are requested to make immediate payment, •°'e having claims wilt present them duly a " tne t.cated fof settlement HENRY ICKF.S, 0 , JOSEPH IT'KES, C '.-C, iB6O. Administrators. A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT ~ fA,, Of Kerosene Lamps **' i ,,st received at c '- 2, ISQO. HARRY'S, IB WIUMW SIMKIRITRS! THE METHODIST, S I lit' NEW REI.IGIOUS WEEKLY, WA O COMMENCE!* INJOLY LAST, AM) Ih ' C PUBLISH Ell ON * SATURDAY OF EACH WEEK, £ AT NO. 7, BEEKMAN ST., N. Y. EDITED BY THE REV. GEORGE K CROOKS/D. 0., Assisted by the Rev. J.NO. MrCLINTOCK, I*. D„ 1 1 At present residing in Paris, ns ComtVßFOjr nine: EDITOR; ami fiy numeroui contributors well known as writers for the people. Giving [_4 due prominence to all matters ol interest per — laiiiing to the Church whose name it bear*, Ji; and sustaining its institutions against disor- O gauizers within its bosom and assailants Irem -I without, It yet, in a spirit of hrtheitioo.l, con-, vevs to its eailers full details ol passing e- e_, vents in alt the sister churches , and in 'he C wm Id at la r ge, maintaining at the same lime;a 1 high literary lone, and , dignified abstinence F; I rum all unnecessary controversy. 'f*' If PRINTEO IN IMPERIAL QUARTO £ FORM, ON THE BEST TAPER, AND IN . THE Bl'.Sf T Y PtKIRAPII tCAI. L STYLE, pa And is embellished from time to "1100 by pj JjJorfiaits of (finincut lllcti, IN THE MINISTRY AND LAITY, And is thus constituted, editorially and me chanically, A RfLSGIOUS FAMILY NEWSPAPLR OF THE FIRST CLASS. u TERMI, 82 00 PER YEAR. cJ L/ • Subscribers'paying for the Year to commence ii" Ist January next, will receive the Paper Girtuilous'y up to that date. PRE MIL MS FOH SUBSCRIBERS. Although "The Methodist" has met with al most unprecedented success, yef, in order to place it within the reach ot every Methodist CJ Family, we have been induced to ofler a List of premiums to any who wish to procure sub scribers. These Pi t-miums are ottered several- X iy loi two subscribers, and up to fifty bubscri ers and embrace Wheeler tY Wilson Sewing Machines, -J- Wilcox & Gisbs' Sewing Machines, French's Conical Washing Machines, p-l A number of desirable books, such as V* Harper's Illuminated Bible, Washington living's Works, Agricultural Books, F3 Steven's Hist, of Methodism, Bang's Hist of the M. E. Church, And numetous other Books ot Permanent tnlerest and value, logelher with a Great Variety of Books suita- C=: ble to the Sabbath School Library, L Affording to any who wish to present their Pastor with it .perpetually useful household t/r convenience, or who wish to procure one lor their own comlort. or who wish to furnish one as a means of livelihood to some friend, or to any Sunday School Pupil or Teac. er who de sires to enrich the S. S. Library, a ready 13 means of doing so by the expenditure only, C" of a e 3 LIT I LK EXERTION, AND THE OCCU PATION OF A LITTLE SPARE TIME. Numbers will be sent Free, on * applica'ion, to any address, with full particu !ars of Premiums. Address L. BANGS, Publisher, OFFICE, 7 BEEKMAN ST.. NEW YORK Oct. 26, 1860.—6f. ONE VV WINTER GOODS, G\ AT THE CHEAP STORE, " * ov OSTER & CARN, CT BEDFORD, PA., ■' J. Just received a handsome lot of new and: i fashionable "E"v I'] DREB3 GOODS, gC Shawls, Prints, Ginghams, Sacking flannells in all colors, ® Cloths, Cas.simeres, Vestir.gs, Satinetts, Jeans, Ready-made JD. Vests, BiiNiness and Over-Coats, fe. Hosiery, Gloves, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Glass, China and gi : Qneensware, Groceries, Spices, fire., And everything NEW AND CHEAP.— a Being determined to adhere to the sys- n tern of "QUICK SAI.ES AND SMALL PROFITS," we believe it will be to the . U ? interest of all to EXAMINE our Stock,! ®-® / before purchasing. I NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. Oct. 26,'60. GJORE NEW AND CHEAP GOODS xV 23 CRAMER &. G'G'3., BEDFORD, PA. The undersigned have just received a large and general assortment of FA LL &. WINTER G( it )DS, FA LI, AN L) WINTER GO( > 1)S. Our present stock is very complete, and we re spectfully invite our friends and customers to call and EXAMINE THE PRICES, EXAMINE THE PRICES. Cash or prompt six month buyers may ex pect, and will be offered, * GREATER BARGAINS, GREATER BARGAINS, tli an ever offered before. All kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE WANTED, COUNTRY PRODUCE WANTED. Oct. 26, IS6O. Susan MrCune, J In the Court of Common Pleas by her next trie'd iof Bedford county, No. lib, John II Koons, \ September Term. fsOO. vs. S Subpeena on Libel for l)i- Patrick McCune. ) voice. The undersigned commissioner, appointed to take testimony md re port the same to the Court in the above case, here by gives notice that he will attend to the du'ies of his said appointment, on Monday the 12th day of November, next, at the office of Mann fk Spang, in the Boiough of Bedford, when and where all parties interested may attend if they think proper. G. H. SPANG, Oct. 26, 1860. .Commissioner. 4UDFN)R'S NOTICE. The undersigned, appointed Auditor to make a distribution of the money arising from the sale of the personal property of John Cypher, will attend to the duties of his appointment, on Monday, Nov. sth, ISCO, at which tune all interested cau attend. R. D. BARCLAY, Oct. 26, 1860. Auditor. NOTICE. The undersigned appointed Auditor to distribute the funds in the hands of Sheriff Fluke, arising from the sale of the personal property and also of the teal estate of Wm. M. Earnest, gives notice that he will attend to the duties of said ap pointment, at his otllce in Bedford L'orou-h, 011 Sat urday, the 10th day of Nov., 1860. „ 11 CAITHER, c/. -6th, i860; Auditor. OYER'S ''j ii : : CATHARTIC rt-'J • <*tj f •* I .Il< I jf'_ ' ' Arc vm Fill f-I-:... n:„| *■ " _ r/> ni|*-•? Ar mmm out ii* . "* —oidcr, wilh you: • / .s v i :iiil v- ut : uj. 'C -f ' " 1 reiinort ill•? Tli '>.• r vDtj J N \ loin# • "Icti t>c jiv*lin|o jo K\ <'l T "-rI'XH illi.. i. ~| .Nt i.f Q iti. itvjtiti lij-oij yon, .. : j . ii ull I • after? ti hy .1 i'-r tisaely oflh.* riwht Tc 'C* . j cih. T.-.i AyofV I'tiis atI ••!e:mw i,ut Mifdistfrd. ic'i lm *' f v' F miR purity f!n uml l -L;/. let 4i• • fltii ! lft\, tiR tihii!*- I: V v V V fed Jn It IU uin, 1 They hLIITIUI.TLh i Ji • fnr <*f tiio ho-Iy iuto \ \ or-.u-t a ■- TV . tivi: v, P'n i'V tb - syht.-iu JV-un tin* ttl>. trut iiooM which make A COitl p *ttle* pornew hei • in tho body, na I c ?r- FtrucfK itnatural function-c it not rli'Vcd, react upt>u theiiic. lvos i tfo- ei uudin:; pi " Htb lnji: j'tinpntl a vra va?i .*w minWitisc, nnd Willie ill tJtin r.viditc'll, cppit - h. the tlci c t-tku AvrrV Pill*:, n'nd :'• l * v - hiv My tloy r.'ntoro tlu? n.ilntid act to 11 tf tlK> nyt* h'iu. au-J willi it Urn lnmyant fading of heal llt .u tin. " Wlrd is ft ii • ami f • appauat in tni- tiivial uud rwnmon coniphdnt, i ; uhi true in many Of lhA (Lh*P ,U 1 dat £i u-* •!• t m; .• . . The V.D.i 1 puricativo elfect etp'l' tlnv'i, i. triir iH'in and J-rri • nts 1 tlu irui rai f tho I -dv, th '.v aro rapidly, nnd 1 i.my fJvni cur. Iy,ntvd ly thoHaiu: ineacs. N.si-whok p.rtw- 'ffliosa J'ili . will t tn omploy tli .a v.'r 1 4 Df.'ii:!;; Jrom tlie dt orl. • I hey cuiv, St item'iib* ft in le.din - pin i inn 4! in NOIIIC of tho princtpil citi HUJ fru:u utiicr v I knuwh pubiic p.*r soii.4. From, a Fbrv rrdinr} ftfrrchont rf 8 Twit. }'■ ■>, i, Dr. AY : Your I'ills aro tin p*v.:v nof all t !:* h profit in im licfno. They havo onrfl my lilt.i • d -.ayhtor of ulcerotiß ftre." upon i r ?:i.IIV 'th h:il jr -v -1 i licit r.il do fir yiM. I for tnidhot ha t iwcn loin? p i \ - oiwly fir !i -ted with Motc.ho-A and pit ipl. son her nkhi as d In her !it ; r. Al'u-r cir/ child vv.M curO'J, she alsu trio.l your i'ill % nnd Uj v laivc < nrod her. ASA MonaniDsdF. An n Family Phy*lo • Frcni Dr. )". Oi rh"ri'jht, Ario ( ri 'rn*. Your Pills aro tho prinro of purges. Their (fii.'Uitios ?■'urpiss any ("ithartM* w • Thoy nro milil, hut Y' i y c.-rtahi rvrtd e!l.a*tnrd !?i their action >n tho t'ov., Is, which mnke i th- in inv.ih?: , llo In m in tho daily treatment of ducw. UeadAche 9 Sickllrß4lachc,Fonl Stomach. J Vtt.l Dr. Jutuxird J> JbiUitnore. DRAEBBO. ATEU: I conn -T answor vou what complaints I Irnvo arre I with your Pills hoti -r than t > r\y llUnit we cinr trrxit with a ytrn itlr*'. medicine. I place yr. Nt depon tl •ti'T <>n an efTctnal cathnrtie in my daily COT it st with difMYuso, and as I do that your l'!L? afford us tho test wo have, 1 of cou.so \uiuo thyiu highly. PrnrruTr, Ta- >*Tav 1, Dr. J. C. Ayr. Sir: T have I* en rrpeatedly curotl of tlio worst tn adaahf. any body ran l ave by a tl. so or two of your Pills, it #ooll*l9 to arise from a foul gtomacii, which thoy rloanso at op.ee. Yours with groat reflect, F.T>. \V. PTIEPTJK, Clerk of Steamer (Jlarion. Billoiifl Disorders From. Dr. TJvrxlarr DV. of New York City. Not enly arc your Piils ndmirnldy adapted t> tlirjr pnr po* as HII aperi'-nt. hut. T find llicit* IKUlCdicial efl'eri.supoii the Liv. r indeed. They have in mv pr.uv th ■ proved mora eHu tnal for the euro of bilious c-ni iuU than any MIO remedy I can rncntiou. I sii, Te'y rejoice that wo have ;>.r I ;i n 't!i u purgritivo wfiirh iy wor thy the coillMouco of l!m and the j cuple. P riETMUNT OF TfTii INTERIOR, 1 Washington, f>. C., 7th Feb., ) Fin: I have used your Pills in my iiouoral nnd buspitil I practice over since yu made thciu,aid cannot In .• itato to 1 pay they aro tho I• -a cathartic wi* employ. Their regu lating action on the liv. r is quitk nnd decided, cf<; • - queiitly they aiu mi iidmiraMe reruiHly for dentiifjcntciiUi of that cugan. indeed. I liavo #< ldoui found a ctu—of i Hioits ••'/ ■ M : o ohetioaio thai it did not rmdilj yield 1 them. riaii rcaliy youis, ALUN7.O HALL. M. I) , i 'hysician of ttr Marine Jfujiitu*. Dysentery, Dinrriinrn, Ilrlnv, Wormn. From Jh\ J. ii. Green, of Chicago. Your Pills have had a long trial in my practice, and I hold them in esteem as one of tho l>est rients 1 hiivo ever found. Their alterative eflVc t U|hll th j liver tuak< .* them mi excellent remedy, when given in uiu!l doses IVr lUnnti dysentery and dinrrhitu . Their sugar-coaling makes them very acceptable and convenient ibr tho U.SJ of women and children. Dyspepsia, Impurity of tlic Plood. From Jirv. J. Y. Jfimes, Ihtitor of Adve nt Church, Jlclov. DtuAyer: I havo iu d your Pills with extraordinary BUCCCB# in my family and tunong those I um called Ut visit in distress. To regulate the organ# of digostion find purify the blood, they are the very best remedy 1 havo ever known, and 1 cau confidently recommend thim to my friends. Yours, J. V. illM to. WARSW, Wyoming N. Y., Oct. *J4. 1RT". Dear :I am using ymir t'atlrn ti • Pills in my prac tice, and find them an exc I! Nt pin- itive t ckauso tin system and intrify tin: fountains of the. JOHN ti. MEACIIAM, SI. D. Const ipntlon,CoKt!vciics9. SnpprcsslAii, niiciiiiiatlsiii, Gout, Nt uralgia, Drop wy, Paralysis, Pit*, etc. Front Dr. J. I*. Vaughn, Montreal, Canada. TOY much cannot !w s.tid tf your Pills for the ciro of costircnrss. Jf others of our fraternity have fund tie 111 a# el'icai ions h# I have, tin y should j in me in proclaim ing it for the iM-netlt of the multitudes who su:! r from that complaint. W hirh. Althout I*l eiiiMU'.h i 1 it no it, it the pio.'eidh rof othris that are w j •. I belit-ve c - firmest toorigin.de in the liver, but y*ui Pi lid aiiuct that organ and euro tho diaoaec. From Mrs. K. Stuart, Physician end Midwife, Hasten. T find one or two lnrgo doses of yonr Pill#. ta?:en .'it tlio projier time,are • xeeih-nt j-r ru. >i i'V. M <<f HIP natural s • r, - tim wh- n v holly or paiiially and IHO \T7 df.'Ctual to cleanse the tfrmiach 1 1 exprf .-orme. They mo H.' liiudi the Ivrtt physic wo liuvo 1 JeLuaiXU. xiu oilier to uiy patients. From the Per. Pr. Jliwles.ftf fht. Mtheylist rpi\ Church. Pn.ast.: IlorF.irannah.C.i., Jan. G. ! ?f'vonr.i) Sin: I should b > lin .-at. Inl f-.r tit a rehef your f-kill hni brru.:ht me if I did n: r fiort my ci t 1 you. A cold nettled in iny limb#and hroitgh' ..Ti •\< rii- neuralgic pain*) which end. j In chronic rkevma* Gum. .Yolwi'le f mdi :g I hil the host f }.: I. . ; | dise'' grew wors* and worse, miti! by the n!v: oof your ox ejli-nt #gf-nt in riahsmore. Dr. Mackenzie, I Iri d your I'itl#. Tin ir effect *\v . e nl w, but #nro. Py pci'LCtciiu.; iu tho uso of Uic-m, 1 urn now utirely well. SsNATB CiTAMLFR. Pat on Pougc, I 1.. 5 Dec. isr.s. Dr. ATF.h: I l ave 1M t i.; •;.. !>* .mr.-d. hy yonr Pills, of lihiumutic. G'< kl-~ : p.;infu! disc • f hat had nfVicf Imo for years. VINOiPNT bLIDLLL ° t rf tho Pill# in mari: t cnn'-iin Mercury, whn it, filthoti; h 11 v.'-'v.:vhl* re* >. iv in fckilful handfL i.J dangerous iu a puhlrc pi!!, fj >ni tie* dreadful C'.n-?*- that fre.,n ntly toll, v iis inrantious us.. Tin so c* ta'u no incirury or n.int r.il HuhsUnco whatever. : Pico, 25 ceriui per Bo r, or 5 lioxoa lor sl. cvO'l by Br. 1. C. AVER &. CO., Lowall, Ka33. B. F. Harry, J'oitioril; Barndollar ik Foil, Bloody Run ; (. B. Atnick, St. Clairsvitle ; J. Bronfman, Woodbfrry ; < ■(•. l.nnlil!. West End ; J. E. Co'.vin, Sr hellsbiirp : and by dealers generally. Oct. 12, E GO. jJOU Iff IMU )CI A MATH) N. To the Coroner, the. Justices of the Peace nnd Constables in the Jiff cent Townships, in the County of Bed font, Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a pivcoj't to mo diroctoil, under the hand and seal of the Hon. I I.'ANnS !U. KI.7ISIELL, I're.sldent of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the .Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties oi Franklin, Bedford, Somerset and Fulton, and by virtue ol his office of the Court ol Oyer and Terminer and General ./ail delivery for the trial of capi tal and other offenders therein and in tiie Gene ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace; and A. J. SNIVTXY d JOHN TAYLOR, Esrjs.j Judges of the same Court, m tho same County of Bedford, You and eacli of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons with your Records, Recognizances, Exau ma lions, and other remembrances before theJ aforessiid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oy -r and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace theiem to be hold, n for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the 3.1 Monday ot Nov. (being the 19th

day,)at 10 o'clock m the forenoon of that day there and then to do those things to which youi several offices .appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the 2fth day ol Octobt r, *n he year of our Lord 1860. WILLIAM S. FLUKE, ShcrtJ. W^ T INCHESTER & GU. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, AND — PATENT SHOULDER SEAM SHIRT .MAN UFACTORY, jYo. 70G CHESTjVIIT Street, Above Seventh,opposite the Washington House, Fine bhirts and Drawers made from measurement a* a tew days notice and in all cases Warranted to fit. Formula for measurement furnished on ap plication bv mail. LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS TO WHOLE SALE BUYERS. May yr. A N AFFRI ENT AND STOMACHIC TREPARA _[\ tion of IRON purified of Oxygen and Carbon, by combustion in Hydrogen. Sanctioned by the highest medical authorities, both in Europe and tbo United States, and prescribed in their practice. The experience ot thousands daily proves that no prepiration ol Iron can be compared with it. Impo licies ol the blood, depression of vital energy, pale nnd otherwise sickly complexions indicate its ne cessity i." almost every conceivable case. Innox ious in nil maladies in which it has been tried, it has proved absolutely curative in each of the following complaints, viz : Jit liehitity, Nervous Affection*, limanntum, Di/t --prpsia, Constipation, Diarrheal, Dysruten,, J.iripmnt Consumption, Frrofn/ous Tnhe.rcnJosis, Sail lihrum, Mi ki.' iixtrtiiition, White*. CStloroxis, Liv r CmpUiut, Chronic Item/ mir.i, Khcnmutism, luieimiHf.nl Fever, I'tmp/cs on the Fare, (j c. j In ca-es of General Dvhittty, whether the result i ol acute disease or of the continued diminution of ! nervous and muscular energy Irom chronic com j plaints, one trial of this restorative has proved suc | ces-ful to an extent which no d rcription nor writ- I ten attestation would rentier credible. Invalids so j long bed-ridden as to have become forgotten in their j own neighborhoods, have suddenly re-appeared in j the busy world as if just returned from protrar { ted travel in a distant land. Some very sig -1 nal instances of this hind are attested ol female i sufferers, emaciated victims of apparent marasmus, I sanguineous exhaustion, critical changes, anil that j complication ot nervous nnd dyspeptic aversion to J air and exercise for which the physician has no i name. in Nervous Affections of a!! kinds, and for reasons familiar to medical men, the operation ofthis prepa ration of lion must necessatily he salutary, for, un like the old oxides, it is vigoiously tonic, without being exciting and ig ; and gently regu larly aperieui, even in the most obstinate cases of costi veil ess, without ever being a gastric purgative, or indicting a disagreeable sensation. It is this latter property, among others, which makes it so remarKubly efieetual and permanent a remedy for i'i/es, ujhjii which it also appears to ex ert a distinct anil specific action, by dispersing the local tendency which forms them. In Dyspepsia, innumerable as are its causes, a single box of these Chalybeate Pills has olten sufli ced for the most habitual casps. In unchecked Diarrhoea, even when advanced to Dyi tentcry, confirmed, emaciating and apparently malignant, the etiects have been equall decisive and astonishing. In the local pains, loss of ilesh and strength, de bilitating cough, and remittent hectic, which gene rally indicate Incipient Consumption, this remedy has allayed the alarm ol friends and physicians, in several very gratifying and interesting instances. In Serofutou* Fuhemitosis, this medicated iron has had lar more the ood iliect of the most cau tiously balanced preparations of iodine, without any of their well-known liabilities. The attention of females cannot bo too confident ly invited to this remedy and restorative, in the ca ses peculiarly affecting them. In lilifiitiuUism, both chronic nnd inflammatory, in the latter, however, more decidedly, it has been invariably well reported, both as alleviating pain and reducing the swellings ami stiffness of the joints and muscles. in Intermittent Fevers it must necessarily be a great remedy and energetic restorativp,[and its pro gress in the new settlements ol the West, will pro bably be one of high renown and usefulness. No remedy has ever been dicoveicd, in the whole hi .lory ol medicine, which exerts such prompt hap py and fully restorative eliects. Good appetite, complete digestion, rapid acquisition of stiength, with itu unu-unl disposition tor active and cheerful exercise, immediately follow its use. I'ul up in neat flat metal boxes containing 50 pills price 50 cents per box ; for sale by druggists and dealers. Will be sent free'to any address, on re ceipt of the price. All letleis, orders, etc., should be addressed to K> B Locke &. Co., Genera! Asrents, 20 CEDAR STREET, ."8. Y. July 20th, 'CO. g®LAIR COUNTY sjSr NORMAL SCHOOL & SEMINARY, MARTINSMURG, BLAIR < 0., PA E, .T. OSBORNE, A. 11. | , J. W. DICKEIiSOX, I 1 ri " ei P* , 3- This institution will commence its first session with an able ami experienced coips of instructors on Monday. Nov. sth, IM'.O. No ( :qv rise has been spared in making it Ihoiongh and complete in every department. The school building is constructed and I urn is hod upon the most approved modmn plans, and is one oi tne best in the Stale. Ir contains a hall capable ol ■eating 500 adults, with office, musk rooms, nulli cient lor a school ol 500 pupils. '1 he school is located in a region ol country un excelled for its beauty and he.ilthfulness, and is MfTbunded hy a moral and imlmtmns community. 'The distance ro Cove Mation. Huntingdon and Broad 'Top R. R. is six miles ;to Hoilidaygbiirg Station, Pa. R. R. 12 miles, with daily stages from the latter and tri-weckly from the former; thus ma king it easy of access from all parts ot tire country. The objects of the school are : Ist. The Professional Training ol Teachers. 2nd. i'iiu thorough Education of young ladies and gentlemen in the Hnglidi and Ornamental Branches. 3d. The preparation of Students for College. 'The teaching C'la-s will meet daily for lectures oil the Theory and Practice of "Teaching, re iution Irom a standard work on the subject, or discussion ot Methods of Teaching I'M the class. Students who ilesirg to do so maypiepare to en ter the higher classes in college. A- Ladies will have a separate boarding house and will be under the immediate supervision of an ex perienced Preceptress. Instruction given in all the branches taught in the best Academies ana Seminaries. Whole expense, (exclusive ol Ornament 11 bran ches.) fur boarding, tuition, furnished rooms, room rent, and fuel, §lls 00 a iyear. For circular, with full particulars, address E.J. OSBORNE, or J. W. DIGKERSON, Care of J. C. Kvcu-.taut, Mnrl ; nsburg, Blair co., Pa. Oct. 12. ISOO- JJXKCUTOirs NOTICK. Letters tostamenta mentary on the Estate of Elizabeth Black,, late of Napier tp.,drc'd., having been granted to "the un dersigned, notice is hereby given to all irulehffid to said Estate, to make payment immediate ly and those having claims against the same, to present them properly authenticated for settlement JOS. VY. TOM LI.NSON, Oct. 19th, 1800. Executor. JJJOTICE TO CK EDITORS. Take notice that 1 have applied to the Court of Common Pleas of the Comi ty of Bedford for the benefit of the insolvent laws of this Commonwealth, and that said Court has ap pointed Monday the 111 th day ot November, next, lor the hearing of me and "my creditors at the Court House, in the Borough of Bedford, when and where you may attend if you think proper. THOMAS O. MOCK. Oct. 19, ISCO. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Letteis of Administration having been granted to the subscriber upon the estate of Jona than Horton, lite of Bedford boroui'h, dee'd.. all persons indebted to said estate aie requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims against said estate, will present them property au thenticated to Ihe subscriber at Bedford. OLIVER HORTON, ct. .>, IStiO. Adm'r of the estate of Jonathan llorton dee'd. PHIL. A. ADVFRTISF MP NTS. 1 !•:. GOU LD, ® .A'n. (>R'l2 Chfsfni't St., cor. of Swn/ti, PIHMDEU'/ILJ. IMA N'OS A N D MELODEONS. HAVEN. CAOON' & Co's., IIALI.r.T,DAVIS N co's., ni nn's lV ci.a&k's, ani> a. h. CALK & co's. m • r{ /*'• • r ■ r % ZTfR - S : ;)| tJ iff S * J|/ £~**tsxr , V p ?vUwr—) ' MASON ISc HAMLIN'S, AND PRINCE & CO'S. MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS. Pianos and Melodeons to Rent. Secortd-hanu Pianos. * May 18,'00.-1 yr. Jr. Hun Ir, • •-rrcnsport TO J. eorver,) —WHOLESALE DEALER IN TOBACCO. SNUFF AND CIGARS, jYo S Aorfh Fifth. St., above. .Market, I'/iiPn. Also. Manufacturer and Importer of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SEGARS. May IS, ISGO.-1 yr. WILLIAM CAIGTEL, JAMES M. WIIITDT, SAMUEL MOOTtK, RPWARDA ADAMS, U'IT.IAAM O. SKILLMATIy IIFNKY P. ATKINriOH. I® AIGUEL, MOORE& CO., -™ L ® / * LATR, RAlOlin. AND CO., IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 1) R Y G OO I) S, Aos. 220 & 222 JVorih. T/iiril St., ahovc Rncc, West Si,lr t P UlLJli)ELPlilJl. May 18,'60.-I yr. FSMJE WORLD'S GREAT 2XBIBtTION PRIZE MEDAL, awarded t,C. MEYER for liia two PIANOS, Lor.don, October 15, ISSI. Pf 1 . C. MEYER respectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he ha* constantly on hand PI ANOS, equal to those lor which he received the Prize Medal in London, in ISSI. All orders promptly attended to, (and great care taken in the selection and packing She same. He has received, during the last fifteen years, more Afedals than any other ( tnafcer, from the Frank lin Institute—also, First Premiums in Boston, New York and Baltimoie. Warerooins, No. 772 ARCH S'reet, below Eighth, South side, PHILADELPHIA May 18, ISGO.-lvr. JOHN O. JAMtS, ISAAC WELSH, 11. O. STEiU.I.W, WM. C. KENT, G. A. SMITH, 11. I>. WELSH, CHARI.ES SANTEE, SAMUEL WHITE, J. TOM LI.NSON. JAMES, KENT, SANTEE & CO , j IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF D R Y G O O D S , 230 IN 211 NORTH THIRD STREET, ABOVE RACE, PHILADELPHIA. May IS,'GO.-1 yr. , IOO KING GLASSES, J ENGRAVINGS. PICTURE FRAMES, OIL PAINTINGS, The most extensive and elegant assortment at the very lowest rates.—Glasses in store of every de scription. ,/lfuhogany framed Gla-Ses, lor country sales. Print and Portrait frames, Window Cornices, Gilt Afouldings, etc. Estimates for furnishing Glasses to fill every space, by mail on application. Engravings lor Grecian and Antique Paintings.— Catalogues gratis. JAS. S. EA RLE & SON, Sit) Chestnut St., Phil'a. May lS,'(iO.-l yr. A GREA P IM PROV EM ENT ~~ IN PIANOS. - • fe" 1' Ni. W j GEORGE YOGT takes the opportunity of inl'oim ing his friends ar.d the public generally, that he has removed his Piano Warerooms from No. G2S Arch Street, to No. 51(5 Ar-h Street, where he will I keep constantly on hand a large assortment of -ihis lately patented PIANOS, which.have-been pronoun ced by the be.-t judges as far superior to all other Pianos in the sweetness and purity of their tone and construction, hererolore manufactured in the United States and England. May IS,'GO.-G mo. €1 RAN VfLLE STORES' 9 GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, ' ONE PRICE AND NO ABATEMENT. NO. GO7 CHESTNUT STREET. GRANVILLE SPOKES would return thanks to the public for their appreciation of his efforts to please, and their liberal patronage. In order to keep up this kindly feeling, he has yielded to the solicitations of many of hw friends and inaugurated a new system, of Gifts with each Garment sold. To his choice selection of line Fab rics, and made-up Clothing, he invites the serutiiiv of the public, as well as to his nsw mode of doing business. Each article is warranted to be, in Fab ric, Style and Make, equal to any gotten up in the City, and one price, (lower than the lowest,) marked on the Ticket. Each article sold, or measured for, is accompa nied by a Gift, varying in value from $1 to §IOO. N. ll.—None but the most skillful Designers, Cutters and Workmen employed; and satisfaction in Fit, Fashion. Fabric, Price and Gift, guaranteed at GRANVILLE STOKES' ONE PKI JE GIFT CLOTHING EMPORIUM, NO. CO7 CHESTNUT STREET. May IS,'GO.-0 ins. JJXECUTOR'S NOTICE. Letters testamentary on the last will and testament of Christian Blattenberger, laic oi St. Clair tp., dee'd., having been granted to the subscriber residing in said tp., notice is thereto-p given to all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate p lyment, and those having claims will present them forthwith for settlement. JACOB CKOYLE, Oct. 5, ISGO. Executor. P ALL TRADE NOTICE^ IIU.W. RAIGUEL St CO., •'Vb. 137 .N~orth Third St/•/, IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF FANCY DRY GOODS, Invite the attention of Purchasers to their extensive Stock of Fancy Dry Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Cloths,Casimeres ij-c. May 18,'fiO.- B. FRANK. JACKSON, PRINTER AND STATIONER, 439 C/JESTA lIT STREET, „ . PHILADELPHIA. May 18,'C6jJ yr. I HEALTH ANIHTS PLEASURES OR DISEASE WISH ITS ACONIFS: CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM ! Ifollov/ay'jj Pills. W XX Nervous Disorders I What i more fearful than a breaking down ot the j - rvnits system ? Jo he excitable or nervous tn a I small degree is most distressing, tor where can H , remedy he found t There is one: drinkbut little I wine, beer, or spirits, or far better none ; take no I coffee—weak tea beiriat preferable ; set all the fresh air you ran ; take ti.iec or four Pills every night; eat plenty ol solids, avoiding the use of slops ; and if these "olden rules are followed, you will he hap py in mind and strong in body, and forgjrt you have any nerves. Mothers and Daughters. li there U one thing more than another for which these Pills are ei famous it is their purifying prop erties, especially their power ol" cleansing the blood from all impurities, and removing dangerous and suspended secretions. Universally adopted as the one grand remedy for female complaints, they never fail, never we = ken the system, and always bring about what is equired. Sick Headaches and Want cf Appe tite. These feelings which so sadden us, most freqnen ly arise from annoyances or trouble, from obstrur} ted perspiration, or from eating and drinking what is unlit for II, thus disordering the liver and stom ach. These organs must he regulated if you wish to be well. The Pills, il taken according to the printed instructions, will quickly restore a healthy action to both liver and stomrcb, whence follow as a natural consequence, a good appetite and a clear head. In the East and West Indies scarcely any other medicine is ever used for these disorder's. Dsorders of the Kidneys. In all diseases affecting these organs, whether they, crete 100 much or too little water ; or whe ther they be alllicted with stone or gravel, or with aches and pains settled in the loins over the regions ol the kidneys, these Pills should be taken accor ding to the printed directions, anil the Ointment should be well rubbed mto'thc small of the back at bed time. This treatment will give almost imme ! diate relief when all other means have failed. For Stomachs Cut of Order. No medicine will so effectually improve the tone do the sloinach as these Pills ; they remove all aci fity, occasioned either by intemperance or improp ier diet. They re u cii the liver and reduce it to a healthy action ; they are wonderfully efficacious iu cases of spasm= —in fact they never fail in cuiing ail disorders of the liver and Stomach. llolloway's Pills arc the best remedy known in the world for the following diseases . Ague, Inflammation, Asthma j Jaundice, (bilious Complaints, Liver Complaints, Blotches 011 the Skin Lumbago, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Colics, Rheumatism, Constipation of the Retention oflUrine. Bowels, Scrofula or King's Consumption, Evil, Debility, Sore Throats, Dropsy, Stone and Gravel, Dysentery. Secondary Symptoms, Erysipelas, Tic-Dotiloureux, Female Jrregulai ities, Tumours, Fevers ol'ull kinds, Ulcers, frits. Venereal Affections, Gout, Worms of all kinds, Head-ache, Weakness from what InJigestion, ever cause* J—None genuine unlcs. the words "HOLLOWAY, NBW YORK AND LONDON,'' are discernible as a Water-mark in every leafol the book of" directions around each pot or box ; the same may be plainly seen by holding tue leaf to the light. A handsome reward wili he given to any one ren dering such information us may lead to the detec tion of any paityor parties counterfeiting the med icines or vending the same, knowing tliem to be spurious. , *.* Sold at the Manufactory of Professor 1 10T.T.0 WAY, SO Maiden Lane, New Yoik, an.! by all respec table Druggists and Dealers in Medicine, throughs out the civilized worlJ, in boxes at 25 cents, 62 ct and ?1 each. K7"There is considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N. !>.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. Nov. IS, 1559. J7NJTED STATES MAIL LINE BETWEEN j CHAMBERSBURG K LATROBE, via BEDFORD. A new ami splendid line ol Concord built Coaches, ! leaves Chamber-burg daily (Sunday excepted) at ; A. M., and arrives sg- | _ f Ijfdford at 7 P. .M, | r\ : . £t -ainc day. Leaves.-.-'"V- '' '- \'-J j Bed I oid daily, (Sundays excepted) at 7 A. M., lor I Latrobe, making close connection with Mail train for Pittsburg and the West. Returning, leaves La trobe daily (Sundays excepted) on the anival of the train from Pittsburg, at 'J 50, A. 31., and arrives in Bedford same evening. Passengers wishing to go East, take the coach next morning at 7 A. M., and arrive at C'hambcrsburg same evening at 7 P. M. KATES OF FARE :—Erom Bedford to Cham- Itersburg, $1 50. From Beilford to Latrobe, 93 50. From Bedford to Pittsburg, $1.25. The stock on this road cannot be surpassed by any in the State, and the drivers are careful, sober and accommodating." This is the cheapest, most expeditious and pleasant route passengers can take, going East or West. For fmther information apply to James Reamer, Cbambersbnrg, John Hater, Bet! ford, Chas. VV. Fisher. Latrobe. A. J. KEESIDE, Contractor. N. B. Passengers for Somerset and Johnstown, connect at Stoystown with J. A. Garman's Line of Mail Coaches, also, at Jenncr X Roads with E. Kier man's mail line. Sept. 7, IS6O, §2>ljßLlC SALE OF GEORGE B. 3 KAY'S REAL ESTATE, IN HOPEWELL TP. By virtue ol an order of the Orphans' Court ol Bedford County, the undersigned will offer at pub lie s.d.>, on the premises, on THURSDAY, 15th of NOVr".MHER. next the foßowing described real e ■ tale, Viz : THE MANSION TRACT of said de ceased, containing 262.'. acres, about 165arres clt-ar ci! and under fence, and in a high state of cultiva lion. 't'h>* improvements aie /" —-X : ONE NEW LOG FRAME BOP'SK,j!jffl BANK BARN, ami fh° necessary""**"™* j. °" t buildings. Thrs farm is one of the best in Hopewell township, being good limestone land and having three good springs and orchard thereon. One other Tract containing 145 Acres, 152 per about 61 acres cleared und under fence. The im provements are two Log Houses, two Stables and out buildings. Theie is a good spring on the prem ises, and also an orchard thereon. This is good" land, ami in a good state of cultivation. These lands arc all in a good section ol country, within a slioil distance of the K.ul Road and at the door of a ready market all the time. t Eii.MS- Ohe third to remain HI propeity during Hfelim* of willow, the interest thereon payable to her annually--one third in band at. continuation ol sale, and the balance in tv.'o equal annual payments without interest. JAMES E. KAY, Sept. I t, IS 60. Trustee. M AO AKONI, CHEESE. CRACKERS, CRTb talived Fruit an-' Gum Candies Igr sale bv iii' y 20. A. L. Pl'. FIB A UGH".