26 Mart 1922 Tarihli Bisbee Daily Review Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mart 1922 tarihli Bisbee Daily Review Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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COPPER PRICES At. month Feb. .....12864 ,Av-week Mar. 1 ....1251875 AVge week 3-8-'22 . .1255626 Average wwk 6. 15. 22. 12629 Average week end 3, 22, 1922 Close week end...22.22, 12C25 THE WEATHER Arlrona: Unsettled Sun 3ay; Monday probably futr, not much .ban?e la tem perature. mm 1 VOL., 26 NO. 73 BISBEE, ARIZONA, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 26, 1922 Price Five Cents r PACIFIC PACT AND SUPPL IN MUDDLE MENTS 0 V T omado Sweeps lexa tH-i ; ; ; p 3 KILLED: 18 I: BIG I PROPERTY LOSS! Send Messengers to Ask For All Ambulances and All Physicians in Town HOUSES DEMOLISHED Property Damage Is Estimated at Over $ 1 00,000 ; House , Carried . Through Air BEAUMONT, Tex., Mar. 25. Three persons axe known to have been kill ed. 18 Injured, and property damage estimated at 9100,000. caused by a tornado which swept through this dls trioleate today. INJURED Fannett. 'a farming village 15 miles southwest of here, suffered most est0 verely, according to reports brought here. Thomas Johnn, aged 30. and - m ujutuu.L oua-uqifeYer, ne aeciarea, iaiieu xo neeu 10 persons "injured, foar seriously, '"his signals for assistance and. con Property damage was caused atjtinued on its course,. Burkevllle, Tex., but there were no Apparently recovered from the de causualtles, The tornado, a small n n o truck! . ' . . r ' T: . . i!f? "JV..e,.?"e.'vm?" 4i " fV il. v ,:Vue shin wTiiiam Grn - ones, broke windows, and demoralized m ureen. wire communication. . At the corner of Park and Bowie streets, a number of small houses oc cupied by negroes were demolished The street is covered with wreckage j for three or four blocks. In the main business thoroughfares, ! .acarevoS plate glass windows were! demolished and many shoppers were; cut hy flying fragments bt glass. A messenger arriving here tonight (Continued on Pay Tw) Wife Loses, in Long Race With Death to See Dying Husband 1I?N(?.LULU' T- Wftrch 25-AQl o.vuw uiiio rate HgainHi oeaca was i lost .when William Belth died In i hospital here today while Mrs. Belth still was three days out at eea on the last leg of her Journey from their j ' home la London. j LONDON, March 25. (By The As- Belth arrived here on the steamer Boclated Press) Political recognt Niagara, March C, enroute home j t-ion of Russia will be the main plank froai Australia. He was taken from! In the policy of Premier Lloyd George the Bhlp, too ill to continue the voy-; at the Genoa economic conference if age, and when It became apparont 'a vote of confidence Is given him by his condition was serious, he sent for ! hla wife. Mrs. Belth arrived In New York March 17. and 'reached San Fran cisco on the fastest transcontinental train barely In time to board the Matsonla, sailing for Honolulu last Wednesday. The Matsonla is. not due until next Tuesday. Stje 3 i abce Daily 53cu itm ANNOUNCES ITS Spins WILL BE ISSUED NEXT SUNDAY, APRIL 2ND As the title implies, this number will largely be given over to the prevailing topics of the season with particular regard to Home Fur nishings, Gardening, and Styles and Fashions in apparel for both men and women. Merchants are requested to plan their ad vertising as early as possible in order to avoid a last minute disappointment. PILOT CLING T IS 2 DAYS !M SEA i : Only Survivor of Ill-Starred Miss Miami Is Picked Up at Sea. by Tanker TRANSFERS TO CHASER Pilot Tells Story of Deaths of Passengers: Passing Boat Refused Assistance MIAMI, Fla., Marh 25. (By the Associated Press) Pilot Robert Moore, of the ill-fated flying boat. Miss Miami, reoovered sufficiently! ! acrlbo with tome coherence hl8 ex- aiighted on the water so close a fishing vessel that he could read namo and he addd that h knpw the captain. The fihhlng vessel,: ilirlum which had held him since he "89 rescued, Aioore continued prac 'i..n.. .i,- .i..n v .. i.- i .- rnln.. ,, Am M?Kl J, Shlite! from Mimini, he declared, when r'rr"7 r:: . 11 1 v 1.1 m In -T"8" nAd Tolplaned down neari (Continued on Vagt Two) LLOYD GEORGE IF GIVEN VOTE Recognition of Russia Will Be Main Plank of Premier at Genoa Conference parliament April 3, according to the News of the World, the newspaper of Lord Rlddell. who was llason officer pf the British delegation to the Wash ington armament conference. The newspaper Bays the premier also will urge a treaty between Rus sia and the Baltic states, Poland and Rumania. 0 WRECK N 1 PLANK K.K.K. Advertises Reward of 250 For Arrests LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 25. Little Rock Klan No. 1, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, In a full page advertisement to . appear' in. local newspapers tomorrow, will offer a reward of $250 lor the arrest and conviction of any person for whippings, "tar parties," or "any other attempt to take the law Into their own hands." The ad vertisement will state that the re ward is offered hecause of recent instances in which it has been in timated that the klan was respon sible for acts of violence. WEDDED TO HIS IS NO Son of Former Oil Magnate Who Wedded Stepmother Obtains Injunction NEW YORK, March Zi).-- I Dc romance of John vand of John Vandergrift, ruts- burg oil manufacturer's heir, who ,marrled his step-mother six months raftnr. hla father's death in has nde tor separation, it wah learned , Alfl it rhiAii crh nfwmn In era Tl tfOfOI supreme court. Young Vandergrift, married his 6tei.mother, obtained a temporary : injunction restraining her from dis- posing of a part of his fortune, which - he said he transferred to her care ' '! at their marriage. Under provisions or the will of his! I grandfather, Jacob J. Vandergrift, i I-who made a fortune in oil m ruts-; hurg. young Vandergrift received i $150,000 on reaching his majority The young man's father, Joseph B. Vandergrift. died In May, 1915. leav ing him a considerable part of his estate. In his petition, young Vandergrift said that whe nhe and , his 'step mother decided upon marriage she .suggested that in view of his inex perience In money matters. It would be advisable for the stocks and bonds left him by his grandfather to be put! in her name, and that he consented.; He further stated that he had been i informed his wife planned to goj abroad for several years and that he was afraid she would attempt to dis- pose of part of the property before i sailing. ' TRUCK DITCHED, FIREMAN HURT; PUEBLO, Colo., Mar. 25. Emil An-1 derson.clty fireman, was Berlously In lured this afternoon when the fire truck on which' he was riding m re-, suonse to a fire alarm, crashed mto a city sprinkling truck and went Into a ditch. The truck was badly damaged and Anderson waB taken to the. hospi tal. He. will recover. First T IT W TED PROHIBITION ' NAVY' AT SEIl t. . t r L. "ier until. w iluiu a. euuu liuio, 10.11.0 Irif nl Knm L.haairsin . W m Is in Actual' Operation Along Atlantic Coast WASHINGTON, Mar. 23. (By the Associated Pre8s)-rFirst units of the new "prohibition navy" are in actual operation somewhere along the Atlan tic coast, it was learned today on j high pflcial authority. j Officials continue to withhold plans for the sea attack on rum smugglers j by the sumarlne chasers operated by ; the prohibition bureau, hut it was de- j clared that several vessels are nowi on duty on Florida waters and that others were cruising farther north . Lieutenant R. L. Jack of the coast guard, th e"admiral" of the prohibi tion fleet, Is to have direct charge of the operation of his mlnature war Bhios, it was stated officially, but he will function under E. C. Yellowley of the general prohibition agents. It Is proponed, according to high of ficials, either to make the prohibi tion agents aboard the sub-chasers special customs agents, or to assign regular agents aboard each of the pro hibition ships. Without customs authority, offi cials explained, the prohibition fleet could not operate outside the three mile limit. Customs agents however, are empowered to board Bhlps bound for this country as far as 12 miles at sea. rv Ol HClL; s Dis I EIGHT PERS BOAT CAPSIZES BoVS Scoutmastefs and 6 in Troop Are Drowned in Michigan Lake -L CORONER INVESTIGATES j t '-- j Coroner BeheVes Boat Was i l J J 'd ' XYr ' Uverloaded; Scouts Were Ignorant f Fatality t SOUTH. BEND. I Ind.. ; Mar Eight persons, including two scout masters and six members of a South Bend, Boy Scout troop, were reported drowned at Michigan Lake, near Dow agiac, Mich.,thi safternoon, when the motor boat in whicjh they were riding capsized. : j - Included in the eight were Joseph Taylor, head of the local Boy Scout troop, and his. bob, Joseph Jr. Three automobile loads of Scouts had left the city for the Lake early this morning, the first two arriving early, while the last group arrived ""Urii) uuer uuuu. fivouiiuaaim jus- , eph Taylor was In. charge of the out- ing party and the, motor boat which capsized. Vernon c. Murphy is thought to be the other man drowned. while the names of the six boys, with triO nvPfiMinn rT TQ v ni-'o VrtnTlff enn have not Deen verified. The acldent occured sixty rods from the shore after the party had left for an island in the center of the lake, nn whirh th n nv fif-niit voro estih. itaiiino- a D,..,nmnur lishing a new camp for the -summer. Several trlDs had been made to the island earlier -in -tea lay, and on the iaBt there were seven persons in the hoaLN The coroner of nowaelac. who j3 investigating, gave it as his ODinion that the boat.wa3 overloaded. Scout Executive Taylor and his lit tle son were the last to go down. Fifty feet of water which had seperated them from rescue by w. C. Harper, (Continued on Pagre Two) SHIP STRIKES; RESCUE TUGS ,o.s Rla:-n QtMm-, ! R-norr-d . -, rounaing to rieces; went Aground 29 Miles Out

BEAUMONT, Tex., March 25. The Belgian steamship Klemlin is pound- Jng to pieces off Sabine Pass, accord 1 iug 10 a ittiepiiuuts iutBaKe 10 me coast guard station here tonight.'The tugs Hudson anl Calvert have. gone Tto her rescue. I ' . 1 ' . . V The Kremlin, 294 feet long, with a gross tonnage of 2,677, left Port Arthur Friday, with a cargo of re fined oil for Antwerp. Today, at oon, she reported by wireless that ahe was pumping her cargo to reduce .1. . .1 tITItVU . . 1 ;The coast guard station reports a! " fc nil V tOQ 4XJ UDOUV ivi BOUIOVIVU V tieavy sea but ntie wind. It is ex- pected that all of the crew will be saved. FII SIEO AS TOTAL BAIL r ormer Prohibition Director and 48 Others Indicted, Have Bail Fixed PHILADELPHIA. March 25. Ball Aggregating $168,000 wss fixed today for the former state Prohibition Di rector William C. "McConnel and the 43 other men indicted yesterday on a charge of conspiracy to violate the prohibition act. Bench warrants were issued from the district attor ney's office. Individual amounts ranged from $10,000 for McConnell, and Borne of DROWNED WHEN ANSWERS his former aides, down to $2,000 forrtlon, that he "would forget" the others. Up to the hour court closed, none of the defendants wsb arrested 'or had surrendered, but counsel for some of the defendants said their cllenta would appear Monday. Two Mothers, Unknown to Each Other, Have Common Interest in ! Search For ; Rich Woman Combs Bowery in N. Y., in Effort to Locate Lad Who Grew Tired of School ; Poor Woman to Leave Soon to Find Boy She Has Not Heard From For 4 Years , NEW YORK, Mar. 25. (liy the Associated Press) A mother cultur - ed and refined, with all the resources of Immense wealth, today vainly combed the dark, ill-smelling Bowery l for her lost son, heir to a million. i At tlie sarae time, another mother, Iwnrn Kv 111 henltti on,! hunt xrnrk nut together her few threadbare clothes I and with firm confidence prepared to j find her missing boy. I The first mother. Mrs Graham Duf- fIe,d- 01 Chicago, has almost lost her faith.. For eight days she has .hunted. Toady she visited the haunts of the wrecks who have failed in the battle ot Iife and dropped out of sight Into the cauldron known as the Bowery. Bowery. But she has failed. The second mother, Mrs Mary Whit taker, of Henrr street. Is surjreme In j her confidence. Her boy Is somewhere .vr; PU, MJtk Tk 1 - . . ! Hold Husband Prisoner: ; Calk Polir ' - - - COT CHECK; NO LIQUOR PERMIT; IS KIDNAPPED NEW YORK, Mar. 23. Edward S. ! TRINIDAD, ColOT, Mar. 25.The last Stoeckel, a tire salesman and married, of the remaining bodies of 17 victims ; was rescued from an office in which ; who were caught in Friday after he said he had "been imprisoned since I noon's xploision In Sopris mine No 2 , last Sunday by three men who kid-! of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, naped him because he fell down on his near, nere was removed tonight. job"1, His lob Vas. to procure and de-!. 4 About G-o'cIock. this evening,' the liver permits to withdraw 1,325 gal- bhdies of Charles and Robert Romero Ions of whiskey, and for this service were removed. A little later, those he had received a $2,000 check in ad-,0f wax Covl and Pete Adamo were vance. . . rescued, and shortly after 9: HO o'cU Charles Allessi. truck driver, Romeo ' the last two, Matt and Frank Valen-1 Forlini, real estate dealer, and Morris j cich, .brothers, were brought out. Rothenberg, were arrested. The lat-1 From appearances and the position! ter is alleged to have guarded Stoec- j in which the two Valencich brothers j kel with a pistol while he was held 1 were found, they were not killed by 1 prisoner. .- the explosion, rescue workers assert,; Somehow, Stoeckel got in ' touch 1 but perished from the after-damp. , with his wife during the. week, and s Their bodies were not burned or she, it was said, went to the office,! got down on her knees, and with tear- filled eyes, begged the trio to let her ! husband go home. . It was said she even promised to mortgage the family cottage on Long Island to make good -the $2,000 check, 1 water in hope of surving until rescue ; can an(j Mexican delegates to the but her offer met cold refusal. Then 1 ganKS reached them. How long they ; conference, all of whom also will at Mrs. Stoeckel sought the aid of a ,ved Ja a secret which perished with . tend the annual convention of the So lawyer. The lawyer got hold of four them. . I nora chamber of commerce, which police detectives, who broke into the bodies were removed to the cor-wni be in session in Mexican No real estate office and rescued the ' oner's morgue here tonight. j gales for three days previous to the j husband. miniim imnDrncc yyuuLU muiiLHdL Ann nv ni iniMMiPri mim nLLuvvmnuL a 1111 iPiiiiiiRi.i- Bloc of Hous Members Seek to Increase' Items in Bill of Army Appropriations WASHINGTON, March 26. Re strictions in the army appropriation ' 1 1 1 M 11 n 1 n i mil lur tuiu.wnu4.tm vi ocicrai iu- I V1VUBI K UB1 U V V -a VtVUQUb UU concerted movement today on the! j part ot a bloc of House members to ' increase some of the Items. The day was spent in debute and in the i adoption of several amendments, and i the rejection ot a number of others, with the result that a vote n pas-, i Bage of tbo bill went over until next j week. Pefore a final vote is reached, an attempt wll bel made, Chairman Dempsey of the rivers and harbors committee Bald, to Increase the (Continued on Pair Two) Prohibition Agent Held Without Bail 'NEW YORK. March 25-Louls H. Snow, of Bridgeport, Conn., a tern- porary general prohibition agent, was! Bay nothing regarding the probable held without ball for the federal cause of her death, Woolard said, grand Jury today by Commissioner He was followed on the stand by Samuel Hitchcock on charges of ex-fGeorge A. Hyde, who testified that tortlon. . s a reporter for the San Francisco Snow Is charged with telling L. j Chronicle, he had conversed over the Glyckman. a restaurant owner, who 'long distance telephone with Ar- h he had arrested for n liquor viola - charge If Glyckman would pay $100. rGlyckman. reported to prohibition headquarters that he gave $76, and an investigation of his story led to -Snow's arrest. Their Missing Sons in the west and tomorrow or Tuesday, ! 1 in accordance with her announcement j j earlier in the week, she will leave ' New York in a cheap little motor car which she bought with her savings, carrying everything she ready to back her. faith against the uardshlpof the road. Mrs. IXiffield, whose 17 year old son. Gordon, rebelled against school life ! J In Plalnfield and fled to the Bowery', i let her ' presence bo known on her arrival. The boy responded with tei-; ephone calls. But after telling her! Tonight his mother appeared on the , Tp.r?fl at sl tirpnV ilnvm an, I faflrAd nn. " " r proachlng illness would force ber to; i return ome tomorrow. j She picked up her search today at (Continued on page Two) 17 BODIES OF VICTIMS DIVE i All D:: DJ- C i ' Evnlnslnn Virtima Havp Rn' Mnv t Mnr, , , m-m a w aw&mw t black. They lay face down in a water hole. It is thought that these two, spared from the force of the explo- slon, had crept the 600 feet from the place in which they were when the : Diasl l mem, ana naa iaia in me BEN REIVED tirsi 01 ine runerais 01 me uisasier ,, business conierence. , victims, will be held tomorrow from j Adolfo de la .Hun ta, Mexican mln a locnl undertaking chapel. They are 'later of finance, who now is serving 'Francisco Amatels, Sellx Mgal.a, An- yin unexpired term as governor of So- tonia Bertetto, Odelon Serrano and nora, will represent the Mexican gov Miguel Candlllo. American Legion .Cernment at the conference. posts are arranging a military funeral for the three ex-service, men among the dead, Pete Deldoso, son of the 1 superintendent, John Deldosso; Pete Savio and Joe Marlow. . . . f Argue KJVCT Admissibility Ot Reporters Testimony; Miss RKrv rv . KappeHad L.one razy '. , i SAX FRANCISCO, March 25. Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle refused to discuss the cause of the death of Miss Virginia Rappe, motion picture actress, Warden Woolard. a reporter for the Los Aneeles Times, testified today in the third trial of a man - slaughter charge against Arbuckle growing out of th e actress' death. Woolard said he Interviewed Ar buckle in Los Angeles when word .was received from San Francisco that Miss Rappe had succumbed, sup posedly as the result of injuries re-, celved at a party In which Arbuckle vas host. Other than admitting that the actress was at the party and stat ing that she had "gone crazy" after taking a few drinks, Arbuckle would f - buckle regarding the case. Adolph O. Juel, fingerprint exrert, for the San Francisco police depart ment, testified to taking fingerprints of Arbuckle and post mortem finger - prints" of Miss Rappe, which were in - trodueed Into evidence. AR BUG KLE TO' I GO ON STAND: VALIDITY OF RATIFICATION IS BY ft . r r i 1 i Mess in l reaty, "supplements j TW I Jr. Pmornm Frr . Ratification LEADERS HOLD COUNCIL . A n i opponents Against Purely Dnmsti'r... Oiifsrion Rpinff Brought Into Conference cc-ASTTivrrrrw tnrrh k tiia four poW(,r paCiflc treaty and Its two ' Bupplements got"-into such a mlx-np ;1n the senate today that the admln- I'lstraUon ratification program tem I porarily was tied in a knot and the r leaders, hurried Into conference to up a new plan of campaign j Challenging the valldlty-of yester ! day's action, by which the four power pact Itself was ratified, opponents of i the treaty suggested that the ' vote be reconsidered so that the ratifica tion could include the supplementary i Interpretative agreement signed by th plenipotentiaries at the same time, i At fir.it, the' administration lead i era reiused to recognize any merit i in. the suggestion, but after several i conferences they decided that some further action -was advisable. Most of them opposed the reconsideration 1 Pan. proposing instead a separate : ratification vote on thp sunnlPtnent. Such a seBarate resolution on ratifl- i taioo i n nrnificu nf Hr'imntf when the senate adjourned over Sun day. Through the day's debate, the treaty opponents sought to give point to their argvments by emphasizing that the supplement deals with la sues which long have been source of friction between the United States (Continued on rage Two) Governor Campbell Accepts Invitation to Open Conf erence NOG ALES, March 25. Governor Campbell's formal acceptance of an invitation to open the International Business Conference here April 4 was received today by the Nogalos cham- ' ber of vemmerce. . xne governor will welcome Amerl- Oser, Swiss Riding Master and Fiance of McCormick Scion Sells Stables ! (By The' Associated Press) Max Oser, the Swiss riding master, and , ftnance of Mlss Mtheiide McCor- 'j mlck. daughter of Harold F. McCor mick. Chicago, has sold his stable to a brother otticer in ine swiss army and is preparing to leave Zurich with in a few days. Oser personally refused to give ; any further information concerning ' his purposed movements, but neigh bors assert today that he would sail for the United States early In April to spend Easter with his bride-to-be, and be presented to the McCormick and Rlckefeller families. Wind Capsizes Boat; 2 Men Are Drowned LAMAR, Colo.. March 25. Dan Ransom, a rancher residing 14 miles oiorth of Lamar, and a companion named Vernon, were drowned at 10 'o'clock Friday night when a boat in which they were fishing on upper Queen Lake capsized In a strong win. The accident was witnessed by two other men on the short, but they were unable to effect a re3cue. Searchers had not recovered the bodies at a late hour Saturday night. 1 Ransom is sylved by a wife and' "sveral children. NTS nniif nnrninrn nv uuLunuLL ua nirrniii .i I V II 1 I IIL.1 IIIIUU TD VISIT . S. i 1 1