27 Eylül 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

27 Eylül 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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V K 1 D A V M O II N I , (J, HCI'TKM fiElt 27. TIJK INQUISITION. Under pretence of contesting Mr, l!n. tor's clictwu, the jo verimiunt officials in this town huvo boon for the past day or two displaying their inquisitorial projion -silica in a strong light. To ho cure they have thus far accomplished nothing, but I hoy havn monifct-i cd the disposition, nnd tlctiionsi rated what they would do, if pos sessed of power i but, thnnlt God, they liavo it not. Tlmir puny insolence i.i nici nnd promptly rebuked by men who know their rights, nnd daro maintain. All I heir blustering will not drive a single frocntnn from his ground, nnd their imparl inence will bo mol is it deceives Tor the purpose nfsccuritig the indepen. dent exercise of the elect ivo franchise, and to protect the humble citizen against the pestiferous and overwhelming influence of oflice holders nnd government menials, the law hns instituted the vole by ballot has provided that the ballot shall bo cbsely folded, and. at if to mako assurance doubly furo, has made it a high misdemeanor for the officer who receives it to examine it or know its contents. Indeed wo doubt whether a constable could with propriety be made a witness in a question of the Idnd, utid quite sure wo nro that no high- minded man would covet the honor of retailing the knowledge he might thiii havo filched in defiance of the ppirii nnd intention ol the Inw. And yet, strange to eay, men nieknnminf themselves republi cans, under pretence of contesting nn clec tion, claim the power to extort from the unfortunate victim of tiieir wrath the very nccrtl the law has taken so much pains to guard. Of what, avail is the voto by ballot if the day after nn election Iho voter may bo summoned before a petty magistrate, nnd under the pain and penalties of a dun geon compelled to disclose who ho votid for, why ho voted for him the color of hie political creed, und even the color of his ballot ! It is a mockery, o cruel cheat upon the honest man whowowW act con scientiously, but dare not. Men about whose right to voto there is no more doubt than there is about Mr. Hnglcsby's, hnvo been wantonly called from their business, impertinently catechised about thoir pri vate affairs, end insultingly admonished to diedoeo the sanctified eecrcts of Iho ballot box and when hko into (rectnen they spurned the admonition nnd defied the inquisitors, it was admirable indeed, to find the "trustees of all the democracy in this part of the country" urging a resort tn the thumbscrew and the rack ! Precious democrats ! Glorious republicanism, this ! Whatever may be thought of this pro ceeding, one fact is too manifest to escape observation. It is evident that it is exclu sively a government affair. The office holders are tho prime movers and nclors iu it. The Marshal dignifies the occasion with his presenco, the custom house is ably represented, ond the breakwater agent. with hie three dollars n day nnd five per cent commission, is in constant attendance, os prompter ; while the rank nnd file of the party, opposed to ond ashamed of the recklesa high-handed meneurcs of thoir would-be lendsre, keep aloof and sliukr their heads. The people hnvo got to grnp plo with this Ilydrn government influence, or be devoured by it. Privilege, person, property, nothing is too sacred. ELECTION OF SPEAKUR. Wo think it is now i educed to o coriain ty that tho Whigs will havo a small major Ity in the House of Representatives, nnd il every member is promptly on the ground there can bo no doubt about the election of epcaker. But if, as frequently happens, a portion of tho whig members ehould be a day behind, it is equally certain that the Tories will elect tho speaker, for wo ob serve they aro making unusual cfiortd to eecurc every vote for the first ballot. should be borne in mind that the house now orgamzea at nine o'clock, instead of ten, ob formerly, und that tho speaker is elected in Iho first instance for the session. Thcro is now no speaker protera. Let ev ery whig member then, who would save tho etato from the reproach of locofocoism, make it n point of religious duty lo be at Jtfuntpclier the night before election, and in Ilia icat precisely nt the hour. This, end this alone, will aavo us, Rely upon it, ev ory tory will bo thorc, ond as busy ond unscrupulous as the devil in a gale of wind. Mr, Editor ; It is nol without rrcrcttbaii feci myself called upon Is usk a place in jour co). umns for any further discussion of llie Into violation of public jmlice and individual liberty iu lliis Imui, tut our correspondent "Veritas" (whoso nunio by the way, teems very unfortunately misplaced) has pretended in a communication this week, in gie llio "other side" of the question, und asks the use of your columns, ih.it "the tame medium which contained the charges, should coniain aljo the correction and refutation," Had the wise nnd lified author of thai unanswerable and conclusive argument confined himself to a "coneciion" or "refuiniiou" of the facts set furlli by Cinna, no (cither remarks would hove been rendered neces snry, and the demolished nnd annihilated "Cinna" would have been campclled lo rente into merited oLif.curiiy, b'efort Iho trenchant logic of llio mighty rrfutcr. Hut lot us e how this Mendax, nick-1 namril "Vcriiiia," h.n "rrfuied" or even corrected our nlntementa. Iitinriiiiu. lie neiina Willi ml milling very frankly. Hut an outniao ban been rniuiniiipil, mid mills it ver pitm linpalh.it "for flie linnur nl our lown mul ronmij" u may "never Iih lepealed" all ibis ' 'y well (!' it Roci", nnd look exceptionable on piijifr-.l)iii"Veritiis" should hear in uiliiil that iho Devil enn ipiolo Seilpliire in cloak his evil piirpon, nnd llioielbiu ihut Ftiili proper mid excellent hopes mini go for vvh.it iliey will bring, especially if uction, which "jpenk louder lltan word.'," happen in conirmlici tliem. Mr. V. noxl s.ivs thai iho history of llie nfl'alr, "appear lo lie quito ilifleieut lioni llnil njvrn I'y Uinn.t." That may or may not bo iho case, but every body who hn lead bojh nrliclcd will hear me out in sayiii! I tint however it may appear cl.-cwlnire, no Mich lliing "appears" from l lies ineon. Uriiutu mass of gioumllcf coujee.lurci, false piemi. pes nnd nlxiiril conclusion, which tins Veritas has christened "the oilier .ido" of the mailer. Next coini'.i ii "home thrust" .t llm vcrncily of China, which llie poiitleiniw mail of Guy ol Warwick rould never wilhiMund. "Veiiliid" declares, upon hisonn voraciousness, I Fiippojo, ili.it "llie parlicu l.us relative lo Mr. Ilunler's fiiinkncaj nnd honesty tn hi rmplovcr, ti nil the conduct of iho lallcr Inward Mr. If. mo SAID lo he prons miestule. ini'iim &c. ! ! Here is proof ! Hero is i erudition. juch us llio icnierilv" of China richly defervod. If Veritas doubted the truili of Cmna'ii facts, or raihcr if lie did not (mow than to be true, why did hn not deny lliem or let them atone, nnd not come mil willi llio Fliiveiing, half liihicned nsser. linn dial liicv were said to be cross misstatement. Hut "Vcrilus" cava that theso uic lliinsof minor coiurqiicncc, und "if llicy were nil tine, it would bo llie diclaie of bnnesly lo icgaid lliem as "meic inslauces ol indiseielion nnd vviong" "without involving any pnliiir.it p.ulj" fee, Now we nserl ih.it pitch would noi on llie (lie.laln nl lionnjly in miy man ulio pielcnded In set town facts, because it wns known sit llio time, nnd lia.i since been irnrd liefore.n legal triljuii.il, I lit t llie oulrtigo was iullieied with direct reference lo llio vole of Air. Dinner, which waseast uj?ain?t ilio very parly, liy n proinincnt member of wliicli, this oturnge was llireaicneil in n niece of piiriv venscanco lonj Ijpfnrp, and vihicli very inim hn since iviih twq of his romprcrit, nil "democrats,' been hound over lo stand li ial beloto llio County Conn in March next. And it is u fact Ftuceplilile of proof, iliat tilt- ver perMinngR upon wlinjo iiniiises die deed was done, has since bragged that "the party would luck him up." And we leave it for iho-e who saw the macliiualious of that party und lieaid the ma lignum execration1) of its prominent members, dining the examination of the midnight villain, levolh d ugaiint die counsel for llie Government nnd llie magisliale, to say whelhcr llie brag ol" (his immarulaic democrat was not fully rarried out, and whethH- :is "Vei ilm" asserts lhe"Demnciatic" parly in lliis lown us "sinceiely rcsjrclled llie act, "und were u willing anil anxious to liring t lie ofT.mdcrs lo jii'-licc, ni llie Whigs. Your refuting correspondent asks whelhcr I was impelled by a "regard lo truth" lo liring t his rhaign against the party. I answer (hat 1 was ncliialrd I v a regard for truth, but by no tegard for "Veritas, who uv Healing such a sacred cogno men nnd then disgracing it wilh the false colorings and livpocrilicnl griefs, with which bis article; abounds, has truly "Stolen the livery of llio court of Heaven To serve llie Devil in." You Mr. Editor, have handled, nnd I think, ills' po?rd of, hi lurking juslifiralion of iho deed n" llio ground of a pretended butuiiic.il treason in Iho viciiin. And I will merely rctnaik, that nfier slating in his exordium that "toe" (llr.it is, tliu "demuriatic"paiiy "feel called on to vindicate our' selves" fee. &c. it Iruly looks modern for this vera cious "Vermis" to wind ofT with u peiorntion extolling lliis same "ourselves" in leims which modest men aie accustomed lo wait for :u llio bauds of others, nnd (hat luo of n paily whose i "high-mindi due's" and "honor" has nlwavs been, to sar the least, apochryphal ! CINNA. Richmond, Sept. 21. THE RICHMOND OUTKAGE, ONCE MORE Mil. Editor : The writer of Veritas is much obliged lor the insertion of li is replv to'Cinna," in jour last Kren Press, noiwiibniindiii; llio omelic iem.uk) on one sentence, in which you saw fit lo indulge. Iih was indeed smirk Willi terror on reading your sli iclurcs, to think that whiln inno cently ultcuipting in give llio rationale ofntno.-t inlamous nuli age. lie hail uneonscioiislv let diop n sentiment, which the whole tenor of i fie nilicle in (pieslion, us well us evciv emotion of his heart, so tit c-iilccl ly riinlrmiicil. lint on m-perusin llie edit oi ial iciimiU and his own, In; (bought he di;Cov ered that the whole difliculiy lay iu I he misappre. bensinn nr eonhistrv of die Tieu Press. Allow the genuine lauj;unge ol llie writer lo be here rcqnolcil, "II air. Hunter ny a rour.'C ol meiul.icily and deceit had surrendered his political indenedence und be. co urn the degraded victim of nrlifite and bribeiy, it seems not unreasonable tu fiinposu iliat in canviuz out such a cumse be should give loo jn s t cause of ollence to Eomo mdiuiliuls. 1 lie idea intended lo he conveved is this : that in carrying out mcndaeioiu und dccciifiil course, u man would lie very likely to give cause of olliiiire to some iudi vidu.ils, vis ; lliosc whom be deceives. In all com iinuiiues i ni l o are some who rnnnot orooK a rniiisc of lying and deceit in their neigehurs. And in nol Hies tins course is ns liliely to give ollence ns when pruciHcil in oilier mailers. Iliat it is very rrpre liPiisiblc at any lime, it is prciimcd will not he tic nied. For it is not easy lo conceive ili.it it can be done without actually misusing some one or more orisons. Has tho Kdiior of ili: l-'rco Press nhilos ophy enough, not to lake offence under nny conceiv- nlilc circumslnncrs ot tins Kind f II so, it rerlanilv deserves lo be nl.iced lo his rrrdit. II not. we judge he would ihink il quite miwarraiiinbli: lo con- cluili! unit nothing out u icsort to tar and feathers would satisfy his vengeance. So if Veritas conclu ded iliat Mr. Hunter might have given some ran?o of oO'eiice lo some persons, be had no idea that it would lead him lo justify ihrj summary means of il-(iiu-! irMjimi iu iii inc case Piiil ihf vv.iv ill which you ouole llm Ian2iia"c. bv leaving out the words 'to suvnose.' would rive u very different coloring In llie sentiment, and make thn writer eay in substance, ihut it is re.isonalilc to inlie ollcnro nt n cenurnble course mothers; vviicicas no only legitimate inlerencc Irom the language seems id be, Unit, while the cmii.c n ofienro is 'not just, bin) TOO iusi, it is not mi icasouubli to suppose thai some would bo likely lo Hike umbrage ,u it. lint if mi they evidently need llio plnin?i)pby of Christianity lo icsirain bslh llie degree of i eseiiimenl , und iho ferocity of the rcquiial, And now, friend Slacy (though it is not demanuVu! ol lliee to insert lliis communuMiion, us it is nol believed the public will bu to iinchnntuhle will) the language under consideration as lhj self, jet llie old rwe.'iio unioouiers, ecc seems to nsK dice not lo shiit il mil of lliy columns. Ceriamly, Us public.! lion win mice more omigr, vnurs, He, Richmond, dept. 23, 1839. VERITAS. From llio Green Mountain Argus. Aln. I'jDIToii, A menu lias called my attention to an editorial article in your last paper, in which il is nsscrted for what purpose I have not yet learned that a southern member of Congress had insulted, me hy spilling in my lace, without my re tustanco or resentment. I uccm it proper to correct the misrepresentation for two reasons. 1 here ore those who arc dispo sed In mako tho supposed fact that I was thus insulted, without resistance, a matter of reproach, whilo there nro others who have made it tho occasion of high common datlon. I deservo neither tho praise nor tha censure. It is not true that I wai thus insulted A southern member, who had maiic n wan tun persona! attack upon me, on tho floor in debate, and to whom I had replied with eomo covertly, liavtii'' nrincd himself with dirk and pistols, met me on thn day follow ing, as I was going into the home, and spit nt me, at the tame moment retiring (cn or fifteen (:ct and putting his hand on his tj t r k . Instead of following and chastizing hint, ! deliberately walked into tho houso It wni evident, from uuhicqucnt disclo. Riiren, thst it was his intention lo provoke nie to attack htm, and then lake my life, uk ho had proparrd himself with the means of doing. If he had, ns it is issurted, spit in my face and stood his gnund, I should probably have n far forgd myself ns to hnvo struck him and involvid myself In tho glory of n fight. Hut ho tid not mccei'd in his attempt, and did not, therefore, provoke mo lo folly. Thee ate the fnclp. In Mnting them, 1 tnke the occasion lo ndd, tint I should have esteemed it among llie mosttruly honorable and praiseworthy nets of in life, to have treated just such an insult is you suppose was offered mo, precisoly as I did tho abor tive nnd cowardly attempt vhich was made to offer it. I might, inded, follow up, nnd attempt to chastise a nan who should tlnii insult me, and meet wih the npplnuse, perhaps of u largo portion if the commu nity. J 3 1 j t what would thit npplausc be worth to mo. while I shouh feel thn op pressivo C()ii3Ctnuness of hiving laid asido thn profes-ion I mako of iipremo regard to the injunction.-', and the e:nmplo, of Hun, who, when he was revi'fd. reviled not again, nnd when hn suflocd, tbrcaloued not ? How can 1 make pretensions of living under the controlling tnflue.cc of Christian Principle, while 1 suffer nn ntult to fill mo with rage, and drivo met) violence in other words, while 1 chensi; the false honor which gives efficacy to the duelling codo, nnd has drenched tho world in blood ? When I am preparrd In abandon my Christian profession, nd expunge from the endo of Christian mrnls its chief glory forbearance under injuries then, and not till then, shall I be ready to do what 1 am, unjustly, both ertnmended and reproached for not doing, it tho caso to which you havn referred. WILLIAM SLADE. August 301, 11)39. We arc glad of on oppoitunily of placing Iho fads stated in the foregoing, before our renders. They havo been misrepre sented, and we believe veiv extensively misunderstood, though tho saino explana tion was mado by Mr. Sla-Jo at tha time the occurrence happened, which ho has now made. We nro especially gratified by tho frank and decided avowal which Mr. Slado makes, of tho principles by which he feels bound to be governed on the reception of insults. Wo wish more of our public men had tho moral courage to make such nn avowal a cournjo of a much higher character, in our opinion, than that which fires the blood of the bravest duelist. This calm nnd btcady self posc? sion, and lf-rcepect, is the true way to meet insults. Nothinn; will 60 cffcc'.ually disarm violence, and make an inbult tccoil upon its author. Let the Hotspurs rage. Let them vent their spite in insults. We say to our Representative, what we believe every considerate man among his constituents will Bay keep your temper ! Show the nobleness of u great mind, as well ns tho spirit of a true Christian, by rising abovo insults, and forgiving injuries. There may be some who will regard it 86 evidence of a mean spirit, ond brand you q a coward. Rut (bey will be those who either do not know you, or aro incapable of appreciating tho principles by which you nro governed. Their censures and thoir prniscH are alike unworthy ol jour con com. People's Presi. Staoi: AccmuKT. On Thu'sdav eve ning, ns the Uoston Stage drove up lo the post oflico, being heavily loadel with M passengers, and much baL'L'aL'c on the top, the coach was suddenly upset il cro-sing inclined plane from the rcid tn the platform in front of the office. Tic skilful driver mnnnged lo keep his six horses in check, until a sufficient number if citizens, aroused by the piteous cries of llo passen gers, moMly females enmc to tin rescue, und oxtrieaicd the ouffercrs ,'om their perilous position. Providential!;, no por son MUtnincd material injury fnm the Oc cident. A pnssctiger informed is that the stnge came very near upiiitting twice the same nltcrnqnn, in conscnencs of i he wretched condition of the Gulf Road for a considerable distance. Wo hive heard frequent complaiulR of the samochnracler. As iho proprietors ol tho road ar; about to petition the legislature lor n renewal oi their charter, it is to be hoped Ihev will sec to it that all just ground of complaint is removed. JiJanlncltcr puper. DISTRESSING KVKNT. The recent death of an iiidiiMMnus, tem perate und much beloved young nnn, of the ago ol eighteen, in tlni village, uidcr the influence of ardent spirit, drank for the first time under the urgent persuasion of inconsiderate and rash associates, it seems to us nhoiild rouse tho dormant energies of our civil authority, and wake up tho sober part of iho community nt least lo the immodiotii adoption of such measures cs will preeorvo the public peace, and 6avo our youih and children from pollution of their morn Is, and from premature graves. Tho case to which wo alludo was of a young man of tumporatc hubiis, of much promise, and beloved in the familv of which ho was a member. It boing the day of training, una at an election nl oflicers, he was necessarily present. The company was marched into a public houso, Iho tables spread with liquor, nnd this young man, being urged and ro-urged, at length partook of tho intoxicating bowl, again and again until becoming so much under Hb influence that ho was couvcyod to his lodnfini's, and, in a fiuv moments inure fell into a stato of insensibility. Medical aid was soon called iu, and unremitting cfi'uris made to save him for the snuco of about thirty hours, when ho who but yesterday was in tho vigour of youth and the picture of health, lay prostrate in death from no other cauo than tho use of intoxicntiiig liquor, urged with an importuity that brooked uo denial. Wo harbor no fdolings of hostility, no epirit of ill will towards thoso young men who led this lamented vnuth na n lamb to I the slaughter : but wo must bo permitted most earnestly, yet nllecltonalely, to entreat thrm In pause in the path they aro pursuing, and never nrrain tn time a companion to drink, or indulge themselves in the cup of the drunkard. The scenes of outrage and riot, ol gross insubordination nnd beastly intoxication, which of Into havo so often been exhibited ntaomo of our viliagc meet, nigs of the militia, is doing much to tender the militia a reproach to Us officers, a disgrace to i's members, ond a fruitful sourco of misery and crime. Let tho pooplu look to ibis subject ; and it may not bo amiss at tho same timo to look into those public fountains of pollution vrhnro death is dealt out in no stinted measure. Monlpclier Watchman. The Boston and Philadelphia papers an nounce the death of two distinguished in dividuals, Harrison Gray Otis, and Mat thew Caroy A disastrous conflagration occurred nt Natchez on '.ho 5tli int. Thn firo broko out in an old rtablo in Cotton Alley, lending from I'narl to Commerce streets. The Insg of property is estimated at ?l 10,000. The firo is supposed to have originated either from negroes getting iruo tho stable to gamble, or by the act t f incendiaries. Monr. iNDiAr Newc A centlcman direct from Middle F'orida informs tie, that on the 28th It. While n party of regulars attached lo a post near Suwannee Ilivor, were engaged in building a brtdce about two miles from the fort, they wore firod on by a party of Indians, (the number our informant did not know) and six of their number killed. They were under the command of a sergeant who was among tho slam. They were rallied by a private, and although inferior in point of numbers to their savage foe, succeeded in beating the Indians back, and secured their dead nnd wounded. Six of their number shoul dered each a dcncl man, and rctteatcd, (he Indians pursuing and firing upon them. They succeeded, however, in getting to Iho (ort, promptly reluming the fire of the Indians during thn wholo distnnce. The conduct of tho regulars in this short but scvero engagement, is said to have been very bravo and soldtor like. Threo or four Indians were seen to fall, being borne off by their companions. FOREIGN. ParlmvTimit was prorogued in Augunt, the 27th, by tha Q,ueen in person. She envs the government arc determined to uphold the integrity of tho Ottoman empire, she will do all bhn can to persuade all the powers of Christendom to unito in a gen era! league for the cntiro extinction of the slave trade ; she alludes to the Chartists, und says their attempts to subvert tho in slitutions ol the country will be put down by '.heir enforcing tho laws. Turkey. The Augsburgh Gazette of August 2Glh, publishes n letter, dated fnm tiers of Turkey, 16th, mentioning that tho European Ambassadors had boon dismayed. bv the onnouncement ol Alchernct All a tie termination to disarm the Ottoman fleet, as they felt that it wbb a ruse of the Viceroy to avoid acquiescing in Ihc demand of the uuiteil rowers lor its restitution, or at least to gain time. It does not appear from thia letter that the British and French squadrons were to be employed iu wresting by force the Tor kish fleet from the Pasha, but that the Ad mirals had been ordered to oppose any landing nltcmptcd by the Egyptians on the Ottoman coast, or tho occupation of any portit n of its territory. The odious Gen. Maroto is to be super seded by a Prince of Astnrias. Kosrcw Pasha the new Premier of Tur key, was re-organizing the army, which is still 30,000 strong. 1 Infix Pafha is said to bo at Mulatin, at the head of 20,000 men waiting to know the determination of the Pasha of Anatolia before ho should join Mehcmet All. Other accounts nl (lie same date assert the four European Consuls, had demanded the res titution of llio Ottoman fleet, and that tho Viceroy had asked three days to return a reply. Spain Important. The Spanish minis, try, by news Irom Madrid tn Aug. 23d, had determined to dissolvo tho Cortez. should tho opposition hove a majority. Don Car los has retreated from Durango, which, with the wholo province of Biscay, is now occupied with Christines troops. Tho in surrection continues in the Carlist ranks, and it is thought the wholo army of the pretender will bo extinct in a few weeks. The Spanish scrip tins risen. Gen. O'Don. nrll bus captured the cadlc of Tales, &c. and driven Cabrera uefuro him. Tub Chops The crop of the whole kin.'diim is considered above nn average and fair. The news is very f-vornble. CHANGES IN THE MINISTRY. Thn Queen held n Court nnd Privy Council ut Buckingham Palace, on Monday tin' 20th of August. Tho Rt Hon. T. S Rico had an audi ence of her Majesty, and resigned his seal of office as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Mr. 1'. Itariug, by command ol (he Queen, was sworn as a member of the Privy Council, and look his scat nt tho Hoard. Mr. Baring also received the seal of oflice, and had tho honor to kits hands on boing appointed Chancollor of tho Ex chequer. Mr. R Gordon, of tho India Board, is appointed under Secretary ol tho Treasury, in placo of Mr. F. Baring. Her Mujesty having been pleased to ap point the Duke of Sutherland to bo Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, his grace took llio oaths appointed tn bo taken thereupon. On tho 29th, Lord Howich tendered his resignation to her Majesty ns Secretory at War, nnd Iho resignation was accepted. In couscquonco of this movement, Mr. C, Wood, a relation of Lerd Howich, re signed tho oflice of under-sccrelary of the admirnlity. In tho House of Commons, on the 27th, new writs were ordered fur 1 ippcrnry in lliu room ol Mr, Shoil, who has accepted llio olrico of Vico President of Iho Board o! Trado, and for Manchester, in the room of Mr. P, Thomson, who lias accepted tho office ol Governor General of Canada. Tho Globo of Autr. 30th, onnouoco on authority that the Marquis of NonniubyJ will Jcavo the Colonial office for tho Homol Department, and that Lord John Russell! retires irom tne tiomo uitice, ann win uo ceed the Marquis ol iNormanuy as Uniotitai Secretary. The Morning I'oat. of Sept contains a column of very severe remarks upon this interchange of offices. FAMINE IN IRELAND. Perhaps thcro Is not a country in the world, certainly not in Christendom, where physical wretchedness has prevailed lo the extent which it has done in Ireland lor some years past. It will bo seen by tho following letter published in the Liverpool Mercury, nnd dated Connomara, Julv 15, that a (rightful famino prevails in tha West of Ireland, and the condition of the peas antry is piliablo in tho extremo ; I regret to inform you that famine still prevails, nnd is increasing to a frightful oxlont in this dis trict, even amongst those who were consul, crcd above want. The poor pcoplo aro coming in hundreds here to see if any thing will bo dono for them." "I was present this day when application was made to , stating that thoy were existing by bleeding tho cattle, and boiling (he blood till it becamo thick, when they cat it, and alio eating sea treed ond small k h c ! I - fi 6 h . I know cases myself whore the children resorted to weeds in tho field to allay their hunger, being so for twenty four hours, and another large family of children having no food for two days, ono of them a boy not thirteen years, dreading a return of hunger, took away the two sheep that were spared lo pay tho public money or cess, which, to add tn the misfortune, u new collecting, and sold them for half price t also know many to come here, particu larly last week, who said they wore without food twenty-four hours, and indeed (heir faces corroborated their statement. Aod whilo I now writo, (six o'clock, P. M.) there aro many hero who havo not tattod lood since yostorday morning. Others ore known to have, bv night, taken away the carion of a cow, drowned by chnnco, un- skinncd for two days, and picked tho bones that the dogs had feasted on. "Tho description given by tho priest of tho sufferings of Iho people, whom ho has to bo in constant attendance on, is frightful. Many families are lingering through fovcr, and will fool want a long limo, os their manure remains at their cabins, not being able to sow; and what is worse, the misery is not likely to end with many, when the harvest returns, which will be late in this country, as thoy aro now compelled to root out the potatoes beforo they arrive at one eighth of their growth. So that in a wcok there will be as much destroyed as would serve for two months, if full grown. I need not name ono villago, for every one round obout shares thia awful visitation. There arc many actively endeavoring to relieve this distress ; but alas, it is only like a drop of water to the ocean. Tkxas And Great Britain. In Iho British Houuse of commons Mr. O'Connell lately gave notice that early next session he would move a resolution that it is the opinion of this House that Her Majesty's Ministers ought not to advise Her Ma jesty to recognize the independence of iho 6tate calling itself Texas, unlets with the consent of Mexico, of which country it formed a pari; nor unless tho abolition of slavery, and tho making the slave trade piracy wore necessary provisions in its constitution. Also an address to her Ma jesty, praying that she would bo graciously pleated to give directions to her Ministers to mako an agreement with the government of Mexico, to place at her disposal a portion of the unoccupied territory on their nor thorn boundary, to be set opart as an in dependenl assylutn, or a free State, for persons ol color. JY. Y. Kxprtu, The Wesleyan Centenary Conte rence. The Conference of the Weslcyan Socioty, recently held ot Liverpool, was ono of uncommon interest to that body. The Rev. Robert Newton, one of the most distinguished divines of the present dav. was requested by Iho Conference to be its representative at Iho General Conference of tho Methodist Episcopal Church, to be hold at Philadelphia, in May next. The centnnarv lunii amounts to more man one million of dollar x of this sum four hundred and ninety-four thousand five hundred and ninety two dollari, or nearly one half of iho entire subscrip'inn, havo been paid tu the general treasurer. it ricn, it 19 eaiv enough to conceal our wealth but if poor it is not quite so casv lo conceal our poverty. Wo shall find it less difficult to hido a thousand guineas, than one hole in our cnat. Shoem aking nv Steam. The Spirit o tho Tunes gives the following anecdote of the quickness with which shoes arc put tn gel her in Lynn, (Mass, ) A lady being in that town a few days since, and about to start in l lie railroad cars for Boston, step ped into n shop to get a pair of shoes, but unfortunately could find nono on bond, ri'ady mndo thai would fit. She wa9 retiring, when 'stop madam,' said tho shop keeper, lot mo tako tho meosuroof your foot. 'But I am going to Boston, directly,' sho replied; 'I havo not limo to wait until they arc made' 'Oh ! plenty of time, madam,' ho responded, 'the cars will not go for twenty minutes yet, at least!' The A". Y, Sunday Visitor tolls somo mon strous stories onco in a whilo ; hero isaspcci mon : "There's a gontlcmon in lliis city whoso faco has becomo so wrinkled by his constant oxposuro.thal his wife uses it lo grato nutmegs on." Another : "Wo aro exceedingly sorry lo say any thing against tho ladies hut wo havo laloly heard thievish reports about thorn. It is currently ropottcd and generally holinvod, of liio wholo sex, (hat they do not ccruplo to hook each othor's frocks." M A II It I E I) On Tucsd.iy evening last, hy tho Rev, J. K. Conveiso, Mr, Oeoiiok N. Slocum of Slid, burnt-, to Miss I.ucy M. IU:ki of this town, Al-n liy iho sumo, nl hit residence, on Wednesday, Mr.GKnnoE C. Payne to Miss Julikttk 13, Mead, both of Sliclbumo. In St. George, on die 10th Inst, hy Orlo 8; Lockwood, Mr. C.ileb Hull of Ilin'rshurah, lo Miss l.im.i hluni, of Si. licorge, daughter of Silas Ulium, Ki In Williinn. nn llm 22,1 inal.. bo Ilnv. David P. Holland. Mr. Geo. II. Coleman, to Mies Lois C. Hull, both of the for aier pkoe, HT HO W A R D S JIr. Howard, Good morning Mr Smitl Mr. Smith. Good morninrf Mr Howard New Goods again I sec, when did you gft . Just alter election, tho aurora uoraitf night. S. I recollect it well, w always observt such appcarancos at our house and examinb the books on the subject. . It is truly interesting to no eo. un that night how grand il was, beyond oil conception magnificently beautiful. Tha Luminous Arch, its melting away and dis seminating itself throughout tho Heavens, and lorming ono vasl canopy siiuicie-jny spacious to tako under its expansive and , ... .. . . -t.. -l . -r i. . atnpie loins an tne innaDiiaiiis m emm , , what could have boen more exlnlirating to the human mind. ' . I enjoyed it much, 'iwas scon at a , great distance. II. Yes probably all ovor the U. oiaiea, nnd particularly by tho passengers of the grand steamer Great Western on hor pat. sago from Europe. S. Ha, ha, ha, Great Western, you al ways have something to say of her. II. Indeed I should, on her first arrival I saw n new era had commenced, agreeing with my idea of matters and things in general, up and doing, go a-heid, quick and cheap. S. But then thoy Tax you pretty well for it. II. Yes sir, I was atiossed for sailing goods cheap $100 a pretty round tax, and higher than any other retail store in tho Untied States. S. What was that for. . Because the Listers had the power and thought me a fit subject to make an example of, and prevent if possible tho monopoly of too much trade in ono store. Well I heard your business was in creased and you made a great deal of money by it. . Just exactly so, I pricked up my earn brushed my hair back and went to work in good earnest, and whst think you I did. 6. bold a great many goods. . You arc right, I had to go to Now York seven times last year, and it waa acknowledged by the Ladies, that I kept up with the fashions, which you know re quires quick work now a days. S. They say you always keep the newest fashions ond best goods. . It has always boen my wish to do so. and keep up the name of the Grand Bazaar Arcade Uneap ;ash oioro. S, Groat names great many goods great customers and ever o many clerks, always busy and you taking the money. . Yes sir all that may be said. I uso every exertion to do justice to the SBtab lishmcnt and occommodale coslomon with the best, and such articles of merchandize as they desire, and havo showed cheerfully at all times free of charge or sell cheap for cash. S. Your store and assortment is one of the great curiosities of Burlington. I hko to come here when in town, it looks8rbuy and cheerful Our neighbours I find al most all trade here when they pay cash for gonds. . Business ts pretty good,the wool and dairy of Vermont has made it rich, and our customers are increasing, and make it ne cessary to keep more kinds and a larger stock of goods. S. I see my wife and daughter are buy ing already, do your clerks sell as cheap as yourself. . Yes sir, sometines a little cheaper, so as lo sell quick and have new goods often come let us go and see. s27 SCHOOL MEETING. The inhabitants of district No. 13, aro notified that an adjourned meeting will be holden at Howard's, on Saturday evening at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of settling up an old score of soveral years standing, and raising money to pay up arrears and defray current expenes. September 20. NEW GOODS. DIAMOND Cement, lor cementing Glass tec, best German Cologne, Gold fob Chains, best London Thermome ters, which are graduated to 40 degrees below zero, at tho Variety Store. Sept. 2G. Panohorn & Brinsmaid. Insurance Notice. r 11 B members of tho Vermont Mutual A fire Insurance company are hereby notified that the annual Meeting of tho Company, for the choice of Directors, and lo alter or amend tho by-laws, will be holden nt iho Court Houso in Alontpelier, on Wednesdny, the 16th day of October next, at one o'clock P. M. By order of the Directors. J, Y. VAIL, Secretary, Sept. 16, 1039. NOTICE. r"fHE subscriber hereby notifies those -i- whose Notes and Accounts are duo. that payment must be mado by tho 15th of October noxt without fail. Sept ofi ,R39t IJf Mi GIDDINGS. STATU OF VERMONT,) District ok Chittenden. S The Honorable the Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden. To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of James JUcInlyre, late of JUilton, in said District, deuasetL W11HR13AS Chauncey Poarl, Adm'r. dc bonis nun of said doceasod, hath made application to thia Court, to extend Iho time limited for making payment of the debts of said deceased, twelve months from the 30th day of September, 1839, and the 3d Wednesday of October next, being assigned for a hearing in the premises, at the Office of Iho Register of this Court in Burlington, and it having been ordered that notice therefore bo given, by publish ing Ibis decree throe weeks successively in the Frco PreBs, n newspapor printed at Bur. Iinglon, beforo Iho time fixed for hearing. Thoreforc, you aro hereby notified, lo appear before enid Court, at toe time and place aforesaid, then and there, to mako objection if any you have, to the said time of pnynicnt being further eitendod os aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington, thia 26th day of September, A. D. 1839. CHARLES RUSSEL, Judge. boxes Canada Iron just received by Vilas, Loomib ot Co. Sopl, 22, 1630.

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