20 Ekim 1837 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

20 Ekim 1837 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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''Giwr.il Jnckjiin in hi wiir Willi (v. Onttiinii of rt'iini'(pi, mi it qiii-Kliini f ilmir les-pectnc U'rucilv . 'I'lii!' is lllrmlly , "'WpiUuirf ill" Ind'tilc, cpt lut H)tl . KVii in die cannon' iihiuiIi." The cili'iir Ml' ilii' Advertiser ill Inti mates l tititi In1 (Inn's uoi assort, that wi make 'nil li tf Ii nn psituinte of lho innniiiH winch hi' receives for In. Iilnnk mpur mill 1 wine operations. Well thu ntnuniil is ol very little cutis' qiience. I f li receive on. y It'll dollars ii year. I lit niiiiiinit vvoulil bp HiiTiriPiii lo buy lii'n "miuI body and breeches " tii a u u i t: i) . In ibis imvii, m ilm 1 3 It hi't.. by ltev. Mr. liiscimll, Mr. Hknjamin I'. Smith nf Gium Like, Nhhitfiin, to AINs Ri'MCK II W'KtKS. Al III nlpoi l, on tin 18ih iiii., Mr II K s it Y Mayo, 2.kI. iiicirli.ini of dim mwti, m Mis' ISci 3KY Cl.l it l uo v. , of 'hi- fiuni-i- hp. jNIfl W (500US. M GIDD1NGS i" now ecemug n hoavv stock ill Drv Good, Gro- cones, Crockery mul Hardware, which will be sob) lor cash'nt ii very small advance. PpnrlSl. Rtirling'un, ) October 111. 111.57. II.J7. S Cold Winter is coming. E. C. LOOMIS a AS just Ii C'll Irolll Now York II "I'll cnil nnrtmi'iil ol Morocoo's. Kid. Finding. &.c &p &.V.. A largo quantity of LcnHicr of nil tle-eription. which will he Kold n. ii-tinl. Glieiin Inr Oa-h. Like wise. 150 lmr- of men thick HOOTS nl 1 $.',50, cash. pair, ti r-l quality, of hie own ' ( n ii 1 1 1 1 Til I U r 1 1 1 Rnrl'iigin. Pcnrl-Stroet, ) Oct. 'JO 11)37 Fall and Wintor (loods. BICKOK & CATLIN nr w re civilly tlieir Stock of Dry Good mid Groceries, inircliiiscil low, and w sold low for On-h. be UAliODOMA SPSLSATtS WATBIi. rjnlltt propneiors f II,.. ('!, , in n ' JL Sprint's Irivo inaile I heir ;riinil if-pol nt St. .lohti-. and appointed H e suli-cniier.-nueiiis. lor me ale ol the water Any (iiH0tiiy can h" iijni'ioil in-.en b in let eaen. I'r'ce n iniiioii s Z d lioMli . plv lo MOT r St. J.-lnw. L C II "XP ol oil' laroe li.itl i. k $ 5 rr ili z ii. A p. ii PATTKH. rffllll-j Co,nritier-.iip heriloforp oxi-t mj JL uiidi'r the firm of Ijemurl Gur'is & Co. is this day di-solved by iniiiiial con. sent IjBmlt.i, Cciiii-', CiiAni.r.s j. Cuutis. Biirliiijlon, Oct. I.".. I!!37. All mil ps and nccomi'- now uneillel. iiuiel be paid lo Lemuel Curtis, bj wh in Ilie huone.-s will he conducted a- li-ual. und it is liopeil aM will cee the ueee-ity ol payinsj tii'in op iniiiiediaieiv, as ihp hiisi" tip" Im- ioi to ! pIosi'iI. 1j. C &. Co. Cap Mills , 'tiul.s, L'oit-, Glovui-, Culhirj, &.C for -ale by Hick, k & C tmn. 12 Bales Uuflalo Kobes, large cizi's, lor 'ii lo by 1 1 ickok &. C ati,i. liuck Wheat Flour, for sale bv UlCKOK &. CTI.IN. 1000 "nrr, 's rs'"varC"t,a "d Wc.-reru 2000 Ilu-hels Coarse Salt 200 Ubls. line do I. r sale by Hick k &. Cati.in. 10 (basics 2000 GnlU L'll- Wliitc 'i d Or, fo Hick Ii(;ad, i-alp by &. CTI.N. Sheet JiCad, Oct. 20. Ibr sale by I Iickok k. Cati.is. NOTiCIi. TRAYHD Imiii Hie Mib-cnbor on the 10 h iihi. n hi te ml ('OW six years old, maiked with lar on Ihe tell lup, nod w nt Inmu in her rioht lore pj, Wlioever will rcluri, said Cow. ur oive any int'orma lion where site may he found shall be liandsnmely rewarded HI.IHU KUSSRIJi Shelhiirii, Oct. 17. 11)37 p3w STOVES STOVJflS, Till' Subscriber would inform thet friends and the Public that they haw jiibt received a (,'pnernl a-sort ineiit o!' Stoves, of various kinds- mid i-t approvi.-d patterns, which they are deiennined to sell nl Ihe very lowest prices; anion" which are I ho Improved Rolnry, Cookinc, hizon. Rest Premium, (Troy) do. 5 hzcs. Vnrious kinds Ii .,v. Klejratil parlour Stoves Sir.. .also Stove pipe ol vnrious size nml qunli. lies, wholesale nud Retail. Stove lurni lure coiis-tantly mi hand or made to order on short untice. A smnll aseiirtmciit of Imllow ware suitable for Stoves. Ppisoiis winhinirio purchase are inviied to call and look nt iheir nHsorliiinnt, as they have some ol Superior Casimos. swim liosrmcK. furliiiploii, October 20ih, ) Opposite Ihu Jail Church St. TO LEST. TITHE Store recently occupied by ihc X nib-cribor I wo dimr Hum ofllio'Hoiik l"ru. For conditions apply to D. A. RRAMAN. Chtirpli St., October 13, 1337 V HOLESALH (iilOCHlt.ii. 250 R v. V Y or S toot 1 1 1 ' ' il.io' in ill-' shin- oc cnpii il by Cunvvrse if lluiltltestnn. Iiiih jm-t lecetvi'd nml oil' rs lor .nle mi oiiliru now mul well selected slock ol Groceries, prin cipiilly pure lnied nt I In; late sales hi New York, winch he oilers very low for prompt pay. 25 hhd Pnrto Ricn, Trinidad and Eug li-h Island Mnlns-o.. : "0 hhds Si Croix mul New Orleans Sn- 5 boxes Urowii llnvanna ilo CO bo,':" ,iinl mill Llllllll ill) 10 bigs I'orlo Rico, Rio nud Liguirn Coll'ce: 150 clients nml half chot- IIyon, Yoti,ig Hyson mul Ily.-ou Sltin'Tuni-; 40 sack No'.-, ii variety of dc-oriptions nml quality ; 300 boxes anil half boxes Raisins: 20' kegs tin 20 keg anil boxpi Plug Tobacco; 100 quintals (J'.illlr-h: 50 baskets Chauipaigno Whip, pint nml quints, ol 'Anchor, 'nml ol nor brands: CO qnartor casks Sieilv iMmlpirn, Mndei- rn, Sherry nml Malaga Wined : 25 boxes Mucalel Whip; 20 half pipe Cognac J'timly; 15 do Spanish mid Ann ncan Aran ilv; 20 hhds St Croix Rum; 10 pipes Holland Gin; 10 pipes mi,! 70 bb!.s While J.illirniire (im; 10 boxes Pipes, wi It Shot, Lend, Pep- per, Pimento, Sinrcli, pe por Tobacco, Snuff, N pppr Sauce. Pa- HtlllCII.-. Csl.rill. I l""!. ....... ('..,.. . f1ii l ."l I) ami o'licr S.'on.,., Soup, &c &e &c Trov. N. Y. Oct. I!!:17. sr.irr: of fermomt. ? To the Hon. (ill M l-I.K Ci'U.VTV. S SlIpriMIIP (oiirl next lo be hoiileii ai North Hero wit'fin mul for the county i,f ("irnnil rii Ilii; third Tne.-dnv of .liiiniiirv in tin; v'ir ot our lord one t liiiiin nit eiht hundred and thirty eiRh'. The petninn of Joel 'VI,!" "' iX"rl1' Horu '"' -"' ClraiMl !-!; """"'J ) m- irrM-iMM lo your minors uiai new leonl "iianlian ol I , i ,-1 : Allen ol nrnnd I-li; in -md Gram' I-l Ciointv. a per-i n nun compos menus', or lunniic mul iticiipnhlp of :i l in; carp, ol lino-ell and hi- prupcri. Mini th,. -nid Klial A h u H mmu 'iI in In- mvn nht in lee ot n certain imrn I nl land Ivui" mid beui. in said Ginnil l-le ..nil ih seiiio d ns folhiw- 'o wit. the lif-i ilivi-iuii hit nl hihrl laid I or onuvii hi me oriiMiiiil ro'li ol Ssn oinnn StroiiL' Ni . I'M ami iib iui iwo actp.s Ivnn' We-t ol, and siiliiouin.r .-mil lot. mid North of und iiiljoiiiiO!r Willnrd Gordon orehnrd the whole ol i-nul parcel i, Imul houuded Norllimul we.-l ol A-a Lyon'- land S uilli by lamU owned by Wilhud Gnnlnii nml Griudnl R.viiold-, and mi ihc en-t hv u lot of hind called the Cooper lot com nioiii'r nbout -ixiy six acres . nud t hat a -n le I here of is neci.-s-arv and nroner fur Hie suiinorl and uuiimainaiice of cunducive to the best iulere-is of, mul for the navment of the jnt debts of his tanl ward." Wneredire. he pray.- said conn to ormil him licnne and empiiwer him to sell ihe smiii! for thu pur)OMs MforpMiid, D'lled nt North Hero aforesaid Ibis 9lh dav of October A I). 1!!37. J or. i. A 1. 1. un Guardian Tne forcfoipo pptiiini) hnvuirr hepn pre sented to me by the jriiHrilian above named H is ordered that the Mibl,iuce ol the same together with l hi order be pulilishiil in the liiirlmninn Free Pros, a newspaper published in Hurlimjii n in ihe coiiiHj ol Chittenden, three weeks -ucceively ' the last of which piiblicaHon shxll he nt len-i sixty days lie lorn I he so inn nf the ccnri to w h'ch the same i made, n almve staled which shall he sufficient untice to nM con corned in the mutter of the aforesaid ppiition. Given under my hand nl M oil nelier in the couniv ol Wii-hie.jinn the 1 G Ii dav of Oclob' r A ) (S,57 ISAAC V R HDP IK 1,1). ,m-c nf Sup rw ('nut I The Ladies Shoe Store TS removed lo'he Im i'l mr recen'ly i oo iv u"oi. li. j ll.'im tier". I U'e-t -ule Church s'reet. Thn-n who I have hitherto hvorcd ihe nib-criber wnh I llieir cii-iom. he hopes lo s. e at his now Store, and ml who a e wi o a supply ol Shoes for the s-eiisiMi are i c-pei I lu lly invited I to call and pxauiim li s iissnrl inenl", which is ofT'iied on Hie mo-' rea-ouoble teruis. D. A. HR A. MAN. Church St. Piiirhuoiop, ( October 13 I ,'137. ( worn Wh have reci iveil mv. nil liemitilul toned osc wood At earth tin's I! 10 mid 12 keys, niosi all It mils of .Vminit Instruments and Ins'ructiou Hook, Inr Iheini Pocket Pool;-. Walh-is, .Meinoraii duins. Curd Cases, Portfolios. Rollers &, WosienhohnoJ.- fine Knives nml Scissors, fine Razors nml straps. rool Mrilania Tea Pols, Tumbler ami Pitcher.-, fino Stocks. Collar.- ami HosniiH oood Quills ami Cm,' i'aper. h'tip-. ami P.-rluniery nt' hio-i all kinds. Miisick. Convex mid Concave Spec tacles, mfi mid hard Tooth Hru-hi s. Tout h Wn-he, mid Powders. Hair Oil-, Ponders nml Hriishes, Chain 1)"" Collars, !irn I ti inn drinkm;; Plnsks, Honts. SIiiips and olllei Lnciuijs, (Inublp biilium and double Cased silver piiipnt Ievcr Watches, some 13 holes Jewelled, silver nml L'old Lupine Watches, nf fine qimhiv.-l holes Jewellpd Mi-fjhis.il nml French Wmches ol j.'ood qo.iliiy. ready Pen Makers. Mavnanl & Nuyes' black writnio Ink and Ink Powder, ludellihle Ink silver lop und open top Thimbles, Music Hoxes. Snuff I! 'xo- Plalcil Ten and Table S Vis-itni" Curds. &c. Violin Blrini;, and )ns, Viol do. with other (roods, 11111 neces-nry li mention. To winch we shall enntmuu to make additions ns Innir as iiavai ion is open. Most nrticlert which we have ever kppl for Falo, enn bp had at iIip VaripH Simp, fur cnth only, at tho time nf purphase. I'AMitlOHN & t!N-M,uil. Ll'MAN &COB.E 'ITI'LI-' receive Wool on debts nud for T (,'onds, lo bo tU hvored at their storu. Huninglon, Oct. fi, 1337. rJ'wo Horses Lost. TJI JD "T U ) K K . ' i .111 'I iii'lo-iiro ul SamilP' FiiNchi-r on Hip 27ih Sepipiiil'i r. hum not ,l ire. with n lrtpi; Hi her fon hciiil oiiii Html loin wihi" nun mviicii inn. The iitlipr, ii bhiiik iMarp, Willi n quarp ilopk. Any porsoji who will notify D.inii'i M Hniwn. of South Horn, where they lire, hv loiter or til herw isu, fhall bo Hill ablv rewnrih'tl. DANIRfi M. IJU OWN. S. Hero. Oct 7. IIIJ7. p'Jw Jam; Kicaht( ) J UN KtNCAIlT. ) WIII'iRKAS Jane ICinenrl. of Hur liiioion in the County of Chittenden nml Slnti; of Verinoiit. 1,,'ilh prefeied her Peiitioii in the Supremo Court of said Slnti- in .l to bi bullion nt Hurlniirton, in tin1 Colltitv and Sialo afore-nul. unfile TiilirMlny next iireeeilino the lir-l Tuesdav ol Jiiiiiary A- I) l!!.5ll. m'IIiiio forth Ilia' nl 15iirlin'oii.iilorp-iiid on In' Cd day of Jo lv A. I). 1(127. piic wa- lawfully mar ted to John Kioeart, then nl said Hnrlinotoii. In Georoe Rnliin-oii, then a Jniire ol the Pence wnhin mid for the Coun'y oi'ljhil tendeii nhire-aid. mid from that Unio lo the t WeliHelh of Sepieinh'r. A I) l!!.'9 lived with said John in Ilie slili't oli-ervance of all the . I i le.s leqiiind bv I In1 inatrnioe covennii!, when l he .-it nl J. din wi hoiii any ju-l ean-e op. the pari of the Petitioner nod without her koowledoe of In ml' n Hon, left h"r m said liurliiiirinii. ami wont to Spam, wh re he rrmained until July A 1). 11)130, when he infnriieil tn tin; United Stales, nml that he now resides al Wa-h-inoion in the Di.tnci ol Columbia. That al ihp lime said John left said 1 in r t i n i 1 1 m he carried Willi hmi nil 'he properly he im es-cd nud left ilm -aol Pctiiioiier nud lainilv. coti-i-ini nl one child then about Iw ' vrnrs old, wholly without -iiptiorl. II II ft fii'in tint lime hltherio hath wholly neolec. led hi render ih" said Petri mer and family any n-si-tmice or siippnrl. mid thai the said Pelitioiier ha- In en obliged hi rely for a iiieaore and nrecariuuH suhklnnce upon her own personal labor, nml ihe charity of her friends, and thai said Petiiiunpr iiaih con-innilv re-tded wiihm the state of Ver i n n 1 nice her wild tnarnaoe with the aid John. And praying I lint llic bonds nf matrimony between the said Petitioner and llio said John may by decree of Ihe Supreme Court be i.'i-olved. nud a Hill of divorce from th" bonds of Matrimony with said J 'liu. ornn'i'd to her To J ilm Kincurl. nf Washinzlnn in Ihe Dh irulnj Viilumhiu. G II U RTIjYG IJy Ihe authority of the Stan; of Ver mont you are hereby cmnmnudud to ke your nppearmice before ihe Supremo Court next in in; holdeii nt Hiirliiiot,,n in the County of Chiiiendeii and S'ate of Ver mont, on Ihc Thur-dny next preceding the fir-i Tuesday of J.mmry, A D. 1331!. then and there to show cmis-e. if any yen have, why the prayer of ihe sain Petiiionir -hoilhl nut b' L'rantcd. and further I o .-land to nml ubide Mich order, direction and decree therein, as to the said Court -hall seem meel; and in ens-o of default the i-inii lyourt will proceed exparly. I Aod .v..rei:.-, ii Iip'iiit uiiiile tonppeiu lo me, that Ho: said Kincart live? will I this Suite, nud nut wiihm the reach nl leonl prnce.-. Therelore it I her, hv ordered ' hat notice he given to the -mil John Km carl to appear belore the Supreme dun next I he holden at I'urlini;ton, in ihe County of Chittenden and Slate nl Ver ni'.'it. on Hie Thursday next procedinir ihc fir-l Tup-day of Jmi niry A. I) I !3li. "l In-n and there to show cau-e, if any he have, why the pmyi'i of the said" Petitioner diould o t he oranted and in ca-e n d" null Hie suit Court will proceed ex-party, by piibii-hioo the -iih-imice nl hnnl I'ei'i turn mid this citatum ami order thereon, three week- succ's-ivelv in the Free Pre-, a newspaper iirinied al Hurl.iiolon. Ill I be County "I Chiiiendeii a!ore,aid. ihe hisi ol which piihiiea'ions shall he at least, six we, ;s hpdire the tn f Inililni said Court. (iiven under mv hnnd at Uurlun'iou, this lOih day ol Oct.. tier. A D 11137." SAM'L. S. PIJKLPS. J,tzc nf Sun Cmirl Ephraim I fasehon's list ule. rJO ihe Hon. the I'rol.at". Court for the C Di-lriel of Cliilli'ioliMi. Ihe umiors-iirned Abigail fr llascllon of U'c-U'ord it. O iiiiMlian of .Mary I). I Im-cllon ami Abigail O Ihi-cltou, I fi'inal iofml. under the ajre of eighteen yi two orihelieir- In the e-lale of Kpliraim lla ch in laic of Wi'.ll'nrd deci'.-i-ed. lespci-lfnllv repre-onts that the said .M.try I), nml Abiir.iil O. hold oun equal fourth p.irl eai h, olVaiife. latejoiullv with Ilm other heirs thereof, a d Iigiii"; desiroiH to hold the saims in severalty , she as ouardian a aforesaid prays the lion. Court to order a division of thu' said estate, and In appoint a (oiouulteo fur that purpose. D.ited at ISutliio'toii in Chittenden County lhis5lh dav of October A. I). 11137. A I ! I G ML G. II SKLTOX, Guardian of Mary D. and Abigail O. lla solton. st. vi i-: or VFJOIOXT, ) Whtkict or CiiiTrr.Mic.N, ss. A T a Probate Court holdeii at lluiluinton J'vi within and lor said di-iricl 011 ihe 5lh day of October A. ) li!37. uiinn iipilii'aHoii of Mneail G. Ilii-ell I Guardian ol Mmv ) and .'Jlusjiiil O. Ilnsnlinn, iVinalij infant under the li"ii of nihlccn yeais, two of ihe heirs lo iliu estate of Lihraiiu I la-iillnn :, 0 l Westlmd in saul di-lncl deceased, iiqucstm n division of thu said estate ; h is ordered by the Court thai thu said applicant caino the sovoral pursons inlcrcslcd m the said estate.or Ihuir altormes, if living within this Sfitn, in be duly notified to appear hi'forii said Court at it scsion lllereof lo hn hidden :) tl: ,,ir,,. .., the llejrisicrol mid Court in Hurliiii,,,, H, 2d AWdiics.iJ.iy of .N'ovemlior W. J. lb!7, to iiiake object ions to such d'n isnm if they see cause, by putihshiiii; saul apiilicaiinii, tnt-nther wnh this onii.r thereon in thu c'leu Press, n newspaper printed at lliirliulou aforesaid three we n,s siiccessivtdy.lhe last of which pub lications t-hall bo previous to thu time hut for hem ill";. Givuu under tho houlofsnid Court and my hand at Iliirliujjtou in said Disirict, this 5lh day of October A li, CH.'IHU'.S HUSSHLI,, Judge. rr tisinw rn m -n n JUSCiVAl OL (JOLB AVE receivpd r. lar.-e nssorlmm,. 1.'.., .... 11. ..1. ,... ; . Clothe i',.t i.,,,- m i '''"'"..nr-HiiPrw, Merinos, Vcstings 111, iviii's., unit lumens, t iil'iij "noiiir o. 10.1,, 1 1 i . ...i i t,'. ...... ,,, I,,.. V lured bv llerrick. Christ oilier & nl a reduced price for cash or approved miles. A the concern Is cf'sed. Hip In Jim met) I a will bp oil' red for i-nlc here i hrei ivet'ks previous to semlitio llu'in to N"W Vork All who wish to purchase a snpe- inr arltuiu, will find tli:- a favorable oppor 'unity. Tlo-v have on hand twenty nine Piano from jj:.5 to J1, 100. er.eh Hui linol "Oi loher 0, 11137. AT a nipptiiio of the Directors "I Hi C'llehortei iMaiiulneiurniir Company duty hidden nt the olliep of Lunnn ami l ir-li. hi lliirlmoloo. on Hip 5th dav ol Octobi". 11137, it was ordered that n call ol icii iloi'nrs per share on the new stuck o1 -aid comnmiy he laid, iiaynble on or before I lie 11 dav of November next, and n I'ur Hier cull of leu dollar per share on said inw -lock payable on or before the lulu day of lioveinher next SIDNMY HsMJI.OW. Clerk. norloijion (),. .-, !!t7 A r II. ilis (M Chilli C.iipelmos. Gothic and olher patterns. Al-o 2 il. z H'lilercd pattern- lor piitiiiio niiiler -love-Itom I lo 4 yih. rqo ire. ju-i received by IjA I'IIUOP & Po l WI.4. Oc 3 IP.37 NOTICE. BROIvH iiPo the lot ot the nib-criber (nine liui" sine, n red COW with a lopt horn, nb on 5 years old, dry. The owner is n que ed in prove properly, pay charops anil lake her away. JAMHS'I. CUTLUR. HiilibcTs Falls H-ex. I Sepleiiiber 30 KI37. BROAD OlOTS. rrHH .-iili-criber- have received a larro .IL quantity nf Hmail Cloth of every hailo and qunliiy mid will In; sold ut prices conu4riiidin; wi'h the Mines. liATIIROP .V POl'WIN. October G. 1317. MBflflHATOS. rriUKXcn. Kn; 1 1 -1 and Gro do Nap L1 Mir inns, a full assort incut of the nbovc an icle.-, Just received and for talc at (lie lowed price by Latijhoi' & Po r win. Oct. C. I!!37. October IS',17. 1?17HAI,HI10N1-: HUSKS and narrow t I Whalehones. patent German Vnillli Strini's. H i-s Viol Si rings, (Jlariuet mouih piece- &. Reeds. 3 deZ Pink Siuccrs Mu-ical I ni r nun-ills Oic lii-t received at the Vanely Shop. Pan nr. 'it & Ruin-maid NOTWITHSTANDING the scarcity of Silver, wi; ciiutuiue to make all kinds of Silver Spoons, mid have a "nud i-sortiiipiil nnw and nt all limes on hand i warrnnted (ind Vanelv Shun. Panoiioiiv &. HntNMAit liOt iVo well's Instate. fj I lie Mili-uriliers, liavin' lieen ap- V pniiited by the Hon. Ihe Probata Court tor Hie District of Chittenden, coin mi-sinners to recive. exainil.t; ami ailju the claim and demand 'if all ppr-011- aaiiist ilie eslaie of ,ot Newell, late ol Charlotte, in -aid I)i-tnei, dt cp.i-ed. repn M'ntpil 111-olvpiii .and al-o all c'aiui- and de inmids exhibited 111 i fi'-et llicelo; nud -1 inonlh.- Irom the dav of the dale hereof. In - nor allowed bv said Court for that minno w e do I liereforp hereby inv" notice, that we will al lend lo I h" bu-liies of our a,i pnuiiiueii, ii the (Iwellini: 1,1 15'rd-eye New elt III (''liailo'le, in .-aol District, 00 Hie -ic-ntl Toe-ihiv ol March next, at 10 o' clock, A. M. D.i'ed.'his 13-h dav of September. A D. I!!37. PITT V). HLWH PT. ) Cmmit GAD HOOT. ( f.hmr.1. Chcttj), Clirttprr, (U't-apvs!, J. W. yAS a n in reliinod Irom New York . wiHi a new slipp y of Good m his line of hu-ine--, consist lug oja general us sortment of (Iniceries, Pork, I'Mour, Boots, Si, Shoes, Sheet hi":, Shirt inr, liatliiiji. Vaddiiir, Vicki.ig. (The nimble six-pcnc! is hotter than the 'ow shilling. Wmoo-lii, Oct. 3, 1337. W. W. M K X S R Si , No 201! W isiiiNii ton Sritmn', Il isroN, Importer and lltttler in English. Canton, French, German and .'liuer'uan Fam y (loods. pU!!JOIN.f.D i a C.iiabiL'un ofsouie ofihc J varum, kiutls o''Gooil W. V. MLSSLIt s constantly rcceivim; f.otn thu I'oreigu and Donicstiu iM.iiiuficiuici. In s'lhciliii"; the cii-loiu of Merchants nud Dealer, he as-ures lliem that he will sell hi .Mind for Cash or Credit, ai a- low price, ami on a;' I terms as can bo found in any City 111 the Union. Ilavimrbut recently cumnipnced lui-ine, hn will Im pleased to soli for C sii at 11 much I liver rain of profit II ilm old ami establish ed houses of thu City art) in practice uf doiny. uiru coons. Gold and s Iver Pencil Cacs in great varie ty ; "old, silver, shell, pi-arland finely painted Snuff k Tobacco lice ; silver Spoons, I limiiilcs, milter mul mul Knives; pnai I, a irate nnd "las. silver mnuutcd Seals; sil'-er immuled Dirks. Seis-nrs. Sliletlocs. Lmerie and Wax es; silver Tooth Picks, Whistle ami Unities a vniiely nf elegant m arl Watch Slands : la dies' rich gold platen Head Hrnds, liucclols ami Ilniiquet Holders; inlaid roo.wood and silver furnished Sowin" Hoxes: stiver plated 'I'eelh Hrush.soap nnd shaving llocs j gold uiiiirmn 1 oiuiureiuss. CUTI.I'.ICY. i . .,',,V V ',M N"rV n"i .coa".a. "B,l"! 1 v.i iiuu-i uiauo i-en ami rocket Knives, o - ("uogurs , -ii mil s, i.rmiKiV'n wit iiiram c. ' ,,,,,1 .'llaeshawV' manufaclure. doik. bow.c 1. .ii... ... 11 ..0.. ., .... .. .ant ,,rlMng Knives; pearl ivory and slnu handled silver capped Dnk Knives: 11 jrrcat variety of Lnirlisli and French manufactured Razors. In cases- mi cardsaiid Dnzmis, miniature Kuive and .Scismhs; poclinl, button hole,nnil, lact: and cniiiinon S'cisnirs mid Slmais. nl'Ltifr. Iish and Geiinan make of every form and quality ; Tweezer, fin, lilMSHKS. French. I'nylish h Amtmcnn hair l!ni.ies. ofall possible varied si.cuiinl finish ; clothes, nail, hat. comb, shavhiir ami shoe Urn-lies, of ureal vmiety j 1 2.1-1 and 5 row fiuu French, FiiL'lih nml 111er1cai1 Teeth llrushe.-; urn ml and flesh Ilrushcs. COMIiS. Fin" ivory C"ii lis of ail sizes and prices; wrmiL'lil and plain shell 15 n-k nud Side Comb. .-hell and hull'iln limn Twit (Jmulis, shell ivory ami horn Drcssiiitr Coiiihs; pearl shell, nud Ii in 11 Pocket Combs ; silver. Guilt and j.-ippanncu nielallit! twist Coinb-t ; jet and "Hill shell Sole ( oiulies, soaps, ri:uFu.ii y and oils. Almond p.i-tc Sii ivhil' Soap ; -K w's," white & brown Toilet Shiniiit; S"np: French 1 rani:ireiil nml exquisitely perluin ed Toilet S01111-, Law-on-'s comii'itioo Soap for the extraction ol'.Oil- from Cloth : American Toilet mid Shavtii'' Snap-., 111 L'renl var'.etv; real l-'nnmi, French aid American Celooios; Kn-jh-h ami French double distilled Lavender Water; Fn neb iierlumeil Toil' 1 and llorean Cushion; 11 'enernl !!. i.rluieiil of Hit! French extract o flowers, toil iitiineri'iis to particulari. - ; Mncca-siir, Aoiixoe. Vtmeinble nml Ilear's Oil-1. Henr's (ireii-e, pi'iirl Powd.-r, I- rench nl Americnu Hair Powd -r, and Otto o IL-se FOCKCT BOOKS. CAI5I) CASF.S, & ' I' hi in mid in sin) -bell l.iird Case.-, pearl d wrought ivory Cm) Cases, ;il mid morocco do ,'Soiivenirs, Note Cies Mem orandiim tiouK, intiici, I hrcail and .Nee. die Ca-e of beautiful finish and cxtcn-ive virietv; Indies' silver and si eel mounted cket Hooks, simple and combined wiHi Card Ca-is and NpciIIp Hook furnished and p'a'ii ; Geiit!ctiieiiV Wallets and Poik et Hooks, in as "real a v.uieiv as can be found 111 the 01 v: Porcelain Slate. Leaves Hid Tablets; sliell (Jard Haskcts, of beau tiful and varied firms. KliONVIi;!) GOODS. A c;rrat vani ty nf timque and elenaut pattern nl Hri iiZ'-d Ink Suuitls and Ther mometers; bri.i z"d ('ard Rack and Watch Stands; bronz'-nd Pa-tile Horner-, tallies HelU. Col. .true and Perl'iine- Sinnis. DKSKS, CASKS, IJOXUS, AC Lndie-' ami (Jen1 h uiiiii s 1 2, 1-1, 10. 13, 20 and 22 inch rosewood and mahoirany pent I miaul ami brass bound Writ my )-!;, wi'h Secret Drawers; ladle.-' nml Gentle men's r 1 r 1 1 1 v furnished and plain Dressiii" Case; leather travelling ami japnined Shiivinrr Cases ; ladle plain and inlali fiirni-heil and uufiiriii.-hed, ro-ewood. satin wood, bird's-eye maple and inahoo.-inv Work Hoxes; 11 variety of sizes anil pat tern of pictured while v.-ood Cotton Hoxes; trnvellintr roll up and lock up Portfulins; perfiiineiy, jewel, handkerchief and 0I0V" ca.-es. eleirnnt (.'hiues" Tea ('hiIiIic. M ! S C li L A N I : O US A UT I C . I C S . Head IJaos ami Purse, silk and h nlher du silver plaied.'iilt and steel Purse Claps; plated, (,'ilt. -teel and .'lass Putsjo Rinys and Ta-cU; boxes ot Motto S.al. embr-il-den d Heilin Needle work, pearl, niniu'la, lerrlmrn. shell ten' tier, nioroccn rind G "rinno Ciar ('ae fancy Toilet Glasses; Hoxes and Haskets; fancy Album Hooks and Hex. es ; India Ruh'ier Rin' and Halls; ela-tic Garters; Indelible Ink, Steel and Gemum Hotie. Lniih-h and American Razor S'lap-; Hniiania nnd Wood Shaving Hex es : Powder ami Puff Hoxes: Lucifer Matche. ; Spool S'nnd-: wood, ivory and lion Silk Reel; pearl and ivory Silk nml ('niton Winders: boxc- of Pen-, Inks and Sand- ; feather Do-iers: wrouirli' ivory. Chino-p and h nth- r Fan- mid Foe Screens: work irave liny. C niton French an I Amer ic in H i-ket-: -iei-1 Pens nl all the most mi. proved iiinnufac'iirpr-' inake : wax bend-: c.ornl N'-ek'.-icps : -alelv chain: Pins mid Needle-: Pin Cu-hion: vj: Gln-esj -icel. 'jlli and coinpo-innn Thimble-; liearl. bone and Cm on Pain r Fold, r ami Holders; Tape Mea-iirer-, yold mid silver SiianL'h-; Trim parenl, hroi ze and coinmou Water: wniiiio Ink ami sand; (iln-s Ink-land- and Sand.-; Ililh I am! Letter pnner. and all lb" varieties of sealoi" wax; Clonk Cln-p-; ivory, h me nml cocoa Nankin Rio"-; Puz-z''-. Mirror and Toi'el Gln--es: toy Waic. . c- nml 5 -v oi Clnne.o T" AUTI TS'TOOLS AM) .UATiCKI T. A'l-Z"-"' in 1 ere,- : Ca va-e-: D v ami groom! Colour; M 1-1 ic Va ' in-li: No' Oil L "ii's Sali . ami Cnim-l's ,ir l!ni-ll s: pallet Kmv"-; A-l'h.iitoin: nil -z s ' nch anil F.o'li.ii hone.-; wa'.-r Co'uis; M'nia 'ure (J is s. Ii' i'-I; nnd while ( J r ,1 v 1 i t-: Por to-nvon. I )r !.. I! -.nl- siiooriNG a i) av(.i,in(; tacki.k Porcu 1..11 Cip-: Sli .1 Hat;-; I'owihr Fla-I;-; pocket Scre.v Dnver.; 01111 Worm ; Gaul" Hat;. Flaym and Siiorlsiiicn dnnkioi; (,'up.. n very convenient arnce for iravell.; Fi-hiny I! ol ami Hook-, H-i-k '. F "t: L'oen Manilla, Siik and lla" Li".'-; F -h I In . &r &c (iAMIIH AM) A .H US 31 K. NTS. Sp.ei. li I Ciuti'o wioiielo iv ny ('ne-s'.. ' ; l-'iencli. Fiiiyb-h ami G-"iuan iv ry. b lie ami wood di'i". Ch- .. Hackiamnc'ii .mil ('h (jui-r H arils, ol Canton. Mnj;l'h and G-iiinin Hi ke, ivory. It 11 and wood Cm (1'iei no 11 : CmIiIui"!' H i'inl-: Ivmlish. French and Aon m'iii Plnyini; Ci',1-; w n't 'Vory, peii'l. horn- Wins- ami L "' Cumi rs, Dh'c ami Cup, Dominoi s Leo. Solitaire, Gei 111 . 11 T,ic' tp.. F" ami Gt c-e, IS.inle 'lon s Hud- Corolie'la-. Gaul" of 1 he G ra. ee.. Cup and Hi IN. H-xe- ol Game.., Jump Rope., Ho.v-. Arrows and 'Pa njei s, Jack S'raws, lo'jeHier with Hie lollowini.' mull--injr and uisiiuctivp Di-.ecied Puzz'c ; U'rniliihl iV'-ry and plain boxes ol Chllie-e Puzzle-; Map of the World, Fnrope, Am- r. icu and the United Suites. Huihliny.. Liud. nape:i. Manufacture of Tin, Grand Aviary, Zooliitrieal Garden. Slavery Abolished, Scenes in Paris, Ti leyraph, Tin Soieerer, Scripture Views, Monument. A H 0. liar vest lloiii". Fair Day, IMIy li'itum, .l.mnny Gilpin, Threading 1 1 10 Needlo, hliie beard, ,'t '.in, ll,;r""l" l''0'1'" "' :l,";l,l'"t'''l.n.e..,l,. .or p.)l.o will give Ip,,,,,, on vob.i.snu Cru-iiP. N.ipo'pon s LivMiac. A . .;,, Forc. Vml.,,, Clannell, Flnto I par aftPr Marriage, llunl the Slipper, No &i, &c , sm,h ,,,,,.,, coi;ilouK,n HPaslllg y verj lioi.y, vVC i.'.C. ns , 1(, ,u , Jnr ,,,, w t, , N. 11 Order from ilm Cimiilrv prom illy 1 c 1 I Y proinpily nltended lo mid put up with irp.u care. - S'SOV 5 B3 1 I ?'ft fft JmnlsCaiMdal'ipcalsna gc- 4i'! .ra psmimonl ulT.tijIiiib nml . . . ., 1 t, 1 . lussia run rino.jiibt rev 11 am. inr sate ny U II fcP.CVILS I Sept 20,1337. 'U THl 11H Aiiiiunl .Meutioj; ol the member oT A. tho Vermont .Mutual Tire Insurance Company, will be holdun at tho Court Huuso in Moiiipi'lior mi thu I81I1 day of October next, al onu o'clock aficrnoon, for tho choico of Directors for Ihe year ensuing, and lo mako such mneiidmeiils lo Ilm by lawsi ai may bo deemed neccssarv. Ilv order of thu commit tee. JOSHUA Y. VAIL, Stc't. lasuaruoo oiricn Monlpfclier. ) Sept. 10, 1S3L S WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL. 'Phe siili-cnbers will publish a daily paper tluriiiij the eiisuuio; si s-inn of the logiulns tiire, of Hie -ize and in the form of tlio dni'y nflatyeiir, cmiimuiiiir reports of tho prucecdmirs of Ihc legislature, ot Congress mil ihe news ol the day. The paper will lm isued 1:1 the afternoon of each day, Sunday excepted.) 10 I11110 lor the molls winch eloie hi I iie eveninif. 'IV rum jjl. II JTM embers of I ho legi-lii1 uro and others, a ho will lurw aril us the umnoy shall receivo me cpy ir rat is for every live subscriber. The Watchman and Journal weekly will bo furnished I lirrniyh I he session for -.O centi,-three month for M) coins. 11. P. WALTON & SON. Montpcher, S -pi. 15, 11137. pom cah5iS. (1 jOlt Salu, wholesale, and retail. Fur Cap JL put up in good style lo bo &old at fair pi ices?. Caps made to order. W. I. SKYAIOUH. Sept 23, 1337. LOS T ON tin; Winnoski turnpike, between Mr Parkhursl's tnvern nml this vil lage, h black CANH, with buckhorn linn. die. and L F. marked on the head. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving II 111 this office. S-mii . 23. K!37; The nicmhcrs of Boxer Engine Company No. 3, are notified to meet at John Howard's Hotel on Monday next (Oct. 2d) at 1 o'clock 1'. M. A piiiictii.il attendance is re. que.-tcd. A. SMITH, Clerk. Sept. 20 1337. GOODS. IP. 23 O&KTTSE HAS just received .1 largo and general as sortment of Fall and Winter Goods, which he oilers for sale on tho lowest terms fur cash or credit The Goods have been boUL'ht in New. Yuri; at ihe present low ralos, and will be sold as low as at any store in tho county . Rurlinglou, Sept. 27, 1337. 3w Stoves, Groceries Sec. A T the new Slorc, between Messrs J. W. .a. Weaver's and Lalhrop k. I'otwins, Nos. 1, 2,3 mid 4 Prophecy, Rotary and improved Rolnry, various sizes. Oval lioiler, Tp Oven, Ho.v, Canada l!ox, various sizes and bcau- liful patterns, Dumb Stove, fee. A select assortment ofSlovc Pipe, Tin, Zinc, Stove ami Hollow Ware, Ate,-, 11 superior article, Nail, Glas., Hour and a general assoit- inenl of Groceries, Sliocs. Hoots and various other articles for sale ul a small advance on wholesale prices. SLWALL KENNY. Winooski, Sept. 1837. SinfslS mSSOLUTION. rgiFli: lino of Derrick. Chnslnpher k Co. ii JL tin. dav dissolved by mutual consent. All unsettled accounts will bo adjusted by Ly man & Cole. lllll AM IIBURICK. Wm II. CHRISTOPHER. HLIAS LYMAN. MORTON COLE. Hurliilgton. Sept. 23 1337. Concave Sjiectaeles. JUS'I' received an addilion In our asort meut of ( 'oncave ; silver bowed Specta cles at tho Variety Sh p. Sept. 29. Paxgborn k Hrinsmaid. ic Di-inci of Chittenden, comes (he siib-crib'-r Ttioin-is Ci:ttenden, adminis irntnr ol the E-iute ol Noah Chittenden, 'ale of Jericho 111 said Di-tnc', deceased, and repre-cnls thai ihc per-oiuil e-tale of aid d ased wi I uoi be sufficient lo pny he 1'. hi. nud charge. iherenl and hereby ui-ike n pplica' mo 10 said Coon. (or licence 'o sell the n a 1 1 - Hi I e for 1 hat 11 nr pose. THOMAS CHITTENDEN. October ii. V,M STATE OF FER.MO.YT, Al n Prubnto Di-Tiucr or (,'iiit ti;.mikn. Courl ho I -tl'-n nl Hurliiiglon. m Mild Disirict, oil the 5: li day of October A. D. 1337. Il 1 ordered thai nti acc Mini be taken ol the deh. and al-o, the proceed- of ih; per sonal e.-'iiie of said deccn-ed. and that the heir- and all person.- concerned 111 said es tate he not fp d lo np-e.ir before said Court "ii ih" Hind Monday ol October inst. at the Eagle Hill in Willi-ton, alorcsaid. to give b iid for the paiuoi't nfdebl, nml show cau-e why I. cense 11 aforesaid shall not be e in iii ed, and thai such uoiice ho given by publishing the above applictiiiii ihree weeks .iicces-ively, as mini n may he 111 the Free Pros a newrpuper printed in Hurliilgton, in s!l"l District. Given under my hand, tho day nnd year first above written. Wm. WESTON, lirzisler. Charles James Kathrens l.aienf Quebec nml Si, Julius, Z&SflfSSCJ 'ilDISR. "MEGS l.nvo mo-t respectfully in ac O (uaiuliho Ladies, and Gentlemen of Hurluiginn and its vicinity, Hint, bavin" riceiiily arrived 111 their village (where ho m.imK C. .1. K. also desires in Hato that hnvinn- Hip acquirement of Thorough H,ts, ho is 1 '"""led i" nrrnugi) Music, nud givo insttue- '"-'-.ihly to nil Ihe purposes of har- , m"liv nnd lu.ther wishes lo add Hint, ho tutu s I'ini'O i.n'i'3. (a-. 1 u'ly and correctly. Grifll 1 .1 il l IIo'i e, Peail si. ) li ' P. 1 1 Ji lb!7

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