5 Ocak 1838 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

5 Ocak 1838 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Til E eubcnuor requests oil per sons indebted lo him, to Make immediate payment, ns his ne cessities will not ml And In; would ogam V C llio recollection of H' who ca II nt Sundav morning Hm Sln.p nw bo closed ? t in? I cTefuro suggests the, exped. onev of callin" on Sunday evening. Tho c P rsons having borrowed Razors, ore requited to rcium the W their little bill Lnuw DBnvn.t.L. Burlington, .Tin. 1, inatl. Provision Barrels. THE pibscnbcr line on hand a good lot of "revision Barrels, which will be sold lev for cash. BBVBRAN0Bi J7nrlinKtin, Jan. t, 1H37. Change ! Change ! ! C MALL CHANGE for sale in sums to Mill purelin-cs. I'rcmiutn pain GOLD and SILVER in sunn not I than 410. nt tin- store of b LATHROP & POTWIN Jon. 5. io:tn. . To Wood Choppeis. GUIS EX'S AXES. A SUPPLY of the nbovu celebrated Axes, just received, n nil for gate by iho dozen or single, bv tlm subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington, Dec. 20, l37. 1TXMBBR. TJIHH utnliT-iL'ii 'I ofierr- lor sale a quail X tny of LUMBER, consisting or Pine Boardf, seasoned Cedar Posts, Maple Scantling suitable for bcmhltih. White Oak Spunks, first rate, by the thousand or sett. On baud, as usual, a good assortment of lumber and pleasure SLEIGHS, which will be sold low tor cash. 03 All persons having unset tied account aro called upon to adjust them previous to the 20ih inst., ond save C01,i. JOHN K. GRAY Burlington, Jan. I. 13. NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW , no. 90 run J vmjauv. CONTENTS. Anx. I. Cooper's Novels and Travels Gleanings in Europe. By the Author of 'The Spy," &c. &e. Anr II Circro. 1. M. T. Cicero de Scncduie et de Amicitia. ex Editionibus Oliveii n Enicsti Acccdunt Noiro Anglicus Joveniuii accom mnda're. Cuia C. K. Dillaway. A. M 2. M. T. Ciccronis do Officii Libri Trcs. Ex Editionibus O'ivcti et Emesti. Acccdunt Noite Anglicce Cura C. Is. Dillaieay. A. M. 3. La R'-publiquc do Cicernn. d'uprcs li Tcxte inedit, recemmcnt decouvort et mtnineute par M. Mai, Bibltnihecoiro du Vatican. A vec unu Traduction Froncaisc un Discours Preliminaire. cudes Disscrla. tinns Ili.-iorinues, par M. Filltmain, de I'Acadcmie Francaise. Art. III. Talfourd's Lrllcrs of Charles Lamb. The letters of Charles Lamb, with i sketch of his life. By Thomas Noon Tal fourd, ono rif Ins pxerulor-', Sliidu. A course of legal study, addressed to fiiudcnlf. ond Ihe profession generally, liy David Hoffman. Jur. utr. Duct. Gutingen Airr. V. De Quincy's Life of Raphael Ilisloire de la Vie el des Uivrcs d Raphael. Par Jl. Qualremere de Quincij Art. VI. Grund s Americans The Americans, in their Moral, Social nnd Political Relations. By Francis J. Grund, Aiit. VII. Constitutional Law. Reports of cases argued nnd adjudged in the Supreme Court ot the United Slate Jiinuary Term, 1037. By Richard Peters. Am-- VIII. Green's Talei from the Gcr man. Tales from the German. Translated bv Nathaniel Grrtne, Aut. IX. The Discovery of America by the Northmen. Antiqiiitaics Americano, sive Scriptores fccpiciilrinnales Keriim Ante-Columuiana rum, in America. Samling oT dc i Nordem Oldskrifier in chlinldte cfterretninger om do ramie Nord boere opdagelsoreiser til America, fra del lOdc til del Mile Aarliundrcdo, AnT. X Prcscolt's Ferdinand and Isa lella. History of ihe Reign of Ferdinand and Jsouella. the Catholic. By William II. Prescott. Aiit. XI. Critical Notices, 1. Brown's St Domingo, 2. Phillips on Patent?, 'J. Wicldlll'eV Adilri'Hs. 4. Noye's Hebrew Propbelp, r). LicbcrV Polnical Ilernienoulics. G. Bushni.-H'n Pin Betn Kapia Oration 7- Mas-nchiisetu Lunntin Hosnilol, 0. Watt's Eulogy on Judge Matthews 9. Stuart's Lhdipus I y rniiniiP, 10. Lindsey's Commenci ineni Speech, 1 1. American Almanac fn 1030 12. Fair of llio Mechanic Associn'ion. Editor's Note, Quarterly List of Ntw Publicatiuns. .. W. IllCKOK, Agent. Bit linglon Jan. , I H30. Church St., Burlington Vt. HAS received and offers for kalo a good assortment of DRY GOODS, CROCK EflY, GLASS WARE k. GROCERIES, which lo Iho&o who have cash or n good credit will ho sold for a prico lo suit. Dec. 13. 1037. Bunch and Bloom Raisins. BOXES by Uec. Latiirot A- Potwin, Winter Strained Lamp Oil. JOft GALL'S, puro winter Oil by Latiiiioi' k Potwin. Walton's Vermont Register for J038 Second Edition 500 just ree'd by Doc. 27. C. Gooimicii. WE aro now manufacturing fine Gold Deeds, at tli u Variety Shop. I'ANonon.N & Hiiissmaii). Nov. 20. 1037. BANK OF BURLING TON NOTICE is hereby givon, that a moollnjr of Iho Stockholders of tho Hank ol Burlington will lie hidden nt tho Hanking llutise on tbo third Tuesday of January next at eleven o'clock A. M, for the purpose ol choosing pnven Directors for llio year next ensuing. Uy order oRbo President anil ui lectors. II. G. COLE. CasU't. Dec. 15, 1037. Christmas and Now Year's, PRESENTS can In' found in abun dance ut the Book Store. Auuinji Iho annuals for !13U, the "Christmas Keepsake" may be designated ns onu ol peculiar worth . J .is. W. IllCKOK. Burlington. Dec. 20, I0.17. Necessity asks many favors. rip II I'J subscriber earnestly ri-rjiH'ritn till JL ihnso unlebied lo him lor blacksmith inir lo make iniinrdinio iiavinent without fail All orders in attended lo. Dee, 22. 1037 lino punctually I'. MaUKIIAM. Champlain Trans, t onipany. fllME Stockholders of tho Champlain Transportation Company aro hereby notified to meet at thu ilolul of John llowaid. in Burlington, on Thursday llio Ith day of tanuaiv A. I). 1830, nt ono o'ulock P. M. for llio purpose of choosing Dii colors ful the ear ensuing, tiy order &a I". DOOLITTLE, Clerk. Burlington, Dee. 19, 11137. iro7UMVTT 1 IHE room over Lathrop &, Potwuis btoro, lately occupied by C, Baxter E-q. Apply to SAM'L. IllCKOK Burlington. Dee. 22. 1037. 3w LEMU'ti'L CUltTIS, AS on hand and will soil at n low price a fine assortment of Fur Caps, Capca, and Boas. A31SO 10 doz. Hair Sni dps, very cheap, I)i;u. 13, 1 1137. W UST received HP 1 Case I'l.ii :i French i uabe n.iisi i' rencii - 1 English f 1 Fig'd French ( ' 1 ' FllL'lisIl J Mcrinoes. 1 " English G pieces Rocv leu Cheek, with prices to suit Ihe purchaser. u. Lull I lb. Church st., Burlington, SO.STOH ACADEMY. A large (ii;inlity ol this excellent col lection of Church Muiic aUu a mini bcr of KiNrjfiiv snciAr. cuoirt. vor,. 11 are ju-,1 received from Boston and offered lor solo nl tho Book store liy Dec. 13, 1037. .IAS. W. IllCKOK A few cases just received by LATH HOP k POTWIN. Dec. 13, 1837. Hlll'j Burliugioii Mill Co, ti o prepared L to oxecult! orders (or Castings of ev ory oescripiion. nt snort, nonce, uii'V nre constantly provided with tho best Scotch ., iiiuixil" CM-IMI"3 . men iiru required lo be. soft for finishing ; nnd also Iron niosl suitable (or shalls, goers, and and other castings, where great strength ii nil durability ore required. Thev have on hand n good ussori incut ol patterns patterns made lo order al short notice, by experienced workmen. Potash kettles made if ordered, Caldron do. generally kept on hand, several sizes of box and foncy stoves, also I'loughi a first role inniicl. wither without woods. Castings which are required to be turned or bored, can be done in tho best manner All orders directed to the above concern will receive prompt attention. Winonski Ciiv. Dee. 2.". 1037. Silk &, Worsted Sashes, or Bells, for sale at the Variety Shop. PANGBOUN k BRINSMAID, STATE OF VERMONT, ) OlIITTUNIlUN CoU.VTV, FS. S Chittenden County Court. Aug. Term 1037 llh RE AS John Gam It and Rodman Milihcll both of Iho City and Slate o iow orl. having entered their action on book account, on tho Docket of the County Court wilhin and tor said (. oinly or Cbilteu (been iniulo lor her separate inaintainanco , den, at the March Term of said Court I03G, i Therefore all persons nro forbidden lo trust against Puter Hill and Horace Stearin of her on my account. Bi:la Ciiittuniiun. said Burlington, and judgement to account iShclhurno. 27, 1837. having been rendered therein, by default, and . . , , , , .. Ihe subscriber duly authorised by said Couil ; llVCl' Ou gill head haiUIS, Sll lo audit and adjust the accounts of llio P.ir. I vrn eoinbs ; whito dress slocks, and all of lies; nnd tho said Dofoudanls not having an I which nio much worn in Cities, upon some Attomoy of record in said Court, and il not! particular occasions, such as at halls, parlies, having been made to appeal thai tho said weddings, for sale al llio Variety Shop, Bioarns bus had personal notice of the service- PANG BORN k BRINSMAID. and pendency ol IhW soli, It wn ordered by "" " " said Court, thai uolicu of tho oudiiing of thu . M Otto Seals, JVOI'V Paper Cllt aecounts of the Parties bo given lo llio said J 0rH kc. A great variety of glass seals, with Hill, and feKurns. by ubhealiou, in the ioltoes.gond inipiessiona, Ivory paper knives. "Burlington I tie Press," a nowspaper printed brass seals, red and black sealing wax, red in Burlington aforesaid, three weeks success. ; wafors.lndia Bubbor, sntin ground English ively.lhu last ol which shall no at least sixty lutmr paper, fine imported and American let days beloio (ho day ineiiiioiied in said nolico. ; iur am cil,, p,,per, billel paper, good quills, wluc i s mil be deemed buuluiuul uolicu lo thu , paints brushes. &c. i-o. for sale al the Variety said Hall and Steams lo nppoar and answer therein. Timaernnn, tho said Hull and Sinarns aro hereby notified that Iho said Auditor will attend to iho duties of said appointment, at hisolfico in Burlington afoicsaid on Iho loll, day of March noxt,al 10 o'cIolIs in the foro noon, ui which tiinu and place, llio said Hall and Sloarus are hereby notified to attend and Ssune!;ff aCC"""lH for "J Dated at' Burlington in s-aid County of Chittenden this20lh day of Deceu.bei 1037. W.m. NOIIEE, Auditor. 1 10,000 Hnshels Solar livapora- I ion, Salt, 2,000 ' Cnarso Sieani do. 1,500 " Cainpenchy and Si UIk s do 200 Sacks Liverpool ground, Dairy du G00 Bbls fine Weslern do. 10 do do do I) nry do. for sale by Foi.i.ktt & Biiaih.f.vs. Dec. 2G. 1(137. Blanks for sulo at this Office, IRON, NAILS, GLASS, &c. 10 Tuns English Iron assorted sizc 5 do old & now sable Russia do. 3 do Swedes do. 20 do Round do nsforted sizes from . to 3 inches. 6 do Band do do 1 lo G inch. 5 do Square ond do J lo 2 do. 0 do Shun Shopcs. Cast. EiiL'liL. German. Swedes, nnd Spring Sieel, Rowlands best German Steel Mill Saws, Hue & Co Casl ond Gorman Steel Mill Saws, Sieel plated, and cast sleigh ond cutter Slmcs, cast and wrought waggon Arms. Anvils & Vices waggon Boxes Crowliars Shovels and Spades ,roce nnd linker Clia'nn Ploughs nnd long!) Castings Improved bark Mills, mill Crnnks, &c, &.c. 1500 kegs Nails, of nil sizes from 3d. to G inch spike, of the Peru Iron Co. ManufjcUirc. 500 boxes, Champlain, Peru & Jerico Glass. for Fale by Fom.ctt & Bium.uvs. Dec. 0. 1037. TffffK SIMOMETEIIS. Un 1IICII go far enough lielow Zero, lor V T this ciiuinlc, and aro correct ; for sale fit tho varioty shop, PANG BORN & BRINSMAID Dec. 29, 1037. Swords, Pistols, Sabres, &, oth er military goods for sale, at the Variety Shop, " PANGBOUN k. BRINSMAID Dec. 29, 1B37. Common large packing Trunks. for sale at the Variety Shop, Pangii mis & BiitNsMAin. Town Meeting. THE inhabitants ofthc town ol I'.urlirigton who arc legal voters in town meeting nro hereby notified lo meet at llio town room said Hiirlniglon on llio inn day oi January A. D. 1!!."10 al2 o clock in the allernon to act on the following business to wil : 1. To choose a moderator to govern paid meeting. . To see if iho town will authoriso the se lect men to lay out, sin vey and contract for the liKikin r and building ofa new road, common. cing near llio urulgu ol Union Uiver lower Falls and running thence around the hill Northwesterly al a convenient distance from the river lo the ofl'scl below tho Catholic Church and thence by the most convenient route lo the iSurlli wardly termination ol White Street. 3. To sec if the town will raise money and defray a suitable proportion ol' the expense of making and cniistriirtiug said road. SAMUEL NICHOLS,; Selectmen WM. A. CJIUSWOLD, of II. LOWRY, ) Burlington N OTIC U TO II YGEA1STS. 'ESSRS. Morison Moat. & Co., have revoked and made void the ap. point incut of II. Shepherd Moat, as gen cral agent for the sale ol their Medicines in the U. States, and have appointed and sent out Mr. George Tnvlor. Caution ! "No Pills sold in the U. States of America are the genuine Mor- ison's Pills, or Vegetable Universal Medi cine ol Iho liritlish College ol llcaiin un less ench box containing such pills be siirncd with n fan sirntlu of Mr. .Tiimr ,ir,.v.'- " jjyw.-uj... signature, and also wilh n Inc-siinile of the signature, of ihe said George Taylor, as such General A- gent uforesaid." (See advertised copy of oppiontinent.') at the variety shop. The label is ns follows, and is affixed to each box. George Taylor. General Agent for the united States of America, appnin tal In .iVnrison .Voal. Sf Co. liriti'h Col lege of Health, Jamei .Maris-m the Hygihl, Hamilton Place, Kings Cross, London Tho George Taylor, is a fac simile of the signature of the General Agent for the United Suites. The .Moriion Jlaat, &. Co is a fac-simile of iho signature of iho Directors of the BritiUh College of Health. And James Morison the liy gcisl is n flic-simile of the signature ol the founder oftho Hvgenn Theory. To im itate this label is forgery ! The above do seribed Medicine we have direct from ihe United Stales Agent Mr George Taylor. PAMillOUN &. BlWNSMAII). Dec. 1037. Notice. IS hereby given thai thu undersigned and his vvifu Dihma Chillinitiu, have separated by mutual agreement and llial provision lias Shop. PANGBOUN k BlWNSMAII), POWDER. Kegs, for sale by Foi.i.i-.tt Sf BnAin.r.vs. .rjnilE HYGEAN MEDICINES of iho I A British Collegn of Health. The i f...i.in M Il.ll.. . : i i r. se i.,25e. fiOet. g, lind g.1 packages of " hnVarKiy Shop. The genuine Medicine C,1U bu Hblul,M;1 1,1 " "' ""ly nf l'Ann..nN & Buinsmud. PTSI-T. Qui 'la Is dry Codfish. 20 Bbls. V lliuNon Bay No 1. Salmon, for sale by FOLLETT & BRADLEVS. Dee, 1037. SOB4EWS. Cloihuirs Screws, Bench do Mill do Standing Press do Manufactured by E, k T. Fairbanks & Co. For salo by J. k J. H. PECIC k Co.-Agcnls, MERCHANDIZE. nr Chests, II. S. Y. II. Hyson and OVJ pouehong Tens. 10 Bags St. D. nnd real Java Codec. 10 " I'eppcr nnd Pimouto. 0 Kegs fine Ginger. 75 Malts Cassia, 100 Bnxo.i d nd quarter boxes fresh bunch Raisins, '10 Boxes Bar Soap, .10 " Windsor Shav'.ng Soap, 1 Casks No. 1. Kaloratus, 10 IHnls Porto Rico nnil N. Orleans Sugars, 20 Bbls lump and double refined loaf do. 10 Boxes Pipes, 20 Kegs and boxes plug and Cavendish Tobacco, 10 Bbls pound nnd half pound cut do. G " Nos. 1 o 2 chewing do. GO Jars Lorillard's Maccaboy Snuff, 75 doz. patent Wood Pails, 100 Quintals Cod Fish, G Tierces North shore Salmon, 10 Pipes I loll, and Ballimure Gin, 0 bbls. American Gin, G lihds St. Croix Rum, 35 Cai-ks old Mnd. Sherry, old Port, Malaga and Mar.iiles pure Wines, 20 Baskets Champaign do. 10 half pipes pure Sigucttc and Amer ican Ijinndy, 0 Boxes Si arch, 20 Bags Shot, GO Kegs Powder, Nutmegs, Cloves, Gaasia buds, dried Currnnts, &e. Sic. 2000 gallons pure fall and winter Sperm Oil. IRON, STKTCIi, AC. 30 tons English, Waggon, Coach and Cart tire, Swedes nnd old Sable Iron, Sanderson's Cast, German, English Blis ter, American and Spring Steel, Russia and American Nail Rods, Cro Bars, Sieel plated and cast Iron Sleigh Shoes, Hollow ware, Plough cnslmgs, Waggon Boxes. Mill Cranks, Bark Mills, Polnsh Kettles, Vices, Anv ll, Spades, Shovels, Forks. Halter and trace chains. Stone'.- Cast Steel Axe-, n superior ar ticle and warranted. TIN rr.ATKS &c. 100 boxes 1-3 X Un plates and extra sizes 200 do C.innda Sheet Iron, G5 Bills English and Rutsia Sheet Iron nssoricd numbers. 100 Bdls Iron Wire assorted. 3 Cos-e- Sheet Cupper, Rivets blk. tinned and copper, Shed Zme. &c. A'.e. STOVES & TRIMMINGS. Slnrlcys Rotary, Improved Rotary, Parker's prophecy & premium Si other patterns nf Cooking Stoves. Canada and American plulc, box and parlour do, Dumb Stoves and stove trimmings, on hand, and made to order, 2000 Joints Stove Pip" ml Elbows, 1 L S O On Consignment from Peru Iron Co. Clintnnville. 1000 kegs 3d. 4(1. 5d. Gd. 0.1, lOd, 12.1. 20d, 21d, 30d, 40d, and 50d nails and brnds, 10 tons 3-0 inch, to 3 inch, round nnd square Iron, 5 ions Round Iron 1-4 to 5 in. wide, 5 " Shoo Simper from Sali.-bury, 000 boxes Window Gln-s of various sizes mid qualities, from Boston, 45 lihds and hall pipes New Rum. The cbnve goods wMi very many nut enumerated, nre offered in 'lots lo suit purchasers and on terms Ihnt"rvm7 be beat." T. F. &. W j STRONG. Burlington. Den 11,37. NOTICE. THEE Lesees nnd dibtors of Hie town of Burlington, will take nolice that t hoi r rent and interest falls due on the firtt day of January next. It is ex pected that punctual payment will be made on orliel'iro thai day." NATHAN B HAS WELL. Dec. 13. I!!37. 7'oici Trea.urer. COOPER WORK. THE sub-crilier offers for sale at ht shop near Ihe Brewery, a good as sortment Cooper Work, such as Pro vision barrels, half barrels, ment tub, wash tubs, churns, cheese tubs, pails, &o. he, of the best wnrkinansli p, and winch will bjsold on very reo-ouablo terms. A good assortment ol fine work will be kept on hand during the witilcr. The public are invited in call. THOMAS O'BRIAN. Burlington. Deo. 7, 1037. TS hereby given lo the S ockholders of Alhe Fanners $ Mechanics Bunk, that a meeting, will be linldeu nt the Banking llonso on the 2d Tue-dny i f January, 1113!!, nt 2 o'clock P M. to'innku n choice of seven Directors of siid Bank for llio year ensuing. By order of the Board. C. F. WARNER, Cashr. Burlington. Dee. G 1037. Decemher 8, LS.'tt. LATEELOF & HA V E received by the hist boat through the ice n large addition to their former stock of Dry Goods, compris ing some of the laiesl importations nud newest fashions bought nt the Into reduced prices nud will bu sold at a small advance tin . . , i . .1 ,i anil piru'iitui'' die .icciiiiiidaiioii ol tui tar, onei.ues I hey Imve nlso In connection wph their : (l ,;, ,, pMnnnlu, of lh Toon. Ac'n k -hloro in llio ba-euient siurv n lnri assort- ri. Dentif, im innmpi ,i.. ,i iiiuutufCROCEUIESaiul PROVISIONS whore Ininilie- may be supplied with every iliing in the hue nf eating nud drinking of thu best ami purest kind nl wholctule or retail in Inis In suit purchasers. 10 Casks Whito Load, 2000 Galls Liitfccd Oil, for sale by IllCKOK & CiTl.lN. GROCERIES. o Pipes American Gin 0 dn do Brandy French Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Madeira, Sherry, Port, French Madeirn, Malaga nnd Ciiompti'gu Wines, 20 hhds Molasses, 30 Bag- CoflVu, 10 do Pimento, , 10 do Pepper, 2 bbls Cloves, 300 I In Casia, 15 Kegs Pure Ginger 10 Tierces Salornttis, G5 Ch-sis Hyson Skin Teas, GO dn Young Hyson do. 50 Quintals Codfish, 25 Boxes Pipe, 30 do Hard Soap, ,35 bbls St. Croix &. Port Ricn Sugars J. & J. II. Pi-.ck & Co. CLASS. Boxes Cliainplaiii ond Peru Gln?. do Reilford Crown Glass. &, J .1 1 P ix k & Co. Azmlt, 200 bv IS." LI B IWf - Caps, Muds, Rons, Gloves, Milts, Collars, &c. lor sale by Hicicok & Catmn. Black Oiler and DarJc Seal O A IP e9 .4 FIRST ratu article can be found nl the Cap anil Hat Store of WM. 1. SEYMOUR. Gentlemen wishing to pur chase a good nrticle, of elegant form, wil nvail themselves of t no opportunity. Also Buffalo ROBES of large sizes. Cops made to order. Bnringnn. Nov. 9, 1037. STRAY BULL. COME into the euelusure. of t lie subscriber, sometime in .llllv Inst, n red KfL Y yearling Bull. The QW'tSXii.-- owner h requested to pay charges, and take htm nwnv. SILAS ROOT. ""SOSBOSa' ETS3W M.'um. C-) w. lids, on ennsignment, and fur sale at JjMrmufactuiers puces, 50 per cent, above proof, by FOLLETTE k BRADLYS, Dec 0 1037. A large lot of Rose and Point Blankets just received and will be sold lo,v by Dec. 14. 1037. L. CURTIS. SOLOMON WALKER & Co. will pay Cash for good merchantable Wheal. fgj rjnllE sub-criber wishes Tg.-jTuj JL to purchase 1000 sea P'lfcrBf soued white oak or ash 22&t3j Staves, suitable for pro vision barrels, for which a liberal price will be paid on delivery. CI SEVERANCE. Burlington, Dec. G. 1!I37, O" All persons indebted tome arc re-quo-led lo make immediate payment. C S. Paints and Oils at cost nnd freight. a; u Tons White Lead, I do Red Lend, 10 bble. Spirits Turpentine, Linseed Oil, at manufactures prices, fur sale bv Foi.i.utt & Bn.Ani.EYs. Dec. G, 1037. AZSS HANDLES. yCfjJt Doz on consignment, for sale by Foi.i.r.TT &. Biiadi.kvs. Die. G, 1037. oIi.Iiii.iiu diameter, nlicr ll 1 vl vJr battled i lie skill of i lie mini eminent nlnsi. ri.iiif.niid uitli-tnnd ihe mo-i highly ipcommemlcd distressing nsthuia, had tried almost every ...edie.. prriMnu.ons, has liec, checked, rclievt,l,Uhm rcclnlmMI(tMl , which only at times ami cured, in a number ol inslances in am inborn 1 n . , r , -,. iliix rut- in- mil,-. r,. thori iimn lin tin i-i.'t' 5"vc t r ni no r o r v relief, and usually a mnro VEGETABLE .SPECIFIC, AM) AN I'lBIl. IOU.S PILLS, in mimesinn, nrrniding lo l lie diirriiuns arrom p.iiijim Ibis riiierific. i .0 nun nf llio hc! ineilii'iiien Known fur Sicl; llrailacht. Sickness ' alllic .voinacli, iVi(Sf, nnd t- l.t iil.-ni-o-i . No 1 1 1 1 ) 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 is pei hap mine iev.ili'iit in ihi or nil) emiiili y, Mian I lead.iclie. ll is .c,, piim.uv a fleet ion, but hi ises from avaiietv of eaii-es, siicli n niiiie."Kin ol ensioiuaiy rv.iru i. lion, o!)..nirlcil pc'isiii.iiinn, Ke. ll 1.4 liUcivisc not iniliripiciilly s mptnm.U ie of iinlli;elioii, fur ogic.il is the sjiiii,iihv betwren llic brain adn slotinu h, llmt it i.-ofieii difli nil in deiei iiiiiie ulucli li leallv in I'uill, ami ulien it nri-es fiom a fun slate of llic plimi.icli, ii is (,'enciiillj lenned sick lieailarlie, which will be speedily le'lieml by lies Spreilie. A lein.nliiiblfi rase i' iiieniiniieil in Dr. Conwnj's pamphlet, of j""A Lady of D.iiiseii., ulinli'.id been aftlieleil iih.h of the lime liir 20 mmis uhli ,i sill, headache, ;u nurd by pail of ii box of ibis .Speeilio." Piiceol die Sifcific anil Pills SO rents each, (W-tiii: 'i oo tu aciii: 'Ibis ngoiii.in dirorilei' is ruled in its ino-i painful stages, bv one of llio ino.-i siiniile ns well as powerful lemeile s Know n in modern inaeilee. The CAM lill LUX TOOTH AC UK PILLS nffoid i tic-t .1 ti lelief, witliuiu intlieiiii llic rijlursl injuiy on die leclb. 'I'liey mn applied rxirin.illv lo llio parl iiflcclcd, w itli ihe gie.ite.-l e,io anil expedition, and emially opeiaie as a suolliin loniliie to llic MiU'ciiug paticni. Pi ice 50 coins a box. White Tath! and healthy Gums ! ritllOSE who would leiain, or i est ie, ilirsn I- dcsliablt! peiMiiial ailv.iiilages, aie a-fiiieil lli.il no eoniioi.iliiiii cm bo iibliiineil Mipeiior lo ihe Blill'ISIl A.NTLSBPI'IL DK. riKIUCB. I This is an eleanl and ple.isaul prepaiaiiuii in eeiy iespee.1, aixt uas mi' in my )eais p.isl, Kiien iiuiwis.il s.ui.f iciiim wlicirwT il has been used. The ntheplic Dentifrice i exempt fuuu acid and oilier delelci iuus iniedieiils, which ton I'll!. (pirully ciilcr ihe iimipiiritioii of i om 1 1 powdeis in eoiiiuiiin tire, ainl il whitens iho enamel of the Icelli ixilhoiil doui;' il llic least liijnii, 'I'lui ii'ul.ir n-c ol llus niimiied pnwili r, liy piniljin, ihe niooili Minus the bcaiililnl naiiin wliilenos of ilni enamel. As us iippliiMlinii hrarr anil slirlilliens the (1 inn's, it reciues 10 ilicin their health) and timid hue, and li leiuoung all ulfmisiin loinit!i) aei'iinun latiim fiuin llio iretb, piereies die 11al111.1l succt tii'rs of iho biealh, Pi ice 00 cents. UiieU Wheat Flour, for sale by IllCKOK & C.UI.I.N. CONSUMPTION Asthma ! and Catarrh; n that long train ofdisensen which srem to grow wii h the growth of civiized socielv, CONSUMI' nun initcs iiioihoii its relentless inroads upon human life,' yet this dreadful disorder is cosily overcome in ils earlier singes. It is only when ncg Ircted that it nrrives nt llio terrific maturi. iy which en often bailies the rngncily nf p'rofes-eional eciencc. An obstinate cough is the customary forerunner ot the rui.no N amy coNsUMPno.N, Improper neglect in the timely ndiiiinistrntion of simple anil salutary rrmedics, is sure to be teproved ny n (ircaiiiui succession 01 conxuuijiuic symiotns: opprcsinn of the breast; green ish nud bloody spittle ; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shrivelled extremities, nnd general emaciation of the whole budy ; prostration oi strength; llusiiuu cnceKs swollen foot and legs; and at last, in lull possession of tho mental (acuities, nnd while hope still whispers her flattering tnlo cold extremities, and n premature death. For the various stages of this complaint, one of the most approved remedies ever yet dl-c vcred is Dr. Rt'tftfs Asthmatic Pills. This exceedingly powerful, and yet cqtinlly snfu and innocent preparation, Iiob I'UuCicd thorough and rapid cures upon 1 cuts supposed to have been far ad vanced in a confirmed Contumption, and who have exhibited llic appearances which usually indicate a fatal termination of tho disorder. DR. RELFES PILLS have also ob taiued (he highest character as a Pcclorial Medicine, ofl'ordiiig the most unexpected relief to tlioi-u Inhuming under the com mon Cmgh, occasioned by ocrid humor irritating the tltrool, ur by deflections on the liings--syintoins which deprive the suf ferer of sleep, and gradually introduce tho loti" train of Pulmonnru ntTections. Tho Pills' appease the cough, promote easy ex pectoration, very essentially relieve, ond often entirely cure l he most obitinate nnd distressing cases. Common Colds are usu ally removed by the Pills in n few hours. In the liarrnssing and suffocating com plaint of Ihe asthma, the Pills give im mediate relief. They mitigate the com plaint, and generally effect o radical cure, in those Asthmalic attacks characterized by difiicully of breathing, tightness nnd stricture across the breast and in tiio lungs oppressive flatulences, wheezing, coughing, hoarseness, costiveness, nnd many other asthmatic symptoms. A the Pills require in ordinary cases no confinement, they may be administered with confidence and safety to all nges and classes of people. Unexampled success has hitherto attended (heir administration in a great variety of cases; and the Pro prietor can refer to o multitude, which testify to their cfiicacy in reviving tho emaciated victim from the bed of disease, and restoring him lo the blessings of ac customed lion It li nud activity. THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Resulting from the administration of Dr. Rclfe's Asthmatic and Consumptive Pills, exhibited in the following cava. DZFA Physician, M. D. nnd Druggist, recently writes: "The Asthmatic Pills (Relfe's) are. inviriably well spoken of by those who use them." 0 Mrs. , of this city, was three years seriously Dllltctcd with consumptive symp toms, ns pain in the side, almost perpetual cough, spitting of blood, general debility, &c. in this distressing stale, unable to sit up, and not expecting to live many days she wn--ndvisrd lo lokc Dr Relic's Asth matic Pills, and also Dr. Jubb's Liniment be appl cd to tier side, which she did, and to the o.-tonishmcni ofevcry one, in a short time she was perfectly restored to health. Uj A Lady from Framingham, was se verely afflicted wilh cough, spitting of blood, and general debility, on taking two hollies of these Pills, and one box of Dr. ReKe's Au'ibilious Pills, was restored to perfect hcnlih. Uj an elderly person in this vtciiiiiy. iwho hnd suffered much fur vears bv a most violent return of her cnniplnint, has recent ly made use of the above Pills with moro beneficial efiecls than any tiling she lias ever used before. U3"A Young Lady at M , bad been troubled with a very bad cough, so violent as nl tunes to rack and harrass her ex- eeeillliiilv coiisiiinption was fenrcd, (as iad died of that complaint) her ninth -alio was immediately relieved, and sub--cquenily entirely cured by Dr. Relfe's Asthmatic Pill.-. V'N'iiio genuine unless signed on the outside pruned wrapper by Ihe tnlc Propri. rlor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor to the late Dr. W. 'I'. Cumvay. For salo with all ihe other "Comeay Medicines," ot his Counting Room, No. 00, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store, corner of-Court I'rlcc .10 Ccnt. A fresh supply just received by Laihrnp ifc Polwm, Biirlingion Beck wilk C. Dyer, Sidesbury A. P. Rescue, New lliivi ii--.M. W. Ilinslev, Mnnkton M. Hull, Hineshiirgh Fletcher & Wnnd 1111111. Wiilistiin -C. B, Martin, Charluite E. Lyman, Ferrisburgli L. Bixby, Ver genues Flotehor & Miner, Bridnort "c" Wright, Sliorehnin. 600 mUBKUTB. rUMl) suh-eribei would inform tho pub. -L he thnt he has cnnst.nii ly oil hand lurgo quaiiinics of Muskets, IMles. Swords Pibloln end Military articles ol nil descrip -lions, liis muskets nre id perfect order 01 d fit (or nclual service- Wll.MAM Ill.NTON, Mili'ary and Spori?iuan VVorchouio 10 Broadway New York. o,o' lour, j 1

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