8 Kasım 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

8 Kasım 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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wiring that llifi rxportcnco of nil timo had proved lint rnpital puniehnifiit linil nol operntod to deter from t ho commission of ntiirognnm crimes, while nn Iho other hand tin) M'vi'fiiy (if tin; punishment, and the nbTiorronco with which it was viewed by t ho public, hnd frequently prevented jurors frnni convicting criminals unques tionably guilty: tin; result being thnl 1 ho guilty menped, und that security lo the community, which wn.i ono object ol pun iahtnent, utterly failed. Messrs Dillingham, Brown nnd Fnir bank nlo pnrticipntcd in tlio debate, the former fur and the two latter against the bill. Mr Chondlor moved an adjournment) which vf.s negatived, when Mr 0 took the floor rfgnint ihr bill, nnd in defence of the report of iho committee adverse to this measure. Adj, SENATE. 2 o'clock, P. M. Mr Billon, in consequence of oickness in hits family, asked mid obtained leave of absence from and nfirr Monday next. Revised Statutes. Mr Swift reported chap. 03, of licences to retailors, innkeep ers ond victualing houses, J with proposi tions to omeod, which were taken up in committee of the whole, discussed, and va riously disposed of, on.l the amendments recommondod in committee of tho whole, reported lo tho Sennte, concurred in, und thechao. as amended was laid upon the table. Tho chnn. in Us present provisions restores the traffic in ardent spit'ils, to its standing previous to the last Bcssion of the Legislature Uill. lly Mr Tracy, repealing tho act of last session relating lo tho sale of ar dent spirits, twice read and ordered to be engrossed; to pay Cephas Baylcy, the sum mentioned, forjtho transportation of arms, the Seriato rejected the hill ; to pay Kinh lhyloy for the repair of cannon and car rioge, the sum mentioned ; recommitted to tho com. on military affairs. Banks Mr Kittrcdge, reported chap, 88, of revised statutes, relating to BankF. with various proposals of amendment, when on motion of Mr Picrpoint, tho chap, was laid upon the table. Resolution. by Mr Tracy dooming tho town of Glnstcnbury in the sum of nina hundred dollars, road, and referred to corn, on finance. Senato adj. IIOUSB. The following message from tho Gover nor was mad : To the House of Representatives,: By the provisions of tho bill herewith returned, entitled "nnd act to incorporate the Moniphrotnogog Literary and Theo logical Seminary," tho corporation is made prpctunl. No power is reserved to alter nmund the act by future legislation, as tho public good and the circumstances and condition of society may hereafter require. Tho condition of eocicly is continually iiiuugiiir ; mm, which mny do expcnicnt nnd for the best good of community ot this lime, may reasoning! from the post in a course of years require alteration to nnopi it io too wants nnd wishes of our posterity. And in my view, nothing but me most nusolute necessity will warrant legUlalion o( this character : it ought never to be resorted to, except when tho objects in view.aro of such inairnilude and difficulty of attainment. as to afford no oth er probablo means of accomplishment. I om the moro readily brought lo this con clusion by the entire confidence I feel i lie intelligence and liberality ofthoso who mov succeeo us, By leaving nets of incorporation open io imuro legislation, i cannot lor a moment permit mvseif to believe that the rights or property of individuals or community will be endangered by iho imno sition of unnecessary or unreasonable re strictions or alterations, or that future leg islators will not understand and fully an urcciato tho wantsand wishes of suciety as it may ncrcaitor exist. Entertaining Ihoso views. I fell it mv duty to return the bill in question to the nouso oi uepresontativo.in which it uri"i- noted, lor their reconsideration. S, H. JENISON. Exoctivo Chamber. Nov. 2. 1839. Mr Goudoy inquired whclhor the bill was open to amendment ? The chair replied it was not, the constitution itself providing lhat the question, upon a bill returned by ino unvernor lor reconsideration, must be upon tne passage of the bill. Messrs Dil lingham and Spraguo expressed their sat' isfaction ofthe courso of tho Governor nnd.after some convcr.-ation as to the now er ofthe House to entertain a new bill, tho question was putshall tho bill pass; Ayes 9. noes 151, so the bill was rejected jtesoiuuons uy Mr Fullarn. for a omt assembly on WedneMfay afternoon next, to supply the vacancies occasioned by Iho ro signal ton of Genls, Phelps Washburn aim: lvmbull, adopted. By Mr Burd, op point nig Stephen H. Brown, Geo. T. Holmes, and Alden Partridge, com, to ex amine Windsor and E-eoxbanks, adopted. lievned statutes'- - The House resumed consideration of the 26th chapter, of ju nuco hi uiu pence j arid alter v"r,'n,s omeudnionts were considered, nmoii I hem one ttrikillff out nil thn nmvisinns ol lowing justtcen io delivver up fugutives or oiner petfcons Irom other states, on which Bmondinent a vote was taken, nvo3 52,noes tta 'l'i. , . ... u. t iiu uiu was urucreu io n rcouing, Adjourned, SENATE. Monday, Nov. 4. Prayer by the chaplain. Revisul Statutes. chap. 109, of oaths, twice read nnd referred to Ihu com. on tho Judiciary j chap. 90, of Iho preservation of game nnd t lie destruction ofnoxlou ani mals, called up by Mr Pierpoinl, who pro posed nn amendment by offering on nddi. tional 6cclion, embracing tho vnriousexisV ing laws for Iho preservation of fieh. Tho r.mendmcnt was adopted, when Mr Adams moved so lo amend tho choplor as lo repual the bounty of25 cents per head on foxes. Supported by Mr Adams, opposed by Mebsrs Cobb, Uowcn und Pierpoinl, and lost, and tho chop., as amended, was read n third limn and passed; chap. 119, of fines nd fence viewers, renortcd bv Mr Nohln. read n third timo and passed ; chap. 29, of proceedings against trustees, called up by Mr Tracy who offered an amendment, ',ho object of which was to limit tho process to contractu enturrd into after tho first of Jon wary, 1830. Tliu proportion was tuppoM- oil. in debute, by Messrs Tracy nnd Robin son nnd adopted, when Mr Tracy moved further to nnirnil the chanter in such man. ner nn to lrulco properly in the hnnds of collecting officers. This amendment was ndoptcd, ns also another offered by Mr Tracy, allowing Trustees 75 cents nor day for attendance nnd disclosure, nnd six cents per mile trnvel, when Mr Itobinson moved tocrnso the 31th section. This motion to amend was lost, when Swift moved so to amend the chap, as to excluilo from the trustco proceed, claims of n less amount than fifteen dollars. Amendment lost, nnd the sum often, proposed by Mr Burgess, carried. Tho chapter and its amendments wcro reported lo tho Senate and laid upon the table. Resolution, from tho house, appointing a com. or three, to investigate tho Windsor and Essex Banks, concurred in by tho Senate. Dill, repealing the law of last session relating to the traffic in ardent spirits, read n third timo and passed. Adj. ' HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. E. Smith. Mr Tappan obtained Icavo of absence after lo-rnorrow. The engrossed bill taxing Lamoille- co. was passed. Reports of Committees by com of claims, bill to pay G II Smith t50 (expenses of execution of Bates,) opposed by Messrs Chandler, Brown olid Partridge, on tho ground that the execution came within the ordinary duties of tho sheriff, and lhat. therefore ho was not entitled to cxtraordi nary pay ; sunnortcd bv Messrs Miner Butler, Necdham and Rico, for tho reason that tfic legislature had always paid for scrviccj ol thi3 kind ; this sum was much less than had been usually paid. Tho sum of gjO was rejected, 73 to 09, nnd tliu bill laid on the (able and inadu the order for Wcdnesdny morning. Dy com. on Ed ucation, on the subject of a geological sur vey ol iho elate favorable to such a sur vcy, accompanied by a bill for tho oppoint mcnt of a commissioner to moko a survey and appropriating 2000 for the commence mcnt of the work. Mr Gowdv muved to make tho bill tho order for Thursday morning, staling that tho committee would not urge the bill, unless it was found to meet tho general consent of the House Mr Spraguo approved the report and moved tho printing of 500 copies; supported by Messrs Necdham, Sprosuo and Brown opposed by Messrs Sanborn nnd Partridge wiicn Air l-'ullnm moved 1000 conies neg atived 74 to 02 ; the motion for 500 copies was negatived, 07 to 59; Mr Rice moved 300 copies corried. l'ho samo committee made report upon tho project for furnishing librariostn school districts favoiabh to the object, but stating that Ihero wero no funds which could bo properly directed lo tins object, and therefore commending the matter to tho voluntary action of school districts. By com. on Roads nnd Canals, bill to rcmovo obstructions in Fall's stream in Essex co. laid on tho tabic. Tie Governor, by message, informed tho IIouso of the resignation of Brig. Gen. Green Blackmcr. Resolution. bv Mr Fairbanks, dischar ging the members of Caledonia county from the documents relating to the county buildings : supported by Messrs Fairbanks, Brown, Rico and Bascomb, opposed by Messrs Chandler, Butler and Ncedhum, and adopted, CO to Cl. Mr Fairbanks then moved to dismiss the bill on this sub ject agreed to. Jiy Mr Brown, raising an inquiry as to tho expediency of placing eieamboot siock in the lists for taxation passed. By Mr Hubbard, instructing the com. of Agricnlluro to report a bill lor the encouragement of'ngricultural societies, granting n sum for premiums, not exceeding 25 per cent, of the sum raised by 6iich societies for this purpose ; supported by Mr Brown, opposed by Mr Partriduu and rc- jecled; Mr Necdham moved to reconsider this vote rejected. Tho choir appointed tho following com on the inquiry rclativo lo taxing steam boat stocl:, tec. Messrs Brown, Baxter und Huntington. Mr Mattocks introduced a bill repealing the net providing for removing obstructions in PaESumpsic and Moose rivers, which was referred to committee on Roads and Canals. Adj. SENATE. 2 o'clock. P. M. Bill. Jiy Mr Trocy, appointing a com of three, to lot out by contract, for a term not exceeding four years, the labour of prisoners in the blatcs Prison, iwico read and ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. Revised Statutes chap, 103. of counlv jails and tho confinement and discharge of prisoners, reported by Mr Cobb, with pro poenlsof amendment, extending tho jail iitnm to mo limits oi die county, supported by Messrs, Cobb, Tracy, Ru"biti.-,on ond Converse, nnd opposed by Mr Piorpoint, for the icnson that provision had n I ready been made for iho non-imprisonmcnt of poor debtor?, and because tho limits of c uiiiiif's worn loo circumscribed it bhould go to the entire limits of tho stnto for honest incii who could not pay their debts ; nnd os to rogues, who perhaps upon the rights of others,, a few miles snuaro wus nmply sufficient for I heir rango. loid upon tho tnblo : chap. 101, of tho Slate Prison, reported by Mr Pierpoinl, with a proposal nf amendment in occordunco with the hill introduced by Mr Trncy, (his afternoon, relating to the htatu Prison. Amendment concurred in nnd the chapter road u third time and passed ; chapter 91, of the pro. Eervnlion of sheep, called up by Mr Cobb, and tho amendment requiring diseased 6hccp to bo kept within the limit's of their owners, being under consideration, the amendment was varied, and tho chapter, nftcr further nmondmont, was road a 3d time and passed ; chaptor 87, of tho pro. eervntjon of tho publie health, reported by Mr Eaton, with a proposal ol nmendmcnt imposing a penally, not exceeding $200, upon any person knowingly exposing o hers to the Fmall pox, which was adopted, and tho chapter read a 3d limo and passed ; the chapter relating to the Trustoo process was called up by Mr Tracy, variously amended, and again laid upon tho table ; chapter ol cstrnys, &c, read n 3d time nnd passed. Hills, Un motion ot Mr Tracy tho rule in case of bills, wus dispensed with lor the time, und the bill appointing u coin. nit tee to let out the labur of thu prisoner in tho Mate prison, was read n 3d timo and passed ; Inying n tax on tho county of Ln moille, twico read and referred to the com un Manufactures, Resolution, dooming the town of Gins tcubury, tho rum of g931.54 reported by t lie com. on nuance, with a statement thai the town had returned no grand list for Iho last throo years, though represented lor me same lengtli ol time, Laid upon the' tnblo on motion of Mr Cobb. Adj HOUSE. Revised Statutes. Chapter 74. of nod larf, was reported, amended (fixing the scaio oi licences as ioiiows i loot pouiar $5, with ono horse g(J, with a wagon drawn by ono horsu or more 15. without reference to tho fact whether tho podlar is or is not a citizen ol the state,) and laid on tho table. Chapters passed, CO, of convcynnco of rem estate, O'J ot marriago (amended by striking out all Iho sections requiring piinnc nnuco oi intention ot marriage; Gl oi preventing iruucs and penuries in con tracts nnd actions founded thereon, 19 of instruction of Deaf Dumb and Blind ; chan IC, of support nnd removal of paupers, was romrrcu io uencrai Uomtnittco. Chapter 23, of process, was reported witli nn amendment, involving a repeal of inc act ol last year abolishing imprison ment for debt. A discussion arose Messrs l ullam, Partridge, Miner, Fairbanks and lNccdliaru taking part therein. Adj. SENATE. Tuesday, Nov. 5, l'raycr by the chaplain. Mr Picrpoint moved that tho vacancy in the committee on Banks, occasioned bv the nbscucc of Mr kittrcdge. be now lillcd. Motion sustained, nnd the ballots being taken, Mr Converse was elected to fill the vacancy. Mr Jones hod Icavo of absence from nnd utter to.morrow morning, Bills, repealing tho net incorporating me village ot wcoustoclr, reported by Mr Adams, with a proposal of amendment, providing tint the act shall not mkn effect without the consent of a majority of uiu vuicrs or sniu v narre. to bo atcnrm n cdatn meeting named for the nurnnse. Amendment adopted, and the bill mail n third time nnd passed. Heviscd Statutes. chap. 70. of tho rrnnn ral list, called up by Mr Noble, for consid oration, nnd on the question fchr.ll tho bill be read n third time? Mr Picrpoint de manded tho yeas and navs. and add rnssnil the senate, nt sumo length, in opposition to the present system of taxation us unequal in its operation, and in many cose3 unjust. He believed a new and more simnlo svs- tem ought at once to bo ndoptcd, correct in principle and equal in practical opera tion. Tax all the property n man nnsscs- scs, 6aid Mr P., and require every man to pay ine expenses ol government in propor tion to what ho possesses, no less and no moro. The subject was taken up, the senate acting as in com. of the whole, upon n proposed nmennment offered by Mr Adams, requiring that each male person ol 21 years bo set in the list nt 10 dollars upon Ins poll, and each person equipped for military duty be exempt from all taxes except for high ways. This with various other onicndments to the chapter, was adopted in cum. ofthe whole. A proposi tion that the list bo taken the first of June instead ot the first of April, elicited dis cussion bv Messrs Eaton, Adams, Harvey, Curtis, Townsley and others. Tho mo tion to alter from April to June was lost. when n very interesting debate ensued on the question of taxing the faculty of pro fessional men. lis injustice was insisted upon by Messrs Tracy, Converse, Eaton and olliers, on the ground that the chapter proposed to lax, from year to year, nil the property u person may possess. If one person or profession, more than another, possessed u peculiar faculluia acquire pro perly, that faculty was abundantly taxed in the annual assessment upon the property thus acquired. Tho motion to tax (ho faculty was lost by a Btrong vote Mr Harvey moved so to amend the chapter, us to exempt wild lands from taxation. Mo tion lost, when the chapter was laid upon me inoic. Bill. hy Mr Picrpoint, relatiii!? to the Bank of Rutland, twico read and referred lo the committee on Bnnks. Adi HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. S. Kellogg. Messrs Onion, Ashlov and Closson oh. taincd leave of absence after Monday mor- II I II Resolutions. by Mr Shattuck as follows: "Whereas a crcat portion of'tlio timo of tliis House is taken up by a few cknuent gentlemen in making long speeches upon trifling subjects, to tho annoyance of a great mnjoiity of the House, and whereas the session is far advanced and requires expedition and economy in time "Therefore, remlvcd. That for thn future there bo an evening session of this House, to ciinunenco at 7 o'cluk. to ho devoted wholly to tho debates of tho.o auiegentlomcnon questions of amendments io ino rcvifod statutes; provided. Hint subject sliull be debated till nfier it has been finally acted upon by Iho House." Which was read, and a tern few remarks by Messrs Fairbanks und Brown, the clinir Joluscd to entertain (he bume. By Mr Fairbanks, nltcrinn a rule of the House, so as lo require the assent of at Innst ten membors lo sustain a call for thn yeas nnd nays which lies on tho table, uuonr mo rnicsoi tun Mouse, lor one day. By Mr Brown, Instructing com. on Military Affairs to inquiro into tho o.vne. diency of exempting inhabitants of unor aimed towns, mid nlso in cases where they would be obliged lo rn out of town to do duly, from military duty adopted. By Mr Richardson of Waitsficld, instruc ting JudiciaryfjConimitieo lo inquiro into the expediency of further legislation to protect creditors in cases where credit is oblated by fnUo pretences passed. Bills introduced. Uy Mr Wolltor. nn. nexmg part of Norwich lo Thctford. nr. dered ro a 3d reading ; from tho Senate. relating to state prison, niter nonio discus. sloii by Mofsrs Brown Coolidgu,Ciiandler, i-uiiunniis, iiazan, jiinngnnm and l'ar trulge Messrs Coolidgo, Fairbanks nnd llnzcn for, and Iho other pcntlcmeii gainst, a reference a motion to rofer tliu hill to ihu select commilteo already raised upon this subject, was negatived, 114 to 7U, nir uouiidco moved lo lay tho bill upon tho table for tho purpose of nmond- mnnl. nml mniln it il,n r,.. i. ... ment, and mado it iho order for tomorrow morning agreed to. From tho Senate, bill repealing net nf 1838, rclnting to retailors of distilled spirits ; Mr Snnbnrn moved to tnako it the order for Friday morning carried, 80 to 54. Petitions, Two from citizens nf Orange county, for "mornl reform" referred to select committee of three: of David II. Sumner and others, to com. on Banks. Reports of Committees by com. on Roads and Canals, ngatnst incorporating Granvillo Turnpike Co.. nnd tho bill was dismissed : by com. on Manufactures, bill incorporating Newbury Mill and Factory Co., amended and made the order for Fri day next, nt tho suggestion of Mr Dilling ham that the chap, of tnc revised statutes on limited partnerships would supercede all necessity of special acts of incorporation for mechanical, manufacturing and mercan tile purposes ; by com of claim, bills lo pay Ozias Seymour gGO, Anson Davis $00, ordered to 3d reading ; by com. on Milita ry Affairs, against petitions of E. Eddy, Daniel Rawson and others, and the account of Charles D. Kasson, und the IIouso con currcd ; bill relating to Craltrbury Rifle uo. nnu it was made tlio order for Friday murning next. Au . SENATE. 2 o'clock. P. M. Revised Statutes chap. 03, of inquest reported by Mr uoodwin, read n third lime and passed : chop. 05, of public lands reported by Mr Uoodwin with a proposal oi aiiienumcui placing ino rent ot Iand9 granted to first settled ministers and unap propnaicu, ni mo uispofai ot towns whiuii uiu UIUU3 uro locaicu, w lie n was adopted, and tho chapter read a third time and passed : chap. 109, of civil oaths. ported by Mr Tracy, read a third time and passed ; chap. 02, of marriage, returned from the house with proposals of amend ment, in winch the senato refused to con cur: chap, 03. of licences, &.c. called up by Mr Swift, and ordered to be uncrossed and read a third time ; chap, 103, of coun ly jails, and Iho discharge of tirisntmrs called up by Mr. Cobb, the question being upon inc adoption ot an amendment tiro. posed by Mr C. lo uttoiid jail hunts ofthe counties. Amendment lost, uoon the chapter was reported to Iho senate by the com. of Iho whole, when Mr Robinson re newed the motion made by Mr Cobb to amend, and demanded the yeas nnd nays. Mr Egerton spoke in opposition to the mo tion, as productive of no 'rood lo noor men. nnu ioou to no one, except it wero lo fee jailers, jail commissioners, sheriff nnd lawyers. Mr Robinson advocated the mo iiumuiiuv.eu oy lhi i racy, on inc same side, Messrs Convorse.Picrpoint. Townslcy and Cobb nboFpoko lo the nnesiion. when the amendment was lost, vcmh 12 nnvs in. The chap, was then rendu third timu and passed , chap. 29. ofthe Trustee process, uiiiiuu up uy ujr j racy, read n llnrd time. and passed 3, navs 12. Adjourned. HOUSE. The chair appointed tho following com mitteo to consider the petitions relative to morul reform, viz : Messrs Dillingham, rairnanus and Wnitc. Revised Slalutcs-'l'ha House resumed con sideration of chap. 28, of proc03s,the ques lion being upon strikingout the C3U see. which abolishes imprisonment for debts contracted after Jan 1, 1039. Mr Rico op- poscu tnc amendment, oiit was lost.ayca 44, noes ij. Alter the consideration ofs.ev oral amendments of miner impor tance. Mr Hodges proposed a now section, that when any creditor applying for a writ of attach ment, shall miiko it appear that there is reasonable grounds for believing that the debtor has good j or money secreted about his person, tho writ shall issue as well against tho debtor's body os his pro porty provided that the debtor may sub mit to examination upon oath, and if it ap pear that he is entitled lo the poor debtors oath, he shall thereupon be discharged from imprisonment. Mr. .Butler moved additional amendment, requiring iho debt or, applying to take tliu poor debtor's oath to notify tho creditor thereof; which amendment was accepted by Mr Hodges, After remarks by Messrs Dillingham, Necdham and Brown, favorable to (ho principle of the amendment, the bill and amendment were committed to Messrs Brown ond Needham. Chapters Passed. 43 of sessions of courts, 44 of probate court, 59 of estates in real property 41 of forcible entry und detainer. 43 of letters testamentary mid other proceedings on thn proliato of a will. Ordered to a 3d reading. Chapter 49 of administration and distribution of the estate of the intestate, 92 of vessel navi gating Lake Chainplaiii, 84 of inquo.n on tho dead, 85 of public lauds, CO of masters, apprentices nnd servants. Referred. Chapter 109, of oaths, to Messrs M iner, and Bartlctt; 79, of pri vate corporations, on motion of Mr Brown referred to com-on Roads and Canals, and and 300 copies ordered to bo printed ; 85, of limited partnerships, to Messrs. Baxter nnd Huntington ; 07, of husband and wife lo Messrs. Kinsman nnd Mes.-er . 78 of towns and other communities to Messrs Butler and btrong, 03 nf weights nnd measures lo the General Committee, 01 of societies for tho support ofthe gospel, and for other purposes, lo Messrs Ilcdfield, bascomb and Rice, Resolution Uy Mr Brown, providing that motion lo lay nny bill, &c on tho tn blo, rhall be decided without dobato ; nnd also lor evening sessions, after tomorrow, tu be devoted exclusively to the revised statutes which lio on the tnblo one day by ihu rules. Adj. THE OPIUM TRADE. Until recently, the trade ut China has been carried on by means of opium. This drug was ptirchasod in Turkey and India by British merchants and others, carried to Cuntoii.and the resold in exchange for tens, silks, and other product of tho Celestial Empire, instead of paying the precious meiols. This Undo had always been con traband, Tlio Clnncso Government, per ceiving tho evils in their community by thu use of opium, prohibited its importation; but the subordinate funclionorics connived nt tiro trade, being corrupted by the money of tho merchants, and I ho opium was smuggled in, in updo ol the efforts of tho government to prevent it. At length, tho evil becoming io great and tho contempt Jol tho laws of tho heavenly empire so noto. I ,i,... ,. t.. .1 ' He commissioned n chief officer with nlcn ii.nio, uiu iiuiiui!ui luuu ticcipive measures. ary authority, nnd with pay bo large ns to raiso him nbovo corruption, and ordered him to stop tho traffic at nil hazards This ho accomplished, confiscating at one time twenty thousand chests, "on this passivo victim a grave consultation was held ns to its doom. Some counselled to burn it, but nt length it was determined to send it to Pekin, first lo bo concocto into a liquid and llicn carried to tho sen. and in ono great flood, poured in. The British merchants nnd all other barbarians are ordered to leave tho country, for that the Emperor docs not need tho trade, the service, nor Iho soctolv ofthe barbnrinns and that they hnvo formerly been permitted lo touch the consecrated shores onlv through sufferance and compassion. Con sequcnily the foreigners havo gone, nnd mado Macao their rciidczous ,- and now tea cannot bo purchased except with dol lars. This drain of spocio reacts on Eug land and Enropo with such a shock ai almost io brcau tho Bank of England. An immenso pressure is felt in thu universal money market, so that even the merchant in iioston must pay four and five per cent per month for tonus nil in consequence of uiu nou oi uuina s august umpcror. Per haps a better illustration cannot be found than is here seen, ofthe mutual dependauce oi me (iinerent members of tho civilized world corporate upon each other, and the increasing union winch is forming a soci ciy mo It cs progrcs in the world. Just ns in tho members of the human body, a shock in ono is felt throughout the wlmlo. so ns the bonds of society between nations grow moro compacted, their interests ure more involved, and thojnrrings which occur are more Keenly tell. This increasing mutual dependence cannot but augment tho mo lives to peace, and we look forward lo the timo when considerations like these, that is to say, tho great worldly iiitcrerests of mankind, will greatly diminish the wars nnd lightings which in nil ages havo deso latcd the earth. Windsor Times FRIDAY MORNING, NOVK.M IJCK S Tho legislature i3 principally engaged upon tho revised statutes, and the Bubject of adjournment is hurdly talked of. Th chapter relative to imprisonment for debt, wc learn, has been amended in the Senate so as to extend the jnil yard to tho limits of the county. liuor.oGicAr, Suiivey. Mr Gowdy, chairman of the cominittco to whom tins subject was referred, has made a very ex cellent report in favor ofthe eurvcy, and rocornmending an appropriation of 0 thous sand dollars for the object. No action has been had on the report. Nr.w-Yor.K. Tho annual election this Blnlo took plnco on Monday, Tuesday, ami Wednesday last. Wo h nvn. nt t hr time of going to press, but few returns, and those principally of the first day's balloting. TliU3 fur, appearances aro favorable. But a day or two will give us the result. Massachusetts. The election in Mass achusetts takes place next Monday. The locofoc03 arc making greater cverlions than they ever did before, and havo sent out a statement concocted in the Custom house, which clnims in tho Stato a loco foco majority of just two hundred and forty nino. l'KOM EUROPE. The Gient Wciciii itimcil .it Nniv.VnrK- nn Moiul.iy. Tlio news biouilit Ijv tliis nirim! ij m.i of ii eiy iirmuu.iiu or decided rli,ir;inirr. P, ,;. oils nppitlieiisioiis of.i gicut f.iifiirc of (h0 ciops, me, li.iiiily, not isii-niiiied ; tlio morev market appeals lo li,io iccencl ,i Fiit melior.itinii ; di0 cotton in.nliet roiitinii, very' f.iir ns ip";inl do- inanu, uiu prices im.nni .lppear lo li.iwi advanced. loiiiuie continent Urn news is far Own exciiin", Tlio IJrilisli Qnei n arrived at I'urism-inl, Iho 12th iillo. Tim l.nmlan Clnoiiiclo of ilm 1 7,1, iewsSn r.ulicr a fauir.ililc lir?lit ilia iiiinlli.mr.. cluive io tlio inoiiciaiv afiaiis in iliis v,iTni,,. Wo cannot, Faj t ho Now.Yoik Sim. dUrmo,. (Ii.it llicie i-t any inaieiial clianjo in die money nut her. Ifnnv lliins. it ii heller, nir .I:,n,l,i Ilm a sent of tliu l'ciinslv.iiii:i Hank of thn 11. had succeeded, but it is said nt great saciificcs, i making rinangenicnls vt hereby nil ihedrafi of ihu bank will lio iicrcplcd. Two thousand time of Ihc bank were Fold on iho lfiih of October, m 201. per fcli.it o. Ilaiin,' nnd liioiheis !iaio laken iho ency of the. Ij.ink, anil iho dividend dim on ilm stuck of the hank on tlio lTth nil. were leanlai lv aid. riiioii'hoiit England nnd Scotland, n fariminin hanj-o in iho wcalher hail gicatly miilgaicd die iiciun.i ill piosiirrts of tho nsriciilitn iis. ami nialilcd llniii in Ferine n f.irzo thaiuof a m nil v ur haivest. It u believed lli.it iho cions hoiiM pruie neither full nor short, hut it fair nvcrnao. In liel.mil, however, ilio delioicncy was comptiicil in inn ono iiinii, nnu tiiuins llio inleitor iiiility of thu i .mi nnu uuuriiiui.iiiuii, uiu tnoriness oi ino wlic.il crop was estimated at one half. A Donhliii paper ol'iho 7th ult. states, ns nn illustration, ih.it two thiiils tho uheat exhibited on tho corn ex change that day win hnnlit up by distilleis, at rales so low as fiom 19 in 22j. Fuanci:. Thcie is nolhins of moment. Un moors of changes in ilm cabinet urn still ndoat. Airesls of persuna concerned in llio iiisiiircnlimi ofthu I2ih ol May wcio still taking place, nnd iho varioiu branches of tiaihi und coiiiineicu aro icp. icjciuciI in n distressed state, Spain Tho Spnnitli Rovcrnmenl has proclaim, cd an nncoiiililion.il nnmesly. tSpanUh slocks nio heavy, owing lo an iiiiprrssion that Cuhicr.t will jptgho imicli troiiblo lo iho Queen's (ienerals. Kjpaucro is procoedin? njainst him, and is wailed wiiii apparent icsolntioii. The Kiench anil British fleets, nbout ten sail of mo line r.icii.iuo still at I lie nioiilli ol the Daiiluii dies, Tim I'm kinh nnd most of thu Eguitian aio in tho haibor of Alexandria, A Ictler from Coiutanliiioolo daleil 23J ol Sent. iiiiiiniiiiccs lhat tho hanest has failed Reueiiillv in Tiiikcy, nml th u tho prices of main in the mar. ken of tho Black h'ea was hourly l isln;. Vronostd blockade of Canton l,v the Knollih. A London paper sajs It is staled uu good auihur iiy that government in icply to iho despatches luoiight fiom China by iho Ariol, havo nuleied Hill uanlon Do placed Inn slulo o( blockade These insti nciioua mo going out by tho new clip per ,,.Mor," engaged expressly for tlio occation. EurlDurhum is tu bo nut eiubair-ador cxtruor. dinaiy to 'I'm Ley, atifffc si 11 inn mmmi "When the Wicked ukab nui.E, the People mouun." If tho truth of this wcro not vouched by tho highest nutborily known to men, would it not bo fully de monstratcd by tho present condition of this country. If wo look to what we havo bccD, nnd to what we now ore, wo find that within tho lapse ofn few short years, wo havo been precipitated from the highest state of indi vidual ond national prosperity to one in all reepects directly I lio reverse. And this melancholy change in our condition wo have experienced without war, without famine, ond without pestilence. The ea sons have boon propitious to the husband, man the people havo been industrious hut all to no avail. Tho obsenco of posi. tivo curses and the presence of real bles sings, aro frustrated and neutralised by the domination of corrupt men, and their baneful and blighting interference with tho concerns of tho people. The Taiufi' Question. A Western paper say : "The Tariff question, which has so long lain undisturbed, U again be coming a subjc.'t of serious consideration, among the leading journals of the day, and will no doubt bi ogitatcd at the coming session of Congress. Tho truth is, 60 long ns England is allowed to flood tho country with her goods, free of duty, tho balanco of Trade will remain ogainst the U. S. and fluctuations in tho commer cial community nnd a constant drain of specie from our coffers, will be the conse quences. A Tariff which will put a check to this immense importation of merchan dize into our country, and build up and fos ter our own manufactories, is considered the only remedy ngninst these evils." Death nr the Hon. Jos. M. White. An endorsement on Ihc Hi. Louis Bui lctin. doled Oct. 19, stales lhat the Hon. Jus. M. Whi'e, formerly a delegate from Florida to the Houe of Representatives, died at the residence of his brother in St. Louis, on the morning of that day. Mr. XV. was a distinguished lawyer, and a gentleman of very high accouiplif huicnts. Baltimore Chronicle. Montr.E. The Mobile Coin, Register, of tho 21st ult. states thai deaths" h.ive occurred aince our Inst, by black vomit of Ihc most malignant character. Snnio of the persons had hut lat.-lv rpinrnofl lo the city, nnd others were old rpaidnntu. Thu weather has bem rcmarkablv nnnl. closely approach ng winter, in the morning nnd evening, though there arc as vet no signs of n frost. The New Orleans Boo. of the 20ih ult. says "A gentleman who bin lately passed through Opnlnusas nnd Annkupas. 'tilornis in Ihui nt Franklin. St. Alumna illn ond other places, the frickness had rcallv in. creosed, und the mortality in proportion to the population wus considerable." Heatth or Natchez Tho Cnnrior of the 17th, says "For the 24 hours end- mg 'J o clock yesterday, the sexton reports one interment disease, consumotion- Tho sexton reported 22 deaths for Iho week ending ycsierdnvIG of vollow fever. I clVi-enicry, nnd 5 of winch the disease. were not reported." The Lewisioi; (Pa.) Republican an nounces the death of the Hon. William XV. Potter, n representative lo the next Con- rcsB fiom that State. Mr. Poller was a friend of tho present national administra tion. Tlio fire in tlio mines nt Pictou did not occasion so much damage as was feared. It was principally confined to one shaft, containing nine chambers, most of which were cither no longer workod. or were bout lo be abandoned, before the accident took place. The Cause and the CunE.-Tho Madi- sonian, the Conservative paper at Wash ington, says, in regard to tho disordered currctics, and commercial distress: Of ono thing wo aio convinced, viz, that (o tho unholy aud unjustfiiablo war which tho ad ministration has waged against the busi ness and credit eyftciu ol tho country is to be nrtributed all the scenes of disas ter and ruin which at present alllict us and we go further, and give it as our fixed and firm belief that thero never will boa change for the belter, until there is an en tire nnd thorough chango of the material about the government. DirncuiriEs On The South-Wes-tern Frontier. The St. Louis Bullotin of tho 17th instant, publishes a correspond once taken from tho Ozark (Arkansas) Standard of tho 7th. It seems probablo that wc may have soma serious difficulties with the Cherokces. Gen. Arbucklo has been ordcredby the Government to domand of John Ross the murderers of tho Ridges and Boudinot ; but it seems that Ross ro fcuecs to give them up. In obedionco of orders, Gen. Arbucklo will of courso at tempt to lake them by force, which will bo apt to lead to a war. Murder.---A slip had been received at tho Mobile Post Oflico, from Columbus, (Mi.) which stated that Col. Byrne, Iho Sheriff of Lowndes County, waa fount! shot dead, ono mile from town. Strange if True ! There is n womtn ot tho South, eo i nil, that a peron Ua lo bo introduced twice before bo can b co int acquainted,

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