29 Mart 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

29 Mart 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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filie, and I am much nl loss in liiiow liuw liia mop cnuld hove ub'ainrd the no mo of "official," for certainly it is only an official deception to favor the British clnim. This Mop in colled by Mr. Buchanun No. 2. Pursuing northerly on the line. 5HJ miles the Iliver Liflonk, (imtiroperly cnllod HiBtook and A roost .U). To .iib.tnnltotr thin fact 1 will here observe that two aged Indian Chief were with mo at this River, who both nerrtpd that the only and true Indian name was "Lstnok." The line crosses thi river 3 miles cost of the St. John, and about 5, following the course of tlio river. About half o milo cast of the line is an t-xtrnfivo fall, and west of the line the rivur is navigable with flit boats for connderabte distance. The river "To bique,"which hat been frequently mention ed in the papers, folia in to thu east side of the St. John about 14 miles below the Lis. took. Tho line crosses the St John ot77i miles and about 3 miles above the Grand Falls in that river. At 144 Miles 26 Chains U the summit of the Rtdgnnl Highlands which divide the rivers that empty into tho River St. Lawrcnco from those which foil into the Atlantic Ocean. I partially exomined this ridge of highland for about 70 miles. It extended nearly west for about 50 miles, and thence South westerly about 250 milei, to the head of Connecticut river, no part of which hat ever been properly explored, nd tho submission to the King of the Netherlands was made with this extraordi nary omission. The Rivers which extend southerly from the dividing ridge and fall into the Atlantic Ocean, ore the Ristigouch.which (alls into the Day Chalieur, the St. John which falls Into the Bay of Fundy, the Kennebec which falls into Merry tneetingboy, ond the Androscoggin, which falls into the samo bay. The Rivers which run northerly from the dividing ridge and fall into the River St. Lawrence are Mcti. Ramouski, Trois Pistoles. Verl, Dtilmip, Camaroska, Owell, St. Thomas, Chaudier, and many streams of less note. All of which, except the Chaudier,are very short, inconsequence of the diviJing ridge being near tho St, Law rence. JOHN JOHNSON. Burlington VI. March 21. t830. The latest intelligence from the Maine frontier is decidedly pacific. There is now no fear of immediate collision. Gen. Scott and Gov. Harvey, it it said have a very good understanding. HOLMES. We learn that no decision hit yet bocp mado in the case of Holmes, and that at the request of his counsel, the question will be suspended for a few days. It may not be amiss also to remark that we under, etand it not to be the Governor's intention to go into any public investigation of the offence with which Dr. H. stands charged. The only question in the case is one of jurisdiction whother the Governor has authority to act in the premisot. And in this matter, wo hope and believe His Excellency will not net precipitately. National Convention. -The Bahimore Chronicle sss that nt a meeting of 1 lie Whig mem bers of llie leuiil.i'ureof .lirl.incl, held nt Ann;. polif, on Monday evening lust, Reverdv Johnson, ofBaltimoie city, and John N. Steele, of Dorches ter county, weie appointed delegates on I lie part of the legiplrilure, to the Notional Whig Conven tion, which id to meet nl llnrriebiirg, in December next lo nominate n candidate fur llie Presidency. These gentlemen it is understood, go into the con" mention unpledged lo the titpport of nny particular candidate, aMiough their first preference, we have heard is decidedly nnd warmly fur Mr. Clay. BISHOP HOPKINS. The following complimentary notice of Bifhnp Hopkins' late publication on the Roman Catholic Controversy, appeared in a recent number of the British Magazine. An insertion of it will doubtless gratify the many friends of tho Bishop in this vicinity. "It appears to me" sayt the writer, "to be one of the most valuablo treatises on the Roman Supremacy, I have ever met with. For while it is conducted wild great re ecarch and ability, it possesses most preemi nently, those qualities of candor, meekness, end affection, which unhappily arc eo rarely to be found in llie pages of tho controversi alist. It is, at once, a work from which our ownclcrgy can learn how such an ar. gumcnt ought to be conducted, and a volume which may bo placed in tho hands of the Roman Catholic, without the Blight it danger of wounding his feelings, either by its language or ita spirit. And on the point it discusses, (and it it, I apprehend, the foundation and essence of the wholo controvert) the facia and reasoning are perfectly unanswerable. It seems extromo ly desirable that the work should bo re published in England, at such a book can. not be too aoon made accettiblo to the clergy and to nur divinity students'" HENRY A. WISE. Ia endsavorlng 10 (race out the leading cliarac ttristics of our Whig mastermind, we wert form nattly favored with a perusal of Mr. Wise's teller la tht Seerstary of the Tiii Sigma Nu Society" f oar Uniwiiiy. PlttHd with tht frank avowal (ifiClllinirnl nnd ihr ginmnl 1,111c of 'he Itltri, f have spinel no palm in tibl ihiing u eupy fur I he pciiltsil, mid CiiiiC(ncni guinfiriilinil il nur renders. Iltoteuliu limp In en sit tit k uhhl'ie nmiitiiin i,f the ralcswrrii n nd the c.imlnr of llie mini, lll doubtless ditmwr ih-jie principles hy wliithilc lionornblc gciiileiii.iu it .wujttl. tVASHlNOTilN, Jan 3. !fi33. Iff ah Slit I ..rri'pi Midi piide, .In. "mink 0f Mie irgiin! nnd iir-prci" i,f he Till Miginn Nn Hit cielj of tin' UiiUeiidiy nf V imnnl, leiilrd iluonli von J mill hi,e in reiiini my moil profound nnd sinrcin u kiiotvleiljjeiiiein of jruti'iide, nnd i,f sense of ihi- li'inor runfciiril hy rlcriiug mo In mi honnriiri ini'itiliei.liip nf umr Friilcrniiv. The hiinor of ihc cltcl'inn in no iiini'e il.illci iii than the leii-on upon which il it ii li.irr-ii in jour kind letter. 'I lit iini-liungpiilile prinriplr" nl right nnd wrong, nic the iiiin pi inriplm dy uhiih to ipnein n irpiililic. ri.pi-ci.illt i ami if int rtinn-e in liulilln life Ii.ih tended In pitonole ihcir iidtuncemriil, I hiive not Inch n puhlii: nt ml in tnin 'I'n my that I li.it i ever irgaided mull nml justice, mldr fi inn, nod ah.ive, expedient-)', ii o pay nn n com pliint-nt uh ich I iiiiiki rntrl. The lafl pun I t-trr look in lie liulf nf h liieinit society, In ilehatc In-fure the Trusters hiiiI Fundi ofn collrgt', was in maintain that " the pnlicv nf Ii nation thonlil In- gmeincil hv justice, rnllicr' lli.m hy expediency." What ciTt-ci ilic rindt tifihii question then has had upon my suh-cipiei'it rtioise in public hf.-, I miiunl say. Uul finely, I hatr open since I loll "Alum jlAlcr," had many run vinciucing pinofs nf tht- grout tn'iie and hiiporiiiitt-p of liternry socieiie.4 in iinining the intnd mid the hi-iirls of actcrs for ihc great drama of practical life. lie pleaded In return lo tnur ineiniv mv ilunlw. anil lo arrrpi for yourself tint respect nnd renaiilof jour oottiieiil servunl, II KN HY A. Wilt Ji A II II I E D In rta'sin, Miilneaii, on the Dili Ft hrunry Inst, by the Rrv. (!. W Cole of IVcumich, Mr. Hh.as IIoi.loway, tu Miss Sarah Atw atkii, former ly of ill in tott ii. In Clmilolle on the 26:li insl. hy the Iter. Mr. Goodman, Mr. Wm, D. Iliggint, lo Mrs. Carotin Sibley. In Slielburn on ih 27ih insl. hy the Rer. C. PrindleMr Klijau Lak k of Ch.irlolie, to .Mirs Leonora I'ltKLrs, of the former plaro. K,(;iNK COMPANY. The Semi. Annua I. meeting ofthe Uoxer Engine Company will lie lioltlen ul John Howard's Hotel on Monday, April 1. 1839, hi 5 o'clork, P. M. E. S Ml I'll, Clei k. mum' liwt, Peace, Peace, nnd no War. (Some to JJurlfiifltoH. The JV'eto Sprincr flOODS hm-e arrived. HOWARD OF T1IK CHHAP CASH STORE, HAS just returned from Now York ; and fiicIi in llie call at his storo forllio very prctly Now Goods, that he has not time lo writo an ntlvcrlist innnt. N .i.- $150 Windsor Money oi Faculty Tax of $400 i rumimiii iu vt.-tt tir ciicck Ilia go ahead SyFtcm of up and Doing, Quick and Choap, Cheap for Cash and no imprisonment for Debt. March 22, 1C39. AUCTION. rTlHb salt-nt Furniture belonging to the A Burlington Hold will be continued on Snturdnv. Dissolution of Copartnership. THE copartnership hcroloforo existing Under Ilia firm nf I'PRV fr L utMti Ins this day expired by its o,vn limitation.--ThorofOre all persons indebted to the late firm will plcasocall and scttlo their accounts im mediately; also, all to whom the firm is in. dcblcd will please hand in thoir bills as soon as convenient. Tho books will remain in the samo place, where persons wishing to settle their accounts will call. DANIEL KERN, E- E. EVANS. Ilurllnglon, March 19, 1G39. N. B Tha business will bo continued for the future by E. E. Evans, who hopes bv a strict attention to business, nnri his endeavors to give patisfaclinn, lo reccivo & continuanou of thai patronage, hilhorto so liberally bestow ed. GRASS SEED. 4 few Bushels nf fJrass Serd for sole low hy S. WALKER Si Co. Burlington. JJar 29, 1IJ39. Wheaton'H Itch Ointment. long ond well established remedy for "i iiikm iiiiuouiiur tuuiu com plaints which tslcin is "heir" lo oiTercd ot a i;r at discount to those who buy to sell. J. &. J. H. Peck &, Co. Burlington Mar. 29, 1039. NOTICE. THIS mav cnriify that I have given my son JAMES IS HAM HOl.DEJf, bis lime from the first of January last, and fhall not consider myself holden for any debts he may contract after this date, nor shall I claim any ol his wagea, IRA HOLDEJf. Hineiburgh, March 5. 1 839. New Goods. Fresh Arrival. March, 1839. WE have just received from Boston and Now York a great variety of new Goods which will make our assortment very good until navigation opens here. Among the new articles are, Ladies dam-a-k and plain Silver Pencils with rings, long tjLJrnn side Combs, Stlycr guard ClioinTWlTri swivcls.Silver kcys,gftlt keys, Gold keys, Miniature cases quite low. Elliotts fine Concavo Razors, Silver Thim. bles, Black Pins, fine needles, Instruction Books for Bugles and other Instruments. Havirg a person engaged to tend Goods immediately, enables ut to keep Hkexteri sive assortment at all times good, and to sell them lower than we could otherwise afford to. A good assortment of Silver Tea and Table Spoons on hand. New Goods ree'd oden at the Variety Shop. Panoborn & Brinsmaid. Mar. 29. liOSX SUPPOSED to bn lost, aomc days eince, between the Bank of Burlington and College Green, a large gold mounted square brosch the face of it being a mosaic, ex hibiting a sprig with a flnweri in a back ground. Tho finder, by leaving it at Pang born & Brinsmaid's fihop, shall be liberally rewarded. March 15. Adam's South Village Money, received at par, by C. GOODRICH. Ptb. 7, 1838. EM aaaaaSia jaaHiii HsSLiBaaaijXS LlaanBlaaaaaaaaaaVBK!flml LaaaaaaBmaaaaaaaaaaaeaVnaHM n lllSMWIMMMiMMMWMMlSBSSMMS UMll Hector G. Taylor's Estate. STATE OF VERMO.VT, ) DliTRICT 0V ClllTTE.NUEN, 19. j The Honorable the Prubute Court for the District of Chittenden, to all persons con cerned in the eslote of Hector G. Taylor, late (if Jacksonville in the Slate of Illinois, toto died seized am possessed of goods, chattels and estate, lying in said District of Chittenden. GREETING WHEREAS, Orran Murray, adiniriistrn. lor of tho csta'o of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin tration, and present his account against said estnlo for examination and allowanco at a session of tho Court of Probato, to be holden at llie Rnzislcr's office in Builington, on llio second Wednesday of April next. Therefore, you aro hereby notified to appear before said Court at tho timo and place aforesaid, and shutv cauno. if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 20lh day or Match, A. ). 1H39. Wm. WESTON, Register. Ilebecca Byington's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, fs. The Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, to all persons con' cerned in the estate of Rebecca Ryinglon, late of Hincsburgh in said Dittriit, dc. ceastd, GREETING. WHEREAS, Joseph Mirth, ailminislra. tor of the estate of said deceased pro poses to render an account of his administra tion, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probato, to bo holden at tho Register's office in Burlington on tho second Wednesday of April next. Therefore, you uro hcroby notified to appear beforo said court at tho timo and placo afoiceaid, and fchew cause, if any you have, why Ilia account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 20lh day of March, A. D. 1K39. Wm. WESTON, Register. T O the Hon. the Probata court for the District of ChilKndcn, Tho under signed John Allen.of 1 stford, goardianof IMehemiah Holmes i email A. Holmes, bot nlo minors under yenrs, comes and that the said Nehrmiah his own right in (eo of the Ail scribed parcel of land lying and alo in said Vv estloru viz. be. ginning at a stako and 6toncs in the caster, ly lino of lotJo 42, in lite second division, of the riabiHf Michael Butler, twenty two chainaanfriks northerly from the south cor nerJ said lot; thence north 20 degrees, east on tho cost lino of said lot, six chains and three links; thence north, 70 dcg. west 28 chains to a sloko standing in the west line of said town; ihonco south 36 dcg. west, six chains and twelve links too stnke, thence in a straight line to tho first men tioncd bound, containing snventoen acres and half an acre also, of an undivided portion of the buildings standing, on the farm owned and occupied by the late Adam Holmes in said Wcstford, at the time of the said Adam's decease. And that the said Hcman A. Ilnlmoa is seized in hit own right in fee of the follow ing described parcnl nf land, (lying in said Westford, and described aa follows; viz; beginning at a slake and stones on the east line of said lot . No. 42, seven chains and fifty links southerly from the north east corner of said lot; thenco north 70, wcil 20 chain to a stake in the west line Ii ofaid Wmft- sivy a flrauTTourl islAzdHrf lowinvC beinirsrli of snid town of Weslltird; ihcnco south 3G we;t on to id town line seven chnim thirty nine links to a stoke ; thence soutl 70' cnsl 2U chains lo a flake and stones standing in cast line of said lot ; thence north OOt rssl nn into linn orvon eliem- and tweiny two links to the fir si bound, cntiiainin-' nineteen acres and half an ace Also, of an undivided share of tho building flooding nn the farm of llie late Adam II, dines, lile of said Wratford, And your petition further shows that n saloolsnii) lands would bo conducive to the best interests of hit said wards. II therefore prays said court, to authoriz-; anil empower him to sell the said de.cribdil lands agreeably to llio statute iu such case inndu and provided. Ditcd at Burlington, this 20 1 h day o' March. 1039. JOHN ALLEN. Guardian of Nuhemiali and Hcman A. Holmes. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Tho Hon. District of Cimttenokn. ss. llio probate Court for the District of Chittenden, lo all persons concerned or interested in tho Estates of Nchcniiult llolmcsaml Unman a. Holmes both of Wcstford, in said District, nialo infants untlor the aju of Iwcnly ooo years. K7"IIERi:AS John Allen of said Wcstford, ! r guardian of tho said Nchcoiiah and Hcman, having on the autli day ol March, lfi39, filed in said probate court the foregoing petition. Whereupon tho court aforesaid doth assisn the 22d day of April next, for a hearing in the premises, at tho office of the Hci'islcr ol saia court in llurlinjuon, in said district, and doth order that notice thereof ho given lo all persons concerned in the ctalcs uf tho said Nchcmiah and Hcman by publish Jn llio substanco of tho foregoing petition toifothor with this order, two weeks succcs sivcly in tho Freo Press, a nowspnper printed at Burlington, in tho county of Chittenden, llio last of which publications lo bo at least two weeks previous to tho said 22nd day of Anril 1C39. Theroforo you aro hereby notified to appear bcfoio said Court at the lime and placo aloro eni.l . nml idieur ennsn. if anv von hnve. whv the said John Allen, guardian as aforesaid, should not bo licensed and empowered to sen the lands described in tho rorcitoincf petition Given under my hand at Burlington in said district this 261 Ii day o I March 1U39. Wm. WESTON, Register, FOR SALE. mHE Entire Furniture in the Burling JL ion Hotel for Cash or approved Credit, C'lnsitt ng or REDSSc BEDDING, BEDSTEADS, MATTRfiSES, CURTAINS, CARPETING, TABLES Se CHAIRS, SOFAS Sc SETTEES, LOOKING GLASSES, PICTURES, MAPS, CROCKERY 4 GLASS WARE, STOVFS PIPES, Kitchen furniture, of almost every de icriptionto be Sold xoithout Reserve. II. THOMAS. Burlington, Mar. 22, 11139. METHODIST HYMN BOOKS and Pocket BIBLES c,f different sizes and bindingp, for sale at tho Book Bindery, Colleco si. by S. HUNTINGTON, March 15. Quality the test of Cheapness oaa nieces 10 and III cent Calicoea for sale by Wait dt TAnoR. March 21. Aiu't. ami Immchiii Cirvi .ti's Ot ncu ) RutUmd, t .Mi.',, lt;.jrj ( UK.NKRAI. ONUb'NB, Nr.,',. Ill order f-jlly in enrry int., ,.frm . Art "Fur tin; ngiihiinn nnd iriivrr.im.-iil n ihu Militii,." pt,Hid it Nov. 1 t:i; t 'liiMirjrnii ilntiuii c-l:ililili.,l. ami ill ii rriiil i ' iiitit him scribed by ,io ropnrl of llie- llourc! of Oltki"', unoor urn m . Inch were improved by the CrminnnuV, j lir( ,, ,P , f Ontoliur 18311; iiid innro csprcinity l',-r llie infiirma. lioil Olltl L"l'elimi.il tll' Intiiinnn.lnl i nies, In oniitlc tlii'in to lh,i arms til'lh j fjl.ilo. unot-r win proviM of llio nhovo Ael il h round iit-cfoary.lo cstabln-h and eaui-o to bu obnrved tho following RECULATIONS. 1. Aimirfthe Stale -The oiiiect. in the provision ol tlm sUitite for tho diMributton of me arms n llio Slaio, wn-, evidmiily.nncour aefinont In Indeiieiid, -nl (?oinnni,iw . lit ft,,. nithing an iiidunrtui-ul for their fwmatian. y.i.iM.y ,n paint j numbe-s, and uniformity in appearlure. Companies formed, ennse quoutiy. without havinjr In view iht principle. n ii it. ii iiiq ic, Wfls nmctl, mtul bo inef. fcctiveand subvcikivc of I lie obj -nl. Pre'.in. iuary. ther.'fuie, lo any app'ieaiim for arm, tn the Coinniaiidar.in.CliiL-f. ll. S'uch Companies will be formed under llie provisions of llio organmlion cs tldifird, 8il. Thry will cnnit of not less than sixty men enrolled lioble lo do mi'ttaiy duly, out fully uniformed ar-cording to the rrimlB lions prescribed bv the Roanl. 3d. A re.'lificatc of llio organization of tho Company, of llio number nf tho men nrollcd liable to do military duly, nnd of tho number As Illy uniformed, sinned by llio Conunnndniil of the Regiment, will be transmiltad with such npplica. unn io llio Commander wi-Ulnel. Commaiidor.l of Itcgimcnis will forthwith cause due search lobomndn for such nieces of ordnance, belonging to thu State, as may be round at large, or neglected, by rca,in of the disbanding of any Company of Artillery, or from any other cause, and cauvo thu samo to bo properly housed and sreured, and report tho samo to Generals of Brigade They will also mnke report to Generals of Brigade, on or hoforo tho 10l!i of April next, the number of pieces of ordidunce lit-lnniuii'' to the Slate. within their respective Rt-giiucnts, the caliber and condition ol eucli, and lo what Company each ii apportioned, or, If at largo, where sit. ualrd. And Britadior Generals will sec lliat the above regulation i strictly complied with. and Ihoy will forward llie returns so reported tn this Department, to bo transmitted to tho Department ol I lie (uailer Master General. 2. Recimental Courts Martial. Command ants of Regiments will hold the regimental courls.marltai, rcqiiuou uy law, lor tho collcc. lion of fines, in lliuir several Regiments within the month of June next, in order to meet llio demands upon tho Treasury of the Srale : and they will units complete returns ofthcir res. pective Regiments lo Hrad Quarters of Brig. sde on, or baiore UoJirtt day ol July next fnl lowing. Brigadier Generals will report all Field Officers who shall not comply with tha abovo regulation. Brigadier Generals will nl.'o mako returns of llio Regiments in (heir Brigades on, or before the 15lh day of July next, to this Department, weenca llioy will be trantmillcd to Gonerals of Division. 3. Enrollments From the returns mado lo ibis Department, immediately previous to the present organization, tl is appparenl that tho provisions of the. Act. rIati to enrollments liar not bocn complied with. Commandants of Regiments will, Ihsrsforc, report lo Gooer ali of Brigade all failures, by Commandants of Companies, lo enroll, and causa to be warn ed, ovary citizen liablo lo do military duly, previous to ins nrsi i ueruay ot Juno next; and all delinquencies of ddty onjoined by the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth of the "Rules and Articles" for tha government of me miiuia 01 hub oimr, 4. Diicipline. Uy tho Constitution nf tho United States, the authority is reserved to llio Slates respectively, of 'training the militia ae eordins to the discipline picscnb'd bv Caneress : and by tho Act of Congress of Muy, 1820. the sytUm of discipline ichich is and shall be ordered to be obttrvca by the regular army of tht Uni' ted States, shall also be observed bu the miUlia in thier exercist and discipline through the United Halts. I lie system, llierelure, ol "Infantry Tactics, including exercises and mnncouvrcs of Light Infantry and Riflemen for the ue of the United Slates," published by the Depart" nmnl of War, under lhi authority of an Act of Congress ot the 2nd March, 1829, is received, adopted and established as the rules oTdisci plino fur tho Militia of this State, until fuither orders. From the above regulations, it will be un derstood by every officer of llio militia, thai the practice ol neglecting, or divesting tlicm selves of, and assuming again, at their pleas uro, the responsibilities of iboir office, however lightly esteemed those responsibilities may bo, cannot be permitted. And, although repeat, cdly unsuccessful, as thoy express themselves to have been, in obtaining the encouragement which they claim, let them, by a promptness and faithfulness in tho discharge of their du lies, evince llie consciousness tu ba theirs, of iiavingjusfVy merited it. By order of His Excellency, the Commander in Chief, F. W. HOPKINS, Adj. Sc Insp. Gtn. AUCTION. MULBERRIES. rWltiE subscribers will sell a auction, on jL the 3d day of April next, nl thoir resi dence.in Harfurd, near Queeehca village, from 20 to 30,000 Uufings oNlio JVlorus Mul icaulis. warraned genuine. A few thousand Canon and Alpino, also waeranftd genuine. 10 io 15,000 Mulicaulis Seedlings, two years old. 12 to 15,000 Brousaa Seedlings, tame age, 100,000 Ifilian do. 1 lo 3 years old. tCTSalo lo commence a 10 o'clock, A. M. Terms Cash. L. Si D. MARSH. Queechee Village, March 12, 1839. GRASS SEED. of superior quality, by T. F. St IV. L. STONG. March 85, 1039. iTi, Bushels Herds Grass Seed, on con )sle signtnenl from SI. Lawrence, and of fits qualiy. J. J, n. riot k lo. A FARM FOR SALiE. OF seven Hundred Acres of Land, with good Buildings, said Farm eula riling two hundred Tuna of Hay, well watered, a'nlentv of Wood Land, and Pino Oak Timber, with a number of good Orchards, also a fine spring of soft water brought to the House. All will bo aold on reasonable terms. For further information, call on the aubicribar, livlne on taid farm. PRESERVED WHEELER. New Haven. March, 1839. 6 Socrut iw Cmlin's Rotate. sr.irv or Vermont ) III i uirr .) fin ii kmhv nu, T.'ir Hai'inih'e II:,' l,;Wt Curt f,r lha l)i,l rut if Cli llfiden 7', nil pn-fwt urn i rind in the Ettltf .SVco'ei Cuttin talc of liiirliiigljn. in sold dntrirl it, 'cncd. (.MEETING, 7 HUlt HAS froth-ink 1 1 it. mlmim. V 1 1 hi nr nf t In- n'ol ". of -3 id d,.Ci a-,r(l limp-mi' 'ii ri-mi r im amount 'i' lit? nilmtn tMrnlinn. and pn-?iiit hit nccnunt nimnst said cio'c fur i-xiiinmbtioii nnd allowsrirn it n f -.- it of tho C'jurl nf Prtihiiti. to bo hiihli-n al t Ii e il.-oi-ter'- t.llit.-e, in Uurling loit on (lit.- btciiud Wtdncdday of April II' xt, TitRncviiiiti. Y-'ii are hereby nolifltd to appr-ar bi-li-rr snul Court ui thij limn anil nlace o'i'trxaiil, nnd lnw caii?c, if any you linvo. why the account ufnrctaiJ sliul'd not bo a To wed. tJiV'-n unil'-r niv hnndnt Butlingt.in, thia 1 1 h d,iy o! M-vcii A D 11139. Wm WESTOX. Register. Clarissa I Fol lister's Esfntc. WE ihu ruri'C'ih'-r . having, hern ap pniu'rd by 'h I l-norabtr. llio Pro hale court for I in; i) il i tot of Chittenden, Ciiinmi.j-inni'is tn n cetvo. rxnmina end ailjnsl, tiirj c'.nttn-, nut) d innnds, uf all por. -niis, antn,t thi' t'i.t.ve of ClBnt-a Hnllis. ter Into of Burlington, in mil Dm'rict, di-cea-ei), rep'.'ji'it'fil. in-nlvnt, and alsu, all claims uni! d-rninU, cxhtbitt'd in ofl'oct, therein, nnd Six Mentha from the day of the diiti) hereof bing alluwrd. by said court, for that purpnir, we d i, tln-ri-fore, hereby givt; iiutice, that we. will titicnd, to tho business nf nur appointment at thti office of H. L-ovnwntrth in Btirlinainu in in t-nid DiKirict. on ie seconil Tudays of April and July n-x', at I o'clncl; i. M.,on each nf iaid da) Djled thia 4 h dav of Ma-c''. A. D. IU39. JOHN JOHNSON. Cot, LU I'll Ell LOOM IS im i. mm s siontrs. Nathan Hut chin's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I Durnicr or Gram 1m.k, b. ' AT a Prnbato court holdnn nl thj Pro bate offioo. io North Hxrn, in said District, on the 28th day of February, A. D. 1339. An Instrument purporting to bs tho last Will and testament of Nathan Hutchin?, late of North Hero, in said Dirtrict decf-o-ed being presented to llie court here, by Lnis-Hutchirw one of the t xminors therein named for I'robotp. It in ordered by said court that all persons concerned therein bi notified In appear at a session of said ceuit lobe holden nt the Probate office in said District, on the 30 h day of March next, and shew cautte if nny they have ogn mat ihu Probate of said will. It h fu-ihor ordered that a copy of the record ot this order be published three weeks successively in tho Burlington Free Pre??, a nt?wt-paper printed at Burlington in Chittenden County a soon as moy be. A true copy nf rcc-ird. Attest, Augustus Knight, Reg. Joseph Simonds' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, DisTntcT or Chittkmikn. ss. The Honorable the Probate Cowl fur the District nf Chittenden, To all persons concerned in the Estate if Jnseph Sim'inds late of Charlotte, in said district, decenud, GREETING. WHEREAS. Gro-gc l ikm. txecutor of the last will anil tolament of so id deceased proposes lo render on account of his administration, and present Ins account against said estate fur examination and allowance at a sosnion of the Cmirl of Pro bate, lo bo holden at the Rei-ter' nffico in Burlington on Ihu second Wednesday of April next. TuKRun nu. You are hereby notified to appear beforo caid court at the time and place aforei-tid, and shew cause, if any ynu have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my bond at Burlington, thia 1 2ih day of March A I) 1839. Wm WESTON, Register. Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) The Hon. DisrnicT or Chittenden, orabto tho Probate Court within and for the District uf Chittenden, To tho creditors and oth ers concerned in the eMale of Samuel D. Hyde late of Charlotte, in said dintric', deceased. WHEREAS, Amos Clark, oxmutor of the last will and testament of said deceased hath made application to thia Court lo extend the lime limited for mak . ing payment nf I lie dob's and legacies of jb id deceased twelve months from this date, and the said executor aUn proposes to ren der an account of his administration and present his account njjaiim said etlete fur examination and allowance, and the third Monday nf April next being assicned for a hearing in the premises al the Eagle Hail in Willtslon, and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given by publishing this order three weeks successively in tha Free Press, a newspaper primed at Bur lington, the last of which publtbalion tu be previous to the lime set for hearing. Therefore yon are hereby notifi.-d to ap pear before said court at the time and plocj aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the time of making payment as afore said should not be extended, and why the account aforesaid should not be ollowed. Given under mv hand this 13th day of March A. D. 1029. WM. WESTON, Roister. Lucy Allen's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Probata District or Giund Isle.cs S court holden at the Probate office, in North lloro, iu said dis. Irict on tho 23d day of February A. D. 1039. Present tha Hon. Joel Alton, Judge. An Instrument purporting to bo tho last will and toslamenl of l.ucy Allen, lale of South Hero, in said district deceased being presented to llio court here, by Hector Ada ms tho exec utor thcicin named for Probato. It is ordered bysaid court that all porosus concerned (herein bo notified to appear at a session of said court to ba holdon at tho dwclling.houso of Jcdcdiah P. Ladd in said Norlh lloro, on the 3d Mon day of March, A. 0. 1839. and show cause if anv they have airainst the Probate of said will, for which purpose il is further ordered that a copy of this order ba published three weeks, in the Burlington Fron Press a newspa. per printed at Burlington in tha county of Chiltlenden, aasoon as may be. A true copy of record, attest, Augustus KNienr, Rifi

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