7 Haziran 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

7 Haziran 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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f TOBACCO. f KEGS Plug Tobacco 40 Boxes Cavendish do 60 Packages Shcop do 2000 lbs. Leaf do do by J. k J. II. FECK & Co. Juno 7. SPERM OIL. GIs. Winter Sperm Oil 2000 do Fall do do 1500 do Refined do June 7. by J. & J, II. Peck & Co. Groceries. Chests Young Hyson Tea WW 75 do Hyson Skin do 20 Bags Pepper 20 do Pimento -10 do Coffees SO Boxes PipcB 100 do liar Soap 200 do Raisins 50 Kegs do 40 do Puro Ginger 400 Mats Cassia. St. Croix Ruin, Holland Gin. Sltrnelto Bmndy. Baltimoro Gin. American Brandy, Champagne, Brown and Palo Sherry, Madeira mm. I MHbAn!iin t Malaga Wines, by u..v muuuu, muituuia mauuira aim Juno 7. J. k J II. PECK & Co. Grindstones, June 7. bv J. & J. II. Peck Sl Co. Builington Voimont and Essex, Cylinder Glass, mado at the Chaniplain Glass Works, and vary much improved in quality compared Willi llio Into brands, Inrsalo by June 7. J & J. II. Peck & Co. Ag'ts, Crown Glass. R EDFORD,.Saranac and Clinton crown by J. & J. II. PECK i"c Co. Agents. Juno iujy. Foreign Iron and Steel. ENGLISH Iron frnm 1 to C inches Russia Old Sable Iron Do New do do Swedes do Hoop do from j to Inch Ilrazier's Rods Spring, Cast, German, SwcdcB and English uiuier fticei. Cart anil Wagon Boxes Finished Cro Bars by Juno 7. J. & J, II. PECK & Co Drugs and Medicines. large supply jiiht received by June!. J. & J. II. Peck Sl Co. DYE STUFFS. 10O Bbls. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood St Domingo 250 do do do Canpeachy 250 do Fustic 200 do Nicaragua 40 do Alum 25 do Blue Vitriol 30 do Mulder 50 Carboys Oil Vitriol. Muriatic Acid. Aqua Fortis. Nitric Acid, Carcuma, Bar Wood, Peach Wood.Quer citron Bark, SpaniFh Floiant and Bengal Indigo. Lac Dye, Nut Galls. Press Pa pers, Jackw Tenter Hooks, Cream Tartar snd Agal by J. Sl J. II. Peck Sl Co. June 7, 1839. Lorrillards Snuft'&, Tobacco. Qn Jars Macaboy Snuff 5 bbls. Scotch do Calf Bladders 5 do do do Ox do 30 do Chewing Tobacco 30 do Smoking do by J. Sl J. H. Peck & Co. Agncts. Paints and Oils. 10,000 lbs I,fy White Lad JOO Cask" around do do 15 Bbls. Venetian Red 10 Casks French yellow v 50 Bbls. American Linseed Oil 25 do Spirits Turpentine Copal Varnish, Gold Lraf Sand paper, omaiis, musues, uiuo, liiim Gnpnl.&c. by juiic i. j, oi j. n. I'BUK &, Uo SALT. 8000 Buohcls Solar Salt 3000 do Steam do 1500 do Fine do 1000 do Turks Island do 1000 Barrels Fine do 100 do Dairy do -'50 do Coarso do 200 Sacks D.nrv dn by June 7. J. & J. H, pkck & Co. NFXiOlJR. 10 Banels Iroh ground by 20 J & J H. PECK & Co. Boston N. E- Hum, Kf Hhds. Gardi Miur Brewern, bv J &. J. II. PECK Si Co. 40CaikB. by J St J. II. Pkck Sf Co. Potash Kettles constantly on Jiand by J. St J. H. PECK St Co. JVails, Brads fc American Iron. 2000 Kofi8 Nails from 3d to COd X50 do Brads do Ca to 20a Horse Shoo Iron Scroll and Hamo do all aizea 5and, lo from 1i in 42 Inch 4louml J" i to Ij do qUarr0 . r Jn G- " 3 do J. St J. II. Pkck Sf Co. Agents for Keeseville manufacturing Co. j 500 Bushels Corn for saloW June 5. HICKOK St CATLIN. Tin Plate &c". .150 ,5',xe8 Ti" ,,lnle '3 x and ",rn 1S2J sllRCt c,,l'Pcr tinned do. 100 Bills. Iron wiro nmnrled, 500 lbs English Brass Kettles all sizes, 300 do sheet Brass do Copper, tinned and black rivets, 100 Boxes Canada plates, 50 Bdle. English Sheet Iron, assorted with a general asjurlment of good fur tj. Hers use, which will bo anld nt low prices June 7. STRONGS ami Co. Heavy Hardware, Cro Bars, aiiviiis, vices, Shovels, Cast steel tin. Spade, Hues, Scvthcs. duni? forks. War? gon nnd Cart Jinxes. Trace Chains, Potnth nnu t,ulilroii Kettles, Plnucli Caslini's Loci Iron Waggon Arm pin. etc. by June C STRONGS and Co. Sugars and Molasses. "fltf) Hhde. St. Cr and Porli Rico, Sa gars, 20 Hhds. and tierces Trinidad Molasses 10 Hnxcs Plnlndclphin nnd double refin cd loaf Sugars at very low prices, by June G. STRONGS nnd Co. HOWARDS TTNPRECEDETED depo'ch in busi J nsss is only equalled comparitivcly bv I lie successive- nnd quick passai'o of li is invorile itcnin Ship Great Western winch lias just arrived in 131-2 days Irorn Eu rnpo Willi pretty Goods fur Market and good news fur the country. Howard return Irom New York the third Pme in such quick r-uccesHon nnd with fo many ami new Kiniw o Woods ins incrmspi I in sales wonderfully, well may it boenul there . , .... J is no pincrj iiko Howards o co n s innnintr for it does one good to see so many protty goods and happy customers buying, ns i"s always lound at the Grand Bszaar Cheap asn oiore ny a. UJUiij llUlVJMu June C, 1039. aum NOTICE. ASH will bn paid lor WOOL at the V Burlington Mill Company's Factory. SIDNEY BARLOW, Agent. WHITE BEANS. tifbO Nnshels Wanted by tho snli scribers for which the highest price will be. paid in goods. June 6, Latimop and Potwin. SILVER TABLE St do Snectucles. TEA SPOONS. dn Tlinnbles, do Pencil Cases, for sale bv Juno S. V.. . r ' , Vir.As. Loomis nnd Co. 400 PACKS PINS, VJ jo w lMlX(,() (c do 200 000 Dril'd Eyed and common Needles, JU unifscb miming I'ins, Inrsalo bv Jnf5. Vir.A--. Lmomis Sf Co. " 300 Lbs. While and colored Cotton Thread, assorted Nos. 2 Cases Holt's Wire Thread, 325 Doz. Web and Gum Elastic suspenders, for cole by Juno 5. Vir.As. Loomis and Co. German Ailver, 400 Table snd Tea Spoons, 12 do Sugar Tongs, 20 do Spectacles." 100 do Pencil Cases, for sale by June 5. u.as, Jjoomis nnd Co. GOLD WATCHES. T ADIES and Gentlemen wi.hin for good Gold cased Lover WJtTr.Hm niviiuu io iook ai some beautiful finish. fid nripa fif nnr ... just received. Wo are enabled to sell th . mi uirini on ivnirn nra lower than ueual in consequence of thn beautiful Lepino Watches, warranted to keep good time ; also fine silver Levers and IjCIIIICS. Please observe that WniHi. r .i. same quality cannot usually bo purchased in INow York, Boston, Troy or Albany at as lavorntilc prices for cash as at tho Varie ty Store. Pancboiin & Biu.vM.(in. Junc 7' Wakh Makers. Soup Ladles, with wooden Handles, a vcrv neat nullum m i. .... aU largo plated gravy Spoons, for largo Meat Dishes, also Fish Knives. k Juno 7. Pangborn & Bri.nshaid. Heavy Silver Forks. atiOZ. Dining Forks.l doz. Dessert Forks, licavv, woll made, "nod silvor. a., v w,M.iug in a uoz. can have the opportu inly for a few days only, of purchasii.K thorn for cash nt cost; which will bo a savin" of several dollars. If thoy aro Ilot BoIl they will bo hcnt lo New York. Panoboun BniNsMAin, Silversmiths. a greatIurgaiivT" A SCYTHl'. FAf'TOUY AND MITT SITES, WITH r.-KRAT WAT ?l"L Tf, POWER. II h subscriber will .oil at a very low , price, and on a credit of ten yoars. with interest nt pur cnnl.per milium, that valunblo properly situated nl the fir,,, v..n. ..c c-i mo.. Itiver. ...ilcssouih ofMahne Fianklin ""I'.'t.jJ- '-liiiif of a InW. and well uu aujcxjiEs PACTO AY, contain ng two Jnp Hammers, three Furnaces, and all tho conveniences for a largo business, will, a con House capable of containing 40.000 binhc s, and a laro and commodious Finish. ingMiov, bu.lt separate, and receiving wind for tho fires from tho Kactory-which build ing is well calculated for a Pocket Furnace, and could be oas.ly a. ranged for that purpose. I ho dam and Macliineiy ofl,B Factory are in good order, and the supply flf water abund ant and constant. Also attached to these buildings, about six acres of Land, fonninn front on t10 I-alls of ti,0 Klvcr r nl)0"ut 40 rods, with sites and water power sufficient or a largo number or Mills. On thu land hero a frame ofa dwelling House, erecM but not Hnuhed. All this properly will bo sold in one parcel nl a great sacrifice from sco.t tonny one who would put and keo the Factory in opoialion. 1 anv vonnn-' a I'1 Clla"C0 for pPolalion to ?L"rLizo nlL'l,",0,O' ""anufacluror of en. a a low ?n,J V- ' h"Ubi 0,1 a lo''!: ''edit, n ice A L f ,orMJ..l Tor a ve"ry smal Inilklls wL ",",0 ,Jocl of r,ll"nti1' for a capitalist who would bn willing to slock thn rn'C.K,,diT "i'0 ?c',h" 'nlnuSla Jd on Fharos-as ih imMh jH ron,ni,,0 . the prospective value of, 10 grl.1 w 0.,r ' eges nnd mill s.ios is such, H to ensure a largo prof, to any porsni, who should own it ndBivo it ll,o proper uUenlion. Tho owner of the properly ofiu, it otl . , , r terms, in hopes of m.mducing nianufacto ol -and hereby promoting ,l0 Be,uomonl of Ins hinds in ,n iininediati. vieinily. Had Road, which will, without doubt 8J u conslrucle-d, will run within eight miles of Hun property, and will add greatly to its value and importance for inanufintorics. I' or further narticnln scriber at Malone. NOAH MOODY Way 30, IB39. JAMES MITCHELL. DRAPER &, TAILOR Corner of Church St College-streets. Bunr.iNGTON, June 7, 1839. German Silr.tr Forks. 1 DOZ. heavy best quality Dining Forks x for $5,51) per do?., if applied for soon. Juno 7. I'ANGBORN & BRINSMAID 4 (tfii BrnM Bourdett's Iron Sido Combs, taVS r, do Patent Brass do. 200 doz. flno S. F. i& S. S. F. Ivorv do 20 gross Hooks and Eyos, for salo by IUIIUO. I IUi3, IjUUUIIO O.UQ. i ? case Lnglish and American prints, - lorsaie uy vir.As. Ijoomis nnd Co. Mouscline dc Laine. Challvetts uinguams.ivc. by VIIjAS, LOO.m IS & Co. Jesse Woodruff's Esttate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DmrucTor CiiiTTrMiPM e The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dh irtci oi L,tiureiuien. V'.i nil nK.nn. cernr'd in the Estate of Jesse Woodruff, late of Milton, in said District, deceased, WHEREAS, Sally Woodruff, executrix of tho Inul will nnd deccatod proposes to rondor an account of Imr admiiiutralioii, and jtrcsent her account against said estalo Tor examination nnd allow, anco at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holdon at the Register's office in Burlington on tho second Wodiiosday, of July next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to ap. near before said Court nl llm timo n.,,1 .,! aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, wuy uiu uccouni aioresaiu sliould not be allowed. Given under mv lmml nl Tturlinninn il.ia fifth day of Juno A. D. 1839. vm. WKS'l'ON, Register. Wm. B. Miner's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, Di.iTnrcT or ciiittenoks. ss. T a Probate Court holdcn at Burlington, within and for said District, on tlm 3d day of Juno A. D. 1039. Preient, tho Hon. Oharlcs Kuisoll, Judge. An Instrument purnorlinir tobo the Inst will nnd testament of Wm. B. Miner, Into of Mil. ton. in said District, deceased, being presontnd to tho court here by Benjamin Miner Jr. the executor therein named, for nrobatn ; it i nr. dcred by said court that all iiersons cnnrnrnnH therein, be notified to annoar at a snssinn nf saia 1,ouri lo tie liolden at tho offico of tho Itogisterol said court, at the Court House, in said BurliiifMon, on tho second Wednnsdav of July A. D. 1039, and show cause if any tney may nave, against tho probato of said will, for which purpose it is furthor or dered, that a copy of tho record of this order bs published three weoks successively, in the Free Press, a nowspapor, printod at Burling, ton aforesaid, as soon as may be. A truo copy of record. Attost, Wm. Weston, Register. BONNETS, RECEIVED by last evening's boat, one jiaso beautiful Florence and fine Eng lish Bonnets, by LATnnop Si Potwin. May 31, 1839. Money Found. POUND by the subscriber a few days since, a small sum of money, which tho owner may havo by identifying and paying charges. HENRY H. BOSTWICK. Burlington, May 28, 1839. Saw Mill and Circular Saws, A very superior arliclo, manufactured to our order, and to suit tho various descriptions of limber common in this country. Crow-bars, trace and halter Chains, Anvils. Vices, waggon boxes, wrought and cast Iron Axles, Shovels, Spades, Itussia O. S. Rods, iu.iu.iia rope, rigging, pitch, tar, and oakum. And a general assortment of wet and dry Ulu iur u.e uy 1'OLI.ett it. UradLCVS New $ fashionable Tailoring ESTABLIS HNENT. F flALLAH. TAILOR. I ENCOURAGED by tho very liberal sharo of public patronage which ho has re. eeivod, and for which ho returns his sincere thanks to the inhabitants of Winooski Village, aim iiiu iiiuiii: generally, would Dcg Icavo lo inform tliein that ho continues the b llsiliPfiq in all its branches al tho above place ns usual, anu iinpcs uy liiircniiltuiff nltunt on to. nml u icriniuiKinuco oi tno Uusinuss. to mor it conliuaucn nfthe samo. N. B. CUTTIKG done at bhort noiieo and on the most roasonnblo terms. Allardnrs frnm tho country thankfully received anil nrmnnl t uiiuiiuuu lu, tviNUUSKI V 11 afTO. VI. ft nv f?l Stocks & Collars OF tho latest styles ; made in New York, for salo by thu dozen or single, nt the variety oiore. i-anodorn k Hmnssiaid. 41 ERMAN SIL- VJI VER and nla- tcd SPOONS, can bo had by the dnz en or gross In bpII again at satisfactory nriccs. Thoso who Imv for cash, will do well to call at thn Vnriniv Store. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. Childrcns Belts &, Nets at the Variety Store. pANonon.N ft Bniss.MAiD. Copper Pumps, Lead Pipes and Rotary Stove Plates. PERSONS wishing to purchase any nf the nhuvo articles, arc invited to call at our shop on Church st. May 1039. Staiui &. Bustwicic. biish.?,c. 1000 do. Com. 2000 do. Oats, for which cash will bo paid on dtlivory, by Fni.i.nrr & Biiadlcys Lenino Watches, Gold and silver cnsoil l.l'- tjjj PINES, somo with gold, somo wiin silver and some with hard V;7j,wurranled fine finished and good tinio keeners. for saia liv PANGBO(lN & BRINSMAID. 3 VERMONT HIVE. THE eubcribor having been appointed agent for Weeks' patent Beo Hive. gives noticB that he is pr.iparcd lo execute rights lo individuals in Burlington or anv other town in the state where no agency uaihih. a perieci mnnei, with i Me lixtures may be seen nt this oflica and tu bos but to bo convinced of its vast slinnrinrilv over tho old box. The attention of apiari nns, nnd omntcurs, is respectfully invited in mis mm net. narlicu ar v at tlm r.rpaeni BL'UHmi, ueiore colonizing new swarms ii tho common hive. The peculiar odvan tnges of Mr. Weeks' improvement ire too numerous to repeat, and too obvious eren to tiie unlearned observer, to need illustrating convenience, profit, huruanitv. nil. ne enusieu in us lavor, ,. H. B. STACY. Burlington, May, 1039. NEW FASHIONS. "I'lAS just n turned from New York with a good assortment of Ladies Tuscan, Ql.o... .0. QUI. II rt?fr latest fash ., y ocC ions, Mouselin do Laino for dresses, Si Iks, Ribbons, J' lowors, Lawns. Glove.i.Snnrf's.Tlnlic Straw and Tuscan Braid, and rnanv nthnr articles all of which she will disposes of as low as moy can De bought elsawhere. uuriington, may, IU39. 3W D bbls. Boston crashed Su gar, 15 boxes do Loaf do. for sale at Boston prices and freight, equal in quality to best r.uguaii ruiiiiou,iur saie on consignment oy May 31 . Follctt & Bradlevs. Hair Fish lines with Bob, sink ers and Honks ready for use. May 31. PAiNGBORN Sc BRINSMAID. PORK. TI (?h(fm barrcls Mess, 2000 Hams, 1500 Lard, 15 Bbls. Shoulders, for saia by Follktt & Bradleys. May 31. Blanchard's celebrated Scythes 13 1,021 ge"nan Sle' concaTO Stasa 100 do. cast do. do. do. 20 do. Cradle Scythes, for sale by May 31. Follett & Biudlbys, Agents. doz, patent Scythe Snaiths for salo on consignment, by May 31. Follctt & Bradlevs. Just ree'd at the Variety Store STRAIGHT SWORDS, while and yellow mounted ; whito Cock Feathors falling from an upright stem eight inches; whito Eagles, Plates and Sockols; while and yellow Epaulettes, Laco, Eagle Buttons, rod, while and black sword Belts and most kinds of Plumes and other Military Goods, wanted. Buff Gloves. Priminir Wimp nn.i n..,.t.. Cockades. Companies furnished lo ordor with uooos not on iianu, by two weeks notice. May 31. Pa.nodorn & Biiinsmud. STEEL PENS. A NICE asssorl.nent nf Lsdics and Gen tlemen's STEEL PENS, which for elasticity stand unrivalled, for sale by the card or single Pen at low prices at the varieiy ainre. I'ANanuiiN k Bainsmiad In sots of seven in a box also in pairs, and sin. gle, of fine quality at me Varioty Store. Pd.iglion. k Brinsinaid REMOVAL, JEJUERlXim T SI YON DRAPER AND TAILOR, TTOR the especial accomodation of his L customers lias removed to the store at the north east corner of Strong's build ing on Church and College streets, Court House Square, and directly opposite Doct. Moody's Hardware Store, where he will bo found at all business hours, ready to wait upon his customers and serve them with the latest fanliinnn and importations. Work executed in a style of clcsaiice and durability, not surpassed if equalled at any home in (his village. He has made arrangements to supply his customers with Cloths and Trimmings of tho beat quality, and as cheap for cash as thu cheapest. Jint rrcnivril n variety of BROAD CLOTHS. CASSIMERES and VESTING S, suitable for the teasnn. N. B. Cutting done on short notice as usual. Burlington, May 27, 1039. Rrtlford Crown Glass. nnilE abovo artiels, nf nil hizes, furuishod X to order, at inaiiuiacturer'H iirlcue, by May 31. Follett & Braulkys, Agents. Paints fr Oil, a heavy stock of an lii'seripiiuus, oi mo Host quality, and at vory low price, fur mlo by May 31. FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. SALT, 1000 bbls. Fine, 5000 but h. solar and coarso stoam. 200 largo sacks Liverpool blown, in prime oidor, by FOLLETT & HRADLEYS, ISAAC WARNER AS received his Spring Goods, among wnicn nrn UROA DCLOTI1S, CASSfMERES, SATTINETTS, FLANNELS, MOLESKIN, a variety of summer wear for men & bovs. CALICOES. CAMmtrcKs, MUSLIN DE LAINE, STRAW S,- TUSCAN RONNETS, TUSCAN St STRAW DRAW, PLAIN St FANCY HOSE, GLOVES, RlfifiONS, COTTON YARN, BUTTONS and other TniM.MTVns and many other articles, making a good assormcnt for the season. Ulso, Rum, firandv and Gin of thn host qiinlityi 2d quality of the some articles! inmates, pure Wines, lump and brown nugnr, Coffee. Chocolate. Thus. HndfiJi Salarntus, Starch. Pepper, Spice, Ginger, ivmsins anu most other articles in the Grocery line, all of which lm will soli m ii, owest prices. Tavern koepors arc particu. larly invited to call and examine his liquors. Store opposite S B. Howard's Cheap Cash Store. Burlinsrlon. Mav tflfio. if BIRMINGHAM FURNCAE. TROY. VERMONT. IS now in full and successful operation and in readiness to contract for the casting of Slovc plates, and other heavy castings. Also, for Pig Iron of a superior ijiiBiny, uciivernuio at tno Furnace or any pun ui mo conni ry. AUGUSTUS YOUNG, A rest, Troy, Vermont. J. Sl J. H. PECK. & Co., Agents, Burlington, Vermont. Birmingham Furnace, TROY, VERMONT. WANTED to contract for the making of 500 000 bushels hard wood Coal. for which cash, and a liberal price will be paid on delivery. Lxperiencod Colliers will find it to their advantage to apply to AUGUSTUS YOUNG, Agent. TROY, Vt. or J. & J. II. PECK & Co.. Agents, BURLINGTON, Vt. Tho Vermont State V anar. nt Julinsnn. Keeseville Herald, and Caledonian, at St. Johnsbury, will insert the advertisements and address one paper contaiuin! tho ad vcrtiscmcnts with bill to J. & J. H. PECK & Co. Tons English i 5 do Swedes IRON. 3 do O.S.Russia S 3 do American bar Iron flat k square 30 do Peru Iron, all sizes from 1 Inr.h to 3 inches in diameter, round flat and rquato, 10 T ons band Iron from 11 lofi inrlma for sale by Foi.lf.tt & Bradlevs. SUGAR. afTjV Ilhds. Now Orloans Sugar, Vg0 10 do Porto Rico do. 5 do St. Croix do. 5 boxes whito Havana do. 10 bairs India dn. for salo very low by Follett k Bradi.eys. 2000 kegs Nails of all sizes frnm 4d to 0 inch spike: also finisliuin Nails and floor Brads mado bv thu Peru Iron Co. and for sale at manufacturers prices, by Follett & Biiadi.eys. 8 pairs Burr Mil Stones, i do. Lsupua do. do. for sale at I roy prices, and freight by iay ji. Follett & Bradleys, doz. Rixford's German STEEL HOES, 20 do. Cast Stoel, do. for sale by May 31. Follett Sl Bradleys. 30 boxes of Simonds &, co's. cast steeklxes warrauted and at manufuc turers prices by May 31. Follett & Bradleys. Agents. SHEEP TOBACCO. TIN Boxes, kegs und barrels, lor sale by HICKOK &. CATLIN. STRAYED, jlllUiW the subscriber about tho 15th M- of May, a while Mare, about 10 years old, had a switch tail, and a leather strap rnuiiu ner neci when sho lolt. Wlioove win give information uhoro she may be toiuid will confer n great favor. A NT W I N B MONMARKIT Charlotte. May 25, 1839. GEORGE PETERSON, HAb removed to the South end of tho Thomas Hotel, whore he has rcceii-iwl his spring supply of Goods, consisting of most all kinds ot articles Usually called for in this market, among them mav be found Fresh Ground Flour by the barrel or half barrel, btrong Beer by the barrel or half barrel, Congress Water, fresh from tho Spring, in boxes of 1 2 & 3 dozon bottles each. Burlington, May 28, 1839. Paints &, OiC fiflfin Ebs. While Load, diy, OUUU 50 ko-ri dr. ,. ,! i nil French and crown Yellow, Venotiar. nod, and red Load, Vordogris ground in Oil, Spanish Brown and Whiting, 3000 galls. Linseed Oil, for sain by May 31. HICKOK &. CATLIN. Liverpool Dairy Salt. Cf Sacks of the fiursi quality I'm sale by HICKOK &. CATLIN. Mai 80, COARSE WE ST EN SALT 1 000 'Ethels for salo by XUUU HICKOK & CATLIN. Mai 30. MESS PORK. J0 Na"el fur sale by HICKOK iY. i;atlin. Gentleman's Leghorn Hats, by 1 2d, Latiiriip & Potwin, STRONGS & CO. T-TAVING removed their store to tha building lately occupied as tho Uur lington Hotel, directly opposito' their old stand, arc now receiving in addition tu their old assortment a heavy stock of Dry Groceries, Iron, Nails, Steel, Window Glass, Hollow Ware, Stoves Sto. Sic. which they offer on the most reasnnablu 'pf'"9. Mnu 30. 1839. 6 by 87 by 9 and 8 by 10 5CO l'"XCi1 ,,f GLASS made at thi t Champlain Glass Co's. Works, all other sizes cut to order on short notice for sale by Fom.ktt & BnAnr.EVs, Agents. bales 4-4 Sheeting, 25 do. 4 Shirting, for sale at New York prices, on consignment from tho manufac turer by Follett Si Bradleyi. NEW FIRM NEW GOODS, TUB subscribers having formed a Co. partnership under the firm of N. Luvely & Co., at the store formerly occu pied by Lovely &. Abbott, have been re ceiving within 2 or 3 weeks past and now offer for salo a very large assortment of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, CARPETING of different qualities. SCOTCH, ENGLISH, AMERICAN, COTTON St HEMP. CROCKERY, CHINA and GLAS3 WARE. GROCERIES, a general assortment, (with the exception of Intoxicating Liquors.) Which for quality and Cheapness, cannot be surpassed. Purchasers are invited to call and exatnino for themselves. N. LOVELY, Wm HURLBURT. Burlington, May 24, 1839. N. B. We have been so much crowded with business since our Goods arrived that wo have not had time to write our short advertisement, and should not now, was it not for our Customers at a distance sayiopr in us 'why don't you advertise you have n. Larger and belter assortment, than we can find elsewhere.' N. Lovely Si Co. Nathan Hutchins' Estate. WE tho subscribers having been appointed, by the Hon. tho Probato Court, for tho District of Grand Isle, commissioners tore ccivo, cxamino and adjust the claims and de mands of all persons against the cstato of Nathan Hutchins, lato of North Hero, in said district deceased, represented insolvent and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto, and six months from tho day of tho date hereof being allowed by said court for that purpose, we do Ihorcfore hereby give no tico that wo will attend to the business of our appointment at the dwelling of widow Lois Hutchins, in North Hero, in said district, on tho 30lh of September next, at 10 o'clock A. M. on said day. Dated this Glh day or Mav A. D. 1839. Wm. H. RUSSELL, ) Commu' ORLEM HIBBARD, sioucrs. John Abbott's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT.) DISTK1CT Or CHITTENDEN, ES. AT a Probato Court, holdcn at Burlington within and for said District, on the 30lh or May A.D. 1839. Pioscnt, the Hon. Charles Russell, Judge. An instrument purporting lo be the last will and testament of John Abbott, lato of Burlington, in said district, deceased, beinsr presented to the court here by Lucy Ann Ab bott, the executrix therein named, for nrobatoi it is ordered by said court, that all persons concerned therein, be notified to appear at a session of said court, to beholden at tho offico of tho Registor, of this court, in said Burling ton, on the second Wednesday of July a. d. 1839, and 6hcw cause, if any they may havo, against the probate of said will, foi which pur. poso it is further ordered, that a copy of tho record of this order be published three woeka successively, in the Free Press, a newspaper printed &t Burlington in said District, as soon as may be. A truo copy of record. Attest, Wm. WESTON, Register, TIN PLATE. V Boxes I X and I C AmW 15 I X square, just received by VILAS, LOOMIS Sl Co. .Way 29 r 1839. Copper Bolt. Sheet Conner. Zinc and wire Vellum, lor sale by may ay, 1839. Vilas, Loomis Si Co. NEW FIRM. THE subscribers have formed a copart nership in tho mercantile business. under the firm of Whiitle Sl Bisiioi. and have taken a store in Messrs. Slrona'a Building, college strcot. where they aru now receiving from New York a vcrv choico selection of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Dry Groceries S,-c. Stc.', which thojr offer unusually low for cash. Samuel Whipple, A. E. Biiiiop. Burlington, May 31, 1 839. Opened this morning, May 30, I Gross Mi'zilniio Brushes. Diamond Paste fur cementing China Slo. Childrens' Mohair Nets. Verbena, a new and exquisite Porfumo. Fine shell and twist Cmnbi. Whito ruled and fuiut lined Letter and Cap Paper. Toy Paints, by tlm iW,. or box. and a variety of Goods at the Variety Store. Juayji, i'ANRuonN Sl Brinsmaid. "sPniNTFASHIOHrS. MRS. MILLIKEN TIMS jiifii returned from Now York with a fettft supply of fashionable DRY GOODS, BONNETS of tho no west slylo, and fashion able Summer Hals for grntlemcii. Sho res pectfully invito her old friends and tho public in general to call on her and examino for theinsolvos. Storo on St. Paul's. slreot in tho building formorly occupied by Mr. Trvon aa Tailor's Shop. Burlington, May 31, 1839. anjc Gijciip aoij stove S again replenished with new and beau tiful goods which wore ree'd last ovcoinc: nvinfr in'l lippn niircliaseil and sent on bv Mr. HOWARD from Now York. Wo have no lime to say morn nt present, a th new Goods must lm put in order for ielltoir. GEO. R VAIL, (3. P. PATTERSON. May 30, 1839.

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