31 Temmuz 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

31 Temmuz 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

WOT TUB GLORY OP CJESAII, BUT TUB WBX.FAR E Tt R (TnTl! BY II. B. STAGY. U UK LIN G TON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JULY 31, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 8. HERMAN'S WOHM I.O.KNCiKS Hretlio no liiiuli of worm- I hut mi fi t'ciiii-nlly nnd tlilros' finr-lv nnnnv liotti cliilitrcii nnd adult-. Tlu'v nrt; im infallible re-neily, nnd so pk'ii-rttit to ilie tn-ti; that cinuiren will iniu mum n rcituuy n n common pep permint lozeiw. Many tli-en-e. nrbe from worm-, without its liei'mr siiii'clocl. Sometimes n very trouMf. iome conpltf pain- m the joints or limb?, Mi-cilim nt theno-o, 6tc, nre occa-iunud liy worm-, nnd can lo cauy enrol ny iiiHceici.r.-tivti medicine, l hu lolioiv ins viiiptofiiK indicate till; pri'M-iire of worm-, viz : headui'liL', vcrliiro. torpor, di-tnrled dream-, deep broken o.l' liy fright nnd M'ronttiiiijr, .oiiviil-iun.-, ft'-verisline-s, tfiir.-t, pallid line, had ta-to in the month, o!lbiiive breath, uoicli, iliilieull l.ro.illiin?, ilthins at the no-e, pain- in tlto sltiiiuu'li, nausea, .-qiiuniui-li-uess, voracity, loaniiCfs, li'iiujinti-, itchim; nt the nnns tmvardf nitrl'it, stlulnt Irnulli, (!o,fi:tioii- nnd 111 in- nnd mum.. One i- a do-e for a child two year old two 'for one lour year- old hree lor eiirhl year-, nnd live for an mlull, nnd should I c repealed every morning, or averv outer murium mini relieved. , CP Sold at the Varietv store hv PANGBOKN At fclllNS.MAll), Jc Hellers, Burlington, Vt. S II HUMAN'S POOU MAX'S PI.ASTUH. The l.e.t fircimilictiiutf pla-ter in the world, nnd a fovtireicrn rcnu.ilv f r pain or weal.ne.f in the l.ncfc, Join-, Mile, brrs'-t, neel.', limb--, joints, rheumatism, luml airo, ta.Vi-. One million a year will not Mipply ihedeinand. They recpnrca little warmim: lefme ap plication. Warranted superior to all oilier-, nnd for ine ipiartcr the ti-nal price, maUins not only the I c-1, liut the clieape.-t plaster in the world. It n'.'onU relief in a few hour.", nnd make a-uuii-hiii! cure s. In liver complaint mid dy.-pep-in, it should I e worn over the retrion ofthe liver or .-tomach, and it will a lord tient aniln-loni-lu'mr relief. In coiprli-,rold-, n-lluun, ilitli eulty of lirealhini, opprei-ion ofthe che-t or stomach, thev will immediately soolh, and greatly henelit the paljcnt. Pcr-on- ol -e.lcntnrv habit-, or'tlio-o olliped to stand much, will receive decided support from one nf the. e truly, strensthenins pla-ter.-. Physician cen rrallv recommend them, in preference to all others,l c-enti-u they st ielc or ndhere letter and u lord greater relief. In their operation thry nre stimulant, tonic, nd anodyne. They are composed of entirely diileient ingredient-from any oilier; nnd known from the ex -pcrienceof million, who have used them, n well n the imiteJ tc-limouv, of all the celebrated and tit-tin-gl-hc.1 elerjry and pliy-ician, to lelhe mo-t tt-eful and luplilv indicated pla-ter, ever invented or o 'creel to the puli'ie. Several person have called at the ware iion-e to oxpro their siirpri-e an 1 thanks at the idmo-t niiraunlo i- cure the-e pla-ters have ejected. One man who ad I een -o ntliicied with henniati-m, at to lii nnalle to dre him.-elf without a i-tance, va. enabled after wcamu one, only one tniht to pel up alonnin the morniii'.', p'lt on hi- clothe- and call at our ollice with eve-1 eamiiiL' wilhjoy and hi- tonu'iie ponrins mrth the cliulne- of hi- heart, at the sudden and sicnal relief he had leceivel from thi-le-t of all rcmedie-. A-k fur Dr. Sherman's Poor Man'- Pla-ter. It i so called, beean-e the price ilace it in the power of all to purchase, leinionlv 12 J et-. So'd all ho va riety store by PANOliOUN lUilNSMAll),, Jewellers, llurliiigtoii, Vt. DISKASKS OP TIIU MNRSDtcidclly the innt pnpuliir rriniily ctrr known in A merlon Vtgttablt Pulmonary Rattam Is the most tiilnablo irnn il) ninv in urc for coili,cold, iimIiiihi or phlhific, rniiMimplinn. ulinoping rough nnd pulmoniiry n (T c l iont meter) kiiiii. us Fine n rirmiiiy liiciciifing, nnd Imp propiicmr. urp rointiinlly icceivim i lie nvtr fuinmble nrciimtl of in cffeclf. 'I he fullowlng new ccrtificiilra in e oiiercn tor piiniic exninitintion An Intkiiestino Cask. Exirncl of Ipllerfrnm Mr tJ ii CUy, Kingitmi, UWr ru,, N. Y. to the proprietor". " Voum of I lie Dili Inst, win iluly iro'd. A inn irkiihlc cure win tfTecicil liy the VceJlntile I'ul. muiiHiy 1 1 .1 1 ' .1 in in l lie burr mul t ins of 1835. The i cifini, nlr, Aloiult, li.nl licen ciik n long lime uiili iho riiiuiiiniiilon. 1 1 ! li -ici.nn Inul ciien liim im. He nun rcdiici'il to luw us In be unable In help hlm-clf, mid uiir rui-iug ii I. it to ipi.inliiv of liluni! whrn he roinmrnn il ning li.ils.iin, nlnili lia rllreied a roinplciu rure, mid ho is now ns li.ilc nnd lipurly us c mi Iipuih, Air. Moody Inn rrnimcil fnmi this town, lint lie Ins premised inc u inure ilvtaili'd urriiuiu of his ciisn, iilnch I will fni ward uhi. C. S. CLAY. Kinu'sion, N, Y. June ITt. 1S38. Exiiuct of ii lelli'i' fioui Dr. Jnrnti Mjpm. The V'l'L'Hl.ibli; Pulmonary Itiil'iun hus bpen sold in this roiiuH for Iwii c.irs, mul the medicine has c.iinnl uu miroininiiu i rlolu ily, fur It tr.tu'uly In onri inl,imo filled ol 1 1 ;i i ii I he ile.-lied rfTi'CI. I am by no inc.iiis in fivor uf Hip many nnsinims, ninst ol whit Ii me im ioniotM upon ii rrpilulotis pulilic, bm thai which I know by ni! to bo i fiVcn;il, I r.iinioi lifhi but yivi-in in ii ol it inn lliuido. A rounlrrfi'ii prpiiirutiou h.is been ofTfipd here by ii tr.iclliiig Aijeiit, ofComsiotk, N. Y. mid tliete is unoiher urticle ended licic ili.il is strungly suspceicd tu befpuiiou'. JAC0D alVERS, IU. JJ. Miflliiiginn, Jiml.tta ro. Penn. Miiv 3. 1837. Tinnt t)r. .imuel iMotiell, to the Proniietois of the Vsiin table Piihiinniiry lliilsam. I urn satisfied lltut the Ve. tirt.ililf Pnlnioii.i'rv ll.iljini is a vulualilc meileciue It li.x been uscil in iIim iiI.icp wilh cuinideie surreys In nil nli-titi no routpl iiiit of the lung", iitlendt'il with n seteie cousli, loss of voicp. mul llie raising of nim li blood, w huh had prpi,uisly resisicil ninny iippuitril pi escriptions. A Iter tutus the IS.il'.im one weik( the p itirni V tuire relumed and he una able to speak audi bly. This ruse orenrted some lime sinrp, nnd the m ill is now rnniigpil not only in nclite bul bibnriotts oiisiiips.i. l(psieciluiy. He. a. nlounKl.L IiATCi: GLOllC.E VAIJKKT 1810. 4S&? rilllK ticwSieam Packet, f h t'ALDWKMj, 'frrS?" h- - ''AitAtnx, Ma-lcr, Vt-t-irirjCiSS-J-! will commend! riiiinin.r regularly ever cl.iv (evcept Simdais) l.otli way through the Lako.oiril'KSDAY, the '2.1 day of .June next. Leaving Caldwell lorTicondcrogn, every morn ing, nnd retiirnintr to ('aldwell tho same iktv. Lake George P,i..engcry will I c landed fiom, and taken on l.oanhlie Iake Chaniplain Sieam Packet-, near the old Fort Ticonderogn, from the Obtusion Iloifc ol WM. F. l'FLL i:-n now n Public Ilou-e. Thi I can-lifiile-tnbli-liment iia-i 1 ecu greatlv iiuprovcd since la-l Summer, by erection of a Large Addition, eon laming a sua -ioiiH Dinins Hooni.and A-fcmhlv lioom- &c, and has recently pa.edin!o the hands ofMr. II. C. LOW, a gentleman fuvornbiv known bv the trav cllina I'nl.lic llv tnkinir the IiAki: (Jr.oitnr. limn r. Traveller-will not onlyenjov the line-t scencrv of our Cotmlrv, but lo-onn time on the Northern Tour, a- tuey tai.e me same Miampiam n.eam tloalat I icon ilerogn, which they would liave lakcu nt Whilchall, had they gone that way. Mity 27, IS 10. 2m. Tit Y At MIMlUiAn MX DAY 1.1.N1S. 1T ATUIlE'Si CHAN!) llK.STOUATlVi:. valual Thi- table Vcseitille Medicine stand- unrivalled for the following complaints, v r.i Dy-pen-ta, or Inih-c-tiou,diea-ed Liver, biliou-ih-( r Vr-, llrop-y, A-th-ina, Coslivene-s, Worm- and lo of Apjicliie.'nnd by rlean-ing the -toinach and bowel-, cure.- pain- in the side, stomach and brea-t, cold- and co igh- of loin; Claudius, lloar.-cne , slmr'ncss of 1 rcalh, Nervon-romplaint-,elc, wh ch arcfiencnlly the e led of di ease. For Fowrand Ast.e, it t-a lu'o-t valual le pre venlntive n- well a- a smercisn icincdv. It- vim e- surna-s anv lliins hcieli.l'ure known in' removiiiu' Si. Vitus' Oance, two 1 ol'le- have 1 ecu known to cure ihis afflicting di-e.i-o, afcr having lali'ed every exer tion for four year-. Il ha-a mn-t Hitcrful iiillucn' e in rctnovins nervous comiilaint-. It i- iilca-anl to lake nnd soca-y in it- ooraiivn,i1iat il may I cndmini-lered to the infant wilh safety. The al uvit Me hcinc i- very highly recomincnded I v many seicnlilic gcnlletiieu, nnd a large mnnlcr of ladle-,' who have proved tin; virtue'' of the Me Heine by personal us-an 1 thai of their families. A bill ofcerlifica'e- accomptinie- each bottle, with direction-. It may le ha I whule-ale or retail of S. Uritain, liarre, and J. C I'urnnm, l'a-t Willinms- lown, l. sole proprietor-. I reparcd troin tin-origin al recipe; tor .-ale ly I., il. 1 rcuU--', .nititpclier, aim J. & .1. II. Pixk &. Co, llurliiiirlon, and in the princi pal town- in the stale: all dire.'tiutis signed m th'1 handwriting of the proprietor-. jel!) SIIHUMAN'S COXJCJH IOZ KKU US. AHK the safe-l, mn-t sure and e.Ieclual remedy for Coiiali-. Cold-, Con-umiitioiis whooiuuvr Couu'h, Asthma, Tiahtne- of the Lmiik or chet, tVc. e-c The proprietor has never Known an in-iani i: wlicie thev did not give perfect -ati-liicuon. Several iliiiu andboxe- hae Icon sold within the la-t threeiiK.nih- rejtorins to health, oer-ous in almo-t every stase ol .niik noon, nnd iho-o lal on n ir tinder I lie mo-t di- tres.-niL' cold ami ciiU'-h--. Tlu'v do not cliecl; and lrv iiptliecou-.'h, bin lender it easy, promote expec toration, a av the licKMivj; or irrilalnai, ami remove tho nroxiinale or oxcilimr cau-e. They are made from a combination ol the mo-t valuable expecioranl or coush ii:edtciues, and ure imiloiil.tcdiv superior lo cverv thins in use for tbo-e complaints. Hundred upon hundred- of certificate- have I ecu oflcri.il of their woiiuerlul Virtue-, irom inose who nave teen saveu from an tiniinielv crave, and re-lorcd to perfect health bv iimiut ihem. Dosi:. One lozence i- a do.-e for an ailnlt, and may be repealed Irom three to six times a ilav, a-rerpuri-i. uiiiuucn, eium e.u year: old. half of one: four vear-a nuarler, and 'so in pro portion. Vcrv small cliildrcn or infant- will take them l-t dissolved in n little waler. Should they act i emetic, or produce nau-ca, the clo-o mn-t I u les-em' to what the stomach will I car. Half of one will gen crallv lc siillicieut to take I efore brc.ikf.i-t, u- the Momafh i- then mote ea-ilvsickemil. No ill e.Iect can ari-e from tin over do-e, a it will eau-e the s niach to rexvt it: and althonyli nut a plea-ant sen tion, will l.o found to give relief. Where there i much oain in the breast or side, one of Sherman', Poor Man'.- Pla-ter- should I o applied over the part. nnd worn till relieved. II allenile I Willi co-tivene , few cathartic or laxative Lozenge-, or any mild ca thartio meJicine, siiouiii le ii-eu a- oecaion require Sold at '.he Variety Slore, by J'ANGHOKN llRINSMAll), Jeweller-, llurlmgton, Vt. "pvOCT. MAKSIIAIjIS Aromiiic, Catarrh and J Headache S.M I hi- Min i I- -uperior to any ibinff vet known, for rcmovms that trouble-ome di ea-e, the Catarrh, and al-o a cold nt the Lead, and the liemhcbe. It onetis and nurses out all ob-li uction-, strengthen- the t.'laud-,and giu-- u hvallhy action to the parts adected. It i-pi rlecllvlrce Irom any llnngiieie-terio'i.- in its compo-ilion lias a lea-ant llavor, am' lis jmmeiliatee .cc, ai.er i.ciug uscj, is uii;;iccaijn;. tu,.r.n . i-m. hit I ottle. Don. Mar-hall'.- Ve-;eiablo Indian nirtel: PLASTER This Plaster i- tmrivalleil lor curing scroli.lous swel lings, scurvy fore-, i.amc unci., nun . i-. yn. Min.in it... -Mi'-. Iliu.nndLiin is; uud seldom fail- give relief in local Itheuiiiati-iu-. If applied to tli Mite.it will cure many in uiucuiiiimni iivir, v,.,.,..,, nnd i-e.-ioal, if not superior, to any ihmg m ti-e ft corn- on the feet ; the virtue- ofthi- Pla-ter have I et mi I I i- thousand- of individual-in the PlUti ,..i,n iniv.'te.tivl ii I'lllcacv. Sold hv the pro nrietnrtCha-.llowen.Middleliury, Vt. jelO rrOTlIU HAM)-IIHAIK1.V OTIIHUS M. J) .es any Know a iimaiuior or a mm i no n Iwen IJuld, mul who'B he"! i tiowroeipd wuh fi hir? One wli'i" ro.it ruu.ir was itnriru won ....a ii.i.iiitli liiiKhed eveiv hour which has now v ithpit rnliielv I Or one whore, hairs al euily line wptr ! !.... i, ,..ie roM'ied wilh scnif, hnu h would mil gmw, lhal are now growing the fnllesl nops oflmir I Some easts mum be known lo must pcifnui. A,k ihrm IliPfrtiise, anil jou win ' iliine- Imvp I""'" ,l,n "B ' I1' Bali of Co- For sale, wholesale mul retail, by J, J, F.CK & Co., Ilm liugiun, Vt. VAI UAIII.K ISVmiMATWN. -The In dian Vtzrlablc Villi ate a rpiiam rure lot .ifc in lis etcry i.iriety nf tin nt, hfc.uirp. they llio 1 I v ele.iuse llie sioiu.it li and bowels, induce a pto-ili.-i h u ae In ike luii"s, km mul kiilucv, and sli- nl, lie the blood lo pinify ilself. Ill oilier wolds ih n nil llie hi i in .i I ill. inn', mul le.ne NAIUttr. the and Phijficinn) iiee to dine dispose fioui llie bodv. The ubinu ouilcis, or ibaiits, ate tho coniiiioii uers of llie bod, tliiongh "hii'h nil moibid nnd I or- upt liumois (ilie r.in-e ol disease) an- run led u(f; mid Inni! they aic all kept open, il ml tli,eharcp fieelj lln'ir alloiled tint lions of iiiipurilv, the body will rim. luiiif in lien Ii Ii : but when fiom rullns ituproper lood, bre,iiliini impure air, sudden liunsilions fium licit to I, (iiei exli.tuelion or nnv oilier rpup, the bowels heroine rosme, the poms cl the skin heroine closed, iliekiilups fail t i pei firm ibcii liinriiuns piopeily. ilie iinpiirilies which slmuld be drained fiom llie body by llierc ouilets, w ill bp iclaiued, mid continue to an- uitiiiMle iiiiiiI llio linilj tieroines liteiuily lo.iueil won ifc. If ilie rlMiitielJ nl our tnigluy rivers flioutil ottip bloekrd up. would not llie aeci mu'aipd w.uprs fi ul new millets, or llie ennnlry become iuuiiil.iled Jimi ru wilh the huiiia i bodv ; il'tlie n.iiuinl dinins he me cloned, lliesiiigii.ini and cm nipt litiuiors will find nt in the unions foinis ofdifenre suih as Petpr, mill I'nx, Measles, KlieutiiiUism, Ooui, Apoplexv, kr. or Death will rti-J our cufTei ingi. Thciefute, hen sirknp.'s at the slnuiarh, pains in ihe baik mid iih', oitii k tiulce, bin ning skin, or any oilier linplra. .nil syinplouis, indiPiiiu lhal one or more of lh na. I .limns arc mil ilisrli.iiguig liepty, nun I lie runsti union is Hiiotit to cuiiiiiieiice a snuggle tor tne restoia lion of health, no lime should be lost in adminisiprini; fe Ini-k dure) uf the Indian Puigmiip (uiion l' geubte Pillt.) By so doinz, all llie luiiruoiu of iIip nlv will be lestoti'd to older, iml the loin Humors (ihe r.iuse of eery inllimitioii or p.iitt we tuffei) will be lemiiied in (n imv unil ii.nuinl a uuinner, lli.it the bodv w ill he tesloii d a if bv a charm. The above 1'ills may Ijc IiiM'ii at ALL nines mul under all cir- in. lances, with peifeei sifeiy. They ftt'tl all com pf.'ii'n'i .mil all aties, audatPin llie luuii in eon-iiliuion I: roiKfrnieniiy inc can nrnf r iniin f pen tne inosi dehriite. Like our food, thev ate diceslible; pl'oir: ihey enlt't inlo ihe ciieiilation and iniiiiil an iieiov in the liloinl, unit it enables il lo II iu won lire loin tpnie to llie exlteiuilies nnd cott-f ipiently lo keep ihe pines ofthe skin tli rn. 'I hey hip line and pel fei'l unfieis of the hlnod ; b rau-e they drain all coiiupi litunors fioui Ilia! Pie ttiMii Itiiiil. I liev mil siteii'lh and Vism to the whale fvsipui, and their ( f fiets arealwavs benrucial : liprame thev ouu retinue thosr humors whiili ate opposed to licit: Ii . !'hey aid and imnrote iliiiiviimi, and sound rlepp fnllnws their use: bceaiirfi iliev- cleanse the sioinnrh and bowels ol hos" slimy humours which nut only innate and exenr he iiciwiiis sysietu, bul paiulyze uud weaken llie tli- .-ine ni'iiins. In slinil Ihev posse's all lliev cnod pinpenies lhal can be claimed Iui any mpilic.inp : and lt.it Ins eiy tetnaiKable, it is ulipily mipos-iire lo u llieui willioui lietielil, alorc Ulan Iwehe tliunsaud persons can be rpferri d to, who lime bepn cmeil ol (iinplaiiiis ajipaienlly ol Hie most ilauupiuus cbarar.icr, ly liy Hie u-p ol lite inatan yextlatile rills Office, and general Depul lor llie Sale ef iheabop Pills in iho New Kngl md Suites, I9S I KF.MOiN I .S rill'.IVI'i near conn sitpet, Iliislnn, where ihey ran he had al wholesale or retail. Agents, hae been up. pointed for llie tale ofthe Pills in almost ctcry luwn in l-i gl.mil. All tellers rpliune to llie pills niusl hlrps-ed thus: "N E. Qfficr N. A. Colltse of Health, 198 Tretiiool Slnet, Huston . Muss. Il'irliii'.'lon, A. imiNSMAil). vood-ioci., naskeil fc Palmer S. Shafl-hiirv, Jonn Hoiiglilon Williain- sville. Charles W. Joy lleniunglon. J. C. Ha-welle Middlebury, Oco. 11. Fi-h liullaud, Win. Fay Dover lltrani liaidwin urattleiiuro, nirge, urockeit & Co Waierford, H. Cutting & Co. Newbury, 'renti hniht lielliel, Ntmnel Aii-ltn .ir. bnrms- lield, (jeo. Washburn Proctor ft l!ohiii-oii Lon donderry. Smn i ix lilazier llinlst-walcr. I lies So ilb'-Mie Chesler, Phincas O Sargent Wind-or, S. W. Hubl nrd K. Poitllncy lliekok & Mearr Common-. Samuel F.vert- Wilmmainn, A. II. Childs Mowe, All ert i;ontp ro-t .mil Jcreimaii wnioii Si. Jiihn-bur Luther Jewell We-ton John Wilder alerbiiry Per-ons Lyon Monlpelier William Uar;e l.ullow Jolin Dunlarnnd in. Kcailing- Wooil ci Merrill llartlord J P. Strong ii Co. Norwich llaxtcr it Newton Ilarnnrd J. II. Dan forth Itoche-lcr Charles Duld ChvenilMi A. Oil son aitdSoutjiiillore Philip Mnrlin Halifax J. C. n-ouo oc in c-tmm-ter Aaron llilclieoek Wcatherlftfld llaily llartlell I lartland Cotton ii Praiuble Pap fax. Hampton Lovcurovc. l'OIMVAIl)I. iSic. 1810 I lib mh-cril its will conliniie their biiinen n t opwaidliu: nnd Com mission Merchant ami Custom House AscltlH. nl the PortofSAl.MT .ioiiN3, Lower Camilla. Thev do not oiler their services "free nfrtii to those per.-ons iniere-led in trnilu wilh the Uniie.l Slates, but will endeavor to liiiike their nllention lo mo interest ol llieir employers worthy a reasonable rccoinpcnce. Having gotxl Whanes (at which the Lake Cham- ri.Al.i STF.AMI10AT3 will land) nnd excellent Slor.igc, together with ihe convenience of u connect liur llm Trad; wilh the Ciiamm.aI.v nnd St. liAwnr.xet: ItAiL-UoAn over the-e wharve-, ihey (latter themselves thnt, wilh fificen ve.tr.- experience 'in this luanch ol biiine, llicy wifl I e enable.) lo tlo much to lactliiale nnd eneourge' trade letweon the Fniltil Slates and the Lower Province. JASON C. PIF.KCE &i SON. Si. John-, L. C, .March, 18 10. Out ( HWrAI.NTSIII'.-.SPAFLDINO h MILL? J- have opcnoil n new Paint Shop on Chiirch-st, two doors south of II. Iiane'.s Store, where Ihey wd' do nil kinds of HOUSF, SHIP, SKIN and OAUHlAOl PAINTINli, in the lest po-iblu manner and on term to suit tlio-o who may favour Ihem whh their patron age. ICpl'ainls, Oil, nrnisli nnd Puiiv, con-iautly on hand nnd for sale. !(.(!. SP.U'LDINO. imriitmion, April u, istu. C II. MILLS. I jilt A NK lIN IIOUSH, ATTIIF MINFHAI 1 SPKINOS, IN IIIOHliATK, VT.-Tho subseri her leaving fitrni-licd and lined op, for the rereptitui ol company, the nhovuc-l.ihll-limcnt. respeclfullv tolicit the patronage of his friends, nnd tin! public genera'ly. The celebrity this spring has attained, the beauty ol its location being pitttaied in a plea-ant nnd healthful section of tho country together with the exertions ol Ihe -nb-eribcr to pile .-nli-f.iction to all, it is hoped will uiakeil a desirable -miianon for those who wt-h lo ninil lheiii-clve ofthe benefits of the medicinal wnlcrs, txu J a relaxation from the ordinary cares of I'l'-ine.-s. g. W. WOOl). Higlurntc, Juntj3, IS 10. gw ntJHMNOTOX COJIH I'ACTDHV. A X) large and general a-sorlineni ofCombs of .-urn nion qtMt.iTr now on hand niui con-lauily manufac turing nl llieaboveo-tahli-htneiit, and fur sale to the Irado at low prices. Merchants nnd olhers wishing to get n good article liirreiailing will find it to their ad vantage to call and examine for Ihem-elvc-. June 10, ISIO VILAS, LOOMIS and Co. SHIP by Old Trov Tow Boat Line, Cocnlie.s Slip. 1810. AOKN'I'S Ai.i.t:.v Wurxt.r.n, Lr.uv.inti CnocKr.n, 10G, Kro.ul-t. New York j Mooie ecStimp soti, Htvcr st. Trov; Win. II. Aloore. 7-1 (Juav si. Al- AYOUNC 1,AI)Y of gooil family and ofn lib eral education and who has n thorough theoreti cal ami practical knowledge of llie French and Kngli-h languages, wMms to lind a place either in a f.iuulv or ilia cominiliiiiy, n- a French teacher. Application-, (if bv Idler pos't imid.i 10 I e directed to Mr. Molt. Pro- fe or of Mii-ic, Uurlington, Vt. Jnne l. PAN:ilOHX & llHINSMAin, ofthe Varic7 stoic, nre ollenmr a great eariL-tv of Watclu-.. (blocks, Jewelry, Perf tinerv, Mu-ica'l Instruments, Curl-, Card-, Picliirc-,Soap-,'IIair Od-,Ua!!Or-, Knt'vc-, Sci or-, Cane-, Stock-, Cnti-, drawing materia'.-, wil low Waggon-, Chair- nnd ( radio-, Ca-tors, Pencil-. leanuii -o:iee t'ot- and L'rns; silver ware, plalcJ Ware, Lamp Wicks and Gla-se-'. Collar.-and lliwimfi Sii-pendcrs, Swords and Pi-lol-,Theriiiomeler-,Stalion- 'ry, ink-, i ourt t'la-ler j IJoll-, Hags, pocket liooks mil a great variety of lam y uncles to supply the wants and minisler lo tho gratification ofthe noiinnal tnd all who call at the Variety store j we are m "Ap ple Pie." order ready to an-wer orders or return ca Is at ihe variety store, P.wnnonv &. linl.v maid. I anyi Sidney Allen, Itoche-lcr; George I'avi-iV. Co, isniiaiu; I'liilip Allen, Ifiilaio: Uco. A. I iencli, IJiin kirk, N. Y. (icorge T. Camp& Co. liarccloua ; C. M. Iteed, Knc, Pa.; McNair At Co. (Vavclnml, ().; M. II. Ifos- Ac Co. l'orlsiiioulh, O.; II. N. At N. II. Cite-, Itlack Ittvcr, O.J Jenkins A; Tracv, Huron, O.; Ilarl cr Ac Hartley, Saitilii-kv Cilv, O.; ('hosier A: Slringhnin, Oelroit, Mich.; It. W.Tliu-, Toledo, O.; 0. S. Hazard, Maninec Cilv, O.; Wheeler At Por'cr, Si. Jo-eph-j J. (. Sleight, Michigan City, link; Daw.-on At llo-iuer, uiiiwaiiute, .j i-.. m. iceed, t-lucago, 111. jc.l.am "inn. pouhiim---, "i. w in. iinc. TP m WIXIlOW SASII-Ju-t received 15, 20 and 2 17 by !l ca-cmcnts ol -ash, a lir.-l fate article at 31 and 3J cent- per light ; nl.-o nil kind- andsizc-, fiirni-hed to order. Ticondcroga black lea I, a lirl rale article, for sale very low, together with a great variety ol other aril les ns cheap as can lc found at anv other e-lal Itsh- inetit in llie place. it.o. t ETr.uso.v CiltOCEKICS. ehel? vountr llvson Tea. 75 tlo Ily-oii-kiu, do, 20 I ngs pepper, 20 do Pimento, 40 do Co.leo SO boxes I'ipes 100 do liar Soap 200 do l!ai-ins AO kegs tlo -10 tlo Pure ginger 400 Mats C'n-ia St. Croix ltiini, Holland din, Signelte Hrdndv. Ilal- limore din, American Hraiuly, Chaiiipat'gne. lirown and Pale Sherry, Madeira and Sicily Madeira, Mar- eiu- Jintletra and .Malaga iine-, by June 7. J. cc J. II. PF.CK &. Co. BLACKSMITH. The subscriber having re cently moved from Albany, and comment cd tin. Illachsmiilibiisincs.-. in all it- form.', in the new sho on Madison street, near Follell At Uradlev's Slore, would re-pcclfullv invite tho inhabilanls of llurlmgton and vicinity to give linn a call, a- tie is nuiy jirepareii to do all kind-ot work in his line, on the shorU'-t nu- ticc, 1 et manner, and mo-t favoiable terms. He has for many year- pa-t given his particular attention to the Horse shoeing bii-inc-s, and farriery in an it lirnni-lii'.. 1- roiit tbe ong experience w ncli lie na liad, and the general information he ha- deriied both from theory and pranlice, ho feel- fully conlidenl in rv- -Miiiiiii'iiiliii" biiii-elfio the iiublic. He will le pre pared al all limes lo give In- personal attention loan kintl- ol won; in in- line ucu a- irouiug iiiP."" mul Rl..i.rl... Sliinwnrl:. Ate. All kind- ol edge tool made in tiio best inamicr and mo-t approved style. He tru-ts that by giving lui-ine hi- undivided attention, and the low price.- at which ne win lui-nuoieu to inr tiish work, to receive a share ofthe public palronage, ' JOHN SOKAG F.N. Ilurlinglon, April 10, IS 10. 1' t)(J CAHIN A.NKCIiOTKS and lllu-lraled inci J dents in the lite of (Icn. Wm. II. lI.int;t-oN, Co -ale at the liook -tore june 10 l. A. IIIiA.M AN new i:xsijAM coi;chi si rup, The rrputation of xchn-li Am now bicomi ntiblishcd at (At most sale anil tjteacwu remmy (ier uivovctcujot i.fi,iji:.z.,:m)sh';is,.stiiwa, WIIOOIMX; COI CII, SI'l'I 'l'INC. OS" I1LOOV, AMI A I.I. A5 TIXXIONS j' 'i'iu: i.x sv.s. 00 100 I)YK STUFfS. bids. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si. Domingo 230 do Log Wood Caiipcacby 2.-.0 tlo Fn-tie 200 do Nicaragua 40 do Alum 2.i do lllni; Vitriol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Aciif. Anna Forli-. Nilrie Acid. Carcuma. ar Wood, Peach Wood, Quer (h'lron Hark, Spani-h 'lotant and Ilengal Indigo, Lac Dye, NttitCall-, tires- 'aper-, Jacks, Tenter Huoks, Cream Tartar and Agal June 13. Ly J. & J. H. PF.CK & Co. IHAAC maiitiv'h rmwri,'. WL Ihe stib-cribers l.emg appomtcil by the Hon. Probate Court for the Di-irtct of'tirund Isle, ommi.ssioner.s lo receive. eSaiuhie did itud iidpi-t nil claims and demands of nil per-on.'-, ttgninvt the Cilnlc of Isaac Marmi Into of South Hero in said district, tlecea-ed, represenled Insolvent, nn-l til-o all cluinis and demands exhibited in odsct thereto j nnd si nu'iiiiis iroiu tne -j.i nay nav ot Juno A. J. 1810, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we d l ierefore hereby give notice that we will attend to ine iiii-ute ol our appointment nt the dwelling home ofLevi Martin in -nil South Hero, on the lir-t Mon days ofOcitilcrniidNovemlcr next, from ten o'clock A. M. mild four o'clock P. M. on each of said days. Halc.lal South Hero Jutie20'lt, A. 1). ISIO. ' J"9- HKCiOlt ADAMS. ) , WM. K. piii:i,p.s, Com rs ifllV i()(H)S, iioyv openitiK t on nddilioiuTi I1 a orimcni of various kinds of good-, nmong Ihem are Mezotinto llrushcs, Satin Head Ilc.td Hand-, "ir-npiinlln Lozenge.. Acecrileou book-, extract of llcrgitmot, briMol hoaril.grecn Specme c,Calt.t, new -inir pucnci limn., i ngm ueu nnle--, ele. A l0, a good a-orllitcnt of triiiiined and phu'n lint; S.ilin and I ombnzim; Slocks ; lien stilulner Stocks, (ig'd nnd plain some with I , cry nice and light for waini weaih cr; we have nl-o very narrow Slocks, sitimble for I oys or men. ..n, long -locks for tho-e who have argcNec-s, in a word ourn urlmcnt nf Slts-ks, Col lars and llo-oms j, very complc.e. For further par ticulars plcii'e call at the Variety Store. 1 I'.iNritiMiN- U Hrti-tiAin. IJAPIWt. C. OOODItlClflias'i'iist rccuicd from tho itiniuifaetiircts in .Mas-riclitisi tt?, a full supply of linen haiid-made, royal, iiiriliiini, Diuty, cap, letter, fnlio-post nnd luilrt nnper. of larioiis .ma' iticf, ns wove, satin, laid, gilt, olo. &c. for talc at man ufactures prices. June 30. qllli IlOOICSTOItl-: ofthe siib-eriler i- ipny fully X. replenished wilh a large ei.llectton ot liOi)k'S and STATION Kit V, recenlly sclc'lcl in the New York market. Particular paiiis ha- 1 cen taken in the a crttnent wuh reference to Honks adapted to sabhaili chools. The newi-l tnd lieMinn-have 1 n n seh.-i-ttd for this object, an 1 Lit rant's can now be fnrui-hed with any amount nl lue. i price-, l A. Hr. '.tA!l riiii:Tippi:cANoi: tkxt hook. Jim r-vcivd, X a lar.'u supply of Tiimc 'auuo Text Hook, made up of document-uud facts illu-lr.uius Gen. llarri-im's In-lory, diameter, service-anil opmion-. it i- warm:y lecniumendtil to the friend- ofb'en. Ham-on ihrouh out Ihe I'. Sinlc-, fur .-ale at the 1 on',; -tore. Janeiro. 1). A. llltM.N. CI.()Tllli:i:S. TAKF. NOTICF. Thc-nb-ciilei ul the Wniool,i Iron Foundry, has on band and for sale, a new TIHKLINCi lilo; made fir nariow Clolh,a tir-t rate mar lime, ( f the late-t tniprovct iciil, which will be sold cheap fur ca-h, or exchange I f-r Cloth. JliiSi: liAY. Winoo'ki Village, June 11, HID. TENSILS". ioo i; fiO d.) I fay ForU, 15 do Ma'nure Forks, 50 do I Iocs 00 do scylhe Snathes 73 do ca"-t nnd Cerman ;e."l Pcyil 's, cradli Scvthes, Sickle-, Plo tgh-, and Ploiuh cs'-tmi- bv iiurlingtoii, J ine 111. J.i J. 11. Prm A (V. OI'lHS, llilittg whips and Cnnc, n the Vuriety ' ' nitire. .lime 1 1. fANtun ns H HtilvsMAin. r toitsii iiAYirvKTTsrhy" I L J. A- J. If. PI'.CIv'. ifr CO. C IIIMJI.I'.S. 100 M. July 10. Pine Miingie. bv .1. At J. II. PLCIv it Co. TjUIIIIIANIC'SiSCALFS, by" July 10. &.J. II. PFOK'AiCo. LIiOUH. Troy, Ohio nnd Miehigiii, cun-tnnlly receiving I y J. & J. II. Pti.K At Co. WINDSOR KIFI.r.H, for sule ut the variety stote. PANIiliOltN ft IIItlNS.MAll). GUtlN'DSTO.VF.K, I June 7. J.&.J. II. PLCIf At Co. POV'I)I:I5.-100 lii'OsM J June 10. & J. II. Pr.rtc A- Co. OAltWni.l?; .SflOKS. afill a.-or'tnent pi-i .1 ree'd and for sale I y II. W. C 'l LIN & Co. WOOij TWI.VH for sale at IlOWAKIVri. m8 DHC;S AND .MFIUCINLS. A large im'p'v PiTl ree'd I y June 10. J. A J.II. PKL.'C A-Co. PD I'ASII KKTTLIenn-lanilv on hand by J'Mie 10 J. & J. II. PF.l'K & Co. r titon .v i W ertiwn 1 y il.ASy. ltedford, S irauae ami Clinton J. AV J. II. PFCK& Co. Q.'.LJHiATir.S. 40 ea-k-, bv - v -'me l!l. .1. At'.l. PKCJC & Co. pONs.HKSS WAT ill?, J supply ol Congress water, .May 20. ju-t receivi-d a ftcsb and fur -a'e I v tiF.l). I'l.TF'ltSON. WOOL rccened oll.er Cood, July 10, IS It). ill exchange for Hroadch.th and ut my Store nl Winon-ki ilhuic S1MNLV H Mil.tlW, T)OXVi:i'!.l. Tuscan and Knglib straw Honnets AJ of iho lalcsi fashions, lust rei ive.l and fur sale cheap l y P. I.'OOLITTLK. lOi.Ior. corn brocms J. At J. II. Peci: & Co. runt:; miirjv!. pah,'?. V- 50.ki2. pi -b'lie 10. patent Pads, 50 novruN n. i:. iiu.ii. Ifhl-. linrdtiicr Hrcucr-. bv Junel'J. J. At.1 II. PF.CK & C, BAH.V12S' new (leogrnphv, on the Cla ilicaticti -y.-temj a verve cfd work l"r -chr-ol-, pi-t ree'e cation idfor-d'cit ll IW.. tore U.IU I) A Hit VMAN MO!!!: JiV.W IIOOKS werela-l evenutg re-c-eived at ll.o IlooK Slore an 1 now fur -a'c very cheap by May 27. ij. A. Ult.VM AN, J5 ONN UTTS.J-i-l re eived -time new -haie-3 I'. i.-eiice lira d Split and color-1 Siraw Honuctt winch will le -old very low fur ca-h. July 0, Is 10. N. LOVFJ.At Co. 8000 3000 1 500 1000 1000 100 2.-IJ SALT. liit-h. solar Sail do steam do do line tlo tlo Turk- I-land do bbl. line tlo do dairy do tlo coar.-e no 200 sack- dairy do by J. ifcJ. II. PnrjC&Oo. QA Slicctlng, Slilititig, VrinU, &c. OVJ bales -1-1 brown sheeting, 5 do I do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 cn-es 4--1 bleach .Sheeting, 10 do, American Print-, for sale lii Jtine 10 VILAS, LOOMIS and Co. SONOS OF TIIF. l'LOPLK. Log Cabin Song Hool; Icing u eolleition of llarri-on and Tylor Meloilies eiiibclli.-hed with a neatly engraved Portrait ofden. Wm. II. Harri-on, and a view of Old Fort Meigs, for sale at the lioo'.; store. II. A. JJlV.l.'l.l. Hurl.ngton, Suno2G, ISIO. STOHI2 TO IjF.T, at Winoo-l;i illage, the stote recenlly occupied by Laihrop and Potwin will 1 e let nnd p'o e ion given imimihalcly, npply to the Mtb-cril er- comer Church and ( ollege st--. Jbir luiglon or to Gideon Laihrop. MAYO & WAIT. Hiirlington, .May 20, JbJO. i i nnn iaith a oils. IUjUUU 11,-. dry white Lead 100 ca-k.- ground do do Li bbl-. Venetian Red 10 ea-ks French ye'low 50 bbl-. American Lin-ced Oil, 25 do Spirit Turpentine Copal Vnrni-h, Cold Leaf, Sand pnper, 5mall, Urn-he-, Clue, Gum Copal, bv J. AV J. II. Pr.rrc AV. Co. Ckli( XaIN, Dtnils ?; Ainrrlcau Iron. ZAJ) keg- Nad- from 31 lo 00d 250 do llrad-fiom O-i tu0a Hor-o slice Iron Scroll and I lame do all sizes Hand Iron from 15 to 4J inch Pound do do J to U '1 Spiaredo 5-0 to 3 do J. AV. J. II. I'r.cK At ( o., June 11). Agents for Kciicville Mancfaeluring Co. u v nr. caTmv ami Ii.HD cim: i .'. XJ few log i-abin llu-im Put-, with the 1 arrel n Hard Cider "mighlv bandy" and "iho string ncvci pulled in" iu-t liui-hed anl fur -ale at the variety -lore. 'Mav28. . P.iN;r.rr.N Jc Huin-maid. PVTKW COODS.ihenncrll.ancver. II. W. Cat i. " lin & Co. mo now re- rivmg ti new a trimtut of I'rv dooil-, to which they mine llio al'ciilien rf pur-ch.i-er-. ' Juno 4, 1810. lir UV GOODS. Sidney Harlow ha- received j Ii general a-v.niiicnt ol good- at hi- old -tore on I 'ea i k til red, i hich will be sold chi tit enough. N. H. Wool receiic-l forgootls. Hiirlington May 23. GtIAS-i. Ilitrbngton, Vermont, and F-ex, Cyhii f dcr liia , made et the Ch,ini.!aiu lila wotks, and vcrv Itlll.-li intproicd in tiii.ibli .nmpnred uilh the .'ate brand-, for .sale by J. A. J.'II. PKCK At Co. TT.IM.IIVA ("ItKAl urslinving.cl.inlieillto--V in, Warnn's le-t .Needle-. Silver ThuiibJe-! and lots ol new Goods, opening nt the Varidv Slore. .MaySil. PAMiUOliN & lllflNSM.MH. T OT. Tin-person wliofontu! a WATCH CASK IU yc.-terdav nl Wjlliston, will please leave it wilh tne. owner ami receive lus reward. Uurlington, July 10. DAVID RUSSKIJ. WANT MI), a lad In or 1G years of ngc, to tlo chores about a huiisc. One of pood moral character and steady habits, will be directed to a nood situation, on application at this office. July 15. DK. II. A. fiAFVI.V. lately rctitrncil from Fnutce, resjiecll'tilly oll'. rs les s riiccs to tin' ir.ericari public. Office 'uppu-itc Mr. P.us.seH' Hotel, m the house lately o.'.-ut'n .1 hv Krael 1'. IlichnriUoii, I'si in lVarl-st. Jliiihn..ton, Jcly 10, ItilO. lm.jyli NI.OVI2LY Co., have just ree'd Irom M-w . York, mid are now o'lering for sale at still fur ther reJiiccd prices, (or ready CASH a more complete-n-ortment of fancy and olhcr Gooni adapted lo the ea-on and the time- than ever I dure among whieli tiro manv new arlicic- never tsuorc oucre-i in tin- mar- Also, a new supply ol tila-ware, Lroei.cry and Lookiiig-dla-.-e Also, I.ngli-h ( iiiranl-, I'riinc. Dry drocer.'ej, Mais, ltii ia and oilier Carpeting, 0, Cloth fur Table-, Floors, and Lining-, etc. More no .;, Jiiiieiuxi OTICI'.. Hrokc into the inrloure of tlto sun scriher on the fifteenth of June, two marc?, one bite, the other bay. The owner n rcinicsleu to prove property, pay charges and take them away. Vestiord,.lniui'M, 1910. TltCM VN C. lUHTON. I.xtuiiti -ask i uosi: who know. I luire milk uliiifhuniv bv llial ni iiniiii.li.iie nbser- lalirui, fan fuiin any idea nf i lie t flecis, nf llie peifeei lelief, of ihe uluiusi rli, inn, like fines elferied in cases of lilts l'lt.15. Hlll.U.M A T1SM, till SWKLLISOS, Hull all I'Kiriii.il I'AINS, no mailer how reieie, by llie use of 1 1 .n s' 1 .in i inc ii i . Kind oiih who has used il'lhai will uul laud il nli. ne all ihinjjs pier ured, nnd jnn will find what cannot be fniind, or llie relief ol suffer. t ii g hum in beuijjs ulin inaj be nfllicicd, I beg jfiu lo n-k a-k ol lliiirii ului Kiiiiw nek Ihe lion, Al.riiF.U CosKI.IN, U. S, Judgu fur lhal ilislrinl, tesiilitig near Auburn ; nrk AUTllirw J, Myf.iii, F'li. Alliens, N. Y ; a-k (ien, Duff Unr.r.K, hue uf Washiuiiiiiii Zmbia. Of20)e.us(!.i.ivih is this tuiicle, its del,,, f mv' . '.. ,.-i,iallv some died per cenl. linn &:;vd,,, X ' r,il .nV lM. iH .u!u Ihehairif u-ed ... .uu Lxiet l inuiP Ihm iherefacs he ivaiiU'd-"' m e'recot, nda.iu ' ' liliiy, uneiptalled h ')' "'"'' 1,1 U ' ''"h . ' . i -bt y Ibis iiriicle. Kuy and ..e.e.i " ' ' us ii'C, or ,r bald .es.ote I.. L ulu s. ...lend in i u lre.'in farhinn dih. bfit a.e using ... th 7r ealll fi Inr .he IoiiH. l-uns hair is le.y pl T, , I. ul L'Clies, use I he II .Im of Cohimb .. in tune in sue l ,01 U's .he.bsiiraro.il l...ld.ie.s li ...gteel f.fy.mr ie;;;'' " i nl V, iMsdidniicdjou ,.,..' Ih.) II Inr ,. will UU.I U j.trir.N TO UK IlKMKMlir.ltl.D. , ,fi fl.ia.aH alirinpish.ie been made It. " V i i nne Ituhn ol Oiiluiiim.i. ""i m mi nnpimirrs ii. li - i.v.u, ,,r.i,i!iii.i. mul risii en riiy, each nf ihe.e semifine n kiuiw ofcasrs iiiieiiii.pirr. able liy mi oilier tfine.l es or physicians, Uun'tli ineti fir many lears, that hsic been cuieil by llie, use uf llie rjeiiuinr llay't I.inimtnt, 'I'll lusniids of other prisons kwuv siinil.tr cities. We appeal in their .ense uf ill's tne iheii luuuiin feelinjs. jcyil i hula duly )nn owe to imir suflVriug lellniv.bt'tntis to let this ureal ifine.U be hiitiivu, Speak of il ihrn In all jour fi leads This Hill sale itiiirh pain nhrie llm newspapers me ien read, or where leaders me iiininlulous, because so man) Murili'e-s unifies ure u.Uerlbe.l fur llin siiine purpo.e, Ti, (inters we say , if nil who h.ne used it tin uul say il isbi.-yiuiiliill tunire, then tin no. lake il The pmpi It-tor w ill tin. it. low this article lo be pud fur unless II rui es, lien nil ine inierii.ins me fully ,ill.n, ...I Will uu. nne .uflerinv ipfnse n. nv In uv h 1 IM dues, he tituhl In bn pilit-d inoie ur his obstinacy il,,,,, Ins nifl'et me. LpUr. Hays ivniild neirr runseiu u, ulfer lids i.nie.le, ucie he mil rnmpellril by his semenf mural -ul lehi-inus ilnlv lo du nil In hispuner lurtliH urtiins nf tlisiuss mid' misery. For litis pnrpii.e hr wim'il snuiier deuce a futliine. linn serine ii dollar fur any ivnrlhlfsi n.lirle. LTP.OOr Of7'.-Hnine .HiinHeis hate cniiniei felled lies . .inch', and pal ! wuh iiiriuiis deiircs. Du nnl he inipoK'd upen. One iliinir nnU will uriiiri I ion il Is ihe naine of Cnmifoeft ff Co ', lhal name mnsi he iiIiviiib on I lis ivrupper, or ,, , .,!. I)n nut fiiieet il. Take this ilui'ts lion wuh )"u, mid iel by thai, or never buy j for it is PltKl'AnK.n ONLY HV TIIF. SOLK, J'KOPIIIKTOI DANlliL GODDAHD, No, 8 Gold St, NKW-YOItK. In nrssentlnir lids useful remedy to llie nu'jllc. the Try. nrletnr Is alllliurli'.l liv n l'llVnil 1.111. fl 1.1.1 II hi. Ill tllC HcclPQ was coiifulentially titiialnecl, to utile, thnt In) has used It himself, mul In Ids extensive pmrure In l'lihnonnry uflec linns, with astmiislun; rtTerl. 'J'he linppy ciiniMiuiliun ol vegitatile sulsiances, of which it la entirely composed, nre peculiarly adapted tu diseases of the Lungs, Liver, nnd Tliis medicine has been ucd very f xtenslvrlv, find the prntitiiior bus not kuuwn a single instance hi which It has l..il.,l I., ,.l.,,,. i,.,,r In ,llaen-sriir W'lilrll It is I rCtlllinicnd. til; .veil In cues approiiciiiup tu cuiniiiiipunn, intended with lilcfiliiig ul t lie Liuign, uud where, all oilier n ine. lies had failed, tho inosl ili iiiled mid lltiiieriti; success hae tilleiiileil In use, Comuiull rulds, which nre penrrally UlS cli'ert of iitisiructetl perspiration, will yield lulls liUluenee III 11 lew hours i when Urt'U in esiiuna, u..rsci.vss, uci... lag, and slmrliirsa of breath, it gives Itutneiliutu n lief, pro. curln? tranquil rest mid sleep. In whooping rough it is without a rliul, Il operates with ren.le expectoration, and nnv lii- 1-K..11 111 1 1 f 1 1 4 wilh lHTlWl B.lfilV. f he renulne New Jhigland L'uuch hyrup will be en fiiiptd lu a hill of directions, inclosed in an engraved wrapper, bearing on il die signature nf the proprietor lu Ids own liiiml writing. 'I ho hi ttle will he st aled and Haniped en the cork ' New I'ligl.tml Cough Syrup 1 A few of llie many rei tificati-H in lai or nf lldi Syrup which are in possession nl the Proprietor, ate added tor the perusal of those wlinttiay lie trouble.) williuiniilar complaints. Mrrs. Hoffut, 1'tiimmtrS,- Co. Ctnttcmen-JiUtt having tried, by Ihe recommenilnllon of my frieiuU, almost every medicine fur a rough, without the haft relief, I had recourse to your New England Cough Syrup, and am enabled in say, wilh much thankful ness, inai it nas c li rc il ineiu onroi tin) mini ontaiuaie rougus I ever knew, anil shall feel It p. he a duly lu rrcmnmeritt It tu every one whom 1 lind hi need of so valuable a inedl cine. Yu.irsiespecifully, JlMlon, A'or.SO, IBM. JtJlIN V. STKVENS. I have the satinfacilnn and pleasure of iiilniinlug )nu that the bottle nf New EnghinJ Cough Syr.tp, which I pio cured of you on the UM ol' April has eutirrly relieved me frntn a very sc ere ruugh which had nlllictetl me for a short time pan. After using a variety of incdliMne, mul finding nn perinaneiil relief, 1 was iuduced by llie advice of my friends, to iry your Syrup. The, result I have, already slated , il succeeded beyond my expectation t and I cheerfully recommend it usii vety valuable iiiidlclnc fur nil those who may bo allhcied with similar conipliiiuin. Yuutsresptciriilly, OlIAHLJlS ItUGOLES. HoHmi, .'lit,' i, ISM. II glies me great pleasure In be alls n ttihl my testimony In faver of your New KnghiiiJ Cough Syiup, two hollies of which lulling entirely curiil my rough, which was so severe that my physician uilvUul tne In spend llie ruining winter in n soiilhern rliinnlo, hut llio Cumulate llio of llie Syrup will pieeluile the necessity, Jlntoit. (ichttmiitr . 1R3I. '1 he Proprli'tor wiuild mhl. that b Is constantly receiving nHiiii ri.ua leaihuoulaU ol llm mluo uud clhcaey uf lids j ne anove article is snia wholesale in 1HOUHKIIM. The euliscriler ha a full .-upp y V.T ,ircr,.cciii-.. iiu-liidimr cosniao Urandy, common do. Holland nnd Dallimorc Out, Si. Croix ami low- price I Hum, Port, .Madeira, u.ampaisne, .ii-eai, l,.l...n mul oibc r Wine-. Mola-rc lea-, Colliv, ( hocolate, loaf, lump and brown S.ii-ar.-', lticc, 1 epper, Cinnamon, Nutmese, All-uiee and oilier -pic.'-, Ciwr.-. Tol tu-co, Macl.erel, CODFISH, le-t kind for 3 per 100 lb--. Ami mo-t oilier arucic- i i - '" tu nitv cnnil.-s. nil of which will I e sold ns cheap a-at any other place. The Lupior- will I e warraulinl ci-il,.. I, ..i nnnlitvinleniled principally for MipplyinK Tavcrn-K'eeperr-, who will hnd it for their inlt're-t tu call and examine tliem. '-lu lhtrlinslnii, June 10, ISlO.tf TVTAYO A Yt AIT liucr.-luruellromr.ew i or.. IM wuh their Mitjily of spring mil immcr duel-, laid in at ihepTe-eni uiiu-tial fun rwe- w m n nicy mo irepareJ to .-ell a cheap ai can ic inn m "" """')i ,uvcr are re-pedf tllv Mihcile I in call and receive the proof, al the -loru recenlly occnpie I I V ''"h"''!,' I'olwin comer ol i mtrcii aim . .ni. iit--i- "..) BOOTS, SMOKS & I.KATHF.U. The suberihrr havitt" taken the ftoro formerly occupied hv AT.,et.u i.',;,n.i ,r. Il'.'iiniie. istioiv oneniutrti IT. nernl 0Xr.!.',oni'.,r i'.nnta. Shoes and Leather, which haic nil been boiiLdit for ca-h and will he fold for the same the lowe-t prices, anil as iiicarucic.i me n . uniir ...mil .ii in nn m vrrll-cltlCIlI. aitllOllilll .III -.a cvhaKeiilarL'cil his paper. I would simply invite all to call ntnl eauutie the gootis aim prices uciurcp.ucua. im. iKewhere. .-,,.,. cTincnv Diirltiiton, July 1, lbiu. ' -"''-. by K. J. .Stimos, Avent. N-;V SCHOOL OKOtJJlAIMIY AND ATLAS WITH Ol 'TLI MI. MA PS, by S. Aimcs ..,Mir ii. Tin. nnthor ot the nhoie work- has I cen prolW-ionallv devoted l the -cicnec of Heo'y and the puhli-hintfof-Map-', during many year..-and hi foruier production-, e-pecially his Map ol ihe orld lor icauciiik's, rear iimpm -i ;j , dant rc-onrce.-, upon which he ha- so III crallv drawn, in prod icnii! the above ,-chool wur is I be lullowiti'.' extract ofthe Ceo'y and Alia--, i-from ajomt rec.ui.- llicndalioit Ol llie leai'iici . in in-- . t. n-i-i ..... ...iniernii- the dc million-, remark able i, lain and eouci-c. '1 heexerci-e- arc ..-opiou- and iniporlillil, and the ile-criptive i- luminous mvl correel i i ,i.....,iU. th.'i- rc.illvexi-t nt the pre.-eul lime. And the (,'ro-s mi-.-tnleinenls ceneraiiy Iti tin 1 i-ciioiu Leiui ii '...-, - - -- ... , il execiiion i.- un couunoiily neat and di-lmet, indeed ..... -.i... .- ....-I., nt i in kind, mul ne ma v tieiii- wtth iiilormation." The ontlmu .Man- are peculiarly cl.. n hni'. to i-icret-e llio siuuciii in in- -i'"";.. ." ; - till up at hi- leisure. For sale IM' C. OOOPHICH C tiI(Ij HtnVAHD. of the Cheap ca-h store iV 1.,,,,,.. from New York la-t evemmr. ) ll.o splendid M.eamer Wh.iehc.ll, I ' al'' broutrhl Willi linn nn uiiuni....... - ...nl. i.u u..n farmer uurcliarc ol tin- tcaon mai.c AVie Vorlt, hv the I'rnnrletor anil nil the ihurclsts uy itensuaw k ii urn, aiayiiaru k by liinir. TliMiniuon, J, U J. W. Smith, 0, W. Unrneiitrr. find A. l'nlli ruin. Ir. by It. II, Cub man Si Co., Wlihakcr fc Philadelphia, Baltimore, jiarini, iinu ii. a. N, I'oppleln, jr. Clntlnnall, Ohio, by Clascoe h llarilsnn, and Allen, k Co I'HlttiUrqn, i-eirii, uy -luinrs m uonnuiaKcr k wo Hew Uilinim, by Nathan Jarils. Hlhanu, N. 1 ., by Sands Si Shaw, Montreal, I.. C, by Geu. He"t. Halifax, N. 9., by JI L'. I'nedliam. at .X.Ans. N. II . hv W. (). Smlih. And fold whrlesal" bv the (lrugglits onJ ffMhtttrltl pnerslly iluouhoul tbo Cnlied iuicn the a-sortintnt a IIDiret ier onu ui iuu i.iu-i ..i-.i... . .- -elect f rom Vif iui y That he has heretofore had for .lie la-t c.sh.cen year,, and is of the follow...!? kind-, viz t nch. fa-lnonable, fancy and Maple article- in every tin- f ne. me t as iiroa'temms, ' X r. ' VcZ. h J-. MoitM line do laine-, (.'bally S I;-, Homl.ii7.ine-, t...uii. . - . li.bbt.tis Fnibroiderie.., llo-ieri-Cdove-, Ian-, I 'm- ircllns Para-olls, etc., wit in I m mi -" ' ' ,nd Siraw llounrls, nnd Millenary (.ood-; also a pelinti-, Maltmu's, Paper Ildii','1.1, Sh.s ,,nd Hat trWier with nil tlits heavy .lc-er,it.on- ofdon e-l.c am t il er ood-, MiC, a- Shcitnirs, Vafn, Ihirlnp V, o Twine, Co The Crocl cry, Lookina (.la.-mul CI,., iallerv is al-o repleni-hJi the Cutlery, I anl iviirouud llo.ise with Ihe olhcr stock o.lhaml, H ''-' ''f f'' J r, licle., such us Toys, Jewelry, C-iinbs, L, rl-, ot f v lioua.v, etc. etc , which fills one hundred Ice ffsl ov ca e m lentil on Ins couuiers h innumerable, lit lointiand picture, gallery i .uuiiuui nimu-... ho di-plny of (iotsU under n Mroni: lijilit, nu.l ihe use supply of Mtpcrior family .'."J..-11' 'ml'f ho Sla I. if Life, Itwhoder cily Mill Hour, make iiaud llaz.itir iheaiiciirh store, one ol llie imi-l I i, i it..... ii lip.nil .1 v nrriln ..... .ii.!.i..!.r(:.,iJ',,,i,lerti Uronir liufil. nnd Ihcn ll Inrso Miin.lv of Mtocrior family .-.rinvries hiucd upon ihoSlnd (iiaud I! l I., nil, from will, all and every knul of nrlicles ll.at may ! -... ... i.ii.i.. nt for niniircinenl mul itraliuc lion, or with n do ire to convey the niusl pleauif in lelliiteiico lo frienil', ol titc piace wtiiru I've, ... ... . Ihey may desiiu lor ihobc'lcrnuT of appeanccs, tiddin L .....r.r.i I in ii is n.N'c,!urv wauls, ma? 111.1 mdaMdoi e . in few wrrl , as lvonlv Mtyfng f'' ' ' , ' ? 'ai. whatever and whenever yo'i w.,h lolmy fW.i. Ij'r ea.'i " gotollOWAlU). litifU'Jtf'n, Vl.Jjito II, A. D. l-W BIMSTOIj IIOAttl), 1'iauiiiu- paper and Pencil-, llnl'innt n-1 llm J, blue lliu.i, pi pan mk, and l.idic- and KCntleitien'- stci-l pen-, n-t received from New York, and ier -ale bv S. IICNTI.NUTO.S. t r.lle.'C M, June 2o, IS 10. ST11AYHD, from the ttib-erihcr on the lMh inst. n red cow. rather low in IUpIi. with ..it horn .iw- cd olf. Whoever will return hrr t-hall he uitaMy reward. ,1. JI. L. IlliNNF.TT. 1'urlmqton, June 29, la10. B to tim: imiiu.u:. riSTfiN- and TltOY lltON COMPANY. Tie .,..1,1,.. nn. lu'fi'l.v noiilie l. that the biisine ol -,.tuin iu every I ranch and variety, i- done to order, ... ,i,...i,nrte.i notice, nl Tmv. Vt. '1 ho company hac much cnlnracil their luuiriry, nnu are imw pup..... ... .i nil bind- of work done at nnv foundry in ih nnritrv. .11111-ire.lritlL', rot rt-ll ni-iu.-, . on... -, Plnii-h-, Axletrce-, & :, on hand, or furnifhcJ to order, .it it-tin ve!. h 111 ciiiitr.ici for stove-plate-, or to pur- h,i-c.ilnri;eipiaiiiiiy ot iinpow-wurc, iur iw pi.r(i..-i of retnilimr, will I c furni-hcd at wlioie.-aie irice ami all who may favor u-wilh llieir call-or frier-, will l,..,li Ia-n- 1 il era 1 1 v a - al any e-iaoii-muciii in us n.l.,.. -Ii.'ml ! I .. nddri... r.l to K. 1!. Cro-- man, Superinlendant, or A. Yiiumr, Au-ent, Troy, Vt -ivure an cany repiv, ami prouipi .un.iu.uii. Troy, Yt., June 13 10. --iril.Ij YOU IIUKIIAVUIJ nt i.oncya new Dre-iti'.'ltoom. I, Lonev the iindersisncd, would Now intern, llie public kind, Tint haviiv.' left church street, In Howard's Hotel can I e found. He will not 1 oa-this barter -kill, As Ihi- ihe pnl lie h ns have known, Hut I es- to ask their ciifiom -till, For tlilligcncu he i ichls lo none. When he that would unto hi- fare And hea I have -tcrtins pt.-iice done, I'rny don't nurlnkolhe proper place, Put call upon Itr.M Lont.t. P S Clolhc-carefuHv cleaned in order. Perfnm erv of nil kind- eon-innlly on Hand andior .le. Durlinuton, July 10, ioiu. . CASH 1-AID l-'Olt WtlOI,. 'llm -tth-criler will pay ca-h, on delivery. IV r coo l clean fleece wool, eeliveretl at the r.ld -'nre oceuiued by II. II vile .V i o. nt r'h we-l et ruer ol Lolleirei.rcei:. Uurlin-ion, Jane 10. HAHKY DKAIH.IT, PrOTK'i'. Came into theencln-ttre of th'" -nb'eri 1 Ier on llie IS'h in-t. il 11KI) COW, about eurtil .hs old. 1 ho owner is reiiue.-le I p. p-vbr mlvir ..p.-and tal e her away, JOSEPH COOK. j.ir!in2lon June ,23, l'i0. 30 he TO1JACC0. nl'iu'T.d a.v... 10 1 ove- Cuwndi-h do CO uaH si ;e-sheep do 00d Ihi. Leaf do. .!.-. I y J. & J. II. IT'CiT iV Co. i nnn spekm ou.. .LVJV.J crllon- uniP r S.icrm Oil. June 2000 1.-.00 fall rcfiucJ tlo. J. cV .1. II. Pr.Ce. Co 45 OILS. bl.l-. American Limed Oil, 10 Tierce-fall sperm do 5 do . iirer do do 33 bbl-. reline.l do do J.cv J' II. Pr.rrc it Co. iXTOTICi;. Ah pcr-on- uidobtcd to the late lirm i oI'Lailirt p, Potwin and Wait or to Mayo an. Wait al their -lore at winoo-ki illaae, are herd y no ttfiedto ma1 e payment ton at our f-tore in liurlinc; ion, corner Church and Colleee streets . ' MA Oa nd WAIT. s500() TIN' YAU. Ten nun rl Pan-, is io m c no no 2300 pail-a ortcJ M7C-, p;rilicf ivitliabrce and cciii'mI a"orimeni ot all l.tn I- of ware, now lu han I and rbrs.'ilo I y June 10. l H.A-, i.oi sti.- ,'i i n, HTATF OF VFUMO.NT, 1 f AIM , probnie court oft hilteudcn, To nli'pcr-o.i- to whoin U.eejire-..ns K'.U HOLT, Riiardian of Caro'nte L. Newell and Nalhamcl M. New ell, infant-, havnp.' reprc.-en'ed i. Hit, court thai In-mid ward- nro .c.jso I in their own ri.rht in fen as lemint- m common ol Uvo un. iVuliM third- of one midivide I lif Ii of lifiv acre- of and lyma in Clmrloilo m tne couiiy .a v.n,,i..,i - -nine uud cinveie.i 1 1 ii.uui'ii " ,' ,"'.,,' Nnlliiuicl Newell, and i- a part ol 'h" lands set o.l to h, alow Polly -Nee!l a-a parlol hyv .lower m I;.. amcluud c.nveie.1 1 v Honsom.n . " J" J"w w nh mid Nowell, and i- a part ol 'ho land- "'i ;'" f I' m!.. Naiha.cl Newell, decea-eh whud, if i- t..-r -oflandis-ii'j''''l io the srud widow's r u-l.t f, , wit I c e,,., and .hat a snlo of iho in.crost .. lu sai'l wards iu sal'd land would com ice to their I c-t in- 100 TIN' PliATi:, Aa 1 oxes Tin ulate. .. 20 do 1 A simnruilo 100 bundles Iron wire, n.eriel no., toj-etltcr with a jreneral a orimcni of Sheet Iron, Copper, ltiv il, e'e, for -ale by .liino 10 VILAS, LOOM IS .V Co. 70KUlfi.V IIION'-ANI hTLFL. Fn-li-h Iron I. from IJ lot! niche-1 I!us-ia eld snllo lrn; do new ih tlo; Sweelcs.hj Hoop do from J lo inch; llr iricr'.- ItuN ; Sprint, ea-t, ccrtnan, mvi-Ic- r,ud Fncli-h bli-lcr sleel i I 'art an I wn?.in 1 oxe-, fmi-hej cm barf, I y June 19. J. it J. II. PLCh' A Co. TIOOTS A SllOliS. 1 ) The mh-cril it has now on hand a ecncral a orluicnt of HOO'l'S and SIIOIIS, oflhemo-t fa'hionil.le style, and thorough workmaiirlup, which he odcr i cry low for C.s, ' 1-. J. FAY. N. It. All kind-of measure wort; done at short no lice. Hiirliitjlton, Chnrch-fct May 23, UMO. CKIIil i'AlK (iUi:i:N. The Mib-eriler will r. nl ti'ii-l uul onS.il.ir.lay Ihe 1 Ith tnsi. 1 o'clock, p. M., nl David lii di'- oil'ic, Ihcdra-NOn College On en. Ai -o,thc tira-- on iiiueaert- of hind lyin back ol the coliivo'iinldinc--. A. FOO'l'l', Ajtctit ot V, V. I) irlinu'iou, .1 ily 0, 1110. J)ITJ(lCT CONVKNTION. Tu ptirstinncc of a formal call, the Frcomcn of llio r1ottrtli (Joiiu'rosfiotial District assitjinbicil in Convention at C'atnhriuVc Iloroujrli, on tho lfttli July, 18 II). 'J'lic Convontion was calico! to or liy Wm. Wi'slim, ono of tho District Committee;, who f-tatotl lltat for flit; mI;c of cxprjilitinp; bui. nr.--, llie fcvera! Counl y Cotninitlcon had con. Miltm loucthor mul rcpdrtctl n list of oftlcorsfur the consideration of the tnootiiifrj which report was nt'coplcil, anil Ilie follmvinp yentloiiicn wcro iiiianiiooiisly olr-rtptl rilliccrK of fliu Convention : Hon. K.RA MKHCII, l'resitlent; J. D. FnNs woinn, Wii.i.iAM I.. S(iivt.i:, .losnni Water man, Kxr.A Joiis'sov, V.co Presidents ; .losEri: Poi.ANn, I. Jt. Wilt-mo, Nathan S. Hill Wm. I.. .Stp.ono, .Secretaries. On molion, Voted, Tliat a commitlco of thrco from each town be flio.;ti to f-olect a snitablo candi didatc t represent thi.-i District in Conirfesand an . lector of President and Vico President. !'. il, That tlio delerratos from each town ha rei'iicritud (o meet and cliooso their FOvcral com tnitlrpp each town Imiiiif entitled to throe votes. Adioitrnod ono half hour for the nurnose of clioosinp; tho town committees. Convention met, ptirMiant to adournment. On motion, voted, That a cominitteo of five brt appointed by (he Chair, to draft resolutions anil an address to tho fieeinon, for the consideration of this convention : And the follmvinn named gentlemen were an. point :u : A. O. Wluttotnore, Orlando Stevens, William cbtun, 1. Ilili, Edward A. Stans- bury. Un motion, "iiljotirned till 2 o'clock, P. M. two o'clock, p. 5f, Convcnlion met pursuant to adjournment. The cominitteo on nominations', through Mf. 8 ift, their chairman, reported tiic followirtr res. olution : llcsahcil, That this committee recommend tho Iinu. Auijiistiis Vounir ,n a candidate to represent tins Distnct in the next Congress of the United State.0. Which resolution was unanimously adopted, and the Ho-;. AUGUSTUS YOUNG, was nominated as a emdidate for the support of the freemen of this District at the ensuing elec tion. The nominating committee further reported the name of WILLIAM P. r.RIGGS, of Richmond, a.s a suitable candidate for Elector of President and Vice President for this Dia trict.f Which nomination was unanimously con firmed. Mr. .'Jtatrbury, from tho committee for that purpose, reporto'd a hcric cf resolutions, and an addre?!--, which were read nnd unanimously ac rcptcd, and subsequently adopted as CxprcssivO of the i'onso of tho convention. RESOLUTIONS. liesohnl, That the political crisis now ap proaching in the affairs of ibis Nation is fraught with most momentuous interests to the People, and that it behoves every friend, not only to his Countrv, but to himself, to ponder well the con- sequence, of the vote which lie casts at the ensu ing election, Jtesohcd, That we rcmrd the nasa!TC of thrj Sub-treasury liill as the consummation of a deliberate plan to nullify the oft repeated cypres--sions of the People'.-will, declaring that lii 11 in expedient anil obnoxious, and that it is now ren dered the duty of tho People to unite in crushing this tnoiistnr in its infancy, before its rapid and gigantic grow th shall place it beyond the rcacli ol the Uon.-titution.il correctne. Iii-tihiJ Further, that we regard that bill as a most ir.uid.ous and deadlv attack upon the lib erties of the Peoplr ofthoi-o States, aiminir as it docs at the establishment of a gigantic Gov ernment I3.ui!; controlled by the Executive through the creatures of his "will, and by him made to subscric by its overshadowing influen ces, the purpuscs of personal and party aggrandizement. lirsuhcd, That wo see in tbe vonalitVi tho partian violence, the reckless extravagance and the utter disregard of popular will, manifested by the Administration and its partizans, only the spasmodic struggles ef a party which reads its loom in tile yet incorrupted and nicoritiptiblo urttic ofthe Pontile, and that with the conscious ness of lightitiL' in a good cause, as a motive to artion, the Whigs ofthe Fourth District neither fear the eninily nor court the favor df the min ions of Executive power. J!efnhril, l hat the -I tli District ha been mis represented in Congress, long en-nighi not only t.) teach them the evil- ol wi.s-rcpresentation bul the blo-sings of a juft representation, and that we are tieiertinned to leave no honest means untried to secure an exprc.-sion uf the true wishes ofthe People in the next Congress; h soiira, 1 hat il tlto J reastire ol the Nation is lo bo locked up in 4, nulls and safes," past ex pnrieiu'o has show n it to bo highly luexpcdient1--tbat tho present corrupt dynasty of siibtreasur. ers ihoultl keep the key and we tliercforo propose and will support their transfer to the man who has handled millions of the public money without letting a dollar stick to bis hand.-". Hef ilrrd, That we pledge to each other and to the DMrict our united efforts for the election of tlto Candidate this day selected, believing him to bo every waj qualified for tho high and rc Fpons.bU- ullico to which we desire to elect hinii not only by talon'?, but experience and unaffec ted dcioli ui to tho Whig caiisCj and that his election will greatly .subserve the catiso of Uc f nn, and a recurrence to the primitive simplici ty and purity ot tho ttu eminent. Ilffolvf, That we regard with contempt thd cfibrt now making by a distinguished partirah of the Administration in tins State who has a fat. ollice in twpp'.'tancy, to seduce tlto People to the support of tho powers that be, by attempting to identify the present Whig party with llio old Federal parly. And that we regard tlto descent of such nion to the propagation of such slauderi ana melancholy eviiloncelh.it there is "some, thing rotten in tho Slate of Demnail;." After the reading of the resolutions and ad dress, Messrs. Hriugs Young. AiiiMiorthj nnd others-, addressed llio convention in very ablo and happy speeches. Mr. O. Stevens, Esq. offered tlto following res. ohitions, winch were adopted : Uesohed, That it bo recommended to the sev oral counties in this state, that at some snitablo time iu tho month of October next, the People meet in County Conventions, for the purpose of responding loi'ho nonumtiatwoftho Whig Elec torn of President and Vice President of the Uni ted State?, and of .main expressing their decided (Zf prn. I.nilK'sr.ild.ntuI Mnr-U I'ronch isliiif, OV '-Oilo il.i. C.nili r lluots, fflJiVvr,il'i Blips DO do l.l'lll'rl I'ltlllllS, n .nt'ii'M sr.'ll noots. UtirknMt.in, July U. II. O. KTIMSOJ sni. , tvithori-o mid eii.ix'uvr ST AVION Hit Y. AitJIOl If fi It A. .ISA i' ,.t i. , I'lriluiinincst ol" bit Mini ivnnl.in -ni.l Intnl. ii"vno I, I y llio roiTtil tuiiinl., n Inr to nnd wt-ll I. ii or L-riil llmt llm nid npiilica'iim I ..' in.ir.l I clou iworii' I -lo.''. -l writ inn najicr-, mm ilie .1. ncnt nr I m l I I Iw H"R..i"r'. oln-oii. ll.,rli..,.o o ,l-U le ..Ipluu. n.i. .n.;y -''rv. AU-O, an .rl ih ml il. vofA.isu-l, 1810, ami thnt ...'lice tf-w.f I Inn .'oMtvium ..ri.M.ll.W INl.-s nn-l iHii-ii.voiI iu.rU, K u'n y I li-hitiuMlii-imU'r.oo.uni.itiifr lUc.lM..vx HMl'''- Momrca'.bi, I'.iul i. .May tf3. mv of Knul tii'lillon, lliroo wivn sii.-i.i-.ii.-i); tu me rui-l'roi-n iicwiuiierpi iniivlni ItiirlmKiiui m llm county rr. vnitxoN un.vnn. rctaiim " I. ' 7l'. I.'. 1,1. .1. ra,l,li..lJi,il- ... l,..ir... Hi. if llltlt'lVllt klXI'4 Ii.nl lllllollllrfl r.WKll. WI'ICS Ol v. tiint inui , un i.i-i i A'...'....' " . i -.i i f....ifim.'iil arlnliona. ..,i. ii.tlif av I. --iciicn lor iivtiriUK. uiii-ii in. i mm 1 1...... ...... .1 r-v.'1 " ".i e .. . i preference lor the illustrious names of HARRI SON and TYLER for t!iue distinguished sta tions. ic. 't"'?, That tho Secretary of bisC. ivciu tion bo requested to furnish tho several County Cotiimittoeti in this State with a copy of the fore goingiosoiution. Voted, 'J'hat tho procofihmi.i of flits oomen tion bo published ui all iho NVhig papor iti llto State. , . Voted to adjourn without day. EZRA MEECII, Prett'Jtnt, aid HiirhiH"mi, tin c-i ml tby rf Jitlv ry iim icicivod frum.N. vr m;' 1 W .Hi liClU., ne ' "' nd' ' v IIl'.vnNCTC'N. Josnril PctAM'i E. II. Wianxo. Nathan S. Jlu.r., Wm. L. Stuono, Secretaries, UhIKSMAP UUIltl'3'."-,

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