7 Ekim 1919 Tarihli The Bismarck Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 2

7 Ekim 1919 tarihli The Bismarck Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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I' .^W J" ft 8/ S IP -J rl i* :fti I mrni-:. -V }r jr §fV^"v "J III -^wM" Tj|?! 1 gsl' w. AIR FLEET MAY ARRIVE FOR BIG All American Pathfinders Ex­ pected October 15 When Three-Day Holiday Starts The All American Pathfinders, con­ sisting of nine alrplaneB, six balloons, 31 trucks and over 100 n»en which the army air service is sending out on a coast to coast tour are now in the Twin Cities. After remaining there for a few days, it will go to Fa*go and from the city will come to Bis* m&rck In all probability the Pathfinders urill reach the Capital City at the time Bismarck is celebrating the homecoming festival October 15. and the two days' convention of the Amer­ ican Legion October 16 and 17. In­ asmuch as the airplanes and balloons with the caravan give daily aerial exhibitions, the Pathfinders will be one of the biggest amusement attrac- $ li' iujmkyyiwJ 11 EEs IMAGINE DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS AT BISMARCK THEATRE LAST TIME TONIGHT tions during the period of festivities.1 Included in the All American Path­ finders' activities here will be daily flights of all nine airplanes ascen­ O O N One of the, novel- I ty hats this fall is the BOKO. It has the punch— I all Gordons' do. The BOKO comes in a number of mellow colors. It is only one of sever­ al cracking good Mare than 13fwv men mxwell 13,000 men devoting themselves to a single Maxwell. Yet that is the picture which a little journey through the eight great Maxwell plants supplies. If they built but that one car in a day Its cost to you would represent a king's ransom. But they are so well organized, their work So very definite, they are so expert in the special one thing they do, and they are aided by so many thousands of uncanny and superhuman machines, whose accuracy is down to 1/1000 of an inch, that you pay but a small price for a Maxwell. A great aid to the economy of manufacture is the use of many, many millions of dollars so that a 10-cent piece saved on a bit of material often runs into amaz ing figures. Thus the big staff of purchasing ex­ pertsfor Maxwell become your purchasing experts and the saving goes on to you in the price. $985 is indeed a small sum to pay for a great value in a great car like Maxwell. Bismarck WESTERN SALES CO. 1 sions by the six balloons, band con­ certs, moving picture showns, night maneuvers and battle formations. The airplanes travel in advance of the 31 motor trucks which carry the balloons and qguipment required to repair any damages which the airplanes or bal­ loons might sustain. The caravan will be quartered at Fort Lincoln during its stay here where free concerts, and motion pic­ tures will be offered. As one of the chief purposes of the aerial expedi­ tion is to promote enlistments in the army air service, it is believed that every effort will tie made by the com­ mander of the Pathfinders to be in Bismarck during the city's three days holiday STATE MUSEUM IS PRESENTED RELICS OF HIGH INTEREST Articles Acquired Through^ Do nation pr Loan Lend Value to Collection Some very iatero^tJas articles have been acquired recently by the state museum either, This saw is about three feet in length and has handles for use by two men. Joseph jytattlievrs, 18th U. S. In­ fantry, A. E. F. and Army of Oc­ cupation in Germany, donated German imperial treasury loan cer­ tificate of the denomination of 20 marks, issued at Berlin, August fi, 1914. A collection of knitted work and needlework of the American Bed Cross, Northern Division, including Ihe various knitted articles and gar- To the Wife of One who Drinks Tf this should meet the ey^s of a wife, mother .or friend of sojneono addicted to drink, unnble to ordteffhio this ruinous habit, kIiq by S muy obtain information of- a- method wJiii'h lugjnns. of drinkers.havo been freed from the curse quickly, nnily and with delightful benefit in their health, efficiency mid ImppincNs. This information will, ho sent in ))loin- envelope oil request- to Edw. J. Woods, DA-375, Station 1°, Xuw York. X. Y. '?ut- out uud show othois this udvurtisismeaU -V', i* A A-V* tts&ssm as. loans or by donation. Some of these articles were brought by returned soldiers of the Army of Occupation of Germany. A number of trophies were brought in by John W. Serrea of the 18th Infantry. One unique object of this collection is German folding saw which Mr. Serres picked up on the field at Soissons, .July 20, 1918. This saw is made to be folded into the space of a few inches when not in use. 1 Ntnmiltt fr fit— Mm milu 'tins Mandan iiiiiiipipimiiimmiiiH «.».. n/i7 nin (immmra meats, and hospital garments suppUc-.l!]I/T AMV by the Red Cross for army use, its well as the various standard Re.l Gross refugee garments was brought in Iiy Mrs. P. C. lU'iningtoii. This col lec.ion is very useful and interesting as an objective demonstration of t'.io war time work of the American Rtd Cross1 tQ be set forth in the historical museum. A very unique and most interesting article was donated to the state mu­ seum-by Mrs. Mary McLean. It is a picture in colors of the "Flag of Humanity". The motif is a blend of the designs of the flags of Great Bri­ tain, 'France, and Great Briiian's eld­ est daughter the L'nited States. The colors of the Hag are the Red, White and Blue, the original colors of the British Union. These colors are the blue and white of the ancient fliag of Scotland which never has been conquered, united to the red I and white of the ancient Hag of Eng­ land. When the kingdom of Scotland] and the kindom of England^ were united. and the king of Scotland be­ came also king of England the designs of the/ two flags were united to signi­ fy .this union. So the Red, White and Blue then became the emblem of a government by the people for the people under a constitution and law to which all persons of whatever class are equally answerable, which is the genius of British government every­ where from the day of the Magna Charta at Runnymede until the pre­ sent time. And when the German king George III of Great Britain tried to subvert Hie British constitution by dealing autocratically with the col­ onies in America the colonists resist­ ed him as Britons maintaining their constitutional rights, So, in the new flag for the new nationT we inherited the colors of our mother flag.' Then, a few years later when tlio people of Prance threw off the rui? of their tyrants they adopted tlu:Wij colors, the Red White and Blue of Britain and of Britain's daughter, which stand for constitutional govern­ ment. So now, as these three/nations have been united in the late struggle of Right against Might, it is lilting that this design of' the "Flag of Humanity" should be formed by a blending of their three flags into one. The curator has harj it framed *iril hu1)g in a prominent place in the state museum. BONES OF BLACK HAWK OLD-TIME TERROR, GUARDED Al! That Is Mortal of Frontier Scourge Rests in Salt Lake Museum Salt Lak6 City, .,Oct. 7,—'The bones on Chief Black Hawk who played hav­ oc with seitlers in Utah in the early 60's are now resting peacefully in the Desert Museum, in the Mormon Temple grounds in this city. The skeleton was brought from an Indian burial ground near Spring Lake Villa, Utah county, this state, and with all the accoutrements of Indian burial, now reposes in a glass case in the Mormon church museum. The curator' of the museum has made every effort to prove to a cer­ tainty that the-bones are those of the famous Indian chief, and the evidence he has gathered seems to prove their, authenticity. These include affidavits of early settlers who witnessed the funeral procession of the chief. Black Hawk Is said to,have died Inl 1870 as the result of a wound rer* ceived' in a fight with white settlers several years previous. Prior to his death, it is said, he visited towns in the section he had harassed and made peace with au bf llls enemies. From veterans of the raids made by Black Hawk's bands, it is1 declared the Black Hawk wars of Utah began in 1864:when a. staall band of Indians encamped hear Gunnison, Sati Pete county, Utah-, suffered' an epidemic of smallpox and blamed the white set tlera ffcr it. The Indians attacked small settlements in numerous com­ munities'. Women and children were tortured, children: carried away and much property devastated, according tfr the- stories of the bid settlors. This continued'Until about 1872, it *ls sftidf whien the/ Indians hard pressed by soldiers, acknowledged the supe­ riority of- the white man. pf an eev atr^Armory every Tuesday and Sat­ urday night, O'Connors Orchestra* STEWART A¥ita Stewart who stars in "Her Kingdom of Dreams/' sup­ ported by the biggest all-star cast ever assembled in one motion picture*- It's coming to the Bismarck theatre. ti1* Moci ARE BUYlNGr SURPLUS SUPPLIES OF ARMYJ5Y MAIL Blankets Prove to Be Most Pqp ular Bargains With People in This Vicinity A great may inquiries have been received at the local postoflice regard­ ing the sale of army surplus property at St. Paul and an even greater num­ ber of orders have already been sent for blankets and other articles which I the government is offering for sale. Among the articles which seem most I popular with local people are the it' V'|k j: ,'ff .if U-. r!r ,1-fVt -A JSK .-:v •/\P, -IS51V .* W Net flontonN 15 Fluid DfM —,tj ALCOHOL *3 PER CENf AVe^etable ftcparationfori« tindtheStomachs and Bawgk" Anise St** f/llffWy rac-Similc Sljnatcnre Centaur GoWfi® NEW TORK Exact Copy of Wrapper. blankets which are offered for sale. Three grades are sold, the cotton'ones selling at $3 a pair, the cotton-wool ones for $5 and the all wool blankets for $6 each. Other articles which are being ordered in large quantities are Socks, undershirts and towels. The complete list and the prices for each article can be obtained from Post­ master Frank Reed at Bismarck. The orders are all sent to the United States army surplus property store, 6th and Jackson streets, St. Paul, Everything that falsely encourages unrest also, encourages bplshevism. Misundprstarlding of American indus­ trial organization, and: of+its benefits, to mankind,' leads to unrest, dissatisfaction, and radicalism. For example, the Federal Trade Com­ mission tells the public that the large packers had an, agreeqi price for lard substitute (made of cotton-seed oil.) It reproduces letters taken from the files of one of the packers, showing that such agreed price existed. mention price was determined at request of eind in co-operation^witii the Administration! -J Even the Department of justice, in its unjust attempt to create prejudice against the packers, has made public these same letters, with no explanation. How long must this kind of misrepresentation continue? In so far as it is believed, it not only breeds discontent but results iri injustice to tur industry- Let us send you a Swift "Dollar." It will interest youi Address Swift & Company, Union Stock!Yards, Chicago, 111. ('r "*"|V -pr I ,w Swift & Company, U. S. A. worn® loStockhiser THIS SHOWS WHAT BECOMES OF THE AVERAGE DOLLAR RECEIVED BY •SWIFT & COMPANY- FROM the: sale of MEAT AND BY PAODUCTS (I I* SS CENTS IS PAID fOR THE 1 LIVE ANIMAr. It 12.96 CENTS fOR LABOR EX PENSES AND FREIfiMT 2.0.4. CENTS REMAINS, TUESDAY, OCT. 7*1919* Bears IN FANTS.CHILDREN TtMsrctoyPromotin^ii^g Cheerfulness andRcstCotfsto, neither 0piam,MorpUncn« Mineral. NotKahco™ AhcipMBcmedyftf ^XossoFSWHLy roaittin^ ihefcfromn^y^ sand Children. Mothers Know Tha Genuine Castoria THK 0INT*uii e0MW*NV. jijiyuni fit .:» r. JftX, WJTH rati I to Jf '4 -.•iYriS SWIFT &COMftW A !U r:CJP if s\u'Jt A KCW YOKK CIT*. Minn. All orders must be accompanied by cash,, postal money order, or cer­ tified check. "THE OLD RELIABLE" Sell youy cream and poultry to our agent. If we h$ve no agent, in your town, then ship direct to NORTHERN PRODUCE CO. BISMARCK, N. D. I Wt & k: ws mrnm, Sw"*

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