7 Ekim 1919 Tarihli The Bismarck Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 5

7 Ekim 1919 tarihli The Bismarck Tribune Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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1 TUESDAY, OCT. 7, 1919. •HUGE AIR FLEET TO REACH HERE MEXT WEDNESDAY All American Pathfinders Coast to Coast Voyage Sched uled to Arrive October 15 ADVANCE on PLANE FIRST Nine Airplanes, Six Balloons, 31 Trucks, 100 Men Included in Air Caravan The "Mary Miles Minter" advance plune of the All American Pathfinders is due in this, city October 13 and the remaining pine airplanes, six ballons,, 31 motor trucks and 100 officers and' men of the aerial caravan is expected to arrive October 15. The army fliers will remain hero three days and will furnish aerial ex­ hibitions for the crowds here during the homecoming celebration next Wed­ nesday and the two days of the state convention of the American Legion next Thursday and Friday. With the three-day holiday, the vari- TRAINED PEOPLE GET POSITIONS The demand for young, people trained for responsible positions by the Dakota Business College, Fargo, N. D., never lets up. W. R. Sommerfield is the 65th to go to the Standard Oil Co. Miss Myrtle Russell goes to the Northwestern Telephone Ex­ change Co., Miss Esther Lewis to the Arthur Mercantile Co., Miss Myrtle Turter to the Cen­ tral Land Co., Moorhea^, Minn. V« "Follow the successful", and write F. L. Watkins, Pres., 806 Front St., Fargo, N. D., for in­ formation. HOUSE BARGAINS House of six rooms, 80 percent modern, lot alone worth $1000 first-class location on Rosser street. This property is. worth $3000 for quick sale will sell for $2200. For Sale—-House of eight rooms and bath,- strictly modern and well located on Seventh street price $6200. I have a nice bungalow of five rooms:andbath, garagev will sell on very reasonable terms. Trust me for your bargains. J. H. HOLIHAN Phone 745. Lucas Block j?,: yvti .C-A"- nssss Shebler's BARN DANCE AND HUSKING BEE When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin FRIDAY WIGHT, Oct 10th O'CONNOR'S ORCHESTRA gnuiuunniminiiiHiimiiiiaiiiiiHiiiiiiiiE E AUDITORIUM RUPERT HUGHES' STARTLING STORY KVv,,.... 'v' 'y BLANCHE SWEET AN*A NOTABLE JCAST The Picture All Bismarck Is Talking About COME EARL TODAY AND TOMORROW PHces 30 and 55c. Mat. at 3:00 Eve* 8:00 ous entertainments provided for tlio crowds and the daily aeriftl exhibitions of the largest air unit ever sent out by the army air service, Bismarck ex pectrf to have the largest crowds each of the three days that have ever surged within its city limits. The scouting plane which is due here October 13 acts as advance agent for the air pioneers, and is christened af­ ter a prominent actress. It is a bi? Curtiss biplane and the only named for an actress. One of the duties of the men on the "Mary Miles Minter" is to provide landing places for the airplanes of the unit. The site selected during the stay of the Pathfinders in this city will bo Fort Lincoln which is gen. erally considered one of the finest? natural flying fields in America. AROUSING INTEREST The purpose of the All American Pathfinders is to interest the nation in the use of airplanes for cross coqiitry flights and for business purposes. An active recruiting campaign for the all' service is also waged at each stop of the aerial caravan and all recruits signed up are given a flight. The Pathfinders left the government aviation field at Mineola, Long Island, oarl' 1,1 New August and have flown across Jerse'. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indi- ana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It is now at'the Twin Cities and is expected to fly direct from there, to Fargo, thence to Jamestown and finally to Bismarck where it is scheduled to arrive October 15, the beginning of the city's threat day holiday. After stopping here three days, the airplanes, ballons, trucks and men will go to Miles City, Billings, Great Falls audi thence to the Pacific cost. From Tacoma, the.v fly southward to Lou Angeles and then turn east returning to the Atlantic coast via the southern route. MANY SIDE ATTRACTIONS While here the band which accom­ panies the aerial pioneers will give concerts in the city. A complete mov­ ing picture show is carried with the Pathfinders at which views of the air service, aerial pictpres of scenes, over­ seas and the training of men in the uiv service on this side. One of the features of the flying ex­ hibitions besides the inumerable aerial acrobatics and stunt flying will be night maneuvers. High electrical searchlights, carried on some of the trucks, give sufficient illumination to light up the flying field and also the ALL VICTIMS OF It is Poslam's mission to relieve itch­ ing eczema's cruel distress an Sold everywhere. For free samp'e write to Emergency Laboratories, 243 West 47tli St., New York City. Urge your skin to become fresher, clearer, better by the daily use of Pos­ lam Soap, medicated with Poslam. .Matinee Daily I A- -a.r-- LET'DANDERINE' SAVE YOUR HAIR Check Ugly Dandruff! Stop Hair Coming Out and Double Its Beauty A little "Danderine" cools, cleanses and makes the feverish, itchy scalp soft and pliable then this stimulating tonic penetrates to the famished hair roots, revitalizing and invigorating every hair in the head, thus stopping the nair falling out, or getting thin, dry or fading. After a few applications of "Dan­ derine" you .seldom find a fallen hair or a particle of dandruff, besides every hair shows new life, vigor, brightness, more color and thickness. A few cents buys a bottle of de­ lightful "Danderine" at any drug or toilet counter. airplanes while they arq aloft, This will be the first time that this type of flying has ever been seen in this sec­ tion. CITY NEWS HERE FROM REGAN William Steindl of Regan was a vis­ itor in the capital city yesterday. Mr. Steindl visited the court house while here. MEET WEDNESDAY The Current Events club \Vill meet with Mrs. D. J: McGillis at the home of Mrs. Gardner Wallace, 802 Avenue B. Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. MEET TONIGHT The regular monthly meeting of the Eastern Star will be held tonight at the to re- Masonic Temple at 8 o'clock. All ofti- store disordered skin to sightliness and I cers and members are requested to be health. Comfort comes as soon as it is present. applied to the sore places. Its concen­ trated' healing power quickly shows. Each day should mark distinct im­ provement. So effective is Poslam for eczema, rashes, pimples, scalp-scale that just a little of it goes far, does much and lasts long. It's quality that Counts. VISITING SICK SON Ed. Mount, who lives east of Bald­ win, was in Bismarck yesterday to visit his young son, who is! confined to the hospitkl because of a recent operation for appendicitis. HERE FROM MINNESOTA O. N. Hagen of Blooming Prairie, Minn., was a visttor in Bismarck yes­ terday. Mr. Hagen owns considerable property in this county and he is look­ ing over his land. TWINS BORN Twins, a boy and a\ girl, were born today to Mr. and Mrs. Steplian Stum of Sweetbrier at the Bismarck hospital. The entire family, including the father, is doing nicely, accordingly to latest reports. MEET TONIGHT The regular meeting of Capital City Homestead No. 200 will be held tonight at the K. P. hall. On account of the important business that is to be trans­ acted, all memebers and officers are re­ quested to attend. AT ST. ALEXIUS Little Marion and Bessie Curran, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. James Cur­ ran, were operated on at the St. Alexius hospital this morning. Both children are feeling better and will be able to leave the hospital in a few days. REGISTER OF DEEDS BUSY In common with the other depart­ ments at the court house, G. J. Keenan, county register of deeds and his as­ sistants are very busy these days. Since the beginning of the month a great many instruments have been registered with Mr. Keenan and the rush con tinues. RETURNS FROM CANAL F. C. Pope Of Driscoll, who was on3 of the first Burleigh county men to en­ list when war was declared, returned home last week and was in Bismarck today meeting friends. While in the army, Pope spent most of his time guarding the Panama canal and he is full of interesting tales of his various experiences there. AURORA BOREALIS A magnificent aurora borealis has been seen in the northern heavens every night lately, the blaze of northern lights making its appearance around 11:30 o'clock. The glow in the sky is particularly beautiful this season and great many people of this vicinity have commented on the unusually brilliant sight. ERICKSON-THRODAHL Miss Marion LoulSe Throdahl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. II. Thro­ dahl, and Mr. Edward C. Erickson of Fargo were united In marriage Mon­ day morning by Rev.'- H. C. Postleth waite, pastor of the First Presbyterian church} Mr. and Mrs. Erickson will make their home in Fargo, for which point they left by automobile following thfe ceremony. MAILING TAX NOTICES The county treasurer's office is mail­ ing out notices to all delinquent tax payers in the county. The taxes cover personal, county and city lot property for 1918 and all such property mi which the taxes have not been paid by De­ cember 9, 1919, will be sold by the county auditor as required by law. It is estimated that thousands of dollars in delinquent taxes are due the county. GRANTED CARRIAGE LICENSES Another warrior of the American Ex mrv. forcea ban hoon HfkpH to it sot 't [Willie fiJSMARCK DAILY TRIBUNB dier to surrender is John G. Karasie wicz of this city who was granted a license to wed Miss Anna Johner, also of Bismarck. Karasiewicz despite his Teuton name is a 100 percent American and not only took part in bnttles in France but also was part of the Army of Occupation at Coblenz. During most of his visit in the ex-kaiser's domain, Karasiewicz was stationed at Ehren breitstein the German "rock of Gibral­ tar" and considered one of Germany's strongest interior fortresses. ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. W. H. Bodenstab, Late Major M. C. U. S. A., announces his return to Bismarck, N. I)., and will open', of­ fices with the Provident Insurance Company, First National Bank Build­ ing. Practice limited to Internal Medicine. October 1, 1919. Telephone 708. Advertisement GREATEST FILM MAKES BIG HIT AT AUDITORIUM Sins of all descriptions—sins that, though possibly forgiven, will live in the minds of those who read them ever, have been recorded in many of history's pages. But when Rupert Hughes named his tremendously grip­ ping story, which, by the way, is one of the most widely discussed hovels of the age, "The Unpardonable Sin," he most certainly revealed the blackest sin in all of history's darkest descrip­ tions. Now produced in motion pictures, it makes his vivid word picture more realistic than ever. It has been a long time since the people have seen a more intensely interesting record of events and adventures than is being screened on the Auditorium screen this week. A splendidly mixed combination of pathos and humor, action and quiet but forceful delineations, wonderfully produced with the utmost artistry, makes "The Unpardonable Sin" one of the foremost of the big motion picture attractions of the times. Without appealing to the spectacu­ lar, without a single battle scene, Mar­ shall Nellan, the director, has, never­ theless, given us one of the most grip­ ping photoplays of the age. The ar­ tistic standard of the production is nothing short of wonderful. The work of the principals, headed by Blanche Sweet, could not easily be improved upon but the most worth of the play is in its marvelous plot. Women weep and laugh simultaneously men want to fight and children grip their seats in their intense excitement. What is the unpardonable sin Rupert Hughes has discovered it and Marshall Neilan has picturized it in what is one of the masterpieces of the screen. To say that it is not a picture every American man, woman and child should see, would be an insult to the intelligence of the public. It is not too much to say that it is one of the very greatest. UNIQUE OPENING Fairbanks' latest Artcraft film, "The Knickerbocker Buckaroo," which is be­ ing shown at the Bismarck theatre for the last time tonight, after a unique, allegorical opening, has an attractive RENEWED TESTIMONY No one in Bismarck who suffers backache, headaches, or distressing urinary ills can afford to ignore this Bismarck woman's twice-told story. It is confirmed testimony that no Bis­ marck resident can doubt. Mrs. H. Steinmetz, 117 Second .St., Bismarck, says: "I had a severe pain in the small of my back and kidneys. I also had a tired, languid feeling that caused me annoyance. I tried every­ thing I knew of to get relief, but was unsuccessful until I got Doan's Kidney fills at the Lenhart Drug Co. Doan's cured me and the trouble hasn't re­ turned." No Trouble Since Over two years later, Mrs. Stein­ metz, said: "I have never had kidney trouble since Doan's Kidney Pills cured me a few years ago. I. take them to keep my kidneys in good con­ dition." Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't sim­ ply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that Mrs. Steinmetz had. Foster-Milburn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Dej^ositons prelected under Slate L^aw The Counsel of Those Who Know Are you planning an investment? Are you interested in any investment possi­ bilities? Sometime in every man's life there is a time when he is "on the fence." He is trying to decide whether or not the offer he has is a good one. Officers of this bank have been trained in the investment field for many years. Their experience has been the means of building comfortable in­ comes—arid of safeguarding others. You can come to them—any one of them—and feel free to obtain the advice that their experience dictates as correct. The Bismarck Bank Bismarck North Dakota "SYRUP OF FIGS" CHILD'S LAXATIVE Look at Tongue! Remove Poi­ sons From Stompch, Liver and Bowels Accept "California" Syrup of Figs only—look for the name California on the package, then you are sure your child is having the best and most harmless laxative or physic for the little stomach, liver and bowels. Chil­ dren love its delicious fruity taste. Full directions for child's dose on each bottle. Give it without fear. Mother! You must say "Califor­ nia." episode a Xrv, York club at whicn lime Dorglas' reason for seriously con •sideriim tlic Horace Greeley bromide, "Go West. Yin ii^r Man," is explained. This Knirhanks-Artcraft yeleae should be labeled a "hand-made pic­ ture," limuu-e of the weeks of time de­ voted t« developing the story. Each episode was carefully constructed by Doug's staff which included Elton Banks. Joseph Henaberry, Ted Reed. Frank Condon of Saturday Evening Post fume and Albert Parker, who di­ rected. They Are Always Gratefid For Cuticura Soap Because it means skin comfort and skin health. For shaving,bath­ ing and shampooing it is wonderful. Its pore-cleansing, sterilizing prop­ erties will prove a revelation to those who use it for the first time. Assisted by touches of Cuticura Ointment, it does much to clear the skin of pimples, rashes, eczemas and irritations and the scalp of 'ndruff and itching. Cuticura Toilet Trio Consisting of Soap, Ointment and Talcum are indispensable adjuncts of the daily toi­ let in maintaining skin purity and skin health. By bringing these delicately medi­ cated emollients in frequent contact with your skin as in use for all toilet purposes, you keep the skin, scalp, hair and hands clear, sweet and healthy. The Soap, Oipf ment and Talcum 25c. each everywhere! C. G. BIGGS the Piano Tuner from Far­ go is here on his regular trip. Call Grand Pacific. Dr. Wi H. Pewe, D. C. Doctor of Chiropractic Lucas Block N Sold Wherever Good Candy Is Sold Service First When You Pick Your Stove May we show you why? Burns all fuels. Sold only by— ,/ *11 4? For Birthdays, Holidays,T Graduations, Visits, Bon Voyage express delicate sentiments that are not associated with common wares. Made in all popular assortments and sizes THE PARIS FACTORY, Minneapolis Minn. WANTED—House, Flat or Apartment or Light Housekeeping Rooms. FRED HOLMBOE, Phone 459L or 264 Announcement Grand opening of the Broadway Cafe under new management Wednesday, October 8th Home Cooking Popular Prices Good Service Cafe under Management of JAMES B. GALVIN, Former member of A. E. F.—Lately returned from France. TOE SEVEN EXCLUSIVE PATENTEI IMPROVEMENTS IN THE ROUNDOAl CHIEF WILL SOLVE THAT PROBLEM A Just Comparison If We Were Talking of Apples we would not compare their virtues by looking at the out­ side, but by examining the core. It's the heart that is sound or rotten. Make the same test in selecting your range. Examine "under the skin"—know the construction. In order to tell you exactly what to look for, secure the large range book, telling about the construction and exclu­ sive improvements on the Round Oak Copper-Fused Boiler Iron Chief. Incidentally, it shows what real range building demands. It's free for the asking. In making your selection of the heating stove for your home, consider, if you please, the "service" side of your pur­ chase. In other words, place your dollars alongside your purchase. When you invest in the genu­ ine Round Oak Square Base Stove, you receive large divi­ dends on your dollars "invest­ ed" in the form of durability, economy, and efficiency. Lomas Hardware Co. (Incorporated) \j BISMARCK, N. D. ffoii g'tfit ir qnnhl' mm 4Aii The Mark of Confection Perfection liarvco W.-M ido ijitifrfj

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