18 Ekim 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

18 Ekim 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ii ii i mini ii i i wi i win 1 1 SUSPENSION AT TIIK SOUTH. Considerable tciiMtiun hit been produced wlihin (lie past week by tha announcement of another suspension of peiio payments at tlio Soulli. I' commenced with the Pennsylvania U. S. Bank, and wai immediately followed by nil the I'liilitdcl rli!a hanks, and subsequently by all tlic southern hanks, bo fir as wo Imvo information. It wns feared for a timo that this would compel tho nor llierti institutions (o purmo tho snma coureo ; but wo oro happy to bolicvo that thoro is no necessity for it. Tho New York and Boston banks oro nbundanlty fortified with means for any ordinary occasion, nnd, thus far, they linvo experienced littlo Snconvcnicnco from tho panic. Strong assurances ore given that neither of thcto cities will yield to the Philadelphia example ; nnd if bo, tho country institutions at the north havo nothing to fear. A Boston paper well remarks, that "it must bo n miftnko to suppoto that a suspension nt tho South creates a necessity for suspension here. It may indeed rubject merchant! and bankers hero, to cmbarrai;mcnt8 and losses, soma few of which would be avoided by following tho cxnmple set them, and by violating their own faith. But to follow that example, instead of obviating or diminishing tho evil, is to increase) it, and to render itmoro ormancnt. Few peoplo trouble themselves to inquito for tho causes of tho lalo embarrassments, nnd tho present suspension. They oro too numerous nnd loo obvi. ous to need any labor of inquiry. Tho following fact stated in the news of tho arrival of tho Liver. oo1 steam ship, might servo to afford a clue to tho great caiise of embarrassment, viz ; "Slio has bro't very valuable cargo, amongst which oro sixty cites of figured silks of very rich fabric and of tli vsduo of 10,000. each," This simplo fact.cepcci lly if it be taken in connexion with tho recent statements of tho amount of imports in Boston, and in New York, in tho two first quarters of the present year, will readily suggest (ho idea, thai execssivo importation must havo an ngency in the scarcity of money. Another cause, not less effective is, that excessive speculation keeps prices so high in this country, tjiat few articles of domestic produce can bo exported, without tho certainly of a loss. Should thcro bo a profpect of tho opening of the Uriti.'h porta to American flour, tho probability is thai tho mcro anticipation of this event would pro dace such anndvancs of prices in this country, that very small quantities of tha article would bp actually hipped. In this way, our exports are made to fall groatty short of our imports, and the necessary consequence, sinco tho resource of loans on etato docks, and bank poit notes is exhausted, is u balance of debt against the country, and tho export 01 specie." EVAPORATION. According to Ihc Montpelier Pa triot, Burlington Sentinel, Benning ton Gazette, and their kindred or gans, the Tories had, before the mcctfng of the legislature, a majori ty of nine in the House ; and as the whig Speaker got his election by a majority of seven, the inference is, that 17 locofocos are missing. Where are they? Can the Sentinel inform us ? Seventeen per cent, is a terrible evaporation for so short a period, and if it continues through the session, pray how many loco focos will there be left to settlo the "contested election." Large Potatoes, and a plenty of them. Henry Mayo, 2d, of this town, has raised from one Rohan Potatoe, which weighed only 3-4 of a lb. two bushels, large measure, "weighing in tho aggregate 121 lbs. and many of the tubers overgoing 2 lbs. each. When any one beats this, we shall relate our own expe rience. foreign. There appears to bo only one item of imnortnnt political news ; nnd thru is important indeed; nn less llinn the abdication, ns lii3 friends would call !t; the fliRht, ns every body cite will teim it, of uon tdirios. I J is nilliercnts nppear completely lirokco up, nnd his cnufo entirely prostrated. In turn nowg wo may rrnfonnlily predicate tlio Impn that Spain may naain lift its lie.nl nmonir ilia nation, nnd its esiftence bo recognized by more ,,.t,.rii.t living ui Hunts mull lliu IKIIIIgS 01 WuT flllU eiaugmer. The general news fiom England is tcanty Indeed All ihe elements of agitation nppear now, for r wonder, to Jo cntiirly (piiet. Tho rharliets ore liardly mentioned, nnd ihc only connexion in uhicli wo hear of them, is that nn iniestisation of tlio conduct of foma of tho magistrates in ftlnncheslcr, in relation to tho Chartist troubles is under inves. ligation. O'Conncll nppenrs to bo in retirement, nnd entirely quiet for ihe present. We find nothing new nbotii his second edition of i ho Precursor Society. The Queen's marriage, it is elill insisted by the German papers, roil! lake ulaco. Thcie Is noiliintr nt all impossiblo in this, but wn rnnnot bring our minds to think it probable ; nnd if the young; lady lakes our ndvicc, fIio will certainly seek n husband nut of the pale of the family connections of the Ouelphs. The cotton market fhows no improvement In price, but certainly nn improvement in deiiinnd, Tli reports from tho manuf.ictiirinz distiictn lire indicative of more business, nnd I ho manufacture of rne Tor export to the continent has commenced Tho corn crop is nn nveroEQ one. so fir ns liarreB ted, but in ilio Northern counties, where it wns not yet Gathered, would, it was ft-arcd, bo much less than nn ateraeoyiold. The English money mnikel was certainly easier than nt tho sailing of tho last previous steam packet ; but a little harder than I was the week beforo the sail in? of the Livernool The depreciation in the price of cotton had ctiiscd Ihe Paris lioueo of Hotlinguer tt Co. to dishonor bills lo the amount of about (5,000,000 francs, drawn by ilio United Slates Bank. Tho credit of tho United States Hank ai this institution was for 6jOOQ,O0Q, and cotion had already gona forward lo meet tho bills before their maturity. In the present state of tho market litis wns not con. sidered sufficient security, nnd tha fact is openly avowed, that tho mcasuro was intended more lu compel the consignment of specie, than for anv oilier reason. Tho friends af tho purchasers n'f Ilia vilis, iiiiu me incurs, noinscniiucaino promptly forward lo protect iho bills. Tha story had an ugly look lo our New York friends, when first ro ceiled, but Appears to (m now understood by them All tlnns ciinildered. thofnreicn news Ij not i so gloomy u character ns it at first seemed, nnd we nrc cuiiiKiriii me nexi sie.un pncKri win tiring mm ccsmora decidedly cheering. lloiton Hoe, Oaz. NEW JERSEY ELECTION. Tho whigs of Now Jersey havo sustained themselves nobly. They havo ,como to tho rcecuo most seasonably, wliilo other Stales have wavered and fallon back into tho arms of Loco Focoism, sho has stood firm. Tho result is on increased majority in both branchesof tlio Legislature, whig majority in Council 3 j do. in Assembly 13. Lost year tho Council was divided 0 whig to 0 Van Huron men ; Assembly 30 whig to 23 Van Huron : showing a whin; coin in both houses. DIED At Mobile, Ala., on tho 14th lilt., bv tlto vellow fever, IlKNnr C. Adams, nn only son of Mrs. l'umclia Griswold of Burlington, nged 20 years. In Essex, on tlio 20lli Julv last. Mies ltlENF. Hathaway, nged 82 years. Printers in N. Y. anu mass, aio requested to notice. D. A. KOIBAMj HAVING closed his connexion with his former business respectfully re quests tlioso indebted to him tonialto im. inedinto payment. Burlington, Oct. 16. NOTICE. X HEREBY givo noiicolhat I Imvo niven JL my son FREDERICK DIXDY, bis timo, and shall not claim any of his oarnin:s, or bo responsible for any contracts mado by him, alter this date. JKA BJXBY. Essex, Oct. 1(5, 1839. NEW GOODS THE subscriber has just received a general assortment of DRYGOODS. GROCERIES, CROCKERY, 6? GLASS WARE, which ho will sell unusuallv low for cash. HORACE LANE. Burlington, Oct. 18, 1039. Copartnership formed. UNDER tho firm of D. KimbnIIJr. & Co. for tho purpose of buying and selling Bcof&c. TFotakatho old ptand formerly occcupied bv D. &. D. A. Kim ball and recently by D. A. Kimball. Those wishing to favor us with their patronago shall be accommodated with the richest meats tho country affords at as low pricos as can bo obtained elsewhrro. D. KIMBALL Jn. Burlington Oct, 15 J. KIMBALL. THE Stockholders of tho Burlington Mill Company aro hereby notified to meet at the office of tho Company in Col Chester on tho 10th day of November A. D. 1839 at 9 o'clock A. M. to consider and act upon tho report of a Committee appointed at a meeting of said Stockholders on the 17th of August last, and to transact any further proper Business. DANIEL. STEARNS, Jn., Colchnptnr, Oct. 14. 1839. Iw LOST, O.N Friday last, botween tho head of J Pearl street, and tho Square, one-half Iteam Letter paper, manulaciured by A6a Low, Bradford, Vt. The findor will con for a favor by leaving tho same at this office. Uct. 14. Copartnership Notice. rTTIHE subscribers give notice that they JL have associated with them in business Mr Joseph Wait.lato of tho flrmof Woitfc 1 abor. for tho transaction ot tho rreneral Dry Goods, Grocery & Provision bueineBS, and will hereafter conduct bu&ineea at their old Bland under tho name & firm of Lathrop, rotwin to Wait. Their Store bus been recently and entirely refitted and improved and lliey aro now prepared with a vory cx tensivo assortment of Goods to accommo date their friends and customers on tlio very lowest terms for cash, or mnat kinds of country produce. GIDEON LATHROP HENRY V. POTWIN. JOSEPH WAIT. LYMAfcT & OLE "EPl AVE returned from Boston and Now - York with n mnro completo assort mctil of GOODS limn they havo ever bo foro ofl'ered to tho public; which they nrc now opening and oiler lor sale, for cash at much less prices than they havo ever been oblo to nfior them. In consequence of Goods having been sacrificed nt Auction, thoy wore Inrtunate in making their pur chases with cash, at a time of the greatest pressure, nt their own pricoE. Ladies and Gentlemen can now buy ns many goods at Lyman & Cdle's for ono dollar, us thoy could formerly havo bought for one dollar and twenty fivo to fifty cents. Plonso call and no whnt wo can nhow you in tho wny of DRY GOODS. Our assortment is too extensive to enumerate nrticlcs. Oct. in Gold Watches and other Goods. fuSTE havo received 6nmo vory pretty f anu uood l,o I'mo wntches, tow ellod, wnrrnnted to porform well. Wo havo fino Gold Patent LovptB, CHESS JIEA. India Ink; Battledurcs and Shuttlecocks or Birds, 12 DOZEN Hay's Llnatncnt which will euro nil kinds of PiloB, if it fails to do so the money wir.i he rtETUUNEi) ; also mora ol Sliorman'a POOR JIAJT'S PLASTER, and Sherman's Cough and Worm and Cathartic Lozenges which givo good tat isiacuon io purcnosors. ALSO.-. & 000 Korlh of Jlorisons'i Pillt which nru doily moro and moro used and aro in higher estimation than any nthor medictnocvor introduced to tho world. Wo havo a beautiful osBorlmntit of Goods at tho Variety Store. Romcmbor tho place, for it is thn only piaco in town to gel tlio abovo article gen uinrt. rANUUUiliN & BRINHMAI1J. Oct. 10, 1039. APPRENTICE. A LAD from 11 to 10 years of ago may find a mluation as an appronticu at this Ollice. September 20, 1830, ;;;.Tho largest and most beautiful v ns'ortinnnt of Shawls, Fancy Ilandkorchiofa, I nun Hearts, ai tiYMAN is i.oi.E'a. uci. iu. 50 pieces of almost as many different kinds for Ladies Clonk Ftufl't), nnd of all tho various names in thocalaloguo of tho day, at LYMAN k COLE'S. Oct. 10. (Qi pieces of fig'd Alpines, fig'd Saxonys, doublo and singlo width, 10 ps. supor French Mouse lin do laino, 20 pieces do Scotch and English all wool. Oct. 18. at LYMAN & COLE'S. Figured Alpine, pieces figured alpine of supe rior quality, new and beau tiful patterns just opened and for sale uncommonly cheap at the new cheap cash establishhtncnt of LATHnov, Potwin & Wait. THIBET CLOTH. Pink, light blue and Cherry coloured Thibet cloth of beautiful quality for children's dresses just re ceived at the new cheap cash store of Lathuop, Potwin & Wait. Mouselaine do Laino. Plain Colored and plainBlack Mousclinc dc lainc of the finest quality all wool for sale low at tho new cheap casli store ot. Latimop, Potwin & Wait. Students and others can find thogroalost variety of rich fig'd and plain sa'.. into J uorv&.ati pauorns, cfienp. Oct. IB. LYMAN & COLE. 100 north west Buffalo Robes at thirty por conl less than last years pricos. Buponor quality. LYMAN & COLE few ps. double India Silk. Turk, satin plain and fig'd Lluo black, Gro do bwiss, iig o ana ptain, gro do napics silk, lor saiooy Li X MAIN & UULiU Dwight Dean's Estate. WE the Subscribers, having been appointed bv tho Honorable the Probate Court for tho District of. Cbitten den, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, againBt tho estate of Dwinht Dean, lato ol'Burlington in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands cx hibitcd in oiTdet thereto; and six months from the day of tlio data hereof, boing allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do thercforo hereby givo notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Hcrmnn W. R. Dean in Bur Iington in Eatd District, on tho second Tuesdays of January and Fcbrunrv next. at 10 o'clock, A. AI., on each of eaid days. JJatcd, this I llh day of October. A. D. 1B3D. LUTHER LOOM IS. ) Commit 3. VAN SICKL1N. Jr. ( sioners. Lnlna C.nttnn Stinntinn Shtrtinp, JFaddine, Batting and cotton Varn. 300 PiccCH Prnnnh. F.nrrliali. Snntli and American Printed calicos from els per yaru, io mo nigucm prices, ouu yards of Figured and Plain Merinos. A great variety oi ricli V cjiin?.v. For 6alo by r.VMAN Ar. nni.13 Wanted in exchange for goods iuuu yaroa uroy uioin, suu yaras naiinel 2000 pair Socka of tho best quality, Elnathan Higbeo's Estate. Etho subscribers, having been an pointed by tho Honorable the nro bate Court lor tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to reccivo, examino and ad just the. claims and demands of ail porsons, against the estate of Elnathan Hirrbee. lato of Shclburti in eaid District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited jn ofi'set thereto; and six months from tho day of tho dato hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purposo, wo do thoreforo hereby givo notice, that wo will attend lo tho business of our appointment, at tho dwelling of tho widow of the pntd Elnathan Higbco in Shclburn, in said District, on tho second Mondays of January and April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each said days. Dated, this nth dny of Oct. A. D. 1C39. J. VAN SICKLIN, Jr. ) Cnmmis. JOHN NORTON. sioners. ps. Broad Cloths and Cas simures, nt about two, thirds tho former prices. Weaver aim I'llot do. LYMAN m COLE WOW'S THE TIME! ATCH Repairing dnno on tho short est notico and in tho best man nor poesiblo, by an old hand, who is perfectly acquainted with tho Constitution and dis eases of Levore, Lupines, Repentots, com. mun Watches, &c, and who will restore their disordered systems to a perfectly sound and healthy condition. Leave thorn at L. Curtis' and sec Also, just ree'd n most splendid assort ment of LOOKING-GLASSES, FANCY SOAPS, COSMETICS, PERFUMERY, CUTLERY, SUA riNG-APPAIU TUS. SILVER SPOONS, ) ( Icltorcd freo gratis, for nothing, ) Spoons of Ihe rcul Hrilish Plate, JEWELRY, &c. Which will bo sold fur catli choapor than miLii uiiiiuud urur uuvu uucil in lllisj IliarllUl Walk in and look fur yourselves. LEMUEL CURTIS. Aeenl. ..... .SiS" of ,l10 Watch.) mm wc HEAP AS THE OHEAl'EHT.CQ I WOULD respectfully roturn h'm thanks to his friends and patrons for their many favors, and would also inform them that ho has recoived a new addition to his BOOKS AJYD STATIONERY, AND BINDING STOCK, nnd would solicit a continuance of their patronago which has horctoloro been eo liberally bestowcu, hoping by attention to his business to morit tho name. Among his stock may bo found thn following, viz: Bibles of every tizc from the Quarto to the Pearl, in various binding Watt's Select Hymns WinchcWs Watts Methodist Hymns Prayer Books Olncy's Geography Smilcy's do Huntington's do Brinsmnid's do Piter Parley's do Adams' Arilhmelio Smith's do Thompson's do n Colbornc's do Smith's new Grammer Kirkham's do Webster's Dictionary Worcester's do A. JU. First Class Book First, second and third Book of History jsational Jicadtr Rhetorical Reader First Class Header Second do do Third do do English Reader 600 Spelling Books, cheap by tho dozen isiwurcn s lionics in a great variety American Gentleman do Lady Manual of Politeness Rollos Word Young Lady's own Book do Gentleman's do do Crockett's and Downing's Song Books Comic Almanacs, &c. &c. Account Books in a great variety, and if not on hand, made to order on short notice. PAPER!! Cap, Letter, Note, Bank Cap, fancy fc colored Tissue, and a great variety of other paper of a good quality and fair price Blue and Black Fluid Black and Red Ink Gold and Silver Ink Black Ink Powder Ink Stands, a good assortment Indellible Ink, with and without prepara tion Largo and small Printing Cards Visiting Cards and Card Cases Sand and Wafer Boxes Letter Stamps and Folders Drawing Pencils Camel's hair Pencils Pencil Leads India Rubber Wallets and Pocket Books Port Folios and Scrap Books Memorandum Books Slates and Pencils Together with a great variety of articles too numerous to mention. PleaBO call at tho Book Bindery on Collego Street, at mo sign nt tno lieu ledger. Oct. 10, 1839. 250 pis- of Ladies fine Shoes nnd slippers, assorted oualilics. nlso nico so. looted India Rubbor over Shoos, for Ladios and Missos, 50 pairs contlomen's do. a fow pairs nico gaitor shoos nnd dancing Pumps, at "ci. io. Li MAIN & COLE'S. Hiram Clarko's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dist. of Chittenden, bs. A T a ProbatO Court, holdpn Bt Rnrlinrr ton Within and fnr nnid ftintrint nn tho I21I1 day of October A, D. 1039. Pro Bern, tno lion. udb. kugrc Juii An instrument, purporting to bo tho last will anu tcsiament ot uirnm Clark late of Alii ton in Sold diBtrict. dccnnRPil. hninir nrnonn ted to the Court hero by Elijah Horrick and LinUB Bascom thn Kvnrnlnrn tlmrnin named, for probate; it is ordered by eaid uourt, inai an persons concerned therein, bo notified to nppenr ntn 6esssion of said Court to bo holden at tho office of tho Register of said Court in Burlington suid district, on tho second Wcndesdav of November A, D. 1039, and show cause, il anv tllCV inav have, nrrainst thn nrnhntn nf said will, for which purposo it is further ordered, that n copy of tho record of this oroor uo piiuiisneu tnroo weeks succes sively, in tho Freo Prcst, a newspaper pritiicu at jjurnngton as soon as may be v irui copoy ot record. Attest Wsu WESTON, Register REMOVAL. 10SEPII WAIT lain of tho film of Wait & a l.ilmrgues notico that ho has Removed hi siock 01 uooua to lliocjtoio ol Lullirop tc 1'otuiii corner f Church nnd College streets, uhere ho will bolitippy to seo Ins Irtcnds nnd cusiomeis, being; belter ill 111 ever prepaicd in show them a very icnsHu iissoriinciii 01 uooiu, More New Goods. TUS 1 Received at tho newly fit v ted store of Lathhoi, Potwin & Wait, a very extensive assort ment of beautiful and rich goods suited to the present approaching season which will be freely shown at all times and sold uncommonly cheap for Cash, or Exchanged for most kinds of country Produco,their friends and customers aro invited to examine their stock and judge for thomselves, NOTICE. A LL persons indebted to tho Subscribers whoso ncconntH Imvo becomo duo, will please call and pay tho mime and save cost, Oct. 1 1, 1039. Lathhoi'& Potwin. boxes Canada Iron, just I received by Vilas, Lqomis & Vu. O O THE attention of tho public 19 tespect fiillv invilnd to nxnmino tho merits of tlio "Woolson Improved Cook Stove." rho fallowing rcnarks and certificates may furnish Bomo information respecting the alovo, where tho soma has not been in use. Thcro nro moro than six thousand of Woolson's Patent Cook Stovo in una in New Encland, which give univorsnl satis- faation, end compete successfully with the various kinds of Cook Stovo in uso. not ox ccpting tho latest invented and most puffed. A r unNACE tor naru or boh coai or Binatt fuel has been recently attached to tho stovo, for summer use, in such a manner as to bo used in boiling, and also for the baking of small bread, and that, too, with tha emallcst possiblo consumption of fuel, being eo arranged as not in tho slightest dogrce to inlertcro witu tno omer opera tions of tho etovo.This nlono is found lo afford tho advantages of an oidinary Cook- inn Stovo, nnd when in uso, docs not causo inconvenience by giving out heat, smoko or gas. A valuable improvement in noAsTiNG has been added to this Stovo which will roost meat, fowls, &c. in a more perfect and satisfactory manne'lrthnn can bo done in any other way, tho old fashioned ten fool fire place not excepted. The ovon is war ranted suportor to mat 01 any omer stove in use, tno neat arounu tno game ocing moro even and quickly controlled than in any other stovo yet introduced; for euch as choose, an elevated oven is added and so arranged as not to interfere with tho top of tho Stove, boing quite acccsioto anil out 01 tho way, and equal lo any thing 01 tho find in use. Tho Propriotor wishes it tn bo distinctly understood that the top of this Stovo docs not rovolve, its construction being such that it is the decided opinion of those who have had them in use, that the Boilers aro ot all times in precisely the right place Thoro ia to this Stovo an apcrturo for an unusually largo Boiler, so arranged that tho heat is applied to the best possible ad vantage, otTording a convcnienco for heat ing a large quantity of water or for dairy use. superior to any etovo yet introduced ; whether in boiling, baking, or broiling. frying, roasting, or toasting, they have in variably proveu deserving 01 tno commen dations bestowed upon them, and it is con fidently asserted that no other Cooking Stovo in the market can do eo much busi ness with eo littlo fuol in any given spaco of time as JFooson' Improved Patent. The top of this Stove being large and of an even surface, with considcrnblo 6pnco unoccupied by tho boilers, adds greatly to its convenience and value. Tho construc tion and operation of this Stovo being such 09 to render tho top at all times of a diffor. ent tompcraturo on different parts of its surface, so much bo that whilo liquids arc boiling in flat bottom vessels upon ono part, other partB will bo found to vary from boil ing down to blood heat, therefore forming tho best possiblo placo to boil coffee, moko tea, gravies, &c, nnd to place cooked dishes upon, which it is dcsirablo to keep warm until served up. Persons who havo used this Stovo, regard tho convcnienco of tho top as nearly indispensable. Extract of a letter from thn Hon. Chnrlc." Marsh, of Woodstock, Vt, who had ono of tho Stoves on trial. Wo nro perfectly enticficd with tho ope ration of your Stove, and think of nothing but retaining it. The construction of it is convenient, the principles ore philosophical, and in experiment it is found to answer every reasonablo expnetntion. Yours, CI1AS. MARSH. Extract of n lettir from Stephen P. Breed, Manufacturer, of Concord, N. 11. Mr. VVoolsou: Sir, I havo used in my family thren or four kinds of Cooking Stoves, besides Moot's Patent, nnd I have taken considcrnblo pains to inform myself on tho subject, nnd tho result U, that 1 con sidcr your "Improved Patent" for economy nnd twit-'fm'cna', superior lo any thing 1 have scon, and I would not part with tho ono I havo for double its cost, if I could not obtain another of the canto kind. Yours, STEPHEN P. BREED. Bath, Aw. IG, 11)33. This may certify that 1 havo otto of Woolson's Patent Cooking Stoves in usn in my family, and I urn of opinion, that for economy in fuel, for convenience in use, nnd for nil the purposes for which 11 Cooking Stovo is required, especially for Baking, it surpasses any other Cooking Slovs that 1 am acquainted with. GEO. WITHERELL, Jluiiiacti ', Bath, N, If, Vv'c, tho undersigned, havo each of us in uso, in our rcBpcctivu families, ono of WonlFon'a Improvod Cooking Stoves ol thn largest size, and wo dn horu'oy certify that il is amply sufuuieiit to do tho cooking and other work for a lamily of nixly persons, and wo think it an ariiclo of primary impnr. tanco iu a lorgo tavern or boarding Iioiiijp. Jqna. Buxton, Mitford, N. IT. David Stiwaut, Amherst, do Tiios. Ciiasu, JvWimk, do. This is to certify tluit for two years. I used uno of " Woolbou'a Patent Cuoking Stoves" iu my family, nt which timo I lived in a lioufo without fircpluccs, or ovens, 9 vi M jTgAL- a. g 1 M and the Hlnvo fa No. ;J ) m,rfiinu"'il il? "' rVmt.'lnir Itnlillur I. I'll . i f . f IVIi'lf tif washing, foe. for n (iiin'iiv i.f hm! o"ir-m ., and wa Inuiid amply MifliuiriiM'ir iho ' pnse. in my removal irniu wmri'O' ' this place, I broko up Iioiiro kcopi''i n 1 disposed of my Siovp. On in-KotnrurlKM' houso keeping, the last winter, 1 won m duced, by the strong tcnua in which the were recommended by tin Miituifiiciurr t and Tenderf, to try n Rotary Tup Stove but after several wooka of fair trial, I wu convinced that it was in nn P'-ned eq':ni to "WOOLSON'S PATENT." it w. not capable of doing ntnr so ii bu,uu . as Wooolson's Stove at tic. icinw cot. nor of performing what it did do, ii wfcll 1 V' I the Rotary taken from my botw, nnd n; n n purchased one of WooUon's Patent, tl operation of which on n m'u md trial. o;i'v confirmed tno in the opinion rxp' si.) ftbnvo. A. W. HATCH. Woodstock. Vt, K133. This may certify that within fho Jvfc three yenra I havo soli! worn tl ( : hundred of WooIoii'h Patont Coolfutr,' Stoves, and they have giV"'ii iiuivor: .tl sflS isfnclion to purchaserH. Jouv i'r.'..i'r. Mcridcn, N. IT., h'epl. ii'J. 1 03 S. Thia may Certify, that wt Uio u; 'f'f. algncd, havo in u.o 111 our ri"' pn'Jiiv'S 'zw lies, Woolson's Patent C-joki,.; Mqvj. end is is our opinion, that fur oonnomy in !.ir conrcnicnco in use, nnd for l ji,uT "r' -j l'"1 which n Cooking S'ovo 13 rcnuirud, psne- cinllly for baking, it is e'lprio'toatiy titl'fi? kind ot Cooking Stovo with which wc ati acquainted. G B UDhntn LlaremonLA, i. J B Howo P StCVCHH S Gliddcii U Dean W II rarwoll N Bingham M Porter L S Porter J Smith A Tvlcr T S Glen eon N Farwelt S Starbird 1) W Dexter P Bulman A Cossit L E Stevens S Seward A Jones J Uuderwnni', do di lo d Oii lo d- dn tin !n $ tin do do do 'do do and 17 others, Iu Lowoll, M-iss. J Knight Amherst JV. 11. D Slowart do D Hartshorn do D Russell do E M'Iniirc iWashua .A. 77. Thos. Chaso, do S Chellts do A C Brastow do A Carpenter Lyme N. IL OKPorfr do ,fl C P Fairfie'd do R F Fletcher Ludlan, Vt. A Haven do A Fletcher .do I Dunbar do J M Graves do II Allon Thclfartl VI. M Kciiricl: Lebanon, Y 11' R Saftwell, do A Marsh Chesterfield R Marsh do C St rector do A Wclhcrbcc do E Weston do V Nowholl tlu T Eaton Franccstmeii, 3 Cram Ware W Whittle ! J Aiken do S Dow do J Cheney do W Parker U'ffiluwn 3 Carr do DKtccIo do J Wymsti Coniui E Wilhuitt.i do W It llarron do A Fletcher Woodstai,';, VI. ,B W Rico dc J Fisher do T MTi'iugliliii io A Watreu do A Chae Laii)ilcr, N 11' (J Rrdlicld Do ry, ro G Kimball Spring fcld Vt. W L Hawknw Heading do 3 Spau'ding jr Cavrndiih Vt E Frost PlainJieldN U T Cross. Hanover dn The list couM be extended to eevcrcl thousand. 500 Woolson's patent Stoves. 30O Alhatiy I'reniiotn and Parlour do. 300 0 plato lln Jslovi'F, lor salo by Oct. 11, li:30. II1CKOK & CATL1V. Broad Cloth' very cheap lor cash at Oct. 10. HOWARD'-. cookto v'jis " OF thn most approved attorns. I.r "i!o at reduced prices, at Oct. 10. How ""-. CAHL'ETING. ANEW supply, and cheaper ll'in ove?. liclbro oirored. at ljawuids. 0.l. I1 Agent for tho sale of Fartu H'i SHOES, iu Builingjon, O. t. Id, l1- -'. S. V.. 1 1 A'UI. ESTHAY. CAME into tins oncloturo cf th.s bn'. ecrihor, on tho M inst.. n red tuo year old steer, while on ihu end of iln tail, wilh lor on tho'right hip. The 3 requested lo prou- propi-nv. pnvc' ' Pti and take him nwoy. JACOB ROBLL'i S. Mill on., Out. JjlMn. Twist Comhsand Comlw of all kinds. 10 dozen fino horn Twist Coin''-. md all other kinds received nt tho Variety 'to. PANCllolivfc IlWINSMMJ siiELiT'cdwBs. Twist Combi; Quill Back Comki, round buck Comb, lontj tooth tido t'omu.-, vor., small sido Cciiibi. carvod C'oiii'.is nnd othor pallcrnH of fmu bhnll Combs, al'lho -Viirioty Htoro. Panopuhv & Urimm 10 FLANNELS. JUST received n fiuv ituee euprt Ktrr; ll.-h FlailUt'li. 3 It '1 4 nnd Md bv li. W. CAT .IN Oct. 10,

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