7 Ağustos 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Ağustos 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

toe NOT THE GLORY OF O JE S A XZ BUT TUB WBLFAXIB OF BOMB. BY II. B. STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 0. HEW JSIfiLAM) COUGH SYRUP, 77m reputation of whiih Am now bteomi mtMiiked at the most Mft and tffieacioui remedy tier discovered for CNH,t;i:A,COM)S,COJIJHS, ASTHMA, WIIOOIWNC; COUt.H, MlITTINO )' 11LOOD, AND ALL AFFECTIONS OF Till: LU.NOS. fRKPABED ONLY DY TIIK SOLK PHOPRIETOli DANIEL GOniMUn, No. 8 Gold St. NEW. YORK. In presenting this useful remedy W tlie public, tlia Vr prieior li ntitlmrl7.nl by s. Physician, from whom the Itecipt) was confidentially obtained, to elate, that ho lias used M idmself, 11 ml in his extensive prnetiro In Pulmonary nr.ee liotis, ttlth tonishinjr effort. The happy combination of Tegetable substances, of which it Is entirely composed, r peculiarly adapted to diseases uf the Lungs, Liver, ana Stomach. This medicine has been used very extensively, and thfj propriitnr has not known a single Instance In which It hae failed In giving relief In discuses for which It Is recommend d; even in cases atiproacliiiie to consumption, attended with bleeding at the Luncs, and where all other remedies had foiled, the most decided and flattering success hae attended lis use. Common colds, which arc generally the fleet of obstructed perspiration, will yield toils influence In a few hours ; when used in apthma, hoarseness, whet.: Ing, and shortness of biealh, it gives Immediate relief, pro curing tranquil rest and sleep. In whooping cough It Is without a rival. It operates with penile expectoration, and sjnar be given to InbitiH wlih perfect safely. The genuine New Hniland Cough Syrnp will bo en omped in a bill of directions, enclosed in an engraved wrapper, bearing on It the signature of the proprietor In hit swnhand writing. The bi tile will he sealed and stamped n the cork 4 New England Cuugh Syrup.' A few of the many certificates in favor ofthls Syrup which art in possession of the Proprietor, aic added for the perusal f those whn may be troubled with similar complaints. Meisrt. Moffat, l'litvimcr S- Co. Gentlemen After hating tried, by the recommendation f my friends, almost every medicine for a cough, without the least relief, I had recourse to your New England Cough Syrun, and am enabled to say, with much thankful nets, that It lias cured ineofoueof the most obstinate cougha I aver knew, and idiall feel 11 to be a duty to recommend It to etery one whom I find In need of so valuable a mcdi cine. Yours respectfully, lloston, Xov. 20, 163.5. JfJlIN P. STEVENS. I havo the satHl'ncilon and pleasure of Informing you that the bottle of New England Cuugh Syrup, which I pro cured of you 011 the 23d of April, has entirely relieved me from a very severe cough which had afflicted me fur a short time past. After using a varleiy of medicine, and finding nn permanent relief, 1 was Induced by the advice of my friends, to try your Syrup. The result I hare already slated , It succeeded beyund my expectation ; anil I cheerfully recommend li as a very valuable medicine for allthuse who Suit be alllicied with similar complaints. ' Yours respectfully, CHAHLES RUGGLES. Helton, Hay I, 1SW. It gives me great pleasure to he able to add my testimony In favor of your New England Cough Syiup, two bottles of which having entirely cured my cough, which was so tvere that my physician advised me to spend the coining winter in a southern climate, but the fortunate use of the Srrup will preclude the necessity. Yours, i.c. JOSEPH MUDLEE Jloslfii, September 1, 1931, 1 he Proprietor would add, that he Is constantly recelvlns fitcoicrous testimonials of the value and etlicacy of tiiit rsmedy. The above article Is sold wholesale In f-'ttr J'ori, by ihs Proprietor and all the drugclstt. iln, by ileiiBhaw U Ward, .Mayna'rd St Noves, St Brewers, Stevens StCushing. FkilcdelfMa, by Itasc 1 hompson, J. k J. V. Smith, C. W. Carpenter, and A. FuIIerton, jr. Baltimore, by K. II. Coleman It Co., Whitaker It JJartnl, end G. & N. Popplein, jr. Cincinnati, Ohio, by Gla-roe It Harrison, and Allen, It Co Pitteburfh, i'enn,, by James Srhonnmaker It Co Keu Orleans, by Nathan Jan is. Albany, S. 1 ., by Sands It Shaw. Montreal, L. C. by Geo. JJent. Halifax, .V. S., by II C. Prledham. 31. Johne. A, li , by W. O. Smith. And sold wholesale bv the drugeistt and ipothteaiits) enerally throughout the United Stales SHERMAN'S WOHM LOZENGES arc the greatest di-covcry ever made, fordispellmg the va rioti kinds of worms that so frequently nnd distress singly annoy loth children and adults. They are an tufillible remedy, nnd so pleasant to tlic taste that children will lake litem a readily n a common pop pcrmint lozenge. Mnny disca-os nrlso from worm", without its. being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble--otnc cough, pains m the joint or limbs, bleeding at the nn-e, Sie. urc occasioned by worms, nnd can be easily cured hy tliiscclchtntcd medicine. The follow ing .symptoms Indicate the presence nf worms, viz : headache, vertigo, torpor, di'stiirhed dream, sleep broken oir hv fright and screaming, convulsion, fo vcrishncss, thirst, pallid hue, hud tatu in the inniitli, o:lenivn breath, voutrli, diinoult breathing, itching at the noe, pains in the stomach, nausea, sqireaiiiih-iies.-, voracity, leanness, tendinis, itching at the anus towards night, and at length, ilcjections and films nnd micu. One is a doe for a child two years old two fur one four years old hrce for eiirht years, and live for nn adult, and should I e repealed every morning, or avery oilier morning until relieved. JCP Sold at the Vnrielv store hy PANGUORN & mmSMAW,JiDtllert, U.irlinglon, Vt. SIIRIIMAN'S POOR MAN'S PIASTER. The het lrenglhening plaster in llie world, and a sovcrciun rcmcily fi r pain or weakness in the had,-, loin-, side, hreat, ncclt, liinhs, joints, rheumatism, I'inil ago, &c.&e. One million a year will not supply Iheilcniand. Thev reimirea liltlc warminir before tin- plication. Warranted superior to all olhcr, and for one qtinrier the usual price, maUing not only the lel, Imt 1 lie cheapest plaster in the world. It atlords relief in a few hours, nnd makes astonishing curis. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should lie worn over the region of the liver or stomach, and it will alliird great and astonishing relief. In cough void, asthma, dilli cnlty of hreathintr, opprcssiun of the chest or stomach, they will immediately sooth, nnd greatly l.enefil the patient. Persons ol sedentary hahits, or tho-e oMigod to stand much, will receive decided siinporl from one of ihe.c truly, strenclhening plasters. Physicians gen erally recommend them, in preference to nil oihers,l c-can-e they stick or adhere letter and a lord greater relief. In their operation they arc stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely dillcrcnt ingredients from any oilier; and known from the ex perience of millions,' who have n-cd them, in well as the united testimony, of nil the celebrated and distin shhed clergy nnd physician", to I e the niot usefiil and highly medicated jila-ter, ever invented or o'lered lothepub'ic. Several persons have called at the wart: house to express their surprise and thanks at the nl most miraculous cures these plasters have cTecled. One man who 'ad been so alliicled with henmatisin, atolie unable to dress himself without assistance, was enabled after wearing one, only one tn'slit to get tip alont in the morning, put on his dollies and call at our oilice with eyes I camini; with joy and hi tontrnc pouring forth the gladness of his heart, at the sudden and sicnal relief lie had received from thislcst ol all remedies. Ak for Dr. Sherman's) Poor Man's Piaster. It is so called, becau-e the price places it in the power of all to purchase, I cms only 12 ct. Sso'd at the va SNUPF only twenty-five cciiIh. Dr. M. Hitchcock's newly invented Snuff, tke best arti cle ever discovered by Bcicntiflo men, in F.uropo or America, for the cure and absolute) relief nf Catarrh. Dizziiiesi of the Head, Weak Kycs, Nervous Head aches,, Fallen Sickness, Kits, nnd Infants troubled wiin onuiiics. partial shocks 01 rnlay, etc. h or sale, wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK & Co., sole Proprietor, No. 117 Ocncsce st. Utica. nnd by their agents throughout the Union. In llurlingtou, J. & J. H. Peck & Co. In Vergcnncs, by .1.11. Howman. in Milton, by Uumctt &, Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lo renzo Janes. BALSOM OF UVKHWOItT-for CWmmition, pVspep'ia, Asthma, and all disca-c of ihe I.ungs nnil Liver. These disea-es prevail to a great extent, crealinir much distress and some f.ualitv. All llie.e ran be remedied by the use of Dr. Taylor's IJaUom of uiverwon. 1 ni mciiicine is pumiy egitai,ie, ami from its pecnlinraclion upon the Liver Ha ways found h radical remedvforihosoilitea.cf. For Females and men in a very weak state, no medicine ran be so grnteiui a restorative, as it not only strengthen-!, but nitrifies and irive a hentthv acilon in tlm wlinli. v. tern. Coiisintilly lor sale by N. LOVELY & Co. who iiinujusi n i-civeti .1 iru 11 supply 01 sca-onaiuc UOOJ from New York, all vcrv cheap for cash. Durliiigtou, July 30, 1810. l"'OH WARDING, die. 1840. 'Illh. siiltscriHTs will continue their business as Forwarding and Com mission Merchants and Custom House AtrenlN, at the Port of Saint Johns, Lower Canada. They do not oJer their services "free of any charge" 1 tho-e persons interested 111 trade willi the UnileJ State', ,ut will endeavor to make their attention to the interest of their employers worthy a leasonable ret ompiniss,- Having good Wharvc (at which the Lakf. Cham plain .Steamboats will land) and excellent Stor.ice. together with the convenience of a coiiini'tinsr Hni iiih-k wiui 1111: s-iiipii i.n llllil OT. liAWRKNCi; IUiL-ItoAD over the-e wharves, thev (latter them-clvcs that, with fifteen vears experience in this bianch ol lnisines, lltcy will 1 e enal.le.l to do much to tacilttiue and ciico irire trade Letweon the Unitcil States and the Lower Province. JASOM C. PIKltCK 6i SON. Si. John-, L. C, March, 1840. Cm HAIR t II.UT 1 1 IIAI.DNEHS. Impor tant Discovery the Great Mvstcrv found "in ni jasi. mi. s i i'.itm -a nam HP.uiciNi': KATOK. Dr. Sterry, nftcr much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, after many experiments chemical and physical been able to discover and article which is now ollcred with the urcatcdt confidence for the toilet ns the best thing ever discovered, for, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling oir when baldness is apprehended to restore it when bnldncss nas taken place, and to preveni it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands have tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is nn infallible cure in all nflections of the sUn on the head as dandrull, iVc. &c. t.vcry family should bo sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to tlie ncaannu imirot children, the licnutiful and or namental appendage ofa fine head of haic, which na ture has supplied ns mav be preserved. From the numerous certificates and recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly ner- suimeu lie mis succt'cuci. 111 iiruuui: hit an nriicic which will meet the desired wishes nnd approbation of the utioiic. for saie witoicsaie nnn retail oy ,. m 1 uu COCK & Co. 117 t.cnosenst. Utica, N. Y. In Hur linaton, by J. it J. H. PF.CK & Co. In Vcrgenncs by J. II. Ilownmn. In Jlilton, by Burnet L. Saw yer. in Oeor.ua, uy Lorenzo Janes. uug0 riety store by PANUIiOUN & 1IUINSMA1I). Jewellers, Hurlington, V't. ATATURE'S G1JAN1) HF-STOUATIVJC. Thi xl valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for thofollowins comiilaiiit-. viz: Dvsiieiiia. or Indi uestion, diea;cd Liver, bilious disorJci, Drop-y, Asth ma, Costivene-s, orms anil loss 01 Appetite, unit ly cleansing the stomach and bowels, cures pains in the ale, stomncii and breast, colds anil couglis ot lout; tnuditiL'. Hoarseness, shortness of breath, Nervous complaints, etc., which nrefre'jnciilly the e:fect of dis ease. For Feverand Ague, it is a tnot valuable pre ventative as well as a sovereign reinedv. Its virtues siirna-s anv tlitns hereloiore known in removing nt. Vitus' Dance, two hollies have I ecu known to cure thna(Ilictnigdscasc, alier having ballled every exer tion lor lour years, it lias a nio-t powerlill inllueneo in removing nervous coiiinlniiits. It is nlcasant to take and so easy in its operation, that it may I e administered to the infant with safety. The ahove'Mwdieiue is very hiwhly recommended bv many seientilic gentleiiien, and a lame mum er 01 lauie-, who nave proven tnc virtues of the Medicine bv Personal use and that of their families. A bill ofccrtilieates accompanies each bottle, with directions. It may 1 e had wholesale or retail of I. Hriiain, Barre, and J. C. F.irnam, hast Williams- VM.UAIM.K IFOItllATKlN.-7.e In dian I'tg'table 1'itlt me err 111 in cine fur diiee in its efrj v. 11 leiy nf form, licuitnse lln'y iho o 1 c 1 1 1 clr.iusp ihe siuiii ir.li rind buwtds, induce a pio iei (list li.irut-1 1 In- In it if s . .km and kulncv, anil 1 muliite ihe blood 10 pin ifv ileelf. In oihrr vnnl ih cipeii all lhi iMiurl thrills, und Irate N A I U It K (fie Gi'cncf Phyiicinn) lire 10 dute disrase fioiii ihe I101I). The above onilcis, ur ibains, are ihe Riiinniun ewers uf llie bndt , ihiungll '1 Inch all ntuiliid .mil fur- liipl liiiuuiis (illtt caun ul ii-ea-r) air r.11 1 ird 1 IT ; mid ma lune as ilift me all lii'iil open, hiiiI ili.rhari;i' fieeU I hi'lr a Ho1 led i'H I ions nf Inipiil ily, ihe body will run. mine 111 lu'alih : Inn h"n hum rainiK iiunrnnei limd brr.nhioi iiuptiic air, tiidden Iranaiiiuns limn lie.it 111 cold, over exhaustion or am oilier ciiii-p, Ihe diiurl lifrume cuslive, ihe. pmei ol ih rkin liecmiir elused, or ihekiilneis fail ( 1 peibiiin Iheu I'lnrucns pinuriK the impurities uhicli slimild bp iliainid I111111 the boilj hv lliese. uiiileH, u ill be rciaiiied. mid continue 10 tin- ruuiulaie uuiil the bud) brcniiics literally loaded uilh ilitane. 1 1 lit rh.innH ol our mieliiv riveiK slioiitil lieeume bloi knl up, would urn ihe iii ci.mukiii'd wains find new otiib-ls, or llie ruiinirv becouiR inundated ? Justro tviih the Iiiiiim i body ; iflhe. naiuiiil drains be come closed, llii sIHgnairit uml cm 111)11 Iniliinrs Mill find rein in llie tin unit fount iililisei.se nu ll hs Feier, Pinall I'nx, Meaideii, KheiiiiMiisin, (10111, Apoplexy, &c. or Deuili will end our nid'ei iiijjs. Theiefoie, -nhen sirkues .11 1 lie flninatli, paint 111 1 lie luik Hud vide, qmik pulse, litiniing skin, or any 0 her unpliM. ant syinpliiiiis, indicam thai one nr muie uf 1 tie na.. lurul drains Hie mil tlirs haiglui; fii rly, hiiiI i lie I'mirli luliun is aliuiil 111 cniiiuii'iice a sliusiile for ill" rriorrt linn ofhe.ilili, nu nine, rdniuld be lost in adiniiiisieriii a fe In ink ilnses of ilic Indian I'liigmiie Indian Vt gttablt Pilli ) Ily so doiui, nil 1 lie Iiiiiriioii uf die bndy will be lesiiii'ea 10 oiiIit, rail the funl humors (llie cause nf etery lull inisliou or pun e tuflTri) ill lie reunited in so ea.y anil ii.niual a manner, llial the tody il lie lesinii'd as if by a charm. The iibote Tills may be taken al ALL linn's and under AI.Lrir eumsianres, tvuli pei feci s ifeiy. They mil all com plaint I and nil a;es. and aie 10 llie hiun 111 cunsii'iiiiiui air fond : ron-i quenily the can litnr r fryui f rten the mosl deiiraiK. Like our lnl, they me iltgcnl llilr ; theirfore ibey enler inin 1 lie r.iiciil.inon mid 11np.nl nn urreviolhe blood, nirh enables 11 10 fl irt wnh fil e. doni quite 10 ihe exlieiiiiues anil coii.rqueiitly 10 keep tho iuret orihe (Kin n en. I ney aie line anil peiieri purifiois of llie blood : b"rau.e ihey drum all coirupl tiumnrt I10111 thai lile givin Hind. I liey imparl ircns! 1 h and Vii;oi 10 ihe whale sy-iein, nod ilieir rl fecit areiilwnvs benffiiunl : because ihev out remote ihusr humors uhirh aie opiiosed 10 health. I'liey aid and iinniote dieesiimi. mid sound slern fillntvs their pte: because iliey cleanse I tic 'ii 111 srh and bowels of llius" slimy iiiiinoiii wiiion 11111 ouiy iiinsm niirrin ihe neitiius svsinu. bin oamlvze nnd wenkrii Ihe dis geil'ur oiaani. In short ihey pnt.e-s all ihey good ninnrnies llial can be clnimed lor any mediniiit ; and what his teiy lemaikable, il is unei ly iiiiios.ib'e to use ihem wiihuiii In-mfii. iMuie lb 111 luelte ilmusaud persons run be referml 10, who bate, been ruied of omplaiuls iippaienily ol ilw most ihinueiiuie chanirier, iilrly by ilits use of die Indian Vtxttable Orrict, und cmeral Depm for 1 lie sale ef iheabote I'ills in 1 be New KiibIouI Hlaies, 193 TIIEMOMT sSTIiEB'l', near conn sneei, lln.inn, tsheie they run tie had m wholesale or retail Agenn have been up- Rointed for 1 lie rale of ihe I'ills in hIiiioii every lown in ItH'F.i liland. All letiers nbulte in ihe pills inusi liefiddifsseil thus: " N, E, Office N A, College Health, 198 Tremoul Sinel, llosioii. Mass. Hurlington, A. HiiINsmaid, Woodstock, Haskell V Palmer S. Shaftbury, Jona Houghton William rville, Charles W. Joy Iteuniiiiiton, J. 0. Ha wellc Mh dlehiirc. (ico. II Fish Hiitland. Win. Fhv Dover Hiram ll.ildwin Hrntlleboro', llirge, Hrcx-keit & Co Wa'erford, H. Culling iV Co Newbury, l'rrllllss Itnilin1 im IICI, rnunnvi nuuii 11. ?Min. field, Geo. Washl urn Proctor tc Jtolnnson Lou (tnnderrv. S'mitli it (il.izicr Dridirewitlcr. 'I hut Soutbgaic Clics'cr, Pluiicas O Sargent Windsor, S. W. Hiibburd K. I'oiillncv Hickok & Mcar Commons, Samuel Kverlr WiliniiiLMon. A. U. Child Slowe, All en Coiiipi,i JM ill Iircinuili Wilton St. Jobnbiir Luther. lewelt We-lon John W " , WniiTlmrv Perons Lvou Mniiii.lii.i'UMIIniu Clar'ae Ludlow John Dunl iir nnd Co.l(cading Wotxl & Merrill Hartford J P, Strong .V Co Norwich liaxtcr - .-u i 'oiiiirutim J. 11. Win i,..,i. i),.,liiv.iiT Charles odl CuvenibkliA. r:.i ton nndSonCuilloro Philip Martin Ilnlif.ixJ. C. si,... Ar. (!n.Westniiister Aaron llltelieiuik Wimtltertfield IUily Hnrllclt Ilartland-Uuttun &. J'rainl.lc MurhiX. iiauipiou wi. .. lown. Vi. sole nronrietor-. Prepared from theoriuin al rei-ipe; fur sale by K. H. Prentiss, Monlpelier, and J. fc J. 11. rr.cK 01 00, Miiriiugton, nnu in tne princi pal towns in the state: all direction-, signed in tlie handwriting of the proprietors. jell) SIIKUMAN'S COUII LOZUNGES. AI!K the safest, most sure and e Icctual remedy for Coughs, Cold-, Consumptions, whooping Cough, Asthma, Tightness of the Lungs orthet, &c. &c 1 tie proprietor nas never Known nn instance wucrc thev did not give perlcct snts,icnoii. several 'lion and boxes have been sold within the last Ibiccinoiiih restoring to health, persons in almost every Mage of 1-ons.niiunion. and tho-e laborilltr under the lnii-l ill tressimr cold and eoutrli'. Thev do not check and drviiiiihticoiiL'h.biit render it casv, nroinotc cxiicc- toration, nlhty the tickling or irritation, and remove the proximate or exciting cau-e. They are made Irom a combination of the most valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, and are undoubtedly superior to everv thins in use for those comnlaints. Hundreds upon h'indreds ofccrtilieates have I een oflerCsl of their wonderful virtues, from those who have been saved from an untimely grave, and re-tored to peric lieallli hv using lliem. nose une iozcne is a uo. lor an adult, ami may l e repeated from three to six limes a dav, as req'iire.1. Children, eight jears year, old. half of one: four vears a nuarter. and so in pro portion. Very small children or infants will lake them I est dissolved in a little water. Should ihey act a 1 an emetic, or produce nausea, thedo-e must I e lessened 10 wnat llie siomacu win 1 ear. nun 01 uui: win gen erally' I e sitllictent to take I efore 1 renkfast, as ihe tomach is then more ca-ilv sickened. No ill ellects can arise from an over do-e, a it will cause the sto. niacli 10 reiect it : and altlioiizli not a plea-ant sensa lion, will be found to give relief. Where there is much pain in the oreast or sine, one 01 onerman's Poor Man's Plasters should be applied over tho part, and worn till relieved, Ifatteuded with eostivencss, u few eatliarneor laxative Lozenge., or any mild ca thartic medicine, should I e used ns occasion requires. Sold nt the Variety Store, l.y I'AiNUUUHIN en HIIINSMAID, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. T OOK AT THIS. HAVE VCU A COUGH I 70.000 rilr. op cn'nsvmftion everv vear 111 the Fnitcd Slate-, and millions m ler feom troublesome coughs and colds, that can l a ctirtid by Dr. M. Hitch cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Conch Dron-. a sufe medical prescription, contains no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years will most positively nllbrd relief, and save you from that awf.il discace, pnlmonarv consumption, which tisitallv sweeeps into the grave I'mnnreds efthe young, llie o d, the fair, the lovely and the gay. Have you a cough J lie persuaded to purchase a bottle ol the Cough Drops to-dav ! To-morrow may be too late. Have you n cougn: nr. micecok's t egelal.le virgin t-ream Uougl; Crops is thconlv reinedv von should lake lo cure von For llu'splnig reason. That in no oneof llie tliau.and cases where 11 has I cell u-ed has it faded 10 relieve Price scents per I ottlc. I or alc. whole-ale and He- tail, by A. HITCHCOCK A: CO. No. 117 Gene ee uiii-ii, as, 1 . .on uy tiieir iipenis iiirougiioiu tne 1 tilled state., in Hurlington, iiy J. ct J. it. reck & uo. in verL'cnncs. bv J. u, llowman. In -i ton, by Durnct L.'Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. DOCT. MAItSHAIjIS Aromatic, Catarrh and Headache SN'l'FF. This Snull is superior to any 1 hincr vet knuwn. for removing that trouble-ome di ca-e, the Catarrh, and al-o a cold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens and purges out nu ooiruciions, stienglhens the glauds,atid gives a heallhy action to I he parts a lecte.1. It is perfectly free from any thing dele terious in its composition has a pleasant flavor, und its immediate e.lec, afier being used, is nbgrccabfc Prire Aft cents Her hot! If. Doet. Marshall's Vegetab'e Indian Black PLASTER. 'I hi-Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel- lin ngs, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wounds j oaiiisini he sides. Jims nnd L.unps; niiuseiiioin iaus to give relief in local Hhe unatisiiis. If apj'lied to the side,it will eure many of the common Liver Complaints; and is ciiual. if not superior, to any thing in u-e for corn on the feel the virtues of this Plaster have lieen wilncstcd by thousands ol individuals in ine unneu S:uie-. who havuie.iul its flfum-v. Sold by the pro prietor i Cha-. Uowcn, Middlebiiry, t. jeitf Disi:asl:s or the i,un(.. Dr e.n, ihe inii'i iiopuliir reinedv ever knuwn 111 America Vegetable Pulmonary Baltam it the most valuable leuii'iit nuw 111 u-e li cui'shs, cnMs, tsllitt.a or philiisic r.iiusiiuiniiiii, whooping rough nnd puliniiiiaiv ifT'Clions ufetei) kind, lis c.i'e is sirrfdily iiici easing, and the prnpnciois tire ciinaiaiiilv .creivini; 1 lie nioi latniHlile iii.Ci.uiit of its effects. 'he filluwin neiv cerlificales aie offiTctl for pubbc exaiiiiii.iiinii. A.n iMK.ursTiNa Cask Extrncl of 1 teller from Mr C S Chi), Kingsioii, Ulsirr cn,, N. Y. lo ihe propiietors, " 1 001s of the 9ili iutl. was duly tet'.'d A reinaiknble cure wasrhrcird by ihe Vegaiatde I nl. inwiiaiy ll.il-aui inilieuinirr Hnd spring of 1833. The I ersoii, Mr. iMoudi, had been sick a long I i 1 tie with din consumption. Ills phisicians had lritni nun up lie was iciiueed so low as lo be unable in help him-eif, and was raxing a bilge quaiililv nf blood when he cuiniiieiici'd using llie llalsiiin, which has rlb-cied 11 complete cure, and lie is now as bale und hearty Ms ever lie us. Air. Itlnudt lias leuiuii d lium Hits low n bill he U premised ine h nioie detailed nrcooni nf hit case, uliuh I willful ward win. C. S CLAl Kinysioii, N. V. June 25. 1838. Exlrart ofa leller from Dr. JiipoIi Mjers. The Vegetable. P11l1nn11.il y DaU.'un lots been sold in ibis ciaiiiu for Iwn tears, and ihe me licine has sained uurotniniiu relebrilv, for it .ranely in one tnslance failed nl' li.i ing llie desiied rffeci. I 11111 bv no means 111 fitor nfllie uianv nosinims. most ol which aie ini pnsilions upon h rreiluliiiis pulibc, bin thill which I know by use In be rflccui.il, I 1 annul help but civ mt appMilnitoii iherno. A rounlerfeii irrparaiinu has lieen uileied here Iiy nir.nellina Aiient, of Lumtioi k N. V. dtidlheieis annilirr unicle vended lieie llial is strongly suspected lo bespuii Jacob Mvkrs, M. D. niiiinnginn, jtiniam eo. I'enn. may a, lsiV. Hum Dr. Samuel Morrrll, 10 the I'loni ieiois of the Vese table I'liluionarv Italsain. I am sal if lied llial llie Ve triable Piilinunasrv lials.ui is 11 valuab'e ineilrriiie li has been used in 1I11 place with riiniplrir. surress in an ubslinaie complaint ol ihe lanes, Hiirmled willi 11 seieie cmigti . loss of toit'R. and ihn raising of iniirli lilunil, which had previously resisted many npprotril piesiripimns. Alter iisiun tne Itaisam one werK, Hie pilieni's toice returned and he whs able la speak audi bly. I'd is rase orrurird some limn tince, and ibe man it now rngajed tint only in aclite Inn laborious business. Respectfully, &c. S. Mourki.i.. i it nnw muie than six tears finer I was biouibt very low lit an uffrrlion nf the lungs, Hnd tut complaint was declared in be iiwiii able bj aruunrd of three phv siriant. I ivat ihen reslorrd 10 at go I lieahh a- I had enid)fd for many jrars, lit usinij ihe Vrgeuble Put. nmnarv llalsain. Since mv recotery I have reenm mended ihe Italstim in 11 great many rases uf iuiiq roinphiinis, nnd so far hi 1 ran It-am. iis use has in variably been followed bv inurli benefit, and in many insiHiieri it hiii e ITeciei) cuiei which were wholly unex. prrird. SaMCKL Eteiutt, Ronon, Marrli 2, 1837. Fur sale, wholesale mid retail, by J. J, II PF.CK k Co., Iliirlingtun, Vl. KW VM NT SIlOP...SJAULDINOc MILLS XI have opened a new 1'At.vr Silor 011 Church-st. two doors south or II. Lane's Store, where they wil do all kinds ofHOtlSK, SHIP, SIGN and CAUIUAGL PAINTING, in thulet possible manner and on term, to suit tho-e who may favour them with their patron age. ICp Paints, Oil, aruish and Pnttv, constantly on hand ami for sale. 1, G. SPA L'LDINU. Uurlington, April 9, 1810. ('. II. MILLS. 1v LAKK OL.OUOE PAOKKT 1810. THE new Steam Packet, WM. CALDWELL, U C. LAnABF.K, Master, will cotnmenco rim 11 i 11 - regularly every day (except S'indai) both wavs through the Lake, on TUESDAY, the '2d day of June next. Leaving Caldwell lorTiconderogn, every morn ing, and rcturnine to Caldwell the same dav. Lake George Passengers will I e lauded from, and taken on board the Lake Clminplain Steam Packets, nenr the old Fort Ticonderoga, from the Mansion Hoiuc of vv.ti. r. fti.u i'.s(i.. iiowafuhlicuoiisc. 'I ins 1 eau tlfiilestablihiuent has been ereatlv improved since last Summer, by erection of a Large Addition, con taining a spacious Dining Iloom,nnd Assembly Rooms iVc, nnd has recently Passed into the hands of Mr. H. C. LOW, a gentleman favorably known by the trav elling Pul lie Ily taking the Lakk Gr.onar. Route, Travellers will not onlvenjoy the finest scenery of uur Country, but lo.c 110 tune on the Northern lour, as they take the same Cliamiilain Steam Doat at Ticon tleroga, which they would have taken nt Whitehall, had they gone that way. May 27, 1840. 2m. FKANKMV IIOUSIC, AT THE MINERAL SPRINGS, IN IIIGHGATE, VT.-The suImti lier having fiirnMiel and lillclim. for ihe iceciilion ol company, the abovee.lnblishincnt, respecifully solicits the patronage of his friends, and the public ireucra'ly. mv itiuui) 101s ?triiii nils iiiuiiuco, tin: 1 eaiuv 01 its location I cine situated in a iilc.tsiirt and healthful section of the country together Willi the exertions ot the subscriber to give satisfaction to all, it is hoped will make it a deiral le situation for those who wi-b to avail tlicuisutvc) of the lenelits of the medicinal waters, and a relaxation from the ordinary en re ol' business. c w WOOD. Highgate, .Iune3, 1810. Sw Tit ItllClllGAN SIX DAY IdNli. SHIP by Old Trov Tow lloat Line, Coetities Slip. 1810. AfJENTS Allkn W'iu:r.i,F.n, Lkonahii CnocKKii, 100, Ilroad st. New York i Moore & Slimp son, River st. Troy; Wm. H. Moore, 72 Quay st. Al- iKinyi niiiney Alien, icueliester; lieorgt IMvn v uo. Utillalt.i Philip Allen, llit'ialo : Geo. A. French, Dun kirk, N. Y. George T. CamovV Co. Ilarcclona ; C. M. Rciil, Er.e, Pa.: McNatr .v Co. Cleavelnnd. O.: M. 11. Koss uo. l'ortsmotith, u.j ll. .. iX: i. u. (Jate-, lllnck River. 0.: Jenkins Ai Trarv. Huron. O.: Darber it Harney, Sanduskv City, O.; Chester & Slriuglr.tm, Detroit, .inch. i K. w. iiiu., loirdo, O.; G. S. Hazard, Matimce City, O.; Wheeler iSc Por'cr, St. Jo-eplis i J. G. Sleight, Michigan City, Ind.; Dawson iS: Ho-iuor, Millwaukie, W.j C. M. Reed, Chicago, 111. je.l.3m .iiarK pnek'ntrei, "i. iv it. ijine." liriNHOW SASH Just received 15, 20 and 217 by 9 easements ol vash, a first late article at 31 and Si cents per light ; nUo nil kinds and size-, furnished to order. Ticonderoga black- lead, a firt rate article, for sa.'e very low, together with a great variety of other arti cles as cheap as can be found at any other establish- ment in the place. tjto. 1 kteuhon TO TIIK iwriti.ic. IOSTON and TROY IRON COMPANY. The ' public are hereby nolilieil. that the business ol casting in every branch and variety, is done to order, 011 ihosliorto-t notice, at Troy, Vt. Theeompany have mum enlarged tttetr lounory, and are now prepared to do all kind- of work done at any fo tndry in the country, miii-gearmg, i'ot A-u nettles, aiove", 'loughs, Axtetrecs, iv., on Hand, or lurnislicd to order. All who wish to contract for Move-plate-, or to pur chase a large quantity of hollow-ware, for the purpose of retailing, will be furnished al wholesale price and all who may favor lis with their calls or crier-, will be dealt by as literally as at any establishment in the country, urden-siioiild Pe nuurcssed 10 r it. uro man, Siipcrintcndatit, or A. Young, Agent, Troy, V to secure an early reply, and prompt attention. iroy, it., June isiu. jy:y SPtfllS, Riding whips Stori June 1 1. HUKSli II AY HAH US, by J. it J. II. and Canes, nt the Variety Panciiohm & DntssM.MP. J. it J. II. PF.CIC, it CO. SUJ.M. 1,1.-.. 100 -M. Piiichhiiig!i-. It July 10. J. iV J. H. PECK ifc Co. FAIKIIANK'S SCALES, bv J ily 10. J. it J. H. P prcK & Co. IIiOIJH, Troy, Ohio and Michigan, constantly receiving by J. &. J, II. Ptcu & Co. W1NDSOU IUI-'IiKS, for -ale nt the varctv stoic. PANGUORN & HIIINSMAID. ' G1IMND.STONIX, by June 7. J. it .1.71. PECK' tt Co. IIUHMNGTON CO.MI1 V ACTOR V. A i large nnd general assortment of Combs of sum mon (1UAI.ITT now on hand and con-lnntlv iii.itiul'nc- tilling ut Ideal ovee-labli-litnem, and for tale to llie irnue at low prices. .Merchants and others wi-limg i. get u gooil article fiirreitiiling will find it to their ad vantage toenll nnd examine for them-elves. June 10, 1340 VILAS, I.OOMIS and Co. p.VNCUORN A IlRINSMAID.oflbe Variety X store, are ollering n gicat variety of Wuicluo. Clocks. Jewelry, Pcrfimery, .Musical lnstrunients, Curls, Cards Picture.-. Soans.llairOils.Rsizor.. k'niros. SWj,.nr, Cane-, Stocks, Cap-, drawing materia', wil low Waggons, Chairs and Cradle-, Castors, Pencils, Tea and Collin Pots ami Urns; silver ware, plated Ware, Lamp Wicks and Gla-se-i, Collars nnd Ho.oms, Suspenders, Swords and Psio.,Tierinoiiicter.-,Slatlon-ery, Inks, Court Plaster; Doll-, Hag-, pocket looks and n great variety of fancy articles to supply the want- and minister to the gratification of the notional and all who call at the Variety store ; we are in "Ap ple Pie" order ready to anver orders or return calls al the variety store, l'AS-tinons it Hn.tN M.un. 100 Gitocrcnip.y. cheVs vonng Hvson Tea. 13 uo nysoiisKin, uo. 20 1 ngs pepper, 20 do Pimento, 40 do Co'!eo CO boxes Pipes 100 do ItarSoap 200 do Raisin a 50 Legs do dO do Pure ginger dOO Mais Cnssui St. Croix Rum. Holland Gin. Slgnrtta Dmndv. Unl- timore Gin, American tlrnntly, Champatgiie. llrown nun rate Mierry, .tinueira and Sicily .Madeira, aiar scills Madeira and Malaga Wines by June 7. " J. & J. II. PECK it Co. POV1)ER.-100 kegs ly June 19. J. it J. II. Pkck A Co. 7AIMVKIiIAS SHOES, a fill assortment just 1 ree'd and for side I y H. W. ('ATLIN ft Co. WOOL TWINE for salu at HOWARDS. itrW 11UJS AND MEDICINE'S. A lara. ree'd I y June 19. J. it J. II. PECK imply nsi it Uo. POTASH KE'lTLEScoiisinntly on hand by J'tiie 19 J. At. J. If. PECK it 'Co. PKOH'X GI.ASfc. I.e.ord,SaranncnndC!.iitou c-tnvit 1 y .1. ct J. II. 1'KCK & Co. SA I.URATUS. June 19. 40 casks, by .1. it .1. PECK it Co. pOXCJRKSS WATRH, jti-l receiwl a licil supply of Congru,3 uu'.er, and for sale I y Al y 2G. G E(). PhT ERSON. WOOL received in exchange for llroadclolh and other Goods at my Store nt Wmoo-ki village July 10, 1810. SIDNEY HARLOW. BOVXF.TH. Tu-can and English straw H-mneti of the latcsi fashions, jus! res-eive-1 and fur ali cheap hy P. DOOLI1TLE. pORX llROOMSci PAIKS.- W oOdnr. patent Puils, 100 do. corn brooms June t!). J. it J. H. Pr.CKitCo. 50 UOVroN N. K. RU.Ht Hhds. Gardiner Urewer. bv Jum-19. J. &, J H. PECK & Co. BAR X US' new Gcocrapln, on the Classification system; a tervii-clid work for schools, pit ree'd aniiiorsaieat the liuoi.-storo jeI9 I) A 1 1 RAM AN Til" OH K N K i BOOKS were li.si ,.Vciiinir rc- A-. ceiveJ at Ihe Hook oiore and now fir sn't- very snv.., i-y "Uf.li U, it, UltA.ll.l.N 1 nfl ,,YK STirrs. 1UU bbls. Cam Woo.1 200 do Log Wood St. Domingo 2j0 do Log Wood Canpeacby a.'iO do Fus'tio 200 do Nicaragua 40 do Alum 2 j do lllue Vilriol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic Acid, Aqua Funis, Nitric Acid, Carcurna. liar Wood, Peach Wood, Qiirr llnron Uarlt, Spni-li Flotnnt and Iicngal Indigo, Lac Dje, NuilGsll-, press Paper-, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Cream Tartar and At-al June 19. by J. it J. If. PECK it Co. Of Slicctlng, Shirting, Vrliilt, Ac. OU bales 4-4 brown sbeetiicj, 5 do j do shirting, 10 do Ticking, 3 cn-es 4-4 bleach Sheeting, 10 do American Print-, for -ale bv June 10 VILAS, LO0.MI3 and Co. SONGS OF Till': PEOPLE. Log Cabin Song Hook 1 eing a collection of Harrison and Tvlor Meltshes embellished with a neatly engraved Portrait of Gen. Win. H. Harrison, and a" view of Old Fort Meigs, for sale al the Uouk store. b 1 D. A. DRAMAN. Ilurl.ngton, Sune2C, 1310. BI, t KS II IT 1 1. The stibscrilcr having re cently moved from All any, uiul commenced the Dlaeksinith business, in nil its forms, lit the new shop on Madison street, near Foiled t Ilrndlev's Store, would respectfully invite the inhabitants of Hurlington an 1 vieiniiv to give hiln a call, a he is fully prepared to do all kind ot work in his line-, on the shortest noi lice, taj-t manner, and mo-t favorable term-. He has for many years pa-t given his particular attention to the Horte shoeing busiiie-s, and Farriery in all Its branches. From the long experience which he has hnd, and the general inlormaiion be has dcriteil both from theory and practice, he feels fully confident in re commending him-elf 10 the public. He will le pre pared at nil times lo give hi personal attention lo nil kinds of work in hi-' line uch a- Ironing Wavgons and Sleigh, Slopwork, dec. All kinds of edge tools made in lite best manner anil most approved style, lie tru-ts that by giving business his undivided attention, and the low prices at which he will l e enabled to fur nish work, to receive a share of the public patronage. ' JOllNSORAGEN. Hurlington, April 10, lSld. Gt KOCKIUUS. The sub-enler has a full ujip y T of Gro-erie-, including cogitiac Hrandy, common do. Holland and Haltimore Gin, St. Croix and luw priced Rum, Port, Madeira, Chauipaigne, Muscat, Mnln?n mul other Wine-. Molasses. Tca. Codec, Chocolate, loaf, lump and brown Sigars, Ru e, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, A lliicc and other spices, Cigars. Tobacco, Mackerel, CODFISH, le-t kind for S3 per 100 lbs. And mo-t oilier nrlicles in the grocery line, Also DRY GOODS, nil of which will be -old ns cheap ns at any other place. The Liquors will be warranted of the I e.t niialttv intend.il principally for supplying Tavern-Kccprrs, who will find it for their interest to call and examine ineui. isj.-ivw " .-..-., Hurlington, June 10, I840.iT 1 i nton PAINTS & OILS, IvFjUUvJ lbs. ihy whitu Lead J00 casks ground do do 15 Mil. Venetian Red 10 enskb French ye'low 50 bbls. American Linseed Oil, 25 do Spirits Turpentine. V, s! Varnish. Oidtl Leal Snntl pnnrr, Small mo TIIK nALIJ-HKADKD OTIIEKS X lines an kuiitv a ueiihbor or fiiend tvho has been Hald, and whose Ited it now entered with fine h.iir7 One whosn rout collar wat ruteird willi d-in- linff, ili'ttielt brushed etery hour which hat now van 1. bed rniiirlt I Or one whuie hairs nl rally ago weir limiing grey, who now Ins not a grrj hair? Clulihrn whu.e neaus were coveied wuu iriiu, wiiuto inn tvtiuld 110I grow, that are now growing ihe fullest Clops nf hair 1 Some, cases musl be known lo moil pe.rtoni. A-k ihem the muse, and )u will Le loin Hut these iliing- lute lieen dune by the use nf ihe Balm of Co lumbia, Of 20 i-auKioivih is ibis nrnele, its deiiMinl 101:1 c-ieios iinniully tome bunibril pei rem, ihutigh ul'eii disrovired mil opptisrd by inn iliiog lur tlm tame pm puse, uoiv ussa did bv iilinnsl imiubeiless muhioon iia.b pieMiHtionsh.il will mill ihe h-iti if used to nut exieul. C.in muie Ih.in dice ficis be umilril lefei 111 ihe leroiniiiinid.nloni by h list ofiiinnrs of icsperia. tt 1 1 1 1 y , uiieipi.ilieil iiy nny oilier urlicle, l.in.K 10 lliese lliiugs buy litis iirliclr. Blay nnd pre.ettn tour h ii by us n-e, nr if ImM lesinre il. l.-nlies, attend lu this ll imi's iii I'.i.liioinililo life nrr iisiiic il hi die null .1. ... .II.. f.i l,ir ihe luilei. l.oni! hair it tciv am lu fill out. Ladies, u ine lumi 01 i.imumiui e i r.,tti tntirse'tet llie il.tgr.iru 01 iia-iine.. u, in-K.r. , of your iieisout. II is )imr ililiy, as mm .or- 1" '..i.L !......;- r online, iv ill whnll a iMiuilllfo Cieatui Iwt endiirtcd you use Ihe lUtm.iur 11 win uj u. CAUTION TO HE RF.1KMI1F.RED R....u ..,, fljorjni iiiirmnit b ite been made. In rnumeifeii llie Hue llahn of Columbia. Some of the iiuiMisirrs lute gone sn l.ir at in romueifeil Ihe tplrn did uiaimers. uml 1 he, Fulls of Niayaia. and rtnt t irinal inikexrrnt the name of Couisiock. tthirh lltei dnte noi fuige, To hvouI impusitiont ihrrrfure, al watt look lor ihe name nf (-nmslork l( Uo, or L, S. (,'nmslock, and nrvei buy ibe ariiclr unlest ii hai ihat name upon 11 Hold w holer ale and itlall, only ul No 2 Fltichrr tiitei, N, Y. und by 1'inoBOR and OltlKIMtlD BuiliBrniiJ V, INUUIUI -ASK I IIOS1'. WHO KNOW. Those mil) tvhofknow bv Uiul ot iinini'di.ue obser vation, ran foim auv idea of ihe rflrrit, of 1 lie neifeci relief, of llie aloms' rlinrm.like cures effertrd in cases of ihe I'ilis, Rheumatism, nil S wkllings, and all exirrii.il I'AIM, no nuiter how severe, by ihn use of llajs1 l.imnienl. r ind one who liat meil ii.tlui will not laud it abate all things ever used, and ton will find whal cannot lie foiiiul. VZP''or the relief nl suffer, ing human beings who nit) be nfflicied, I beg jou In n.k ak of ihnse who know ask Ihe Hon, ALrml) Conklik.U. H Judge for lhal diilrirl, residing near Auburn; ask Mattuiw J. MriHI, E-n, Athens, N. Y ; 'k Gen. Durr GBEr.it, Uie of Warliiugtun rilv, each of thrsr geuilrinen know ufcaset nnrontpur. able by all other remetbrt or physiriaus, ihougli tried firinny tears, dial hate bent euird by ihn use ofihe genuiiir I toy' i Liniment. 'I'll msands nfoiber peituns knutv mntliir lines. e appr.il 10 Ilieir srnse ol jus. Urn ihrir I111111 in feeling". IC7lJll is bid n dint ton owe lo tuur Fiitleinig lepnw.uriKiis lo lei tins girni reinein be kuuuii, bpeuk of il then lonlltniii frieads I'his will sate inurli pun uheie ihe nettsp,icis me urn read, or where leaders aie iiicediiliius, because tn mailt tvorih'e-s unides are adtcrii.ed fur llie riiine puipo-e, T11 butris we sty, if nil tvhu hate, used 11 du not say H i In-) und nil praue, llien du not lake 11, I he propi leior will mil nuotv not .iritrte 10 or ptiu 101 unless 11 rmes, when all Hie iliirrilons am nitty loiiow. ed. Will anv nop sufT'iine refuse now lu Uy it 7 Ifhe does, lie infill in bn pined moil Ml Ins nlisilmiry ilia his siiffeiinu. iLTTtlr. Halt tvoiild neter ronsi ill In offer ill's Hitirle, rre be mil compelled by bis sense of moral 01 religions duly in do all in Ins potter lor lie tiriimsoi distress and inisert, For Hut putpnse lie ituii'd soiuirr detiiin a foitune. dim serine a dollar for any woilhless milrlr. Zp-I.OOK OUT,-Snme sMind'flrt hate rntimeifeiled ilt't aincte, mul pin ii up with various detlcrs, Do mil be imposed open. One ihirg only will pru'ert on il Is llie nameuf t'ninsfoi k If Co ; llial name musl be alwatt on ihe wrapper, ur juu me rnemed. Do not PugM it. Take this diiec lion with )'"'i "'"I ,r" ''.v '''"L or nfter '"'V I for it it iinpoikibltt for any other lu be line or ifrnuiue. r50I.OION HAYS. Sold by Comitock 4 Co, 7 Flftchtr tiiret, N. Yoik. STOKE TO IilJT, nt WinoosUi Villa'ie, the store recently occupied by Lathrop and Polwiti will be let and possession given immediately, apply to the snb-cril crs corner Church and taillege -is. Hur Iiiigton or to Gideon Lathrop. MAYO U WAIT. Hurlington, May 20, le 10. NI.OVKIjV S; Co., have ,pit ree'd from New York, and arc now o'lering fur sale at .still fur ther reduced oriitt.. tor ready CASH a more complete asonn.Wit of fancy and other Goods ndnp'c.l to the easini and the times than ever I clorc among wlir li are manv new articles never in-iore oiterct in tni- mar ket. Also, a new supply of Glassware, (.rockery and I.ookitig-Glasse Also, Etigli-h Currants, Prunes Dry Groceries', .Mat, Russia and other Carpeting, Oil Cloth for Table-, Floors, and Linings, etc. More next week. J'inelO l,.ll. .t.M-.l. IIU I 1M tlllil 1 llslrn'is ii.ci. -Li dent i 111 the hie of Gen. Wm. H. Ilinni on-, fr snicat iiteuooK store jiiiiu 19 A. DRAM AN DONNIiTTS. lttst icreivod some, new .lisns -U Floreii"eIlr.t,d Split ai. I colored Straw liounttts wiiicn win 1 e oid very luw lur ca.li. J.ily 9, IS 10. N. LOVELY it Co. TV KW (SOOOS, cheaper than ever. II. W. Cat it 1111 a t.o. are now receiving a new assortment ol Dry liood-, to winch they mute the attention of pur eha.er-. Juite-I, 1S10. jVEW COOIW. Subtly Harlow hit. received 1 ' general assortment of goods at hi- old store on Pearl street, which will be -old cheap cnu.igb. N. Ii tt 00; recited lor goods. lJiirltncton .May 23, "! Ii.Si. U'trltngton, rrmout, and Esex, Ctlin J der Glass, made at the Chnmi.lam Gln-s work and very much imorov.d in quality compared with the ,o:e t.ranu', lur saie 1 y j. , j. 11. rr.tJ.'V cv uo. T7"EinENA CKRAM for shaving, claritied Re f 111, Warrin's led Needle.-. Sliver Thimble-i am lots 01 new Goods, oicnnm nt the Varie'v Sicre. May 29. PANGUORN J. I1RI.N-.MA1I), T OST. The Pt rpon who found s WATCH CAST- JU yesterday nt W'illiston, will plcnsj leave it with the owner and receive ma reward. Durliiigtou, July 10. DAVID RES SELL DR. II. A. CJAUV1X, lately returned from France, respectfully oilers his scrticcs to lite American public. Otlicu opposite Mr. Rus-cll's Hotel, in the utilise i:ueiy 0cc11p.cn uy israii 1 . mciurdson, I.-nj 111 i-cari-si. isiirmigion, July 111, isiu. ltn.jyl "DlUSTOIi IJO.VHD, Drawing paper audi J cil-. Hrilliant re I fluid, blue fluid, lapan :11k, am la-lie- and ccntli'iticn's steel 1 en-, pi-t reieive l from .New ork, and lor sale by S. HLNTINGI O.N. Colle.'c st, June ; IS40. 14 t) n 11 ti ti ti t) To tht Editor of the Madhonian : Sin: I wiih, through medium of ynur paper, to say a few words to the lion. John Smith, member of Congress from tho 'Ith District of the Slate of Ver mont. Hy admitting the following into your column, vou will Srcrw; at 01l 111c, nnd perhaps others, lur I believe I speak tho toice vtmany. lo the Hunoruble John Smithy member uj Congress from the State of Vermont. DnAn Sin : Tak'ntf into consub ration ho dispa rity between your high nnd honorable station and my luw and humble railing a? ttngon maker, I should be iluicradirom addrcssitig jou 111 tins way and manner, did I nut know dint I hiito nn colnI voice in tho ballot box, which I tru.it may prcservo the liberties of mjr count: y : nor would I, under such circumstances, alone attempt lo address you, had you not generously, un der your frunk, directed to ine many pamphlet con taining spec1 lies of members of Congress on various question-; and last among tlm number, your own, on tho Independent Treasury Hi'!, fur which you hate my hesrty tli-jnks j and as I am one of voir consti tuents, or one at least tiiatvottd for yuu. I shall take tho liberty to be very plnin with yotint this talk, for I am a plain working mechanic, and get my .support by daily labor; and tun riot used to writing letter to greut statesmen : but! Iinve mv nlam wnv of ilun!c- mg nnd as its regards your s.i cell, sir, I Wish voute Know, tii'it 1 sit down nnd read tt oter vi ry plainly, nmleiatood it very iihinly, and I thought of it very plainly, and I will tell you wlml my plain tober second thought wus. 1 solemnly hclictc'that in manv parti culars you were igitorantly mistaken, or ui'fufly mis represented, and in either case you were quite to blame. nnouiu you no'.unnti to itnow wiunm vou erred, I answer, not in tho sttitcine'nt thnt in tlia't measure not only your constituents but the w hole country had an interest. In thai I concur with you, but you tajr although wo havo a deep interest in it, yet the mea sure is not fully understood. Well belt sot tot. tfw aro mistaken now, I most solemnly believe it will be most clearly understood by every branch of industry throughout this wiile-sprend country, and will bo un derstood like nil the other experiments on the curren cy, with suriuwnnd regret. Hut you say that, in the same degree that it hns ro- ceited the sober consideration nl tin; people, It has won their confidence and support. Now, sir, hero it one of your m.st.-.kes, for so far ns my knowledge ex tends it is precisely tho rrterse; uiiel in this town nloue wc count fifti cn good nnd siibstmti-.il farmer and workingmcn who hive heretofore been the sup porters of the Administration upon this very measure who now unnouncc it in tolo. Whith regale! to your election, the veil you attempt so artfully to throw around it is not sutTicitnt to hide the facts within our knowledge. You, sir, may be correct as it regrds the Federal junto that nomitiatod you, do.ni' so in express rekrence to that measure; but. sir. when vou pretend it was tho ruest.uit that gavo to you vtmr election, I am held to say you mil- isKonci. 1 ou, sir, arc noi ignorant 01 iu circum stances that combined to elect you ; or, if you are, bcliotomc, you will be enlightened Iiy the most for cible argument next September, that vou lint 0 not pmy misrepresent' ii, uisrccuued, ana iiioneycu me instructions of the Lecitdaturu of your own State, bul tip; positive wui 01 your own immediate constituent. Wln-n Mr. Everett called on you to know if tho Ca nadian question had no intlttenco on your election, vou. sir, hp an honorable man, should have acknowledged it ; and I remember that those who, like mc, were opposed to tho sub-Treasury measure, told me that limn tlie History ot your pa-t political course, your patriotism w as milium but nitre moonshine a perfect gull-trap i that you, If elected, would never dare ta to oppose tne dictation o: ttm 1 resident or bring lor- n-ard a Din to aid L-anaua, nnu tnai 11 voicd lor you I would reirret my vote. Still, like malty others, over lonk'mz tho crcat inte.reet of my own country in my fcilitu; for the haid futo of the rioor patriots,' I gav my tote tor you ; and let me tell you, mat tlioscwlio, like msttere governed by like influence?, (considering the neutrality vote of Mr. Allen, were more than th majority which eh cted you. Now, the clouds that then obscured our political vision arc expelled, nnd w tec vou as vou aru : and we sco the cold, lie-irtlcss deception of the party that nominated you, of the pa pers mat supported your nomination and 01 tne prin ciple? by which you have been governed. Vou tvertj elected to support the Canada cause, mid not ns sub Treasury mnn, if you were nominated as such, and there is tho deception. 1 sec it now. Hut Lt me ask, where h your voice lor fecdom. t as u in that mta mous vote of youra to tUsirattchise New Jersey, or thtt still more alarming vote you are now ubout toVivc. or have given I tins executive influence made you, too, a convert to IlritU'i inicretl, at.d made deaf your cars to the STRAYED, from the subscriber on the 15th inM . n red cow, rather low in flesh, with one horn saw ed oil. Whoever will return her shall bi uiisbly is.,iiiieu. 4u, l., m-...M-.ll Utirlmirton, June CO, 15-10. Wllili YOU H13 SIIAVIJll at Loucy'n new Dres-iug Room. I. Lonev the undersigned, would Now iuierm the pul lie kind, Thai havum left church street, lu Howard's Hotel can bcfo.iiuL He will not boait his larlcr skill, As this the pul lie Irng have known, II it I ejs to ask their custom still, For dilligetice he yields to none. When he t tint would unto his face And head have sterling justice done, Pray don't mistake the proper place, Hut call upon Ici.m LoKt:r. P. S. Cloihesciiiefully cleaned to order. Perfum ery of all kind constantly on hand and for sale. Hurlington, July 10, IS 10. 8000 Ni;v school (.not; 11 ru y anu ATLAS WITH OUTLINE MAPS, by S. Acr.us tus MlTcilh'M- The author ot the above works has 1 , .,rr...oMiinl!vdueotlto the science of Gco'y nnd the publishing of Map, during many yearsand Ins former productions-, especially hi- Map of the orld for Academies, lar ample teslimonony of hi abun dant resources, upon which ho has so 111 erallv drawn, in nrm lueiiiu 1 leat.ove seuooi wuri.-. 11m imiun 111s extract ofthe lieo'v anil Aims, isirom .ijuuii m-one inendalion of the Teachers in the city 01 acw torn. "Their merits are numerou thu denniiions remark ably plain mid concise. 'I hu exercises arc copious mid iinporiunt, nun uium-iiiim... - Tlie divisions of the American comment, nre repre sented and described ns they really exist al the present time And the gross misstatements ecnerally found in sc.iool geographies nre corrected. The typographi cal execution is on commonly neat and distinct, indeed the alius is a model of tho kind, and actually tcciris with inlormaiion." The outline Maps are peculiarly calculated lo exercise lite student in bis situ v. nud to fill up al hi leisure. I or stile by C. GOODRICH. 3000 1500 1000 1000 100 230 SALT. bush, solar Salt do sleum do do line do do Turks Island do bbls. line do do dairy do do coarse no 2U0 sacks dairy do by J. iV J. H. PECK it Co, C ASH IMII) FOR WOOI The siibfcrilcr will pay cash, on delivery, for eood clean tleeeo wool, del1ven.1l nt the old stoic oecnpiel by H. Hyde it: Co. nor.h wc-t cirncr of Co'Iimjc Green. Ibirlineton, June 10. HARRY HRADLEY. MT. VKItNON 11I2.1DUH, Polvclott RiMc: of di.lerent sij.es nnd lunins-, Poel et iliblc an I Te-'.anicn's nnd a general a-soriment of sian'oni ry nii rcceiteJ from N. ork hnd for sale 1 v Collevre-t. e:25. S. HFNTIN'OTON ut 00 c.mx nnti HAiti) cinnn.' AJ few loir cabin Ito.-oni Pins, with the I arret 01 Hard Cider "mtehtv handy" and "llie siring never pulled in" lust hnislicd and fur -n'e at the variety store. Mav2S. I'sr.nons it Uiussmaid, 30 TOIIACCO. kcirs phi" Tol acco. 10 boxes Cnvendisli do CO pacl.'aces sheep do 2000 II s. Leaf do. do. ly J. tc J. II. PECK" Co. 1000 ga June 2000 1P00 f-iPIHtM OIL. Hons winter Sperm Oil. do, I ill do. do, do refined do. J. iV J. H. PECK Co, 45 Oll.s. bills. American Linseed Oil, H 1 ftrrtareOVM' bj PlK00p h C m.vsj,A,p( SEAHIi IIOWAHO, of Iho Cheap casli store, arrived home from Nuw York last evening by the splendid steamer Whitehall, D. Lyon Capt. and brought with him an additional supply of Goods which with" his 'two former purchases of this season makes the assortnifiit altogether one of the ino-t desirable to select from of any that he has he-rclofore had for the lat eighteen vear, nnd is of llie following kinds, vn . rich, fashionable, fancy and staple articles in every dcparimcut oftlie Dry Good line, such as HrtadchiMis, Cassimcre.., Vcstiugs, Mtmehne de lame-, Uiallys, Silk-, HouilnJtinc, Calicoes', Linen., Muslins, Laic., Ribbon., Eml roideriw, Hosiery Glove, Ian-, I'm brcllns, Paraioll-.elc., wiih n I ill supply ot Horeiuv iind S,raw lloiitiris nud Millcunry Gotsl-, nbo, t nr pctings, Mallini.', Paper Hangings, Shoe and hat together with all tho heavy descriptions of dpme.tiii and other gotsl, stie't us SheciiWs, nrn, Il irlap.' Wool Twine, etc. The Crockery, Looking Gla.ntid China Gallery ianlso replenished 1 ibuCulleiy, Haul ware and Houmi fiiriiisliing deparlincnt is in neeord.inco wiih llie other i-tocks 011 hand, iho variety of fancy or tides, sifli as Tos, Jewelry, Combs, Curb, Confti lioliury, etc, eln, which lilN one hundred feel of show ca.cin lenth on hi counters is innumerable. Tlie M,, in., 11 ml nii-iiire. irallcrv in I eaiilifullv iirnniL-eil for ihe dikplny of Goods under 11 slroni: light, nnd then the largo supply of superior family Groceries based upon ihoSlnTof Life, Rocho-tcr city Mill Flour, makes hi Grand Huzanr cheati ca-li store, one oftlie 11101 ftisei nniini' iWimhle, nnd contemeiit stores to I u furnished from Willi utl tin t every kind of nrliclea thai may l wislusl fi r, or looked nt for ntnineiiienl nnd gralilica lion, or with n desire to convey tho most pleasing in telligence to friend-, of the plnco where every article .1.... ...... .1...... rhrihul i nerinir of Hiincniiccs. adding (0 comfort, or supplying necc.-snry wuutt, may I Imd . 1 .11 LA L, .em, U. us bv on v snvuik' fur ' whatf vcr and whenever you wish to buv cheati forca:b o 10 hv it Him 1 miiiigicn, , , once ii i?tvs CHit Nails, llritd Ameiican Iron. UUU kegs Nnil from 31 lo C01 2."i0 do Hradsfrom Ca loSOa Horse shoe Iron Scroll and Hume do all sizes Hand Iron Irom 11 to -lj inch Round do do i to do Sipiurcdu 5-6 to 3 do J. it J. II. Pr.CK & Co., June p.). Atrcnts for Kirseville Manufacturing Co UTENSILS. 1 nri fah.mixc; 1 UU dor. Rakes. 50 do Hay Forkt, 15 do Manure Forks, 50 do Ilis's CO do scythe Snathes 75 do ca! and German steel fVylhes, cradle Scythe, Sickles, Ploutth-, and Plough cystines ly Hurlington, June l!b J. it J. H. Pr.cK & Co. riHE TIPPECANOE TEXT HOOK. Ji'M received, A n largo supply of Tippecanoe Text Hook, ma.lt up of dix'iimentsnnd facts illtilraiiiig Gen. Harrison s history, character, services and opinions, ft is warmly recommended to the, friend of Gen. Harrison through out the P. States, for snlo at the I ook store. June 20. D. A. HDAMAN. 1 LOTII1UHX, TAKE NOTICE. The sul J at tlieW for sale, tt lie moosl.i Iron Foundry, lias on li wTEA'ELlN'ti i;l(it l!ll'' rilier on hand and narrow t. loin.ti ursi ran-111.11 inn. 1 1 , which will be sold cheap lor ca-h, or ejt;liiini:o l for Clntli. . ...., Winootki Village, June II, It? 10. JllSSL GAY. TXTAVO .t WAIT bate relumed from New- ork IM Willi their supply of spring nnd siiinmer Goo.!, hud in at the prcM'til unusual Ion ri'cs which ihey an prcparcl tosell ascheap as can e had m the coun'ry, -ho proof, at the store recently .s cupuvl t y L'i'hroj. li Pol win corner "f 'LLr:li!!-"- 'i!'-liil-"!-- - - -liOODS, now open np 5 nn n ldinun i1 avorinient ol vniiout kind ol P hU, nnmn.' Ihem arc Mcotmto Unit ho, Satin Head Head HninU, Harnipanlht Lorcngc, An onlcon books, euracl ol llcrg.imoi, l-ristol bo.inl.grt cn Spe.-iae cs,t nstors, new ..i........s..i'n, Cunt.. I'm rl lleli Phite. etc. AIM). 11 ood assortment of Iriuitne.l nnd plain lino Sd'hi find boiiibaziiioStoeks! thin siiiumertMocks.llg'd jnd plain oino with haws very nice mid light n r witrtii w eniit I,,. 1. 1. 11 verv narrow Stocks, sutlitblo foi boy or nun. Also, long sKi kt for tho o who hate InririiNciMs. in a word our assortment ofbtoi!,s, l o. (nr nnd U(vnm is very roundel, r or rurthcr pur ucolar. plti; SCvll ftttJlo Variety Store. Jonv. n, t wwrn iJRi.N.MAiP. 10 1 icrcosfill sperm 5 do win'er do 33 hid-, refined do do do do J.it J- II. Pr.ca it Co, JvrOTICH. All persons indebted 10 the bite linn It of Lathrop, Polwm and Wait or to Mayo nnd vi ad at their store at wtnoo-kt mace, arc Hereby no tifitHlio nta' r payment lotts at our Store m Hurling ton, corner Church and College stree's MAYO an 1 "'AIT. 5000 tin w.viu:. Ten rtuarl Puns, d.riH0 six do do 2500 pails assorlcil size, together with a large and cenci.tl as.orlineiit of all kinds of wate, now on hand and for -ale Iiy Juno 10. Vila-', I.oomis it Co. 100 TIX I'LATU, &c 1 oxe Tin plate, 1 X, 20 do I X square do 100 bundle-: Iron wire, itssortel no cries of your patriotic f.iends 1 b-k, what liave you dune insuppoitof tho very questiiiu which elected vou 7 Wh it to redress our wrong-, ! Know you not that we feel our blou.l course swil'.Iv tlireuuh our veins, when wo think of friends mid lellow-eitizent beinrr hung by the neck, or sent from their families into hopeless cx.lefyr tlie fault of beiicfiiends to free dom I And when, in the nation h couneil, nave you complained of tiohlcd uirhtsor the President cither 7 Oh! where is our nation' st dimnty, tlie blood cf pa triots gone, when our highest officers will cringe to a iiowcr wc twice havo made to bow I It i true, you hive not, as tho President has insulted us, but you have totally neglected nnd deceived ur, nnd fur that tieccption rind neglect we will hetc a reckoning v"h you. Let me tell you, sir, thai the eyes of "wc, the. people," nre on you nnd on all our public men, we will have 11 .settlement of these long account'. Public men and measures are uo'.v passing n scrutiui7in? exami nation before thi? people, and tho cxpe.uueuters and deceit ers will be held responsible. We will no longer shut our eyes ngainpt tho light no longer hedrccivcdby reckless si tfith men in power. This country is atwoViie from her ten years slumber, and will speak next full in that voice of thunder that will nlone bo heard at tho copitol 111 spite of lamenta tions there and elsewhere. Sir, you talk about poli tical and social conditions, about rich ami poor, about the aristocracy ami the will born, about banks and bunk influence, connected with r. party all s-irugrlmg to cain power, and establish a monarchy in the plac of this Irtc republic. Now, sir 1 bee to tell you what in my limited capacity appears to be true, foi I hate had, 'by your lilu rahty, and some others, an opportu nity in sec tho arcumcnts on both fldroftho great questions thu rgitnte this nation t and clearly do I sec, that the Opposition hare t'te ur fitment nnti lioth im: would impede the force thrrcof, but llie trammels of pai iv. but r.monc the people, the rhackb-s arc fal ling ofl'in a most a ilor.ie!i;ng manner. You, sir, with all your allegations nnd accusation", have failed to show one sinelu instance where the Opposition havt assumed illegitimate power", or advocated doctimet. adverse to the interests ot ttr.s le untie. Tho fact i, .Mr. Snith, jou hate put the "addleon tho wrong horse. If there ctrr was a parry in tint country, who aimed at unlimited control and monar chy itself a party that hns ever violate.! the Consti tution and the laws, tint has prostrated every interest of thi country it is that parly wnh which yon ar associated. It remains for mc only to sn v to yon, that the people of your diinct are "itisfled that you have; misrepresented them, and will this fnll placo a mor worthy servant in you scat, and without any personal animosity towards" you, I remain, tours with rfpect, HAMILTON llAHCOCK, Mhurrh, Vt, July 10, 1 10. totrcihcr with a general assortment of Sheet Iron, Copper, Riv if, etc, for sale by Jnno 10 VILAS LOOM IS k Co. 17OHUK.N IRON AND STEEL. Fucli-h Iron V from l toG iti'dics; Russia old sal le Iron; do new do do; Stviiiles do; Hoop do from to J inch; Hrajifer's R(!s ; Sprintr, cast, nerman, swcles and Fiiglih blister steel , Carl and wagon lone-, fiuihtl ero bars, 1 y June 10. J. it J. II. PECK it Co. Ijoots is siio: Tho subcri'er has now 011 hnnd a ueiicial assortment of HOI US and SIIOIS, ol'ltiemosl f.e hionaUo style, nnd thorough workliiuiisliip, wmeii neoi.crs very low lor l..i. E.J. FAY. N. H. AM kinds of meas'irc work done al short no tice. Ilurlingion, Cli'ireh-si May 2S, IrilO. KC I'is. Lndics col'd, mul black I'rcuch Slips, JU '.'Odo do. ti.titer Hooies '.'Odd Mtfspse'ol'd Sillis, DO tin Ji'tti'si Pumps, "ides .tlcil H senl IJ001 II. C. KTI.MSON. 11 trliiigi nt, July 1 1. OTATVoNIJ.V."--tl-ls,l 1! RMSA' li.ive 0 rceenisl, I f the ici'int arnt.ib, a huge and veil as,oricl sioi'k id wrilmg pn,'r-, nud llie i!i cicut nr-ti'iti- ol plain nndl'.ui 'y S.nii. iu'ry. AL-U, an excel. Icnicolliviioni'l'ENCRA VI.Mi.Smi.l illu-lM nl ttoik-, 1 fin e publication, Montreal, St. Paul st. Mny 23. Cw -- . ll. II n flODllK'H lifiH in-I irre.vr I. from thi- iii'inilfaeluieib di Msbsi ImsiTtts, 11 full fY.1I.V it CUM! ha e rceiyitl ihctr iisimt J e,cusivo nor'mcnt of Sprint? and sunimcr GOODS, eml racine a leaunfd variety of gotl for ladie- summer drcs-fs ; rich 1- iu'li-h mid scotch Ging hams In ha inn-lin a siipen.'rar'i 'It' fr wlu'edrc.se--' Jaeonel eainbric, n trre t ns.i rtmciil r.r I arrcl and checkered Cum' ne, prm'e-l Ldtyii, niournuig do. irm le.1 caiid ric nnd French Mu-bn. An cvcn-ivc assort ment of American Calicoes chclipcr than tier. A tew I.ti'.'li h unit breach do. SILKS. A mintl assortment nt i.icri hik, mcmninf Mac'-, blue I lack, cob redanditriptt-. I'ani'nna U'd'ts Pnnsi-e, Crfm-on, white sib. do. 11 'k Italian Crnvatsi Gentlemen's eo'Mand bluet: ktd Glove., doet -IV, 1 l.t-'k 1 hue si U c nve-. do. icrlin. I t-te l liren.'. i.inen ., ,,,1 , indettieii glove-. A ri ml a -onnenl 01 iiuncry, yerf cheap. I'mlicla's nnd Piira-ol-. 'I Inn Doott and Shoes, Li bes I id Tie- ntn sbp.. DOMESTIC GOOI'S. Merri'iMek coitnn'y Davt ville do 5.. I, Cotton Sl'ci'iui-, Sl.iriiuc, Tu ! u-g, col'd Cambrics! Yarn, Tinea, t, an 1 Knitting Cot', n. Su perfine Lf iiirl'lndi-Etui t Icachci tli 11. Ycrl Mis'urei Sirq.cs, Drills .t Irnli Lined, .-luriing nnd Sua ing. Diatx'r and CraOi, TAILORS. I RI.MMINGS. Inchiding icwmgF'k. Twist, Tluen Pud bu'.-,ennvn-s, klcete-lining, I ruwn linen, H it'Ctis, Ibndiiig, ike. VESTING. While lig'd Mer-nils, Vnlcn'ia, flpilrtvl Satin, Uo, Gauze, nnd rn h cltatlv fancy IlVr ) .4 ureal tanely of oilier DRY GOOI'S which coutpr: e s very extensive linrllltu,, an l r.i- o cuil at rt"luni h ins luw pi icti . Ladu- nu I Gcitilciiicu aie luviicd to. all Htidcxain'tic q 'turte- nndpnees. J.ine -v supply of linen hand mul. I0al, iiicdumi, Deniy, Ciirpctintr, Vencti'iii nn cap, It t--r, fulio post and billet papuri of nriou quol , Cloths, 4cc. '.vbeh V: II.J4, as wove, tat.n. tanl. wit. ."v., .V -; ; mM k rtAltl,!TI'iS.--lesllllScrlbersh..0,hrrnj V a full itssoitment of Inum 1 and Common wool 1 mi -..im ir,r i.nsn hi iatr ulactutw iriv. June July 30, 1840 N. LOVELY Si 00.

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