17 Şubat 1837 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

17 Şubat 1837 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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FRIDAY M O It N I N 0, FF.UUUAUY 17. Failure. Wo rcgtot to learn, from the Middlcbury Fioo Press, that Stcpiikn IIlNsuct.LF.cq. of Bennington, has failed.--Mr. 11 infill was undoubtedly tho largott manufacturer In the Stale, and wo fear that hlKfailtiro may bo severely roll. It has been rumored, says tho Free-Pros, "that the Ben nim'lon Hank was likely to suffer by his fail ure, but wo arc informed by a gentleman con nected with tho Hani?, that thero is no ground whatever for this rcpurt and that tho Brink has funds ahead to tho amount of $90,000." "Sat upon a lock and bubbed fur whales." Mr- Aru.Ms.it will bo pccii by reference to our Washington head, has again been "bob. bing for whales" in iho House of Rcprcscnta. tives. Ilia line, bailed with an abolition pott tion, was no sooner thrown out, than tho 1c viathans of tho south swallowed "bob and sinker" at nnco.and without waiting to a.ccr tain whether they were "hooked" or not, .be gan to Rear on high their mistily mil?, "And lash llie foaming main." Hut Mr. Adams like a true fisherman payed out his lino until they had exhausted their fit ry, and than hauling along side, put in his iancos. In this way ho has kept them on tho torture foi nearly four days, and they havo but just discovered that they had foolishly set their jaws upon tho knotted end of an ab olition rope, and thai ho who held the fast end is bevond their reach. Wo can hardly imagino a position more awkwaad nnd ludicrous than that in which those southern hotspurs found themselves. It will however do them good. It will loach those who seek occasion to threaten and swag ger, storm and vapor, about tho dissolution of the Union, to bo a little more circumspect; & we doubt not they will in future wait till Hicy arc actually attacked before they allcmpt to punish their assailants. Honor to whom honor is due. Senator Wall of Now Jersey voted for Mr. Granger, hecauso his Stale liar! given him his instruc. n'orwattho list election. It is a pity that omcof thei-c great democrats who have been Mich sticklers for lint principle- did not follow his example. Mr Morris ofOliin. Mr. Grun dy ofTcnesec, Mr Rives and Mr Parker of Virginia. Mr Hendricks and Mr Tipton of In. cJinnu. Mr King ami-Mr futhbrrl of Geo-vn-ted (liii'dly in opposition lo tins wislies of the people in their rcMictliv o Slates. Mb. I) Adv. As an ndvornii' for i in d-winni. nt ut ptruction Mr Wall has certainly acted con sNient, but as n Senator nt t lie U S. ho has violated his oath of 'dice, if Ii In--yielded hi own convictions of right to t he; onitii nip of In- coii-M'UPiits. or nnv other m--n.nr 'ft of men on .'nrih. !! ha iuver .-worn lo o 'tiMilt popular opinion in l,.. diMrgi of tin"'"' nny oilier iifticuil 1 nt v , hu to yield iiIi.mIh'ih'i! utry to t ti dii'latt; of his own i nun ic.me In our vs tiinnlion, tin! linn who violates tt it- own perception-, nf julic' in tin- di-chargo ol official il ut top, mid tiiriiM-N op public npin. inn as a defence, is n tiincli a purjured wretch as hu who hears lal-u inmriy. Lvrr. ritoM Eoi.a.m- Thr Packet Ship England is in with Liverpool dale I" the 4th of January. The London Market has almost entirely recovered frntn the pros-tire. The cotton market is improving. A groat snow storm happened on Christ mas evening, which rnu-ed a complete oh structinn to the road- lor a nunib-'r of days. Another attempt h a been made on ilm life of Louis Philippe, as he was proceed ing to the Chambers. Within n few seconds of ihe royal cor lege leaving the Tnillerics, by the gale leading lo the Point Royal, and whilst the crowd assembled on iho quay were cheer ing the iippearanci' of hi- Majesty, n young man. rather genteelly dressed, made an at "tempt on the King's life, by firing a pistol nt him, which happily did not take effect. The n?PDP!-iiii it is said, was so close to the carriage, in which were the King nnd Dukes d'Orlenns and Nemours, that hi? Mnjesty had a lull view of his perron and was enabled to point him out lo the National Guards, who immediately arrested and con veyed him to the guard house of the cha teau, without his making any attempt to save himself by flight. The feeling excilcd nmnng the troops of tho National Guards was such, that the wretched youth was nearly sacrificed on -the spot which he had selected for tho ex ecution of his diabolical purpose The IDultcB of Orleans and Nemours were both .slightly wounded by tho glass of the car riage window, which the ball directed against his Majesty shivered lo atoms. During this scene tho King exhibited the greatest coolness and courage, ami the procession, immediately after the nrrcst of Iho assassin, continued its route to the Chamber, without any other event marking its progress. Tho assassin was removed to the Ctmcicrgine. Santa Anna. Extract ofa lotlor from an officer of Iho United Stales ship Natchez, dated at Vera Cruz, Mexico, January 0. Tho Natchez touched offlho port of Mota. moras on the 28lh ultimo, and was first to convyy thither tho intelligence of' Santa An na's liberation by the Government of Texas, and his departure for Washington. It was A received with tho most enthusiastic demon trationi of joy by tho officers at the port, somoofwhoni aro his porsonul as woll aa his political friends. They repeatedly caught llie gentlemen who imparled tho lnlormntion, in tho a la uioilo Caslilian embrace nearly overwhelming them with tho cxtravaganco of their carnsscs, and at evening entertained thorn with aseieuadu and salute from mus kets, and treated thorn during their May with a profusion of hospitality. A cotirior was immediately despached to proclaim llie glad tidings in the cily and n cclcbrallou of tho event was had by tho filing of artillery, accompanied by acclamations of "long 11 vo Santa Anna 1" ITJ The President, carls ol Depart ment?, anil other public servants, togelher with the Deposilo Hanks, have nil refused lo testify in the Whitney case. Congress, intended once to have boon tho supreme power nf the land, is now a mora cypher, a follower in I he Executive train. Wo nro desired to give notice that Itev. Alvah Sabin will preach nt the Baptist Meeting Vntisc on Sunday next, 19th insl. Mr. Wise, Chairman of tho Commit, teo appointed to investigate the condition oflhu several Executive departments, no dfiei1 the House on tho 9th inst. that Reuben JM. Whitney who had been sum moned ns a witness, peremptorily refused to attend' nn.'I give evidence. Mr Wise as keil that such ,'irder might he taken as the dignity of the .Ho.'tte might require. Mr Walkers .Lai.'d 13 1 II passed in the Senate, on the 9th iiib't. This bill limits the sale of lands to actna.' settlers, and re cognizes preemption rigi'."'- Mr Clay, wo observe opposed the bill Ui' calculated to servo the speculator, ralher tli'in the ac tun I settler, and otic with whiciV t ho now slates themselves would bo dis'ai.'sficd lie relerrrd lo tho course ofspcc'ila t-'on friini 1 792 to 1790. and from 1 0 1 1? fo lu".'0. in show that it was an c'il which always corrected itself, ns it would in ibis iiittruce, rut timing after its usual in torv.il of about twenty years, if not inter fered with by any Congressional doctor. The vote on its final passage stood 27 to 23. Mu. Benton's ball rolling rack again The Legislature of Delaware, have requested their Senator in Congress to introduce a resolution restoring the Jour, rial of the Senaie to its former state. Mr. Biyard announced that as long as he had a Miit i here, he should press the motion. The day is no! far distant when his efforts will be crowned with success. ' Hon. Silas Wright Jr. has been ro nice, toil to the U. S. Senaie from New York. In the Senate Ihe vote stood. 20 lo 3, nnd hi ihe House, ,'lfj to 27. 'If'l'he Queen of Spain mis acknowled ged ihe liidepondeiice nf iho South Amer ican Rt'pilblir's. Tin: Wiiitnkv Cak. As toon as this man came out with his statement in the Globe, iho roll.ir presses began to ring the changes ,,u ilm assasinlike conduct of Mr. IVyti n. and even some of the Whig pa pers. ,,,( nonirod things, without waiting to learn the truth h.'gan In find I'.iult with Mr. Peyton. One circumstance alone, srii.-fi'd us ihat there was gross falsehood in Whitney's statement. We allude to the fact which was well know lo the press, that the Investigating Committee had unanimously con-ured Whitney for hii conduct at Ihis moment. It struck in, that if Mr- Peyton had behaved as stated, the Committee never could have expressed themselves ns they did. And so it turns out. When the circumstance was explai ned in the llonsc. -Mr. Wise went into a very minute detail of all the faclsjaud in cidents. He snnl Mr. Whitney grossly insulted his friend, and made n motion as if he were ready lo draw a weapon upon him. Thereupon he, Wise, planted himself in such nn attitude ns to have enabled him lo kill Whitney, bad the latter drawn upon Peyton: and this ho said he certainly should have done had Whitney drawn the weapon. M r. W ise used great plainness of "speech, nnd contrasted t he conduct of Peyton will) ihat of Whitney upon I lie occasion in very strong language, lie then appealed confidently to tho rest of tho Committee as to his statement of the facts." "Mr. Garland, the chairman, corrobora ted what Wise had stated, and so, in tho main, did Ilamer. All ngreed that Peyton acted warmly, but that he writ provoked to do so by the insolence nf Whitney, Thev also slated that Peyton had satisfactorily apologized to tho Committee for tho warmth of language und action." Wo now call on tho collar presses m apologize to Mr. Peyton for their hasty condemnation of him upon tho testimony ol a Canadian Refugee, and a man publicly charged with perjury hy honorable men in Philadelphia. Tho following Washington on dil is from Ihe Correspondence- of the Boston Atlas. "A good joke is going tho rounds hero. Some wag has sent tho Knights of the Pluck Lines, each, n leather collar of pa lent polished leather, inscribed, severally, with their names, in commemoration of tho events of the night nf tho 10th ultimo, As General Jackson did his boots, they will probably "hang them up as a mirror." " The Ruling passion strong in Death, That J spirit of turbulent insubordination which marked Gon. Jacksons ohai actor in his young. or days, seems to manifest itself moro strongly as his physical powers decay. Naturally fond of arbitrary power, ho has become a law utile himself, defying all tcstraints, and violating with reckless impunity the rights of all who stand in his may, or daro to question his in fallibility. All the character of tho Chief Magistrate is sunk in the undignified violcnco and denunciation of parlizan hatred. Docs a Senator call his measures in question? "You'r a liar, sir, and unless you rrtaku a hum bio apology, I will publish you lo tho world as such." Docs a committco of Congress call for information as to iho condition of tho Departments? "Get your infoimation whore you can find it 1 shall give you none; neither shall my Secretaries, or any over whom I havo influence." To this, a craven truckling House and Scnato submit, nor daro to raiso a voice or lift a hand to rcscuo a bleeding constitution from Iho iron heel of despotism. But his reign is drawing to a close, and thero is mournful consolation in the reflec tion that lliere is no posisbility of a worse ' state of things. A committco of tho Senate of Mass. havo reported a bill which grants to Amherst Col lege a yearly stipend of .$5000 for ten years. The Itcv. Jcdcdiah Butchard is now preach- ing at Newburgli N. Y . Mr. Editor : I wish, through tho medium of your pa per, to call upon tho editor of the Sentinel for his views in relation to "rotation in office." Whether ho thinks tho holding an office for fifteen years successively is "rotation"? Whether a District Attorney, and Cultecler must needs receive a new commission under each succeeding admin- it Irnttnn to carry out the true principle of 11,-oi'alion in office"? Understanding that the .it'0 editor firmly holds to tho doctrine of "roiat'on in olfice." I trust ho will not hesitate fiiT'y 1111(1 unequivocally to declare his views o.n t'his suoject. We want Ugh1 Mr. Sentinel. QUERIST. NEW YORK iNARKET, Feb. 11. Flour. Tho mar .'(el begins lo yield a lit lie wo havo no doubt it 's owing to tho large stock of Foreign wheat now ho:c wo have never known so much th.'Jrc is at least 250.- 000 ir not 300.000 bushels oi.' h.ind tins, with the prospect ofa speedy open inT jt 'ho river, uus iiiHuceu Holders logive way D "'"is. Western common brands sold al i'l 0 ; Rich mond cotinly 1150: Gcorgclown 'S -Al cxandria 11 50: Howard street 11 7.1,". Grain' the supply of foreign grain is 'ar gcr than we havo ever known it. Theo is now in port full 250,000 irnot 300,000 bush., principally German Red. and U.inlZic Whii." Ii Id nil i.oM ni a la n a lo, oui we havo not a sale to record this week. In Rye the trans actions havo been la rue, viz; C000 foreign now hero at 1 50, and 25.000 to arrive at 137 a 1-1 1; about 2.000 hu-liuls southern Corollas been sold at 1 10 for 30 pounds; and 15.000 lo airivc al tho sauio price, 2 000 South Carolina, running inoiMire. 101. No cliango in oats. Provisions. I'rime Pork is lower ; sales of Piinio at $18 7.5, and Mess al 2-1. No change in Iteef. b'alcs of Lard at 1-li for western, and 10 for cily rendered. OBITU.YKIKS. Dipil. in ibis town on iho loih inst. at the res i (lenci! nf her sun, Di.Jnlii, i'nineioy, wilh whuin she luil lesnlrd I'm- niuie lli.in foily )C.uv, Jlu. .SakaH I'omkuov, at the inlinnreil 1150 of 95 je.os .Hid S inoiilhs in dip iosse.-siiin of a mind till to imp.iiicd, and sustained hy a christian f.iiili. Funeral, nt 3 o'chicU this aficnionu. Died in this ill. ije nu p.iiunl.iy morning llie Hill hut Alis Tamma Hun kith, iied 70, The lif.-, Mis Itiui'Mic I'iiiiiMu-s a mini v.ili.ih!! illu-nrn-lion ol' ihe pntti-r nf lelinia in pnliqliipii and lilies itie lnwty .il- of imi'iiv lli-r hinuhle dnilhng was a spiritual light-home upon our Lake short. I lei 1I1'. llh id .1 lo-s lo In Cniuaiiiiiiiy. is a loss 10 llie Chinch wnli which ie was con niTicd it in I hy whirh t-ln- had liren Misiaini'd, in whole, 11 r in pan, lor ihe iciiod of iliiiiei-n p.n.; mill 11 Iihs lonilii-is wlm-c li'iiiniy i-lie was pci inidpil 10 sh.iie, fur "Inasmuch as je h'.ue done it unto the least ol'ilici-i! e have done ii unto me." Her life wan an eventful one. f'he was horn in Ilampsieail N. II. in llie vear 17GI. War maiden name was Jnhn-un. Her I'ulher, .Mr John Julniyon was an Kiihsliinan euni-raieil 10 ihij enuuiiv while a jiiuiiji man hioulii wilh him a Fin.iil inopcily anil cl,ililirln;il 1 1 i nisi; I f in llaiiHpip.ul. For 11 few jean lie was successful in hade he hen failed, and licin a man of veiy good common piliic.ilion, he iheu euu.iueil 111 die lmincss of K-.ieli-in' schoiil and puifiieil illhiuuh life. Alts Hiinciie was ihe vuunpsi nf seventeen ihilihen. Her Father ilinl wlum fIk was nine dajK old. Her ui'ither, wilh her numerous family, leuiuipil to Newhuiy m ihi.s siau-, vvlieu the HilijfCI of our hkeiih v.t almui leu yuais old, whi'ie lie leiiiled until Iter iii.,iii.ij(;. .Mr Itnnpllc, die liu-li.onl ol ilm ilrreaspd, was hnin in llnt'licc, of 1'iencli i.iipuiae, His fatlipr was killed in lullli: on ihe plains 0f Ahrahaui. TI10 mnihcr and llii sun weie, vvnh niheis, tukpii pi isout'is J but alier u few innnlh.s deleiuiuu ihev ucic pet 111 it 1 c I lo leave t In: ptovini-t, nnd ko hark 10 Fiance. They went to New Yoik and while wail ing for a cs.-el lliey found 11 tdiualinu in ihe family ofa lr. Wells, a nicichaul, While in thai family Atr Wplls lost n sun about nine u-.nd old, just the iijje nfy i ItuiuMie- lie uMie'd lo udupl the lallcr 111 llie place of his loi hiii, und his wi.h was eoniplieil wilh hy ihe mother. Air. Wills kepi him in his Tamil until hn was about 11 je.tis old, uii'l iIipii m-iiI him 10 lliailli-linii,' Vi. in Iiu; wilh his (Mr Weill' J rldcsl son, who was a phvi-i. cum, wilh a view lo hit hi-inj; educaled iu die Mine piofcsjiiin. Dm not likoii; Ins new mistress, he enon ulici Iffi hii new siiuaiion uml enlisted iu llie Aminerican anuy, almui the roiiiiuciicenieiil of llie K-voluiiouai)- war, Ho went wilh his legimcnl 10 Luke fleoip, vvIipip he was fumi afier taken pi isiuifr,i,iid was it-il hy I lit- Indians lo .St Julius ami llienre lo Montreal, v'vheic hu was iuiprisimt-d aliuiil two rais und ivvo months. Dining the last five monllis ofihis iu, ptisunmciit, he was confined in ihe jail at Chamhipy uml chained m a fellow ptisouer hy the name of Johnson, who wan llie luoiher or IMis. ltimeiiu-The Jnliusoii family lipaiinj iliecontliiioo ofllteir sun nnd htoilier, i-r-111 leiiem hy pi ivatu hauiU 10 comfort him in his iniptiimiimfiui. Thct-o letters weie vvrinen by llie Mibjet'l of our Fkclch, iIipii uh iiii 20) ears old They weie re.idhy her Iroiher and also ns mailer of couise hy his d-llow priouer ISoneiie, uml it was thro' these letters that he became imeiested in llie character ofllie writer. Our prisonem weie soon exchanged ut notion, whence, lliey wrnt immediately lo Newbury uml arrangements were soon ufier made for .Mr Uonsiie and the subject of our sketch to be united in mar riage, But he haying cnliited uguhi while on his way from Boiton to Nch bury anil being called out several months earlier ihan lio cxpccicd, llicir inae ihiQiiwm defcrrd ami vviu not conaiitnmaird until n feiv inonilii lifter llio close ofllie war. Had their iiistrr tiij-c hecn solemn i.cd in the lime first iippoiiil. rd, llie iicnili v nnd llie wiilnivlinnil nfnnr ddiiiri- cd fi ien.l wmild h.iin been H'heed by n pension miner mir t-xisinig i.imh. mil 119 iiiey wcie not marricil mil ihil'ier the rlojn oflhe w.ir, llin teller ofllie miilon law dppiiu-il lierofilils benefit. uer uii.-io,iiiii receiicil limn Mr Wells his Holer fuller n pi cent iiffeirriil linr.died lines of land in IJanict, iipnn which il.y iu., and enjoeil u rom- DClCnr.V fill' SOIIIU lidf-en u:n, in- mi. i-p. ivlmii. Iiu some defect iii die tnlo nr iiifuinuilily in ilm con- vejiiiice, iney ion ilm whole-! hey then remoeil Ii urn place lo place her husband's health iinpaiied hvlliel l-liips of n scilihei-'8 life, failed and llie iiriiii binilen ors(i-,iini1Lr ihr. r.nnilv Ml noon llie dcoeii'fd. Such is n flint outline of some of llin rhaiiacs nnd afflictions t lit o which she was called m pass. Tn ihe iinglil IioikIiIpi! several family nfiliclinni. The rimiiiM.mrrs of lier ronvriiiiou weie alike ri'inaikiihli-, llrr wh-ili- hl'e was milked wilh (.ilium piouilcnn-t, which exhibited her rlirialian ili.uaclM- with peculiar inlvnnliige. Cluit was ihe piii linn of her (mill. In him file misled, with liMspiiil slio was filled, nnd In his piCfi'iice, we believe, she has gone "to be wilh him wlicin he ij. Com. Wcstford High School. mllR Spring Term of this Institution JL will commence on the Gth day of March, under tho instruct inn of Mr F. V. Iltniuon, whose past services aro fully ap proved. Tuition, in Greek nnd Laiin Languages 100, other academical Stud ies g3,00, Board, including Itrooms land Washing, per week, from $1,25 lo 1,50. It is desirable that all purposing to at tend should commence with the tern). Per Request T. IIAYNES, Sec. West ford, Feb. 11, 1037. Salmon Phelps' Estate TtyfTE the subscribers having been np T pointed by tho Hon. Judge of Pro hale for tho District of Grand Ii-lc, Com. misaioners to receive, examine and adjust ihe claims and demands of all persons against the cslnto ol .Salmon I'hclp late ol South Hero in said Di-trict deceased, represented insolvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in ofi-ot therein; and six months from the 3d day of January A. D.1037, being allowed for that purpose, we do therefore givu notice that we will altend lo the business of our appointment, at Hector Adams' office in said South He ro on Iho second Monday of Juno next, from ten o'clock A. M. till six o'clock P. M. Given under our hands at South Hero this 4th dav of Fobnary A. D. 1037 WAL'LIS MOTT Commis. FRANKLIN ROWNSON 'mcrs. STATE OF VERMONT,) District of Ciiitte.nocn. The Honorable the Prubitte Court within and for the District of Chittenden, To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of 'Truman Ihtrrilt. late of ins bur:;h in said District, deceased. Tf niF.ltEAS Harmon Hiirrilt administra for of the cstaln of said deceased, hath made application lo tins Court, to extend the tunc hunted tol making payment ot the dchts of said deceased, one vnar from llin fourth uf April next, and the third Monday of Ma rch next, being assigned lor a hearing m lh,T promises, al the hotel of John A. Willoy, in vill ' ton, and it having been ordered that notict' thereof be given, by publishing this oitler ti.'reu weeks sur-ccsivnlv in Iho ! ree Press, a noW'spaper printed at Ilurliiigtou, before llin vimo nxed lor heaiinir- Therefore, vou aro heruhy notified, to ap pear before haul Court., at the tunc and place aforci-aid. then a "d .'here, I o inaltc objection ifany you have, ti'tho said lime ofpayment bcinir further cxicndL'd as aforesaid. Given under my har.'d at Miirliuglon, this Slh day of February, A-. Wm WEs'TO.V, Rerilpr Jnrlingtoii High School. THE Trustees or this Institulii.Mi give no lice that iho next term of instruction will comincucc 01: Monday 20th insl. unu'er llio care of JOSEPH IJ. EASTMAN, A. M. Instruction will bo as usual in those brandies which are requisite lo qualify young men either for adini-sion ai College or fur any of the departments of business. The pi ice nf tuition is fiva dollar per quar Icr for each i-cholar. Incidental expenses not to exceed fifty cents per quarter. IIdivn Am.cn, J. K. CoNynr.sE, Timothy Follbvt, Ai.van Foc-ti:, N. II. Hasweli,, G. G. I.sokiikoll, Geo. Moortc, Trustees. To Cabinet and Carriage Makers. PTRIIE subscriber nfiurs for salo at wholesale retail, Fiirniliiro, Flowing, Polishing, Coach and Hlack Varnish, made al ouu of iho best vai nihil factoiies In tho U. States, and altogether a now article iu this market. UOU. MOODY. Jiurlinglon, Feb. 11, 1037. The Last Call. r"lIIE subscriber having wasted one .L year since lie closed his business to settle and receive payments from those in debted lo 'uin, (luils it impossible (or 1 1 1 tt ) to spend further tunc lo attend to it per--onally. He would therefore notify the few who have not paid that his demands will in n few days ho loft with on attorney who is a man that is lo he found at nil limes in Ins olfice nnd who will sol t lo with them iu his own wny. L. LOOM IS. Burlington, Jan. 13 1037. 3w. NOTICE. (flTljlIE agency of the lands of llio Society for the propogation of tho gospel iu Foreign parts, fur tho County of Chittenden, has been transferred lo t ha bubscribcr.who will rccoivo the runts duo upon said lands, at his olfice, ever tho Storo of Messrs. Lyman it Cole, Court House Sqiiato. GEO. B, SUAW. Burlington Jan, 19, 1837. 3w 10 pieces now and elegant pat terns of Figured Plain und Suttin Striped Shallys, just received by LATllUOPSf POT f flX, Brushes and Bellows. MTHIS day received from tho monufacturer Jb a full and comploto assortment nf Cloth, Hair, Hat, Tailors Cloth, Horse, Slovo, Shoe, Fluor, Fancy and plain counter Bruges, and Fancy and Plain Hollows; for salo low bv ROBERT MOODY. Nov, 7, 1838. STATE OF FKRjVOjVT, titsTnicr ciiiTTi:NnK, hs. s The Honorable the Probate Court for the IJIilrlrl nj (Jlultendcn, lo all persons rontf.rnnd in the Estate nf Timothy Terr ill late of Underhill in said District, dc.cas- Cd. (jnUGTt.NO. I1I3RHAS, Mosc9 Terr ill adminis trator nt the estoto of'said deceased proposes to render nn account of his nil ministration, ninl present his account against aid estate for examination and allowance nt a session ofllie Court of Probate. In be olden .at Willistun on the third Monday of February next. riiurefoio, V on aro hereby notified to appear before said Court at I be litiie and place aforesaid, nnd shew cnuso, tl nny you have, why the account ul'orcsnid should not be allowed. (liven uiitler my hand nt Uiirlinglon this first dav of February A I). 1(137. WM. WESTON. Register. To the Lovers of Fair Play. Gentlemen : Have you got the two precious bonks. "Primitive Creed," ond "Primitive Church," published in lht village in the vears Itm. and '35. by JOHN II. HOP KINS, D. 1). Protestant Bishop of Fir mnnl? If you have, preserve lliem safe and sound; but if you have them not, procure them ns soon ns possible: for I have in Harrington's press in this same village, a REPLY; which will see the light of day in the beginning of March. As questions ol vital importance, bulb tn you and lo nil future generations are now brought fully and fairly under discussion, it is right and proper that you sec both side?--his asser tions and my answers, face to fuce. Facts nnd truths which you did not expect shall meet your eye, iu llicir innate and natural features; slript nuked of all par'y colorings. Yours, with all due respect, JEREMIAH O'CALLAGIIAN, Jtoin. Cath, Priest. WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, a smart and industri ous vniiii'Miinn.l'rtim eighteen to twenty vpnrs fif'nfrn as a Clerk or attendant in a Store in this village. One who has had some experience in the business would be preferred, and a liberal compensation will be given. IMn nun nopil nnnlv who cannot furnish good testimonials of character. Inquire ui 1 ins oiuce. Burlington, Feb. 0, 1C37. Sale by Auction the 10th and 1 1th of March next, at the house of Mr.Mot.r, who soon after that lime will leave Burlington, All hi" household furniture, consisting of Tables, Chairs, Bedsteads, Lonkinggias.sps. Cnrpets, Clocks, Watches, Stoves, Draw ers, Earthernwarc, Kitchen utensils, etc. .'2 . S O Horses, Waggons, Sleighs, Guns, etc. etc. The salo to begin at 1 o'clock each day. N B- All persons having claims against Mr Molt art! r'-quca'cd to hand thoni in betwen this 11 ml the 1 1th of Marchnext. Burlington, Feb 0, IU37. 3w F OR Sale at R. MOODY'S Hardware Store n few superior KnalWh Fowling pieces, foi cai-h. Burlington. Feb 7, 1337. A Superior ai-surimuut of Table Cutlery consisting of Splendid Ivory Knives and Forks in t-otls of fifty one nieces also Ivory. Buck, Silv- Tip and Horn Knivc antl Forks, by the sell nt twelve pieces, fur sale at the Hardware S'ore lu ll. MOODY. February 7, 1337. "O MOODY ofi'ers for salo Green's M warranted Cast Steel, wood Axe.-, by the dozen or single. Axe helves of very superior quality. February 7. 11137. Burlington Female Seminary. fBlHE Summer term of this Institution . will commence the 2d of March atnl continue- 2 quarters without a varatiou- It is verv desirable that pupils tn town and abroad, should enter at the commencement of the term. B nrd, including washing. wood and lights, S- l,tr I--TUITION. In English studies ami Latin gS.OO per qr. French 3.00 " Drawing 5 00 Instrumental Music 12 00 " Vocal Mu-tc 1,00 " TRUSTERS. Ai,va Footi:, N. 15. IT.fwnr.t., .1. S. Pin win. IIi-.miv Mayo. G. W. Bknkihct, Ge-uujK P. Mausii, IIauuv Ur.Aui.v, S. E. Howakii. Fob. 10. 3w. Selling oh" Cheap. -HOW IS THE TI20- DRY Goods of almost every ile? cnpi ion maybe hud nt reduced pnee.-at the Cheap for Cash Store of S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington. Fib 10. 11187. Bull'alo Kobe Lost. LOST on ihe night of the 2d mst. be tween the Court IIousu &, tin: suhscri bers residence, n ButTiilo robe, lined with plaid clolh, and trimmed with blue. Any information 111 relation to ii, will hu gcuer ously rewarded, on npnlicatinn lo E. O LOOMIS. Burlington. Fob. 9. I!137. r 3 HE copartnership hut ween ihe sub. M. senbers for the manufacturing ol Cabinet Furniture and Chairs was disnl veil by mutual consent, n iho 3d of Oct. last. JOHN ABBOTT. 1). K. PANG BORN. The Books and deiniinds of'iho late Firm of Abbott iSi Wood, and Abbott &, Pang burn are in the hands of the sulHcriher lot settlement. All demands duo theui must ho pnid immediately or lliey will lie lefi for collection. JO UN ABBOTT. II. THOMAS WILL pav Ctith for 2000 Bushels of Oata. ' Feb. 2, 6w To iho Public. fBlUM subscriber has purchased of C. JL (intjiiitiutt, his Hook-Binding tools, Slock vV.c. anil Una removed the same to ilm building formerly occupied by Wm. WAiNwnioiiT, lor tin wnro loctnry, where the Hook-Hinding business will bfl carried on in all its various branched. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Thr. a,,!,,.., I,.,ru l,n, rr,t nnnnnvinn :,, ll. II.. ..I. 1 Il 1..., I ...ill .1 binding 111 nil ils branches, Illank-liooks ritteii in pattern and iiniinu to oruer. wr ilers senl by mail fur I'lnnk Books, Uinding, or Ruling paper, thankfully received nnd piuiMpiiv t a 'i; 11 1 on . Tlie pntrotiage of the public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON. Hi. 11. Ij uin. Hindorv n few doors east of V. Harrinif Ion's liookstore. Iliirliiiginn .Inn. 27. If!37. Nails and J3rads. 1 Hon Nnil8 from 3d to C0J. 1UW S!00 do Brads do Cd lo 70d. By J &. J II PECK & CO. Lorrillard'sSnulT & Tob acco. 90H 'ar, Lirrillurd's Maccohoy SnuiT. 5 hlls. do Scotch do. 10 do do Cut Tobacco, 10 Kegs Plug do. 10 Boxes Cavendi-h do. By J & J H PECK & CO. Teas &c. Zf Chests Youiig Hyson Tea. OKJ 70 do Hyson Skin do 100 lioxos Raisins. 30 Kegs do 10 TeirceS Sal yErntus Cassia. Cloves, Nutmegs, Pimento, Pep per, Ginger, &c. J & J II PECK &. CO. Notice. ryllE nnilcrsigned Cummissinncrs of the - Deaf and Dumb, will meet nt the American, in Burlington, on the lath day of February A. I). 11137, for the purpose ol'iipprobattng and designating iho objecti of the Stale's bounty, agreeable to tho provision of "an Act lor Ihe benefit of tho Deafani! Dumb," pa-sed Nov.0. 1825, and of an "Act fir Iho benefit of the Blind," passed Nov. 7, 1333. Applications in be half nf any who arc desirous of becoming beneficiaries, can be made to cither of the Commissioners previous to the time of holding the mooting JOHN SMITH, ) U.N. BR1GGS. Commissioners. ALLEN WARDER. ) Dec. 'ill. 1830. Notice. AT a meeting of the Directors of the Col- chaler Manufacturing Company duly hidden on the 2Ci day of December 1836 it wat ordered that an assessment of five dollars be laid upon each share of Ihe Capital slock nf said Company lo be paid on or before the first day nf 1'tbruary 1837. and a further assessment of five dollars upon each share of said Capital stoilc to be paid on or before the first day if .March 1837. U i:u. P. JIAHSU, Prcst. Dec 2G, U13G. PAY. ffplIE Miiiseriber is under the necessity of calling 1111 nil persons indebted to him. either by note or book, to make im mediate payment. lit- nece-siiies being ion urgent 10 admit of delay, he confiden. tly iiopes this call will be promptly answer ed by all concerned. C. BENNS. BurliM-ttin. Jan 10. 1337. CLOTH LOST. LOST on Friday tho 30th Dee. last, be. tweeu Jmioo Comers and Capt. Joseph Sinclair's in Esex, one piece of wiuo colored pressed CLOTH, containing about eleven yards, labelled 'A. Bruce, Williston; also a piece of snufT colored fulled Cloth, containing from eleven to thirteen yds marked J. P. B. with linen thread, on cue end, and directed to "J. P. I't ckwilli. Williston to bo left at Jen co Corners." ho ver will deliver saitl clolh to Z. Bruce, Chittenden's Ferry. Williston, or give information where it may be found, shall be liberally rewarded. J. P. BECKWITH, Z. BRUCE. Williston,. Tan. 5. 18.17. B.OST ON Friday la-l, 11 largo grey FUR (JAPE. "lined with blue-black silk.---The finder -hall Ii" uiinbly rewarded by I. living it a' 1 ho lln'ik S ore. !) o. 10 '.'0 11180 C.iM i. i'Ou i-AAj, J11. ) Cm i-1 km Err V. 1 Countu Court S A MUEL SI I E R M A N f Augu'u term and TRUSTEE. J A.'D. I83C. Hp HE iihiiniiir commetieeil his nciton JL ngniut. Samuel Sherman an absent debtor nnd Loverett Sherman, as his trus tee, in the August term of Ilm court in 1835, counting on u note executed by Saiinul Sherman, for 72.00, payable with mlerost 111 four years from Oct. 1, 11130 and dated Sept. 15, 1830, which has been con tinned from tortn to term lo this present term, and 11 not appearing that said Sam uel has had personal iinlice of this suit the ind suit is again continued to the term of this Court, lo be holden nt Burlington in and fur Chittenden County, on the last Tuesday save 0110 of March 1837, and the plaintiff cause the substance of his declara tion and this order to he published in tho Free Press at said Burlington, three week-i successively, the Inst of which to ho thirty days beftiru the cession of said Court, and that said publication he sufficient notice to said Samuel Sherman. Dated nt Burlington this 5th day ol September, A. D. 183(5, N. B. IIASWELL. Clerk. CASH PAID FOtt GRAIN, Oll E subsciibers wish to purchm-e vi4 2000 bushels Wheal, 2000 huhlmld Rye, 2000 bushels Com, ' 10.000 bushels Oats. i00Q hushels FIm feocrl, delivered at thqic Ptoro. WCKOK & CATU.V. Zurlinglon. Feb. 2, 1837. ' Blanks lor sale ut this olhcc

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