3 Mart 1837 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Mart 1837 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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R1DAY MORNING, MARCH 3. Wo ore rejoiced to learn from iho Scnli. el, that arrangements have been mode to elebratc tho day lo. morrow in a manner ccasion to rcjoico. It is the delivery of is misrule eight years has corruption lad way in the landone after nnothcr nva me oarriers oi i uu uoiisiuuiiuii liuh ai uaru m iiuiiu iui nuuuwui. ...w. come with this day terminates the men career or uiuruw ill 1XU1IS, UflltUUIMI".' - I iinu WnilC me cannon s muiiiii mi;iiiiiiia u nation's dcliverance.lct it bring to the mind f .,... H,n Mnnntnin Pint llin irrnln. u vti; wii.hi inuuiit "j - h...-w ful recollection that there is one spot of earth, fairer than all the rest, where liberty still blooms in all its original freshness and verdure. It. M. Wuit.ney. The miserable farce of calling this individual before the Hou?c to answer for a contempt of iis nuihority, has very properly terminated in a vote which is equivalent to a declaration that no man can cast contempt on such a House This whole transaction is so much 1 in character Willi the enlarged views of the renowned Dugberry, that we cannot bettor illustrate its spirit than by a quota tion from his instructions to I he watch : Dogberry. Well, jou nre lo call at all ilie ale houses, anil Lid thue th.it are drunk get llicin to fced. ll'mehman. Hou-ifihey will noli Dogberry. Why then lei idem ulonc until they get Bolter : if ibey m.ike joti nut t hen a belter an' av.er, win may s.iy tliey aic nut the inetiviui tuuk hem fir. Watch. Well, sir. Dogberry- Ifjou meet n ihief, you may sus pect I11111, by viiuire of join office, lo be mi Hue man : and, fur nub kind of men, ihe less jott med dle or make Mitli them, why, the moie is fur your 'honeclv. Watch. If vie know m to be a lliicf, hall we not lay hand on him? Dogberry. Tmly, liy your oflirc, yon may; but I think they that lunch' filth will be defiled the most peaceable way fur 5011, if you do take a ihief, is, to let him show himself what he is, and eal ant of your company. It is indeed remarkable with what fidelity our national watchmen have adhered to the prcceptsof their renowned loader. By virtue of i he power vested in them by the constitution they call upon individuals to testify what they know concerning the corruptions of the administration. i'hc wituesscs refuse to testify, and insolently defy tho power of CongrcM. And what say these jcaluu guardians of the nation's honor, to this ? Why, "lit them alone they arc not the men wo took them io bo." And again has tho plunderer returned to his spoils While the "indiscreet young men," who laid hands on a thief have been tried on suspicion of contamination from tho contact, and culprit permitted lo prove his character by "stealing away" unques tioned. The first 100 guns to-morrow will be un. dcrstood to mean one for each thousand majority this Stato has given against tho administration during tho last eight yoars. 'Tho next seven for tho Nov. majority. s Connecticut. We learn from the Hartford papers that the Whig Convention of Connecticut has nominated the Hon. William W. Ellsworth as the Candi date for governor. Such a nomination must meet with decided favor throughout the State. There is no public man in Con necticut more generally or more favorably known than Mr. Ellsworth; and there is no candidate whom the Wings could have se leered belter able lo rally and unite the party in his support. Washington, Feb. 22. To day Ihe President has given Ins last levee, and i has been crowded to excess. Tho I'rcsi o"ent was seated in o chair, round which: barrier was placed, near thofiro, with the U. Slates Marshal on one side, and Mr, Van Burcn on tho other ; and in this wav ho received his company, nodding to those witii whom he was but partially acquainted and shaking handi with his familiar friends He looked extremely feeble, the last ray of lire flickering in its socket, as though flvcry glimmer would be the Ia6t. Before tbu levee, a splendid coach, brought ir f.nrv, M-... V.l. L.. - n !..- eenled to Gen. Jackson. I understand that two other carriages from the same mart, came on at the same time, nnu for Jt. Van Buren and one for Atnos Kendall. When tho levee opened, the rnsh of the erowd was overwhelming, and continued to Dcso lor upwards ol two hours: after which the company began rapidly to thin on, ant! by 6oon afier three o'clock the roomi were deserted. Among the linns on this occasion, wore some delegates, most gaudily decked out, rrom (he Sacs and lowas. in all the splendor of Indian cos tome, and all tho impurturbable gravity of 4b Indian charactsr. They gave no ev donee that any thing they saw wai worth being 8tirpriscdat no testimony of pleasure, but forced their way through tho crftwd with as good an air as if they had been all thoir lives accustomed lo nltcnd public levees, and mingle in the company of cour tiers, and empty parade of courts. The mammoth cheeso was cut, and the fume which issued from it was prodigious, can sing, as I understand, some of the most fastiduous of the belles to faint, and some of the most affected beaux to ejaculate a smothered execration. Some ladies fain ted, and some of the gentlemen were so tin gallant as to complain of the oppression to which they were subjected, from tho squeezing of the ladies. The President was exceedingly fatigued before the con elusion of the ceremonies, and seemed scarcely able to keep his soat. The Sen. ate agreed to adjourn at half past one, in order that its members might be at liberty to attend the levee, This was done, in consequence of an arrangement tnado be l ween Mr. Benton and the gentlemen on the other side of the Senate, soon after the assembling of that body, and consequently no business of any interest was taken up, and the Tariff bill was put off until to morrow. Sir Robert Peel has been elected Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow. His address on the occasion is spoken of as a masterpiece of eloquence. Capital Simile. The state of Tennessee never produced a belter paragraph than the following hit as to the course pursued by General Jackson, in relation to the cur rency during his administration : The President has been tinkering with the currency for eight years, and he leaves it worse than he found it. There used to be a saying among children, on the ap pearaticcofn rainbow, that he who would run to the end of it would find a bag of dollars. During the whole or' his adminis trillion. General Jackson lias been running with all his might for the end of the rain how, thn.t ho might find n meta lie curren cy, but he is not a step nearer the object of his pursuit than he was when he started. Jf tho giant, with his seven mile boots, could make no progress in such a race, what can be expected of his success? The Louisville Journal thus comments opon Dr. Jackson's medical knowledge : A letter t imn President Jackson to Mis, Donel son hire just been puhliflicd. In giving advice in regard lo the medicine to be used by her, be says "ihe digitalis, I fear, is too exciling to the pulse." Now e me told by a medical fiiend, that dinitii U is one of the most powerful agents in depres sing the pulse, and Unlivny used fur ili.il iiniose. We presume however, ihat'ctery Jackson Doctor it mum; ii iicii'aui'i- as a si milium. The General was equally profound in his opinion of Horticulture, lie said lie approved of the science fur he himself was very fund ol horses. Mr. Stacy I think the attention of the fiie Win dens should be called to die fittl.tt ion of the well in i lie tear of the Court House. That well was dug at Ihe expense of certain citizens who sub scribed liberally lo provide the means of extinguish ing fire. The 8'ihsrriplion specified that object, and lliat alone. 'I hat object is defeated by ihe constant use made of the water for oilier purposes, so iliat now, and fur the most pan of the time du ring the wimer, not a drop of waier could have been h.id fov llie purposes for tliicli the well was intended. Coiiieiiicnt it doubtless is fur the neigh bors lo have a place to waier their calile and hot nesj but should a neighbors house be on fiie,it would be esteemed a slid greater convenience to have I he menus of cxlingttif'liing it. The fire wardens weie made ihe trustee of the cabsci ibers for the well, and it would seem as if they should either decline the trust or see to its faithful execution at least for two pnrposes : lo have the means of combat ting file, and encourage liberality by giving nssu niiice to those who are disposed to be liberal that their donations shall not lie diverted from the ob ject intended. A Citizen. NEW YORK MARKET 6. 23. Flouu. We have again tu notice nn excessive ly dull maiket, and a decline uf about 12 1-2 rents per b.iricl on all description. I'ancv brands u'f western bring principally in t h hands of one house, are mure firmly held iS.iles of common brands, in small paicel-, at gll bl ; l.incv SJ2 23. B.ilii mine city Mills bale been sold at 811. on time, but is generally held fur higher rates. .Sale' nf Alex- iimlriii in SI I J7: ueurgi'iown at SI 1 75: How in dsn eft, 611 (12. .Some ac'i of sour have ueen sold at 1-7 ou, on tune, live flour has be conie excissivclv scarce and sells readily at 9. no cuaugu in Ionian nieai. Grain. The import of foreign wheat during. the week hat been nboni 23,000 bushels, and the sale navo oeen only nuotit ouoo biithi-h 2000 Danizii: while, in 2 15 on time equal to c.it-li, and ouou uerinau lieu at zu l.z, equal tu cull. Theie is but little good and sound in matket offer ing i inferior qualilies and unsound aio selling on loner teims. Theie has Iikpii an arrival of nlmui 1(5,000 bushels of rye fiom Odessa, but we believe it lemains unsold. Oats have fallen about 12 reins per bushel. We notio.n a ti itliiiLr decline in corn sales i.f about 8000 bushels of southern, at I 02 liy ineasuie, and I 0(5 per (5(5 lbs; a small parcel of uoiib isianu jeuuw at i u, oy measure, anil 1 12 per f)G lbs. I'R iVijions, Rut little lias been doing I lie past wet-K in provisions, Ucef nppe irs lo be im proving j some lots of prime It.ue been bo't up fur higher rales, We quote mess beef 14il4 1.2 j prime 8 1-2.i9. Wt do not alicr our quotations for I'm k from last week. Mess I'ork 23 1.2n24 t prima 18 1.2,il83.4. Lard, Ohio 13 I-2al4. WUI Ml UUll'S. VALUABLE RECIPES. How In makn (Inur -hf:iti n. ..... : How lo make rents cheap, Tear down the houses. How to make meat cheap. Exterminate tht came. ijv. , j0Ur, Com, To whirh the Philadelphia lleiiill adds " llmv lo make money plenty. Drive foreign rnnilnl out nf the countru. Im iim,i;.. peans that there it no protection for property Stick to Your, Candidate. A Fl rison man and a Van Uuren man recently iiiui uiirruii tor Harrison, aaiu me urst, "Hurrah for tho Devil," said tho spunky Vnnite. "Very well," retorted the Har rison man, "You stick to your candidate and I'll stick tu mine," Thc triumph or Ikfidiutt. The Har rlsburg Telegraph sayt "Tha reader can Judge of lite eloquence and persuasive powers of the Rev, Mr, Hunt, who hat been lecturing here (or the Inst week on the subject of Temperance, when lie ! in formed that six hundred converts lo total Absti nence from all intoxicating drinks, have been ad ded lo the society here, nt his lectures. The ehur. dies anil hall of the House of Representatives, where he has lectured, have been crowded lo ex- The tiPtrislatiire of Maine hav a Bill un der consideration, to givo ft premium of ten cents o bushel on nil wheat thai any one tnav raise over 25 bushel. Wo understand that E. (5..Dc!e'van.'Eq. of Alhanv. has made a donation to the Tem perance Society, oT TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS: The first 'Q.uorterlv Meetint? of the Bur. lington Ami Slavery Society will bo holden this evening in the White Church. A Lecture may be expected by the Rev. Mr. Parmelce, at half past 6 o'clock. The public are rcsoectfullv invited to nt. tend. By order of tho Execotivo Commit. tee. Burftngton, March 3. 1837. NOTICE. Tho Burlington Temperance Society are notified to mcc't at the Court Houso on Wed. ncsdny evening noxt. at 6 o'clock, to hear ah address, lo chooso ofheors of tho Socioty for the ensuintr year, and to transact any other proper business. H. P. HICKOK, Secretary. MARRIED. Tn Willl.lnn.nn tlii 1CM, i.li M, 1.,1.. f nrA to (Miss Emily Beach, I oth of said place, In Derby, on the 16th nit., bv Hon. Timothy llinman. Mr. AJ.Ifn U'l,n.l- .V. Mi., fr,.!!..! Carpenter, iillofDciby. DIED. ,In North Ferrisbttrgh on the 27th Feb. Ellf.K M a itT daughter of Theodore D. and Betiev Lvmaa aged 3 jears and 6 mouths. "The bungler, void of thinking quite, Clips l.iwer. doctor, parson, all alike, As if the lock that deck-i the prying quit, With equal grace would fit the doctor's phii Or lite mrek parson, haling emptv show, Would like the fashion of ihe dashing beau ; Hut science teaches where to cu: or spare, Shaving each lock in beamy lo a hair. Manhood Ins vigor, age renews im prime. And brightly beams the human fire ilivine His rhin ismooib. his hair cut a la mode, And bo'i ton not ire is on him bestowed Ye who soft smiles fiom beauty would obtain, Ye who to age would bring bark yoiiib again, Yc learned, who sagacious looks would wear, To Louts' go, and all be suited theie." The subscriber, grateful foT the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed upon him, respectfully tenders his acknowledgements to ihe public, and begs to apprise his pat rons of his renewed fceol in their service. Mis shop is always open at an early hour in the morning, and till 9 o'clock on Sattir, day evenings. Customers are requested to call early on Sunday mornings. March 3. Louis Dertili.'k. (TP A 11 persons indebted, must it Kike immediate pavmcnt, or be sued. No mistak". Rigging, Cordage, &c. aliTlflTft (-OILS Russia, Manilla and HV Tarred Rigging, of all des criptions. Camberlines, Cod Lines, Mar tin and Sail Thread, by J. & J. II. PECK & Co. March 2. 1837. NOTICE. ATameclinoftha Diiectors of Iho Col r.hcsler Manufacturing Company duly holden on lliu I4lh day of February. 1837, it was ordered that an assessment of fiv"e dollars bo laid upon each sharo of the Capital Stock of said Company to bo paid on or before the first day of April, 1837, and a furlher assess ment of Ion dollars upon each share of said Capital Slock lo be paid on or before iho first day of may, 1837. SIDNEY BARLOW, Chrk. March 3, 1837. 3W NOTICE. OME into the en- subscriber on the 1 G ill inst. a red thtco years old STEER, with white Oil hit KbniilflHm ami hips. Tho owner is requested lo nav charges and tako him away. Said sleet- is supposed to have been driven from the north in a urovu ui cauiu. FRANCIS WILLSON. Hincsburgh, Feb. 20. 1037. 3w Nathan Allen's Kstate. S TA TE OF VER MONT 1 Distiiict or Chittenden as. C To the Hon. the 1'iobaie Conn for ihe District of Chiilenlen, ihe uuihTsigued Ivilhan D. Allrn of Williiloii line o the bens to the Ei'liile of Na than Allen, late of Willision, deceased, respect fullv represents iliat be holds three 'fourth nan of raid Etuie King willi the other heirs i hereof, mid being dexiiotH lo hold the same in severally lie pi ays ihe Hun. Conn loonier a division of the said balnie umong the heirs thereof. Dated at Burlington in said District ibis 1st day of .March A. D. 1S37. Nathan D. Allen. I)v Wm, I. Umaas Ai'i Atty stAtp. of VKiiMnrcT i DtsruicT or Chittenden ss, s The Hon. the Probate Court within and for tht District of Chittenden aforesaid to tht heirs of the t.staie of Nathan Allen late of Ivil lifton in said District deceased, and all per. sons concerned or interested in the division of said Estae among tho hens heeof. GREETING Wlirreas Niiilirin I). Allen of WillUiou in said Distiirt h uh lepie.tenied to said Court dial lie is one of ihe heirs to said Estate, and as eucli claims to hold three fourth parts of said Estate, lying will) the oilier heirs iheieof; and being desi rous in hold the same in severally he liaili prayed this Hon, Court lo order n division of laid Estate nmong the heirs thereof; mid the third Monday nf ,u.m o inii.iiii lining rri ior u urn Hearing in I lie premise ; it is uulerrd by the Conn that the said Nathan D. Al'en give nuiice to the heirs nf said Estate, their iillniueys mid agents and nil persons interested in said E'laio to appear before said Court (it it Fesion iheieof in be liolilrn nt Willision nn the third Monday nf nliiir.h IiiMhiiI to make ob. jertioiM In such division if they see cau'c, by pub. lishing bis said application together wiilt this order three weeks siiccpusively in the Free l'ieu, news paper printed at Burlington in said District, the last nf wllirb publications shall be previous lo the day set for hearing. Given under my hand and the ical of Probate Court nt Burlington in the Dimrici of Chittenden ibis Grit day of Mnrch A. D. 1837. CHARLES RUSSELL Judge. Salmon Phelps' Estate WE the subscribers having been ap pointed by the Hon. Judge of Pro bate for tho District of Grand Isle, Com misaioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons nirainst tho cstato of Salmon Phelpi late of Sonth Hern in said District deceased, represented insolvent, and alio all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months from the 3d day of January A. D.1037, being allowed for that purpose, we do therefore give notico that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at Hector Adams' office in said South He rn on tho second Monday of June next, from ten o'clock A. M. till six o'clock P. M. Given under our hands at Smith Hero this 4th day of Febuary A. D. 1327. WALLIS MUTT Commi. FRANKLIN ROBINSONS sioners. To the Public. THE subscriber has purchased of C. Goodrich, his Book Binding tools, Stock die. and has. removed the same to the building formerly occupied by Wm. Wx'iNwniOHT. for a tin ware 'factory, where the Book-Bindinrr business will lie carried on in all its various branches. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Tho subscribers have formed a connexion in the Book-Rinding business and will do binding in all its branches. Blank-Books ruled to pattern and hound to order. Or ders sent by mail for Blank Books, Binding, or Ruling paper, thankfully received and promptly executed. The patronage of the public is respect fully solicited. S. HUNTINGTON, M. R. LYON. Bindery a few doors east of V. Harring ton's Bookstore. Burlington Jan, 27, 1037. S'W TE OF VERMONT, ) DtSTRtCT or 'CHITTENDEN, SS The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden. To all persons concerned in the Estate of Jfoah Chittenden late of Jericho in said District, deceased. Greeting. WHEREAS. Tho. Chittenden ndminis (trator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, ti be holden nt Williston on the third Wednesday of March next. Therfefoie, You are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Bntlington 'this 23d day of February. A. IJ. 1B37. Wm. V 1SSTO N . liegtsltr Clover Seed. TtrrEW Clover Send just ree'd and for sole by HICKOK & CA TL11N, Feb. 9.1 NOTICE, rl HE subscribers give nonce that the JL Grist Mill at the Falls is now in their possession. They have employed an expe. noticed Miller in tho place of Mr. bug ciimbe, who will endeavnttr to satisfy the publir. HICKOK & CATLIN. Feb. 23 1fl37 Garden Seeds. 100 Boxes at-sorled Shaker Garden Seedsof last year's Growth J. & J. II. PECK Sl Co. by MR. MOLT PRESENTS his sincere thanks to that numerous and highly respectable por tion ol the community who have solicited his staying here, and tins great pleasure in informing them that ho intends complying with their wishes. He therefore utters his renewed services in his profession to a I such as wish to enjoy systematic and their ough instruction in his art, and takes the liberty of apprising his patron that his plan nf teaching in the two Ladies' Seminaries will be Ihe oVie followed in the principal Conservatories of faurope, with such modi fications however, as the place requires. Burlington, Feb. 28d. 1837. tf IAttO FORM ESTABLISHMENT. fTFIIE subscribers respectfully inform the t& fublie thai they have lorincd t copart ticrship under tho firm of IIE3RRICK, CHRISTOPHER & COv for tho purpose of manufacturing and selling nano t ones, in ail mmr varieties ; warranted equal in elegance, workmanship, louch, and tone, lo any manufactured in the United Slates. The operative pail of tho firm have had a long and thorough practice in Iho best establishments in Boston. Philadclnbia. and New. York, and feel warranto! by a competent Knowledge ol ins nuJtness, in recommending their Instruments equal in all respects lo any in market. Amateurs in music and others are requested to call at the Ware Rooms, Cor nor of Champlainand MacDonough Strcots, and examine me instruments constantly on hand, consisting of a variety ofplain and ticli Mahogany Cam, and sUpsiior havy toned. uoso vroou, wtiii un nigmy approved granu action, which produces a splendid clearncs and brilliancy of tone unknown to others All ordors by letter or otherwise directed to Ly man Sc Colo, for Piano Forlea, Tuning, or any ouior Dustness connected with such an estab lishment, will be promptli attended to. Old instruments tuned and repaired on roaxonablo terms. HUIAM HERIUCK, WM. H.CHRISTOPHER, LYMAN & COLE. Burlington, Vl.. 22d February, 103?. LAIVIOXLG COUNTY SRAMMAIl SCHOOL. rflHE Srir.g Term of this institution will JL commence on Monday tho 27lh Feb under the superintendence of Mr. E. M, TOOl The school has numbered between SO & 70 students during tho winter, and the Trus teeB pledge themselves that nothinc shall be wanting on their part or on the part of the Principal to mako the school worthy of me coonnenee nt me ruonc. JOSEPH WATERMAX, Ste. Johnson, Feb, SI, 1837. CALEDONIA SPRINGS. ANALYSIS of tho Mcdiconal Springs, in Caledonia, Upper Canada. OA'S SPRING. 1 at. WATER. Chlorldo of Sodium 89,75 Magnesia 1.65 " Potasiutn 1,55 Sulphur of Limo 1.47 Carbonato of Lime 2.'I0 Magnesia 2 50 11 Soda 1,01) It on 1.03 Iodine 1 35 Vcgetablo extract 1.52 Grains 100.22 WHITE.SULPHUR SPRING. 1 O.T. WATER. Chlorido of Sodium 'C0.4'l do Magnesia .'62 Sulphurate of Limo .68 Carbonate of Limo .82 do Magnesia '3.60 Grains GG'IG SALT SPRING-, Jo 'c At. led. 1 O.T. WATER. Chloride of Sddiuin 108.22 'do Magnesia 2.01 Sulphurate of Limo 1,211 CaTbonato of Limo 2.00 do Magnesia 5.12 'do Soda .82 Iodine of Sodium .38 Vcgetablo oitract ,61 Grains 120.44 One Hundred cubic inches of Gas from the Gas Spring analyzed is as follows: Light Carbonated Hydrogen 82.90 Niliogon 6 00 Oxygen 1.5(5 Snlphurato Hydrogen 4.00 Carbonic Acid 5,54 Siancd, J. K, CHILTON, CAemfrf. New York, 25th Oct, 1836. Thcso waters havo been proved good for Rheumatism. Distinnsi.i. X'nll Rhnnni. Fnvcr 6'ores, soro Kycs, Liver -complaiuts and all oiooo complaints Corn lirooms. Dozen Corn Brnntni by J. & J. H. PECK & Co. 120 W. W. MESSER, No. 208 Washington Street, Boston, Importer and Dealer in English, Canton French, German and American Fancy Uooas. SUBJOINED is a Catalogue of Rome of lire various kindsofGoods W. W. MESSKR is constantly receiving from the Foreign and Domestic Manufacturer. In soliciting the custom of Merchants and Dealers, he assures thorn that ho will sell his goods for Cash or Credit, at as low prices and on as good terms as can be foand in any City in tho Union. Having hut recently commenced business, he will be pleased lo sell for Cash at a much lower ralo of profit than tho old and establish ed houses olllio City aro In practice of doing. RICH GOODS. Gold and silver Pencil Cases in great vari ety; cold, silver, shell, pearl and finely painted SiiniT and Tobacco Boxes; silver' Spoons, Thimbles, butler and fruit Knives: pearl, agate and glass silver mounted Seals; silver moun ted Dirks, Scissors, Stilettoes, Emeries and Waxes; silver Tooth Picks, Whittles and Rattles; a variety of elegant pearl Watch Stands; ladies' ncii gold plated Head Bauds, Bracelets and Bouquet Holdeis; inlaid rose wood and silver furnished Sewing Boxes; silver plated Teeth Brush, soap and shaving Boxes ; gold and silver Vinaigrettes. CUTLERY. . Pearl, ivory, staff, horn and 'coCoa handled 1.2,3 and 4 blade Pen and Pookcl Knives, of "Kogcrs ," "Huot s," "Ciook s, ' "Rnihcram and "Bagshaw's" manufacture-, desls, bowio and pruning Knives; pearl ivory and stag handled silver capped Dirk Knives ; a great variety of English and French manufactured Razors in cases, on cards and Dozens ; minia ture Knives and Scissors; pocket, button hole. nail, lacoand common Scissors and Shears, of hnglish nnu German mako, cf overy form and "quality ; Tweezer s, fee, RRUSliES. French, English & American hair Brushes, of all possible varied size and finish ; clothes. nail, hat, comb, shavinj; and shoo Brushes, of great variety ; 1,2, 3,4 and 5 row fine French, Lnglisli and American Teeth Brushes ; crumb and flesh Blushes. COMBS. Fino ivory Combs of all shoe and prices; wrought and plaino shell Back and Side Combs. bIi'oII nnd burTilo horn Twist Combs. shell, ivory and horn Dressing Combs'; peurl. shell and Horn rocket Combs; silver. Guilt and jappanncd metallic Twist Combs; jet and guilt shell Side Combes. SOAiS,PERFUMARY AND OILS. Almond paste Shaving Soap ; "Kow's," while urown I oiiet isliavirtg Soap ; French transparent and exquisitely perfumed Toilel Snaps, Lavson's composition Soap for the extraction of Oils from Clolh; American Toil et and Shaving Soaps, in great variety ; real Farina, French ami Amcriran Colognes t English and French doubln distilled Lavender Water; French porftimcd Toilot and Bureau Cushions ; a general assortment of the French extract of flowers, too numerous to partinii larizc, Maccassar, Antixuo, Vcgetablo and Bear's Oils? Boar's Grease, pearl Powder, French and American Hair Powder, and Otlo of Roie. Docket hooks, card cases &c. Plain and inlaid shell Card Cases, pearl and wrought ivory Card Cases, gilt and motocco do,; Souvenirs, Nolo Cases, Memorandum Rooks, Tablet, Thread and Needle Cases of beautiful finish and extensive variety '; ladies' silver and steel mounted Pocket Books, sim ple and combined with Card Cases and Nee die Books furnished and plain; Gentlemen's Wallets and Pocket Books, in as great a vari ety as can bo found in the city; Porcelain Slates, Leaves and Tablets ; shell Card Das kets, of beautiful and varied forms, n ron z u u noons A great variety of uniquo and clojant pat terns cf Bronzed Ink Stands and Thermome ters bronzed Card Racks and Watch Stands; bronzed Paslilo Burners, tables Bells, Cologne ahd Perfumo Stands, DESKS CASES, BOXES, AC. Ladies' and Gentlemen's 12, 14, 16, 18, iO and 22 inch rose wood and mahogany pearl in laid and brass bound Writing Desks, with Secret Drawers; ladies' and Gentlemen's richly furnished and plain Dressing Case ; leather travelling and japptnned Shaving Ca sts; ItdisV plain and inlaid, furniibed aoJ unfurnished, rosewood, satinwood, bird's. oy maple and mahogany Work Buxos; a variety of sizes and patterns of pictured whito wood Collon Boxes; travelling roll up and lock up Portfolios: perfumery, icwel, handkerchief and l'Iovo cases : closant Chinevo To a Cad- dies. MISCELANEOUS ARTICLES. Bead Bass and Purses, silk and loalhor do.. silver plated, gilt and steel Purse Clasps; phi ted, gilt, slid and glass Purso Rings arid Tas sols; boxes of Motto Seals, cmbroidored Pur lin Needlework, pearl, manilla, leghorn, shell, leather, morocco and German Cigar Cases ; fancy Toilet Glasses; Boxes and Baskets; fancy Album Books and Boxes; India Rubber Kings and Balls; clastic Garters: Inncliblo Ink, Steel and German Hones, English and American Razor Straps; Biillaniaand Wood Shaving Boxes; Powder and Pufl' Boxes'; Lu cifer Matches ; Spool Stands ; wood, ivory and iron Silk R'jcls; pearl and ivory Silk and Cbtlon Windors; boxes of Pens, Inks and Sands;; feather Dusteis; wroucht ivory. Chineso and feather Fans and Firo Screens; work, travelling, Canton, Frcireh and Ameri can flaskets ; steel Pens of all tho most ap proved manufacturers' make; wax beads; co ral Necklaces ; safely chains ; Pins and Neo. dies'; Pin Cushions'; egg Glasses; steel, gilt and composilion Thimbles; pearl, bono and Canton Paper Foldois and Holders; Tapo Measurers, gold and silver Spangles; Trans parent, bronze andxommon Wafers; writing Ink and sand: Glass Inkstands and Sands-; Billet and Lctrcr Paper, and all tho varieties of sealing wax; Cloak Clasps; ivory, bono and cocoa Napkin Rin"s : Puzzles, Mirror and Toilel Glasses; toy Watches and boxns of'Chincso Toys. ARTISTS TOOT.S & MATERIALS. All sizes of host prepared Canvosscs; Dry and ground Colors; Mastic Varnish ; Nut OiT; Lion's, Sable and Camel's Hair Brushes; pal let Knives; Asphallum; all sizes French and English Ivories; water Culors; Minialuro Cases . black and whito Crayons ; Portcray ons and Drawing Boards. SHOOTING & ANGLING TACKLE. Percussion Caps"; Shot Bags; Powder Flasks; pocket Screw Drivers; gun Worms: Game Bags, Flagons and Sportsmen's drink ing 'Cups a very convenient article for travel. Icrs ; Fishing Rods and Hooks, Baskets, Floats; Linen, Manilla, Silk and Hair Lines-. Fish Gut. c.Sic. GAMES AND AMUSEMENTS. Splendid Canton wrought ivory Chessmen-': French, English and German ivory, bono ond wood ditto, Chess, Backgammon and Chequer Boards, ol'Canlnn, English and German mako, ivory, bone and woodChrquermeii : Cribbago Boards: English, French and American Play, ing Cards: wrought ivory, pnail, bono Whist and Loo Counters, Dice and Cups, Dominoes, Loto, Solitaiic, German Tactics, Fox and KJcese' Battledores, Birds, Coronillas, Gamo of Ihe Graces. Cop and Bills, Boxes of Games, Jump Ropes, Bows, Arrows and I argcls, Jack Stiaws, iogulhcr with lliu following amu sing and instructive Dtssccled Puzzles t wrought ivory and plain boxns of Cluneso Puzzles; Maps of the World, Europe, Ameri. ca and the United Slates, Buildings. Land scapes, Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, Zoological Gardens. Slavery Abolished, Scenes in Paris, Telegraph. The Sorcerer, Scripture Views, Monument, ABC .Harvest Home, Fair Day, Billy Button, Johnny Gil pin. Threading the Needle, blue beard, Robin son Crusoe, Napoleon's Bivouac, A Pear after Marriage. Horn the Slipper, No pleasing Evo 'rybudytc. &c. B. Orders from iho Conntry promptly atended to and put up with great care. IJuHington High School. THE Trustees of this Institution give no lice thai the next term of inscuclion will commence or. Monday 20th insl. undur the caro of , JOSEPH B. EASTMAN, A. M. Instruction will be as usual in those branches which are requisite to qualify young men either for admission ai College of fur any of ihe departments of business. The price nf tuition is five dollar per quar ter for each scholar. Incidental expenses not to exceed fifty cents per quarter. IIf.man Allen, J. K. Converse, Timothy Follett, Alvn Foote, N. B. Hasweli., G. G. InokRsoll, Geo. Moore, Tni'lecs, To Cabinet nnd Carriage Makers. vTfHE subscriber offers for sale at wholesiln 4Jk & retail, Pnriiiliiru. Flowing, Polishing, Couch and Black Varnish, iiiadf at ouoof the best varnish factories In the U. Slates, atld altogothcr a new article in this market. ROD. MOODY. Burlington, Feb. 14, 183". A Superior assortment nt Table Cutlery consisting of Splendid Ivory Knives mil Fork" in setts of fifty oui pieces also Ivnrv. Buck. Silv. Tip and Horn Knives and Forks, by the sett ol twelve pieces, fur sale ot lliu Hardware Sioru by February 7, IU37. It. MOODY. S T A T E O F V E H M O N T , ( District of Chittenden. S The Honorable the Probate Court within and for 'the District or" Chittenden, To the creditors and others concerned in the eslale of Truman Burritl, late of Hint' burgh, in said District, deceased. WHEREAS Harmon Burrilt administra tor of lliu eslato of said deceased, hath made application lo this Court, lo extend tho limo limited fot making payment of iho debt of said deceased, one year from the fourth day of April next, and the third Monday of March next, being assigned for a hearing in tho premises, at Iho hotel of John A, Wlllcy, in WilliMon, and it having been ordered that notice thereof bo given, by publishing this order thrco weeks successively in lliu Freu Press, a newspapor printed at Burlington, before Ihe limo fixed fur healing- Therefore, you are hereby notified, lo ap pear before said Court, at tho limo and placo aforesaid, Ihen and there, lo make objection ifany you have, lo the said timo ofpaymenl being furlher extended as aforcsaidi Given (under my hand, at llnrlinytoii, this 8th day of February, A..D. 1R37. Wm. WESTON, Register. Westford High School. TUB Spring Term nf this Jnsti.tiiiion will commence on thn Cih day of March, under iho instruction of t.!tr P. W. Hinmen, whoso past services a, n hilly ap proved. Tuition, in GrccU and Latin Liiiignagos $4 00, oihtr acadomtcal Stud ies g3,00, Board, tnclud.ng Rrooms and Washing, per week, from 1. 25 lo 1.50. It In dnvimhlft Slot oil mimnuinn In tend should cortimence with the terra. Per ReQ'is'di T. HAYNF.H, 4,-. W$y'f,ml, Feb 11, 37

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