8 Şubat 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

8 Şubat 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ANTI-SI.AVUnY MEETING The regular qtiaiterly mrcdni? of the iltirlinftloti Antl.Slsfcrv Society will ho Itolden "I llio Lecture Hoom of ilic CnlvnlMic Conppit!ottnl Church, on Ttieulay evening, February 12 li . nl Imlf past $ o'clock. As tlio Rppoinlment of delegate m I tic Slate Convention iiiul oilier Imporliuil Iimiucm requires attention, it is deiirable llml efforts should le made to secure n general uiicndnnco. Ftb. 8, 1839. James Mitcukll, Set. die n." In litis village, nliout 10 o'clock on Sabbath evening 3d inst., Mrs. Sarah Van Sirklcii, In ihe S8ih year of her age. Khe was n very consistent und deoled member of the Methodist E. Church, nnd one of thai lovely bawl of younj convctis who experienced religion in that interesting nnd blessed revival of leligioii with which wo wcio f.tvoicd in this place neatly five j cars ago. It is our tirdent ptajer that nil who then found the Saviour to (he joy and comfort of their souls, nnd the many who within few d.ijs part have been made to rcjoirc in a pardoning God, together wilh llio ecotes of precious souls who nto thinking deeply and seriously upon eternal thiiij'. and who we trust lire coming to n linn decision of mind to geek nnd obtain the religion of our Lord Jcsui Christ, may make as happy ami triumphant an exit from this world to llio peaceful reruns of the lilest us did our much beloved and glorified sitter. Com.- Adam's South Village Money, rocci ved at par, by C. GOODRICH. Feb. 7. 1838. SHFKTING. f rAA Yards prime brown and blenched DUJJ yijocttngs frotn 3G to 40 inches wide, will be sold cheap as can be had in tbo United States, by WAIT & TABOR. Black Bombazine. BLK. SILKS. Chaly. MotiBcline do Laine, lig'd silk Ildkfs., ctnb'd Collars, Bilk, cotton and lamb's wool Hosiery, Cars pi for Veil. Hobbinels, Thulc and thread Luce and Quillings, all of which eru visibly Cheap at the new cheap each Store of WAIT & TABOR. Feb 6, 1839. Calicoes very Cheap at WAIT & TABOR'S. 1 Full assortment nf English, French and American Calicoes, Cambric ond Jaconet Muslin, plain nnd cross bar'd Swiss and Book .Muslins, Bishop Lawn and Linen "Cambric. Edging and Inserting Ildkfs , Gloves, Ribbons, Belts, Baskets, Flowers &c. &c. all of which will bo sold uncom mon! cheap for cash at the now cheap cash store west sido Church St., 2 doors ubnve the square. ENGLISH MERINO. TTNCOMMONLY CHEAP AT THE fj JVtto Cheap Cash Store, Church St., Ivfo doors from the square. WAIT & TABOR. Abel Cooner's Estate. TtElhc subscribers, having been appointed 1 by iho Hon. the Probate Court for Iho District of Chittenden, commissioners to ro ccive,examinoind adjust llio claims nnd de mands of all pinions, against the cstato of Abol Cooper, lato ol Richmond, in said Dis trict, deceased, reprcsonted insolvent, and also all 'claims and demands exhibited in offsot thereto; and six months from the day of llio date hereof, being allowed by said Court for thnl.'purpoto, wo rio theruforo hcruby givo no. lico.'thal wo will attend to tlio business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Stephen Cooper, in Richmond, in said District, on llio 1st Mondays or April and July next, at. 10 o'. clock, A. M.on each of said days. Dalod, this 25lh day of January A. D. 1839. l-Liltl u UATKS, (Jommis- IIUSSKL BRONSON, S 'ione Third edition of 6000 bottles of (he inw.ilua ble. IN Ireland, this compound has long been known, and extensively used, and to its salutary effects, is probably owing the very small number of 'fatal cases of consumption, compared with the United States. It is prepared from tho original receipo frotn Paris, only by E. Hiitchins & Co.. Balti more. For solo by J & J. H. Peck & Co. Burlington, Ftb. 1839. Agents for Ft. High School. THE next quarter or Burlington High School fur boys u ill commence on Wednesday, Feb. ,20th. Alvan Foote, " Neman Allen, I G. (i.'Ingersoll, I J. K. Converse, Truileet. N. B. Haswell, i T. t'OLLETT, Geo. MoonE, J Burlington, Feb. 1, 1639. JVOTICE. ALL persons indebted to tho subscriber are hereby notified that prompt pay ment of their debts duo me s expected, nnd if bucIi payment is not made.I shall enforce collection by low. Wm. I. SEYMOUR. Feb. 1. 1839- 3w 'SALMON at retail, by Jan. 24. Latiiiioi' & Potwin. DISSOLUTION. THIS is to forbid all persons harboring or trusting Harriet, mv wife, nftor this date. JOHN D. PICKERING. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1039. STATE. OF VERMONT. Robinson Ferris ) Grand Islo Co Court, vs. Septcmbor term, ElishaBoardman S A. D. 1838. Tho subscriber having boen appointed auditor to heir, examtno and adjust l lie accounts of the parties in Iliis cause the action being an action on book hereby gives notice that he will attend to the ud justing of said accounts at thu dwelling lionse ot Reuben Sampson, in Grand Islo in said County, on tho 25th day of April next, at one o'clock in tho afternoon ; and if cither party neglect to attend ut said time and place, tho auditor will proceed esparie. uy order of Court. SAM'L ADAMS, Auditor. Grand.Iile,Jan'y2, J839. Nova Scotia Plaster. 3(fij)(Qj m,re'8 fre8, ground Novo (mmif Scotia Plaster, just rcceivod ana tor bbio oy r, Doomttlk. novemocr 7, 3m. Domestic Shcotin 6. 4 PEW bales remaining unsold which il will bo disposed nf, by the balo ur sin gle piece, m remarknblo low prices. Jnn, 24. LATtmop & Potwin. STOP THIEF ! STOLEN from t ho stibscribor't) door, on tho evening of 22d inst.. n new Buffalo Rube, which mny possibly be offered for snlc. Two dullars reward will bo pnid for the return of the skin, and two muro for the detection of the thief. Jan. 24, 1839. Wm. I. Seymour. Fresh Flour. fTM HE subscribers have remaining on JL hand n few tJAitnr.r.s superior quality superfine FLOUR, wurrtiniud made frotn new Wheat. Persons wishing a clioice article, will do well to call soon. Jan. 24 Ti.iTiinop& Potwin. $25 REWARD. TOST, a black leather Trunk, with a boot top, about three feet long and nbout n'quarter worn, recently blacked bo as to appenr quite new, trimmed with brass nails in the usual manner. The frame or box is of wood. The trunk was closed by a common trunk lock and two leather jbtrnps which passed entirely round the out. "'0 """"go '"ci us or mumccu m iwu wooden slats on the bottom of the trunk 'There were handles on the ends of leather, made round, and under each handle a card with the address "Miss E, F. Forsyth," written upon them. The above Trunk was said to have been put on board tlio Steam Boat Burlington, at this place, in August last, and has nut since been found. Whoever will givo in formation of tho same, so that it maybe recovered with the contents, shall receive the nbnvo reward from the Champlaiu Transportation Company. P. UOOLITTLE, Agent. Burlington, Jan. 30. 1839. Dan Day, II. P. IIickok. ' Clnttenden County vs Court, August Samuel Ridley & Ter'"' ,C38' James Welton. J niHE above named plaintiffs having JL entered their action on the docket of this court, at the March Term thereof, counting ogninst tho defendants in a plea of tiespass on the case, for that defundents on the 2d day of Nov. 183G took on board their boat to transport from Burlington to Troy, ninety five tierces of oil meal, one firkin of butter, ona box of merchandize, and ten barrels of apples, the property of plaintiffs, and alledging dclenuctua lost said articles and never delivered the same according to their undertaking and the writ having been personally served on the defendant llidloy and no personal notice having been given defendent Wclton, it is ordered by the court hero that the plaint in; give notice of the pendency of this suit to defendant Welton bv publishing tho sub stance of their declaration in the Burling ton Free Press three weeks successively, the last of which shall be thirty days before the sitting of said court, which shall be sufficient notice for taid Welton to answor in and deiend said suit. Burlington, Jan. 30. 1RC9. Wm. Noiii.k CUrk, Geo. A. Allen, ) Chittenden County tij. Court. August Jacob Owen. S Term, 1838. WHEREAS, Goorgo A. All, of Bur linglon. in said county, at the March Term, A. D. 1838 of said court, commenced his action against Jacob Owen, of Burlington aforesaid, declaring in an action on nolo, dalod April 24, 1833 for thu sum of fivo hundred dollars, payable in suitable proportions of brick and lumbar for a brick house, to bo de livered at any placo in Burlington whoro and when demanded, but has not paid tho satno thottf'li often demanded, to the damage of thu snid Allen ono thousand dollars, which action was entered on the doukct ofsaid court at said March Term, and tho plaintiff appeared by his attorney Charles Adams, and tho said Jacob Owen being absent from tho slate at the time of the servico ofsaid writ, tho said causo was by order ofsaid court continued to tho August term 1838, of said court, at (which term tho plaintiff again appealed by h'is said attorney, and it not being mado to appear to tlio said court that tho said Jacob Owen had had per sonal notice of (he said servico and pendency ot tins sutl, tho same was again by order ot said court continued lo tlio March Term lliotc- of, A. D. 18 59. And tho baid court also or dcred that further notice bo given of tho pen dency of iliis suit, by publishing tho substance of tho plaintiff's declaration in the "Burling. ton r reo rrc3," a newt-paper printed in and iiurhni'lon, tluce wcelis successively, tho last of which to be thirty days before tho silling of said court, which shall ho deemed sufficient notice to tho said Jacob Owen to appear and answer to said suit. Dated at Durliucton aforesaid, this 24th day of Jan. A. D. ttW9. Vm.Nodlb,C7ci7:. Dan Day. j Chittenden County vs. court. Jiugutf Essex County Bank. ) Term A. D. 1030 W HEREAS. Dan Day of Burlinston. in said County, ot I ho March Term 1838 ofsaid court, commenced his action against tho Lasex County Bank, a corpora tiou established by and under authority of mo aiato oi iew Yorir, declaring in a plea of covenant broken, for that on the 7th day of March, A. D. 1037, the snid Day and the said Bank, entered intoa certain agreement signed with their hands and scaled with lliotrsoals, in and by which il was mutually covenanted that tho question of corlain mutual claims between them, as therein stated presnccting certain lumber claimed hy said Day,) and certain monies paid therefor bv said Bank to said Dav. and whether said sums so puid was too much or too little, and also in relation to thu discontinuance and discharge of a suit in favor ofsaid Day, against Udnov II. Pen niman, &c, should bo submitted lo Ihe ar. bitrament and award of certain persons therein named, at the dwelling house of John Howard in said Burliuirton. on the first Monday of May 1837, at which lime and place llio said parlies mutually bound themselves to attend and submit their claims, and abide the award so to be made, and averring tint tho snid Day did at tho said time and placo eo agreed upon, attend, and procured tho attendance nf tho arbi trators, on his part, ond his witnesses; but that the Baid Bank did nut attend at said lima and place, cs by said ogreemeiit tljey wero bouud to do, whereby tho snid Day hns sustained great injury, and claiming in damages llio sum of twelve hundred dol lars ; which action or suit was entered on tho docket of said Court ol said March Term, nnd the PlnintifTuppearcd by Charles Adams his attorney, and tho said defendant being absent from this Stale at the time of tlio service of said writ, tho said cause was by order of said continued to tho August Term thereof 1038, at which Term tho plaintiff again appeared by his said attorney, and it not being made to appear to tho said Court, that tho court defendant has had persona! notice of tho said service and pendency of this suit, the satno was again bv order of said Court, continued to the March term thereof, A. D. 1839. And the said Court, also, ordered that further notice bo given of the pendency of this suit, by publishing tho substance nf tho plaintiff's declaration in the "Burlington Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, three weoks successively, the last of which to bo thirty days before tho sitting of said Court, which shall bo deemed sufficient notice to the said defendant to appear and ans.ver to said suit. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid, this 24lh day of Januarv, A. D. 1839. Wm. NOBLE. Clerk. John W. Bailey, J Chittunden County vs. court, Auiruct Term Calvin K. Averill. S A. D."1838. HEREAS, John W. Ilailny, of Houses Point, in the statu of Now York, to wit of Burlington, Vermont, at the August Term of said court 1337, commenced his action of scire facias against (ho said Calvin K. Avcrtll, of Burlington aforesaid, as bail for ono Hora tio S. Bobbins, on a writ in favor ofsaid lint. ley against said Robbins, upon which said writ and suit tho said Bailey, at tho August Term 183C of said county court, recovered n judgment in his favor and against the said Kobluns for tho sum of $1 10,5 1 damages, and $25,97 costs of suits, and 25 cents for an exe cution which issttsd thereon on tho5lh day of September 1030, and which was delivered an the 1st day of October 1836 to flyman Lane, conslablo of Burlington aforesaid, to serve and return, and who returned tho satno on tho first day of November 1830, with his return thereon indorsed, that ho could find neither tho person nor pi opurty of tho said Robbins. whereon to levy tho said execution, and de manding of the said Avcrill to show causa why the said Bailey should not havo his exo. cution against him llio said Avcrill, for the amount of the said judgment against tho said Robbins; which action was unturcd on the docket ofsaid court at (aid August Term 1837, and llio plaintiffappoarcd by Mnjck & Smalloy his attornies, and tlio said Averill bcingabsont from this state at tho limn of the servico of said writ, the said cause was by order of said court continued to tho March Term thoroof 1838, at which Term the plaintiff again ap peared by his baid ntlornics, and it not being mado lo appear to tho said court that tho said Avcrill has had personal notice of tho service and pendency of this suit, thu same was again by order ofsaid court continued to the August Term thereof 1838, and tho said court, also ordered that further notice bo given of thu pendency ofthis suit, by ptihlishinjr tho sul- ( stance of tho plaintiff's declaration in tho "Burliimton Free Press," a nowspapcr printed in said Burlington, three weeks successively, tho last of which to be thirty days before tho sitting of said court, which shall bo doomed sufficient noticu to tho said Avcrill to appear and answer to said suit. And at the said August Term 1838 of said court, the aforesaid order not having been complied with, tiio cause is again continued, and the aforesaid order and rulu is enlarged to the next term of this court. Dated at Burlington, aforesaid this 24th day January, A. D. 1839. W.m. Noble, Clerk. LATE ARRIVAL. WE arc indebted lo Messrs. Comslock & Co. of Whitehall, for their aiten tion in forwatding by land our box of goods, albo to Messrs. Follell & Bradieys for the prompt notice of its arrival, nnd we hope to make our friends ond customers feel in debted to us fur some of its contents. Among other things in tho box. wc find a plondid Gold detached patent Lever 10 holes jewelled, Ruby Pallettcs, with a beautiful sold and cnamolled cap. Two bcautilul Gold Lupine Watches ; one )rac heavy doubled cased silver Lever. We have now four excellent gold cased Levers, and 5 nice Gold Lcpiucs, and several first rate silver Levers and Lupines, all war ranted lo perform well. Also, we find a lot of narrow Whalebone for Dresses, i gross English Clarioncltc Reeds, I doz. Beed Bags, lined with kid, 2 doz. Shoo Brushes, t packs fine Diamond Pins, black dressing Puis, elc. etc. &c. JVeit) Goods constantly receiving at the Variety Shop. Jan. 25. Pangiioun & Brinsmaiu. rilllE subscriber offers for sale ihe beau. A liful corner lot, west of Mrs. Hitch cock's, containing a quarter of an acre, and on which thero are number of excellent fruit- trees. Terms reasonable, and pay ments made rasy. B. J. HEINEBERG. Burlington. Jan. 84, 1039. NEWTON'S PANACEA, Or great purifier of the Blood. Ck Substitulo for Swaim's I'aimeoa, a SJi chcapor article and by many consid ered superior. J. &. J. II. PECK & Co.-crif. Burlington, January, 1839. Groceries & Provisions. THE eubenbers havo on hand a heavy slock of Teas, Sugars, Spices, Fruit, Coffee, Codfish, Molasses, Confcctionory, &c. &c, and wo will givo our customers soma bolter bargains than they have boon in the habit of making if they will call bo fore our slock is sold. Wo have good Uyson Skin Tea, for 25 cle. per lb. nnd other things as cheap. PROVISIONS, such as Pork, Flour, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Salmon, Mackerel, Sc. t.S'C' and a small quantity of cheap Pepper $f Spice from 3 lo 8 els. per lb. Persons wishing to lay in their etnek will do well to call soon. Jan. 10. Lathroi' & Potwin, IiAMP WICKS FOR Astral, Store, Hall and other Lamps ol all si7.es, nlso for the Brit tanla Storo Lamps, 12 1-2 eta. per bunch, ot the Variety Shop, also Chimney Glasses for Astta Lamps, blacking Brushes, for ealo, Jan, 25.' Pancuorn & Brin,ma)k, WILL be sold on Saturday tho 2d day of February noxt.nt N. B. Haswoll'e Auction Room, a largo assortment, of Dry Goods, Crockery &, Hardware, for Cash. Sales to commence tit 10 o'clock, A, M. Burlington, Jnn. 19, 1839. P. S. The above salo stands adjourned to Saturdnv tin? 9ih int. NEW STORE SIDNEY BARLOW has received most kinds of GOODS usually kept (except tho great western) at Ins store at Winons Iti Villago, and will bo pleased to see friends and customers. Winooski Villngo, Nov. 1st, 1830. TISSUE PAPER, assorted Colours. Coloured Drawing Paper. Stationery in great variety, at the Variety Shop, Jan. 17. Panghohn &. Biunsmaii. iTNE FUR CAP and n few While Lr Neck Tics, not yet sold, can bo had if applied for soon at the Variety Shop. Pangiiukn & BniNs.M All). VARIETY SHOP NOTICE. NOTWITHSTANDING wo do not Credit, thero have a number of little accounts of 0, 12, 25, 50 and 100 cents or more collected on hand which we wish discharged. Those having any accounts for us to pay will pleaso present them. Goods in great Variety for sale; Watches and Clocks repaired in our iinal style. Terms. Cash, for Goods or Work at the time of delivery. Jan. 17. pANGuons & Biunsmaid. CS TT! Ti k LEDGERS ANUFACTURED from blue wove, demy and medium paper, and bound M in a superior stvle. Also. RECORD BOOKS manufactured from white wove medium paper, and bound in heavy calf, together with a eeneral assortment of BLANK ROOKS, for sale at the Buok Bindery, bv S. HUNTINGTON. N. B. Blank Books and all kinds of Bonk Binding dene to order, at prices that shall suit. S. II. College strket, ) Burlington, Jan. 17, 1839. S STOVES! STOVES!! rrilJE Subscribers have on consignment JL a laree stock of Cooking Stores, from No. 1 to No. 4 of the latest approved pat terns. , Parlor Stoves, nf n very superior stile and quality, also, Box Stoves, of dif fercnt sises and patterns. Any one who wishes to purchase mi) kind of Stoves, will find it much for his interest, to cull and examine the above Stoves, before purch&s ing elsewhere, as the Stoves will be sold verv low anil on terms to suit purchasers. ' SOLOMON WALKER & Co. January 10, 1839. WM. PRINCE & SON ILL make sules of Trees and Cuttings of thu Gen uine Chinese Morus Multicaulis, Morns Expansa, Alpine. n rotis 'iiV22i ftSSi vR,ip,1oH(l(,1Unrnhlr.li. the purchaser? at such period in thu spring os is convenient to them, and will enter into contracts accordingly. Prices and terms for the Trees and Cuttings will be forwarded to all who may apply for them by mail, ns well as prices of Silk Worms Eggs, Mulberry Seeds &c. The Multi caulis Trees aro remarkably vigorous, and as wo first imported the lienumc tree, purchasers nro sure of obtaining the true kind. It is from this cause and from the great attend n paid by them, that tho trees they have sold have given universal satis faction. N. B. Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Plant and Seeds can bo supplied lo nny extent. Flushing. ncarJYew York Jan. I, 1839. WANTED N exchange for goods, Flannel, Sheep's Grey Cloth, and n few Tons of good Butter. L.vrnnoi' & Potwin. BMk Bb!s. superfine Family Flour, for P salo hv IIickok & Cati.i.n. Jan. 23. 1839. TOW &QtiS3t THE subscribers are now receiving a general assortment of Dry Goods, Wet & Dry Groceries, Crockery, Glass & Hard-Ware. COOKING, PARLOUR & BOX STOVES. Iron Hollow Ware. All of which wil! be sold unusually low, for cash, produco or approved credit. GEO. AYRE'S & Co. Millon Upper Falls. Nov. 17. tf Stone House for sale. rFWE subscriber offers for salo the new JL and elegant hammered stono house a whole city lot, and framed hoiis'o one story ond n Imlf. Tho prfmiscs are located on Cherry street near the Stone Church in Burlington. Gentlemen wishing to nu chase will pleaso call soon, as the tubscri. her intends to sell tho first dny of June next, without fail. Tho above promises aro free and clear of all incumbrances. 11 RUB EN, BUTL.ER, Burlington, Dec. 28. i038. PLASTER. C4 Tope ground Plaster, for salo by J4Npv.5l, s. Walker & Co, 71 ti--j T.WJLi .3Gra" i OFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES REANIMATION. Whun the most important functions of I'lfo arc sus pended, and those who aru invalids by in heritance or imprtidencu nro reduced to a deplorable htato of nervous delulily, they should not oven then despair, lor it is not in despair that roliof can bo found. No Let them first look around, and, laying aside all prejudices, ask themselves tliis question "Il my physician cannot help mo. is his reputed skill my only resort?" Perhaps at that moment thu heading of this advertisement, 'Moffat's Life Medi cines,' would catch tho eye nnd were they in truth divcslod of foolish prejudices, they might perhaps, bo induced to inquire whether Mr. Moffat's theory and treatment nf diseases differed from Hint of their own physicians. They would then learn that it did differ, and very widely, and with most happy results, too. Iflhoy pursued their inquiries still fur titer, they would find that all prnelM.ig ? VM,C,"',Tn ,'rf ,ircJcnl '"y 'rC!!Crlbu I MERCURY, in some form, for almost ev cry disease, and they would Irani, too, that merctirinl medicines, though they give pres. cnt relief, undermine tho contilutinn, and always leavo tho patient in a precarious state of health. A ROOD VEGETAH LE MEDICINE is jllSt the reverse of atl this. For hundreds nf years before thot scourge of mankind, 'Mercury,' I y- in l,IB neamig nn. i iiy.n- cians used nothing but herb? Even the Ill I . . I .( I .,: '.l r'V"" U,,"V" " , " . ." ! no wuo prcparciii u.s meoicincs .rom nerus , Witness hcclesioslicu-i, chap. xxni. 3- I skilful physician shall lift , his head ; and in the sight of the great men , he shall be m admiration. V. 4 luir he hath prepared his medicines out if the HERBS of the earth, and he that is wise will not abhor them. Moffat's Vegetable Life Medicines pos sess qualities of the moat mild and benefi cial nature. They aro composed of nrii- cles the most anil putrescent, combined with ingredients known as the onlv certain an finite for fevers of every description.- j ,. , ; , i , ... ' .. lieu i tiu liiscusu ta iitiuutiu jiiin;r iruui cold, obstruction, bad air, swampy and camp situations, nr putrid miasmi whether malignant or epidemic, or by other causes, these medicines ore certain in their opera tion or effects, l hey are possessed ot pe- cultar qualities which not only expel oil disease, but ot the some lime restore ond invigorate the system. When fi'st lakun : "into the stomach, they immediately diffuse I thrmsolvfis hko vanor thruinrh evnrv mire, producing effects ut once delight lul tulutary and permanent. When the spark r.f life begins lo grow dim, the circulation languid and thu faculties paralyzed, these medicines aro found to give a lone lo the nerves, ex hilcralc the animal spirits, invigoruto the body, and re-nnimalc the whole man. The Like Medicines havo uleo been used with tho most happy success in Ner vous nnd Dyspeptic discuses, Consumption, Asthma, Liver Complaint, Rheumatism, (chronic and inflammatory) Dropsies, &c. &c. For full particulars, llio reader is invited to cull at Mr Moffut's office, 3G7 Broadway and receive a copy of the Good Samaritan, pnbli-hed gratuitously. The following letters ore lately selec'ed from a very !ar;n number which Mr Moffat has lately received from different parts of the United States. Mr. Mofi'at Dear Sir: It is with sincere pleasure that I venture to address you, in thank you for tho benefit I bovn received from your medicines. My complaint was salt rheum, lor which I havo tried nearly all ihe medicines which were advertised in Ihe tiewrpapcrs. I, hownver received no relief from tiny of them. Since I was shown your Good Samaritan, winch in duced me to try your medicine. When I applied lo yuu, my legs nnd arms were so bad that tlicy looked like raw beef, und were covered with scars ; but alter taking a 25 cent box of your pills, the dead skin began to scale off, and 60 continued until I was entirely cured. Il is now four mouths since 1 was cured, and I have hail no re. turn of the complaint. I have recommend, i cd your medicine lo several persons, and advise all ufllirtcd with the salt rheum to try it. Respectfully, your ob't servant. M. CLEOVER. 1 3t li St., between 51 h and Jackson avenues, Lawrence, N. Y , May 23. Mr Moffat Dear Sir: I was troubled with the piles for several years. I applied to the most otninctit Physical) without re lief. A friend of mine Mr. Clarke, who had received great relief from them, re. commended me to use your Life Pills. Though I wns suffering very severely with them ut the time, 1 experienced relief in 48 hours, and in a few wetks was not troubled with them nt all and I have been free from distress ever since and have groat nleasure in recommending them to those alllicted in a biniilur manner. Respectfully. J. E. STEARNS. New York', April, 1833. Dr Moffat Sir: Since your Lite Modi cincs havo been introduced in this neigh borhood, lhey have done wonders. I will merely sinte a few cases. The wife ol ; merely b ate a lew cases, i no wuo oi my neighbor, Mr Cornelius S. Roe. who was supposed to bu in n decline for the last two year, after taking two botllos of tho Phucnix Bitters and one box of the Life Pills, says sho had her health entirely re. stored. Mr Milo B. Root, my next door neigh bor, who wus laid up with inflammatory rheumatism, by toking two bottles of the Bitters and one 25 cent box of I lie Pills, told mo ho was as well as he ever was, and told u gontleman in my store who was nfiltclcd, llmt as soon as he would Inko the Pills ond Bitters, just 6u loon he would be u well man, Also, Mrs Hordu, wifo i,f John Ho;(u, was I wo years .siuco Slc,.( ,, had his, and l.'Uu.o usetf oncol her arms. Iti six w-rta ftcr ((.j)K your pj,l(i B(1 Ui' tors, she '-.us go far recovered that she has bCP'.'i nil a visit to ono nf linr nniirlihiits. I A,d for myself, I havo been in bad"hculth for 27 years, and though 1 am not now in perfect health, ti ill I am in better than I have been for leu years pabt, which I be. Iicvc to ho tho cnuseriuciico nf lulling your Pills and Bitters. The above is u true statement of u few of thu many cbsce which havo comu tinder my obsrvation. You aro at liberty to publish this Idler, and reference can be had to uiu as Post.' M' master at Clavnrrock. Columbia Co., N. Y With respect, J. A. Van Valkenuuuou. New Youk. April I. 1830. Mr W MofTTit Sin I have bm-n allliclcd' with thu fever nod ague about 3 months, and used a gnod dual of quinine, winch did mo no good, but I still grew weaker and weaker until I was rnnomrr.ended to try ynur Life Pills and Pliojnix Bitters, and after taking two boxes of pills and two bottles of bilters, I am very thankful to in form you and the public at Inrcc, I consider myself completely cured. Yours truly, JOHN TENNENT. N.Y. Mills, March 29,1830. Mr Moffat Dear Sin 1 havo used your medicine in my family for soma months, and havo received groat benefit from il,espccially my wife and oldest daughter. My daughter had been in a dcclino for three years. Siticu she commenced using your medicine slio has lftllw1)(M)r imy ,prvico , 0 you, vouareit liberty to publish it. Respectfully. yours, &c. entirely recovered and is now well and nearly. li, JJUTLbU. Summi.m Hill, Jan, 18, 1J38. Dr Moffat Dear Sir: I havo groat pleasure in addressing jou, having been troubled for soino time back with thu rheumatism, and could find nothing to givomonny rebel, until I had commenced lakui'' your Vcjrotablo Lifo Pills and Phuinix Bitters, lulaking ihe first boltlo und ono box of pills 1 found tho most . , . . - ' ' ,. . . UICU the case, it is with eratiludo 1 offer theso sen- . . , rilJulll .. , .... ill(oblC(i ,0 ,ou moro m) wor(jSC!l CXI,rC!f!)( for your valuable mcdicinoand tho snccdv euro received rrom 00a ctructs. Yours. &c. GEO. JSROFTS. Macou Chunk, Jan. 17, 1838. Mr Moffat Sir: I am most happy to send you through your agent, Mr. While, a few lines relative to your excellent Lifo Medicines. Fur a length of time I have been complaining of an infection of llio liver, und tried much medicine, hut found no relief, mil 1 coinmciic yours. I have now lake bottles ot yourl'licunix liilters, ai en nearly two i i i i ,,, .,,:. ,i,, i -ir r-.i from a long and lingering complaint. Respectfully, yours, Scc. GEO.KIS.NCR. LocuroRT.Nov.S", 1037. Mr W. B. Moffat Ucar Sir: As a remark able insanco of the virtuo nnd efficacy of your Life Pills and l'hcenix Bitters, in rssioring lost health to the alllicted, has occurred in my family, 1 deem it a duty I own both to yourself alld lllc public, to make tho fact known, that others suffering under similar citcuinstanccs might perchance sco this and obtain a remedy in season to prcscrvo them from a prcmaloro grave. My wife has been afdicted with the liver complaint and general debility lor upwards of 3 yours; nnd for llio last 3 months she has not been able to walk across llio room. After try various medicines prescribed by different phy sicians, which jfavo her no rolicf, she was given upas incurable. In this situation slio was gradually failing, when I happened to call upon your agent in this village, and ho gave mo a copy of tho Good Samaritan, tho perusing of which induced mo to try your medicine, although I had but luttle hopo ut' her receiving any benefit from it. Tho effect was surprising. Bufore sho had taken ono boltlo of hitters and ono box of pills, sho was so far recovered as lo bo able to accomplish motof her housework without asiistancc. Yours, respectfully, Wahhcx Pattciisox. For additional particulars of the above med icine sco Moffat's Gooil Samaritan, a copy of which accompanies tho medicine; a copy can also bo obtained on application at tho drug stotos of li. Moody and J. it J. II. Peck & Co., Burlington, Vt, Tho above medicine for salo at wholesalo and retail by R. Moonvand at retail bv J. & J. II. IY.ck Vc Co. Jan. 1839. " Cm 1)11. KELFE'S IS ouo of the ino't efficacious compounds in the .Materia Medica, fur tho euro of that class of inveterate diseases produced by an impure state of the blood, nnd a vitiated habit of llio body, ahd usually exhibiting themselves in tho forms at Scrofula, Hell Rheum, Leprosy, St. Anthony's Fire, Fever Sores, (even when tho hones aro affected,) JFie Swtllingi, (if apf lied with Or. Jcbb's Liniment.) foul and obstinate Ulcers, Sore Legs and Byes, bcaldltcatl in children. Scurvy and Scorbutic Gout, Pim pled or Caibuncltd Faces, Festering Eruptions, and Venereal Taints throughout the body, hi which last case the Drops" often cure when Mercury fails, Thay aro also the best Spring and Autumnal Phasic to purify and elcaiiso thu system from humors which' frequently ap pear at those seasons of the year. Tlioy also aid llio process ofdtgestiou.'and by purifying the blood, prevent thu scorelion of malignant humors on llio lungs. Tho Proprietor confi dently relies upon tho vast number of tar prisiug cures effected by theso Drops, not only in Boston and its vicinity, but throughout tho union, for thu hot proof of their excellence as on unfailing .llteratiicMcdicinc, in all the ca ses above specified. This article has recently been pronounced by a physician of tho lir.it respectability, who had witnessed its surpiising efficacy, as en titled, in hi opinion to take tlio lead of all tho popular articles known for tho above com plaints, and indeed it is fast gaining ibis point , iub0 estimation, ll.ro ughout llio country Price $1 a Bottle, or six Bottles for fj. Dr. llelfo's ANTI-BXLLIOUS PILLS. For Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Lishcssncst, Headache, Coslivcness, Flatulence, Cholic, Billions AD'tctiom; (;c. TipO comment on liiu efficacy of UCSo Pills, X after a successful experience 0f many years in England and America has cstsblssh ed their reputation, is. needless : Sulfico it to observe. thin for redundancy of Bile, Flatu lciico,CQsti''enets, ileadacho, &u. fcc, lhey will Umloubltidly prove far more serviceablo iiiuii iu';to urasuc purges too uoquontly cm ployed, and will not only at thu same tinio lend to ramovo I ho offoudiuir causo by gen llo motions, and strengthen the dhjclivu organs, bul improve tho appulito and renovatu the system, Prico 50 cents, DR. RELFU'S VI'ttKTAHLE SPE CIFIC. For Sick Headache, &. Price 50 cents. k I None geuuinu unless signed on thu oulsidu printed wrapper hy tho oe proprietor, T, KIDDER, immediate successor lo the lalu Dr. W. T. Conway. For salo nl his Counting Room, over No, 99, Court. sired, near Oon cert Hull, Bunion, and aUo by his special ap. ointment, by J. & J. 11. PECK Si Co, Th ercmo waters, at tho Variety Shop. Panguorn & Brinsmaiu,

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