7 Haziran 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

7 Haziran 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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rOltEIfift NEWS. From llie N. Y. Commercial Adtcritfcr. The steam pocket Great Western, Cnpt. Hotkcn, arrived at the Quarantine on Ffi day night nt 11 o'clock, having received o t.llnt nl linlf nnst D oVIr.fL- Hlin mnitn llin run from Bristol in thirteen days and eight noun, naving mauo inc snnriesi western trip across t lie Atlantic that wc have on rccoru ..... ..... . . . I uytne ureal western wo nnvo l.on. nn nanort In the nvemnrr of t in I7i h nfMnv ' V i n - r. . . .1 ' I.nntlntl Prmrs liilrrnnt In llin ntnn iU n -Livernool naners to llm llri,. Liverpool papers tu the came, and Uris tol In the 18th, all inclusive. Wo had no expectation that the posses sion of tiffici and nownr bv ihp Torins would bo of long continuance but wc certainly did as liltllc expect that their en trance and their exit would both be inc'u dad within forty cicht hours. Such how ever, was tlio I'nr.l. On Tuesday the 7ih of May the Whigs resigned, as our renders know, and both houses adjourned to Friday. The Queen, according to the London Herald, was deep JV affected when Lords f!ntliMilirim nml Melbourne definitively announced to her that the Whig ministry was extinct affec ted even to tears. Her Majesty wished to eend for Lord Normnnbv. and entrust to him the formation of a new cabinet; but Lord Melbourno honestly advieod hor to call in tho Duke of Wellington, and placo the country unreservedly in his hands. The Duko waited upon Iho Queen, and odviscd her to place the formation of the new cabinet in the hands nf Kir TtnhnM Peel thinking it most proper that tho f. mi, miniate, njuiiiii uc a inumucr Ol I lie House of Commons. On Wednesday, therefor. Sir Robert won nnnninlnrl Pirat Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of mo uxencquer receiving, or course, carte blanche for the ministerial arrangements. Thursday the cabinet was constructed as ioiiows: Lord Chancellor, Lord Lvndhursf. President of tho Council, 'Duko of Wel lington. First Lnrd of tho Treasury, and Chan cellor of tho Exchrquor, Sir Robert Peel. Foreign Secrclary, Earl of Aberdeen. Colonial Secretory. Lord Stanley. Home Secretary, Sir James Graham. These arrangements wore announced in the Morning Post of Friday. But on Thursday night the Peel ministry was alrondval an nml. Thn urinal nar. of this event are differently related bv the Wl,i- ...! Tl .i . ,. mK unu i ury pnpers ino mrmer ilicg. ing that Sir Robert, with an extent of ex action that was scarcely courteous and certainly not prudent, demanded the imme. diate dismissal of all the ladies composing her Msjosty's household; and that tho Queen indignantly rofused compliance with this demand, saying "I would rather be reduced lo the levol of a subject, than be deprived of the society of those lo whom I urn personally attached, and who have boon the friends- of my childhood." Tho Tory journals, on tho other hind, flay that the demand of Sir Robert, wis only for such a proportionate change in tho household appointment as should give evi dence to tho country that the ministers en. joyed her Majesty's confidence, and (hat parties who had oeaed to be responsible, could no longer exercise on influence upon the royal mind. The Time gives Ihe names of iho ladies whoso removal were considered by Sir Robert indispensable; namely, the Duchess of Sutherland and the Countoss of Burlington, both sisters to Lord Morpeth, Lady Charlemont, and the Marchioness of Normandy. Be this as it may, however, both parlies insisted, and Sir Robert accordingly ten dered his resignation, which was at onco accepted, and tho Queen recalled Lords Melbourne and John Russell to their posts. The 'explanations' will tell tho rest. In the meantime it is clear (hat Sir Rob ert has committed a blunder unless indeed he was satisfied that he could not sustain himself, either with Ihe present Houso of Commons or with (he result of a new elec tionwhich perhaps is the real truth of the matter. But if he actually expected and intended to remain in office, his move ment respecting the hcusehold wna prema ture. By waiting for mch accessions of strength in the House of Commons as lime might give him, and by gradually effecting the changes he thought necessary, he would at once have spared the Queen's feelings, and gained the power to compel her acqui escence; as it is, he has given her Msiesly thn prlu.nl...... U i I ... J 3 cnt harshness nnVnnllV. ..... -w.u.MUgc:, UV , , CU t , w ,( ( ) fj f danlly shown in he mul , .d.t DOUrinr in from ,11 . f h. ii"; "" The explanalions. it will ho seen, were made in the House of Commons on the nth nn.tin ii.n ; Ti... I, t , 14th; and both houses subsequently ad ill. 1 1 T ui liorua on uie juur uuu io me a7in. Ti, . . ith riimnrB nf" may b.-S,'PP? ed, abound r-. CUpjJUCl'U, UUUIJIII with rumors of approaching cabinet chan fT0. Wn .1.. y pes Wo rriun hn f U;: T I Standard (Torvl as n snppimpn .rd fTnrVi . ' ' " n iiiuiiucMrB. i.mge s snop, aiidlho ngitalors, irU 1 OrV) OS 0 SnpOlmpn ! Umminl nr. 1. I,.i :nni "Lord John Rnssnll. l,n,A ii.,Im 8,1(1 Mr. Spring Rico, it is said, retire from me cabinet, and are to bo raised to tho riecroiro. Lord Mornr-th John Russell nt tho Homo-office and as leader in tho Houso of Commons j Lord jiornam to do loreign srerotory; Mr Charles Bullcr. undur cnrrnlnrn M . Paulet Thompson to bo chancellor of the rjxeuequer. That Lord Durham will pnmo in ii' n (t.lnt. not very improbable, as his quarrel with me oouri seems io uo made up; for we observe that ho wasprosent at tho Queen's urn siaie oan tor me Beason, on tho even in? of tho lOih. To Bank of England, on the 16th passed a resolution that tho rato of interest from that day should bo five per cent. Among the passengers in tho Croat Western wo notico John Van Buren, Esq on of tho President of tho U S., George Psrish, Esq. and Maj. Denny, of tho Brit ish Army, bearer of dispatches. The ministerial candidate for tho Sneak erahir) is Mr. Ki.o. r j.n ?. s.... . ubivriu. iur. VIUUI- , rVV" nominated on the part of Fpurtocn or fifteen vessels wero lost in (lie ico near DomcEsnn. nn thn or.,,, f April. The crows of ten of tlicm were I saved the others noriphed. THE CHARTISTS. the kingdom by tumults and riots, in some insiniicufl uui'iiticii wmi uionusiicu, in Birmingham and Manchester things nssu mi miiiiiiuii. .int. iii unburn I.I IIIIIIO IIOSIJ tned o very threatening nppcarancc, nnd it was rennrtcd 1 lint serious riots had hrnknn nui inert out there, ns well as in Iho Slnfiiidshlrc potlnrlcfl. Th0 rc,10rla h VC(, ! - . .. ' 1 ' J i"""-" mcnrrrci as io inn iwo great owns, but n .. . .i.,..,,,... '.o ff ns incro were violent commotions lasting three or four days, nnd compelling n reori o tno most decided measures Tho cavalry ond vcornanry wero called out and finally succeeded in rptircssinri the rldlPrs. hilt n(ll 11 nl it llmu Imit linnn nlilinnil to fire upon them several times, wounding a number of persons. Eighteen of the rioters were tnken nnd conveyed to a place of safely. Ono letter says that Hie troops wcro firing, at inter vols, nearly the wholo nio lit. Considerable numbers of the ngitotors had been arrested in London and other places mostly loaders. Anions the ar rests wo notico Hint of ono Vincent, who has taken 1 vory active part in fomenting the disturbances at various places. Ill London on thn nirrht nt llin mil, lliir teen of Iho chartists wcro arrested, niter some resistance. Tliny worn in conclnvc six oi mem armed with tormideblo pikes Considerable quantities nf arms and nnv munition had been sent off from ilm Tow or, for the uso of tho military in various DO rid Oftho kinrritnm tl'linri, tl,a olmrliala had assembled inlarjro numbers especially in Somersetshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, btattunlshiro and Wales. The London Coiirinr flinlpa llmf in llm riot at Lano End (the potteries) three of uie rioiers wcro kiiicii, nnn loriy wounded. K1UT IW FRANCE. The notation conscnunnt nnnn llin nrn traded ministerial crisis finally ripened to n sorious riot on Sundnv. thn iqiIi nf Mnv. of which Galignnni's Messenger gives the luiiiiwiiig accouni. Yesterday afternoon the central quarters of Paris were thrown into alarm by I he bcatinr? to arms of thn drum nf llm tional Guards, and tho rapid assembling of that corps, as well as tho marching of the tronns of Ihe linn tnivnrH llm Run. Si Donis, St. Martin, &c. ond tho Place do urevc. 11 soon became known that somo serious disturbances hnd occurred in the heart of tho capital, which these prepara tions wero intended to suppress, Wo learned that nhotlt ft n'r.lnnlr. frnm 300 to 400 nnrsntlfl. nrinrinnllu tlrnccorl in blouses and caps, assembled in front of the r.oiiso 01 meesrs. L,cpnge, the gunmakers. No. 22 Run tlnnrir I'Ahhn. nnnnnit,. tin. Pnssago Saucedc, somo of them armed with hatchets, broke through the door, and gained possession of about 150 guns, prin- Cinallv fowlin-r ninrpn. Thnt? llion Inft Ihn house for tho street, moving toward the quays, on reaching which they divided into several parties, and proceeded (0 make simultaneous attacks on the posts of the national uuarus at tho Hotel do Ville, and the posts of troops of '.ho line at tho Place de Chatelet and tho Pnlnia i!p Incline opposite the flower mnrkot, all of which, Having no warning or expectation or any popular commotion, wero easily disarmed. The nifln whn RRAnilfil dm inn us n, advanced to the Prefecture of Police, but rounu tne gates closed and stroncly rruardod bv the Municina Guards. their approach having been rccoived. They then icturned to their confederates on the Place de Grove, in fmnt nf ilm timpI de Ville, who were endeavoring to raiso barricades at the approaches, and particu larly that rrom the Quoi Pcllelier, by nvor turnini? Hvo omnibuses and I nvinrv llirm across tho entrance. Theso nrocpedinrs had taken up somo time, and meanwhile it had been found possible to issue nnlnrs from the Prefecture nf Pnlio.. .ar. detachmcnta of horso and foot Municipal uunruo were caueu our, nnd by 4 o'clock advanced by different points lo the Place do GreVO. AS SOOn na llini? nnnmnok became known to the insurgents, thoso wiiu wtiB uruicu, weni out to meet llicni, and defend the central nnint nf ilm iimni do Ville. A dotacliment of tho mnnntPil XI Guonla was the firKt fn Rllctain IIiai. fln ns it debouched from thn Ruo drs Arois.' Tho head of this party had reached the top ui uie ivui; ue m vannorie, a sliort distance irom inn iuay, when a discharrrn nf firn. arms laid (wo of tho leaili iV ,I omPni ; ?l,IRr dclaclnnpnls of the . , i.iv .1 iwh. 1 "t" I ' " !M "mo nho.s won ' """om ? ,n,nl con5 qiiencr.s on either sidr. The rioters grad Guards ll.et, occupied the Place doGrevc -,.,, .Humiuifs 10 1 no river between ino runt nu uiiango and font an Blea. Great asitation. wn learn, rpirrm.il m unu; in inn ijnuriers or. iiinrtin, t. Den and Montmartrc, where, however, nothii. nine in uiu quoriers hi. iMnrtin, Hi. Denis, i," V"'.'?1 P'UndOrinrr Ol uiiiuumiiii: 10 ociween uuu nn, Ann ..mm marching in a long straggling file, without uiucr, uiwnru mo uouievards, by tho nar row streets to tho right of iho Rue St Martin. Toward 6 o'clock. Iho centre of the riots wob connneu to tho lowor parts of the quarters of St. Mnri in Si n:. i Montmarlre, between the qiiays and the nu ...,.tu uv 1 nc passages du Haumon. du Lommorco, du Grand Cerf, Bourg I'Abbe and Saucedo, and tho ruos Montmarlre and bt. Avnye. Barricades wero formed in ino nuo 01. nenis, near tho church do Si. Leu, with a fiacre and nn omnibus, both nt the corners of tho Rues Monlorgueil and Iiquetonne; othore were raised at different poinis 01 the Rjio St. Martin. At half pnn u uic oarricado in (ho Ruo Tiquotonne was attacked and carried by the first hat talionnf tho Gronadiers of tho 3d Lcirjnn of National Guards, followed by a detach mcnl of the 15th Itrr,;,,,,,.,, c ii,n 1;.... M. Lcdoux, a National Guard, was killed, and several persons were arretted at this point, At about 8 o'clock tho Nnt innnl H norla ami tronpi of I0 Iiiig. Worn nmlnr nrmu in great numbers along the Boulevards, the quays, Place Carrousel, ond in various ports of iha capital near tho Eccno of the a iilj uiiiuviigiai i iniirungiHari'B. u uueuivuu uiai II1C We regret to sy that the ministcriol posts at nil the guardhouses wcro doubled, rlinnrrs wnrn fnllnWPll in vnrintm nnrta nfinnil in ennm nnaiia. Innlnil. llm mnn tininrr disorders. No disturbances, however, were known to occur in any of these nrcnt thoroughfares. Wo observed that the drawn up under arms in front, and advanced sentinels uciritr posicu ai soma line uis IIIIIIUI., Ill IIIUUI 1,1 Ut I'll IIIU IU1IH OUI, HUH to ovoid any pofsibility of surprise. The tnncc, in order to be on tho look out, nnd Itnn St. Di'iiis was nt this limn vnru full nf pcopiu, nml down toward tlio Hnlle, the troops ol tho lino would not allow of nny ono approaching tlio spot. Here occasional shots were heard discharged, said lo be from behind some barricades near tho mar kct, and to which tho troops replied by rounds of ten or fifteen niuekcta nt n limn Wo understand that several people wore wouiincd ni tins time, nil 1110 cafes and shops wcro shut, tho gas was not lighlcd in llin eastern nnd nf thn Ruo Rt. Ilnnnrn. and a barricade had been attempted to be formed in that strnol, close by the entrance ol die Kun tin Loq, where two nmniutisscs wero overturned. Along the Western Boulcvnrds, tho Rue de Rivnli, nnd other parts of the capital fart her vrmoved frnm the centre, people wero hurrvinr home from the environs; and the inhabitants, who had not Innu learned what had hap pencd, were nil on the qui vivc, thouoh thorn was but ono universal fcclinrr of indignation at tho authors ol thesu dis nrarefiil rinls. By 10 o'clock tho troops were in posses sion of the Marche des Intioccns, and ninny of the surrounding slreetB, whore they had lucccedcd in carry inn barricades, and where we saw several remains of the? defence riard Iriu'nril thn Run i!pi Lorn bards, and the north eastern end of the market, vve observed the colonel of a regiment of the line giving orders for the posting of his men in Ihe houses looking mm 1 nc marKci onu inn uue au Denis, ami scvernl wr.ru stationed nn tlm hnlnnnins having full command of the approaches to uic mnriiet. At this period the quays were occupied uy troops, as was also tne l'lace (in tireve, and the Boulevards, toward ihe J?orte St. Denis. Every thing was IranrjB except in the centre, where, hnwp.vnr. Bi ilminr hers of tho public peace were rspidly dis appearing, i no sis., mougn still thronrjreu with a great number of people, only spec totors in them, were gradually getting de sertcd. At half past 10 a barricade was attempted to be formed at the Point e St. Eimtnrhn. nt Iho northern entrance to the Halle, where several small streets, oming to n point, afford peculiar facilitator such n dafence, nnd a few huln wero 'exchanged between Ihe rioters and tho troops. A hackney coach drivinrr in thn! ilirpnlinn u-ns nlnnn. ted to be seized 011 to serve lor a barricade, but the driver gave his horses the whip, and escaped with his vehicle. At this lime a strong force Was posted on thu Place dea v ictoires. 1 1 o'clock. Wo hear of no moro bar ricodes or attempt at resistance; iho re msininc rioters seem to hnvn ilijnpranl No vehicles wero allowed to npprosch the scene 01 trie uisturoances, and all pnssen gcrs in the stroet are desired, on approach inrr anv tronns. lo nans nn witlinm riVlnv. On Ihe next day, Monday the 13lh, thn Ministry was lormed, ond announced in the ujnniiuiir, as miitiwK : Marshal Sonlt Precidnnl nf thn Cnnnril and Minister of Foreign A flairs. Il. uuchatel .Minister of tho Interior. M. Cunin Gridaiuo Minister of Com mcrco. Lieut. General Schneider Minister of War. M. Villcrnaino. Peer of France Minis. ter of Public Instruction. M. Teste Minister of Justice. M. Paesy Minister of Finance. M. Duperre Minister of Marine. M. Dufaure Minister of Public Works. The Duke nf Bassano dind at Pa ri.q nn the 13th of May. LONDON GOSSIP. Liverpool, May 7. Ono Stlbiect takes Ihn lend. Imfnrn nil others, in tho fashionable wc Id at present. Liouri intriguo, scan mag.ljord Melbourne's Dlavinf? Sam Snunne at thn Oiippii'a inli'n. and lover to that respectable old Udy, the itncen s moiner struggles lor power bo tween rival fnctinns the whole events, in short, which used to crooto excitement, oro unheeded now. One subject has been tho Aaron's rod of tho hour, and swallowed up oil the rrst Hnrt nf llm lnnr,l.ln,n T ii.- I.i- xcn. m tin iiuj;iin;i3 tjj mi- lull) JllttHUil naire, Rothschild, has not only married a fathers-! On Monilav wnek. Ann! 2flili - M'isb Rothschild gave her hand 111 uiorriac to the llonornuic Henry 1 ii'.roy, M. I', lor his marrince. .'bavin!' hnnn hnrn Mnu 1007) and ho is heir presumptive to the lilies and estates of Ins eldest brother. Lord Southampton, whn is travelling with his lady in Egypt, nnd has no children. Ho is a man ol fashion, was a visiter nt Crock ford's, but has been a quiet character of late. Tho late Bnrnn do Rnlhschild left two daughters. Each hovo a fortune of 150, 000, dependant on tho consent of their brother, Baron Lionel do Rothschild, lo their marriage. One of thnm, I believe, is married to Montfloro, lato Shonfi'nf Lon don, n Hebrew gentleman of great wealth and respectability. The Rothschilds mnvo in the very first circlep in London, nnd thus Miss Rothschild becnino acquainted with young Ftlzroy. He was formerly in tho army. When hor father was alivo, a young Austrian nobleman, Private Srcrc- lOrV 10 PnnCn EslnrlinVU ,,rr.nnn.l fnr l.n,. but her father declared she should marry nonn but ono of iho Jewish faith. When Miss Rothschild determined to marry Mr. Fiizroy, sho WOnt to eco thn Atchbislinp of Cantcrburv. n.i tnlil him that she wished lo become n Christian. - His Graco inquired into particulars, and then very properly told Imr ti.m i.n di nm consider a love nfi'dir sufficient reason for her abaudnniiirr her rclunnn. Rim ; .ii.i to have assured him thai it had long been hor intention to hecomn n Pi,,;lio,, nml that her family were awaro of it. On this, tho Archbishop said that, if it appeared her sincere desire to bsonnm n nil p ict in n from conviction, ho had no alternative but to accent and hantixH Imr iin ted with her faipily,and it nppears that alio had informed them of her intention. The I mnrrinrro was nricatc. and unattended bv any of her family. Hor brother has tho power ot withholding her fortune left to hor by her father, but it is not oxpected that ho will do moro than hove it 60 settled upon herself ond her children as to prevent the chance of her liusbonn squandorieg it. It is expected, also, that her fami'y will shortly receive her. Should she become a British peeress, ns is likely in tho course of time, she will bo the first Jewess whu has ever been in a like situation. Biehnp Hopkins of Vermont was prcsont nt the Anniversary of tho Bible Society in London, and moved Ihu resolution, which, in substance, devoutly acknowledged tho gooilnc's of Almighty God, in tlio opera lions of the Society. The reverend gen tleman was frequently cheered during his nddress, said lo be a very eloquent ono, to tho vast assemblage. Thn correspondent between Gen. Scott and Sir John Hnrvcy, which terminated tho Boundary disputed, was received in London, on Iho 30ih of April, and pro nounced highly satisfactory. Tho intelligence gave nn impetus to the slock market penerallv, and purchases wcro entctcd into with renowed spirit- At the same timn thn news of Mr. Bnldle's rcsig- nnlimi nf llin Prnaulunnu nf tin. Pnnl.- nf llm United States was received, nnd occasioned n good deal ol conversation His resigns lion was generally considered, however, from his well known character, to indicate n flourishing condition of the Bank, which it is rightly presumed he would not havo loft in any difficulty. Tho annual mooting of the Wesleynn Miseionnry Society was held on the 29th of April, in tho Brent room nt Exeter Hall, London. Mr. Plumtrcc look Hie chair at 1 1 o'clock, when the hall was filled in ovcry part. On the platform were a number of mcmueiH in parliament, and mends nt the sociely from all pnrts of I ho world. From the report read, it appeared thai tho society is still in n flourishing condition. The amount of the subscriptions received durinrr Iho past vnar is 73,537, and the t nt nl nmount ot receipts jC!I4 818 I!s. 3d. .(376, 50 1 ,) and the expenditures JCI0U.077, leaving a deficiency of more than 10.000 to be made up. On the motion of Mr Evans, M. P., seconded by Col. Cnuolly, M. P.. the report was unanimously adopted. The Rev. Dr Patton, of New York, the Rev. Dr. Beauian, of Troy, and many other gentlemen also addressed the meeting. GREAT HAIL STORM. The Fuddon and extreme chanse in (ho tcmpcruture from heat tn cold, rxperinccd on Tuesday night and Wednesday, seems to have been caused by a hail storm of ex traordinary violence. Wc learn, says the Baltimore American, that within a few miles of this city tho fall of hail caused limited damage, but it will bo seen by the following extract from a letter, dated at Friendship, Anne Arundel Connty, a small village about forty miles from Belli more, and ten or twelvo miles from iho city of Annapolis. that tho icy shower was cxcppdinglv violent in that vicinity: Friendship, Anne Arundel Co. J(r29. "Yesterday wo had one of Ihe severest hail storms over experienced in this neigh borhood, which although not as violent" in tho immediate vicinity of this village, was very destructive to all the country South Wosl of us. Information has reached u of several wheat finlils h nvinir hppn rut In pieces, tobacco been ruined", barns, out houses and chimneys blown dnwn, end all the windows demolished. There ncrer was such destruction before the hail laid in somo places 6ix inches deen. and as Inrrrn as hens eggs. Every hour brings us fresh intelligence of damages done In fences and trees, anil of our neighbors havincr lnt lmr calves, &c. American Assvlum- Wn havn rn. ceived a copy of Ihe twenty-third report of tho Directors of the nmerican Asylum, at Harlfo'd. The number of the pupils in tho institution within Ihe year ending May II, 1H39, was 150 of which 123 were sup ported hy their friends. 19 by Maine. 15 by mow iiompsniro, s:u uy Vermont, 40 hy Mnsfacllliselts. 14 hv Cnnnrntinnl. .1 In- South Carolina. 13 by Georgia, and 2 by me Asvium. jiut ono death has taken place in Ihn Asylum during thn voir. Tim number of former pupils now known lo live in 1110 marriage relation is seventy-eight ; and tho directors snv. "wo am hannu in the belief, thai with few except inns, they nrn as prosperous and hnppv, a most nihnr people in thesamn rnnksnf life." Cow-anf. Iowa. The commissinnerH annninted in locale. Illldor thn nnt nf Cnnirrnus. n anil able place for Iho seat of government of inwn, nave ciiocn a spot in Johnson county. 'I'llO locntioo Wns mndn Without rnfnrnnpn lo the law of Congross, which confines the seieci inn to n certnm specihcd township within the surveyed territnry. Tho Bur lincton Gazette says, tho sitn selected is well suited to tho nuronso heniirifnllu situated on the East bank of the Iowa". two miles North west of tho town Nnnn leon. nnd within one milo of the centre of Iho Territory, Nnrtli and wnuth. Tho seat of jroyornmeiit is to ba called the "Citv of iown. Tho Wheat fields look moro and more promising. Thoro is, however, danger l lint 'ho blade may grow too heavy. A fow dovs of drv weather would rnmnilu this evil, and sreuro tho largest crnn of wnnat wo nave nuu lor many years. lloch ester Democrat. QtTfloW bonill iflll mill trim nrn llm fol lowing observations of a modnrii writer: "Domestic hnppinesrf (says he) consists in fnith in this virtue of woman ; political Imp pines in faith in the integrity of man ; and nil happiness, temporal and eternal, in faith 111 tho justice, goodness and mercy of God." Death at the Falls of J"iagara.l)t. Mungnn'ord, of Troy, while n a visit to the lalls, on the 7th, and standing at the foot of Bnldle's Staircase, (American side) was instant I y crushed to death, by the breaking off of a mass of shelving rock, 150 feet above his head. Lindsey, tho guide who was with him, received a severe contusion on the arm, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE7. WHIG STATE CONVENTION, At Woodcock, nn tlio 27th d.iy or Ji.nn next, will bo IirM n. convention of ilelenips to eelect Trom the penptn, siiitiililn cumliihilM for st,itc offi com, to lie supported nt tlio next election. It in hoped Hint one nr more dclpilcs from e.icii town 111 llie state will bo appointed at meeting of nil w ionre in Mvnrof n continued wito nml prudent ailminnlMiion ol our elnie government ; oipocd lollio liiincliil measures of tho nalional ndminiitrn lion in favor of displacing It, nml establishing in itsstcud am lli it thatl bo responsible, economical nml republican j making patriotism its guide; the lieot mtcrosM of 1I10 country its go.il ; nnd llie principles promulgated liy Washington and Jed'er son im rule nf fjitli nnd prnclice. It is ilpinil)lc Unit eiery town in the Slnto sliou'd be represented, Inasmuch as delegates mav ho appointed lit the proposed convention, to represent tlio state in the national contention lo ho held nl Hun iolmrgli in Detemticr nexl, for tlio purpose nT nomiiuting riimlidales for ('resident nml Vice President, who, if elecied, will legatd ilm withe, mid not Dts- regani u,e "lamentations of the people." A w,e.r,rV?"' hlH ,0 lel her continue ALWAYS FAITHFUL" to be, Wir.MAM Upiiah, 1 K. P. Walton, i c. , IlAnnY liRADLEY, . Oeo. T. UnDoKs, Central CIIAIU.KS Paine, 1 Cum Charlvs UnrKiNf, I Montpelier, Ilay8, ISoO. county c77nvention. The Whig ofL'liitienilcn Coiinlv nro renueslcil to meet at iho Kuglo Hall, in Willisiou nn the 20ih day or June, inst. for the purpo of nominalii candidates for Senators for the ensuing jear, and tor the Iranjaclion ofsucli oilier business as may be thought proper when atsemblcd. GKO. AYERS, ) FUANCIS WILSON, ( Countti SAML. II. DAUNES, ( Committee W.M, WESTON, ) June 6, 1839. ' It will be observed that the county com mittee have called a convention at Willis ton, on tho 20th inst. for the purpope of nominating Senators. Will our friends in the several towns take seasonable measures to ensure Ihe attendance of full delegations. It is important to havo a full and fair ex pression of public sentiment, both in re gnrd to local and state affairs. The Whigs in different parts of the slato wo ob serve aro in motion, nnd so far as our knowledge extends, tho right spirit prevails in our own county. Energy prompt ac tion, is all that is required lo secure an honorable result. We mnst give the Lokies a touch of "old Virginia" this fall. VIRGINIA. "HUZZA I HUZZA I HUZZA I" Such is the note of triumph with which the Richmond Enquirer announces the result of the election in one county of Vir ginia; but, strango contrast, the remaining ten columns of results appear lo bo giren in an entirely different strain accompanied with groans and lame apologies. On the other hand the Richmond Whirr cheers for Ihe xchole stale, a majority in, the lower nouse, a gain of three members in thn Senate, and a probable majority of the congressional delegation. This result is hardly more unexpected to Loco Pocos man to ino wings themselves. At tho last congressional election the Tories elp- led 14 members, iho Whim 7. Tho re turns now give 10 for the administration, 9 Whigs and two districts not fully ascertain ed- Tho Iloimn nf TIi.Ipoio. :-. . ..c 134 members C8 a mniori'.y. The Whirrs anu L-onservatives have already ascor tamed the oloctton of 71 , which gives them eight majority in that body, and six major ity on joint ballot with tho Senate. There aro sixteen delegates to be heard from, of whom tho Whigs confidently calculate upon electing six, and tho Conservatives three. 1 he mnjirily over the Loco Fucos on joint ballot will range from fourteen to liccnlij. I he fruits of this splendid victory wilt uo highly important. It places Vir ginia in decided opposition to tho adminis tratinn. It gives us the Governor, who is lo bu chosen for two years by the next uegislalure, and n Senator in Connes.-?. Poor Ritchie vnys a correspondent of tne Atlas-he has lost his silk gloves he lias lost ail Ins wagered baskets of chain pagno ho has lost his boasted influence- he has lost the Statc-and ho has tied millstone around the neck of the "Northern man wilh southern principles" that will sink him so rapidly, that even tho thunders of popular indignation will barely reach nun as no goes down to his proper levol. But tho most significant circumstance connected with this result, is tho nllp,m,i fact that tho popular vote, compared with tho last election, shows a tchig gain nearly five thousand. This is glory enough for ono day, and wo can well afford to wind up, as the Enquirer commences, with "three cheers for old Virginia." Important fb,om Fr.oRtuA. General Macomb arrived at Charleston on Monday week, from Florida, on his wav to Wash ington. Ho brings with him intelligence of the finale lo tho Senunolo war. The chiefs havo consented lo call in their strag. ghng parties, and retiro immediately bolow a lino prescribed by the General, to remain lliero until Anther arrangements shall bp mado by our government. Hostilities arc to cease on both sides. Tho American troops are, meanwhile, to occupy n lino 0 posts alone (ho peninsula, for tho oroater security of tho frontier settlements, and to' prevent intrusion upon tho Indian territory, "Tho Indians," Enys tho Charleston Patriot, seemed well satisfied with this arrangement, and tho general impression among tho inhobiianis was, that no further difficulty will be experienced in Florida. Tho kind treatment experienced by thoso Indians who came in at tho invitation of Gen. iMncomb, has tended to restore confi donee, and will go vory far to smooth diffi culties. The success of Gen, Macomb's measures, in putting an end to the contest in Florida, during Ihe season, whero mili tary operations could not be carried on, aa it is creditable to the General himself." CASE OF DR. JARVIS. The Joint Siumling Committee of llie Lejiiljiuro Oil thn Ullhierl nf IllnirM liiun linan n.....l during iho greater pail of tlio week in heariii" iho IPKtlmmiu .... l. ...it. ..1 -r r j. w 'i ihu iiiiiui, iiimtru ui iurui uivarce cane. 'I'Iip ntiinai f,i.i :,. ii, ,,.i ..i... .i on both fides, ami vry gicat interest is felt in die ono he mind n m ilm ..ni, 'n. -.. r?. where the investigation i held, is constantly crowded with ipeciaiorn, mid fiom what we can lc.11 11 ihcre seems lo he hut one opinion at lo lha result, nnd that i, dial llr. Jams will completely cle.ir hiimclf frmn every charte brought ngainst nm hy hi wife, anil 1h.11 i,0 will entirely fail in her application. A large number nrwiinenses have been examined in beh.tll of Dr. Jarvis, many of whom ate the mot respectable and disliugiiithed citizen of this Slato and New York. Among others we noticed tlio widow of Alexander Hamil ton, 11 lady of more than eighty jean of age. It is' intimated, willi how much truth we do not know, lb 11 after Dr. J.irvis shall have fully disproved iho' charge which have been made against him, lie will himielf petition for i hill of divorce. Of lliodis closure? thai havo been made during this trial, iclalive lo the conduct of Mis Jarvis, wa forbear to speak lit this time. Hartford Patriot. ECCLESIASTICAL NOTICE. Tlio next annual meeting of tho Chittenden County Consociation, will he held, providence permitting, in ihe new Brick Church at Colchester Ccnlro, nn Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Consociation will meet at 12 o'clock at noon on Tue.ilav, Iho public ferviccs will commence at 2o dork p. m. Every Church In the county con. necled with ihs bodv i desired lo lie fully repre sented. J. K. CONVKRSE, Register. June (7, 1S39. DIED In Jericho, on the 12ih ult., Mr. Paul Dab cock, aged CD jears. CU i 1 13 E R L A N b SPRINGS. " rri HE Mibser. bar lakes U113 method to JL inform the Public, that he has rented the large and commodious house, situate at Cumoerlam) Si'Rt.NCs. No expense do v. ui! been spared 111 putting tho House, Spring, Pleasure ground-, Walks, &c. in complete repair, ho feels nn hesitation in taying, that thoso who may be disposed to patronize him, will find every thing to their entire satisfaci inn. Tho rends leading to tho Springs being in excellent repair, and through a beauti ful part of Iho town, nn nrhnr onnt ennma ifnnro favorable for Parties of Pr.F.tsunE 10 enjoy mermoives, ihan this. The medical qualities of the water, nro considered equal to the famed Saratoga and Ballstown. Every attontion will bo paid to the comfort and convenience of in valids. O. P. CARPENTER. Bcekmantown, June 1, 1839. 3wj7 rTI HE Hiibicribers, agents for the abovo A Company, are now receiving an as sortment of their Nails which are offered to the trade ot tho current prices on the usual terms. Tho superiority of theso nails over any other sold in the marknt, is well known by all who havo had tho article. The machinery of fli'n mmn,n nu and their nails arc consequently all perfect. IIIOIVUIV if UA TLdiM, Burlington, June 5, 1839, IRON &C. STRONGS & CO. ARE now receiving a heavy slock of Iron and Steel, consisting of 10 tons English Wagon and Cart tiro of all the various sizes, 5 tons Russia O. S. Iron 3 do Swedes do Cast, German, Spring, American end Eng. Blister Steel. English Hoops, Braziors rods 4-c. Also, on Consignment, 500 Kegs assorted cut Nails, 3d to COd and floor Brads. 20 tons Peru manufactured Iron round and square of all sizes. Baud Iron, Shoo Shapes etc. etc. June G. Iron Hollow Ware. Avery nxtensivo assortment of Hollow Waro, cousi.-ting of Pots, Kettles, Furnaces. Spiders. Tea Kettles. Basins. High pans etc. with a great variety of Stove Ware, just rue'd nnd for hale by June ti. CSTKUNUS V Co. GROCERIES. Xf Chests Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young FIvmn and PouchoiiDr Teas, of n-ood and rxirn qualities '20 Bags old Java and St Domingo Cof fees 50 Kegs Ginger, 20 Boxes pipes, 10 Boxes bar Sunn 10 do Cavcndiph Tobacco, 1000 lbs. leuf du (or Sheep 5 Casks Snloratus 10 Bags Pepper and Pimento 100 Boxes and qiiHrinr Boxes Raisins Uli.mnn.. m, ,,.,-., IVntmnrtz Iiwtirrr, Caisia, Chocolate, mustard, Starch, Lent. on Syrup, etc. etc. just received uy a t. r 2000 I,Uf,lt'l ('-e solar Salt imi " ' 50 larne sacks Liverpool blown do June 6, 1339. Strongs Si Co. LAMP OIL 2ftfflGalloii Winter and Fall Snnrm Oil anil rrfined do. June G. '39. by Strog & Co, LANTERNS. GLOBE Lanterns, and iHiig-ulass do. a new nnd good article by STHOJyGS & Co. TCorn Brooms and Pnils. ,r v .. 1 fill Uoz Corn Hfonms. orn Brooms, itent Pails, by J. c J. II. PECK Co. OIF U rnu-Ht l ana, ut Juno 7,

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