10 Nisan 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3

10 Nisan 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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fl-Tho Lake is now clear of ice, and tlio lino boats, it is understood will com 4 jnonco their regular trips on Monday next. A young man, named MmoN Y. Lan don, employed in carrying tlio mail from this placo to South Hero, died in his boat, while crossing from Porter's to the Island on Friday last. He left Porter's about ten in the morning, apparently in good health tlio wind blowing rather fresh from the south. Some time in the afternoon, the boat was picked up near the Island shore, the mast, sails, and rudder gone, together with tho mail-bag, bundles of papers, &c. Landon was found sitting midships, one arm thrown around tho row-lock, and his head resting upon it. There were no marks of violence upon him, whatever, and the supposition is that he died in a fit, brought on by fright, or some other cause. Mr. L. was a very amiable young man, and much respected within tho circle of his acquaintance. He was form erly a clerk for Mr Braman, and subse quently for Messrs Lathrop and Potwin, in this place. M'KENZIE. Wc arc requested to give notice that a petition for the release of M'Kcnzie from imprisonment, is left at the Post Office, for Bienatures. Wc are aware the President has intimated a desire to be petitioned by tho British authorities on this subject ; liut never mind that. Let's see if he xlarc resist the united voice of the Ameri can people. Another Candidate for tiie Pres idency. We learn by the Albany Daily Advertiser of Saturday, that tho National Anti-Slavery Convention in that city have nominated James G. Birney as a candidate for the Presidency. An inde pendent ticket was resolved upon after two day's debate, by a vote of 48 to 37. The vice candidate is not mentioned. Signs or the Times. The New York Commercial of Friday, says : Wc were yesterday informed of a sale of real estate recently made in the vicinity of New York, upon terms so extraordinary as to be worthy of special note. The terms of the bargain, moreover, afford one of the strongest possible illustrations of tho want of confidence in the present National Ex- ccutivc, and the utter hopelessness and despondency into which people will sink, 'shouldMr. Van Buren bo re-elected. The terms of the sale referred to wore these : The purchaser is to pay for tho property, SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, in theeventoi GENERAL HARRISON'S i election, and only thirty thousand should Mr. Van Buren to' re-elected." The Vice Prestdenci. We have hitherto been nnd now are impressed wilh a belief that Hon. Itichard M. Johnson will be settled nx the candi date for vice President on the ticket with Mr Van Buren at the Baltimore Convention. His leading friends in Congress some weeks since published a card stating that be had not declined a reelection. He has been nominated by the State Conventions of his parly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. Illinois. Michigan and Missouri. It would seem a slight, (however intended) to drop thim for the second heat, while continuing to run nr. ran miren, and we do not think it will be done. Certainly there are no objections to him now which did not exist with equal lorce when he was first nominated, and we believe he has even gained strength since then. On the other hand, there seems to be a disposi tion in various quarters to prefer some other man. "Tennessee, Virginia and Massachusetts have for mally presented Hon. James K. Polk, prcent Governor of Tcnncscc ; Georgia has nominated Mr. Forsyth; Alabama proposes Hon. William R. King. Virginia it is understood, will not send Delegates to the National Convention, nor will .he support Col. Johnson if he is nominated. We deem this not the result of antipathy but of calcu lation. Gov. John Tvler. the Whig candidate, is strong in the South but e-pecially in Virginia, while Col. Johnson is there rcsnrdeJ with disfa vor. Wc doubt whether the friends of Mr. Van Uuren in cither Virginia, South Carolina or Geor gia will vote for him. The last two Slates voted for Gov. Tyler as Vice President last time : they are not counted for him now, but neither can they le for Johnson. Still, it is obvious that the latter will le nomina'ed at the Baltimore Convention. There is a Whig report from Arkansas that iiioi uhmc is ruuiiai-lll-uiu uoi. j. mat it will vole jur ".msuii unu i yier in case ho is not nomina ted. We give it for what it is worth, only adding that there appears to Lean unwonted miisienn.r oftheWhizsin Arkansas, preparatory to the great quintal. n iw rower. Ptnntylvania Resumption. The apnrehen led tragedy ha turned out a broad farce, After looking daggers, blood and fury at the Banks for a couple or month-, und passing several bills threatening Ihem with annihilation if they did not upeedily resume specie payments (but Inking good care that the two Houses never passed the ame bills,) the Senate and House have briefly ngreed on a bill requiring the banks of that State ( monster' and all) to lend the State Three Mil lions of Dollars of their 'broken promises,' irre deemable shin-plasters,' &c. fortwenty-fivo years at five per cent, interest the money to be ex pended in paying olfthe accruing interest of the Stale Debt, and prosecutinc her svstpm nf Inior. nal Improvements : In consideration whereof, the '"""" "Ul " rciiuireu to resume until the 15th of January next. If the Banks are not eatistied with this, they.nre hard to please. Saratoga Charter Election. Tho Whigs triumplieclhanclsomely on Tuesday at the Saratoga Springs Charter Election. Tho average majority was 44. Last year tho votos wero about equal. Tho Loo Caiiin goes up to-day. Tho Whigs meet in it to-morrow to nominato Town Of ficers. Alb. Eve. Jour. South Carolina. There is an excited personal contest for Governor now in progress in South Carolina, which we hear spoken of as likely to rhange or modify the political attitude of the Stale. The Mim-h-Dat or Gen. Harrison was cele brated with great piril at Peoria, Hlfuois. Several soldiers who served with him at Tippecanoe, Fort Meigs and the Thames, participated in the festi vin't mid each 111 succession bore enthusiastic tes timony to Ids bravery, pkill and rare nobleness of ROllIu Olul Kindness ni iii-nn mu v-rnuuu was delivered bv Hon. James W. Gazlay, formerly a Member ofCongressfrom tho Cincinnati District, Ohio. The I'eoria Register, hitherto neutral, has conic out for Harrison. Alabama. The Senate of this Slate recently decided that "Judsrcs of tho Circuit or County Courts, Solicitors, Unnk Attorneys, Directors and Hcports," are not ciipnie to eats in mat Douv. This turned out their Pittidtnt, Hon. Green 1'. Hice, and Messrs. F. G. McConnell and Joseph Town'cnd. It was on ihe heel of the tc.ion. After pns'ing n law to rompel the Uanlts to issue 82.500,000 in irredeemable Post-Notes, we must 1 1 limit tins Mticami.ines3 with regard to Danu ol- liccrs in Lad taste. Hon. John Hendrrsov, the Whig U. S. Senator elected last winter from MissiVipi, has been in .,.., n.i i. ,i, .,...,..,. i :. ., .l... o,i that he docs not truly represent his constituents and requested to resign. In reply, he informs In in struciors that he was elected for six years, nnd he menus, oou willing, to serve out thai term. MARRIED In Richmond, on Sunday cvcnlne the 5lh inst, Mr. Edward A. Stansbnrv. Ka. to Miss Josephine M., eldest daughter of Hon, Wm, P. Briggs, all of that place. D I K D In this.town on Sabbath eveninn. the Sth inst in thc22d year ol her age, Miss Catharine Barnes, daughter ol Caroline and llczekiah Barnes, .sq of Phenix. 0wcgo county, N. Y. The early death of this intercstinsr youth is ren dered peculiarly afflictive bv the considerations that she was a member of our 'Female Seminary.' nnd was about finishing her course of study; and that she was also far from home and wa called away at a time when hope of her recovery had become strone. These circumstances have awakened the waitncst and strongest sympathy of the people of mis piuiu in uenaii 01 uer auucicu parents anu nenm. universally i.eioved uy her acquaintance find by her Teachers and companions in study her ueain is mourned tiy them with deen and un feigned sorrow. But there is light and hope min- wiiu mis surruw. miss uiirnei was cxpcri mentally and professedly a christian. From child hood she was cheerfully thoughtful. Atlheage of eight years, she was deeply impressed with a sense ot her personal sinfulness and need or a Savior. Her parents date her conversion from that period. She united with the church at the age of thirteen, nnd from that time has adorned her pi fe.ssion by a life of hopeful tiietv towards God She bore the pains and solicitudes of a protracted illness, far from home, (tho' in the midst of attentive relatives,) with singular cheerfulness and submis sion to the will of God. Few youth could expect r,. !. ...--m ... .i. ... i.i ..... i. Muie nuiii nit nuuu. )ci iiiu wuiiu vos liui "tl portion. Her sick chamber was one continued exhibition of the joy, hope nnd peaceful confidence which now irom the union ol the soul wiihuiris 'When death ha stolen our christian friends away. oome tears we sued are gracciui ; but to mourn Loudly and deeply that their pains are o'er, Is but to prove that we loved ourselves, the most, In this town, on the 1st inst. Betsey Russell ased 4 years and 10 months : also, on the 7lh inst, Mary Russell, accd 3 years ; on the 0th instant Margaret Russell, aged 12 months, daughters of Jiuwani uusseii. In Shelburn, on the 6th inst. Mrs. Hannah Har rincton, ased 75 years. In Colchester, on the 7th inst. Mr. Henry Hand, aged about 40 year, Some time in the winter. Mr. 11. received a slisht miurv on the knee from hatchet, which produced inflamation, nnd resulted in mortification, so that it became necessary to take oil' the limb a few days since which operation he survived diu a iew nours. NEW PAINT SHOP SPAUIDXNG & IttZLIS HAVE oponed a new PAINT SHOP on Cliurcli t. two doors aoulh of H. Lane's Store, where they will do oil hinds of HOUSE, SHIP, SIGN and CARRIAGE PAlSilllsG, in tho best possible manner and on lenus lo suit those who may favour them with their patronage. (Q Paints, Oil, Varnish and PUTTY, constantly on hand and for salo. II. G. SPAULDING. C H. MILLS. Burlington, April 9, 1840. HCOTIOH. THE copartnership heretofore existing between J. J. Siarr & II. II. Bost. wick, under tho firm of Starr & Bostwick is this day dissolved. All persons indebl ed to the said firm ore requested to make payment to J, J. siarr, who will attend to the settlement of all Ihe concerns of the late firm. Thu business will hercaficr be continued by the subscriber at his old stand on Church Street opposite the Jail, J. J. STARR Burlington, April 10th, 1040. 3w NOTICE. 1miEREAS J. J. Siarr. without my Knowledge or consent, ma mven public noitcn of the dissolution of the firm ot Starr & Bostwick and ordered payment lobe made lo him. Now. therefore. I hereby give notice that Ihe tame is wholly unauthorised by me, and those indebted lo Hie hrm are hereby required lo innke pnv mem to me only. I J. II. BOSTWICK of the hrm ol Starr & Bisiwick. Burlington. April Dili. 1840. DISSOLUTION. rpnllE Copartnership of the firm of T A. Sl G, Conner is this day by mutual consent lupsoiveu- All those who are in debted tohe ubove firm bv nolo or nc. count, if they call socn, will find T. Conner woo is authorised io settle all accounts ana ready to wait on them at iho old market house. TRISTRAM CONNER UIDEON CONNER. Burlington, April 4th, 1840, rilHE butchering business will be con linued by tho subscriber, who ac knowledges hiB gratitude to the public generauy lor ine nuerai paironago ho has received for Ihe last eiuht years. Hn in.. tends to make it an object to all who wish iu irnuc in ine meat line, to call on him as lie intends at all limes (o have his Mar kei house furnished -with the choicest meals (hat Iho country affords. Market house on College tst. one door east of J. Potter's. T CONNER. Burlington, April 4th, 1840. NOTICE. JT b have a very few small accounts of 6, 10, 12, 25 cents and upwards which we wish paid, aa soon as possible Those havingaccnuntsagaiusl us will please present tnem. i'angborn fit urinsmaid, April 10. 1840. GAS If PAID for dressed or undressed Deer Ruisei. Calf and Hog SKINS KTWANTETl. irnnil Ini-,. i V. m ' . ,h n, "".! from 5 to 7years old. S. S. SKINNER. TUB steamer? Burlington ond White hall will leave the wharf at thin place nn Sattiarday next, at one o'clock P. M fur the ends of the Lake. and thereafter leave Whitehall and St Johns every day Sunday excepted at one o'clock, P.M. until further notice. Burlington, 8th April, 1840. NOTICE. rHE Subscriber having purchased the entire stock and loots, and nil the claims end demands, nf the lalo firm of LAWRENCE &, PERSONS, respectfully informs the public that lie will continue the bURinc's nf CARRAGE AND SLEIGH MA KING, AND PAINTING. at the old stand, and solicits the patronage of tho public. Ihoso having anv unsettled demands with iho laic firm will pleaso call and close the same with the subscriber. Wm. R. LAWRENCE. Burlington, April 7. 1G40. BKOCHB SHAWLiS. FOR salo at very reduced prices, sever, nl different Bizes from 2 to 45. Printed Thibet do. very fine and handsome Primed nnd Satin striped Chalv. do. chon- ille Shawls and Handkerchiefs all at very low priccB for Cash at April 10th- MAYO & WAIT. WLJLYO & WAIT Have a supply of fresh sprinc and summer Scotch gingham, perfectly un dressed, nnd very handsome, a few pieces hair mourning do. will be sold cheap (or cash. April io. Farewell's Gaiter BootsWalk ing bhoen, French Kid. nnd Walkinir bIids. Just ree'd a full assortment. -ALSO Men's Pumps, Misses Slips and children's shoes, a full assortment by N. LOVELY & CO. April 10th. 1840. Have plaid woollen and worst ed shawls that they will sell very Chenn for Cash, some with Damask figures in Ihe pinto, uiai are very handsome and uncom monly cheap. April 10th. Mouseline de Laine. A good assortment of mouseline de laine A and Chalys, for 6a!e cheap for Cash, for example, a good quality of the former all wool for 40 cents the yard at April JOtn. MAYO WAIT. To Printers Advertising Mori son's Pi I Is, rjiHEJlIorison Pill Advertisements in this paper vie wish inserted immediately, and Ihe Sub Agents names, residents of the towns where your paper circulates, put in j itnmeataieiy under liem. the near ft Jirtl and so on. Continue until another comes. Pangiujrn & Bri ism aid. Stale Asenls. BLACKSMITH. THE Subscriber having recently mov ed from Albany, nnd commenced the Blacksmith business, in all its forms, in Ihe new shop on Madison street, near Polletl and Bradley's store. would respectfully invite the inhabitants of liurlingion and its vicinity to cive him a call, as he is fully prepared lo dn all kinds of work in his line, on the shortest notice, oeft manner, and most favorable terms. He hnB for many years pnst civen his par ticular attention to the Horse shoeing bus iness, and Farriery in all its branches, From the long experience which he has had, and the ccneral information he has derived both from theory and practice, he feels fully confident in recommending him self to the public. He will be prepared at all limes to pive his personal attention to all kinds of of work in his line suclnas Ironing Wag. gons and Sleighs, Ship work, and &c. AM Kinds ot edge tools, made in the best manner and most approved style. He trusts that by giving business his undivided attention, and ihe low prices at which he win be enabled to furnish work, to receive a share of the public pnirnnnge. JOHN SORAGEN. Burlinjjtnn. April 10; 1840. Real Estate at Auction. THE undersigned, John W. Hale, ad ministrator of Estate of Geo. S. Hale, laic of West ford, deceased, having been licensed by Prubale Cnurt for the District of Ulnlienilen lo sell all Iho real estate of the said deceased, at public auction or pri. vate sale, hereby gives notice that ho will soli said estate, on Iho 20th day of April irjst. at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the store of Halo and Soule in said Westford, at public auction, if the same shnll not have been previously sold at private sale. Tho lands comprise ihe lots on which the house and slore of the said deceased are situate, and also about twenty acres of val uable land for farming purposes. Persons wishing to purchase, by calling on Ihe subscriber may examine the nremiscs. ond. receive all the information relating thereto in ins power io communicate. JOHN W. HALE, ' Westford, April G, 1840. Administrator, Extract of a Letter to Dr Geo. Taylor, U. S. Agent of Ihe British CoHece of Health. London. IN answer to your enquinos relative to the sales of Morison's vegetable Uni versal Medicine in Vermont, and "to our knowledge and experience with regard to their beneficial effects upon thoso wha use them," and respecting the "salification or dissalialaction expressed by purchasers, either to yourselves or the sub-Agenls mrougnoui uie state." We reply brufly at this time, but can at somo future time give you more full, ample, and satisfactory intelligence litiLATIVU to tne SALES. i im uuiiiaiiuior niorisoii s ruis nat $teadity increased from the lime wo were tp- The demand for Morison's Pills has pointed State Agents, and continue! greatly to increase, of this fact you must know from j the amount nou oi you irom year io year. In some counties the increase was "alow, but uro," in other counties, from causes we will explain below in Nolo A. Ihe sales increased rapidly nnd are to this time ens tnincd by repeated and increasing callMhc fact that during a lime or very great and ranid curtailment of all kinds of sales, and business for Hie last six months, we have received much mnre For Morisnn's Pills, than in any previous year, shews to us satisfactorily, that the public like them tho more they know of them. THEIR BENEFICIAL EFFECTS, Arc certainly, very great, diseases pro nnunccd incurable, bv cond physicians yield In curative powers, of this first, best, Vcgplablo Medicine: and very many aban don ll.ooW Bleeding, Torluring process of being cured, (being killed it might witn propriety be called) and comply with na ture's plan, viz s purging with Vegetable Mcdecines, which in more cases than we could write out upon a Ream of Paper, have been cured tho i,at tear in Vermont bv this Medicine mado by MORISON the SATISFACTION OF PURCHASERS We never knew anything give bplter satisfaction than Morison's Pills do. Very many have expressed their satisfaction to us personally, sonic from a distance have done so by letter: and through the sub agents, we learn that the satisfaction is general. Wo think we should be justified by tho locls of Ihe cose lo go on and speak as confidently and even vauntingly concern ing tnis medicine as some do concerning less valuable medicines. But wo arc aware that Mr Morisnn, wishes and expects it to stand or fall by its own intrinsic worth and wc dn not wish to be connected with an article which will not do so. We feel confident that this medicino will continue to be used mure ond more, that it will be appreciated and valued the more it is used. Our confidence in it is founded upon the knowledge wc have of its effects upon those who have used it, in this town, and through, out the elate! We do not expect those who do not use it or see it used, to have the same confidence ; Ihe time was when we would not uso the medicine j wc did not thm believe in continued purgation eten by VEGETABLE Medicines j we now know that patients reduced to the last extremity of weakness and debility, even, can take this medicine daily. and still grow strongrr. In the language of scripture, wc say, "We speak that we do know," and testify of that which wc have seen. Yours truly, PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. S'.ate Agents. Dr. Geo. Taylor, 1 U. S. Agent, B. C. H. ( Note A. The cause of the very rapid increase of sales in some counties the last and present winter is ascribed by the sub agents; to this medicine (Morison's Pills and Powders,) being brought into Juxla. position with the regular Physicians at a time when there was some Epidemic pro vailing such as scarlet fever or Ihe like, so that friends and foes In the medicine could tee which was best and moat successful, the Doctor or the Pills. This was tho cape in Calednnis County nnd in some other places Issi Winterthe Caukcr Raeh, ond Scarlet Fever, protracletl very many and the marked success of the medicine in spec, dily restoring to good health thoso who used it, whilst others in the same Neigh, borhood nnd sometimes in the same House employed a Physician and followed his pre scripiions, some died and others were cured of Scarlet Fever nnd thrown into 6ome other Fever nearly as bad and so on into f7ie Consumption as is commonly the case. The Ageut informs us that the difference in the appearance of Patients who used the Morison's Pills, was too striking to afford room to doubt which of the two was the best Physicians. P. & B. CAUTION TO PURCHASERS. Every Packet sold in Ihe stale will be signed by PANGBORNSc BRINSJUAID Jewellers. Burlington. Vt. who arc state agents. If any are offered which are not so signed do not buy ihem. GEO. TAYLOR, 6J Wall and 6 New st. New York, agent for the Tnited States, sent out by the Brit ish College of Health, London, of which Jas. Morison, the Hygeist is the founder and President. CANKER RASH. As I hear that the above disease is pre vailing as an epidemic in some parts of Vermont. I take the libcriv of stating thai individuals nnd families afflicted with the disease, will find their confidence amply repaid, by resorting to the use nf Morison's Pills and Powders, upon the first appear ance of the Disease, and bv RELYING upon ihem SOLELY fur a PERMANENT and SPEEDY cure. Use them daily ac cording to the directions upon the wrapper, until well. Also for the colds and sore Throats, so prevalent, there is nothing like this Medicine in preventing if taken soon enough and in curing if seated upon the Throat and Lungs. Dr. GEO. TAYLOR, U. S. Agent Ci Wall st. April 10. New York. NEW GOODS, March, 1840. N. L-OVBIiY & CO. HAVE just returned from New York with a choice scleclion of Fancy Dry Goods, making thoir assortment very desirable, for all who want at prices aston ishingly cheap, so that tho Poor as well as tho Rich can obtain a share at this well known establishment. A very few articles ore enumerated Bombazines, superior to any ever before offered by us, Silks, Pongees, Ginghams, Silk Scarfs, an elegant article, Alpines, Zephyr Worsted, or Cruel. A beautiful assortment English, French and American Prints, Merino and Broclie Shawls, some of superior quality. io--Leghorn and Straw Bonnets, Misses Tuscan and Rolio do Cheniel Cords, Ribbons in almost endless variety. LT1CA1T & SOLS HAVE a few bushols of Herds Grass Seed very superior quality grown in Franklin county N. Y. which they offer for sale at a low price. Burlington, March 27, 1840. HATS, on hand of thet very best quality and of the latest New York fashion, for sale at wholesale or re. tail. Tho subscriber would invite merchants who are dealing in the ar- HATS tide nf to call and examine his stock before going outh or purchasing of those who carry about tho article to peddle, as ho feels con fident that he can givo them Halt that (hey can recommend to those who may again purchase nl them. His stock is entirely new, manufactured under his own oyc, and according to tho latest fashions. It will give satisfaction to thoso who purchae. C. A. SEYMOUR. Pearl-it. Burlington, ) Gw April 2, 1840. ( 1st. of April 1840. NEW GOODS. Howard's motto promulgated April 1822, teftac was tl f 1 was vp and doing, g ahead, quick and cheap for cash, and no Imprisonment for debt. TTOW consistent it has been is known M.JL bv customers. The course for a time was novel, but is now in complete ac cordance with the times. Up and doing is still necessary ; Quick and cheap for Cash equally so; non imprisonment has become Ihe n I most universal law of the land, and Howard, as usual is yet progressive in go ing on thinking a head for a further im provement of the condition of matters and things in general ; while for the present as usual, he is punctual on the first of April in having his stock of Goods replenished in all that is charming, beautiful, fashiona ble and necessary for the spring trade which have arrived since his recent return from New York. The ureal commercial emporium of the New World, which has been so luxuriously supplied by arrivals of ships and Steamers from the entire cir cumference of the Globe, and enabled him lo make a selection worthy of the best set of buying customers known, who have ol- woys paid today, and saved their credit for to-morrow, by which means they have al ways had their goods cheap, because they enabled their Merchant lo buy at the low eBt auction prices and hn in turn brinninir them good bargains. The assortment of goods in this Store is generally very large and nn incrensed number of cash buyers may do accommodated, together with all former customers and I heir friends and ac quaintances, nt tho Grand Bazaar, Cheap t 1. c f ' ur tusii, oiorc or S. EARL HOWARD John Lawrence's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, s The Honorable the Probate Court within and for the District of Chittenden. To the creditors and others concerned in the estate of John Lawrence late of West ford in said District, def eased. WHEREAS Thomas Haynes. admin ietrotor of the estate of said deceas ed, hath made application lo this Court, to extend Iho time limited for making pay ment of the debts of said deceased, twelve months from 15th day of April next, and i no loth day ol April next, being assigned lor a noaring in tlio premises, at the Office of the Register of this Court, and it hav ing been ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing ihisdecreetwo eeks successively in the Free Press a news pa per printed at Burlington, before the time fixed for hearing. Thereforo, you nre hereby notified, to appear before said Court, at tho time nnd place aforesaid, then and there, to make objection if any you have, to the said time of payment being, further extended as afore said. Given under mv ot liurlingion this 28th day of March A. D. 1840. WM. WESTON Register. John Lawrence's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) IlISTRICT OF CIIITENDEr. ( The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis. tricl of Chittenden: To all persons concerned in the estate of John Lawrence late of Weslford in said Dislrirl. de ceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Thomas Hnynes, admin istrator of the estate of said deceased proposes to render an account of his ad ministration, and present his account against said estate for examination and al lowance at a session of the Court of Pro bate, to be holden at the Register's office in Burlington on the I5lh day of April next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear beforo said court at iho time and place aforesiid, and show cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this twenty eigth day of March A. D. 1840. WM. WESTON Register. 1 PRILLS adapted to modern times, lm. two nrsi rate buggy WAGONS. with eliptic springs. A larger assortment of SADDLES, HARNESSES, TRUNKS, BAGS, FALISSES, WHIPS and LASHES, Than ever before offered for sale in Bur lington. Russet Bridles Sc Marlinals Twiggs, Rolls, Brushes, Combs, Nets, Cards, Trappings, FoA-,and other articles usual in my business. S. S. SKINNER. Court House Square, ) 8w Burlington, Vermont, April 9, 1840. LYMAN & COLE HAVE received a few pieces of rich Mouselaine de laines, French and American prints, Scotch and English Gum hams, suitable for spring and summer dres. sea. ALSO, A full assortment of Burlington mill co. Broad cloths, cheaper than ever, Burlington, March '21, 1840. Potash and Cauldron Kettles, oral) eiies, for eile by STRONGS & Co, DURHAM. THIS full blooded HULL, of the im proved Durham or ihurt homed breed, may he found at I lie Stanton lor Mayo) Farm, the coming ceason. tie H not surpassed perhaps by any thing in the country, so far as the chance of substantial improvement in our stock, is offered. Ho was imported with Ins dam from England, where he was sired by Iho famous Bull Banquo, of tho improved shorl-horncd DurhatKs bred in that country with so much interest,' and so justly celebrtfer) there, os superior to all other kinds. Tha blood of the animal will at once be recog nized on examination, by the eye of a crit ical observer. In nddilinn to this, satis-' factory certificate will be produced, on' request, of Ins pedigree, and also of Iho goodness of his stock. Ho lias been, tho greater part of the time since he was brought tortus country, kepi in Concord, in this slate ; in which, and the ncighburin? towns, his ttor.k is much admired and sought after. His half-bloods, produced by a cross with our native cows, command in price, from three lo four times moro than our common breeds of the same age v and his intrnduciion there, in held of great benefit and advantage, to the agricultural interests of thnt section of the country. This country, no doubt, is well adapted to the rearing of tho heavier ond moat ap proved animals, and in this respect, should' not bo placed behind any other, for the pur pose of giving currency to a smaller ond more unprofitable race. TERMS- For one Cow, $3, two owned7 by the same person 5, three and over each. Application unay bo made to tne, residing on the nhnve named premisps. SAMUEL WHEELOCK. Cohheiter. April 3. 1840. John in. jCiiarcuffe s Jisiaie. ur ni t . i fi . ViV7"E the subscribers, liaving been a p T T pointed by tho Honorable the pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden,, commissioners to receive, examine and ad just the claims and demands of all persons- against the estate of John M. Eldredgejate of Burlington, in said District, deceased, represented Insolvent, and nUo oil claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto;, and six months from the day of the dato hereof, being allowed by said Court for '.hat purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice that wc will attend to the business of our appointment, at tho dwelling nf Mrs. Mary Ann Eldrcdge, in Burlington, in said District, on the third Mondays of July and August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of paid (lavs. Dated, this 25ih day Feb. A. D. 1840. ASAHBL PECK, ) commis, NATHAN1KL MILES, s sioners. Administrator's Sale. THE heirs, creditors, nnd oil persons interested in the estniu of Alfred Day arc hereby notified that the ndministrator of said pstnte,will sell, on the 1st Monday of April IP40. sit one o'clock P. M. at John Howard' Hotel, nl ),nhlic vendue to the best bidder, t lie messuage and lot appur tenant, for several years past occupied by ihe laic Widow Day, situate near the bridge at Onion River lower falls in Bur lington. The premises will be sold in gross1 or in srpnrato parcels as will best suit purchasers. ALSO, said Administrator will at Ihe same time sell all the interest of said esiate in a certain len?c of water and privifpgn at said falls. Wm. B. MUNSON, Adm'r. Burlington. March 15. 1840. PUBLIC NOTICE. NEW AGENCY. COPY OF CERTIFICATE. This Certificate is intended a guarantee to the people of the 'United States that Lem uel Curtis, Burlington, Vermont, is my Ajent for the sale of Benj. Brandreth'i Vegetable Universal Pills, for the term of one year from the engraved date hereof. And to secure the public more effectually from Counterfeit Medicines, purporting to be manufactured by me this certifies! will be renewed annually; Therefore no one is my Agent unless he can produe this qualification subscribed in my own hand writing sealed with my family arms and dated within the twelve months preceding. Given at my principal Office, 351 Broad, way, in iho city of New York, this first day of January, one thousand eight hun dred and forty. Sinned. B. BRANDRETH, M. D. LEMUEL CURTIS, Agent, Jireh Isham's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DISTRICT OF CHITTENDEN- S The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis tricl of Chittenden : To all persons con. cerned in the estate of Jireh Isham late of Shelburne in said District, dectastd, GREETING. WHEREAS, Samue! K. Isham. Admin, ittrator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin istration, and present h i 9 account against said estate for examination and allowance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to bo holdon at the Register's Office in Burling, ton on the second Wednesday of April next. TiiEitEFonE, You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington th'n 20lh day of March A. D. 1848. Wm. WESTON, RfgUler. Alvah Lyon's Estate. WE the subscribers having been ap pointed by the linn, tho probata' court for the district of Chittenden, com. missioners to receive, examine, and adjust the claims and demands of all persona against tho cslalo of Alvah Lyon, lata of Shelhnrn, in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, also all claims and demands exhibited in ofiVct thereto -, and six months from tho day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, wo do therefore hereby give notica that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of Asa L. Lyon, in Shelburne, in said district, on the last Saturdays nf April and September next at 10 o'clock A. M. on each of said dnys. Dated this 21st day nf March, A. D. 1839, HEM AN BARSTOW,) Commis ALl'HEUS BACON, doners.

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