22 Kasım 1839 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Kasım 1839 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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of Treasurer, a commissioner of school fund to ",r0, nclopicd 115 to G3 : also ofSccrciury nf Btote to $'20, 100 to G4 of Secretary of sennte to J200 : of clerk of of the' house to !50, 79 to CI)! of secretary of civil nnd Miilitnry afihirs $100: nl assistant secretary of tho sen 'nlil to $100: of assistant clnrk nf the House to $'25, 70 in I9: of engrossing clerk tn $150: of siipe'rintcndnnt of Vt Slate Prisun to 5,300 -after discussion on this lost amendment, byjlossrs Hodg es, Hicr, Fairbanks, Fullam and Brown, the House, niJj. TiiuniiUY. Nov. 14, 1039. SI) NAT 13. Prnycr by the Chaplain, Chap. 70. of the Revised statutes intro dnced by Mr Marsh and entitled "of the General List," was rend the first linn nnd referred to tlic cnniinittee on finance. (Tin is n system of listing like Iho one now n force, but somewhat more comprehensive. Mr Cobb mtruuuccd the following rcsulu lion : Resolved, that' the committee nn finnncc be instructed to ascertain from sucli Four ces ns ore, wit Inn their power the ninniinU nf nulitarv hups collected nnd in the hands of military oflicers and report to the Sen, ntc. The House returned to tho Senate the 50th chanter of the revised slnlutcs con C of rod in : and the 90th chnptcr concurred with proposals of amendment. The. house by message announced the concurrence in the amendments proposed bv tho benntc to the bill recharlering the lianh of Gale donin, The Senate, as in committee of the whole, resumed tho consideration of the act in addition to the act regulnting and eoveriimg ttie militia anil the bill was umended and reported to tho SeiiBtn, nnd was under consideration when the Senate adjourned- HOUSE, Messrs Clrrk and Jackson obtained leave ofnbsenco after tomorrow morning. liennrls of Lommillccs.- JJy com. op. Education, against bill repealing part of fcIiooI act, and it was dismissed. Bv so led committee that it is in inexpedient to take any legislative measures on the mo inorials relating, to moral reform and to the custom of war. By com. of Alaiifaclurcs liill to incorpnra'e Ponllucy 1 rott Co. and Newbury Mill. Co. (embracing provision making private .property of stockholders liable for corporation debts.) the first or dcrcd to a 3d rending, and the last passe'd By com. on floods and Canals, against bill repealing act lor removing obstruction in Passtynpsic river, and it was dismissed. By coin on Education, favorablo to the object of the petition of Newbury Semiim ry, but that present action is inexpedient. By select com -on slavery, maintaining tho positions heretofore taken by the legisla lure of Vermont, and (concluding with sundry resolutioiH-'-afiirming the power of Congress over slavery in the. District and over the slave trade between thn Staies---protesting ngninst the annexation of Texas, and declaring, tho passage of Atheitnn's resolution a violation ol the constitution, ond a flagrant outrage on thu right f petition, all of which were made the order for to.rnorrow inorniog. By select com., bill incorporating Calodunin sinjj. Essex county Insurance company, laid on the table, and made special order fur tomorrow morning. Resolutions, By Mr Brown, n series for n specie currency, and the suppression nf small bills, propusing an interchange of views between the several states, laid on the table. Bill, From the Senate, extending char lerofthe Bank tf Rutland, (similar to tho Mnntpclier bank bill yesterday intro" duced) referred, together with a "remon strance against the tame, to committee on banks. The senate returned the Caledonia Co. bank with the following amendments : 11 requiring the semiannual payment to the Ftalc of a tax of one half of one percent of stock paid in; 2d, the directors and stockholders not to be indebted to the bank, in the aggregate, in a sum greater than 15 per cent of the capital stuck paid in, and no officer or stockholder at any limn to bo indebted in n sum exceeding g2000, with the Security of persons who ure not stockholdersin which- the house concurred. V Ordered to a 3d reading. ITtujo pay G II Smith J200 to removo obstructions in Falls' stream, in Essex county. Engrossed bills Incorporating Freehold Bank at Felchville yeas nnd nays de manded hy Air Sanborn, and taken; aye 90, noes CO, so the bill was pasted. To pay for certain military services, passed; to n ii J it an pay account of oflicers and men nf 10th regiment fur military services, laid on the table; to furnish a field piece to 1st company, 14th regiment passed; re pooling the licence law of 1030, niter con siderable dircussinn by Alessrs Warner of JNnv Haven, Fullam, Needlinm. Stone, Fairbanks and Brown, hid on the table, 100 to 42. The house resumed consideration nf tho resolutions relating to the public lauds, the question being upon the motion to dismiss them, The discission was continued by Messrs Butler, Brown, Dillingham, Need bam, Sproguc and Henry, for dismissing, nnd by Messrs Hodges, Fairbanks, Gow dov and Bard, against dismissing. An adjournment was moved and negatived. Mr. Butler moved to lay thu motion to dismiss on the tublc. After discussion tho question was put and Mr. Butler's motion was negatived. The question again ru nurrcd on dismissing the resolutions : ayes 70, noes 90, so the motion was negatived. Mr Brown moved to lay t Item on tho table, after further discussion the yeas and nays were taken ayes G5 noes 00, so the mo tion was negatived. AlrShnttuck muvod a call of the house, negatived, Mr Dil lingham moved to odjourn, ayes 33, noes 04; while the ayes and nayes were being called, a considerable Mjuad of loco fncos, at the instance of and headed by tho Hon. S. S. Brown of Si. Albans, left thu hall for the obvious purpose of preventing u quorum, which attempt, however, failed ; and on tho declaration of the vote, Mr San born moved that thu subject be recommit ted, and demanded the ayes and noes, which ho withdrew at the suggestion of Mr Fairbanks, who said it was apparent thai tho minority wero determined to coiii sume the limp oftho house, by vexatious J motions not in any way ending to a dm nflllt trill fif !hn Ell mert tin uAI1 III vln III I n I the necessity nf Iho case, letting tho re. spnnibility of this wanton wnstu of iim ---m -. " J rest where it belonged j and he therefore moved to adjourn, ayes 49, noes 57 j no quorum. Mr Uooliclgo snal the house-mail donu all they could to ilisposo of tins qucs, lion ; the minority had seen fit to place themselves in the wrong.; and in these circumstances ho was disposed to adjourn. Thu house adjourned. 2 o'clock, P. M. SENATE. Mr Noble lind leave of absence from and sfler tomorrow morning. Mr Goodwin moved the appointment of n member upon the committee on roads &. canals to supply a vacancy, when Mr Swift was appointed. Resolutions; relating tn internal im provement, reported by M.r Cobb, with the opinion that the same ought to pass. Mr Piorpnint called for a .statement 'of facts; when Mr Cobb nvo a, general statement, coupled with the expression of Ins opinion that much of tho public rcvunue had been expended upon work? of. internal improve nicnt, in the benefit of which Vermont had not participated in duo proportion wilh other states. Resolution laid upon the table. ; . Bills The consideration of Iho hill re lating to tnilith, in debute nl tho adjourn ment in tho forenoon, wns reiiiimed, when Messrs Lawrence, Edgcrtoti and Cmrpniut sevcrnllv addressed the senate. Mr Mc M illan tii'ivcd to to amend tho section un. dor consideration, thjt companies of caval ry, raised by order of Brigadier General, shall bo attached to regiments. A'dopted, when the motion to s'.riku the section; re lating to cavalry, from thc'bill, wns" decided in tho affirmative, yens 12 nnys 9, And the bill wns rend n third r(inie and paseed. relating to infantry companies, and provi ding tliiit inembers of such companies, pro vided willi rifle, powder horn nnd bullet pouch, be reliwimd equipped, opposed by Messrs Cobb, Edgcrion. Lawrence nud Converse, supported by Mr Piorpoint, nnd its !06sagc.nogntivcd, yeas 5, nays 10 : from the ho flic to pay militia for mil' itnry services on the northern froniicr. twice read nnd relerrcd to com. on clnimsi to incorporate the Newbury Mill nnd Man. ufacliiriog Co. twice rend nnd referred to committee on manufactures: to furnish a field piece to the first oriillery company in ftlTo 14ih regiment of the until in , twice read and referred to com. on military nfl'alrs: incorporating the Freehold bnnk at Felch ville. twice read and referred lo com. on batiks: in addition in nn act incorporating the Vt. Muttinl Fire Insurance Co. intro. duced by Mr Pierpoint, twice read and re ferred to the com. on the judiciary: ex tending iho charter of the Bank of Mont pelier one year, reported by Mr Converse rend a third time and pn-sed! reviving an net laying a lax on lamk in jfLYf reported by Mr Marsh, with a iJsfflffpf n.nrcnd meni, which was ndppTOviKo bill was tend a third time nmPpa'ssr d. Mr.Hwifi.nsljjed leave of absence from and after Tiittaa5morninjj next. Lnve refused. Adjk HOUSE. Mr Corso of Bakerfticld obtained leave of absence after to.trtnrruw morning. Revised Statutes Chap. 07, of iniikerp. ers nnd retailors, was considered, the first question being upon nn amendment sub stantially lo incri iho provi-if-ns of ihe law of 1038: a'tc-r.jjji brief discussion by Messrs Netdhaiii"and Brown for. and Mr. FulfcTm njd Jackson ngninst the amend ment, und some explanations by Mr Fair banks, iho amendment '.m rejected. Mr Drown inn veil so to amend as lo empower the county court, at their discretion, to grant licences supported by Mr Dilling ham, and agreed to. Mr Richardson of V. moved an amendment, requiring ihe assent of a majority of select men anil evil authority pres-put at any meeting, for ap probating innkeepers adopted. Mr Fair baiik. moved lo amend so as lo authorise persons to keep temperance houses, ndop ltd. Mr Tyler moved to amend, limiting county courts to Ihe two first days of the term, in which to grant licences adopted, and the bill passed. Adjourned. SENATE, Evi:. Session Nov. 14. Bills in addition to nn net incurpatat ing the Vt. 1ntual Fire Iniiruuce cum paiiy, reported by Converse, amended ordered to third rending ; incorporating ihe Bank cfl'oullney, called up by Jl'r Converse, and variously tiineudrd, lo ren der the provisions similar to to thnse of Ihe bill teelinrtering i ho Ilaqk of Caledo nia. Mr Foster addressed thWSennto on the imported security ol bnndi&id moved that the bill be amended by ent.-ing the provision for bonds, so lo rely for security un mortgages upon improved renl esiole. Amendment adujuted, yea 10, nays 10. Ihe President giving his catling vole in the affirmative. The bill was further amend, oil, on motion of Mr Pierpoint; and on motion of Mr McM illan, when Mr Adnin. rcquosted the chairman of tho committee on hanks to statu reasons, it aoy existed, lor the incorporation of n new bank in the county of Rutland. Mr McMillan re plied lo this inquiry, by staling tho rea sons assigned by thu applicants of the bank, showing a very largo amount of busnie8srjt Puultney, on vicinity, nnd pos session of much wealth in that nnd the ad joining towns, requiring bank (faculties to o large itniounl. Thu bill was then read a third liuiu.whch Mr Cobb udilressed the Sennio in opposition to to the bill, and it paesed, yeas 14, nays 9, Revised Statutes, Chapter 107, of sala ricH fee, fount the house, with amendments reducing the salary of Iho stn'o Trcasti rer Secrolary of Siate, nnd Clerk of the House und of tho Senate. Considered in ihe Sentno Mr Converse in the chair. The amendment reducing thu salary of ihe Secretory of Stale, rejected with but one dissenting voice ; reducing tho salary nj tho Secretory of the Senato, ndvocalcd hy Mr McMillun, opposed by Mr Pierpoint and rejected by n small majority, reduc Iho compensation nl the cletk of Iho House tho sum nl 25 dollar, opposed by Messrs Pierpoint .S'wift and Egertou. und unanimously rejected ; reducing the com peiisotinn of thu Secretary of civil and mil nary auuirs irotn vuu 0 iuu, rejecieu by a tniall majority; reducing tho com, pemntion oftho astistant secretory of the Senate in thn sum of $50. concurred in, . illi nn nmpnilmnnl. nrnirii mrf In tnt iirn i u, ... .U....WW nit: Miniry um nuu im iiiiiuiiulu uin.i- ted, yens i5. nays 0; reducing the salary of the nsssUinnl clerk of the House, in the sum ol'25. Mr Egcttnn moved so to amend the amendment as to reduce thn salary in tho sum of jj50. rejected, yens ij, nays 15, and the amendment of tho house was adopted by a small mnjority ; reduc ing the compensation nt tbu engrossing clerk of iho House, In tho sum of j-,23. Adopted by o closo vole. Reducing tho compensation oftho Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate from four to three dollars per day. Opposed by Mr Egcrton formerly Lieutenant Governor, supported by Il r Cobb, and rejected; in creasing the compensation of the Speaker of thu house from 2 50 In J3,00 per day. Adopted unanimously; reducing the annual compensation of !hu Superintendanl of the Sinlo Prison, from an averago sum of nbout gllOO.OO anntinlly allowed on settle ment of Ins accounts and fixing his salary at 300. Mr Lawrence moved so to amend the amendment as Infix the compensation at 500. Mr Pierpoint moved to try tho quei-iinn at 050, lor.t, ayes 7. nays 14, iho question thun token upon 500, and lost, yeas 10, nay 12, and qucsiiuii upon concurring in I In: amendment proposed by thchotisc was taken, and lost, yeas II, nays 1 1. Adjourned. HOUSE. Messrs Brewer nnd George obtained leave of absence niter Saturday morning Revised Statute? Passed Chapters 07 of preservation of public hen It Ii ; 91 of preservation of sheep; 74 of pedlars, the House amended tins bill on motion ol Mr Wetitworth, by providing that persons transporting goods from town to town, or persons coming from without the stale, and offering goods temporarily at auction, be deemed pedlars witlnti the meaning of this net ;) 20, 21,22 nnd 23. of roads, bridges, ferries and turnpikes, (amended, requiring 10 days notice.to bo given lo selectmen, of application to the grand jury for nn in dictment for bad roads, also lax bill to be made out nnd delivered by Iho 1st of April:) 00 of inspection of provisions and manufactures , 100 ol restricting costs ; 29 of proceedings against trustees; 75 ol limited partnerships ; 103 of county jails niidconfinemcnt and discharge of prisoners G3 to 102 inclusive, of crimes and punish ments. The Senate returned chap. 04. of hue band and wife, with a proposed amendment, which was concurred ;n' The committee of Education rrportad chapter 10, of common schools reconinien ding sundry amendment ; among ihem, one providing that all Ihe funds for schools. (Um ori-ing from Ihe mrplus, as well as that raised bv lax and olhcrwibo.1 shall be divi- Did. one fourth pari by Iho district and the Remainder by the scholar which was nd opien. o-i to ii i. iir uooges unserved mot this wo-) one of the most important hills nf ofthe se.-.-ion, nnd he desired utile lo ex amine it more lully, since numerous amen dments had been adopted, He therefore moved to lay it upon t ho table, and inn he U the special order for tomorrow nflernonn. Mr Rice said ho wa opposed to Ihe motion, lor Ihe very reason that the bill was nn important one. Ho withcd it passed in season for Ihe action of the senate. Air Firk of Watomllo supported Hie motion, and it wn agreed lo. Adjourned. SENATE. 2 o'clock. P. M. The President being temporarily ubs-ent Mr Egcrton was appointed to I In; chair, nnd being excused at his rtquest, Air Cutr verse was appointed. Hills altering the names of certain persons, reported by Air Lawrence; with , .', . . . 1 . 1 " rl."". uiiio u inr it siaieoiuoi oi incit, irom Which il appeared that one oftho persons request an nltemlion of her name, was n lady in years, who had been so unfortunate as to marry I wo husbands, ai.d not likui" ihe name of one, desired lo bear the name of of the oilier. Ainendmeiii, in this case, rejected, nud the bill, altering the name oi a lamny oi j.amus, rend a third time anil passed ; altering the noma of Alarinn Lovo reported by Air Lawrence nnd hiid upon iho inble ; incorporating Newbury Alill Manufnciuring Company, reporied by Air Waterman 'end a third ii'rnij, und utter remarks by Mes-rs Fgcrion, Jcnne?s, Pierpoint and Brown the senato refused to pas the bill ; lo provide for ihe ri uiuy nl nf obstructions in Fall's stream, report ed by Senator from Essex county, thnt the Kiiue ought to pass tend a third timu and on motion of Air Jenuees laid upon the table ; incorporating the Freehold Bank, at Felchville. located in u corner of the town of Reading, und near n corner of iho towns ol Windsor, Wealhersfild and Cav endish, thirteen miles frum Woodstock repotted bv (lie cuminiltee on banks, '.villi proposals of amendment, similar lo the the provisions introduced into other bills granting or recharlering banks thu present session, winch was adopted, exception amendment relating lo bonds rejected yeas 9. nays 13. .1r Egotton advocated " the chartering of this bunk without requiring the payment ol any certain sum iulo the slato Tren-nry, opposed by Alessrs Pier point nud Foster ; und hull of one per cent semi-annually of the uiiiounl of capital paid in. wus required yeus 10, nays G.when the bill was read a third lime, and the facts in Iho case, being slated by the chairman of Ihe committee on banks, tho bill on motion of Air Foster, was laid upon Iho initio. Revised Statutes Chnptcr 100, nf forms twice reud and referred lo comiuitlco on claims, Adj, HOUSE. Air Ltinco of Cabot asked leave of ab. scucc ; granted. Revised Statutes. Tho IIouso proceed ed lo consider tho special order, being chap. 10, of schools, Air Wentworlh moved an amendment providing that districts con taining 100 scholars tuny be considered, in the distribution of funds, as two districts ; rejected, Air Waterman moved to reconsider the omciidincnt last night adopted, fixing iho ruto of distribution of lunds, ono foiirlh by districts and three fourths by Iho scholar ; supported by Air Dillingham, opposed hy Messrs Kicu auu llaru, ami negatived; 90

(71, and the bill waa paeiicd Tho Senato returned chap. 107, of sal nries.nonconcurring in sundry amendments I t , . , . .i. . I. u,,;, j no ociinin proposcn in nx win war nry ot Assistant Secretary ol the Hcnate at g25 House concurred, Mr Sanborn op. posing nnd Jlr Rico stipporlinn. On mo- of Mr Needlinm thn House Insisted upon its proposition to reduce the salary of Sec retary of Slate to 250. On molton of Mr Rico, the House receded from its pro. position to reduce Iho salary of Trensitror (as tho Commi-sinner of school fund,) 50. On motion of iJIr Sanborn tho House in- sisicd upon reducing the Salary of Score tnry of the Setialo tn 250. On motion cffOtfondny refused, 22 Senators only being Mr Needlinm. the House receded from itsC proposition to reduce Iho snlnry of Clerk oftho Hnneo to 250. , On motion of Mt Sanderson tho. House receded from ifs amendment reducing tho salary of Sec of Civil anil Military Affairs to 100. On mot ion of Mr Sanborn, the House insisted upon reducing the- por diem pay of Lieut. Governor lo 3, Tho House also insisted upon its nmeiidmcnt fixing tlio snlary ol Supcrinteiidnnt ofstnto Prison at 100, it being suggested that tins wns 'the only. course lo enable thu House byajiire amendment Irion t in Henaln. to' lixtr liuon a snlary which wntijfl satisfy bntlilfous'cs, Air Henry moved that the House rccsdo from its amendment reducing Iho salary of Judges ofSnpremo Courl, from 1400 to 1300 supported by Mr Fullam, op po.-ed by Messrs Rico and Waterman- ayes 04. noes 99, The Senate returned chap, 83, of censes, nnncoticnrring in the amendments giving county courts discretionary power to grout licenses, and empowering select men to license temperunco houses ; the House receded from the amendments, Adjourned; FatDAv, Evn.,SE?inpf, Nov. 15,-'30 SENATE. Mr Convorso in tho Cha'.r. Revised Statutes chupler 10, of common schools, returned from the House, ..with proposals nf amendment, 1st, dividing, -one fourth of the public money equally among the districts without regard to the nutibcr scholars. Nonconciured in, ayes fc; noes 15 ; 2d amendment, requiring the support of a school two months, with other limine." than those drawn from tho treasuries, and the faithful application of the money ol ready drawn, to entitle lo a receipt of nn other divsnon of the public money. A mendmcnt concurred in ; 2d amendment, connected with (he first and nonenncurred m ; 4ih amendment, providing that in cascswhen towns have paid sufficient to support schools, without monies orrismg from tho interest of iho surplus money such towns shall not be required tn ossess a lax for tho support of schools. Noncon- enrred in, yeas 0, nays 14. Chnp. of jails and jail limits, returned from the House wilh proposal of amendmnut, extending jail limits coextensive with the limits nt coun lies : amendment amended on motion of Mr Cobb, when the Sennt.i refused to ad opt i he amendment , veas 10, nays II Ranks. Air McMillan called up the bill chartering ihe Bank of Puultney, re turned from Ihe house, refusing to concur in a part of tho amendment proposed by iho Senate. Tho senato resolved lo recede from two of its amendments, and unau inioiifly resolved in niMst upon tho third, requiring Ihe bank I" go into operation before thn 1st day November next ; and upon the fourth and fifth, the Senate oiso resolved lo insist. Air Swift of the committee on education reporied tho bill in addi'iou to an act re lating to common schools that the bill ought not to pass. Bill rejected. Adj HOUSE. Jteviud Statutes The Senato returned chap. 90, of preservation of game, Sic nonconcuring in the amendment, striking out the sections prohibit mg the killing of I deer and muskrnts at certain seasons ; and the House receded from its amendment a lo iho deer. No mercy was shown lo the rats, however, that amendment being in sisted upon by nyes and noes; 73 to 01. The'chnntcr upon highways was also relumed by iho Senate, the amendments allowing ten days notice, to selectmen, of complaint against towns for bad roads ' j nonenncurred in; t he House insisted upon t Ins amendment, 1 17 to 27, und receded from Us amendment fixing upon the first, day of April as the thn tinio for surveyors to enter upon their office und make tax, bills, Resolution from tho Senate, dooming tho town of Glastonbury in thu sum of C00,in addition to tho real cstato list winch was concurred in. Brfl Irom ihe Sfiiate, in addition lo on net incorporating Vt. Aluttial Ftro In surnnco Coinpnny ordered lo 3d reading. JWIitiu. Tho Senate relumed Iho mili. tin bill, with sundry propositions of amend ment : tst. to strike out I he entire chap, tor relutiogto exempts; 3d. retaining the Miction of ilm old net, requiring Bugaile Inspector to attend regimental dulls ; 3d. Milking out paragraph requiring AInj ir Generals to attend office drills ; 4th. strik ing out "annually" in ihe section relating to regimiulal reviews; sundry other a. meiidmciits connected with ihe 3d ; 5th. striking out section giving to adjutants precedence of captains in the line : Gib. striking out Iho part requiring return of the number of executions issued lor dues ; 7'h. striking out tho section relative to cavalry, nnd oilier proposed amendments connected therewith; 0th. striking mil the sections allowing pay for drills (Si to oflicers unending court martinis ; 9lh, drills lo be biennially ; lO'h, striking out ihe sections for regimental reviews bienially; lllh, striking nut thu entire chapter relating In regimental courts martial, and substituting Ihe provisions of tho act of 1010; I2ih, brig, generals (instead of governor) o be empowered to in alio alteration in limits of regiinnnls or companies ; 1 3 1 Ii sinking out 3 I'uiu for uoiinlleiideiice nt regimental reviews ; in all of which the Huusu resol ved not lo concur, The Senate returned tho bill reviving act taxing Jay, with a proposal amend ment, which was concurred in. Air Smith of Putney obtained leave ol absencu after Almulny next. Adjourned' SENATE. Satuiuuv, Nov. 1C. Prayer by tho chaplain, JffV-Coinpeuiiiling militia for services on iho frontier; 150 soldiers, and the necessary officers were called out nud i continued in eoivice thirteen days and the compensation at the rate allowed in reg I Liar service amount to t300 501 bill re- . i . .1 norei DV nir 1-osier mill recommit . By Mr Lawrence, incorporating bank of Vergetines, relerrcd to com. nn banks. Establishing Wcathorsfield Light Infantry Company, amended on motion of Mr Bowen supported by Messrs Bowon and Piiertioint, opposed by Messrs Converse and Cobb, and hnd on the table. Resolution lor a joint assembly to fill tlnfvafc'aiiey occasioned by tho promotion officii. Rnnsom adopted. 'ftlr Uonvcrse asl leave nt absence alter present. Rcvhcd Sjjltiluift, Tho Hnuso 'returned chup. 90. oljirescrvnltyn of gnme. insist, ing on Us amendments' nmt tin Sennio receded from Us dgrnemeiil. The Sen ajpf insisted upon: its disagreement to the House amendmenls to the chap'tors.i on highways 13 to 0, tho Senate alsn..re'jved to jnsisl upon its disagreement, to ".the tomo'iidmcnt of the . House ' to the salary .oiii, iiou umsiH a comurciico , on me pari yJJ'elativo to" salary ofjmlgbs of'the Supremo 'KJuirt, com. ofconlerence, Alessrs Pier' ooint. (.Olivers'! am Swift e ,T.he Ilfcuso relumed the militia bill. non concurring fn'alMhe amendments oftho Senato ! on motion of Mr Egcrton, laid on the table. Adj. HOUSE. Prayer by Rev. S. Kellogg. lossrs Liitlelield and Suwycr obtained leave of absence after Jtmiday morning. On motion of Air Needham, the House nskud n conference on the Ponllucy bank bill, nnd on its part appointed Messrs Kinsman, Butler and E'swo.-th" Resolutions By Air Sanborn, npproving the Inbors oftho present Chnplaiu of the slate prison, and recommending that tho Supcrintendanl-retaiu h s'erviccs. Alter some ihsc'iissmu by Messrs Brown, lla'zcu. 'Fjsk of yHtcrvillo,J5ringman irotl Spragnej tljjj tesolution was dismissed fob to 39, on the ground that it was inexpedient lur the House tn dictate as to the appointment tn be made by the superiiilundant. Relaf to an ndjournnicnt, referred to select cini. viz ; Alessrs Fullam nnd Henry. Reports of Committed, By cote, on Military Affiiirs, ngainst n bill roraiitfj to military affairs, dismissed ; against pell lion of Alburgh Rilla Co. and puhtioners had leave to withdraw; against .resolution to deduct 31 nnli'ia polls from the Iim of Royalton, resolution dismissed. By Gen, Committee, against bill relnttng to county buildings, dismissed. By Com. on bank.-, bill recharlering bank of Rutlnnd, with amendment conforming to iho Caledonia tank bill, with the addition of one fourth per cent semt'unntinl tax amendments adopted, and the bill poscd 07 to 51 ; bill incorporating the bank of Aluntpelier, amended in ihe same shape, nnd. on mo lion of Mr Brown laid upon tho table. Air H.rzcii called up the bill for payment of certain military services nn the north ern frontier : supportedby Mr Hazen, op. posed by Alessrs Brown and Needham and rejected. Air Henry moved to reconsider the vote passing the Rutlnnd Biuk bill, and this motion was laid oo tho In bio. Engrossed hills In addition to the act incorporating the Noribfiuld Factory Fire Co ; taxing lands in Green-boro' granting ferry lo Ilozun nud Phelp-.- in addition to net incorporating Vt. mutual Fire Insur ance Co.; severally passed. ,Adj. 2 o'clock, P. Al. SENATE. On motion of Air Pierpoint the senate accepted the invitation of the house for a conference on an amendment to the bill chartering the bank of Poullney, Alesors. Cobb, Adams nud Swill. Mr IVrpoint usked leave of absence for tho Secrolary of thu Sennin, on account nf ill heullh. from and after Monday morn ing next. Leave granted. Bills reported by Air Swift, relating to turnpike roads, with proposal of amend ment, which was rejected, and the bill was read a third lime and laid upon the table; granting the right nf a terry lo Abel Phu. ps and Jabrz Hazen, twice read anil refer red lo the Senator from Grand Lie; lay ing n tax on lauds in Greensboro,1 twice read and relerred to thu co'iinuitlt.'e on land taxes ; in addition to an act, organ izing Ihe Nnrihli-ld (ire company, twico read ami rehired to Ihe committee un manufactures ; incorporating tho East Puultney Iron C impany reported by Air uowen, ami rij'deu Revised Statute'--Chapter 74, of pedlars reported by Mr Waterman, with amend ment substituting a new bill; tho same as from i liu House: subsiitntc amended, when iho Senate concurred in a resolution from the Huuse, assigning 3 o'clock tins after noon, fur joint assembly to appoint on n gent to settle Iho concerns of the Vt Stale Bunk, und went ininjutnt assembly. HOUSE. Leave of absence grunted to Alessrs ltecd and IslaUuluy, Resolutions. From the Senate fixing on this ufteriioun tn choose u Brigadier Gen eral in pluce of Gen. Raneum; concurred Resolutions reported by thn cum. on Slavery, first adopted; 1 15 lo 33 declaring power ol Congress over sluvery in the di I net nud lernlorien: 2d, on Texas, opposed by Alessrs Needham and Brown, supported hy Air G iwdey und rejected: 3d. nganiet Alherton's gag, suppor'ed by Air Brown, opposed by Messrs Needham and Rice and adopted, 90 lo 20: 4th, requesting Gover nor lo transmit to other btates, adopted I- ixiog upon Wedne-day next lor the adjournment of both Houses, reporied and adopted. By Air Thomas, for u joint assembly Ibis alteruoon, to elect agent to nettle concerns of VI. statu bank; adopted, Alessrs Hull of Groton, Muttucks nud Hibbard wore unpointed com. on tho Cal' odouia mid Essex Insurance co. bill. The Senutu cumu in, and tho following appointments were made. Col, Arlemas Ciishmun, Brig. General in place of Gen. Ransom promoted. bewail ! u Until j r ugeut to settle concerns of Vt state bank. Alexander S Campbell, states altnrnoy for Windham county, m place of James Elliott deceased. The Senate retired. Hai.k I'ast 3 o'clock, P. M. Tho Sunulu resumed consideration of the chap, uu pedlars, and alter Ihe adoption of amendment, erasing live ond iu9etlingjl)rict!8 ca8, by V.asiLoomhi& Co. twenty five, n7 tholicensc nt foot nedlars, when the substitute, reported by thu coin. . . 1 3 m linn. was adopted. Bills, to incorporate the Bank of Vcr mont, at Vergennes. with the same pro visions as Bank of Poullney, reported by the committee on Banks, amended, by tho addition of a new section, when Mt. Fos ter rr.ovt'd so to amend I he bill aa to reqoirn at all times, in thu bank, no less than 12 por cent in speciu of the capital stock paid io. Amnndmunl Inst, and at the sugges tion of Mr Pierpoint, the name of Iho bank was allcred to Alorchatit's and Fanner's; Bank, and tho bill w.is ordered to be en grocd for a third reading. Rciolulion, from the house, for ndjourn. ment of both nouses on Wednesday mor ning next. Laid upon tho table. Adj. HOUSE. Bills. Making appropriations for slato government, made the order for Jonday morning, nfier some remarks by AIessrn Brown, Chandler and Wcil't worth ; repeal ing ihe militia act of last year, dismissed. 'Resolution. By Air Brown, instructing thq,.com. of Ways and Means lo report a plan lor extinguishing thu stato debt adopted. Resolutions on the Public. Lands. Half past 3 P. M Mr Brown moved to lay them on ttie table-.-siipporied by Alessrs Brown and Needham, opposed by Alessrs Gowdy, Warner,- Fisk of Watervn'o, and dozen, and negatived, '77 to 00. Air Thomas moved to lay theih on the table unlit Wedne-day morning next (thu lime of iho ad journment) tuldiu of order. Air Brown moved to amend by instructing our Sena, tors and Representatives. &c. 'if 111 their opinion it is legal, jtist. and consistent with rood policy." Supported by Alessrs Brown Needham and Rice and opposed by Air. Chandler, ayes 74 ,noes 07. Air. Brown nlsp moved to atuend to confine' ihe distri b'ui'ion to lands "that am contained within the limits of Florida anif'Louuiana ;" sup ported by Ale-srs B own, Needham nnd Rice, opposed by Alessre Gowdey and Ful lam. Mr Ferrtu moved to adjourn ayes) 07, noes 72. The question recurring on Air Brown's amendment ; ayes 70 noes 09. Mr Hall moved to adjourn, Air. Brown supporting it, announcing that it was now Saturday evening, nnd he had more amend ments to propose : nyes 73, noes 05. Air Brown moved lo amend by adding after the words -avails of public lands' thesu words "or so much in iheir opinion a Congress has a right lo dispose of lo Iho s'ates:" ayes 79. noes 07. Air Alattocks moved an adjournment ayes 55. noes 00. Mr Penuock moved the reading of Iho re portnegatived. Air. Pummel; moved to lay tho stbject on the table and muke it thn special order for Monday morning ruled out ol order. Air Thomas moved a call of the House negatived. The question was then token on Ihe passage of Ihe resolutions ayes 90, noes 32. so the resulutiuns weru adopted ns follows: ' Resolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives, That, our Senators in Congress be in-tructed and our Represau lives requested to use their influence to procure the pas-age of a law, winch shall provide for n just dislribulson among the several states, nt the proceeds nf Hie public lands, agreeably lo the terms nf the dads of cession; which provide that Ihe lands s. ceded "shall be considered as a common fund, for the u-l- und b.-uefil of the United States. incinbtTs of the lode a' alliance," "und shall be faithfully and bona fide Jis posed of lor thai purpose, and lor no other purpose or u-e whatever ;' and to opposo any measure calculated to promote thu eventual surrender of those lands lo iho slates, in which they are situated, which would bu entirely repugnant to the con dition of these grains ami contrary to that principle of equal nud exact justice which should characterize all I he dealings of Un: General Government with tho several slates oftho Union. Resolved, That Ihe Governor bo re quested lo t ru a-in it copies of iliu loregoing resolution to each of our Senators nnd Uepreseniolivcs in Congress, and lo eocli of iho Governors ot tho stales, with Iho request that they present il to the legislu. Hires of their respective Motes." Adj. Black Otter Caps. OF a quality Superior to any offered for salt- in this Stato and such as must suit every lasto ; also, Seal and Iluir Seal Caps, low priced Fur Caps, by iho dozen. Lynx Muffs, Squirrel Muds, and a variety of dark Furs, for suit-by Wm. I. Suvjiouh. Al Ibo now brick shoo nn Cherry street. Burlington, Nov. gl, HUIf. Huntington's Common School Geography and Atlas. f JpHE attention oi Parents und Teachers is particularly invited to the nbove. For sale by C. GOODIUCH. Nov. 15. Wickware's building, up stairs. Also for sale, a generul Ubourtmeiil of School Hooks. Cheap for Cash. 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