11 Kasım 1836 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

11 Kasım 1836 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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PICK up your old CVuf Iron ond brine it in to mo and I will nay yon the Caih for it. A penny saved is worth two pence clear, fiays Duel. Franklin. WM. ULAKB. Burlington: Nov. 0, in3G, rrsTT GOODS. SYDNEY BARLOW fins received his Fall and Winter supply of Good, and respectfully invites the public to call and tec them. Pcarl-st., Burlington, Nov. II. I03G. Silver Alarm and Gold Lapinc Watches of an excellent quality, Just received at the Variety Shop. I'ANGBORN & BIUNSMA1D. Nov. 10. Saddlery &, Carriage Trim mings. JUST received and now being opened at tlio Hardware Store; the most full and 'complete assortment of Saddicry, and Car dago trimmings over offered to the trade in this place, comprising full assortments of Brass, Plated, Japancd and tinned,' Saddicry; Cotton and Worsted Webb, wide and narrow Straining and Rein do. carriage laces; Steps, oxlcs, and plated dash Irons; plated and brass jilaled Carriage, Gig and Sulkoy Lamps eye. all of which will bo sold at reduced piiees for cash or short credit, by ROBERT MOODY. Spanish Otter Caps, Capes &c. ! Cases superior Spanish and American Otter Caps. 3 do Seal and comn. Hair Seal do, Russia Squirrel, Jciictte, I.vnx and Sablo Capes and Mufls. Gent, and' Ladies up. Fur lined Gloves Stc. Sic. by LATI1ROP & POT WIN. Nov. 1 1, 1R36. New Watch and Clock repair ing Shop. OTftllE subscriber, informs his old Customers m and the Public, that he has resumed the Watch anl clock business. 2 doors north of J. Mitcholl Tailors Shop, opposite R.Moodys Hardivaro Store, East side Church St. where lie is ready to put Clocks and Watches in as good order as formerly and on as good terms as his Neighbors. He will also keep for sale on Commission, one and eight day Brass and Wooden Clocks, as low as can be had in town and warranted. Call and see. Burlington, Nov. 1 1, 1836. FIGURED SILKS. BLUE BLACK, Black, Lawn, Pink. Lilao, Pearl Brown and Purple colrd. Gro De Nap and Satin Silks of Superior qualities, by I.ATIIItni' X- POTlVfV. Nov. 1!,I.13G rjlUB subscriber ha- this day rrcieved and is now opening bis fall slock of medicines, points, ond ciyo woods, which wore selected with great care, and will be told on as good lerni n; nnv in tin- mnrkot. ROBERT MOODY. November 7, 1036. OSTRICH FEATHERS, PLUMES. SATIN FLOWERS Sic. a great vari ety of thu abovo art iclcs for sa Ic by LTiinor Si Potwin. Nov. 1 1 . English Watches of different Patterns, Double Case and Double Bottom, just received, also Silver Levers, and Lc Pines, at the Variety Shop. PANG BORN & BRINSMAID. NoTcmber R. 1836. Brushes and Bellows. dlllS day received fiom the monufaclurer a full and complete asorlinent of Cloth. Hair, Hat, Tailors Cloth, Horse. Stove, Shoe. Floor. Fancy and plain counter Brushes, and Fancy and l'ljin Bellows; fur sale low bv ROBERT MOODY. Nov, 7. 1036. Satin Beaver Bonnets. f UST Received, a few Dozen Satin Beaver Jr Bonnets of various Colours, comprising Grecian, Fundi, Coiiasu. and other patterns. LATIIROP Sz POTIVUt. Nov. 11. Earthen, Glass & China Ware. 4 r Packages comprising Liverpool, plain and gilt China waro in great varieties, Dinning Setts complete, Astral Lamps, cut Fruit dishes; Champaign, Jelly and Wine Glasses, Tumblers &c. ic. LATIIROP & POTWIN. Nov. II. TtTOIIAIR 4- PILOT CLOTHS, a few lTJL piccics various colours for sale by the pi. or pattern dv l.atiiiop u I'otwin. Nov. II. BLANKETS, Heavy Rose & Point Blan. kels, cold. Horse do for sale low by Latiirof & Pctwin. Ncv. 11. ROCERIES, a choice selection of JT Family Groceries purchased particularly for retail trade, by LATiirtor & Potwin. Nov. II. For Sale, TUB House and Ihrcc.fourth? of on acre of Land, formerly owned and occupied by Zachcus Peaslee, Esq., situated in the village of Burlington ; the house and out buildings in good repair with a good well of water, garden, and valuable fruit trees on the premises. Forterm. apply to DAVID RUSSELL, Esq. Burlington. Nov. 10, IB36. NOTICE. AT a me ig of ihi D ricir of the Colchertcr Manufacturing company, duly holden this 2nd day of November, A. D. 1836, it is ordered that an assessment of five dollars be laid upon each share of the capital stock of raid company, to be paid on or before the first day of Decern ber next, and a further assessment ol five dollars upon each share af said capital slock In be paid on or before the first day of January next. GEO. P. MARSH, Presl. November 2, 3 Rose Lip Salve FOR rale at the Variety Shop. PAfBOR Si BRIMMAII), Oct. 27. Quick and Cheap. A nr. iiutVJlUUS again, N Entire New Sinck nr Winter Goods is now hnlllfr rimiiitfn.l I I.U fl. - -'"r, M--,,f ni ilia ificil or Cash Store, which have been purchased "mi sucn pniticuiar care and attention ns In quality and prices as was deemed justly due to fiis numerous Cash ond reody pay Customers. He has very much increased his usual supply to as to enable buyers to obtain almost any quonlily wanted, nnd by many judicious arrangements entered into with American maiiufu'cttwing establish ments, some articles come to band lower than by passing throrigfi market. A great many goods were laid in through the Auc tion Houses in New York at the late ro iluced firrcc and now as to the diipnsal of such an enlarged stock comprising every article ever expected to be found in a real Fashionable Silk, Fancy and Staple Dry Good--. Family Grnrnry, Crockery, Look' iug Glass, Cnrpct Sic. Store. Ho has to say that in Consequence of I he increase ol business he is wiIIhip to soil nt ago less than heretofore, and as tlie.mnllu ts 'Ulicnp fur OaBh' ihey will bo sold very low ror money. S E. HOWARD. Burlington, Nov. 3, 1836. Timothy Seed. 30 bushels for sale by HICKOK Si CATLIX. JVo. 3, 1836. Over-Coat Cloths. LEMUEL CURTIS & Co. have just re. ccived in addition to their former slock, an invoice of heavy over coat cloths, compri sing Heavy Pilot and Mohair Cloth, Pclers. hams and Lion skins Heavy Drab, Green, and brown Cloths, also Broad Cloths and Cassi. mrrcs, of every color and price. Oct. 23. 1836. Lamp-wicks, Glasses, & Can dlesticks. arn DOZ. Lamp Wicks, for Brass & u pewter store lamps; for astral ond reading lamps; Glasses tor the bras store lamps nnd the chimney; glasses for astral lamps; rinlou and bra-s candlesticks, snuf fers and troys at the Variety Shop. Oct, 26. Paisgborn & Brinsmaid. Japanese Lotion. f"pO remove freckles, pimples, and oil A eruptions of the skin, and fur the cure of chapped hands, faces, Sic. for sale ot . I. - XT . ... no unriy iinop, Oct. 26." PANcnon.N & Brinsmaid. Home-made Cloths. THE subscribers have now on hand, 500 vds. heavy sheep's irrav cloth. 200 yds. Idack and brown cloth, which will be sold low by tho piece or yard. L. CURTIS & Co. Oct. 28. Tons Pig Iron, JJ .22o Tons Nnvatcotia Plaster, 15 Bales Buffalo Robes, 23 ' Chew Hops. 100 Brls. Linseed Oil, 20 Casks White Lead, 20 Brls. No 2 Markcrell, for sale by IIICKOK Si CATLIJV. Oct. 2Blk 1836. New Fashions. H RS. M. FRASER would inform tho 1TJL Ladies of Burlington and its vicinity, that she lias just returned Irom INcw York, and has brought with her the newest fashions for Ladies Pclices. Dresses, Cloaks, Hals and Caps. She has also Snin, Beaver, Leghorn, 1 uscau, Straw and Silk Hats ; an clci'ant assortment of Ribbands, Feathers and Flow ers, a great variety of Silks for Hals, Pelices ann Dresses. Bobliinet, Tliulc, Slar& blond Laces, Quillings, Thread and blond Edgings, Veils, Collars, Ulovcs, sewing bilk, t hread, Sic. All which she will sell on as reasonable terms as can be found in this vicinity. Dress. cr. Polices ami Cloaks made in the newest sylu and best manner. Shop opposito Durkces Hotel Church street Builinglon, Oct. 23, 1836. f UST received, the Penny Magazine for IW 1332, '33. '34 and '35, bound in full cloth or 'ialf calf, price g2 per volume. Oct. 1 Vernon H tnniNOToN. T CURTIS Si CO. are now opening JLi, I lie I r fall purchases ot Crockery and Glass Ware, consisting of nil the desi ble nrticles in their line. Among them may be found. Glube. Hall and Astral LAMPS Cut, prcss'd Si plain Stand do Champaign,'! JcK'nnd GLASSES Lemonade j Dining Setts, from 1 16 lo 210 pieces Plain, While and Enamel'd Ware White, gilt edged and bronzed China Tco Setts. China Fruit Dishes Cut. ground, ond Flint Tumblers, &c All of which will be sold on the best terms. Oct. 14, 1336 Manilla Matts. o -j doz. Manilla Mat Is of all sizes, jus A received by Lemuel Curtis Si Co. October 14. Ladies' Satin Beaver Bonnets. q Coses of satin beavers, comprising all -' the fashionable and desirable colors, drab, brown, green and black, by Oct. 21. L. CURTIS Si CO. Cod Fish. i Quintals Cod Fish, just landed, by XDU J Si J. II. PECK Si CO. Oct. 13. CHEAP FIRE WOOD. THE undersigned offer for sale Fire Wood of superior nuality, in small or large quantities, to be delivered cither on their I arm U miles north ol Hurling ton) or on the premises of 1 lie purchasers. The road leading through tho farm to the wood land being now in excellent stale, affords to persons desiring to buy their wood on the land every facility of getting it out to the main road. B. J. Hki.miero. T. F. Mot T. Burlington, Oct. 6, 1836, mHE TOKEN and ATLANTIC SOU' viiimii ior IH-J7, with 12 cngrav tngs, hr solo by OjI. 21. V. HARRINGTON. Martin Van Burcn. LARGK portraits flor fromlng orMar lin Van Buren. Vice President of the United States, and Miniatures of Martin van liiiren, painted on ivory and set in gold, received and for sale nt the Variety Shop. PArsGnonN & Bri.msmaid. Oct. 20. dmilE AMERICAN LMfNAC and Re , r-osiTotiY op UsErot. Knowledoc, for 18J7, for salo by October 21- V. Harrington. New Goods Oct. J 9, 1836. WE received lo day, gold, openwoTked. chased and plain Guard Keys s gold Bar pins; Spectacle glasses; Bombazine, silk ond calin Slocks; Linen bosoms and collars; satin bosoms; 10 bundles best Italian violin strings ; Flageolets; clarified rosin; Instruction books for bugles, ser pents, Trombones and flutes ; books on hand for other instruments: Cologne water, milk of soses ; tooth powder; 6 dozen bot. ties indelible ink to mark without a pre partition ; 3 dozen do. to mork with o pre paration; cither of them are good and will not wash out. For sole at the Variety Shop. PAisGnonN Si Brinsmaid. THE METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE. Edited by Captain Marryalt, .Author of "Peter Simple." ic. no. ixiv. August, 1036. CONTENTS. On tho justice and cxpe. dicncV of cslatllisllinir nn Inlrrnnlinnnt Copy right Law, SummcrrNight Thoughts, oimrayjoK, or ine uog nena, llio Soutli Breeze, Stray Leaves from the Diary of a Courtier. Rich RcUlinno Mr M!, Id.;. Easy, O'Donnell's Farewell to Erin, A tale of tho Irish Rebellion, Mount Skiddaw, Arocni I rougliton, tho Wrecked Merchant Fame. The Lion of Rarnsgaleand hii Tiger, Lcs Hirondcllcs, Our Actors, To La Belle Kale, toe Life, Opinions, and Pensile Advcn lures of John Ketch; August. VERNON HAItRINGTON,.4geir. College street, Ocl.2l, 1836. For Sale A Quantity of WAL NUTS from '-Ulno, by the bushel or barrel. En quire ol V UAKR1INU TON. College street, Burlington Get. 21. S Marryatt's Works. THE work is published in semi-monthly numbers, each number complete in itself, ond containing the whole of one of ins works, canal to ttco duodecimo volumes The whole series comprise ciflhl numbers. ond will form two royal octavo volumes of about twelve hundred pases, lor g).50. List of usarkt compritcd in this til it ion. I. Peter Simple, or the Adventures of a Midshipman. 2. Jacob Faithful. 3. The Pirate; The Three Cutlers. Sic 4. Frank Mildmay, or the Naval Officer, 5. The Kind's Own. 6 Newton Foster, or the Merchant Ser vice. 7. Pacha nfinany Tales. 8. Japhel in search of a Father. For sale by Oct. 21. V. Harrington. United States Pensioners. Bank or Bcrmngton, ) Oct. 14, 1836. THE following circular having been re ceived by me, from, the Treasury De portment, it will be necessary that a strict conformity with the rules should be ob served by all classes of pensioners, who may apply either hy attorney or in person, E. T. ENGLESBY. President and Pension Agent. CIRCULAR. TnEAsunv Department, 1 Second Comptroller's Office, September 29, 1836. ) The ogent for paying pensions ot Burling ton, Vermont, Sin In order lo guard more effectually againbt a repetition of frauds, as heretofore practiced by the production of forged pa pers, the first three following additional rules will be observed by the accounting oflicers of the Treasury. 1. In every case where ihe pensioner employs an attorney to receive his pension. Ihe execution of the power must be in Ihn presence of at least one witness other than the magistrate before whom it is acknow ledged. No payment to an attorney will be allowed unless supported by a voucher hus executed. 2. In all cases where Ihe signature of the pensioner or his attorney is required such pensioner or attorney will write his name at length, ll capable ot so I'oing ; otherwise his signature may be by mark or or cross, in which case the execution must be in the piescncc of at IcaM one compe tent witness, other than the justice or no tary who acts officially in the case. 3. No payments will in future be made to any pensioner, cither in person or by at torney, who has not applied fur his pension for more than one year, without the pro duction of evidence of liis identity, as pre scribed in ihe instructions from this office of June 10, 1833, chapter 1, section 2, njid form B; nor until such evidence has been transmitted lo the Commissioner of pen sions end a special direction authorizing the payment has been given. 4. In cases where a celiflcate his been issued by the commissioner of pensions In the widow or children of an officer or sol dier under the act of June 7. 1832, or un dcr the net of May 15, 1828, no proof of the relationship ol the applicant lo the de ceased officer or soldier la to be required by ihe pension agent, that proof having been necessarily filed in the office of the commissioner ot pensions prior to the issu- ng orsuch certificate. Respectfully, sir, your ob't servant, ALBION K. PARRKS, Comptroller. JmL To Rent, A Dwelling !yH House suitable for a small fam iSUIL ll v situated near tho square. Enquire of LATIIROP St POTWIN. Burlington, Oct. 14. 1835. October 7th, 1836. T EMUE1, ciirtih jtr rn M-A ceivlng and opening their Fall slock of vjuuus comprising aiiogoincr my ricrrcn as sortment they have over offered to the public, among which aro Rich figured Satins and Gro do Naps, plain Poult do Soio's and Italians, Black silk Camb. lets, Lustrings and Sinchows; 5 to 12 4th red ond black Merino Shawls; Woolen ond Worsted, Highland, Valencia olid Prussian do. Vnlcnlia 4 and 6-4 tiobbinott blond nnd thule Laces. Thread and bobbinct Edirinif. PlCTIirrtt VrA Mn.il.no i . C 4 Lnghsh do. 28 pieces French Merl nos, every color; Roslin checks, a new or tide 4 cases Merino Circossians, from 17 io i cisv (superior English and French Prints; 10 cases American Prints, by the piece, low. A heavy stock of comprising all the fashionable shades, ot I t'nril ri.inn n r. .1 ,11 . , k . , . . ....j uiiu miiiy. i noi onu iMonair Cloths, Lion Skins , Petershams, plain, ribbed and Buckskin Cassimercs; Goats hair and imitation do. Cambleta ; red. while, and yellow Flannels. I bale 4 4 6-4 do. 150 pieces cold Cambrics, 1 case do fringed; Every stylo bleached Cottons, Irom 10 to 30 ct,: 25 pair Rose Blankets ; Mackinaw and Whitney do ; 10 bales 4 4 brown Cotton from 9 1-2 to 12 1-2 cents. 8 boles fine Ingrain n,t,ni,m..0 3 ply Venetian do. CARPE TINGS. Brocking and floor Baizes all of which will be sold "as usual" on tho best terms. SATIN BEAVERS. TUST received nn dineirrnmniit n men J of Ladies- ond Misses Satin Denver Uonncts, being the most splendid and beau tiful ortich; of ihe Bonnet kind ever offered for loll and winter nsn. ALSO a full assortment of Goods of every description which will be sold cheap for Cash nt ie Cheap Cash Stare by S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington Oct. 7. 1 836. New Goods, TIHE subscribers have just received .1. from New York an extensive assort ment ofFALL and WINTER GOODS, comprising all the usual varieties kent in a country store, which we will ecll as cheap as ine eneapest. WELLINGTON. WHITNEY Si CO Mlllon Falls, Oct. 13, 1836. N. B. Also 500 bushels coarse and fine salt. IMPROVED STEAM DREDGE. The tubrcriber offers to build on the mo6t reasonable terms, at I. & J Towns- end's furnace, Albany, his newly invented Steam Dredge. Having built a number of ni acuities lor Lyons & Howard, for the V. oiales, Ilnd-on river improvement, and Canada, and also one for the U. States at Chicago, and ono for n Troy company flatters himself that his Dredge is superior lo any now in use. Persons wishing to build or contract for Steam Dredges of any size or form, either in part or the whole iron ond wood work complete, will do well to call on the sub fcriber before they contract. All persons arc cautioned not lo infringe on the rights of tho subscriber, either by using or vcnuipg tlio same under ttic pen alt v of the law. 3w. M ELLEN BARTTEL. Black Otter and Fur CAPS. A Good assortment, of every ttylc qual ity and price, for sale by WM. I. SEYMOUR. CCaps made lo order. Burlington October 21. 1836. CARPETING. i f Bales cup. Ingrain and Common Car' lyj pels. 3 do Figd. Floor Cloths, India Matting, Health Kugs 6ic. lor sale by LATiinor & Potwin. October 14. Lathrop & Potwin TTAV1NG been engoged the last two XX months in selecting their FALL GOODS, have now the pleasure of offering to the public one of the heaviest and best selected assortments of Rich, Fashionable, and Fancy Dry Goods ever offered in this market. The" following are a few of the leading articles, viz. 27 pieces blue, black, brown, invisible green, adeliade and drake neck BROAD CLOTHS. 27 pieces hcavv striped, plaid, and ribb'd Buck Skin and Common CASSI MERES. Plaid and plain SATINETTS. Drab, blue and invisible green PILOT CLOTH, lor over coats. Silk, velvet, toilinet and Valcntia Vest iros. French, German, Jacquards, Eng. and common Merions and CincASSiArss. German, Goats Hair, Crape aud com mon Camblets. Bombazines and bomb.v zettcs. Green, crimson, and scarlet Mo- reens. Merino and worsted Hosiery. Blk white and scarlet Merino Shawls. Em broidered Thibet and Merino Handkrchfs. Colored worsted and silk blend Edgings. Ladies' fur lined Gloves, superior goats; skin do. SILKS. 67 pieces comprising every shade and quality nf plain and figured Gro de Naps, (iro de Swiss, and Poult de Soi. Superior black Italian Gro de Swiss and Poult de Soi. Heavy black silk Camblets, grey do. Pongees, sewing, twist, chally, and plain silk Handkerchiefs ond Scarfs l muslin and lace canes and col ors; down scarfsi thread and bobincltc lace edgings ond Inscrlings; quilling and nell Laces; long kid and open silk gloves. Sic. Sic. 10 bales Lawrence mill Sheetings. Tick ing, wadding, baits, cotton yarn, white and brown Canton FlanneU; white, green and yellow English Flannels; rose and point lilankets. Sic. IMIY UllUCERIES of every deicrip. tion. CROCKERY, GLASS, Si CHI NA WARE, &c. Sic. Burlington, Oct. 14, 1836. CANADA STOVES. We now have on hand an as sortment of Canada Plate Box Stoves, of Ihe following sizes, 21, 24, 26, 30, 31, and 36 inch. Tho patterns aro good. T. F. Si W. L. Strong. October 7, 1838, FURS. JUST received on assortment of fine Oiler Seal Cops, Hair Seal do. Also Blk. ond Grey Fur Capes. Fur Tis, Sic. Lemuel Curtis & Co. Uclobef 51, 1836. .Etna Insurance Company. T.iin ...i -.l . .. iija buuscnuur continues to insure all kinds nf rrl i ogent foreaid Company, to whom op ICnt inn mnv nt fill I ilnna tin mn1n I 1.!. Office in Burlington. Tic established reputation of this Company for stability, ullu Huuiuiny in uiuir ucaiings. needs no further commendation. ,. Wh, A. GnisivoLD. Burlington, Aprl 6, 1836. contents or no. xciii of the NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW. AnT. 1. Livingston's System of Penal Law. A System of Pennl T.nw I'nr il, F3ini r T... isiatia, consisting of a Code of Crimes and ruinsnmcnis, a i;oae oi 1'roccdure, a Code of Evidence, n Cndn nf nnfn.m nn.l TV,..! . ... ,tM , 1I9U11 UIBUI. pline, and a Book of Definitions; prepared unuur no jvmnomyot aLawot the said State. By Edward Livingston. art. ll. Jiomaic Popular Poetry. 1. Din nripM.isMm v.. II. ;n ;:ir.l:.i.- T . in in uiicil.lllllui.lllJCIl. hcher und privatrechtlicher Beziehung, vor nnd nach dem Freiheitskampfo bis zum 31 Julv. 1QOI tr.. r. r nr icui. r on u. lj. laaurcr, 2. History of Modern Greece. By James Emerson. 3. Cours do Litt6raturc Grccque Modernc, donne ii Geneve, par Jacovaky llizo Niroulos. Art. III. An.crican Architecture. The American Builder's General Price Book ana ,sumalor; deduced Irom extensive Expe rience in the Art of Building. By James Gallier. Art. IV. Willis's Writings. 1. Mclanie and Oilier Poems. By iV. P U'il. Us. Edited By Barry Cornwall. 2. 1'cncilings by the Way. By iY. P. Willis, Esq. 3. Inklings of Adventure. By the Author of "Pencilings by tho Way." Art:V. Northeastern Boundary Message from the President of the United States, transmitting, in Compliance with a Re solution of the Senate.sundy Documents relating to tho Northeastern Boundery of the United States. Art. VI. Von Itaumer's England in 1835. England in 1835 ; being a Scries of Letters written to Friends in Germany, during a Itesi. dencein London, nnd Excurtions into the Pro. vinccs; by Frederic Von Raumer. Art. VII. Life and Works of Dr. Richard Bentley. 1. The Life of Richard Bentley, D: D., Mas. ter of Trinity College and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge ; with an Account of his Writings, and Anecdotes of many distinguished Characters during the peri, od in which he flourished. By James Ilcnrv Monk, D.D. 9 2. Litterariscbe Analecten, herausgegeben von Fried. August. Wolf. (The Article Rich ard Ventley, in the First number of Wolf's "Lit. crary Analecta."J Art. VIII. Principle of Emulation, 1. On Emulation. By the Rev. J. Emerson. 2. Dr. Dicight on Emulation. 3. Emulation in Colleges. By Warren Bur ton. 4. Professor Robinson's Account of tho Ger man Universities. Art. IX. Lives ofPinkney, Ellery, Mather. The Library of American Biography, con. ducted by Jured Sparks. Vol. VI. Art. X. Critical Notices. 1. Swcctser on Consumption. 2. Calvert on German Literature. 3. Pierce's Trcaliscs on Trigonometry. 4. Hale's Traits of American Life. 5. Smith's Three Eras in Woman's Life. 6. Greene's History of Italy. 7. Bliss's History of Rehoboth. 8. Reports of Seaman's Aid Societies. 9. Solcs's Edition of Don Quixote. 10. Popkin's Lectures. 11. Upham's Discourse. 12. Adams's Baccalaureate Address. 13. Hazliit's Literary Remains. 14. Borely's Discourse. 15. Ups and Downs. Editor's Note. Quarterly List of Neio Publications. VERNON HARRINGTON, Agent. Oct. Uth, College Street. New Goods, October 183G. TVTEW blyle Gold Seals and Keys, both JL combined in one ; Gold swivle keys to wear on guard chains, in great variety; Elegant Gold Bosom Pine; Fine Silver Dial Lapincs, four hole Jewelled, beautifui Movements. Gold do. A new assortment Ladies Plaques, an article which is fast taking the place of Waist Buckles; a fine lot gilt Buckles. An elegant assortment ol Silver Pencils; from 50 els. lo the heavy old fashioned Pencils at 2, 2 50, 3, and 3 50 each. Silver Combs, Compass Seals and Keys; Silver Chains, and many other articles. We ure getting in all ar ticles, netcessary to keep up the Variety, at mo variety anop. PANGunnN Si Brinsmaid. f"p HE subscribers acquaint their friends ond the public that they have entered into copartnership, and have opened a shop near the corner of Church and Kinirstrects, where they will drees aud dyo nil hinds of I' urs, at reasonable prices. They also in tend to keep fur sain most kinds of DRES SED ond DYED FURS, and will buy all kinds of raw furs. Persons wishing In have furs dressed or dyed arc invited lo call and examine specimens of our work at the fac tory, which it is confidently believed will prove satisfactory. BIERDEMANN Si VOLK. Burlington, Oct. 12, 1836. India Rubber Aprons. The subscribers have received a large supply of the abovo articles from the Lynn India Rubber Co. and can now suply their Customers with any quantity. Lkmuel Curtis Si Co, October 14, 1836. New Goods, Needles. Saddlers', Millcner-i', Harness, Darning. Knitiing, Glovers, Becdings, Assorted Si common sewing Needless of Hemming Si Sons' Manufacture, just ree'd at the Varie ty Shop. Panohorn & BniNPMAin. Newton's Panacea. ryHE celebrated Newton's Panacea, or 1 purifier of the blood, an invaluable remedy, by J. &. J, . PECK c CO. Oct. 13. LYMAN & COLiE HAVE ree'd a few bales' of 'vcry tops-" nor BUFFALO ROBES, Rose Blonkets, DufTile and 5 Point Blankote, Horse Blankets T Real French Kid Slipt ncovy kiu uo Morocco do 05 s s cr. Thick Solo do baiter Boots Bolivcr do Walkin? Shoes. Sic. ' A few baskets best Champ'n WINE uoiu esiicrry, Sicily, Lisbon, Port ond Malaga. i4th'Oct. Paper Hangings P"- Fapcr Hangings cnlnprisr v v ing a great Variety "of 'new and beautiful pattern", now opening and for solo by LATIIROP Si POTWIN. Burlington Sept. '13, 1836. CASH FOR BUTTE It. HE highest market price paid for Good Table But I or by LATIIROP Sf POTtritf. Oil 17i7t 1836. New Establishment. THE subscriber respectfully informs tha public and his friends generally, that he has taken tho store recently occupied by Mr John Abbott two doors snntli of hia 1.1.1 nUnn 1 1 ! . I. , C - T ouuji. onu iiiisjnsi rcccivcu irom new V,1 - ...ll .-.i . . -f . n u. ..tii 6,,-iucico useuruiil'lll ol Ladies' Boots & Shoes, Misses'-, and Childrens'k &c. nTnll btmlo nni1.1nn.:ni!n. fl U - .1 "uuvrt,iiruiPiis, ijb hub aiHO, on hand ami is now manufacturing from tho knot n.n.;i. I i . I iMumiiiiis vjunucmeiis inin uoois. Shoes and Pumps; thick Doots, Shoes and Broaans. In thorl every article in his Him mmlil nn clwwl nnliitn ,t nn n . . .. w ,,,, l-.ix'i b uwiivii, uuu uo i.ni:ui LUll be afforded Tor cash or short approved ere- uu, uuu an ripa incnuea praiK. N, D. Wanted iminedialoly two or three first mtn Tnilrnnumnn I(,ml Mnlin.ol,, ml,nn vviiHibjiui.li iii 111 vy nuiii the highest wages will be paidtand constant -- r,1 .... I 1A 3 t UIIIIWt till IHi U , l,t Ilurlmglon, Aug. 17,1836. EYE WATER. Dr. Adams' Celebrated Eye Water, Warranted an effectual cure for sore, weak, and inflamed eyes, mice 25 cents teh vial. THIS celebrated article was invented by one of tlio most distinguished physicians of the age, and during an L'.tlcnMvo practico of 30 years, he invariably resorted to it in all ca.cs of sore, weak and inflamed eyes, that came under his notice, and so great a celeb rity did he acquire thcieby, that they came to him from all parts, and in no instance was it ever known to fuil in producing the desired effect. A short time only has elapsed sinco the article was first ii.troduccd to public no. lice, and during that period, upwards of TIIUEK THOUSAND BOTTLES have been disposed of, and the demand for it is rapidly increasing. So sure and speedy is the effect produced oy this article, thai ono single vial has completely cured an inflamed eye, though various remedies had for a long limo previous been resorted to, but in vain. Ainplo directions uccompanllic article, asy we'd as letters of recommendation from tho most respectable physicians in ihe country With a view to insure its ucfulncss in a moro extensive way, the proprietor has appointed the following persons wholesale Agents for the sale of it, where the public may rest assur. cd of procuring the genuine article. JOSEPH PISH P.R. proprietor, 7lh St Butlonwood, JOHN R. ROWAND.m Market & E A. HOSK1NS, 37G Market sirccls, I'll Udclphia, DR. W. L. AtiTHE, Lancaster. J. Si 3. ll, PECK Si CO., Burlington, Vt. As will of all druggists and storekeeper throughout the Stale. Orders thankfully received and punctually attended to foi eyewater or drugs, Philadelphia, June 28, 1836. tf. Dry Groceries. OLD Hyson. Imperial fin at. canisters. 1 Gun Powder, I TEAS. Suuchonir and Black. Hyson skin, and Young Hyson J Coffee, pepper, spice, ginger, saleratus, Lump, loaf and brown Sugars. Lamp Oil, MoIjssc, Sic. A good assortment of Ihe above articles will be kept on hand at the lowest prices. Oct. 14. Lemuel Curtis Si Co. This day ice'd price 50 cts. neatly bound in cloth, the Pointer's Gild er's and VarnMicr's Manual, containing rules and regulations in every thing rela ting to the ort of Painting, Gilding and Varnishing! numerous uselul and valuablo Receipts; Tests for detecting adulterations in oils, colors, &c. and a statement of thu diseases and accidents to which Painters, Gilders and varnishers arc peculiarly liable, With Ihn simntnAt nrwl hpet mniliml nr . 1 w ..,., MWU VI, ven: ion and remedy. UCt. 7. V. IlARni.NOTO.t. September 1836 Fall Goods at the Variety-shop. mmf iu no; gelling ill our r oll UooUi, all T T things necessary to keen our assort. ment in good order ; Watches, Clocks, perfumery. Tea-pots. Military Good, Cos. tors, Jewelry, Stocks, Collars, linen ami satin Bosoms, Lamp wicks, Toys, ond an endless variety of Fancy articles. All por. sons ore invited lo call ond look at them at tne variety Shop. I'AsanonN Si Brinsmaid. Nexv Fall Goods. ELEGANT gilt and plated metal scab, bord Sabres s also leather scabbard Sabres ; crooked olid straight, fine nnd common Swords, Holster Pistols ; Spur, Sword chains, Belts, sofhes, Lace, Buttons, Plates, and almost all kinds of goods ne cessary in the Miliinry line, this day ree'd and opened, Some of our new swordt ara the best we cvor had ; all of our military gooos are new ana in tine order. PANGBnR if Bnir-MAin, Sept, 19. Variety .Shop.

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