28 Şubat 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Şubat 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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FRIDAY MOItN INO, FEDRUARY 23. Tito bust way to examine) any subject is to look at it in its practical bearing. From present appearances, theio can bo no doubt that a coalition has been formed between Mv. Van Huron, Calhoun and Henton, and that if Van Huron succeeds in it re-election, that ho is to bo followed in succession by Calhoun und Hunton, each for eight years. Lot us then con template as well as wo can tho condition of the United States in tho year 1SG0, and to do this in tho fairest possible man ner for tho administration, wo will con sider tho Florida war ended, tho Indians driven beyond tho Mississippi, and the quarrels along the whole lino of our north ern frontier, nil hushed, and John Hull our hearty friend. Wo must of course take it for granted that all the leading measures of tho Ad ministration will bo adopted, and twenty years will ho ample time to shadow forth their glorious effects. What then will bo tho condition of more than thirty millions of wttls after tho lapse of twenty years of iron despotism. Let him whose nerves arc strong, look tho picture in tho face. 1st, Tho national domain will bo gone, and there will be no further quarrelling about that. This domain is of value, too grcat,almost, to bo contemplated. If tho avails were properly divided, tho share of Vermont would be something like one hundred thousand dollars a year. Hut it suits the purpose of Benton & Co., to bring this bright jewel into tho political market, as the price paid for their eleva tion, and though there is horror in the thought, the deed of infamy is to done tho land is gone. 2d, The Sub-treasury will have ex punged every bank in the United States, and their bills, now so current, will then bo as rare as old continental money. If anyone considers this Subtroasury scheme as friendly to tke Banks, they must be very willing to be deceived. It is intend ed as a hostile measure, and without the confidence of the Government, banks will wither away. What we have seen in tho case of tho strong banks of the south, will be repeated and repated in relation to tho other banks until they are all swept away. Tho natural effect will be that the price of all property must go down, to meet the limited circula tion of gold and silver. Docs any ono want to bo told that this state of things will add to the wealth of tho rich, but that it will grind all the other classes to dust. All protection to American industry will have been withdrawn, and Mr Cal houn with his nullification doctrines will prostrate every factory in New England, so that you may drive a plough over their foundations. Can any one doubt tho policy of Mr Calhoun. Do we not know his settled hostility to all northern inter ests ! And yet tho man that dared to lift his hand against tho constitution and laws of his country tho man against whom Gen. Jackson fulminated the best state paper ho ever issued, is taken to the bosom of Mr Van Burcn as his champion, or rather as his master. Without protection wo of the north cannot live. The south has been protect ed, and we rejoice at it, but we must bo protected also, peaceably if we can, but forcibly if we must. It is not worth while to waste time in words. The north will never bo dragooned by J. C. Calhoun. His boasts of mastery over others bad Letter bo confined to tho abject beings who habitually hear them. Tlioy don't sound well in the north. All internal improvements will bo an nihilated. Tho administration consider these as unconstitutional and with such views they must oppose them or be incon sistent. Tho descendants of Clinton may thon go and fill up his big ditch, and our schemes of rail roads will bo regarded as South sea bubbles. Tho elective franchise will become worthless. Tho interference of tho ad ministration in elections has become pro verbial. Weask tho paying men of Bur lington whether they havo made tho dis covery. Whcro is Now Jersey is her voico heard at tho capitol her candle stick is removed out of its place. A people without inonoy, without means, without industry and without Imnn in:) nirtllrn nwi ...tel. .w.i i ,.,........ lato. Wo may have a foretasto if wo 'ill but call to mind that tho Pi-nshlnnt iw now begging of Congress for liberty to issuo millions of now treasury notes. If even, now tho nation is threatened with bankruptcy, what must it bo after twenty years of suffering under tho curso of such men as Van Huron, Calhoun and Benton. But 1 thank God this coalition is not yet fastened on us. Thoy havo exposed the cloven foot, and wo will beware. RIGHT OF PETITION. Wo copy to-day an interesting sketch of a debate in tho Senate, on tho subject of tho right to petition Congress. The careful attention of tho reader is invited, for tho position hero taken is pregnant with important meaning. Mr. Calhoun, as tho leader of tho administration party in tho Senate, has at length taken posi tion, and boldly denies the right of the people to petition Congress at all, on an; subject whatever. In this, it will bo soon, ho was sustained by thu administra tion senators generally, while Messrs. Webster, Clay and Tahnadge, met tho foul impeachment at tho threshold, and maintained for tho people the sacred privilege of petitioning for redress of grievances. It is time for honest men and patriots to pause and reflect, to ask themselves whither aro wo tending? to tho realization of republican privileges, or to tho blighting influences of a practi cal disposition 1 It has been a matter of boast that Mr. Van Buren was a "nor thern man with southern principles." On this ground Mr. Calhoun has enlisted in support of the administration, and we now learn from this official exposition what those "southern principles" are, by which our "northern man" is governed. Are the free people of the north prepared for this 1 Is there "glory enough in ser ving under such a chief" to compensate for the sacrifice of all that is real in re publicanism? No no, God forbid. Men aro nothing ; principles every thing. AN EMPTY TREASURY. The President has sent another Mes sage to Congress, asking for more money. Tho Treasury is empty, and he asks for a new emission of government shin-plas-tors-uKr and a half millions of treas ury notes. What a commentary upon tho declaration of the President in his annual Message, that the resources of the government were amply sufficient to meet all its necessary expenses ! And now, before a single appropriation has been made for tho current year, he comes, cap in hand, and acknowledges the treas ury bankrupt to tho amount of near five millions. GATHERING OF THE PEOPLE. Tlio Whig Convention at St. Albans, last week was a "loud one." Hereto fore it has been customary to send dele gates to a convention, but since the nomi nation of Gen. Harrison, the people have adopted a new plan, and go themselves. So in Franklin County. Notwithstand ing the travelling was such that Amos Kendal's mail was twenty-four hours be hind the time, yet the people were on hand in in season, and in numbers suffi cient to fill to overflowing the largest meeting-house in the place. As wo shall publish tho proceedings next week, we omit details bore. It is sufficient to say that tho utmost harmony characterised its deliberations, and the enthusiasm with which the assembled host responded to tho Harrisburg nominations, was such as to leave no doubt what the "log cabins" of the north will do next November. CALEDONIA COUNTY. The Young Men of Caledonia County turned out nobly on Saturday Inst. The traveling was bad yet more than FIVE HUNDRED were present at tho Conven tion lull of spirit and determined to lend their aid to rescue the country from the cruel domination of men who declare it to bo their design to roduco the frco laborors of the country to a condition of those in degraded Cuba. Had tho travel ling boon as good as it was when tho Office holders held theirs, we should havo num bered 1000. A portion of tho Eastern delegation came into tho village led by a team of six gray horses, with a canoo mounted on runners, in which was tho St. Johnsbury Brass Band, whoso performances, as they entered tho village, wore, as usual, excel lent, and elicited universal praise. TlTNNESSEEr A convention of tho real democracy of tno state of Tennessee, was held at Nash ville on tho d instant, Ex-Governor Cannon presided. An electoral ticket for Hakiuson and Tvi.eii, with tho names of tho Hon. Huc.-ii L. Wnm:, and Hon. Ei'iiuaim II. Eos-nut, lalo Senators in Congress, at tho head. Every ono felt that tho Harrison banner would triumph and Mr. W. Bull of this place, nnd Mr. next fall and that our country would bo Noble of Brighton, were made prisoners restored to its former prosperity. ! . ?ino Mf . H' "'' J. 1,10 11 ' 1 ros(l"' Jslo, where it seems they tiim rnrvmr ttrn im .rnim wm' ' making limber on a MIL IRENCri WAR IN AMtlCA. pm!iil from Massachusetts. Such con Tho war in which the Ereneli aro en- duct will probably occasion some tillur gaged with tho Arab population of Al-1 Ciltion Ijolwucnjliosu Stales, giers, is in some respects similar to that Mit. Editor It is frequently asked, in which tho United States aro engaged when do the Revised Statutes take effect I with tho Sominoles in Florida. Tl0 ' j'iove the l!Jth section of tho 111th ... , , , , , Chapter, lias not boon published in the difl.cult.es to bo encountered by the , Ilowi.m,ers. That, with tho first sec French, except that their enemy is more tionol'tho same chapter contains all the numerous, are hardly equal to those which are to be met by our troops in Klorida. Although it cannot bo said lite rally, that the Scminoles fight pro aris ct focis, they aro yet doubtless excited by as ardent an attachment to tho land of their birth, as that of tho followers of tho Emir Abd-el-Kader to their country and their religion. This chieftain has long been engaged in appealing to the re hgious feeling of tho Arab population of the 1st of July next, except only such Northern Africa, and in exciting them to I,iirls thereof, as to whhich a different pro a Holy War against tho F.m.r.l.. oltlimml. i visi is oxrssly made heroin." in tin, n.n.-.n tim fnll r I.;. . . ' i" friendship. In tho following notification, which is regardad as his declaration of war, and which wo copy from a lato French paper, it will be seen that ho pro fesses to have used his exertions for tho preservation of peace, and that it is only the religious feeling of tho faithful that impels them to war. From llin Miireilliw Slid, Decembrr 7, IS39. DECLARATION OF WAR. From Said IIaimi Aiii-i:i,-Kaii:u to the Ercellcncy of Algiers, Marshal V.i.ih:. Health, mercy and blessing be unto him who follows truth. Your first and your last letters havo reached us. Wo have understood their contents. I havo already written to you that all tho Arabs, from Beni-Ilieynass to Kalf, were all agreed, and that there re mains with them no other words than tho holy war. I have used all my efforts to change their mind, but no one wishes the continuance of peace. They are all agreed to make a holy war, and I find no other alternative but to listen to them, to be faithful to our beloved law which commands it; 1 do not therefore betray you, but inform you of what is. Send back my oukil of Oran, that he may re turn to his family. He prepared for all Musselmen to make war against you, for if any thing happens, I will not be accused of being a traitor. I am pure, and never shall anv tiling be done by me contrary to the integrity of our law. Written Monday evening, 11th of llumudmi, 193j. At Modonli, prosorvod by God. (November IS, 1S0U.) The King, when I wrote to him, caused answer to be made mo that all his affairs were with you, whether in peace or in naircd. i am decided lor hatred as well as all the believ ers. Consider vour self warned, and answer what you judge proper, for the words aro with you and noi wiui another. CANADA. Governor Thompson, in nrororminrr .l it . ' . -e - t- mo upper Canada legislature, told muni no siiouiu no an in his power to unite the provinces, suppress rebellion, and preserve neaco and n-nr hi if tho Canadas. Ho said the present was the most important session ever known in Canada," and added. "Your willimr af. quiescence in tho proposed re-union of tins rrovinco with Lower Canada, upon the terms, and according to the principles suggested by me, has afforded mo tho most lively satisfaction ; and I look for ward with confidence to tho coinnletion of that measure, under the direction of our Gracious Sovereign, and of the Imperial Parliament, as the means by which the peace and happiness, and good govern ment of the inhabitants of tho Canadas will be permanently secured. Bv tho bill which you havo passed for the disposal of uio Morgy Reserves, you have so tar as your constitutional powers admit, set at rest a question, which, for years past, has comuiseu society m this province. In framing that measure, you have consulted alike tho best interests of religion nnd tho future peace and welfare of the people." THE NORTH EASTERN BOUNDARY WARLIKE DEMONSTRATIONS. Tho St. Johns (New.Biiinswiek) Com ier of ihe 15lh inst. furnitlierf ihe information ih.n Imr ill,.. jesly's ship Vestal Ims arrived tit Halifax, ami i ""'r vesse'soi war are eon cxper.ied for ihu purpose of urmsiii;; irnnpj. anil also lo furnish mu. nilions ofwiirtn ihu Provinces, in cato it should bo deemed advisable. The fame paper also stales that the 23d Fusi. beta, now in g.irrison at Halifax, iii.irnrl nf cerdins to tho R.ut Indies, an wa the intention, ,c , icgiiueni tor active eervice in (ho pro., voice of iNcw Brunswick, and ha icceived order to be ready to move- at the shortest notice. Thu Conner adds : " We are further informed, on good nnihority, that the erection of barracks at Woodstork, in ihis Province, for (he accommodation of a Urgo mili. Iiiry force, has been determined upon, and the woik is lo nninuienco immediately. It is n imiorimi fici that the wholo HrliM. ol tho n hut is lieing fast put in a stale of warlike preparation Two forts hae been recently erecied ronimandiii" tho Si. Lawicnre. the Si. .loin... Hi.. ci. ri.ini.i, huh i no inmiary roan ot thu sialo of itnune. i ncio Ions are now "arri.onpi n iil. D,r.. hundred and ftfiti men. iiiMead of us staled by Sir John llnrvey. Our own side is titles ly ricleiicelrsa our ilufenee, worse than use. less, wnui, Mien, is rmr (nvfriiiiient do n '! Fhom tiii: Disi'trmi Tehijitoiiy. Tho Woodstock, N. H. Times, says, iv o navo just ucaru that lumbering parties belonging to Mr. T. E. Pcrloy, provisions- on tins sul(u:t. All tlio Oliap- tors which go into operation before tho 1st of July have been published in tho news-papers, except the 24th Court of Chancery, and tho 107th, Fee bill. I send you a copy of tho 1st and 13th Sections of Chapter 111. Yours, iy"c. R. PIERPOINT. Copy of tho 1st and llttli Sections of the 11 J th Chapter of the Revised Statutes. "Sec. 1. All the provisions contained in the proceeding Chapters shall take ef fect and go into operation from and alter . " cc. la. The following Chapters of the Koviseil btatutcs, shall take eflect j and go into operation on tho respective . tlii's herein named. Chapters forty-three twenty-eight, twenty-five, and ono hun dred and seven, on the 20th day of No vember inst. Chapter twenty-four on the first day of April next. Chapter seventy-five on the first day of January next. So much of chapter 104 as relates to the Salary of tho Chaplain of the States prison, on the first day of March next. This thirteenth Section of Chapter one hundred and eleven, on tho L'Oth day of November inst." Mr. Selden, ofVa. has been appointed Treasurer of the U. S. in place of John Campbell, superseded. The Hudson was open on tho 21lh from Troy to Catskill, and from Pough keepsie to New York. There have been so many promising young men lately mulcted in Ohio, for backing out of marriage scrapes that they have petitioned the Legislature to be allowed the same privilege as banking institutions; that is, to break their pro mises whenever it becomes convenient. A distressing case of hydrophobia oc curred at Reading, Pa., a few days since. A little daughter of Mr. John Rodgers was bitten by a cat with which she was playing, and which had been bitten by a rabid dog. The Physicians were pres cribing for the little sufferer at last ac counts, she having been taken with the horrible symptoms. THU TIMES'. Private letters from New York represent the suffering among tin; mercantile elates as beyoud nil fortnur parallel. Wiilnn ihe lat-1 let. days several of the oldest nnd most eulistoritml hoiisei) in t lie city have fone oy the board. Thirty tliouentid per sons ore supposed by those who have op portunities of judging, to be preparing to leave the city in the spring, onil the utmost despondency pervades all elates of society, lluw should it be otherwise ? When men violate the reat laws of nature, they must pay the penalty. If they will put knaves in office, the must suffer t he consequence:. The present stale of tfiinrr was repeatedly foretold by Webster, Clay, Leioh, Tyler and Ewuig, feven years ago. They were rewarded for their pains by being denoun cod os " aristocrats, " " monarchists in disguise, " and the whole vocabulary ot locofocoisni was exhausted to render them ! odious. The false counsels of their oppo nents wero perferred. and tho people are now reaping the benefit of them. TUB DEMOCRACY OF NUMBERS. TWENTY MXTII CONGHEs-S, The following Table, carelully prepared for the Express, from outhentic sources, r-hows the aggregate tnnjoritie-i on the Congress tickets at tho last elections in each Sinte.as neiroscau bo ascertained. It is important, as it proves that the Whigs in Ihe Mouse of representative represent inojuiity of the people of the United Stales. A dm. Whig. Members mnj. Maine, 3(M N. Hampshire. C040 Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York New Jersey, (disputed) Pennsylvania, 5HG2 Delaware, 52 Maryland, 1115 Virginia. 3500 North Carolia, 1 132 S. Carolina, Georgia, maj. Aden. Whig 0 2 ' 5 4570 2 11,207 2 381 2.G42 12,097 19 17 I 5 12 7 7 2131 3 2073 3 10 2 6 21 C 11 3 9 G Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Arkansas, 3000 2911 2553 Tennessee, 1350 11,000 7 II ft Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, 253 1270 990 0355 261 II 5 flllinnis, Missouri Michigan, 30,391 47.519 llu 124 30.391 Whig mnj. 9,1811 Wu have no returns of tho popular votu in S Carolina, 7 of tho members of Congress are Sub Treasury men. and 2 nre considered Whigs. Perhaps the mliuin- miration may have n majority of 2000 or 2500 in tho Stato on some questions, t'l'lni majority in Illinois is ihu Van llu- ren ninjur.iy for governor tho voles lor membcis of Congress in two or threu dis tricts nut showing the statu of parties, mJlUIMMIIMMMMMtaUl ,l J BVL JB1 MB'.'llHMfliWJBtUia MRS. RUSSELL J AIMS. Mrp. Elir.a .Tmvis, tho tn it v of Ruwll JnrvM, Eq. who, with her twit children, ien.hoil in thu lain horrible nnd heurt sickening cnonnllv of the Lexington, wns the onlv Hiirvivuig tlaiic'liler of 'I'Ikuiih Cordis. E-q. nut grand (Inugli'nr of I he late 1 Iioiiui-4 Ki'tnlile. of your rily. f?lie win a tieico of the lato Caleb Htnghntit, E-q. anil n coiipin of tho wife ol'tieii, Tow.-nti, of the U. M. Army, a lady iiuk-i favorably known nnd highly renoce'ed at Wishing ion. nnd of Col. H. K. Oliver ot Snletn. Mr. Cnrdu by this bereavement, ha again been mlijccleil lo the deepeM nflliclinn, having horelnloro followed to the tomb two wivi", nnd with the exception of Mre. Jar vis. now, alas ! added to thu melancholy ht, the entire family by his first wife. May fie who has to rupeitlcdly and en deeply ufllicted him nfiortl tho eatno con solation ol Hn supporting presetted Mrs, Jarvis was about thirty-seven years of nge, her elder daughter thirteen. and her young er seven. Driven by the merciless "flames to the only chance of safety, the scarcely less merciless waveB, she sprang overboard with one child, and succeeded in reaching a cotton bale. Tho other child lingered a moment longer on the deck. when, s-trelch-ing out its 1 it I lo arms in utter helplessness it followed iN mother ui'o the sea and fell short of the object of us reach, Tho tits trocted lady, fronlicly endeavoring lo save it, lost her own hold, and the bale rolling, tho three sank in ono loved embrace and ascended to heaven logeifter. So touching is the record of her "tlcatli nnd of that of the innocent ones who perished with her. Better ihough sad consolation to the sorrowing survivor.' so to have per ished than to have suffered the accumula ted horrors which might have allcntlcd I hem had Ihey drifted abi lit the scene of death during that bitter and dreadful night. Boston Putrinl. Reported fur lli; Courier & Enquirer. Death nj Old liilli Carver. - the friend of Tom Puinc. "This wretched old man who has been for yen's pn-t seen cowling about the Blreels in a most filthy condition, disgusting and insulting every ono he met by Ins ob.-cenity. vulgary and hla-:phciny he who boasted thai an nitribnU ot "Ihe friend of Torn , Pome " was '.'glory enough for any mar." died on Satii'dav morning in a miserable hovel at No. 37 Walnut si reel, occupied by William Yntie. Carver was 85 years of age. He was n veterinary surgeon, born in England nnd 44 years ago came to ihis country in pursuit of his profession. He became early the bosom friend of Tom Platne. nnd em bracing his infidel doctrines, continued so to his dying hour He wos very eccentric in Ins habits. He always insisted that hi heart was larger than any ones else, nnd was also harder ; and that this position might be established he gavo some years since, to n well known physicist) of this city, nn order for his hcu.it, whenever he should die. Tho hardness of his heart he said was cnufed by disease. He was re peatedly beard to say "I've lived long enough," and denying the existence of a Deity, would in the same breath call upon the Almighty to lake htm Irom thu world. He would say, that t-hould he have a renewed existence, he should wish lo wear i m- mriu iw a imp nnrL or a Denutitur woman, for then ho "should be taken care1 of " i Hip lorm ol a fine linrL or a linnotifnl of. Among hi? other freaks nf fancy, which he some years since carried into effect, was to havo his coffin made, for which the measure of his body was token. This piece of furniture he kept for a time nt his lodgings ; and several tunes by wnv of bravado, ii is said ho absolutely "slept in it." The cetlin was subsequently taken to an undertakers shop in Pearl street, where with the plnie and other appurtenances, in readiness for use, it has since remained. Since he has remained nt Yaies'House his hoard has been paid by William WtUnn agent of tho ' Tom Paine Suciety of Free i niiihers. It appears from the evidence before tin Uoroner, who held an inquie.-t i.ver the body yesterday, thattheold mnn was found ilend in his room, on Sunday morning and from appearances that, he hnd fuflen down in a fit of apoplexy. Tho Jury ren tiered a verdict accordingly. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster. nnflE best strennthoniiiff nlastcr in the A world, and a sovereign remedy for pni us er weakness in the back, loins, side, breast. neclt, Hint', joints, rhoumatisin, lumbago, &c. .to. Ono milllinn a year will not supply tho demand. They requiro a little warming bo foro application. Warranted superior to all others, and for ono quarlor the usual prico, making not only tho best, but tho cheapest plaster in the world. It affords rulicfin a few hours, and mokes astonishing cures. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should bo worn over the region of'lho liver or stom ach, and it will aftord great and nstnnibhini; rolief. In cough-, colds, asthma, dilHoultv ofj breathing, oppression ot tho chest or stomach, they will iminodiutelv sooth, and greatly benefit tho patient. Portions of sedentary habits, or those obliged to stand much, will rccuivo decided support from ono of these truly, strtnglhening plasters. Physicians gen. orally recommend Ihem, in piofurenco to all others, because they slick or adhere bolter and afford groator relief. In their operation they aro stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They aro composed of entirely different ingredients irouianjr other; and known from iho expe rience of millions, who have used them, as well as tho united testimony, nf nil thocelobra. led and distinguished clergy and physicians, to bo tho most useful and highly niedicalct plaster, ever invented or ofiered lo tho public. Several porsons havo called at tho ware houso to express thoir surpriso and thanks at tho almost miraculous cures theso planter) havo cfi'uclod. One man who had been so afflicted with rheumatism, as to bu una bio to dress himself without assistance, was enabled nficr wearing one, only one niyhl to get up Mono in tho morning, put on bis clothes onil call at our office with eyes beaming with jov and his longuo pouiiug forth tho gladnors ol hi.i heart, at llin sudden and signal rolief he hud received from Ihis best of all icmedici, Ask fur Dr. Sherman's Poor .Man's Patcr. It is so called, because the price luces it in the power ol'all to purchase, being only l2Acls Sold at tho Variuly Sloro by PANGIiOlt.V Sc. llltlNRMAID. Jeiccllers, Hurlhmlon I't. Superfine Flour lor Salo by Jan. !t. BTKONUB & CO Siii:t,iiun., Fob. 27, 1S40. Mr. Stacv, Dear Sir Tho body of a man was discovered yesterday, lying" in tho woods about one mile north ofthis vil lage, and about half a milo east of tho stage road. Tho body had the appear ance of having laid there two or thrco months. Ho had on a now broadcloth claret coal, with figured buttons, a dark colored Vest, and black fulled cloth Pan taloons, aiida pair of coarso siioes were found near him. About 10 rods further into the woods, was found a small bundle containing a shirt, marked 8. (which cor responded with the one nn his person,) it also had one or two false bosoms, with a cheap breast pin in one of them, and a chock Cravat. Thorn was found near the place an old white Hat. A few rods further into tho woods, we found a note, drawn by E. IJ. Parker, payable to Jacob Leach, dated, Ilubberton, lfr'JS, (I forgot tho month,) for $2C), with an en dorsement of SM, dated at Middlebury, Aug. 18JJ!). Should think the man was lio years old, of short stature, with black hair. If you will insert the above, his friends may be able to identify him by the description. Yours Truly II, S. MORSE, P. M. iii a h it i i: i In Shorohatn, Vl. on tho Cth inst. Mr. Ed. win Johnson to Miss Mary A. Norllirup both of Shorchain. I) I K 1) In Villiion, nn llic 27ili Jmiustrv, ofcnnkirioh William ll.iiruoii fun of Lorrm Jslo.v, tiged IS iimiitlid, mid 4 d.i3. T07f H MBSTIHG. PR! HE annual Mnrcli meeiiiig will bo JL hidden at the Tuwn Iluotii, in Rur. Iiugton, on Monday, I lie Oih day of Muted next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M Uurliugtnn, Eeb. 2(1, I1J40. TO the II hi. .he I'robaiu Court for tho District of Chuif'tiden, comes the cub criber John W. Unit, Adiniutstra'nr. of the estate ol Geprge S. Hale, late uf West ford, deceueed, and represents I lint, the pel sonal estate of Mild decenced will not bo Mifficionl to pay the dubis and charges of Administration nnd hereby makes appli cation to said Court, for licence to sell the real estate for that purpose. J. W. HALE. Burlington P.-b. ft. 1840. STATE OF VEIUIOjYT, ) District of Chittiooen ss. A' T u Prohaic Court huldeu at Hurling ton, in said District, on the IHh. day of February. A. 1). 1R10. It is ordered that on account be taken of the debts, and1 proceeds of the personal ei-Ute, of snid said deceased, and that the heirs and nil persons concerned in said estate bn notified to apucnr before said Court on the IGih day of March next at the register's otlice in Burlington aforesaid, to give bond tor tho puytni'ul of debu, nnd show cause why huen-e us nfore.-awl should not be granted. and thiit such notice ho given by publish' I he nlmvn n imlienl inn nnd t h la order . " . , r 11'"-'0 WL'1'1'9 "''cceii vely. ns soon as may be in the Free Hrei-s n uew.-pupur printed paper prinleu in Burlington, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year fuel above written. Wai. WESTON. Rtsi'ler. DENTIST. W. SPOON lilt, now in Burling. ton, will attend immediately nnd promptly to nil culls for professional aid. Ills slay will bo limited to n few days ; Iiq will be found nt I. Shalluck's Hotel. Fell 20 1 840 Burlington Female Seminary. fFpHE Spring Totm of this Iiihlilutinn will JL coin inenco on Wednesday the fourth of March- SH3D WHSAT. A lew bushels of spring seed wheat, of Superior quality, for sain by .. &J. II. PUCKA: CO. GRASS SEEDS. HERDS GRASS & Ci.ovbr SEED, for sale bv HICKOK & CATLIN. F"l. 20. 1040. IV ova Scotia Plaster. THE subscribers oiler for sale 200 Tom of Plaster. Tnev will commence rinding at the Mill at Winoinki Falls on Monday next. A person will be at thu mill to deliver it price for Cnsh. 10 pur ton. FOLI.KTT& BIlADLEYS. Burlington, Feb. 20. 1 1140. NOTICE. THE subscriber has Ion ml on his sloro floor a few Bank notes. Any person who will give Milisfneiory evidence of ownership, shall have said inoucv bv ma. king application to J. W. TURNER.. Cambridge, Feb. 12. 1040. SEED. CLOVER and Ilt:ui Grass SEED, tor sale, also GOODS rhntp at Februory 13. 1040. UPWARDS. A lotoffresli Cod and Haddock Just received und in pnmu order, lor oalu at the Maikut house -nlso first quality of i-almon, I). Ki.mium, Jr At Co. store to a Vet an i Stock ot Goods lor Sale. THE undersigned offer for sale tho on lite Slock ol Dry Guods. Grocune. ami Provibions.coniained in the Store lato ly occupied by Lmhrop & Poiwin at Wr nooski Village. This is a fi-straie stund fur tho above line of business, and the Present is nn excellent opportunity for any uno liosressing n small capital i coiitiuun iho business, as Iho Store has a good set of Customers, For turn)-, which will he niailo Very favorable in the purrhnsur, apnlv m Feb. 20, 1030 MAYO & WAIT. Save your Birdsoyu and Curl M A V li E . lTRI.SO.N & GATES will pay a h,r Li pi iee for logs of the ' above dorciip- Mini, delivered nt their shun at nie r,ut(uc mi the vilfigv.

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