21 Ağustos 1840 Tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Ağustos 1840 tarihli Burlington Free Press Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

NOT THE O It O R Y O T G 41 S A R BUT TUB W H X. F A H B OP BOMB. 85 BY H. B. STACY. MULING TON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 2!, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 11. MAONHCTIO ODONTICA.--THE TEETH 1 THE TEETH ! 1 Tun iNco.Mr-AluiiLU Tooth rnErAHVTioN. The fact l proved, ami ihe most in credulous nil doubting ro fully convinced, ns we have the evidence from the sale of 20.000 boxes of thoOdon- tioa, williin the pt year, lliat thu Utopion tretinis tlf; me aicnyuiisi ore ri-iiuzcu, nun u rciuciiy uiscovcri-u For pre-ercing lhou important tuul uscfiiliippcndagcs of the hutnnn system, hy I he Use of the Magnetic OJon liea, which hy itsultrne'tivc, ami strengthening tpinli tic, remoxWull extraneous substances from the teoih unci preserves them In their natural brilliancy, and the gums in soundness and heanty. It is ascertained from experience, that when ned,'tho teeth will never do--cay, but remain till the latest ngo of man, with their natural war. When they are. decayed, its progress will l arrested, and the teeth preserved and precnted and nre-wed from aching all this has lecndono in n imillitude of instances: and more in thousands of caves nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once been cllectuallj cured by popular dciilrifrice in America. And in conclusion, wheic, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that values a beautiful set of teeth, tound guhis nnd a sweet breath more than liftv cents, that will lu longer desti tute of a box df Dr. 51. Hitchcock's Magnetic Udonlicn. For Kile wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK t& Co., No. 1 l7Gciie.ee si. Clica, N. Y., ami by their ugents throughout the United Suites. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck & Co. In Vcrgenncs by J. II, Ilowman. In Milton, by Burnett vt Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. nut;1? LOTION. LOTION. DH. EVANS' BEALTI KYINO LOTION. Highly esteemed for curing all Eruptions Coarseness, Redness and Pimples on the Face Neck or hands, and ellbctually cleaning the complexion, and removing all diseases of the slnr Nothing contributes so much to our general success in life, as an engaging lirst appearance. This Lotion is admired a most fragrant, mild, safe wash and irient ly esteemed for its virtues m cleansing, softening, and liurifying the shin of all eruptions, so injurious to fe male beauty, and restoring it to a high degree, of pu rity. A beautiful complexion is the pride of all who possess it, and theenvvofihoso who are deprived of it. What is so alleoting to'a beautiful fcinalc,in whoso face nature hasdisplaved lierpower,usiofind her complex ion discoloured with disgusting pimple.", which mar her chainis ! A good appearance is the l.t recom mendation ; and nsthc Beautifying Lotion purities the skiti, and removes all Pimples, 'lilolches, Tan, Sunburn nnd Redness, and produces n beautiful hue, it is the only ootnletie a lady should tiso nt her toilet. Gentlemen will all also find this a delightful icmedy, to remove ill Rougliiio-is, Pimples, Ringwottiis, Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, and every hind of erup tion on the surface ufihe. human body. It is particu larly recommended lo gentlemen to I'e used after sha ving, as it will prevent the otherwise certain e.luet o nil common soap, in turning the nearJ prematiiioly strcy. Tor sale Wholesole and retail bv A. HITCH' COC'K & Co., No. 1 17 Genesee street, I'tiea. In Bur lington, by J. & J. II. Peck & Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II, Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes'. nug"0 'ORMS, WORMS,-Dn. M. Hitchcock's unrivalled and uneuiialled WORM TEA, a Kivereigu icmedy for Worms. Strange and inciedi lile are the ell'cets of the-c detestable vermin ; few jserfious, and it is thought none are lice from them, par ticularly females and children. Many persons go through a distressing course of medicine without a licnclit, when they lniirht le rolioed by using the Worm Tea. This 'invaluable medicine has teen tested by the experience of more than ten years use, and otliniuis'.v'red to mine than 10,000 por-ons of various ages, and not one Military complaint ; on the contrary hundred have called, and unsolicited, given their de cided preference to it. utter trying the diili-rcnl articles -ent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitchcock'-. Worm Tea the most safe, elli'ctual. and con venient remedy 'that can lie obtained : for in no one of tliu thousands ol instances svliere 11 uas lecn tix-u ngrceable to the printed directions has it ever failed. N. D. Ask for Dr. SI. Hitchcock's WohmTka, as there nre many nostrums abroad for thede-truclionuf worms For sale wholesale and retnil by A. HITCHCOCK it CO., so!e proprietors, 117 Genesee slice!, I'tien, and by their agents throughout the 1'nion. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck et Co. In Vergenncs, by J. II. Ilowman. In Milton, by Burnet & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Jnncs. aug20 LOOK AT THIS. HA VF. YCU A COUGH ? TO, OOO t)tc or cn.vsumi-tIon every year in the Fniled Stales, and millions Miller fcom troublesome coughs and colds, that can bn curud by Dr. Mi Hitch cock's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Drops, n safe medical prescription, contains no poisonous drugs, mid u-ed in an extensive practice for several years will most positively nll'ord relief, nnd save you from that hwiiii oisi-nce, puimonnry consumption, winch usually SU'l.(.ls llllntl,,. liiinn I. ..I'll,., 1 1.1 the fair, the lovely nnd the gay. Have you a cough ) He persuaded to purchase n bottle ol the Cough Drops to-day I To-morrow may I e too late. Hnvu vou a couirhl Dr. Ilitcecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is theonly remedy you should lake to euro you. tor thisplaig leason. I'hat in nooneoftho Ihausand cases where it has been ti-ed has it failed to relieve Price 75eents per bottle. For sale, wholesale nnd Re tail, by A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 117 Genuscr st., t'tica, N. Y. And by their ngents throiigliout the i mien cm-.-, m nuriiiigiun, oy .1. k, j. m. rccK itt Co. In Vcrpcnncfi, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet I.. Sawyer. 1 11 Georgia, by Loren.o Jnncs. VALUABLE IM'OR.HATION.-77ie In dian Vtgttublt Villi are a certain cure for diseaite in its ev? ry variety nf form, becHiiiie limy tho roughly cleanse the finamcli and bnucl., indncea iro. per dieclurge hy ihc lunge, fkin and kidney, and sti mulate the blood 10 pmify ilielf. In ollict tvnida lb' 5. open hII 1 lie iMiural drniiip, and lcac naiukk the Orand Physician) lice to dme ducate fioin the body. The aboe oiulelp, or dram', are ilie common ecuers nfllir bud), lliiongh "liicli hII inoilndaud cor rupt hiuiiois (ilie cute of disease) lire carried o(Ti and o long as tlicy arc nil kept open, and dirliHige freely ihclr allolted porliou of impurity, 1I10 body will con tinue in health : but when from catim; iiupinpci fond, lireslliing inipurc air, tuddeii traiuiiion lioin Iieal :u rold, oier exhaustion or any other cpiifC, the bun el become coftive, the pom ol the ft; 111 become closed, or ihekiilneja fail 'fn perforin theii fniiciiuns prnpcily, the impuriliet which kIiouIi! be drained bom the body by thfte oulli'K. ill be rclained, and continue 10 ac cumulate tintil ih'e body bec.mf.es literally loaded ivith dieme. , If ihe chanhelii of our mighty riM'm sliouhl become blorkci! up, uonld not the acn mu'nti'd umiitf find new nutlet's, cr the country become innnibili"! 7 Juetro with the h'tima-i body ; if the naluial dinins be come closed, the nlHgnani and cm nipt liiiniors will find vent in the tarioiif. foims of ilic.n'P fueh as Fever, Small I'ox, Mcaslci', Itheuraslisin, Gout, Apoplexy, &c. or Death will end our MifTi'rinn. 'I'heirfore, wlirn mrkue'9 at 1I10 rtnmnch, pains in ihc b.irk hiiiI side, quick piil.e, burning skin, or any oilier unplea rani syniiioinf, indiraie that one or inoic of I lie na tural liiuuifi arc nut disrhurging ficely, nnd die cinisli tut ion is about to coiiimencp 11 struggle (or the rcsinra. lion of health, no tune linu!d be lost in ndminificring 11 fejv brink doeci of tho Indian Puigiiiiie (Indian IV gtlable Pillt.) By so doing, all the InncimiK .if ilie body will be irslorcd 10 order, rnd the foul humors (the cftufe of every inflainaiioii or pain uo fulfei) will be removed in en eny and naiur.il a iiianiicr, that ihc body will be rfntuird an if by a charm. The aboic Fill maybe taken at a LI. times mid under Al.tcu cuniFlancer, w'uh tieifer.i safely. They foil all com plaint and all ages, and are 10 the human conaliiuiion as food : coiwrpienily ihe can ntner injure evrn the most delicate. Like our food, they are digestible; therefore they enter into ihe circulation nnd impart an rnergytollie lilonil, winrli ensliles 11 to How with irru. dotn finite in the exticininrs and coiihFiiiienily In keei Ihe noipsofihcfkinoi.cn. They aie line and nerfect purifiers of the bluod : brcaufc I hey drain all corrupt humor from that life giiiug fluid. I'hcy imparl ctrenglh and vigor 10 the whale system, and their' ef feels areatnny heiiifictal ; because (hey only remote (bote humors whirh arc onnoned to hexlih. I'hey uid ond imnrute digenion, nnd sound sleep follows their nse : becauf r iliey cleanse the siumnrh and bowels ol iiiob" Biiiuy uuiuuur. wincii nui uniy trniait! nntirxcue the neivous system, bnl paialyzc and weaken Ilie dis. cestive oigam. In short limy pnsaetfs nil ihey good properties that can be claimed lor any medicine : and what lii scry remarkable, it is utterly impostib'e 10 nte them without benefit, More thin t'welie thousand iiercons can he rcferird 10, who lune been cured ol coinplaiuts apparently 01 I lie iniifl ilangeious cliarnricr nlelv bv Ihe me ol the Indian Vezeluble l'ills OrrtCE, and general Depnt fui the Sale ef iheaboi Fills in Ilia NewLnglaud Slates. 193 TUKMON STREET, near couil sneet, Bikioii, where ihey can be bad al wholesale or retnil, Agenis hate been 1111. pointed fur Ihe sale of the Pills in almost every town in New-Etigland. All letters relative to 1 lie nilln mu.i be addrvsspd ihns : " N. 12. Office N. A. College of Health, IUS rrcmoat buret, llostou, ?hh. Burlington, A. DitiKSMAin WofKKtoelc, Haskell a rainier s. niiaiisnury, .1011a noiigiiion 1111:1111 uville, Charles W. Joy Ilcniiington, J. C. llaswelle Mtddlobury, Geo. It. ri.h ltutlainl, Wm. hay Dover Hiram Baldwin Braltleboro', Ilirge, Brockcti & Co Waterfurd, II. Cutting cc Co. Newbury Hrntiss Knii-ht Belhcl. Samuel Aii'lin jr. Snrinir field. Geo. Wiishburn Proctor 6i Hobmson Lon donderry, Smith & Glaier Ilridgewater, Tlnw. Konihgate Chester. Plimeas 0 Sargent Wiiubor, is. W. Hubbard F. Pbullney Hickok tV Moarr Conimotis, Samuel Kvvrts Wilmington, A. II. Child Stowe, Alk'rt Cotnps Post Mill Jcrciniiih Wilton b't. Johnsbiiry Luther Jewett Weston John Wilder Walerbitry Persons Lyons Montpelier William (Tlarkc Ludlow fohn Dunbar and Co. Heading Wood & MerrillHartford J P, Strom' &l Co Norwich Baxter & Nnwlon Barnard J, B, Dun. lorth-Kochester Clmrles Duld Cuvendijli-A. Oil. .nn n,isi.n Guilfore I'hllm Jlarlin Hal1l.1v J. C. Stono ti Co. Wutminster Aaron Ilitehcoek v....it,i.rtfirld Builv Ihirilott Harlhind Cotton & I'ramble Fairfax. Iliunploit Lotcgrove. DOCT. MAltSIIAIilAS Aroiuitic, Catarrh and Headache S.M'FF. Tliis Suiill is superior to any thing yet known, for removing that troublesome dis ease, the Catarrh, and nlso ti cold in the Lead, and the headache. It opens nnd purges out nil obstruction, strengthens the glands,and gives n healthy action to the parts alleeted. It is perfectly Iree from any tiling dele terioiis 111 its composition lias a pleasant flavor, and its immediate eifect, after being used, is nbgrecabfe. Price 50 cents per bottle. Doei. .Marshall's Vegetable Indian Black PLASTKIi. This Plaster is unrivalled for curing scrofulous swel lings, Scurvy Sores, Lame Back, and h'resh Wounds j pauisin the side--, Hjpsnnd Limbs; nnd seldom fails to give relief in local Hhcumatisiiis. If applied to the side,it will cure many of the common Liver Complaints; and is e.iual, if not s'unerior. to any thinir in nu for corns on the feel ; the virtues of this Plaster have licen witueised by thousands of individuals in the I'niteJ States, who'havotosted its eilieucy. Sold by the pro prietor; Chas. Bowcn, Middlehtiry, Vt. jel'J DISEASES OF THE I.UNGS.-.Uecldedly Ihe inosl popular remedy ever known in America Vegetable Pulmonary Buliam is the most valuable remedy now in use fur cough, colds, asthma or phthisic, consumption, whooping cough and pulmonary afTtctions of every kind. Its sale is steadily iucrcusing, and the proprietors arc constantly receiving 1 lie must favoiablc account of its effects. The following new certificates arc offered for public examination. An Interesting Case. Extract ofa letter from Mr C S Clay, Kingston, Ulster Co., N. V. to llio prupiietors. "Yours uf the 9ih iml. was duly tee'd. A remarkable cure was effected by 1 he Vegaiutile I'ul. inviiary Balsam in the wimcr nud spi lug of 1S35. The person, Mr. Aluodv, hud been sick a long time with the consumption. His physicians had given him up. lie was reduced to low as to be unable 111 help hiui'clf, ami was raising a largo quantity of bluud when he cuiniueuced using the BaUain, which bus effected a complete cure, and he is now as hale and hcaity as ever he was. Mr. Moody has removed from this town, but he h is premised ine a more detailed account of his case, which I will fuiward vou. C. S CLAY. Kingsion, N. Y. June 25, 1833. Extract ofa loiter fiiini Dr. Jacob Myers. The Vegetable Puhnonaty Balsam lias been sold in this county for two years, and 1 lie medicine has gained an unriimiuoii celebrity, fur it scarcely in one instance failed of having Ihe desiicd cffecl. I am by no means in fivor of ihe many nostrums, most ol which are im positions upon a ciedulous public, but that which I know by ute 10 be cfleciu.il, I cannot help but give my approbuiuii thereto. A counterfeit preparation has been ufl'ercd here by a travelling Agent, ofCunisiock, N. Y. and there is another article vended here that is strongly suspected lu bctpuriuus. Jacod Mvf.rs, M. D. Mifflingion, Juniata co. Penu. May 3, 1837. Finni Dr. Samuel .Morrell, 10 ihe I'ropiieiois of the Vege IhIjIc I'uluianary Balsam. I am satisfied ihul ihc Ve getable I'lilinonaory Balsun is a valuable tncdecine It has been used in ihis place with complete success in an nbriin.iic complaint of Ilie lungs, uncoiled with a .evert; cough, loss uf voice, and the raising of much blood, which had previously lesisied many approved prescriptions. Alter using 1 lie Balsam one week, the patient's voice returned and he was utile to speak uiidi lily. I'll in rase occurred some lime Finre, and the man is now engaged not only in active Iml lalunious business. Respectfully , &c. S. MoHKKI.L. It is now mute lliau six venrs since I was brought erv low by an iiflectinn of ihc lungs, and mv ciiiupUiiil was declared to be incuiable by n council of llnce phy sicians. I w as then resloied to as goo I health as I had enjoyed for many years, by using ihe Vegetable Pill, lunnarv Balsam. Since my recovery I have rccoin mended I he Balsam in a great many cares of 'ting complaints, anil so far as I can learn, its use his in variably been followed bv murli lieiiefit, ami 111 man) instances it has effected cities whirh ueic wholly unex pened. Samuel Everett, Huston, .11 arch i, 1837. For sale, wholesale and letail, by J. 3? J. II PECK fc Co., Burlington, Vi. SIIEItMAiVS COUGH LOZENGES. A Rh tho safest, most sure and utlecttinl retntijy for xV Couuhs, Colds, Cotistimptions, whooping Cough, Asthma. TiirhtllOss of the Liintrn or ehesi. io j The proprietor has never known nn instance where uitv inn in 1 pive peneci sniisinetion, oeverat tliotls nud hoses have leen sold within the last thicelnonths reMoring to health, persons 111 utmost every stage ol consumption, and tho-e laboring under the most dis. trossing cold nnd coughs. They do not cheek and dry lip the cough, but render it easy, promote expec toration, allay the tickling or irritation, nnd remove the proximate or exciting cause. They are made from combination of the most valuable expectorant, or cough medicines, and are undoubtedly superior to every tiling in use for lhoc complaint. Hundreds upon hundreds of certificates Imvu been oflered of their wonderful virtues, from those who have been saved from an untimely grave, and restored to perfect health by using them. Dost:. One lozenge is n dows for an adult, aud may be repeated from three to six times u day, as required. Children, eight years years old, half of one: four years a quarter, nnd so in pro portion. Very small children or infants will lake them best dissolved in a little water. Should they net ns tin emetic, or produce nausea, thedo-o must be lessened 10 what the stomach will bear. Half of one will gen erally be stiilicient to take before breakfat. us the stomach is then more easily siekeneil. No ill elects can tiriso from an overdose, as it will cause the sto mach to reject it j and although not a pleasant sensa tion, will be found to give relief. Where there is much pain in the breast or ide, one of Sherman's I oor Man's Plasters should be applied over the part, and worn till relieved. Ifattcndod with eostiveness, a few cathartic or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ca thartic medicine, should be ned as occasion requires. Sold nt the Variety Store, by PaNGUOHN & UiUNSMAID, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt. HA lit I IIAIT 1 1 -- IIAlil) X ES8." Impor tant Discovery tile (ircnt Mvslrrv I'mnul out nt Insl.DR. STF.RUV'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. Stcrry, after much intention to the important subject of preserving tho hair, lias, after ny experiments cncmicni nnu physical been nhle to discover nnd article w liiclt is now ollcrcd with tho L'rnalpst ronfiih'iicii fur thu luilnt ns tbn ln.m it.liw.nvrr discovered, for, for its softening mid ticnctrntininiunlitv to nrodlicu n iruod head of hair to nrnvnni it frnm fulling oil" when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness nas taken place, and to prevent it from turning gray. It ii is more ttnitrisliinf? thnn po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes tho hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands linvc tested its superior virtues and excellence, and in every instance it stands utiriva led. It is an infallible cure in nil nllcctiotis of tho skin on tho head as ilnndruir, etc. vve. Lvcry family should be sup plied witlt n bottle of this oil, that by its application to the head nnd hair of children, the beautiful and or namental appendage ofa line head of hnic, wliiclt na ture has supplied lis may bu preserved. From the lintnerous certificates and recommendations received of itssahitnry influence, thu Doctor feels firmly ticr- simucii no nas succeeiien m prornieiiigan article wlttch will incct tho desired wishes and approbation of the tluhlie. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK vt Co. 117 Genesee st. Uticn, N. V. In Bur lington, bv J. vt J. II. PECK it Co. In Vergenncs, hy J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet L. Saw- SH EH MAN'S WOKM LOZENGES arc the greatest discovery ever made, for disH.'lhng the va rious kinds of worms that so fiequcutly and distress singly annoy both children nnd adults. They nre an infallible remedy, nud so pleasant to the taste that children will take them as readily as n common pep permint lozenge. Many diseases arise from worms, without its being suspected. Sometimes a very trouble some cough, pains in the joints or limbs, bleeding at thu nose, &c. are occasioned by worms, nnd can be easily cured by this celebrated medicine. The follow ing s'ymptoms indicate the presence of worms, via : headache, vertigo, torpor, disturbed dreams, sleep broken o:f by fright nud screaming, convulsions, fe verisdiness, thirst, pallid hue, bad taste 111 the mouth, ollcnsive breath, couch, dithcitll breathing, itching at the nose, pains in the stomach, nausea, squeiimish ness, voracity, leanness, tendinis, itching at the anus towuids night, nndut length, dejections and films and mucus. One is n ilose for a child two years old two or one four years old ;hrco for eight years, ami live for mi adult, nnd should l.e repeated every morning, or uvery other morning until relieved. iCy Sold at tho Variety store by PANGBOIIN vt UIUNSMAID, Jcwtllcrt, Burlington, Vt. NATURE'S GRAND RESTORATIVE. This valuable Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz: Dyspepsia, or Indi gestion, diseased Liver, bilious disorders, Dropsy, Asth ma, Cosiiveness, Worms nnd loss of Appetite.' und by cleansing the stomach and bowels, cures pains in the side, stomach and breast, colds and coughs of long standiim, Hoarseness, shortness of breath, Nervom complaints, etc, which arefreijiienlly the ellect of dis ease. For Fever and Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative as well as a sovereign remedy. Its virtues surpass any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitus' Dance, two bottles have been known to cure Ihisaflhctingdiseasc, after having ballled every exer tion (or four years. It has a most powerful inlhicnco in removing nervous complaints. It is pleasant to take and ocasy in its operation, that it may be administered to the infant with safety. The above .Medicine is very highly recommended by many scientific tentle'iuen, ond a large number of ladies, who have tiroved the virtues of the Medicine by personal use and that of their minutes, a nut 01 ceriincatcs accompanies cacti bottle, willi directions. It may be had wholesale or letail of S. Britain, Dane, and J. C. Farnain, East Williams town, Vt. sole proprietors. Prepared from the oriein-- al recipe; for sale by E. II. Prentiss, Monlpelier, and j. cc j. 11. 1T.CK Oi uo, uiiriington, ami 111 the princi pal towns in the state; all directions signed in the handwriting ol the proprietors. jelQ rpilK LION OK THE DAY. NO Cl'RE NO JL PAY! The Genuine old Dutch or Ger man Vegetable lllls Highly recommended by Doet. Valentine Moil, M. u. of N, aud others. 1 liese are the orders : Any one thai does not hint re lief from llie.-e pills the price is refunded back, thu.-e are Ihe positive orders of the Proprietor to agents and others. In tillering these pills to the public, I appeal to their intelligence. If these pills are not what they recommended you nie in duty bound out of respect to yourself aud community to reject them, and publish them to the world ns an imposition, humbug und quackery. Thepublie may l.e assured they nre purely vegetable, they are composed of nine ingreditits, part of the medicine is only found in Asia and in the val leys of Germany. I-or convenience these extracts are made into pills and will bo found a sure cure or re lief (or all lullious complaints, yellow and billions fever.-, fever and ague, jaundice, scarlet rash, billions cholie dispepsia. &e. It is not pretended that this medicine is a cure for all discuses to which the human vstcm is liable. Ten thousand useless efforts hnve been made to draw from the regions ol unknown fancy some long-spun theory of mam'c an. winch would cute each aud every disease. Good medicine is not found 111 the fire or whirlwind. Health and happiness hang uiioti chance wind. time is the herald of truth. The past al least N secure; Ihey have ulieady raised a monument of their gicatncs.s v Inch will defy the corroding tooth of time. Noneeau he Genuine without wrapper and directions on each box on which my line Is written al length. Sold wholesale and retail by the subscriber at Glen's Kails by A. Ii. & D. Sand 7i), and 100 Fulton st. audit. M.'Mcigs. 3SS South Maaket st. Albany. Bauni & llawlev, 219 Siver st. 1 ii'j, vjfiiviai witius lur uiu sum; m m-v i uri.. .UKltllH f liKlt'M.X For sale by Win. Rhodes and E. B. Green, Rich mond ; Morion vt Clark, and 1). vt D. S. Lalhrop, Williston ; Hagar &. Conistoek, Shclhum ; H. Stanton, sex ; vjco. is. u.'iue-, ami Allen Hartley, Jincliu; R. llitrlbut, Wostford; J. 11. Barnes. Charlotte s R. Moody and Geo. Peter-on, Burlington ; aud by E. BR1GGS, Burlington, Agent for Chittenden Co., where S. ib-Ageuts can be supplied at wholesale price-. INQUIKI --ASK 'I HOSE WHO KNOM'. Tlnife only wholknovv by dial or immediate obser vation, can form any idea of the effects, of the pel feet relief, nf the almost rhariu.like cures effected in ciues of ihe Pii.es, Rheumatism, all Swellings, and all external Pains, nn mailer how severe, uy Ihe use of Hays' Liniment, find one who has used il that will not laud it above all tilings ever used, and yon will find what c.innoi be tiiunil. tCj"l-or Ihe rche.i 01 tuner, ing human beings who mav be nfiliclcd, I beg 51111 to atk a-k of those who know ask the Hon. A LFn kd Conklin, U. S, Judge for thai district, icsiding near Auburn, ask Matthew J. MVBIIs, hsn. Alliens, N. Y : ak Gen, Duff Green, late o( Washington cily, each of these gentlemen know of cases unennqner. nine uy an inner icinuu'i-s nr iiijMi;imis, iuwu v.. fur many years; thai have been cured by the use oflhe genuine Hay's Liniment. Th msands of other petsons know similar cures. We appeal to llteir sense of jus- lire iheir human feelings. 1CPI1 is but 11 duty nn own to jnur suffering fellow-beings to lei Ihlsgtcat remeilv be known, BpeaK 01 11 then to an jour means I'liis will save initrh pain where Ihe newspapers urc not read, or where readers are incredulous, because go many worthies articles are nitverllei lor Ihe same purpose. To buyers we pay, if all w ho hnvnWed il do ml say it l lieynml all pritse, men 00 1101 ii 11. I'lie prnpi icior w ill not allow this nrlicle to lie ps.id for unless it rurcs.vvhen all I lie directions aie fully follow, ed. Will any one suffering refuse now lo try il ? If lie loes. he ouiiht in be pitied mom lur Ins obsliuary Hum his fiifferino. llTF'Mr. Ilavs would never const III In offer ibis at tide, wetelie not rompelted by his reuse of moral ol lehgious duty lo do all in Ins power lor Ihe viriims of disirrss and misery. Kor ibis pmpnse he would sooner devole a fortune, than serine a dollar lor any wurihlcss mlicle. iCP.OOA' OUT.-Some swindles have niunleifeiied tins article, aud put il up with various tlev ires. Do not be imposed npt 11. tine thing nnly will protect jou il Is the nainn of Comiforf fy Co ; that name inusl bn nlwnje on the wrapper, or you me cheated. Do uol forget it. Tako this direc. linn wilh you, and lest by thai, or never buy ; lor 11 is impossible lur uny oilier 10 oe Hue nr genuine. SOLO 1 ON HAYS. Sold by Comilocl; ft Co. 2 Fleicher slteol, N. Yotk. el lorsaleOAXr bv Panodoiin H urinsmaid. SHERMAN'S POOR MAX'S PliASTnit. The best strengthening pla-ier in the world, and a sovereign remedy d r pain or weakness in the back, loins, side, brea'-t, neck, limbs, joints, rheumatism, lumbago, iw.tci: One million a year will not supply the demand. They require a little warming before ap plication. Warranted superior lo all others, nnd for one quarter the usual price, making not only the best, but the cheapest plaster in the world. Il allords relict in a few hours, and makes astonishing cures. In liver complaint and dyspepsia, it should be worn over the region ol the liver or stomach, and it will allord great nud astonishing relief. In cough-.eold-, asthma, ihili- cnlly of brealhing, oppression of the chest or stomach, they will immediately sooth, and greatly benefit the patient. Persons ol sedentary habits, or'thoso obliged to stand much, will icceivo decided support from one of the.e truly, strengthening plasters. Physicians gen erally recommend litem, in preference to nil others.t'e- caiisi! they slick or adhere I etler and atliird greater relict, in their operation they nre stimulant, tonic, and anodyne. They are composed of entirely diflerent ingredients iroiu any other; and Known trom the ex penenceof millions, who have ttcd them, ns well ai the united testimony, of all the celebrated nnd ditin gishcd clergy and physicians, to be the 1111H 11-eful and highly medicated plaster, ever invented or olfcred to tliu pulic. several persons have called at the ware house to express their siirpri-e and thanks nt the almost miraculous cures these piasters nave eiieeteii, One man whoWid been so nlliieled with heiitiiatisin as to be unable 10 dress himself without assistance wa enabled after wearing one, only one night to get up aloiiu in the mottling, put on ins clothes and call at our 'oilice with eves I canting with toy nnd his tongue pouting forth the gladness of his heart, al the sudden nnd sisnal n-lief he had received from this best o( all lemedfcs'. Ask for Dr. Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, Il is so called, becaue the price places il in the power ot all to purchase, 1 ems only iaj et. Jso'it al the va riety store by PANGBOKN As UIUNSMAID, Jewellers, Burlington, Vt, ifl i(U FAINT Ai OILS. lUtUUxJ lbs. dry white Lead J00 casks grotinddn tlo 15 bill. Venetian Red 10 casks French yellow 50 Lids. American Linseed Oil, oe Knirit Tnroc ntme rnnal Varnish. 'll(1 JR'i Sn,ul I"lr''r Snm,'."i oSfi Glue, Oa'm Copal, by' J.& J.1i.Wk& Co, nno th 15 iiali).iii:ai)i:i A; othhks JL D' cs any know u neighbor or a Mend who has been Bald, and vvhotc head is now rovciTTi 'with fine hair? One whose coat collar was covered with dan ilrulT, though hru-hed every hour which lias now van ished eutiiely I Or one whose hairs at call) age weic laming grey, who now lias nol a grey hair? Children whose heads weic ruveird with ecm T, whose, hair would not glow, lI1.1t nie now growing ihc fullest ctops of hair I Some cases must be known lo most ncirorii. Aik lliem iheciuie, nnd you will bo told that these things have been done by the use of ihe Halm of Co. lumbia, OfSOyearsgiovvlh is ihis article, lis demand iucicasiiig niuuially some bundled per cent. though when difcowted not opposed by untitling for the same purpose, now assailed by alinoil numbciless imishioon iruu picparaiionsitut will ruin Hie hair II tueil to any oxtcnt, Can more than lliete facts be wauled reler lo the recommendations by 11 list of names uf nnei'ia. biliiy, unequalled by any other article. Lnuk lo these things buy Ihis article. Slay nnd preserve jour hair bv iia ime. or if bald restore II. I.ndics. atiend in Mil. hundreds in fa.hioiiabla life aid using il ns ihe onlv r,;,.in milts- fit for the toilet. Long hair it veiv am to fall out. I.auics, use me imu '"'""r " n . nur.nUH. ilie dtfsnico ol biildueit by nrnlect of your persons. It is jour duly, 11s innialisls lo pre serve ihe beauties (if nature, with "l"'' a lioiuillful Crcutor bus endowed you ; ue lite llulni,for it vvdlldo it. paiition to nn remembered. Sevctal most flagrant aiieuiite have been made lo couutei feu the true lliihn of Columbia. Soum oflhe impnslers have gone so far as lo counicrfull llio splcn did wrannera. nud llio Palls ofNiagniti. nnd eveiv ex tenia! inaik exceni llio name of Cuuulock. which they dare not forge. To avoid impositions therefore, al ways look fur tho name of Comslock It Co. or L, S. rTrM.ir,rk. und never bnv tile article unless it tun that name upon il Sold wholesale and retail, only ot No. 2 Fletcher snccl, PI, V. and by I'ifiCfiOnR mid Hrimhaiu lluilington, vi, j' l TVTEW SCHOOL G KO IIA1M1Y AND 11 ATLAS WITH OUTLINE MAPS, bv S. Aunus tus MlTciiKi.L. The author ot the above works has been professionally devoted to the science of Gco'y nnd the publishing ol Maps, during many venrs and ii former pioduelions-, especially his Map of the World lor Academics, t ear ample tesiimonony 01 his abun dant resources, upon which he has so lit erally drawn in producing the above school works. The following extract oflhe Geo'y and Alias, islrom a joint recom men latum ol thu teachers in Ihe city 01 le.w 1 or!, "'1 heir merits nre numerous the definitions remark ably plain nnd concise. The exercises are copious mid important, nnu inoiiescTipiivc is luminous nnu correct The divisions of the American continent, are repre sented and dcscril ed as they really exist at tliu present lime. And the gross misstatements generally found in sciioo geographies are cowled. 1 liu lynogranhi e.tl execution is tin commonly neat nnd distinct, indeed the atlas is a nitxiet 01 the uinu, ami actually teems with information;" Tliu outline Maps nre peculiarly calculated lo exercise 1110 student 111 his study, and lo fill up at his leisure. Tor wile by C. GOODRICH. WHili YOU 1113 SHAVKU nt LoueyN new Dressing Room. I. Louey the undersigned, would Now inform thu pul lie Und, That having left church street, In Howard's Hotel can te found. Ho will not bo.istlils barler skill, As Ihis the public h tig Imvu known, But l egs to usk their 0, istom slid, For dilligence lie yields to none. When lie 1 tint would unto his face And head have sleWing justice ilone, Prny don't mistake the proper place, But call upon Ickm Lonf.t. P. S. Clothes carefully cleaned lo order. Perfum ery orull kinds constantly on hand and for sate. Burlington, July (), 1810. 1? A Ylil,'),'ii WHOIW, nlull assortinent just I STBTIJ 01' VERMONT. ) rpllh, lion, the pro' LreeM nndforjsnlo by II. W. WILIS k Co. if.T.M- CmTriNlit..v ss. j 1 eo ,rt fir the di OPtlltS, Rnlmg vtdnp, ntid Canes," nt the Vnneiv ' V'1"1"".'1.''"' ',.0.rt" lll;'", ""fined in the 1 kJ .Store, June 11, I'ANnnon.si & IImk.smaiii. i "' A","H ""'"t' 'j'f;1'' Ctiirloite, in aid disri- t HOIWI3 HAY IIAKIwrr.y J. vt J. 11. PECIC, vt & CO. CtllMJLhH. lot) M." P.iieSlnugleTby 3 J"I'I0. J.iVJ. Hi I'LCk-vfe Co. lAIRUANIOS SCAl.i:s,Ty " 10- J. & J. II. PECK &. Co. VEUDEXA CHUAM for shaving, elarifie-lRov lit, Wnrrin's Le-t Needles. Silver Thimbles and lots of new Goods, opening nt the Variety Slore. Ma.y 20. PANGBOIIN ft URINSMAID. OTATIOXEUY. ARMOI R & RAMSAVliaw U leeeivcil, by the recent arrivals, a large anil well assorted stock of wilting paper.-, nud tho tlnleicnt ar ticles of plain nnd Eaney Stationery. ALsO, an excel lent collection of ENGRAVINGS and illustrated works, rfla'o publication. .Montreal, St. Paul st. May 23. Cw THOY At MIC1HCJAN SIX HAY L1MJ. TMPOUTAXT TO .lOTIIl.HS & YOUNG X lfUMAbUS. Docts. Ur.vNoitiH & Paii-iclkv's celebrated PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE for complaints peculiarity incident to the l-'cmulu Sex. M'l.iu .,ri;,.,. tu ....... I,r. l..,r,sr., ll. ...,1.11.. ...,.!... sanction of the strongest testimony, from those who have alike used it, nnd also witncfscd its unequalled powers, in the removal of Female obstructions of the most aggravated ami desperate cliatactcr. These testimonials arc not brought from the ignorant and illiterate but from Physicians and other Scientific l'crsous, who nave tested its great virtues, ami now recommend it iti their practice and lend to it the sanc tion of their names. It is not intended asmanv medi cines generally arc for all the varieties of disease, which it is the lot to sulfcr under. But it is intended, simply lor otto class ot complaints, nnd lliosc only re lntinif to one sex. These bcinir of rather a delicate nn lure, there would be more than an ordidary degree of (tillulcnce in coming witti tins article before tliu public were it not llio fact that thousands are continually tiassinii from the stiiL'0 of action, victims to disease. which this, liicdicmc lias never tailed to prevent or cure. Such lias been the provision of Nature, that nearly nil the complaints ot Females, arc connected in sonic degree, with the habits allied to their sex. And many can bear witness, where a mere cold nt a t liculur stage, hns piodiicctl checks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never lias been able to dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of the natural Habits produces no very inarming symp toms, and is treated L'cncrallv with neglect. And proper attention is nrocrnstiaated until the hollow eve. sauow complexion aim grcai oouuy iiciuuiy iiiuiciue that cither rapid consumption, or some oilier fatal disaasc has tustcncil its resistless grasp on the suitcrcr which soon terminates existence, bv a lingering but certain dentil. For complaints inevitably productive uf such results this invaluable medicine is now brought before the public. It invariably removes obstructions nnd regulates a too profuse mcnstruratioii, and cures ny ns uuequaiieu qualities, till me variety m derange ment connected with tliu Petunia Imbit. Tho eminent anil distinguished Doct. J. Morrison, who has prac tised medicine nt uneula, rv. l ork, with the most sig nnl succss for '0 years, says "It is the best medicine now in use. In cases of retention, or supression of tho Menses, I think it will sustnui the uppclalioii of a spccillc. I have tried it in llio worst cases with most admirable success, nnd I wish for the good of suflciing I'cniales, that all physicians would introduce it in their practice, ns I have found it answers beyond my most sanguitio expectations." In its effect it island may bu taken without tho least inconvenience,, ns it is not cathartic, hut tonic nnd aperient. For ample par ticulars respecting its efficiency, certificates nf Pysi cians who have witnessed its circcls, iitid nf others, who have been most signally benefited nnd restored by its virtues referencu is now alien d lo the pam phlets accompanying tho medicine, and to the more particular evidences, in tho hands nf tho subscriber, Solo Agent for the New Finland Slates. fa EDWARD BRLNI.F.Y, Wholesale- Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints and Dye Stud's, No. 3 vt -1 south side old Fanctul Ilnll. SHIP by Old Troy Tow Boat Line, Ccenlics Slip. 1SI0. AGENTS Al.LKV Wtll t l rn n CnocKr.n, 10G, Broad st. New Vorl; ; Moore vVStunp son, River st. Troy; Win. H. Aloore, 72 Quay si. Al- .uiij. , oiiuiLv .men, uut uusicr ; vieorge uavis iV uo. Uuilalo; Philip Allen, Bull'alo: Geo. A. Kteucli, Dun kirk, N. Y. George T. Camp ii Co. Barcelona ; C. M. jwui, r.iii:, r.i.: tHu.tuir tk. V.O. WOUVClHIld, U-J M. B. Ross & Co. Portsmouth, O.; II. N. vV N. B. Gates, Black River. O.: Jenkins iv Trace. Ilmm, n . it ,ri ..r Barne-,S.iudiiskv City, O.; Chester Ji .Slringhaui, Detroit, Midi.; R. W . Titus, Toledo, O.; U.S. Hazard, Miiiimee Uitv", O.; Wheeler cc Porler, St. Joseph,; J. G. Sleiglit, Michigan City, lnd.; Dawson iV llo.iticr, .Hiiiwiiin.ie, .; u. M. Ueed, Chicago, III. jcLSui Mark packages, "T. & M. Line." LAKE GiiOIiaU PACKICT 18lO. A?3j& riAHE ncwSteain Packet. I JVM. CALDWELL, regularly every day (except SunJ.nsV bmb w..v through the Lake, on 'll'USDAY, the '2 I day of June next. Leaving Caldw ell lorTieonderoga, every morn ing, and lettiruiug lo Caldwell the same day. Lake George Passengers will I c landed from, and taken on board lhe Lake Chainplaui Steam Paekcl-, near the old Fort 'I'lcondcrogu, from the Mansion House ol ii.". i . 1-i.l.u lisii.. now u rubiictiotiM'. Hits lean- tlliilestaLltshmeut has Lecn gieallv iiupraved since last Summer, by erection uf a Large Addition, con taining a spacious Dining Room.and Assembly Rooms vte, and has recently passed into the hand, of Mr. II. C. LOW, a gentleiiiau favorably known by the uav ellinp Public- By taking the Laiu: Guouol: Rouie, i i.nuuuis i i iiui uuiyeiijoy me nticst scenery ol our Country, but lose uo time on the Northern Tour, as they lake the same Chainplaui Steam Boat at Tieou tleroga, which lliey would have taken at While-hall, nnu muy sum; uiui way. .uay lev, ism, am, l'OUVAHI)INt, Ac. IWIO. tile, subscriliers will couiiuiie their business as Forwarding nud Com mission Merchants aud Custom Mouse Aleuts, at ihe Port ot Saint John's. Lower Canada. They .lu not oiler their services ufreenfanMchiiriTcn to those persons tiilcrc-tcd in trade with the United State-, but will endeavor to make-their attention to the interest of their employers worthy a reasonable iixuinpcmc. Having good Wharves (at which the L.vkc Ciiam-r-LAlN Steamboats will lasd) and excellent Sininn- logellier wilh the convenience of u connecting Rail Track wilh the Cuami-laim and Sr. Lawucsci: iuil-hoad over ihoe wharves, tlicy (hitter lhenist.yes that, with lift ecu years experience in this branch ol bu sincss, they wul I e enabled to do much lo lucdhntc und eiicourgo trade betvveou the United Suites and the e.ower rroviuce. jasu. u. t'IKRCE vS; SON. at. Johns, l,. e.., starch, 1310. Qui IVINDOIV SASH Just received lj,20 ami zit oy ucascineiits ol sash, a lirst rate article at 31 and jV cents per light ; also all kinds and sizes, furnished lo order. I icoudcrnga hlael, lead, a th-st rate nrlicle. for sale very low, togctlicr with a great variety of other arti cles as cheap as can be found at any other e-tal lish tucnt in the place. Geo. Peteuson. IIiOUIt.-Troy, Ohio and ATielilininT constantly receiving by J. & .1. II. Prxu vt Co. VyiXOSOR UlPIiUS, for -alont the variety v I'ANGIIORN & URINSMAID. GHIN'DSTONUH, by Jinn,7. J. X- J. 11. pfr-k-r- POMDUIt.-Jiiiii- l't. 100 kegs 1, & J. II. PncK vt Co. YOOL TWIME for sale at HOWARD'S. " 11123 rvUUOS AND MEDICINES. A l,,W supply plM 1 ..rce'dby June J. & J. 1 1. 1" l.'CK & Co. POTASH KLTTLISt tnntly on hand! y June I I .1. ,t. I tr ni'i'i- f. ( ruunv.y CiI,AH. Relfor.l,Sinnm-midCliuton W crown v I. t n ncpi-.i. i... CALUnATUS. .10 casks, by S!Jii' VX j. vt '.L PI-:CK ct Co. poXCSltliSS 1VAT1JII, JIM rereived a f,es, Mll'l'ly ofCoiigics water, nud for sale 1 v "'v - tfLO. PLTERSON. TiroOL n-ceived in e.xeh inge for Broadcloth and other Goods nt my Store at Wmoo.ki village JsIUrSKY HARLOW. July 10, 1310. BON'XETS. Tuscan and English straw Bonnets of the lale.il fashions, inst nsssi-.sl nil f,,. ul'e-l' I')' P. DOUI.I'ITI.E. pOUX BROOMS &. PAILS.. 5t)do7. patent Pails, -100 doc. corn brooms J lie in. J. it J. II. Pr.CK it Co. 50 HOSTON N. K. RUM. H ids. Gardiner lln-v.-ers. lv Jui: 1 J. vt J II. PECK vt Co. BAUXLjs' new Geography, on the Classification system ; a very useful work for school., pi.t re.-'d and Tor sah.-uuhc Bookstore jelO D A BRAMAN TlJoilK N F. W HOOKS wUstvemn"i7 LlM. ceivcd at the Book Slore und nr.vi- f,.r .!.. cueap ny aiay 27. D. A. BON'.NKTTS...Just reteived soinc new shapes I-lore-lire Braid Sulil andi-oW 1 Sir.m- lln,,,,,i. wl ieli will It- sold very low fore.ish. Jttiy a, itviu. r. LOVELY vt Co. TV K V (iOODS, cheaper than ever. 11. W. Cat-i-1 tin St Co. are now receiving n new assortment ot Dry Goods, to which they invite the iiiii-micii i.f ,.,. chasers. June.!. ISIO. LOST. The person who found a WATCH CASE yesterday at Williston, will please leave il with mv u uui una receive ms reward. Burlington, July 10. DAVID RUSSELL. rol aid irnt late el-e l, i reeling. Wlicifa-. Nel-on Hit tint, mlmi mi. lor of llio csl.i c of I deici i-d, prnpo-es lo render nn uccoiintof his nditiini-tration, 111M nre--o.it lu.s nj eoinil ii' amt nnd estaiu fi.r t-.nmiii:ition end allow 1111 e at a n-vsinn ef Ihe Court of Probnlc, tti 1 e hidd en 11! Ihe Register otlice m Burlington on the scrond U'edcn -d.iy i.t Si-picml cr hex'; Therefore, you aie! hei eby imiitied to uppi-ir 1 1 fore siud court nt the 'lino nii'i ptai-e- an re-ai 1, and Why the in-eoulil shnul-l linweau-e, if any you have, iiiinweii. uivi:u uui.vr my ban 1 ut Burlitc.'tou lliis lust day of Aitiriist, A. D. 1910. a ia 5 WM. WIST ON Register. BOO l'S, SIIOl S vt LEATHER. The subscriber liaving tal.cn the stoic formerly occupied bv Messrs. Hinltuji i)- ir171ic, is now opening a geiicriil assottnii nt of Ikwts, Shoes and Leather, which liavo nil been bought for cash nnd will be sold for the samu at the hittist prti LS, mid a- th"'nrtic!es arc too numer ous to mention 111 tin advutiscim nt, nllhoiigli Mr Sta ey liasi'iilaiiv d Ins paper, 1 would uniidy invite-all ttl call nnd examine th'- foods and prices bifo tiitr elsi'w hi rc. Builui 'ton, July 1,1" 10. HENRY C. ST1MSOX. by E. J. Srt.Msos-, Aircnt. Iji it a n K li v n 1 1 1 r s if, aT "1 i i i ; mineral 1 SPRINGS, IN IIIGIIiiA'l L, VT.-'l lie subscri I e-t- Invui-' I irui-lit- l und title I up, for the rcvcptie 11 of company, the al rive- e--t.il.li. bu cut, respectfully s .ln-it-t the pairi'ii.i.'e of liisfi.cn I ,, and the public ueucra'ly. Tin celclnly this spruitf his ana ned, tho leauty of Us liK-alioti Icing sit, i.i.i 1 111 a plea-ant and liealthf it section 1 f the coitiilry ti ue-licr with ihe exertions of the subscriber to gi.-e :itisf.t.-tiuu to all, it is lioped will make it a di-sii.il lcs,iaiion f,)r tliose lm wisli to avail thein.ehcs oflhe I cm-fits of the medicinal waters, and a relaxation (iv-lii the ordinary cares of biisiue-s... S. W. WOOD. High.MIe, Jjme 3, HIP. 8w NI4W f:OOI)., now opening ; nu adhtional Us.orlini-nl ot various kinds of gocxL, anions tlieiu nre Mei tinto Bnislii s, S.ttm Bead Head Bands, -i.irsap.inlla Ltir.eiige., Ac.-ori.'ct 11 loo!.., i-xtra'.-t of llcr unot, I risiol 1 vaidjret 11 Spe -(ai- c-,L'a .or , r . silver pocle-t t 1111 -, I n,'i' Beit P .1 1 .. ei -. Ae-O, v gjiil issorinii-ui c f lr.iniiied ami pia ti :ui" -v.iti a-, 1 l.'.luliazint-S.o. I.s ; ih.n -. ,1 1 11 i.et "s 1 It ' I t 1 p' i 11 some with b-ws veiy 1111 e- and Inrtit P r vviim we- ' -cr; we have al ovcry n.irri.vv Sto,..-, s..u.v .- f r i.oys or incii. Also, li ng tucks for tho i- v. h I, tvls lirgv-NeCiis, in a word ourn-si riincnt of Stocks, Cil lars and Bosotits is very coiiipleic. For further par tieidurs please vail at the ariety Stole. Jane 1 1. pAM.uens & ItatNsJtAiD. PAXGIIOUN vt liRlNH.MAin.ofthe VaTiciy stoie. uie oll'criui: a gic.u variety of Watche- , Clock-, Jewelry, Pe-if iinerv. M1s11.il lnslrumrnts, Cutis, Card-, Pietur.'s,Si'ap,H:iu- O.I -, Razor-, Knives, Sv-is-i r, Ca tics, .Spicks, Cap , drawuii; iii.ilcua'--. wil low Waigops, t ban's an I I ia l.e-, l a.tur-, Pencils, Tea and !oiiis-Pots an I luis; silver waie, p'.aied Ware, Limp u.l.s and lil.tssi's, Collars and llu-oin--, Siispeudi rs, Swords an 1 1'.-tv IsIiie'riiiotiii-tcrsStatton-ery, Inks, Coiitt Piaster ; Doll-, Bags, pocket Books and a great vaiiety ol fancy ai'iicle. lo supiily the) wants and minister to the giniuuiuiou of thu notional and all who call at the aru-ty store -, we are in "Ap ple Piv ' order ready 10 an.iu-r order- or letiirn call at tin-variety store, Panoiu ns it Unix M.vto. BRISTOL IIOAKI), Drawing paper and Pen-ed-. Brilliant nvl lliu'd, blue lluid, jaiian ink, and ladies nnd u'e-utlcincii's steel nciis. in.i r,v c,,,,, New York, nud for sale by S. HUNTINGTON. Colleue- st. June 25, 1810. STRA. I-.D, from llio subscriber on the l.'th inst. a red cow, rather low in ik'sli, with one horn saw-e-dotl. hocver will return her shall lie suitably rewarded. 31. l. BENNETT. Burlington, June 29, ISIO. CASH PAID rim WOOL.-ThcMnWilw xvi 1 1 pay cash, on delivery, for good clean tleece wool, delivered at ihe old store occupied isy H. Hyde is Co. norih we-t ol rncr of Colleu'r Green. Biirlinirtoii, June 10. HARRY BRADLEY. 30 TOIl.Yt'CO. kcHs phic Tobats'o. 10 boxes Cuvcndisli do fiO package, slicep do 2000 lbs. Uufdo. do. by J. tt J. II. T.CK Co. 1000,1, SIMiR.M OMi. rations winter Sucriu Oil. 2000 do. bill do. do. 1.100 do refined do. -"ic 7. .1. it J. II. PECK Co. AT';W SHEET IRON, COPPER vt TIN WARE 1 ESTAlll.lSHMI'.NT. Thi-s,iliscrilcr, late of tho tirni cfS.arrvt Bostwick, having p irch.'sed nivl re luovvd to tin- Siore lately occupied by Siroass vt Co., cast siJe oflhe Court Hou-e Siuare, one d.mr norlli of the Log Cal 111, I. now rexdy to do alt kind, ol wort: thai the pul lie wish m his Hue of business, uch as covering roofs wall tin, inakmg and putt 11117 up ea-c trough-sandspouts. All kiud. of Tin, stioet Iron and Cop ci Wure will v kept on baud, and for sale ru as low pi ice. as can 1c found in the Suite. Slirot Zinc, Copper Pumps, U-ad Pipe, and all oilier articles in the line of our t'.isines? kept 011 h.tuJ. For ehe ipucss of irice and neatne-sd of execution, my work will not lo excelled by any 111 the. slate. If you wish for anything 111 Ihe above tine, before vou in'e le -tire und call upon II. II. UOSTWICK. Biirhncton, July, ISIO. 45 BOSTON and TROY IRON COMPAN Y. The public arc hereby notified, tlial the busincs.s ot casting in every hranc'h and variety, is done lo order, on theshortcst notice-, at Troy, Vt. 'Thecompany liave much enlarged their foundry, and are now prepaie-d lo do all kinds of work done at any foundry in the country. Mill-peariug, Pot A-li 'Kellle-s, Stoves, Plough-, Axle-trees, vte., on liand, or furnished to order. All wlio wish to contract for siove-plates, or to pur chase a large quantity ofhollow-ware, for thu purpose 01 retailing, win ne luruisncii ai wiioiesaie prices ana all who may favor it- with their calls or orders, will I e dealt by as literally us in any establishment in the country. Orders should I v addies-ed to K. H. Gross man, (siiperiiite-uilant, or A. .otiitg, Agent, Iroy, I. to sevuri- an eaily reply, aiidpiompi alleution. Troy, Vt., .tune ISIO. jyt!) K( prs. Ladies col'd. and black French Slips-, 0J -40 ilo do. Gaiter Boots. 20 do Misses col'd Slips, 50 do Gent's Pumps, 2 cases Men's seal Boots. Burlington, July 1 1. II. r. STIMSON TIX WAUE. quart Pans. l.'itiu six do do 2500 pail assorted size. toeether with n lnrcn and trcnt-ral assortment of all kinds of u-m-. mm- linnd and forsuto by June 10. Xu vs. Lot Mis Jt Co. O EAHIi HOWAHl). of Ilie Cheap cash store Os arriviil liomo from New York hut eveuing bv the splendid steamer Whitehall, D. Lyon dipt, ami broiicM with hini an additional supply 01 woods which with" his two former purchases on hi season makes the assortinent altogether one oflhe mo.-t desirable to select from of any lliat he lias heretofore had for the last eighteen years-, nud is of the following kinds, vis : rich, iashionaiiic, lancv nnu staple articles in every dcpaitmciit of the Dry Good line, such as Broadcloths, Cassimcres, Vi-sttngs, Mouseluie tlo laities, Challys, Silks, Bombazine-, Calicoes, Linens, Mitslms, Lace., millions-, Mil broideries, Hosiery uioves, run, inn brellns, Pdrasolls, ele., xvilli a full supply of Florence and Slraw Bonnets, nnd Millenary Good, also, Car- pcliiigs, Mailings, Paper Hangings, Shoes nnd lints together with nil thu heavy descriptions of doim-stje and other goods, such ns Sheetings, Vurn, Burlaps' wool 'l wine, etc. 'uto uroekery, Looking oinnnti China GrtllcrV isatsorCplenlshidi theCut erv. Hard- warunnu iioiiseiiiriiistllitgticpnnmcut is 111 accordance witu t lie oilier slocks on hand, tho variety ol lancy ur- ueic-, nii-li as 1 oys. Jewelry, 101111. Lurl", vjontiv- iisiuiiry, en:, vie,, vv uicn mis one 11 uurci leet 01 snow cau in icntli on tits counters is innumerable. The wouio ami picture gallery is beautifully nrraiiKisI for tllO display of Goods undnr n sii-,,,,,. Mf,i nil ih..n ll.. large Mipplv ofHupcrior fainily Gtoceries baeil upon ihoStad ol Life, lloe-husler cily Mill Flour, makes hi Grand Bannr cheap cah store, ouoofilic most fusel nailmrdesirablu and coiivenicm storbs in t.n r,,mij.l from with till and every kind of articles that may Isi wished lor, or iooi.cn lit lor niniiseincnt nud grntihea lion, or xvnn a ucsirc id convey 1110 mot pleasing in telligence It) friends, of ihe pluoo whero every nrlicle Ihey may desire for the bettering of nppfnuci-.., adding to comfort, or mpplying necessary xvnnts, tuny I o had ttnd nil done in so few words, n by cnly ftljltig for wlininver and whenever yod wish to buy cheap for rush go lo HOWARD'S, iJuilington, Vt., June II, 1810. CONSUMPTION 1 No person can hava an ndc quato idea of the astonishing relief which Dr. Retfo s Asthmatic or Consumptive Pills give, in Con sumption, Cough, Colds, Asthma, difficulty of breath. itiL'. Wlicczimi. tightness oflhe Chest, Puin in tho side, (pitting of blood, vtc. A fair trial only is necessary to convince persons sull'criiig from these complaints that this is 0110 of the most valuable medicines ye;t dis covered and this is the testimony nf relieved patients. C.vscrf. A ucntlcnian. of this iicitilihorhood, recently observed to Ilie proprietor, thai he believed thesn pills had kept him alive for tho last two years. Mtmy others give similar testimony, A letter states "the Asthmatic Pills givo such astonishing relief in cases of Cough, Common Colds, &c. as tlo 0110 can believe, unless they inako the trial." Important testimony. "1 Hern tins pccn, iwittcs an iirgciui 1111 imusuai cnu this winter for Rctfu's Asthmatic Pills. Amilienuts pronotinco them a valuable medicine, nnd say they cannot And nsubstitutc." A young Lady Was three ycais lUllICU'tl Willi a viouiii vuiigu, puui 111 1110 inr, siiitling of blood, und disturbed rest at night and wa3 restored to nerfect health by taking two boxes. A ensu of Asthma Of thirty ytnrs Mandimr, was riired bv thesn l'ills. A Gcnileiiiaii Who had been for years nlllictcd with a violent cough, dilllculty of breathing, etc. was cured hy these invaluable Pills. An Agent writes "Your Rclfos Aslhnintic Pills.' gain credit daily." A Physician writes. After till other medicines hnvo failed lo givo relief in consiiiitn- tloii cases, I havr round tho 'Rclfo s Asthmatic rills most excellent !' Extract "Several persons nlllictcd with limn i-omnlaints. in various stnccs of tlio disense. after Irving ox-cry thing clso, haVo nscti these Pills with tho most happy success." A Rcmnrknhlo Case. A lady, who was given over ns.pnst recovery, nnd her .Ifniti .ln.t. iviii.ptl. u-ns raised frnm w 1ml wan ex. peeled would b3 her dcnlh bed, and from tho borders nf tho grave, by theso Pills rind dcclnrctl her wish Unit uiirwnnld tiroclaliii to tho wrirlli of lliis invnluii- til,, iiiriliriiin Such urn tho vnluahlo nroncrlics of IhcsoPillsin Coughs, Colds, Asthma. Difficulties of Brcnlhing. Iloarftncs, vxnec.in!; .iiinng 01 uioou nnd complaints of iho Liuiggciicially, that numcrnuB ncrbons relievo from theso complaints, pronounce this tbn host mi diciiio thev over met with. Comtiinn cold removed in n few hours. PricoSl fur whojo lio.xcs of 30 Pills, and ISO cents for half Boxes of 12 Pills. hi a Prepared livT, KIDDER, solo proprietor nnd successor lo Dr. Conway and may be had nt his cniniting room, 00 Cmtrt-st. up stints, nenr Concert Hall, Boston, ami also or J. vV J, II. PECK, vt CO. lhtflitictnit, Vcrnionf. None genuine, unless signed T. Kinm:i on llic outside prmtcii wrapper. Large aiticoiuit toucaicrs, liiirllngton Dye House. MsAHsriui,i, m'lk, woollen and CO'ITON DYER respeclfiilly informs Ihc mlialiituiils of Burlington and the neighboring town, thai lie lias taken a premise- m Watcr-st. one door south of D. Davis' Sloie and will commence dying nnd finishing 111 tho best manner, tho followim; goods : Broadcloth-, Cassjincre., new Merinot-s, Lndie-s silk und .Merino Dresses, Shawls, Hosiery, silk and cotton Velvet, Gentlemen'.- coals, cloaks and Vests dyed nnd finished ne-arly equal to now, without ripping. 'Broad cloths, silk, xvoollcn or cotton good-, dyed m the mot permanent colors, if wanted for merchants and manu facturers, on rcasonoble terms, Al-o worMe-l, skein cotton, and skein silk dyed in ihenio-t splbndid colors. He has employed 11 culiiliraled dyer and color maker, Consi'.i.ius Molont. .Mr. Molony was employed as sup'.-rinte'iiitcnt in tome 01 the largest riving establish incuts, in Great Britain and America. The public may depend on having their orders cxee'iitevl in the lest manner und witli all possible elospatch. 2ui Burlington, July 15, 1310. TUST HECEIVED nt the Variety Store, n few J dozen Harrison Melodies, of the Boston itnprou-d edition, lumg it collection of patriotic songs dedicated to the Hero of Tippecanoe. Abo, a lot of Harri son Almacks for 1811. Tlle-e le-idus the 11-1111 tal Ic and calculations of a common Almanack, contain nu excellent tiiograpliy 01 t-cn. ttarrisnn. 11 is mier sperseu wnu nuiueroiis original engravinir, 1 iiimiiii 111 cr 1 lie lending incidents ol his history. Hut says one "A dtop of hard eider will answer my turn" as "it's irctlinix 111 fashion up hcie." Fortunately our variety can alien! him one, for here i- a honk entitled "a drop of hard cider, embodying the so il of all the Not llil)cnd .ilc-lodic-, whig songs iV'-,, published by t.lion, ev York. There came also with the song books, a va rielv of lam Cabin Bo-om Pins. oine very lirctlv cameo nnd gold ones. Quantity of log Cabin Medal--, and a variety 01 outer good-, ninong which wu sonic irold tiaiu-r. pull' boxm with null's nnd powder. Mu sicnl instruments stilleioes, milk of rose., and several kinds of fancy soaps and perfumery. The variety is ronsinnily increastngnt PANOnoiiNvt UntssMAtn's, SNIJl-'K only txvciil.v-flve ccitts.--Dr. .M Hitchcock' it ncwlv iuvcntctl Snuff, tke best nr ti clc ever discovered by scientific turn, in Europo or America, lor ilie euro unit absolute rriiei 01 uainrni Dizziness or the Heat I. Weak Lvrs, Nervous Head aches,, Fallen Sickness, Fits, and Infanta troubled with Snuflles. partial shocks or Palsy, vtc. I- or sale. wholesale-ond retail, hy A. HITCHCOCK vt. Co., solo Proprietor, lx'o. 117 Gencsco St. I'ticn, nnd by their tlgcnis liirougneiii inc v-iiiimi. 111 iniiinii;iuii, j, v J. II. 1'cck uo. 111 vergenncs, uy j. 11. iiowninii in Milton, by Burnett vt Sawyer. In Georgia, by l.o renzo Jnncs. BALSOM OF LIVERWORT for Constpinuion Dyspensiit, Asthma, nnd all dbi'iiscs ofilie Lull , and Liver. These disca-cs prevail to a grrat vxlcnt creating much distress and tome famlilv. All ilu-.-ecai lie teniedicd by the tiso of Dr Taylor's Balsoni of II... n.l M'l.l. ....-ll ..I. I.! 1-.-...II. -.1 I'linnmi. Ill's niniuiili; is piiiKiy- 1 cliaoic, UIUI from its peculiar liciton upon the Liver is a' ways found a radical remedy for ihese ttlscases. For IVmnlcs and men in n very xvoiik state, no medicine can bo to grateful n restorative; as it not only strengthens, but purifies, und gives a healthy nciion to iho whole sj. tern. Cdiisiiliitly tor Milli by N. LOVELY A Co. xv ho liavo .lust received a fresh supply ol scnspitablc Goods Ii om rvew on;, an vt rvcncap ivt cnsiii Uurlineion, July 30, I&10. OILS. Mil-. American Litiscvxl Oil. 10 Tierce, fall sperm do .T do winter do do 35 bbls. refined do do .l.tt J- II. PrxR ,t (V. 5000 Ten qm DEWEY'S IMtcntSprlng-Tootli HnrscItnLc. Tho Wire Tooth Horse-Rake, which has been u-c-ci with so much satisfaction during the Inst two haying seasons in the counties of Rutland, Addison and Bennington, Vt. and Washington, N. Y. will bo kipt for sale lli- present season by STRONGS it Co. Builiiigtoii. These rukes aie adapted to nil meadows; they are easily tended, nnd tlo the? work taster und better than any other Horse Rake in use. It in found by experience, that tuccxpen-e of raking hay wilh the- Spring Tooth Hotse-Rako is only nlioi t on'o quarter us much ns the common ini tio d of raking wilh hand-rnkes, besides securing tlichtiy in betkror der. Some farmers who hive largo meadows, esti mate the ttse-of one lake 1 ist hay season at forty to fifty doll.it s. DAVID DEWEY, Patentee, July I, lSvIO 8000 .1000 L'iOO lono 11)00 i no 250 SALT. bush, solar Suit do steam do do line do do Turks Island do til Is. line do do dairy do lo coarse do 200 sacks dairy do by J. kt J. II. PECK it Co. Onnn N-.IK Hmils t American Iton, UUU kegs Nails from .11 to fit) I 2j0 do Brads rrotn Ca to20a Hor-o shoo Iron Scroll nnd Haine do nil izcs Ban I Iron from 1 to IV inch Round tin do i to H do Square do 5.1! to 3 do J. it J. II. Pr.cn it Co., June- 10. Acents fur Kccscville Manufacturing Co 100 1 .,KA,t;m:V,:5 UTEXSIl,;.. JO do 'liny Forl s, 15 do Manure Forks, 50 do Hoe. CO do scythe Snathes 75 do cast and Geintan steel Seville-, cradle Scythe-, Sickle-, Plough--, and Plousrh castings by nnriitigton, June in. j.iv j. ii. n:n; i- i'u. 30 Slic-clliig, flili(tiig. I'rlnls, 1 ale. d-1 brown slu ctnig, 5 do J do shirting, 10 do Ticking, U eaiv-s -1 I bleach Slit-cling, 10 do American Prints for ale by June 10 MLAS, LOOM1S and Co. ON (iS OF TliiT PE01'LK.-l.og Cabin .Sonc Book1 cing n collection of Harrison and Tylor Melodies end ellished Willi n ncniy ensravcil Pnn'r.iu ol'Gcn. Win II. llarn-on, and a view of Oal I'urt Meigs, lotaic nt the hook store. D. A. BRAMAN. Burl.nglon, Sunt-2C, ISIO. rno Tllli I'UIJLIC. In oil' ring this Edition of X Smith's (tesigrnphy nnd Atlas to the public, tho Piihlishci s unite attention to the following additions ami improvements. The Geoyinphy has ln-in can fully tcvi-ed and en lawn!, is dlusi rated by about thirty additional Cuts, and is pcifcctly odapte'd m all its pans lo the new Maps. The entire text of the book hn, (at much cxpf use.) been tliiown into vnlfarm Inmvlypc xvhi'h we ftct rnnfulMil will bclig itded as a very decided impro vement. The lablei appctvl.'d to the Hook were made up with rate, and contain much valuable information in n cnnihvitt for in. The names nnd lctu-th of tbn piitieip.il Canals nnd Rail Roads (finished ami tu pro gross arc given, and the places connected t also a comphte lift oflhe f'olhgis, Law nnd Mukat Schools, Theological Scminarit s nnd Riligious do-noin:nnn-ms ot tho L'nitod .Stales, the icgniug Sov criignsot Enitvh, vtc. AiutUTi new Alias arenmpnnics the I'polt, con taitung t!.''ilcrn xny fiij'ciior Majts, mostly drawn exprc"lv for this work from oirjitnl sttrvevs and tho HMt aulli 'litic s mrrcs, nutl inhrucra ntiicli v lurblo infottnnti'in not to be found m mix- similar work. Our own counttvhas tfcttvnl spi rtnl attention. Tho Rail Roads, Ciii'taK tnvi;'nt:nit nt Rivets nnd r- cent chang' S, n-r n'l can frlh timrktd, and tunny counties ore shown which do no' rppcnr in any otlVr A'las Among the p-ciihatitics of tuts woilv may be lib niton nl the plan of shuwitbi the population of St.-.t- s nnd Countiirs mimind iitimbiison lib' face of thcMap. The imignlinii of Rivers tor Ships, Strain' o;r, Slo.ips, itc, is shown hx- p'itt"gnt the head of na vigati'in the appu-pnitc ilt-rnc'- is fur each. The Map and ( bait of the Wnth! combined f -tian rnlircniw pltn. sbuwm it nn-vi-w ihc Natural nnd Political Divt l ns nl tin fit ibr, tin- IVxtcnt, Poj e a lion, Kdigton, Form of Oi'virtimnit an 1 S.i-'" nf f'ivdr.ition of .-iflt Cnit'itry.l Ins nttratid tmieh :tl tcntion, find i rivi.-id' ml .1 tmi iiuprovinirn' ''p-'ti nnv thiti'i !u n t.iforc attempted in tin farm of :t t uirt it'hcrr all me shown at a silicic glance, nnd Hie re lations thry s Htnin ti c.uli othrr. We would al-o solicit aitctttio'i t'i ihe it untknblp dislim tni s nnd case with which every iinine on the Map may b ic id as well as in the vi ry supitt.ir stlc r.udcM cut m of the work in otht r iepects. The vluesiions at the ciose of the He. ik nre inipnrtint mid wdl be found erv convenient for a Gem rnl R, vu w, SPALDING ,t STORRS tjirtthrl C1lvrr!iut For sale bv PAMt'EL lirN'TINGTOX, Bur lincton, Vt. anl by lae Pinicinl Bookscll-.rs m tho United Plate. Bullingtrm, July 3d, 1:0. 100 (ii5tcj:uno-.i ' chest young HvtouTcn. - .i ii..",.. i ... i.. I " ") llshlll, ll.i. 20 lags pepper, 20 do PiinentP, 10 do Co''iHt 50 bn.is Pipes 100 do Bar Soap 200 do Raisins SO kegs do 10 do Pure pingrr 100 Mats Ciissui St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Signettc Itr.xndv, Hal timoro Gin. Aniene-rtn Braiulyi Cliainpaigne, Urown and IMIe i'lterry, Madeira and Sicily Madciin, .Mar scdls Madeira tind Malaga Wine-, by June 7. J, it J. II. PECK it Co. i nn nvH sTui i .s. IUU bbls Cam Wood 200 do Log WoodSi. Dominso 250 do Log Wool Canpt'tb hy 250 do Fustio 200 do Nicaragua 10 do Alum "3 do Blue Vitt.ol 30 do Madder 50 carboys Oil Vitriol Muriatic- Acid, Al m lorn, Nnrio Acid, Carcumn, Bar Wood, Peach Wood, Quer Citron Barl., Span -h Flolant and Ilcn-al Indigo, Lao Dye, Nutt lulls, pr s Papers .lacks Tenter Hooks, Cream Tartar ttnd At;al June ll. by J. vt J. II, PJ.tK vt ( T Y.MAN A- COLE ha ve nv.-iveO the r I 1 exlcn i'.-i- a-sor,ine:ii of Spru- r anl sir. r GOOlt;-, ci' r.t in.' a Icauiifil vnrc'y of c, '- f r Indie. S'.liii'ii-f .'re-c-i ri' h rn'i h m'1 t. 1;. liaiils, In dm mi hn a 'i't r "f.irti ''e for - ,-. , Jaconet eauili'ic, n iff.- t n -( rntctit of ' ,i ' nnl t-ltevl. ored Cam'-r"-, pm-i-l l.nwu, mourn ng ' th tinl eaml rio an I Frc'i h Mi Int. An cx'eiisne ns i-l nuiil ofAnteni-uii Citlici is cheaper than ever. A few Enult-h nnd IVi-n.-h do. SILKS. A small a.ortiU'iiTc.f Rk-h sill... Ini ' 'l ntt Mack, I'luit liln.'l.,eoloiislaiid sttipwl. Dainkiim ll'd'ls I'liiigcc, Crimpoii, wluio silk do, BI'I, Itattan ravnts, Gcnllcincn'is col'd and lluok kid Ulox, docol'd, 1 lack nnd while silk gliix-e-,do. I'crlin, Lide Tlircad, Linen nud cotton irloviv. A goo! H-.or iretit of lb'iery, very chcip. I'm' rv'la'.- un I P.ira ot.-, 'Ilia l)oe,.s anilMlioi' , UK-sU'Tii" cm -. IHiMISI'lC (..vi--. M, .ni-.i !, coiion-, Davis, vil'o do a-, Co: ion M vitiii , .'I. i-tiiii', Tn-'. u.. , - mIM i'iimt r - Yuri, 'i i - i-l, un nit, iitint! Co"i n. Si pcrline L' iv.'CIn I nil leni-ln-o'ii u. Yor1- fixlores Snipes, Drills &c, Iri h Linen, Shirting and Stiecting, Diaper an 1 Crash. TAILOR'S TKI'MNf'-4-. lucludiiur n-iv-m Pdk, Tvvist.Thieiid, I'n l 'Mic,'-aiiva-, slcevc-hniiig, I rown linen, B t'i n-, B-nd " ' VL-T!N". x h 'c I - o Mvr 'I-, Vn'fuiin, ftru'c-l Saim, C n-vir i ' y fan y EM '('. A (.rent van- f '-i l'" ' "" ' ' " piiM-a very ex i i v u i ' " 1 ic o .ciisl lit a torn h nig hvv pi i . I ' ' nn' G i ten me icvm-d tr c II aiidi-xiti uue q in iv nud pi -ej, J pie j

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