12 Nisan 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Nisan 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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NOT THE 0 L OKY O F C K S A K I! II T T II II W E T. I' A HE o F It O M E . BY If. B. 'STACY- FI51WAY, APRIL 12, 1839. VOL. XTINo. 616 TO ME.UOUY. nv it. J. Raymond. Thoti nrl like the depths ulipin ilie linn liinli. Kirli wilh (he wealth iImi It lorn fumi (lie cm ill : All the seie linnets ofniir tUji ii' by, And the hm ie.il gems, in ill) lsisin lie. Finm vision, of iti v el'i'intu I"1"' Whodoih wiike in iiiigl" !' Hrmanf. StrnnsB power dm" Its" ''iv ilsr-p-toncd nvell, Ami mow ii'i'P !" 1 J"1'' I""" WP" S Tliv innic is f( i"1 wind li.iii'i lone, Fliiiginj: ill1 fti In the wild Musi's mom ; Stntnue power i thine limn inln-itel silting, An. I welcome "li mire !'' ''" "f Tliuii fliPiikf" i" miMifinv rhiMliond't hums, Wlii-ii im-pit hw;t wits- IimijIii with lines tiffl.iw'is, Vlirn my spun litfln tlin Z'phtr's: wing, WiifiinU i ulmliiff lilt" voire of -pi mij; ! Citt'Pii wnt tlx 'trili, ilit'it In lulu w.i i lie iky ; Their glory i fled fioni my nlleicd eye. Tliou rpr.-iUoKt In me oT tlto wnn.lt and dir. nreatna Thsl winule dieir u,,h ,m j"u,n 'heini s Of (he miirimir of leaves nn the dutk fiuem tifei, Aslhev uemlv fWiieil hi ill" tii'iln'sli' luer.e : Of tlif rloitil' ili ii swept o'er lite In 'Sin hlnc-iky, I ike spirits thin hesr t'i tlte world on luijli I'lit! pine wiul ilif Intpd who in innocence die. Tlinn btiiigesi onrp mm ft 'n my llmenlnn ear The limes nf sweet music I used In hear , I lienr ii itfj.uii, iIh-ip is joy in lis tint!, A,,, I mi hprfii is mill ui il Miiner" iirounil : ll jwn-ps o'er m fiml.n iIip Iiippz- o'er i lit" Like, When lo silence hoiI bctt nl the WHtes mv.ike. Oh t w.tke. yet tie-tin tliut silt fry ihiill, I.el iisn.itpp with iln'ir mntfir mv ho-nm fill, For tmiit: in in '"In il lu'ft die Im1."?! The p.i'i"oo wlirli know iieillii'r faliine-st nr rctt ; (IVi teuton'? link iiioioi in" of ill' nlii i'c.mlhiow A lililn nt iKoie its dip siuti-ei's in h g'ow. Tlmn nine ! ii diige fir iIip lined iiml iIip Lieut lio h.ilf Hi-' I r. mil iIip em ill l'i i Iip ili,nni.ni lifiivl: 'I'lifii t..xii in I Iip.ihI fi'.in ilie '-tin I 'if iIip mill, hue fl.iod of tmtl nnii.te iiiifP-fMisli roll , T heir fpiiil" in t;'""v fmeiPr li ill iIhpII. And ilie fuiinil iiflheii li.ti p i'li t II piphhiIIv vtp iVeio Yorker. Till'. ItOltlN. Hail, pilipi tit liter of iIip spiing, From i"'iiiili"in flinip ioiiii ned, losing Upmi ilu l.ttoi ite 1 1 re : Tip pim to Itpttr lli rlipptful toiee; 'J'hy inii'it' imikpH in lienii icjoicc, I love iliy meloilj Il rreinit in uny I lie inter 'p n'er, And ipniHl fpting ii Itptennre more, Tn tlieer iiml hip-". I he I.iihI : Sonn will the lull' nod mliv f teen, Arrned in rol es of Imply urern, By llic Cie.uor'ii ImikK Thin wlirnilip Spirit' quit kpninz hrealh I)ifro!vp-t ihn IViipi of in Hiid death 111 proiiPitli.i' le.tr, And titti'iiin'il onU lipgin 'o inj IJoMinii.i In iln:if hriitpolt kin, Willi joy Ilie cliristi.in hcurg. Hiit f-t'nli, Mini hope, and lute icvivB, When Iip behold ilp.id f iniiPH lite, Iteilei'inetl hv Jenifc' Itlond : And ttheii the Itndit nf "litre nppear, liin fitili ItIiiiI.I a It i (.- ne.tr, Of E it 1 It ( rt III! Itt'll III (illll. A SISTKIl'S LOVE. Mine roiiMiiol ilotn iliit ptpniog liar, W liit'h wildly Iii'.ioij nliiite Tlinn ilniilein nil ! tl"itti r l.ir, A t-i-it'i V cent If Init: ! Ilriiliipr iIi.huIpw tltop on i lie rore, 'I It. in iiiiop' finilp HIOIP2.H A litins f'linii, uliith t'let (lii.v.o, Steeped in lnte' pinesi i.ty. Gem of i he Iip.h i ! l.ifrV sift divine, Hrtpiet'lfd ii finin nliiup, Glii.1 offiiing in iinVi'iiiiu'd sin inc A tiilei '.i holy line ! CONUNDRUMS. Wliv i New Hiinuit-iiif i' likn a linrpn's neck ? B pu n n?" it lm .1ijic nn ntic fiiii. Why nro giiod lui-hniil hku duugli ? Because women knead iliom. DEFINITIONS. Entrnn. A cnMliuc m 'lie form nf n tnnii. who rnel In- tuvn luauw aliniwl In (Jenili in fiiliftlin limp; Hiiisc nf oilnjri. I'obt. A Fiiiii"if. ili'ins'i tun often unf'iiriitntiMi pprtsnn, wlin innki'r utnre Ijtiee' juiole in thyme than he cun dnllarK in Iiik jiiut-ri. MATntMONY. A Itnni by which 8 nmn and woman ate often Uril luouihurtu ilicir Eorrnw. Dbfinition nr a injjMUnn.--A ilrnnk ard iJ t liu nniKiyniicc nl imil-ti y 1 lit runny df ci villi y, i Iip t-pml of wen It h, the ilt 'i nic tinn nf rearoiii and IiphIiIi. Hp i 1 lie tn'L' jjnr'e ci'inpnninii. (lit! cutis' nbttrt irnuhlp, Ii ib wiff'tt wiip. Inn cliililrcti't; eutrnw. hitt netKhbiit'd ecnfJ. his own dlmnie n spirit of sleep, a picture of a beast, a monster of a man. RETALIATION. 'Mflrm, maytt'i I jo nud nlny bnll In doy?' 'No clnld. yni) in ii r.t slny in tho hmi.'c.' 'Now, Innk here, inarm, if ynu ilmil lot nip, I'll go nml catch Ilie mcneles I know who has L'oi 'cm. WELLERISMS. I wont gti httck in Ciiimiln. I'll he. hnng. ed il I do; as the mnrdcmr said when t hey took hm on thin ride of 45. What! pricettti jewel ; as Price raid In Inmsell wren lio petpeu into l lie iook itifi ClB.-C. I am welt utmed, ns Ihn beau mid whnu ho walked bt'twppn iwn Indie-, and a Inn f cr wnntt d In i nkt? nwny half nl Ihr fehctlv I'm remlvcil never to marry, as the old maid said wIipii nn imp wnnld have her. There art cijliiy''iiii cnlltprp, twelve ibw fcnimiH, ninoty.Hix imilicl8erninatiPe nntl ihiny divinity fdumU al ureBenl u the Umitd SiHlen. , A plain and short rnhi n gon,i (es iint. 1J. rindiiiiin, and yfni will ho I., n tn ed. Up indiiitirinui and iltiin.i II( ,, will be Mch. Bf. suber and letnperale and yn k i hcRll,iy' Do V'ftuoua and you will ub utppy. Pi tun lltn lllinoiit llni kwnoihniitit. THE I'OHOEI) FAI E.NT. Tin.' chiiiiirpp which the Ian t ivenly yrar fin vt wtntititii jit 1 1 Intuit, would he inci'di hie In inn' whn Un not wittti'Bi. thi'iti. At Mini ppriuil our Ri'llletnenii wprn few, and the t-pinl nf enlorpriKt' i hnt now per vndcR pvnrv comer of the S'nlc. had not lion brrn awnkoned. The blufVnf our own hnaiitiful rivt-r, had nover sent back tho echo of ihn Htentn eniinn. Wnhoiit a :;nikel for Ihetr pniditce the fnrtnt'rs con fiiiPil their lahofr. to the wants nf their own laiutlieit. Corn wap nearly the only crop rawd, anil from the litni' it was 'laid hy." (Iip pud of July, till 'pulling lime,' in November, was a holiday mull In1 inter von nrr period wo pntpu m iiIIpiip, excoti' on Saturilny. On thai day. duly oh it ar tivt'il, the fplilurri lor and nenr. colluded at Hm diptilliTy. nod iimu'ed th'-nt'o'vef wuh plinntini! al n itiiirk. t ro iliui tt n ir -. nod Inn oftt'ti. when Hie. Hit enphnd paa?eil frctdy around, in fioliliug. Tins rir, i? bv no means a picture of all the seltlenienin ol thai enrly period, but ihnt it it graphically true ol many, none nl our oldest pelllprs deny. Dm to my nar rative. One salnrdny altcrnonn in Hip year I B -2 9 , a yoonp; man wn Bpproachini with flow and wenry step'. Hip house, or ralher dislillpry, of eqntre Cro-hy, ol nrnnt'f I'tntrie, an ob-ctiro sell lenient on the MtM lory Traci. A th-ual on that day. a larjrp ciilit'cttmi rif penple were ainu-ire tbein itlvpfl al Cmsby'r. who ownod the only Jiiitiliery in that rprrinn. was a inanisiraip. nod reonrilod by llic s-etllcrs as a rich and (jronl man. Ihcyiiuih who now came up in iIip t r ii n t wn uppart'iitly aliotii twoniy nnc nl nnt'. nf (ilt'iitli'r Iniiii. fnir nn. I ilflt r.iit' cnnuilexinn. with the mr of on" tn: eusinmi'il to jjnoil eocii'iy. It wa rvulfiii t n irlii(.p thui lie wu-t tint inineil lo ih" hiMtl-liip nl a fmniter life, or labor of any kind. IJut It id iJrPett wore a Flrant'e cm iriift with his npppiiratice and inntine'-'. Hp wore n hiiiiinij; rhtri of the con rtti lin-oy wniillpti, a cnuimnii strttw lint nttd n pair of dt'Rirkin Iiincca-IIH. A laroe puck coinpli'ipd Iiih oqnipiiipnl. Hvory one (."tvi.'il with eurioiily upon ilie now ciuiipr. In ihetr carffriippg lo Irarn who he wni-', whenep he crtuip. and what wac Iiih bustni'eit the horre-pwap was left iinfini-heil, the riflp wast, laid aside, and p.vpii the busy Im. cup had a temporary r-fptie. The ynunp man approached sqniro Cros by, wlinni even a MrangKr could distinguish a;i the principal perennaee among ihem and anxiously inquired fur n house where hccnui'l be Bcconiinodalpd; enyni; Mini was extremely ill Mid full the Hyniptomi of an appriiochinrr fever Crio'hy eyed hun krenly and siipicimi8ly for a mfiini'til wnhnul uttering a word. Knivee and nwiiidlerp had been rrcpiitiy abroad, and I Iip laiirru,itp nf l ht ynm h bo i rayed thai lie watt "a yankee," a name at that time usMicinim! m tho uiukU of I lit lanotant Willi eve'V Ihini' t tint i-s ba-p Mi"takinrr the mlt'iice nod lippilaiino nf Crufby. fur fnar ol Inn onb I i y 1 1 pay, ilie stranger utiiiled and aid. "I am lint wiilmtii uiiillpy," and pulling In- hand in hit pnrkei to give orcnlnr proof nf the a-tertnni, h wn-liorrnr fl ruck In find Ihnt hi pnekel book was g'tiip. It enoiiiiiifd pvpry cm of I t iiinnpy. bet-tdus papers of great value in Ii i in . V thoul a finthuig without evpn n single letter or pnpor io altort Unit hie clmrnetpr was hi'uornblp in a sirnngp Intnl nud ricknos! npidly coining upon linn these folding., nearly ilrnve linn lo ile.-poir TIip 'Kqniro wlin prilled hun-ndf nn lii agftctiy in di'tocting viIIihuh, now loiitnl iispofhis tongue. With a loud nud necr nig laugh he said "Stranger ymi me hark jog up I Iip wrong tree if ynu think ip cntii mo with Hint are V.iukHO trick of voiiro," Hp prnci'fik'd In thai inhuman strain set! ndoil hy nearly every one presenl, for tin Square' was powerful, and Ipw dared to (lipli'iise him, Tim youth fell keenly ln ol.no mi mil inn, and ciMing his eye tiroiiii'l nvtir I lie g'nup. in a lono ol dt'pp and tlp-tpninug anxioiv. inquired, 'is there none who will reccivp tnu ?' 'Y''S. I will,' .-n't a mini among the crowd; "yps pnnr nick sfrnnger. I will slwlter ymi.' Then in a Inwei lone ho odtlod. "I know nm wht'lher vou nro deserving, hut I krmw von are a fellow being, und in want, ontl tor the sakp nf Him whouted for I ho gotl. ly. il mil for your -alio, will I he kind lo you, poor young stranger, ' Tho man who stepped lorih anil prot- fereil o hoine in I In- youth in ihn hour of suffering was Simeon Davis, an elderly nm ii. who resided near (Jroshy. and lo whom Ihn Inner wa n deadly euetiiv. Uncle Simon, as In wan called, iipver re t nhatil. nud bore the many persecution u' Ins vindicuvp neighhnr wiilioui coiiiplaint His Inintlv cmisieteil ol lnnipf aril dauglii er, his only child, nn affectionate girl of seventeen. Thn youih heard thn oft'-r of Mr. Davis, but beard no mure, for overcome hy Ins feelings and extreme illness, ho foil insen stblo lo iho earth. lie was conveyed to tho house nf Ins beuplactor, and n physician called. Long was Iho Ft r u rt?lt between life ami death. Tho' nncoiipcinus, he cal- d upon his iiinl her am! rister tn aid hun. When the youth was laid upon her bed. and thn heard liini calling for his sts'.er, buoy Davis wept and fan! In hun, poor sii'k young man, your sister is far disiam, and cnuimt hear yuu, I will be lo you n sis ter. Well did ihU daik eyed maiden keep her pmmi-e. A' length Ihn crisis nl bis disorder nr rived iIip day which wn In decide lite qnesiinu nf life or death. Ltie.y hnnl ovei hun with intense anxiety, watching oyerv expresiun of his features, hardly daring to breathe, so Icarlnl was she of waking bun from the only sound sleep winch be had enjoyed for nine long days and nights. length lie nwoke and gazed uptnln llic fare " Luev D i vis, nml linntly inquired 'wlipre nn I." There wa- intelligence in that look. Yntilli and a gnud (.'iintitulioti had nluiiineil tbu nnstpry. Iiucy fell thai, he wn pnrpd, mnl hurtlitig into n ll.ioil nl irrpptefStble Ituirs, rushed ntil ufiheruntll Il was two week more befme he cmi'd sit up, even fir a t-liotl time. He had nl reatly acquainted them with his uniri" and residence, but they hid no curiosity to leoro anv finiher. and foibtd Ins giving hi -lury until ho became stronger, lit- name was Oharlcb Wilson, and his palfr n n I hutne, IJoston. A few dnys afterwards, when Mr. D.ivis was nbeiil front li"iii". mid rjiiey engaged about her household nf. lair. Wilson saw nl Iho bend im Ins lieu, his park, arid recullecitng nineiliiiig Unit ho waiiieil, npened il Thn firt Hung In saw was ilie lilptincal poekel bunk whuse had pxciipiI in ntniiv bdier regret. lie recollect' d having plaed it ihero lite iiioriiinn; before he reached Brent's I'raitie, hut in rnnfu.'iun of the moment Hint clr cnmelance was forgotten. Ho examined it and found every ilnng as he left it. J In? discovery nearly resloreil lum to health, but he resolved at present In confine the secret lo his own bnsotn. It was gtat. ifyttig to him to witness Hie entire ctuifi deuce they reposed in lh honor and integ rity of n sirnngnr, und Hip plensttri! with winch they hpstuwrd favors upon one whom they Mipposod could make no return bui thanks. A f.'w dnvs after Mr. Davis loft home t" go lo a neighboring vitiligo exneoiinir I" be liaek i lio Kittte (In v. but night enine. nud ho did not return. So unusual was Ins tib -eenci'. thai Luev pnsed a sleepless night. In i he niurntiig she waich"d hour afier lirni1 fnr his coining, nml when miihpi nppronched and he was still iibent. terrified nl the long and itnu-ual slay, she was selling mil to procure a neighbor to go in search for htm, when her parent hove in sight She tin to meet lum and was be-nowing upon htm a thnutrnid endearing expressions nl aflee'lon, when Ins haggard woc-begntn countenance ulartled h"r. He entered, uttering not a word, but ruled Inni-plt in glttoiny st'euce. It in vain thai Lucy attempted to cheer him Aftor a long piuise, during which a power lul struggle was c"'"S "n ln bis leelings. he aroso look his daughter's band and led her into the room where Wilson was pnt ed, vou shall know Bll,aid he. I am ruin ed: I am a bpggar. In a few days I mul leave this hnue; and tins farm which I hsve ihnugbl my own. He proceeded lo slate that a few days previous, Crosby, in o moment nf ungovernable mnlice, taumeil him with being a beggar, and i til il lum In iViis now in bis power, and lit' would cnsli hun under h'f feet. hen Air. Davi sniiled at what he regarded nri'v k mi tin- potent threat. Crosby, lo convince him. I nil hun that l lie patent nf Ins larni was a forged one, and liisi he (Crtn-by.) knew Hie real owner of the land had written in (in rcli ns! il and expected a deed in a lew days. Diivis immediate! wpnl home for Ins patent, and during Ins long ah-cence had visited the land nfJiee. Cnmhy was right. The patent beyond all ilotihl was ti ''urged one. and Ilie elaiin of Djvis lo the fnrin, not wnrih a fnrt lung. Il tntiy be proper here lo observe that coiinlerli.'i'iug snlttier's patent was a reg ultir hutioes 'it --nuip nf the Eastern citiu, nui! Iiiiud eds h.'iv. been tluped. It is not for mv-i'lfriiid tho nld mnn. Hint I grtevp nt this tiusfnriutii). I am advanced in life and it mailer nut how or wherr I petnl ilie remaining ill y nf my existence. I have n hnuie beynml Hip stars, wIiptp your inoilier ha gonn before, mo. mid where I wnnld long since hnve jniiiei! her, lint) 1 itnt lived lo protect her child, my own, nfft'ctionnic Lucy. The weeping girl flung her arms around Hip neck of her fntli- er, and poured her tears upon Ins bosom We can he happy still, said she, for am young and cnu easily support us both. A new scene followed in winch another individual was principal actor. I shall l.'ti v! ilie reader lo form his own opinion of it. and hsrelv remark Hint at the close t le nld tnnit took th" hand of Lney Wilson, and joining Ihem Ingelher t-ui d my children. I cheerfully ennsent tn voir union ihnugh pour, with n good c nseierce yon enit be liiip,iy. I know Charle, thai v. in will be kind In my Lucy, for a few logins ago, when you thought Hiat no human oar could hear ynu, 1 li"ii'il ynu let vein ly im plore the blesMtig of Heaven iipnn my gray limrs, ond thai find would reward my child for all her k'luloess In ynu. Taking down his family bible Ilie venerable old man ad (led, it is a season of affliction, hut wo ore not lurshkeii, let us look lor support to lum who ha promised to sustain us. He open, ml Hie bonk and rend, 'Although the lig t roe sIibII nut lilos-om, neither i-hnll ft it it be in the vine; Hip lahurs of Hie field shall viold no meat : Hie flocks shall bu cut off from the lold ami th"re shall be no herd in the stall, yel will I rejoice in Ihn Lord ; I will joy in Hie God ol my salvation.' Charles and Lucy knell besido Iho ven ernblo old man, and while ho prayed, they wept tears of grateful emotion, Il was a steeples, but not unhappy night to the three inhabitants of the ueal mid cheerful dwelling Htey were about to leave, and go they knew not where. Il wa then that young WiUnn leorut Hie rent value of money by menus of il hu could give n f 1 1 f 1 1 o r to ihon who had kindly re cptyed him when evory oilier door wos closed upon loin. AH night lung ho tliuiight of lite forged paieni. There were a few word dropped by Mr, Davis which he cmld not dismi-s from Ins nnod llmi Cnirby had written lo the real owner of the land and obtained Hie promise of a deed. Il is now limo for tho render tn become morn fully acquainted willi tho history of All the etronger His fmher duties Wilmn srnior, was a tnerehant of Muslim who lind ncquned mi immense fortune At I lie close of Hie Into war wIipii Hm soldiers treeived from gov eminent I heir bountv of 100 acres of Intnl. tunny nf inetn nflered their patents lo Mr Wilsnn for sale. Finding thai th-y werp rp.nlved to sell llirtm, lie concluded to sav" Hiein from n snrnfiee of Hioir hard earnings and purchase nt a fnir price nil Iiml were offered. In Huee vears nn small portion nf Hie Miliary Trncls dine ilUo Ins posses, sion. On the dny that Charlt' became of ngp he gave htm a deed of n principal part of hi land m llltnnis. and intUtfil that he -honlii go on in iten it, nud if he liked the country to tctlle there. Wishing lum tn become ideitified wiih the penplt'.hp recotn mi'iiiled hts (nip on hi arrival in iho R'ate, hi Inv r. ide his hronilc'olh, mid dress like a luck wooilnmi. On the morning of bis son' departure! Mr Wtltnn received n loiter from a man jo Illinois, who hod frequently written He wished to purchase n certain qunr'er seel mn nl government price, winch Mr Wilsm prnrtiited he should hnvo on those terois, prov ded he forwarded a certificate from Hip judge nf the Circuit Court Hiai the land was wnrih no mure. The eipr just received enclosed Hie certificate to question. Mr. Wilson Iiml given I hi Iracl lo Chorlei. and pulling tliu Inner mid cer. ttflcate into In hand enjoined upon him In deed it tilths writpr agreeable to promise on his nrrivnl in Illinois. The remarks nf Mr. Davis forcibly re minded young Wilson oT this incident, and on the uexl morniun nfier he became ncqosiiiled with the deign of Crn-by. with a trembling hand he examined the lo' lor nntl ct'Mifiealo. It was written bv Crosby, nml the land he wished to pur clni-o. Hie identical farm of D.ivis. Atonislird thil bis friend Ihn judge slu'iiltl certify that llic land was worth no more, Mr Dnvis asked to sro the certift etttp, and utter n moment a exatnuialtiiii unhesitatingly pronounced the signature a lorgerv. An explanation from the young mnn now became necessary, and calling Luev into the toom, he lold Hn-ni his history mid laid beforo litem a pile of patents and bank nol.'s, one niter another, till Iho a- mount roncued thousand. Ii whs a day of thankful happiness to On! Simon Davis and his daughter! and not less so lo young Wilson. No' long after this scene, Crosby enter ed. II is nir was Ilia' of a man who has an enemy in his power and intend lo trample upon hun tie scarcely noticed Wilson except with n Ipok of contempt. After enuring nut all his maledtci nun upon Hie Innnlv Iip odvi-pd Ihein to leave immediate ly. Thi; td man imiuired if tin would give i'im nothing for the improvements he had made? The answer was, 'not a r.enl Ynu certainly wnnld not. said Wilson -drive nut this old man and his dnughler penniless .ino tho world .' Wlisl i that to you,' replied Crosby with a look of malice mid cnuiempi. 'I will answer yn I hnt question, ' soul Wil m, and acquainted lum with what the read r oiieinly has lenrin. Crosby, at fir was stupified with astonishment, but wh"ii lie sow that all Ins scnemes of villany were dpfesied, and proof of Ins hnviitg eooiuntled forgery could be established his assurance fnrsn.ik him, and fie thruw himself upon his knees, and begged firs the nld man. then Lucy and Wilson, to spare hun. Affected with his appeals. Iho Inner a greet) to purchase Iho I'm in iiiinn which Crosby lived, upon condition nf his instantly I'.Mvmg the courtry. He accepted Hie terms uud with Ins family fl"d In 'I e.vnt. Why should I spin nut the narrative. Lucy and Charles were married, and ihnugh n splendid uinutinu rose up on Hie farm of Mr. Divis, bull loved far belter the little mum where she had so long and snxioiiily walched over Hie sick bed of Hie homeless stranger. Mr. Vilnn wa tick bui never forgot those who wore in want Cheered hy Hie kind nud n fleet ioeate atiPinion ol In children, Old Sunnu Da nl)(nvis aimoti seemeo in nave retuiweu ins existence, lie lived many yea's, anil long enough lo tell Hie bright eyed son of Charles and Lney the stnry of Hie FORGED DRED. And when ho told Hie listening hoy how Ins lather, when poor btul liietidless, was taken home am! kindlv irented. ond in turn became their benefactor, he nnpres-ed upon t tic mind nf hi- grandchild, Hint 'even a cup of cold water given from a pure motive shall mil liieo itB reward ' Lakes of tiii: Umtko Statfs, Own Drtmhoro, io his ndiuirahle lellers from thn West, lining publishing in the Hoslon Courier, slatet, the renniikahlt) fitul, th.il Ihoru are no lakes, large or Mini 1 1, on Ihe Northern conti nent nf America, south of 41 neg. latitude, except in Honda, I huso in Homln, and boiue, we Inilie.ve, in Ahioatna and Lmiisinna, moralhcr havous,or lagootts, communicating wilh Ihn expansions of stagnant rivers, which, also, ihcmsolvoH, liava mostly hiibtcrruuoini eoinmitniciilioiis wilh tho ocean. Such nro found in all secondary formations, similar In the Fwaiup and alluvial regions nf tho delta of thn Mis-sissippi, and iilso our coral cousin nnd itluntlH like I' lontla, Culm, and the llahaniiis. In tho lust, Ihnugh insulated, ill cy have lids and no doubt, oxists siih-mariuo arcmlos and tunnels nf Iho coral reefs through which the ocean finds egress and ingress. Cuba, how ever, is mmgiimd hy preeipiluus reel's nf coral rod; on llui noilli, ami exleitsiva white sand h.inks of t lio sumo cnim.il malarial mi il- smith coast, Yel Cuba has primitive mountains of gteal heights, which appear to bo tho nucleus of Its huso. AT. V. .Star. Would yuu piiiii..i iho spiteful ? Show him ihoi ynu are nlnvo Ins milicc. The dart bo Ihrcw nt yuu will rebound and pierce him tu the heuit. Not to know i bad ; not to aak is worrc h'uini i lie I'lihiuilnr. LEACHED ASHES. Fntr.Nn llccr. A your iimtio jg for Mm "improvement of the soil mill Hie mind " permit mu Ihrnitgh the medium nf yuu r widely circulated nml valuable journal, 'o give publicity In n discovery in the prepa ration of leached ashes, or soap holler's wn-le, so as in make Ihem equally valua hi", mill perhaps more mi, In Ilie farmers of our vnl ml prior, a lo Hi" cultivator on L'Mig Nlmnl where they are bought m nt nu expense of 35 to SO cents a bushel, and considered n prufi'itble investment n' Hint, The vist nunntnie bought annual ly in this country, (wherr.. ihey nrecoii'id ered of lill le value, nml of none nn clay land ) nnd shipped lo Long-tslnud, induced Hunk Hint the saline mailer in the soil nnd a'tnusphere, was more tho cause of their wonderful rffeci upon vegetation. linn any inherent quality in it. To give throry the lest of experience, I mixed ash t's with common salt, but Hie sail was too coarse nntl too long in ili-solving, lo com bine chemically : the next wos to sow the all and the ashes afterwords : this did bet ter ; mv uexl lo wet the dry utileacliPd ashes with a strong britip. and nfier slanti ng a sufficient lime to spread readily with a shovel, applied Ihem as a lop dressing to turnips and potatoes. In this last experi ment I he success mut mv Inghe-t exneela. I lions; lb" potatne crop wns quadrupled, a nd ihn difference in I ho turnip yield still greater j hut the soil a in I be appl cation of all high slimutiuts, should hove a mod ertile dressing of some kind nf manure, and it will be found in excellent order lor gra.-s or grain afterwards. It may he observed of crops, manured and dressed in tins manner, that Ihe leaves appear of a brtghi pea green, Mislead of Ihe darker green, dennting loo much top whilst Iho lubcr of the pninto. nud the bulb nt the turnip, showed ihe whole strength nf the plant to have centred there. To carry the analogy still luriher, I hnvo given tint laud a liberal dro-stug of plaster after ihnnshesso prepared, but not the letisl benefit to the crop could be perceived, any more than if it had been used within a mile of the ocean of course it was labor lost. The object of this communication, Mr Editor, is not for the purpose of telling what I hnve done, or what I can do. to eo rich mid beautify this footstool of the Al mighty, for 1 nm but nnc amongst millions. and Ihe lcnl anting ten thousand; but to thiMVlht! alteutiun nf mv brother fnmer of out vast in'erinr to the prepmaiinn nod use of an article liilliortu considered a drug ond a uni mice. Ii is very desirable Ihnt some enterprising farmers til" fch county in tho we-torn pari of yours, and of ol her stales, where bach, ed aides are in olinudnnre mid useless, to Iry the experiment of welling them when dry, with ttrnitg hniie. no matter how old nr stale, (if the price of salt t loo high,) and cuiniiiuiucnte tho result in tip! Culltva tor. The lands found heM ndnpted fo tlii I; mil of manure nn Long l-laitd, nro the poorer description of sandy nnd gravelly soil, and ibis ngrera perfectly with my "hurt experience here; fn far. then, nature ts true In her own law, nml no doubt every farmer in our wonderfully active clt mum uutl productive soil, will find I he. s iuic -i nk'iig analogy verified by experience. The season id approaching for lite proper tiini) of trial let ti be upon corn, poiatoe. grits, upon spongy wet loud, or newly .tucked down, turnip and wiieat in nu ittmn, mid should it come up lo the wri er's rxpeclntinns. I shall I Innk my pnt life not wholly spent in vain Yums respect fully, DANIEL E ASTON, nKMAIUCS. The exprritiirnls deluded in i lie nbnp rnmniitni. r.uioti me uoiiliv dm it i ten i i mi ofihe firmer nnd ihr ctlftH'! . Two f.n'ls II tve I. in.' It. en kn"Wii, ilie p. tore- nf who II te h.ite neter seen cii if f.n'ioi ilv PNpl.ioifil Otie of llip.p I'.tei- it, ili.il leielit'tl n-li. rs so e f mud lo opeiiiip nt lienefit't.iHv npoii l,..n.' I-I.ti.tl Limit, iinlp.K lied iii-liei!, ii mini' m Ip.n itt il io In; iiifei red. tlt.ii ii w.tt nm ii pui.i.-li ultii'h 1 tie ii-lipt etiiiniiiipil ih n ini!ii.'t'il IpiiiIiiv, -The oilier I'.iet i, tlt.it le.ti'lifil .flipt iinr.i'e iii'ne stlit'lt lltnl liMiipfii'i.ilU unll.n dip inll ii'ine nf Iim II) n inp iiiiini-ple'iP, tit in llie ilo in iIip in'Pt iio linn in.liifini,' iIip liplief, to tel pi llic l.otii ie nl our eiiii"piii.d"iil, "tli.tl iIia f.iliie mi iii.'i in the soil o in I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' -1 1 1 1 1-1 f , w I' le.oiP lite e.oui! ol'ilipir w (i hi It- i I'n I elfii'l npmi ii-yc.uti.tit, ill. in uu inlic )! r 1 1 ilov. " wlui'li tin y p.it.pft, I'lio expeti men's of Mi vi-lnu ipi lo u.iii'ioil ihit eoiii'lii.ion !!nl lOIC lliet'eil llllt iieei.Cl , l .1 liO'-lion nuuli nivr-ii mnii ; and iw riniiin-ii.l il.e in nicr lo lit- until e tifstiitK! of our clii'intcnl cuiteepuud enli. Cowl, CLOVRIt. ITS VALUE Tim CATTI.i:. VOU SEED, AM) V II THE SHI I.. We hnve received ti eiiminunicatinn from Mr. Henry Brewer, nf Eifield, Toiupkins illuslrtiling flirongly thn value of clover. as o menus of keeping up iho lertiltty ol hts land, mid of rendering tis culture pro fitable. Mr. Brewer was frnin old Dutch es,, the land of clover. Do ptirchusuil lu lu mi in Enfield in tho year I!I30. nl (If) .10 per acre. It now gives a product ol from fifteen In fnriy dollars per acre per annum; and the improvement and Hm ptu- 1 1 1 he ascribes principally to llic cultiva tion nf clover. As Hie coinuuinicuiion is very lengthy, and having Ihe writer's per mission t.0 to do, we give the purport of it in n condensed firm. Mr. Brewer remarks, that Now York farmers pay lo those of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, nuniially, ninny ihousnud tlullars for clover seeil, which ihey nnghl raise for ihemselvet with profit. Ho would as soon 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ic of buying his seed nuts and seed wheal, as Ins clover seed. He prefers the soutliprn or dwarf clover, benniiso it ib fit tn cut five, or ten days earlier than tho tall growing or northern kind, nnd is more ccrlntn of ripening tho seed of iho second crop. Ho sows with his small grnin, at a rnto of 15 ib. per nere, and sotoeilmes ow his cornfields ufter ihe lnl ho"ing. Mr. Brewer appropriates In clover lo three very va'onblp itirpiises in ford hia slock, lo fertilize his In ml. and m fi'l b' purte nnd hrj has Miccecded admirably in them all, so far ns we can judge. His eat. He thrive upon it bold as a green nnd a dry crop in summer nml wtiuer ; his whpnt ami corn feed nnd thrive upon it. when buried nnd deciimpoiug in tho anil; nnd Ins purse increases with Hie increase nf bis eaiih.' nud his crop. And filially, besides feeding hi cal'le and ferlthz ng In Foil, Hie seed of Ins teciinil ciop gives him nn nereabli' profit, ninuinlly of from fifteen IQ fin. y dollars. Now there is no secret in the bu-itie nu patent rigln. I In gives; vou his whole process, i lint you may profit bv bis example if yon will. Wu will en deavor io give it in concise and plain terms. Clover is cither used for hoy or pa'luro Hie first crop, nnd uniformly for seed and lornge ihe second crop, If for pasture, ho turns upon it his stuck about tho first of May, nr when the soifhas become eo firm Hint the feet of the cattle will not potcli the snd. Al l his lime lb growth is such as to enable Hie cattle tu thrive. Ha pastures till about the twentieth June, and the closer it is cropped nt Ibis time, tho better, he thinks. The cuttle nrc then withdrawn, nntl tho second crop is permit 'ed to grow en (I ntninre its seed. If tho first crop is designed for buy, M is ctn irnui the twentieth to the twenty fifth of Juno, although it tuny tint hnve pass' d the bloom ir arrived al thai stale when most fanners loom it in a proper condition to cut. It i important lo cm it as early as Iho twenty huh. Mr. B. Hunks, in order to give tho -econd crop limo to grow nnd maiuro its seed before it is injured by ihe frosts of niuiioin five iJ'iys olien making a materi al diff'rence in the seed crop. We do not ike Mr. B.'s mode of curing ibis early cut clover: h" takes it when partially cur ed, in Ins liarn, and spreads ii about upon Mnfftlds nud pules till made, nnd then puis it uilo Ins bay. Tuts causes unnecessary labor. Cured in grass cocks occording lo our directions, il will bu ns good ns wiien spread over a barn, ond more than half ihn labor will bo saved. Mr. B. thinks clover hay made in the shade is much bet ter than Hint made in the sun. The next way of curiitj this green clover, eays tho writer, is with wIipoi straw, that ha9 been kept in I lie barn for that p'urpopp, by lay ing a course of hay nnd I hen of straw, and so on until ynu have it nil secured.'' The inipottaiice of mowing the first crop early, it tllu-trutod by i hfc fnct. thai one of Mr. II. 's neighbors who hail been persuaded to cut his fir-t ernp siime days earlier I linn usual, acknowledged that be should obtain last season, thirty bushels more clover aceu than usual, in consequence of it. i he seed crop is gathered with care and brought In the barn as soon as it is fi , ''iat rain upon it or unnecessary exposure tn tho weather may be avoided, both nf which materially impair the buls or straw fur milder. I he heads mo -eparnted with n fi'iil, ond the seed extracled by Robert lliticnhousn & Co.'s patent clover ma chine. The. average pmduci in seed, is 4 to 5 bushels the acre ; which, at present prices i-- worth sixty to seventy dollars a tolerable ncrcablc prnfil for a second crop. In regard to Ins clover mnchuic. Mr. B. has cleaned fnttr hundred bit-hels of seed wiih In without a dollar's expense for re pair. It is puttnbie ; and when thcro it once n machine in a neighborhood, pays Mr u. 1 think the larmers wt.l rat-e their own toed, ns is the case in my neighborhood. And if they raise it themselves, they think il costs nothing ; Ihey then sow liberally and get a booniiftill return. The machine costs sixty dollars nnd it would verily seem to be worth that amount annually to tha farmers of the iieiglibothnod, Mr, Brew er's innctiiue wa made by Blnckwcll of Album. Ot leans county. In regard Hie value of clover in keeping up ihe feriiluv of I Ii o (arm. Mr, B. cou-td ers it of the firai cousequence ; fur, say, he, I Hunk 1 can manure my fnrm with clover, cheaper than I cart nut my manure from my own bam yard ; ul'hough I hive ii nil curled nui in Hie spring fur my lined crops, while iinferinented, because I Hnrik it nl more value In hare it rut in Iho soil 'lian in the horn yard. I do not wi-h to Inivi! it under. mod that I mn nn advocatrt of Hie misernblit pniciice of leaving my uinnnrn in my barn ynrd as many of my neighboring larmers do, tn wa-to one half nf us he-i quili'ies, fur I have it thor Highly cleaned every year. One wonl ns in the condition nf the farm when it came under Mr. B.'s mnii'igeiiieiit. Tho soil t-described as a sandy luam, mix. ed wuh -late gravel, anil most of U very siuny. When he came on in it in 1(130, there was about fifty ncrcs of cleared laud, nnd it. was considered one of the poorest farms in the town, by his neighbors, who assured lum lio could r.nt gel grass enough Iroiu it lo keep one cow. There was but two aces of meadow upon il, nud (It'll was inn wet In plough. Bui this, snys he, did not discourage me. I purchased two nnd n half bushels of clover seed the first spring, winch poiue of my neighbors tlto't was enough in seeil my whole farm ; but I sowed it mi six acres. Such was Mr. Brewer's beginning; and the render is already advised that thi spirited beginning tins been followed up eight years, with increasing ndvaningn Tim wheal crop has nyerngei! from 10 to '.4 bushols per uctr. Cuttivatur. A grind Mm --A virtuous unit who hat pnsseil through the temptation nfihe world, uiiy bo compared in Iho fi-li who lives all ibu time in Mill tvator, yet is still fresh. Whal in that which n cuncli cannot move without, and yot is not of the 'cast uso to it ? Noise. I" V

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